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Knowing You, by E.M. Lindsey

“Oh my God, Briar! Where did you get that prosthetic leg?”

Things as a parent Lane thought he’d never say for four hundred, Alex.

But that’s par for the course in Lane Ashbury’s life considering everything is on the verge of falling apart. He not only has a toddler building her skills as a professional klepto, but he’s also on the verge of divorce, and hoping desperately to save his business before it goes under.

Luckily, the owner of the stolen leg might just be an angel in disguise when he offers to be Lane’s new nanny instead of pressing charges.

The whole thing would be perfect if Bowen Galanos didn’t make Lane feel things. If he didn’t make Lane question everything he thought he knew about himself every time Bowen’s touch lingered just a little too long.

And when Bowen offers some no-strings benefits to their friendship to see if maybe Lane’s not as straight as he thought, Lane finds it impossible to say no. I mean, it’s not like he’s going to realize he’s madly in love with his nanny, right?

That would be absurd.

That would be ridiculous.

And knowing him, that would be exactly his luck.

Knowing You is the first book in a light-hearted, single-dads romance series. It features a toddler with sticky fingers, a tired dad who just wants to be loved, a former stunt actor who craves to be needed, Henry Cavill man crushes, a hint of sweet, a twist of angst, a steamy bisexual awakening, and the happiest of happily ever afters.

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Justice Prevails, by Morticia Knight

What does a clumsy hottie do when he meets a handsome detective he’s sure is out of his league?

Beau is deadly serious when it comes to his job as a homicide detective for the LVMPD. He also has a taste for the finer things in life, but no time to enjoy much of anything with such a heavy caseload. How could he when there’s a serial killer terrorizing the streets of Las Vegas?

Investigative Technician Austin never met a snarky joke he didn’t like, or a set of stairs that couldn’t trip him up. One night after a devastating episode at work, Austin sees something else he likes. However, there’s no way the gorgeous detective he’s spotted around the station would be interested in a goofy klutz like him.

Beau and Austin’s worlds collide when Austin is sent to pick up some evidence at the station. Amidst a myriad of twists and turns in the troubling serial killer-style murders of Vegas conventioneers, Austin and Beau discover there’s more to each other than they assumed.

Can they make a true connection despite their differences? Or will the killer have the final say?

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All’s Fair in Dare & Domination, by Rikki Leighton

Two years ago, something inside me changed, and I’ve been punishing the people I love ever since.

Last semester, I nearly torched my relationship with my best friend. Destroyed the only frame I’ve ever truly fit into.

I caught feelings where they didn’t belong and drowned myself in the only comfort I’ve known: numbing my mind with pills and alcohol. The aftermath? A stint in rehab and university probation.

There’s no lifeline strong enough to keep my head above water, but that doesn’t stop Corvin Morales from taking the reins and forcing me to shore.

The man whose eyes haunt my dreams from a dangerous mix of terror and desire.

Corvin promises he can tame my destructive tendencies, quell the excruciating pain deep inside if I submit to one simple request: give my body and pleasure over to him.

It’s intoxicating, and for an addict like me, the more euphoric marks he covers me in, the more comfortable in my pain I become.

If all the love in the world can’t save me, maybe some cruelty can. Or maybe we’ll end up right back where we started: one man at the end of his rope and another powerless to stop the noose from catching.

Dare & Domination is a forced proximity, trans MM romance, and the second book in the All’s Fair series. While best read in order, it can be enjoyed as a standalone. Heavy content warnings apply.

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Not So Casual, by Ashley Rayne

What happens when the lines between boss and employee get blurred?


From the moment he stepped into my office, there was something different about Elias Bowen. Something that always drew me in and made me want to know more, to drop the walls I’d spent years building. After seeing a different side to Elias, we both have to figure out where our feelings lie. The problem? He’s my assistant.


From the second I walked into his office, I wanted him. Alexander Hayes. He’s a man who can get everyone he wants, and all I want is him. After an embarrassing night, I throw caution to the wind and push the boundaries of our friendship to see if we could be more. The problem? He’s my boss.

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Making Waves, by Harper Robson

I’m the wild friend. The social butterfly who always knows where the party is (hint: it’s usually at my place). After getting my heart stomped on, I end up with a pair of non-refundable tickets for a super-luxurious cruise vacation. The thought of going solo makes me want to puke, but the only person available to come with me is the one guy who’s completely unimpressed by my trust-fund lifestyle and wild antics.

