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Alpha’s Two Omegas, by Hope Bennett

Three housemates. Two best friends. The sweet little omega they can’t help but fall for.

Ty and Alder have been in love for years. The problem is that neither of them have ever admitted that out loud. These best friends have everything they need, except a housemate to help share the rent. They just don’t want anyone coming between them.

Ronnie is looking for a place to stay. At first, he’s pleased to find two housemates he likes so much. Then other pesky feelings start to get in the way. Ronnie’s falling for the big, gentle alpha… and the clever, determined omega… How can he want both of them at the same time?

As the housemates get to know each other, they start to form strong bonds. But what they want seems impossible. To get what their heart desires, one of them must find the courage to speak up.

A steamy mmm romance, featuring a confident and sparky omega, a sweet and shy omega, and the alpha who wants them both.

This book contains explicit language and scenes.

Alpha’s Two Omegas has all the light and fluffy feels you’ve come to expect from a Hope Bennett book. It also has supportive BFFs, banter, protective instincts, knotting and an HEA.

SWEET IN SILFORD is a non-shifter omegaverse, featuring alphas and omegas who fall in love. It is MPreg-light, meaning MPreg is possible but doesn’t feature in every story. Each book can be read as a standalone. They do feature some crossover characters, though, so why not enjoy the whole series? This book is an alpha/omega/omega story.

Find out which of them makes the first move now.


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The Delicious Series: The First Volume, by Stella Starling

The first volume of Stella Starling’s bestselling Delicious Series includes three full-length novels:

A flamboyant bakery artist finds the prince he’s been waiting for when his path crosses an ex-con working in a rose garden…

Someday is a 71,000 word gay romance featuring an opposites attract, hurt/comfort theme, a sexual awakening, flowers, the wisdom of princesses, and a love worth believing in. Enjoy!

A workaholic bakery owner finally has to slow down when an accident leaves him relying on the sexy, straight banker who insists on caring for him while he recovers…

Delicious is a 62,000 word gay romance featuring forced proximity, a sexual awakening, early risers, erection night, homophobia, and two men with too much in common to deny that they were made for each other. Enjoy!

A starry-eyed bookstore owner with the worst luck in love accidentally drunk posts his way into dating the fake boyfriend of his dreams…

Falling is an 86,000 word gay romance featuring fake boyfriends, a precocious kiddo, a bi-awakening, a whole lot of mud, and a happily ever after that only comes once those who deserve it find the courage to be real. Enjoy!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Bay, by Gianni Holmes

From USA Today Bestselling author Gianni Holmes comes a bi-awakening biker romance with a huge age gap.

I’ve been a politician, husband, and father.

But I never counted on being a biker’s plaything—a biker who’s almost half my age.

As the former mayor of Smoky Vale, I hinged my campaign on getting rid of all bikers.

They are everything that’s wrong with our town. Everywhere they go they breed crudeness, chaos, and carnage.

Then my son fell in love with not one, but two of them.

Now I have no choice but to interact with the very people I tried to take down.

My disapproval of their lifestyle wavers when a spawn of Goliath backs me into a wall, kisses me senselessly, and makes it clear in the most vulgar way possible what he wants to do to me.

Bay is fierce, frank, and the only man who’s ever made me burn.

He teaches me how to tap into base desires I didn’t even know I had. And it intrigues me how a man so volatile and obscene can be equally protective and affectionate.

Those hands that shed blood now make mine boil in my veins.

When my ex-wife continues to ruin my life from behind prison bars, it’s Bay’s ruthlessness I once despised that I must now lean on to keep me and the ones I love safe. But what my ex-wife gets me involved with goes higher up than I could have ever imagined. Are some things better left in the dark, or do we expose those at the top of these heinous acts, even if it means risking our lives?

Bay is a 90k+ word full-length novel that can be read as a stand-alone. This is the first book in the Smoky Vale Alliance, a spin-off from The Grimm Tales of Smoky Vale series. Some familiarity with that series is recommended (but not necessary) for an even greater enjoyment of these books.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Unfettered Omega, by S. Rodman

Is he here to save me? Or is he just another captor?

I’m a slave. Nothing more than property. The very thing I never wanted to be, and the very reason I ran away from my pack.

Seems like fate has a cruel sense of humor.

Being enslaved in a harem, even a billionaire’s, is no life at all.

‘Ritchie’s Rainbow’, they call us. Each of us are named and dressed in a different color. Red, Blue, Jade, Gray, Pink, Yellow and Indigo. I’ve been called Red for so long, I can barely remember my real name.

