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Cut To The Feeling: The Complete Series, by Noah Steele

Cut to the feeling with this complete collection of low-angst, steamy instalove MM romance!

This box set features all four original Cut To The Feeling stories, plus a bonus novella, and three shorts that were previously exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

Racing into Love: Aiden’s relationship rut ends when pro racer Derrek speeds into his cozy bookstore and crashes the end of a disastrous date. After just one kiss, they can’t ignore the sparks — or the risks that come with Derrek’s fame. Opposites attract as Aiden and Derrek’s lives collide in a steamy instalove romance speeding toward a happily ever after.

Fighting for Love: Seth is a muscular mystery Oliver is dying to solve, but Seth’s jealous, jilted boss Nik is standing in the way. As they begin to explore every part of each other, Seth discovers a love strong enough to tear down the walls around his heart. Together, they’ll fight to free Seth from Nik’s dangerous grasp.

Acts of Love: Popular jock Alex jumps at the chance to act in a love scene with shy theater nerd Beckett to pass his class and keep his scholarship. When Beckett refuses, Alex convinces him with a blistering kiss that leaves the reserved boy wanting more. When these college boys take center stage, it’s not long before they realize their love isn’t just an act.

Visions of Love: Marc has been living in black and white since the sudden loss of his ex. Flirty Scottish artist Connor is an explosion of color that reminds Marc of the man he loved. But is he in love with the ghost of his feelings, or can Marc stop living in the past long enough to chase his second chance at love?

This box set also includes the following bonuses:

Sounds Like Love: College musician Theo writes an epic love song for sleepy-eyed florist Gael in this flirty, fluffy instalove novella.

Hot Halloween: Oliver and Seth have some steamy fun in costume while getting ready for a Halloween party.

Anniversary: Beckett walks in on Alex practicing for a steamy surprise with a toy and decides to join in the fun with his boyfriend.

Through Connor’s Eyes: Chapter one of Visions of Love told from Connor’s point of view.

This is a collection of low-angst gay instalove romances promising plenty of steam, swoony moments, and a found family of loyal friends finding love in the big city. Each book can be read as a standalone with their own happily ever afters, but the series is better read in order as presented in the box set.


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Hold the Door, by Vinni George

One hidden crush.
One bunch of plastic mistletoe.
One alcohol-fueled kiss.
One set of taillights as Max Martino left town.

Sixteen years later…

Sam Addison hates change, and his company’s new merger is stretching him to his limit. When Sam finds out an older, hotter, and amazingly talented Max Martino is part of the acquisition, he knows the only way to protect his heart is to avoid Max—and their history—at any cost.

Max never planned to settle down, but recently he’s been pining for roots. A new job, a new city, and a second chance with Sam makes the thought of staying in one place exciting for the first time ever.
But the harder Max pushes, the farther Sam runs, sometimes literally, and Max begins to wonder if Sam can ever let go of the biggest mistake Max ever made—leaving.

But maybe a second chance at forever is as simple as holding the door open for love.

Hold the Door is the first full-length novel in the Open Doors series and features an accountant who’s uptight unless he’s on the beach, a globetrotting travel photographer who never realized he wanted to settle down, and surfing lessons that often lead to more.

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Daddy’s Little Artist, by M.A. Innes

When getting unexpectedly sold in a charity auction is the most interesting thing that’s happened lately, Gray knows something has to change. Unfortunately, he first has to figure out why he’s been purchased and if the crayons around the cutie’s house and ABC chicken nuggets he’s served for dinner have anything to do with it.

Camden’s pretty sure he didn’t order the attractive, slightly frustrated man online, but with him standing on his front porch and glaring so strikingly, he can’t rule it out. He knows he’s slightly disorganized and easily distracted, but he would remember ordering Gray to be delivered, right?

When two meddling family members butt in where they don’t belong, a new Daddy and a sweet little with a passion for junk food and crayons might find true love…but they’re still hoping to drop a house or two on some meddling busybodies.

Daddy’s Little Artist is part of Daddies for Dollars multi-author series, where every book features a swoon-worthy Daddy, a boy he adores, and a happily ever after helped along by a fundraiser event. Brought to you by six popular M/M authors, each book stands alone, but with so many delicious Daddy pairings to choose from, why not read them all?

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Defender, by Nicole Dykes

Travis Wyatt
All I’ve ever wanted was to go to college and get out of Kensley.That small town is all I’ve ever known. I want to be free to be myself, not stifled by small minds in the football-loving town where I grew up.
And then I blew my one and only chance.
So now, I’m just stuck. Stuck in small-town life, with the same small-town people I’ve always known. Stuck where I don’t want to be. Constantly on the defense and hiding secrets about myself. To never be the real me.
I’m lost, and I’m angry. But those people I was desperate to get away from, they don’t stop. They insist on showing me that maybe it’s not about my location.
That maybe I can be free right where I am.