Penn and I have nothing in common. The guy’s never even had a job, while my career is one of my top priorities. He’s into glitzy parties, designer clothes, and fancy cars, while I’m more comfortable behind my keyboard writing code or hitting the neighborhood pub with our friends for a beer. Sharing a room with the guy for an entire week is going to be one helluva challenge.

Making Waves is a spicy, frenemies-to-lovers, tropical vacation M/M romance. It features only one bed, loads of beachy shenanigans, friends who are family, and plenty of proof that opposites do, in fact, attract.

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Kenton’s Courage, by M.A. Innes

How soon is too soon to let your uniqueness shine?

Kenton doesn’t have the best track record of getting the timing right but he really wants to get it perfect this time because he knows he’s not only met Mr. Right, he’s met the Handler of his dreams. The only problem? Bane doesn’t seem to know what that is.

Is there ever a right time to tell your vanilla boyfriend that he’d be a wonderful Handler?

How soon is too soon to ask someone if they know they’re not vanilla?

Bouncy, adorable, and slightly naughty, Kenton is everything Bane has always wanted in a partner. The only problem is that Bane isn’t as vanilla as he seems, but he isn’t sure how to bring that up to the possibly confused Kenton.

Is there ever a right time to ask your vanilla boyfriend if he’s ever thought about exploring puppy play?

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Your Only Fan, by Rhys Everly

He’s an adult star. He’s my crush. He’s my student.

Ever since Ezra Dixon walked into my classroom, I knew his name, his body and the color of his eyes.

I’ve been following his YourFan account for a very long time. He’s my secret, guilty pleasure.

Until my friend messages him on my behalf. And Ezra wants to meet me to film a video for his page.

I can’t show him my face. But I can show him my heart.

Your Only Fan is the third book in Rhys Everly’s steamy, low-angst, teacher/student romance series, A Proper Education.
It contains an adult star, a secret admirer, and high levels of steam and cuteness.

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Raven: Part Two, by Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly

Bertram Drake, international man of mystery, leads a double life. By day he is the council’s most valuable pawn, but by night he is a traitor, aiding and abetting the dangerous leader of the organization looking to undermine dragon society—a man who goes by the name of Raven, and who is none other than the father of Bertram’s children and his beloved mate.

Kept from his family by his dangerous wild magic, Sorin is a man on a mission. As Raven—the leader of the Vanguard—his life’s purpose is to save and rehabilitate the omegas being mistreated by their cloisters, but when an unexpected discovery puts all Pedigree omegas in mortal peril, his goals shift. He must do whatever it takes to ensure no omega ends up suffering like him.

Even if it means playing the part of the villain and severing ties with his mate.

Raven: Part Two is the 92,000 word conclusion to the Forbidden Desires series. It contains eye-opening revelations, new outfits for little lizards, extremely scientific field studies, and a love that manages to conquer all. For maximum enjoyment, Raven: Part Two is best read following the events of Clutch, Bond, Mate, Swallow, Magpie, Finch, Peregrine, and Raven: Part One.

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Double Trouble, by Jennifer O’Malley

A discredited reporter.

I was once an award-winning investigative journalist, now I write fluff pieces for my small town local paper. When I find out Burning Pisces is playing a local show, with claims that their drug-addicted frontman has cleaned up his act, I’m determined to get the real story and stamp my name on the byline. But then I meet Leland and Maddox O’Reilley, the twins in the band, and they turn my world upside down. Now I have to choose between trying to advance my career and the men who have wormed their way into my heart.

A fallen-from-grace musician.

I knew playing a local show was never going to put us back on the charts, but I hoped it was a start that would lead to more shows and a manager willing to take us on. But nothing is turning out like I thought it would. Then I meet Trey Blancett and he stops me from making an even bigger mistake. Then again, maybe the mistake was trusting him to catch me if I fell.

A determined twin.

I knew playing in a bar would be a test Leland shouldn’t face so soon into his sobriety. What I didn’t count on was the instant attraction I felt for the man I caught him with in the dressing room after our disastrous show. I’ve always put Leland first, took care of him. Now I need to figure out if that’s a responsibility I can share with Trey, or if he’s just going to break our hearts.

If you’re a fan of rockstars and redemptions then rock out to DOUBLE TROUBLE today and for a love story that will be sung about throughout the ages.