A vampire, siren, fey, demon, vessel, kelpie and me, a wolf shifter. All imprisoned for the pleasure of a wealthy human, to use for himself and to lend to his friends.

I take care of the other boys the best I can, they are brothers to me and it’s in my omega nature to be nurturing. But it is hard when we are all suffering so much.

But Brodie, the new healer, seems kind under his gruff exterior. I see something in his eyes. Something that gives me hope.

I think he might just be here to save us all.

But I don’t think falling for me is part of the plan.

Am I going to ruin everything?

Or will I finally find freedom? Finally become unfettered?

Delve into Unfettered Omega to find hurt/comfort in a guard/prisoner secret romance.

Unfettered Omega is an MM romance. It is the first book in a new series about seven paranormal boys imprisoned in a billionaire’s harem. Each book follows a different MM pair as we discover if once they find freedom, can they find love?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Daddy’s New Kitten, by Chara Croft

Deke Jamison has been waiting for his hot neighbor to fall madly in love with him for years.

The day Marshall moved in next door, Deke instantly knew for sure that it was love at first sight. Well, okay… maybe just lust. But since Marshall turned out to be not just be hot, but also super kind and fifty shades of wonderful, the falling-in-love part happened pretty quickly, too. Marshall is everything Deke could ever want in a man, and they’re clearly meant to be together forever.

So why is it taking Marshall so dang long to realize how perfect they are for each other?

Marshall Palmer has been trying to resist the enthusiastic boy next door for years.

But Deke doesn’t make it easy. He may be too young and he’s definitely too vanilla, but he also shares every single one of Marshall’s values and is utterly adorable on top of it. All Deke wants out of life—besides Marshall, which he’s made more than clear because subtle, Deke is not—is to make the world a better place. Between Deke’s endless volunteer work and the energetic determination he brings to helping others, Marshall has no doubt that Deke will manage to do it, too. After all, he’s already made Marshall’s world a better place.

But there’s no way Marshall can ever let their friendship become anything more, not after the way Marshall failed the last boy who claimed to love him.

(LOL, isn’t it cute that Marshall thinks it’s up to him to decide?)

When Deke discovers that the pets up for adoption in the fundraiser Marshall is helping to organize—the one he most decidedly does not want Deke’s help with—aren’t exactly the fluffy cats and dogs Deke expected, he falls down a kinky little rabbit hole and ends up with ears and a tail of his own. And no one can resist an adorable little kitten, right? Besides, everyone knows that cats pick their owners, not the other way around.

And if those owners prefer to be called “Daddy,” Deke has no problem with that. No problem at all.

Daddy’s New Kitten is a gay romance as utterly adorable as Deke is, featuring an age gap, a soon-to-be-ex-virgin who looks amazing with a tail, and a Daddy who’s going to be adopted by his eager new kitten whether he wants it or not. (Spoiler: he wants it.) Deke and Marshall’s story is part of the Daddies for Dollars multi-author series, where every book features a swoon-worthy Daddy, a boy he adores, and a happily ever after helped along by a fundraiser event. Each book stands alone, but with six delicious Daddy pairings to choose from, why not read them all?

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Love Song, by Christina Lee

Thirtysomething bandmates, Nolan Metcalf and Ellis Bloom, have been there for each other through thick and thin. So when a life-changing event sends Ellis to the safety of Nolan’s apartment, he’s grateful for the comfort his best friend provides. They’ve never done anything resembling cuddling and sleepovers before, but Ellis finds he needs it just the same.

Soul-deep conversations and tender moments transform into a passion that shocks them both. Since neither has ever entertained the idea of being with another man, they attribute their confusing feelings to their established nightly routine. Determined to spend time apart, they resume their solo lives. But the desperate, achy neediness only returns, and soon enough they’re back in each other’s arms—and beds.

Before they have time to work through it, the real world intrudes. Admitting their secret status would change not only the chemistry of their band but the trajectory of their lives. Plus, their newfound feelings seem as fragile as the beginning notes of a new melody. They’ll need to rely on the solid foundation of their friendship, and even then, it could all fall apart. Will they become a one-hit wonder or a love song that endures the test of time?

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The Chosen Universe, Volume 1, by Macy Blake (narrated by Michael Dean)

Have You Been Chosen?

For the first time, Macy Blake’s two bestselling paranormal fantasy series are being published in a three-volume mega-verse box set!

Each volume will feature three full-length MM novels with dragons, hellhounds, vampires and more, with never before published bonus material. All in reader-requested chronological order.