Oakley Easton
Travis is way too uptight. I don’t know why. He has everything a guy could want—a steady job and friends who would do anything for him. A great simple, small-town life. But I guess that’s not what he wants.
He’s always been different. Better. Smarter. Stronger.
Still, I find myself wanting to show him everything he’s dreamed of is within his grasp. That he doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. That he can be himself wherever he is, and I’ll back him up.
Because that’s what I’m good at—on and off the field. I’ll always be his defender.
If he’d only let me.

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How to Love Thine Enemy, by Eli Easton

Can a forbidden love heal the rift between two enemy tribes?

Legend says that, centuries ago, the sled dogs and the Inuit were so deeply bonded that the dogs rose up on two legs and became men. The Qimmig and the People lived together happily until one of the Inuit betrayed the dog-men. The Qimmig fled, vowing never to return.

Taq figured that was just another story elders told around the campfire. But when he witnesses two guys survive a polar bear attack by shifting into dogs, he has to rethink everything. Could the Qimmig really exist? And could they have anything to do with the special, golden-eyed boy he’d played with as a child?

Cupun has missed his old friend, Taq. But it is forbidden for the Qimmig to have anything to do with one-skinned Inupiat. When a series of events brings Taq back into his life, the feelings of protectiveness and joy awakened in his dog’s heart tell him that Taq is his soul’s mate.

But neither the Qimmig nor the Inuit are prepared to accept this bond. Are the boys fated for tragedy? Or will their love find a way?

How to Love Thine Enemy is a star-crossed lovers/Romeo and Juliet trope set in Alaska. Friends-to-lovers, doggie shifters, and destined romance with a little wilderness adventure.

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Sons of Sorrow, by Nazri Noor

The Tears of the Ocean. The Heart of the Flame.

Lochlann Wilde is preparing for his final challenge: entering the Oriel of Fire, the most dangerous of the elemental dimensions. Acquiring the essence of fire will score him another powerful guardian, as well as complete Aphrodite’s amulet.

But the world outside the oriel has its own challenges. Sylvain has discovered something difficult about his heritage. Aphrodite keeps dropping unsettling hints about Locke’s true nature, too.

Most pressing of all is the mystery of the parchment that cursed Queen Aurelia to begin with, the only clue that may lead to the truth about the Withering. Who is behind it? Why did they engineer the plague?

And how can Locke and Sylvain stop them from infecting the cosmos?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Woods of the Raven, by Mary Calmes

Something wicked this way comes…and it might be too late to stop it.

Xander Corey lives simply, sustainably, on the outskirts of Osprey, a small, quaint town in Upstate New York. He’s a librarian when the town’s budget can afford him, a good friend, kind neighbor, and also, a witch. And while that’s of no concern to anyone around him, there are others, non-humans, who have a vested interest in Xander’s family land. Xander knows something dark and dangerous is brewing. He’s just not quite sure what.

And that’s not the only mystery he’s dealing with. The new chief of police is, by turns, giving him heart palpitations and homicidal thoughts. Xander can’t decide if the gorgeous yet infuriating Lorne MacBain is on his side, or trying to drive him insane. Added to that, the man doesn’t believe in magic, and since that’s who Xander is, their future looks anything but bright.

But Lorne is not the unimaginative, stick-in-the-mud Xander thinks he is. And a rock to anchor him as his life is turning upside down is just the thing Xander needs. Now if only the two of them can stay alive…

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Finding Release, by Silvia Onyx

When a werewolf cowboy fall for his horse shifter…..

I’m half werewolf, and some days the tension between my human side and my wolf instincts threaten to tear me apart.

The challenge of running a horse farm as a predator helps rein in the wildness until I’m confronted by horse shifter, Jonah Marks.

Jonah’s family insists shapeshifting is wrong, but Jonah longs to let his stallion run free. When his brother threatens his life, he comes to me for help. Heat instantly flares between us, and I know Jonah is meant to be mine.

It’s going to take all my strength to keep him safe and give us both a chance at the life we’ve always wanted.

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The Magic That Binds, by AJ Sherwood

All Dag Gates wants is a place to call home. (And to practice magic freely.)

All Stefan Bjorne wants is peace in his adoptive country. (And less paperwork.)

All Mikkel Vinters wants is both of them. (No, really, he could do wedding bells.)