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The Collector, by Matthew Dante

La Maison de M is a private gentlemen’s club where the rich and powerful come to relax, have a few drinks, and enjoy the company of hot young men. There’s no judgment here. Men are able to explore their fantasies and share in the pleasures that only a few lucky souls ever get the chance to experience.

It is within these walls that secrets are shared, and vulnerabilities are discovered. There’s nothing more sinful than a man in the heated throes of passion.


25, exotic dancer… secret romantic.

It’s no secret. Men fall to their knees when I hit the stage. I’m young, flexible, and know how to work a room. Men seek my company to get a taste of what it’s like to be with a walking fantasy. It’s my job to bring men’s innermost thoughts and desires to life. When you escape an abusive household, having this kind of power over men can be… intoxicating. I love it.

But all that changes when I meet a handsome, mysterious stranger—my knight in shining armor. I do my best to guard my heart against his roughness and charm, but the more I get to know him, the more my heart wants to give. But he’s hiding something. Behind those smoldering blue eyes and gorgeous, hungry smile, I know that he’s keeping something from me.


32, former cop… hunts down evil men.

Seriously. How am I supposed to get anything done when I’m stuck in a Speedo that should be illegal to wear in public? Like, seriously. Where is the rest of the material? I’m ready to give up on the whole darn mission when I spot him—a feisty young twink with intoxicating violet eyes and the body of a goddess. Watching him defend himself and take down someone nearly double his size has me impressed and feeling very… protective. I need to know him. I need to have him.

This is an MM Dark Romance involving bad men doing bad things.

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Punk-In, by Ava Olsen

Brodie: My rock band has reached the pinnacle of success but fame has its price. Sooner or later, people let you down or sell you out. Except Ivan Cross. My manager, my muse, my obsession. There’s nothing in this world that I want more than Van.
And I always get what I want.

Van: Four years ago, I was selected to manage a hot new band called Wayward Lane. I knew I was in for an exciting ride – and a world of trouble – and it’s all because of their lead singer, the provocative Brodie James. We’ve always butted heads but lately, that tension is higher. When Brodie insists on an impromptu concert in New Orleans at Halloween, I make it happen. The city, the food, the music, it’s intoxicating. So is Brodie, and I’m not sure I can resist his pull any longer.
Even though Brodie could have anyone he wants, all he seems to want is me.

Punk-In is a bi-awakening, age gap, workplace, MM romance filled with sizzling chemistry, an unforgettable Halloween concert, and a HEA fit for a rockstar.

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Twisted Rivalry, by Devon McCormack

10K if I sleep with this guy’s brother.
His twin brother, Ryan Hawthorne.
I’ve never messed around with a guy, but for that much money, I’ll figure it out.
A descendant of American royalty, Ryan was born into money, status, and privilege. He spent his life in his family’s cushy mansion while my family struggled to get by.
Shortly after we meet, I discover an important detail about why his twin hired me for this gig.
I’m the spitting image of someone from Ryan’s past, someone he loved deeply.
I also discover that, despite my preconceptions, there’s more to Ryan than some snotty rich guy with the world at his fingertips.
He intrigues me, and after the hottest night of my life, I realize something about myself.
Something he’s brought out of me.
Now his brother has a new offer on the table.
But it means participating in a disturbing mind game with one object: screw with Ryan’s head.
I have to do this, but what’s happening between us isn’t a game.
The spark of that first night becomes a raging wildfire, and I allow the lines between real and fake to blur, losing myself in a chaotic mix of blood, lust, secrets, and lies, all tying back to this man from Ryan’s past.
The man I remind him of.
There’s a connection between us, yes. But what hope is there for a future with Ryan when his brother’s twisted rivalry keeps him trapped in the past?

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Dating Unlocked,  Season 2

In Dating Unlocked, hopeful romantics from the LGBTQ2S+ community move beyond curated social media and dating profiles to find love in real life, and potentially share the key to their hearts. From the traditional to more radical, there are daters from all walks of life who share the same goal – to find a hook-up, a date or their one and only.

In each episode, our lead dater selects someone they’d like to continue the romance with – by choosing between three prospective dates. To assist these love seekers in creating a connection with the lead dater, each episode involves games, activities and intimate moments tailored to showcase their personalities and interests. After weighing their options, the lead dater extends a secret invite for a second date. Will the chosen person unlock those fuzzy, flirty feelings and show up or leave them alone behind the door?

There is only one way to find out!

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