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Only Unity Will Spare Us, by Michele Notaro

I made a promise to the enemy… and I intended to keep it.

Thank the goddess I have my pride and my wonderful, amazing mate—whose patience matches no other—because the world is in chaos, and Cosmo is my rock, my safe place inside the storm. If only I could find the time between witches, work, politics, and family to prove it to him.

The Shifter and Magi Equality Act is in full effect, supposedly making us equals, but the people themselves—the humans—are still treating us as lesser. Every time I turn around, we’re running into trouble between humans and non-humans.

To make matters worse, witches are everywhere in Fairview City, and the Red Cloth is encouraging humans to join their forces and challenge the equality my people have fought so hard to get.

And now, Anderson is back. Back and gunning for me.

But he doesn’t realize I’m gunning for him, too.

Only Unity Will Spare Us is the fifth and FINAL book in the MM urban fantasy series, The Magi Accounts. It’s recommended to read the series in order because the romance and plot progress throughout the series.

Kindle Unlimited

Message Received, by D.K. Sutton

First rule of keeping your job? Don’t hit on your boss.

Ben Pierce always follows the rules. Keeping everything and everyone in their place. But his newest employee, Sean Miller, doesn’t fit into his neat little boxes or his neat little life. The man is irritating, impulsive, and impossibly gorgeous. But most troubling of all, he has Ben wondering what it’d be like to let someone else take charge.

After hopping from place to place, Sean Miller finds a job he wants to keep. Or rather, one his roommate wants him to keep. Helping his friend through this difficult time is the most important thing. So for now, Sean has to play nice at his new job. No flirting with his boss. No touching his boss. No showing his uptight and yummy boss the joys of surrendering to the right person.

And absolutely no falling for this surprisingly sweet and vulnerable man. That might be the hardest rule of all not to break because finding the one person who fits you perfectly might be worth risking everything.

Message Received is an 86,000+ words, opposites attract, boss/employee novel with an HEA. It’s part of the Sloan Brothers series but can be read as a standalone.

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For a Song, by Ariella Zoelle

Early is on the prowl for the perfect alpha man to give him a night of fun. His life changes forever when he runs into Duke. Where will their night of passion lead them?

In the pulsating heart of a dance club, I stumble upon him: the epitome of tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome. Duke’s muscles were made for pinning me to the bed for a night of fun.

With determination as my wingman, I approach the god of a man with every ounce of charm and sass I possess, while my heart drums a beat to rival the bass. I get between him and the twink grinding against him to sway him to my rhythm.

But the jokes on me, because the ultimate temptation is wanting to have more than one night with the sexy stranger. Neither of us are the relationship type, but he makes me want to change my stance.

Caught between a one-night stand and a potential true love, will I change my solo tune for a duet with this charismatic man?

For a Song is a sweet and super steamy MM romance that shows how Duke and Early fall in love during college.

This is a prequel in the Harmony of Hearts series and part of the Sunnyside universe. It can be read as a standalone, but reading the series in order is the best way to maximize your enjoyment.

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When Sparks Fly, by Sam E Kraemer

What happens when a supposedly straight man gets the hots for one of his employees? When the Sparks Fly, will the fire be too hot?

Bail bondsman Jesse Sparks hasn’t had an easy ride. He barely survived life-shattering allegations levied against his integrity that blew up his career as an arson investigator, and a divorce that left him afraid of commitment. Now, he faces more life-changing events—his secret, and surprising, attraction to Ryan, the handsome bond recovery agent who works for him, and the arrival of his estranged seventeen-year-old genius son who wants to move to Las Vegas to attend grad school and insists on living with him.

Ryan Montgomery has had the hots for his boss since the day he started working for the man. One day, his very private boss admits his teen son is coming to live with him in Las Vegas and he hasn’t seen the boy since he was five, and Jesse has no idea how to deal with the young man. Getting to know Jesse on a personal level stokes Ryan’s own burning desire for the man—the man he believes is straight, so he can never call him his own.

As if hunting down criminals who try to avoid being tried for their crimes isn’t dangerous enough, someone from Jesse’s past comes seeking revenge. Can the threat be neutralized before someone close to Jesse becomes collateral damage?

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Mann Hunt, by Peter E. Fenton

How far would you be willing to go to finish the job?

Declan Hunt is having a bad week. His kidnapping case is showing little progress, his office assistant has left him on short notice, and his latest investigation has left him literally battered and bruised. But things change when he hires twenty-four year old Charlie Watts to help out at the office. They form an unlikely partnership trying to solve two seemingly unrelated cases whose threads begin to weave together when the missing person case turns to murder.

The investigation takes them from the dark alleys, gay bars and bath houses of Calgary, to the richest parts of the city during the world-famous Calgary Stampede.

But will they be able to discover who the killer is before another life is lost? And will Declan be able to solve the mystery of his relationship with Charlie who is clearly attracted to him — especially since it is evident that the attraction is becoming mutual?

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Lessons in Timing, by Sylvia Barry

Sometimes opposites attract so hard they miss.