Volume One:
Sweet Nothings: The Chosen One Prequel

Middle school teacher Sam Baker’s life is turned upside down when he learns Vaughn, his former high school crush, is actually an alpha werewolf. When they rescue six orphaned shifter children, Sam joins forces with Vaughn to protect the children placed in their care. The future they dreamed of is now within reach, but only if they survive the sinister force out to destroy everything they hold dear.

All or Nothing: The Chosen One Book One

Sawyer Smith is completing his master’s degree and preparing to take on the world, and he’s hoping to take his best friend Draco along for the ride. There’s only one problem: Draco has a big, scaly secret, and it’s about to change Sawyer’s life forever. Sawyer is plunged into a fantastical world he never knew existed, filled with creatures of legend who are destined to be guardians of The Chosen One. When he finds himself attracted to all the guardians, Sawyer wonders if he should really be guarding his heart from the men he’s growing closer to by the day, or if he should give in and risk losing it all.

Nothing Ventured: The Chosen One Book Two

As a magical null, Sawyer Smith is woefully unprepared for the dangers that come with being part of the supernatural world. He’s human and vulnerable, even with the powerful, sexy guardians who have claimed him as their own. When a simple visit turns deadly, Sawyer’s mates whisk him away to the clan of the rich and powerful griffins. Danger lurks in close quarters and a new guardian is revealed. If Sawyer hopes to discover the ancient enemy hunting The Chosen One, he must survive the newest tests facing him and the magical creatures he’s grown to love.

Includes bonus short stories:
Santa Trouble
Santa Claus is coming to town, and the kids are determined to keep their pack safe from him. Can Sam and Vaughn clear up the misunderstanding before the big day is ruined?

The Trouble with Love
It’s Valentine’s Day with the Jerrick pack, and Vaughn has big, romantic plans for Sam. But making plans when you have six kids is just asking for trouble.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

No Surrender, by Morgan Brice (narrated by Kale Williams)

Cold cases, hot leads, a psychic psychopath, a copycat killer, cursed objects, the trial of the century–and wedding plans.

Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and sexy homicide detective Vic D’Amato met hunting a supernatural serial killer. Since then, Simon has become a police consultant on cases involving the paranormal, and Vic has gotten over his doubts about Simon’s abilities being real. Along the way, they fell in love and got engaged. But it seems like the danger never ends.

Now, the first case Simon and Vic worked together comes back to haunt them as the killer goes to court and all hell breaks loose. The killer has a crazy fan setting curses on key players in the upcoming trial. Ghosts from an old cold case suggest that someone got away with murder. And a supernatural creature attracted to fear and death is using the Grand Strand as its feeding ground. Simon and Vic feel like they’re waging a war on all fronts, but with the stakes so high, there can be No Surrender!

No Surrender is a fast-paced thrill ride MM paranormal romance packed with supernatural suspense, haunted tourist attractions, monsters, visions, hot sex, hurt/comfort, loyal friends, wedding planning, found family, ghosts galore, dark magic, and an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Alpha’s Omega Professor, by Hope Bennett

Liam has been in love with his teacher for months. This is the second time he’s taken Professor Waggoner’s class because he was too dumb to pass first time round. If only he could be smarter. Or if his professor could look past that and see an alpha who just wants to take care of him.

Waggoner doesn’t know why the hot young alpha shows any interest in him but it’s getting harder to ignore the way Liam makes him feel. When Waggoner is mugged, it’s Liam who’s there looking after him. If only this little slice of Heaven could be permanent.

A young alpha and an older omega forced to live together while Waggoner recovers from his ordeal. What could possibly happen? Well, if Liam has anything to say about it, a lot could happen. It doesn’t matter what the rules say – it matters what his heart wants.

ALPHA’S OMEGA PROFESSOR is a steamy slow-burn mm romance, featuring a clever older omega, a protective young alpha, some serious knotting and an HEA to warm your heart.

It has all the light and fluffy feels you’ve come to expect from a Hope Bennett book. It also has some sciency words, a hyperactive but supportive BFF and a sweet alpha doing some serious pining.

SWEET IN SILFORD is a non-shifter omegaverse, featuring alphas and omegas who fall in love. It is MPreg-light, meaning MPreg is possible but doesn’t feature in every story. Each book can be read as a standalone. They do feature some crossover characters, though, so why not enjoy the whole series? This book is an alpha/omega story.

NEW RELEASE, FF Romance, Multiple Retailers

You See Me, by Gabbi Grey


After a public breakup with my fiancée, I’ve retrenched in Vancouver, British Columbia, to lick my wounds and star in a movie. I’m acting as if everything is okay, but then I meet a woman who sees the real me. Dare I take a chance to find real love?