So why, pray tell, is half the magical community set on denying them all their wishes?


Urban fantasy anyone?, slow burn, Mikkel is dying its so slow, pray for him, age gap, millionaire CEO is loose with no limits, cinnamon roll protection squad assemble!, polyamory at its best, Dag wants to eat all the things, all, magic, healing, childhood trauma, who’s chasing who is the question, Dag’s shy, Stefan’s a little insecure, thankfully Mikkel is neither, there is far too much food in this book, short but mighty, rules are established, Mikkel’s type in men is sexy and dangerous, it hasn’t killed him yet, accidental husband acquisition, magical bindings, shenanigans shall now commence

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No Surrender, by Morgan Brice (narrated by Kale Williams)

Cold cases, hot leads, a psychic psychopath, a copycat killer, cursed objects, the trial of the century–and wedding plans.

Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and sexy homicide detective Vic D’Amato met hunting a supernatural serial killer. Since then, Simon has become a police consultant on cases involving the paranormal, and Vic has gotten over his doubts about Simon’s abilities being real. Along the way, they fell in love and got engaged. But it seems like the danger never ends.

Now, the first case Simon and Vic worked together comes back to haunt them as the killer goes to court and all hell breaks loose. The killer has a crazy fan setting curses on key players in the upcoming trial. Ghosts from an old cold case suggest that someone got away with murder. And a supernatural creature attracted to fear and death is using the Grand Strand as its feeding ground. Simon and Vic feel like they’re waging a war on all fronts, but with the stakes so high, there can be No Surrender!

No Surrender is a fast-paced thrill ride MM paranormal romance packed with supernatural suspense, haunted tourist attractions, monsters, visions, hot sex, hurt/comfort, loyal friends, wedding planning, found family, ghosts galore, dark magic, and an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

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Article of Lies, by Lisa Oliver

Prince Remy of Bentley was happy enough in his life. He had a loving family, and could keep himself busy every day, especially caring for his lizard, Daisy. But his calm and uneventful days came to an abrupt halt when his father announced someone had started negotiations for a marriage contract and he was the intended groom. The problem was the man behind the negotiations was the one Crown Prince in the world who hated him – Xavier.

Crown Prince Xavier of Balenborn had waited ten years to marry Prince Remy and he wasn’t going to be thwarted by the knowledge that his intended might not like him very much. Many marriages were conducted between royal and society families, where the couple didn’t know each other very well, and as far as he was concerned, he and Remy could learn about each other over time. The marriage contract was the only way Xavier could let Remy know how serious he was about him.

Initially things went well, but unlike Remy, Xavier had led a public life. One suspicious word in the wrong place, and his reputation was suddenly in tatters. Will Remy stand by his man, or will the social class expectations relating to royal families pull them apart?

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Wanted: Boss Daddy, by Sammi Cee

“Why would my boss want someone as young and broken as me for his boy? But the way he looks at me…”

Levi has seen more life than anyone his age should have. He’s responsible for more than anyone knows. The weight on his shoulders is crippling, but he’d do anything for his family.

When Christian hired Levi, all he saw was a young man with a wound on his face so recent that it hadn’t healed yet and desperation in his eyes. He didn’t know his story, but he didn’t need to. One of the reasons he’d opened The Tap Tavern was to give people who needed a safe place to land a job—a home away from home.

Christian swore to himself he’d never date an employee, but then he’s never had one quite like Levi. Levi never planned to trust anyone to help him carry his load, least of all a marshmallow of a Daddy. When unfortunate events force these two men to share a house, will they be able to resist what’s been brewing between them right there under the surface?

Welcome to another heartwarming story from The Tap Tavern, where Christian and Levi finally get their HEA.

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Our Hearts That Tie Us, by Michele Notaro

The first time I meet Benton Windros, I’m shocked by his kindness, especially knowing it’s coming from a shifter. Shifters and magi don’t really mix well, at least not usually, but it seems like Benton’s determined to break away from the norm.

Before I even know what’s happening, the kind tiger shifter is paving a way into my life, and if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t want to stop him. I’ve never been on the receiving end of so much tenderness, and now that I have it, I want to keep it… no matter what challenges and dangers the world brings us.

Our Hearts That Tie Us is a 27K word prequel in the m/m urban fantasy series, The Magi Accounts. It first appeared in Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend (YBBB) in 2022. It is unchanged but has an updated cover.

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Wrestling with Daddy, by Emily Alter

What happens when a Daddy Dom who’s sworn off brats ends up taking the brattiest of pups under his care?