Lucas Barclay—charismatic Californian and fastidious photographer—is impatiently waiting for his commitment-phobic boyfriend to . . . well, commit. In the meantime, he rents a shared apartment, which is fine, except for the nocturnal cryptid also living there. Lucas spends his days working at his family’s horse sanctuary, contemplating the unexplained doodles left on his bathroom mirror, and dodging inkwells. Left on carpet.

Armand Demetrio’s grim-dark comic Surrogate Goose has catapulted him to unexpected fame, and the British artiste finds himself abroad, teaching a workshop in California. He spends his nights dreading the international convention at the end of the summer (and the celebrity it entails), tarnishing his hard-won sobriety, and wallowing in the mystery of his elusive flatmate. Why would anyone need so much kale? And why does everything smell of lilac?

Though conflicting schedules keep Lucas and Armand from meeting in person, tentative communication begins through text, Post-it notes, and muffins. But Armand will return to London soon, and he and Lucas might get clock-blocked. Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?

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Cam Fan, by Dani Lakely

His first time. All the way. On live cam.Do you like to watch?


Viewing a gay cam show was supposed to only be an experiment for Tyler Denning. Watching shouldn’t have led to a daily obsession … but it has.

He didn’t bet on finding someone as magnetic as Sebastian. Provocative, gorgeous, irresistible as hell—Tyler has become Sebastian’s biggest fan.

So when he’s invited to participate in a live scene, Tyler can only say yes to anything Sebastian wants.


Playing camboy Sebastian on a popular website, Justin Blanchet is used to having adoring fans. But he’s never wanted to sleep with one.

Until now.

The undeniable chemistry and connection he feels with sweetly curious Tyler is intense. Tyler has yet to experiment in college, but has plenty of dirty fantasies swimming around in his head, and Justin’s eager to fulfill every single one. Live, on cam.

Only, the more time they spend together, the more Justin desires something deeper than filming for fans. If it’s only meant to be a professional hook-up, why does it feel so real?

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Cohesion, by Aurora Crane

Five men, one love story.

None of them knew how many pieces they were missing until they all slotted into place.

Jericho thinks his life is complete, and that he doesn’t need anyone else. Quinn is sure he can never get back what he’s lost. Will wants to be a piece of someone’s heart, the hero of their story. Peyton fights his nightmares alone, struggling against the tide, his own dark thoughts an anchor. Sebastian’s hardened heart keeps him from letting anyone else in, too afraid to be hurt again.

Now real happiness, together, is within their grasp. Everything might be perfect if it weren’t for the man who wants all of their heads and won’t stop until he has them. It will take everything the five men have to reach for their happily ever after.

When the worst happens and their precarious foundation crumbles around them, is the love they weren’t prepared for going to be enough to keep them together… and alive?

Cohesion is the third and final book in the Chain Reaction trilogy, an MMMMM romantic suspense series. It is not a standalone and follows the same five men and their relationship. It ends in a satisfying HEA.

PREORDER, Releasing May 22

His Impossible Elf Mate, by Jax Stuart

An elf with a secret.

Tearlach is on a mission to find the reason behind the beta sickness and how the plight relates to the elven fertility crisis. The last thing he expected to find is the man who feels like a part of his soul.

Or how determined he’d be to keep Axel. No matter what.

A shifter with an impossible dream.

Axel’s recovery from the beta sickness is slow and only bearable because of the elf that breathes new life into his world. Just when everything finally feels perfect, he is rocked by revelations.

The choice between his secret dream or a love that makes him feel whole seems impossible.

When truths are uncovered along with what is at stake, they have to decide if their love is worth everything they may have to give up to be together.

Version 1.0.0

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The Amazing Alpha Tau Boyfriend Project, by Lisa Henry, Sarah Honey

Narrated by Nick J Russo

At first glance, Archer Calloway is your typical frat boy—preppy, pre-law, privileged.

One thing he’s not is a jerk. So when a shy guy at a wedding gives Archer his number, Archer is impressed by his courage in putting himself out there.

What starts as a courtesy call to the guy turns into friendship. Eli is awesome, and Archer can’t understand why he’s single. With the help of his fraternity brothers at Alpha Tau, Archer comes up with the perfect project for the semester: Get Eli Fuller the perfect boyfriend or die trying.

It’s a flawless plan and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Uh oh.

The Amazing Alpha Tau Boyfriend Project is a lighthearted contemporary m/m romance containing banter, bad dates, and an oblivious frat boy who is about to discover something new about himself. Or something.

Includes bonus short story “Bro Jobs.”

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Whispersync Ready, Kindle Unlimited

B-Mine, by Ava Olsen

Narrated by Zachary Zaba

Holloway: I’m the lead guitarist for Wayward Lane and I love everything about my rockstar life. Everything except my security detail. All it takes is one obsessed fan and I find myself constantly shadowed by the one bodyguard I love to tease and evade: Dawson Everly. Dawson lives by strict rules, and I’m a free spirit, so naturally, we argue at every turn. But my flirtation and his aggravation is a combustible mix and suddenly I discover there are some orders I don’t mind taking. And those strings I avoid? They start looking pretty good. Thing is, Dawson has a son and I never imagined I’d fall, let alone for a family man.
But every rockstar has their day – is it crazy that I want Dawson to be mine?