I’ve admired Elouise Hynes from afar for years. She’s recently come out of the closet and was dumped just a short time later. I want to offer comfort, but I’m a makeup artist on her movie crew. Can we really form a lasting bond when she lives in LA and I’m staying in Canada?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Woods of the Raven, by Mary Calmes

Something wicked this way comes…and it might be too late to stop it.

Xander Corey lives simply, sustainably, on the outskirts of Osprey, a small, quaint town in Upstate New York. He’s a librarian when the town’s budget can afford him, a good friend, kind neighbor, and also, a witch. And while that’s of no concern to anyone around him, there are others, non-humans, who have a vested interest in Xander’s family land. Xander knows something dark and dangerous is brewing. He’s just not quite sure what.

And that’s not the only mystery he’s dealing with. The new chief of police is, by turns, giving him heart palpitations and homicidal thoughts. Xander can’t decide if the gorgeous yet infuriating Lorne MacBain is on his side, or trying to drive him insane. Added to that, the man doesn’t believe in magic, and since that’s who Xander is, their future looks anything but bright.

But Lorne is not the unimaginative, stick-in-the-mud Xander thinks he is. And a rock to anchor him as his life is turning upside down is just the thing Xander needs. Now if only the two of them can stay alive…

PREORDER, Releasing May 26

The Shade and His Thief, by Adara Wolf & R. Phoenix

Desperate thief Myth needs one big score to get himself out of a serious hole. Why not steal from his royal father, who refuses to acknowledge him? Unfortunately, the ornate amulet he steals is bad news. Now everybody is out for Myth’s blood.

Callan should be just one of the many people after Myth–but Callan isn’t a person at all. He’s a shade, a creature of shadow and magic. Callan is dark, and dangerous, and even worse news than the amulet itself. His dark, shadowy tendrils reach inside Myth and sate a hunger Myth never knew he had.

Myth finds himself falling deeper and deeper into Callan’s grasp. He’ll lose sight of his goals–he’ll lose sight of himself–if he gives in.

But would that be so bad?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Shifting Hearts, by Silvia Onyx

Can a vet and a horse shifter find a second chance at love?

When I see Zach three years after I ruined the best relationship of my life, all my feelings for him come rushing back.

The hurt in his eyes and the way he keeps his distance every time our paths cross tell me winning him back won’t be easy—but a drunken confession from him gives me hope.

What will it take to make him believe I’m not the same man I was when I made the worst mistake of my life? Before I can answer that, I have to decide who I am now and what I really want.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Cut To The Feeling: The Complete Series, by Noah Steele

Cut to the feeling with this complete collection of low-angst, steamy instalove MM romance!

This box set features all four original Cut To The Feeling stories, plus a bonus novella, and three shorts that were previously exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

Racing into Love: Aiden’s relationship rut ends when pro racer Derrek speeds into his cozy bookstore and crashes the end of a disastrous date. After just one kiss, they can’t ignore the sparks — or the risks that come with Derrek’s fame. Opposites attract as Aiden and Derrek’s lives collide in a steamy instalove romance speeding toward a happily ever after.

Fighting for Love: Seth is a muscular mystery Oliver is dying to solve, but Seth’s jealous, jilted boss Nik is standing in the way. As they begin to explore every part of each other, Seth discovers a love strong enough to tear down the walls around his heart. Together, they’ll fight to free Seth from Nik’s dangerous grasp.

Acts of Love: Popular jock Alex jumps at the chance to act in a love scene with shy theater nerd Beckett to pass his class and keep his scholarship. When Beckett refuses, Alex convinces him with a blistering kiss that leaves the reserved boy wanting more. When these college boys take center stage, it’s not long before they realize their love isn’t just an act.

Visions of Love: Marc has been living in black and white since the sudden loss of his ex. Flirty Scottish artist Connor is an explosion of color that reminds Marc of the man he loved. But is he in love with the ghost of his feelings, or can Marc stop living in the past long enough to chase his second chance at love?

This box set also includes the following bonuses:

Sounds Like Love: College musician Theo writes an epic love song for sleepy-eyed florist Gael in this flirty, fluffy instalove novella.

Hot Halloween: Oliver and Seth have some steamy fun in costume while getting ready for a Halloween party.

Anniversary: Beckett walks in on Alex practicing for a steamy surprise with a toy and decides to join in the fun with his boyfriend.

Through Connor’s Eyes: Chapter one of Visions of Love told from Connor’s point of view.