Just turned forty, Ken liked to think he had his life together. So what if he was burned out half of the time? He had his buddies, and a club where he was respected as a Daddy Dom and subs knew they could count on him—unless they were brats. So why did he start texting and messing around with one?

Nathan had cringed when his boss assigned him to cover the Pet Play by the Lake charity event. Sure, he was a puppy, and he knew all about kink, but… Did he? Add in a dizzying connection with an online Daddy who quickly becomes more than that, and he was screwed. Juggling big emotions was not one of his fortes—but he’d have to find a way if he wanted to prove his worth to Daddy. And to himself.

Wrestling with Daddy is part of the Pet Play by the Lake multi-author, shared world series. You can expect plenty of snuggling, romping and playtime from a variety of adorable pets and their commanding Daddies and Masters.

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The Cocky Neighbor, by Rye Cox

What do you do when you can’t stop thinking about your new boss?

Eric couldn’t ask for a better life. He has amazing friends, a great job, and the freedom to go home with whoever he wants, whenever he wants. He doesn’t ask for more, because he’s never needed more. Relationships were for people tired of the excitement of the unknown, and that certainly wasn’t him. Life was perfect…except for the appearance of his new, utterly annoying, ridiculously dressed boss who is set on making his job a living hell. Eric wants nothing to do with the man, so why does it feel like he can’t escape him?

Liam came in with a mission, and that is to finish his job perfectly. His brother tasked him with stabilizing the new hotel line their family’s company acquired, and he can’t fuck this up. He doesn’t need distractions, especially in the form of a sexy, kind, and hot-headed man like the hotel’s manager. Liam is determined to keep his distance, but it doesn’t help when Eric keeps wiggling under his skin. Maybe it’s time to stop trying to fight this attraction and find another way to release the extra tension?

The Cocky Neighbor is an enemies-to-lovers M/M romance that features two men who get on each other’s nerves but can’t keep their hands off of each other, and about discovering that love can be freeing.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Roommates in Bed, by Elliot Star

Is it really rock bottom if I land on my best friend’s brother?


Closeted, divorced, and jobless at 40 years old—is there any wonder why I can’t sleep?

I return to my hometown, Halesbury, to renovate my parent’s ramshackled Bed & Breakfast as a temporary lodger while I jumpstart my life.

Help comes from the most unlikely of people when my younger brother’s best friend moves in and we strike up a deal. He gives me the strings-free, boyfriend experience. I help him achieve his lifelong dream to be a travel photographer.

Imagine my surprise when my cute as hell roommate remedies my insomnia by becoming my bedmate and it doesn’t hurt that he knows his way around the bedroom.


Returning to Halesbury for the summer to fix a camper van is bittersweet.

Bitter— downsized and dismissed, I never wanted to come back, now everyone gets to hear about my cheating ex and pink slip.

Sweet — rooming with my lifelong crush, sharing a bed, acting like nudists in a colony of two.

Bitter — All good things come to an end, including short term flings, all-consuming kisses and hot, steamy…ahem…in our small, uncomplicated B&B paradise.

Sweet — discovering my hopeless crush might not be so hopeless after all.

As we repair old wounds, paint new dreams and build a happily ever after, we have decisions to make. Is Theo going to work up the courage and come out to his family and friends? And will I stick around to be more than his roommate in bed?

Roommates In Bed is a steamy, bi awakening, low angst story, and the first in the Halesbury HEA series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

AVAILABLE NOW, Kindle Unlimited

Reckless, by Kate Hawthorne

Pursuing your best friend’s dad is never a good idea, but Cameron Motel is feeling reckless. His life is about to change, and Luke is older, attractive…and he represents something Cameron has never had before.


Luke didn’t mean to get involved with his son’s best friend, but Cameron needed a strong hand and Luke was willing to deliver on his promises.

This thing between them is supposed to be a secret, but something as big as love can’t stay hidden for long. Then a single phone call sends Cameron farther away from home than he’d ever planned to go, and Luke’s subconscious keeps him grounded in the past unable to move on.

Cameron is gone, and to get him back Luke needs to do something big, something bold, something…reckless.

Reckless is #1 in the Room for Love series. It is a 65,000 word romance that explores an unexpected love and survives unexpected distance. Reckless has EVERYTHING you would expect from a Kate Hawthorne book…and more.

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Peacemaker, by Morgan Brice

Secret agents, forbidden love, danger, and magic!

Supernatural Secret Service agents Owen Sharps and Calvin Springfield meet on the train to their new assignment in St. Louis, and sparks fly between them. But it’s 1897, and they need to be very careful—falling in love can be dangerous for men like them.

