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A Consumption of Souls, by Kate Munro

Their bond is in place; everything else is falling apart.

Maddox and Jake are bonded and ready to begin their lives together. But unraveling the horrors hidden within their world drives them back to where it all began.

How do they solve a mystery no one believes and find people no one remembers?

How can Maddox learn to control magic that doesn’t even belong to him?

When the truth is revealed, how can they defeat an enemy who holds immeasurable power? And how many more people will die if they don’t?

‘A Consumption of Souls’ is book two in the MM urban fantasy series, ‘Soulmates.’ It is not a standalone and should be read after Soulmates.

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Beautifully Unexpected, by Lily Morton

Sometimes love comes when you least expect or want it.

Magnus Carlsen is determined to grow old disgracefully. At fifty-two, he doesn’t believe in keeping anything. Men, sofas, books—everything gets jettisoned, eventually. He’s divided his life into happy compartments. A successful trial lawyer, he spends his days lecturing jurors, exasperating judges, and striding arrogantly around courtrooms. He fills his nights with a parade of handsome young men who want to make him happy. Why date someone his own age to discuss back pain, retirement-planning, and corns, when he can date men who don’t care to discuss anything at all?

However, when one of these sunny young men shows an inclination for dramatic scenes, Magnus meets his new neighbour. And his whole world implodes.

Laurie Gentry is nearly the same age as Magnus, but that’s where the similarity ends. He’s messy and creative and nosy and mysterious. He’s everything that Magnus has spent a lifetime avoiding. So, why can’t he get Laurie out of his head?

Luckily, Laurie is only in London for the summer. Magnus can uncover Laurie’s mysteries and indulge their annoyingly hot attraction, and Laurie will be gone before complications arise. A few months isn’t long enough to lose his heart. Is it?

From bestselling author, Lily Morton comes a romantic comedy about two footloose older men and how one summer in London brings something quite beautifully unexpected into their lives.

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Impurrfections, by Kaje Harper


A cat is a man’s best friend, because they can’t be bought or threatened. If they don’t like you, they walk away, showing you their butthole. If they stick around, it’s because they find you interesting. Mimsy’s stayed with me through six years and across half the country, which means I’m not a total loser. We earn our daily bread and fishy treats by busking, and sometimes we get lucky.

Like this abandoned wine-tasting place we’re squatting in. California climate so we don’t need heat, running water still on, all the comforts of home. Sure, there’s a weird guy with mental health issues who shows up now and then, but he keeps life interesting and he’s not bad to look at. We might stick around Gaynor Beach for a while.


I finally have control of my grandparents’ legacy, which means I can give away all the things they valued more than me. I have enough money to live on without theirs. The vineyard’s easy. I’ll give it to Manuel, the guy who did most of the work while never being allowed in their showplace mansion. I love imagining his kids bouncing on Grandmère’s priceless antiques.

The wine-tasting parlor’s harder. I’d like to burn it to the ground, but the cops frown on arson, plus when I went to check it out there was a homeless guy living in it. Instead of being scared of me— because I admit, I was losing it a bit when he spotted me— he cleaned up the cut on my arm and listened to me ramble. He had no clue who I was and I liked that. Maybe I can turn my grandparents’ showroom into a homeless shelter. Or something for homeless animals. Shane loves his little cat, and I wouldn’t mind if they stuck around for a while.

Impurrfections is a slow-burn romance between a guy who loves pets more than people, and a man trying to escape a painful legacy, who come together to build something better for themselves and Gaynor Beach.

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Conjured Chaos Kisses, by Ki Brightly

Being a Myth Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype
Leander Mast didn’t ask to come to Rivenfield, and he definitely didn’t ask to be thrust into the middle of a neighborhood battle over an ancient tree, but as a Giwoggle—who goes wherever a witch might conjure him—he doesn’t have much choice in the matter.
And Leander definitely doesn’t count on getting stuck.
While Leander attempts to get home, struggling against the magic keeping him from stepping outside the town limits, he butts heads with Ben, his new grumpy neighbor.
And it doesn’t help that Leander cut down Ben’s tree.

The Neighborhood Outcast
Ben Wise knows two things about life. Firstly, he would love to date one of the new monsters in town because humans are, without a doubt, boring. Secondly, he hates the man who took over his neighbor’s house. He’d had a running battle with the old man as well. It’s as if the universe decided to try to drive Ben insane because everywhere he goes, he runs into Leander—the jerk who cut down his tree.
The grocery store.
The local diner.
His own backyard.
Ben is plagued by Leander’s presence.
And finally, they even match on the new monster dating app Ben has been using.
Ben swears he’s going to walk the other way any time he sees Leander—online or off—but fate seems to have other ideas. And Ben is furious about it.

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His Lethal Desire, by Leighton Greene

There’s nothing more lethal than a hitman in love.

When Castellani Family hitman Jack is ordered to find a missing Hollywood starlet, the last thing he expects is for his only lead to be the out-of-his-league guy who spent last night flirting with him.