This is a collection of low-angst gay instalove romances promising plenty of steam, swoony moments, and a found family of loyal friends finding love in the big city. Each book can be read as a standalone with their own happily ever afters, but the series is better read in order as presented in the box set.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Loki and his Master, by Rhys Lawless

The trickster god is free and he’s under my command.
When I asked the old witch under Camden Lock for help with avenging my family’s murder I didn’t expect her solution would be to invoke a powerful god.

Loki is big, strong and pissed!
Thankfully he’s bound to me so he can’t hurt me.
But the only way he’ll ever help me get my revenge is if I help him find someone really important first.
The problem is the more time I spend with him, the less I’m able to resist him.

But I can’t let my guard down.
He might say all he wants from me is to punch my V-card and end the people that killed my family, but I know he wants something more.
And I’m scared it has the potential to destroy everything.

How can a young, meek little witch like me tame a god like him?

Loki and his Master is the first book in the Demon Gods series, a spin-off series set in the Cursed Hearts universe.
Demon Gods is a contemporary fantasy MM romance/urban fantasy MM romance series where mythical gods are re-incarnated into the 21st century and let loose to destroy, avenge and fall in love with young little witches. 
Written in British English with US spelling and grammar.

mythical gods modernized, witches, demons, master/servant, Ds, age gap, punching his v-card, hurt/comfort, forced co-operation, beauty and the beast vibes, alpha protector, tragic past, big/small pairing, lover in peril, trouble magnet, I don’t know if I can trust you, urban fantasy world, morally gray main characters, Polish folklore, Norse mythology

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Mend, by KP Lane & RM Lovely

Nicholas has some growing up to do…

Nicholas is used to being the odd man out. All his friends are falling in love and finding the daddies of their dreams. Not him. He’s just been dumped by his a-hole ex because he’s too old. Lost, alone, and miserable Nicholas is ready to give up on love.

Until he meets Cesar; the older, demisexual man that looks at him with stars in his eyes. Cesar is everything Nicholas wishes he had. Responsible, sweet, caring; a perfect potential daddy.

As they grow closer the past threatens to tear them asunder. Nicholas has to decide whether to keep his heart closed or allow himself to fall in love.

Mend is a sweet, low-angst, age play novel with an insecure boy, loving friends, a wonderful Daddy and a happily ever after so delicious it’ll melt you to pieces!

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Justice Prevails, by Morticia Knight

What does a clumsy hottie do when he meets a handsome detective he’s sure is out of his league?

Beau is deadly serious when it comes to his job as a homicide detective for the LVMPD. He also has a taste for the finer things in life, but no time to enjoy much of anything with such a heavy caseload. How could he when there’s a serial killer terrorizing the streets of Las Vegas?

Investigative Technician Austin never met a snarky joke he didn’t like, or a set of stairs that couldn’t trip him up. One night after a devastating episode at work, Austin sees something else he likes. However, there’s no way the gorgeous detective he’s spotted around the station would be interested in a goofy klutz like him.

Beau and Austin’s worlds collide when Austin is sent to pick up some evidence at the station. Amidst a myriad of twists and turns in the troubling serial killer-style murders of Vegas conventioneers, Austin and Beau discover there’s more to each other than they assumed.

Can they make a true connection despite their differences? Or will the killer have the final say?

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Emerett Has Never Been In Love, by Anyta Sunday

A man who acts before he thinks, a man who thinks before he acts, and the ensuing mishaps on the path to the ultimate love match.

Emerett “Lake” Lakewood has a healthy ego and a flair for the dramatic. After losing his best friend to marriage—completely crushing his heart—he deems it prudent to distract himself, and what better way than playing cupid?
He’s already got his eye on two young men desperately seeking romance, and he has a plan to hook them up.
Reciting Shakespearean love declarations.
Lake is killing it. Love is positively pulsing in the air. Anyone could see it.
Well, anyone other than Knight, his best friend’s dad, who cautions Lake to stop meddling. To leave love to its natural course.
Lake has always valued Knight’s frankness, but this time he’s wrong. Without him, two hearts might be doomed never to find love.
Besides, what does Knight know about romance? He’s barely dated in all the seven years Lake’s known him. He’s clueless.
Though, there’s a thought. Knight has everything going for him. Sensibility. Kindness. Generosity. And for a forty-four-year-old, he’s—objectively—freaking hot.
Why is he single?

~ ~ ~

“. . . [T]here may be a hundred different ways of being in love.” ~ Jane Austen

And a hundred different ways not to recognize it.

“Emerett Has Never Been In Love” is a fun, fast-paced gay romance retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma.

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