It’s their first case together, investigating mysterious disappearances—including the two agents who preceded them. Grim evidence leads them to look for a darker purpose. Old ghosts haunt the railroad line, zombie rise, signs point to ritual sacrifice, and they suspect someone is trying to open the gates of hell.

Can Calvin and Owen stop the mayhem, thwart the vampires, and find true love, or will everything go up in smoke?

Peacemaker is a high-stakes steampunk MM romance thrill ride filled with found family, paranormal Pinkertons, intrepid reporters, mysterious disappearances, nefarious land brokers, hellhounds, zombies, vengeful spirits, dark spells, absinthe magic, a ruthless vampire railroad baron and a love that won’t be denied.

Before Colt and Winchester, there was Sharps & Springfield!

Peacemaker is the first book in the new Sharps & Springfield series.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Emperor’s Bone Palace, by Hailey Turner

Every heart is meant to break.

THE NAMELESS. As a warden, Soren’s duty is to guard against the dead, but he was never trained to guard against his heart. Drawn into a web of Solarian politics, Soren finds himself at the center of a storm of his own making, unwilling to break free if it means losing the man he loves. But even the darkest secrets cannot remain hidden forever, and when lies come to light, the price he pays for his silence may very well be his undoing.

THE EMPEROR. When his claim to the Imperial throne is challenged by a traitorous House, Vanya Sa’Liandel must adhere to the ancient tradition of the Conclave to stay in power. Refusing to face his peers alone, Vanya will stand before the Houses of Solaria with Soren by his side, a decision that risks his heart when an unspeakable betrayal threatens everything he’s fought for.

THE REBEL. With her entire world upended, Caris Dhemlan is on the run, struggling to come to terms with the truth of her heritage. As the Clockwork Brigade is targeted by Daijal, she must fight to save the people she cares about. Every rebellion needs a figurehead, but Caris is determined not to become a martyr.

THE QUEEN. With a crown claimed, Eimarille Rourke sets her sights on Ashion and the continent beyond her country’s borders. Promised a world by a star god, Eimarille sets into motion the gears of war and launches the opening salvo of a battle whose repercussions will ripple across the whole of Maricol.

PREORDER, Releasing May 5

Dickathlon, by Finn Dixon

It was a new feeling, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the hunk I met at the Olympics.


When Declan Moore knew who I was at the Brisbane Olympics, I was speechless. Embarrassingly so. It took a lesson in sexuality from my bestie Luke and his secret boyfriend to blow the doors off my entire identity. They referred to it as a bisexual awakening, but it felt more like a bisexual slap-in-the-face.

My strength and reflexes rewarded me with Declan’s phone number by the pool, and it’s all I could think about when I got back to the states. Despite multiple tries – more times than I should’ve – he never texted back.

According to everyone, I’m supposed to get out there and explore the world of other dudes and their junk. There’s just one problem.

None of them are Declan Moore.


Returning from Brisbane with a gold medal in the decathlon was a dream come true, and I’d do anything to repeat it. But four years is a long time, and for now, all I can think about is the muscular blond gymnast that caught my eye and then caught me in his arms, saving me from a likely career-ending disaster.

I complimented his pommel horse routine – perfect – I flashed him my smile – also perfect – and I gave him my number. Was I supposed to lift him onto my shoulder and carry him back to my room?

Because it’s been months with no texts and no response on social media, and I can only last so long against my mother’s attempts at setting me up with “nice boys.”

I don’t want a nice boy. I want Tyler Hale.

Dickathlon is a full-length gay romance novel about two men who felt an instant connection trying to find their way back to each other. It features a made-up sexploratory checklist, the educational misuse of produce, a pants-tearing Santa, and a brat that doesn’t know how to spell ‘chastity cage’. As part of the Champions Series, it takes place between Rings of Lust and Floored by Love. While it’s not a requirement to have read those books first, it would enhance one’s Dickathlon experience.


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Serving Love, by Ariella Zoelle

Kerrigan can’t keep running away from his not-so-straight feelings for his best friend. But is he brave enough to act on his desires?

I always thought I was straight…until I wasn’t. Sure, being best friends with a shameless flirt like Leander was bound to stir up some confusing feelings. But did they always have to lead to such sexy fantasies?

Thoughts about being with Leander keep me up all night. I need to do something about my undeniable urges to be with my gay best friend before I lose my mind over how much I love him.

The trick is figuring out how to convince Leander I want to be his boyfriend without him thinking I’m joking. Can a romantic date convince him to see me in a new light?

Serving Love is a friends to lovers, bi awakening, M/M romance set in the Good Bad Idea series, but it can be read by itself as a standalone. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and low angst stories that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll adore this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers.

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