Miller Beaumont is gorgeous, charming and looks at Jack like he’s the only person in the room. Jack was captivated from the moment their eyes met.

But Jack’s not built for love. Not after the sins he’s committed.

Yet as Jack works with Miller to find his sister, they get closer. And the closer they become, the more Jack drowns in Miller’s light—even as shadows gather to tear them apart.

Loving Miller could be Jack’s chance for salvation…or the final nail in his coffin. Jack knows the cost of failure, but for Miller, he’s ready to risk it all.

But as danger closes in, will their love become a lethal mistake?


His Lethal Desire is the first book in the West Coast Mobsters series. Follow the men of the Los Angeles underworld in this page-turning romantic suspense series as they find love, danger and mystery in the most unexpected places.

Each book in West Coast Mobsters tells the love story of a different couple who find their happy ending, as well as a resolution to the mystery they’re investigating, but there are cliffhangers to the wider suspense plot for the series.


Lunar Wolves series, by Kiki Burrelli, Chris Chambers

From book 1:

Axe Landry needs a fake mate-fast.

Axe Landry is the disgraced heir of a defeated Alpha. He craves law, order, and stability, but he’s clinging to his position of Chief of the Lunar Council Enforcement Agency, the protectors of Crescent City, by a thread. If he doesn’t find a mate—a witch mate, at that—by the next full moon, he’s bound for a life of ridicule and isolation.

Enter Caden Borealis—wild, reckless . . . and irresistible. Caden hasn’t made much of his twenty-three years on earth. Caden’s life is a mess, though, and he desperately needs money if he wants to save his grandpa’s life.

A deliciously indecent proposal.

When Caden first hears Axe’s proposal, he can’t believe Axe is serious. All he has to do is pretend to be Axe’s husband and Axe will give him half a million dollars?

Unless it’s all real . . .

When werewolves start to go missing, Caden realizes he might be in over his head. He’s never let himself rely on anyone before, but Axe becomes his rock as he learns to navigate this newfound world of witches and werewolves. But as the lines between real and pretend blur, Caden can’t always remember that he’s only acting like he’s in love.

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Like I Wished, by Charlie Novak

Dreaming about my best friend’s brother is one thing, him actually falling for me is another.

Baking cupcakes for the science department bake-off shouldn’t strike fear into the heart of chemistry teacher Noah, but his previous record hasn’t exactly been glowing. In an attempt to stave off another year in last place, Noah turns to the one man who might be able to help him: his best friend’s older brother, Spencer.

Noah’s had a crush on the vibrant and sporty footballer turned baker for years, but the chances of anything happening between them are slim to none. Spencer is caring, funny, gorgeous… and totally straight.

Spencer has never thought about dating men before, but after watching Noah lick buttercream off a whisk he’s suddenly realising he’s not as straight as previously thought.

Revelations about his sexuality are one thing, but his footballing past being dragged into the present is another and Spencer isn’t sure which is more stressful. But he’s sure about one thing: he wants Noah in his life. Now all they have to do is figure out how to make their wishes come true.

Like I Wished is a hot and heart-warming best friend’s brother contemporary MM romance featuring adorable ghost cupcakes, a bisexual awakening over baking, gate-crashed first dates, gym-bro besties, and lots of hot chocolate.

It is book two in the Heather Bay series and while it can be read as a standalone, it’s best enjoyed as part of the series.

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Expectations, by Adara Wolf & R. Phoenix

I have a secret.

Even though I’m a big bruiser of a man, my fantasies include me being tied up, beaten, and forced to submit. If anybody in my family knew, they’d kill me—because my family is the head of the Winters Gang, and there’s no place for gay men here.

I get desperate though. One night at a BDSM club will be enough to sustain me… or it would have been, if I hadn’t met Silvano. He’s elegant, handsome, and completely in charge. I can’t get him out of my mind. Too bad his father is the head of the Cresci Family, one of our bitterest rivals.

I thought it was just one night of disaster, but a chance encounter at a bank, and a bank heist, has us thrown together again. He radiates domination that makes my knees buckle and has me wanting to obey every word.

I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to my old life ever again.

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Tailor Made, by Freesia Woodley

There is a fine line between love and hate.

Carmelo Castillo-Luna and Britt Ivarsson have hated each other since their freshman year of high school. Carmelo’s relentless bullying of Britt’s gender fluidity has left deep scars on Britt’s soul that may never heal. Unfortunately, Carmelo’s job as a wedding planner often brings him into contact with Britt at his formal wear shop, Tailor Made.

On the anniversary of his lover’s death, a lover who also happens to be Carmelo’s cousin, Britt finds that one empathic moment leads to an unexpected friendship.

As they grow closer, Carmelo and Britt are forced to confront long-buried feelings that lead to new beginnings.

With past traumas, sexual awakenings, and a family full of more hate than love, can these two find a way forward together? Or will their past catch up with them?

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