Dawson: As a bodyguard for Wayward Lane, I’ve seen all the rockstar shenanigans. The biggest troublemaker? The guy who loves to escape his detail: guitarist, Iain Holloway. He’s stunning, spontaneous, and a pain in my… you get the picture. I’ve tried keeping my professional distance but it’s getting impossible to ignore the attraction between us. But falling for a rockstar is a risk I’m not prepared for. I have an eight-year-old son, Jaxon, who means everything to me. The single dad guilt is hitting hard when I’m on the road and the time has come to make a choice.
Only, my heart doesn’t belong solely to my son anymore. It turns out, Iain has managed to find a way in there too.

B-Mine is a slow burn, single dad, opposites attract, MM rockstar romance filled with fiery chemistry, unexpected love, and a heartfelt HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Wrong Number, Right Bear, by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes the wrong number is the exact one you need.

Who is the fool who left their phone on vibrate during the most important presentation of their career? Yep, that’s right. Me. And it would be fine if the blasted thing wasn’t blowing up during the Q&A. Whoever is calling me better have a true emergency on their hands, because if they don’t, they’re going to the land of the blocked.

The room finally clears, and I discover my phone is filled with picture after picture of adorable kittens in a box. WTH? And then I scroll back far enough to see the initial message. Some guy got this number from an answering service and thought he was calling a rescue. I’m no rescue, but I know a thing about abandoned kittens, and something tells me this wrong number isn’t an accident at all… it’s fate.

Wrong Number, Right Bear is a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg romance featuring a human who stumbles upon a box at the dumpster filled with more than trash, the bear he accidentally calls for help, true love, fated mates, an adorable baby, and a happy ever after. If you love your alphas hot, your omegas strong, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy today.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Summer Of You, by Joelle Lynne

I never said I was good at keeping promises…

Four years ago, we said goodbye. I’d always intended to come back for you, but life got in the way. All I have are cowardly excuses of being in school, fear of coming out, and thinking that too much time had passed. But fate? It’s a funny thing, because I’m now forced to spend the summer with you, working together. It’s my chance to make things right, but I know I have to prove myself to you. To show you I’m not afraid anymore. That I still burn hot and heavy for you. Can we work past our differences and try again? Can this be the summer of us?

Is there a stronger word for betrayal? If there is, I haven’t found it yet. It’s how I felt when you left and never even so much as called, let alone came back like you’d promised. You left me behind, alone, with no way out of a town that holds no future. Giving you all my firsts was my initial mistake. My second was letting you back into my bed when you finally returned. But that’s all we ever were, right? A mistake? I’ve spent four years not needing or wanting your excuses, but the more time we spend together, I’m reminded of how good we used to be. You want to fix what was broken, but I’m not sure I can forgive you.

Summer of You is book one in the Season of Change series. It’s a low-angst, high heat second-chance romance with a guaranteed HEA. This book can be read as a complete standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

All’s Fair in Dare & Domination, by Rikki Leighton

Two years ago, something inside me changed, and I’ve been punishing the people I love ever since.

Last semester, I nearly torched my relationship with my best friend. Destroyed the only frame I’ve ever truly fit into.

I caught feelings where they didn’t belong and drowned myself in the only comfort I’ve known: numbing my mind with pills and alcohol. The aftermath? A stint in rehab and university probation.

There’s no lifeline strong enough to keep my head above water, but that doesn’t stop Corvin Morales from taking the reins and forcing me to shore.

The man whose eyes haunt my dreams from a dangerous mix of terror and desire.

Corvin promises he can tame my destructive tendencies, quell the excruciating pain deep inside if I submit to one simple request: give my body and pleasure over to him.

It’s intoxicating, and for an addict like me, the more euphoric marks he covers me in, the more comfortable in my pain I become.

If all the love in the world can’t save me, maybe some cruelty can. Or maybe we’ll end up right back where we started: one man at the end of his rope and another powerless to stop the noose from catching.

Dare & Domination is a forced proximity, trans MM romance, and the second book in the All’s Fair series. While best read in order, it can be enjoyed as a standalone. 


Summer Kitchen, by E.J. Russell

The foolproof recipe for personal redemption and perfect love…


  • One former rock musician
  • One almost-MBA turned cooking school student

Add two heaping spoonfuls (each) of:

  • responsibility
  • familial obligation
  • regret

And a dash of:

  • misunderstanding (optional)

Stir together in:

  • one small Vermont town

Season with:

  • friends
  • family
  • foes
  • and one large ginger feline

Garnish with:

  • validation
  • laughter
  • just deserts (also desserts)

Simmer for one entire summer before serving up a delicious (well-deserved) HEA. Bon Appetit!


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