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The Obsession, by Christie Gordon

A lonely man suffering from addiction meets his savior. But can the charming male psychology student truly love and save him?

Tristan Tolken feels invisible most of the time, which is fine by him. After suffering years of abuse by a mother who won’t accept his attraction to men, he’s fallen into sexual addiction. His only relief is to lose himself in his artwork and yearn for Collin from afar. There’s no way Collin could ever notice him, right?

Collin Stanley has the self-confidence and smarts to be starting his master’s degree in psychology early, but he has a problem. After only a few months, he’s been kicked out of his apartment and can only find a room in the dorm. When he strolls into his new room, he’s shocked to find Tristan there. He’s had his eye on Tristan. Tristan’s unusual habits are fascinating, but Tristan’s completely shut down. Will Tristan let him in?

Collin figures out Tristan’s obsession right away and knows that he’s the one who can fix him. But fixing Tristan leaves Collin with emotions he didn’t count on and his own fear of falling in love surfaces. As Tristan heals with Collin’s help, Collin hides a deep secret. This secret threatens their relationship and could throw Tristan back into a lonely life of addiction. As the secret is revealed, how can Collin redeem himself and not destroy Tristan in the process?

The Obsession is a standalone M/M romance novel. It is a dark, hurt/comfort, roommate romance with an HFN and no cliffhangers. It features an insecure young artist struggling to live his life, longing for love, and a confident young man with his own issues who wants to help. This book is a rerelease of a book with the same name and has been extensively edited.


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Keeper, by Nicole Dykes

Kingston Wells

I like to party. To have a good time.
Life’s too short not to. I learned that when I lost my grandpa.
He told me to have fun while I can, and I intend to.
Although sometimes when you’re having a good time, you forget others may see you as irresponsible. And sometimes you screw up.
I’ve definitely screwed up a time or two.
But I’m still determined to have fun. And along the way, I’m hoping I’ll convince my best friend, Camden, to do the same.
He’s too serious. Too focused. Too busy taking care of everyone to just relax.
And that’s where I come in.

Camden Prescott

I may only be eighteen and a senior, but I have too much on my plate to be a kid.
Too many people depend on me, but I can handle it.
I have to handle it. My mom needs my help. My little sister needs me. And Kingston, my best friend in the world—yeah, he definitely needs me.
Because while he’s busy having fun, I’m busy cleaning up his messes along with everyone else’s.
It’s not all bad though. He’s there to make sure I occasionally have fun, and I’m there for him when he needs to take life seriously.
Because that’s what I am . . .
The Keeper.

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Little Boy Blu, by Wendy Rathbone

Can two men learn to trust enough to give each other what they most desire?

I am one of the youngest defense attorneys at my firm. I have to believe in my clients even if they’re guilty sociopathic jerks. If they are truly innocent, I grieve hard if I can’t win their case. When I go home, I just want to relax. How I accomplish that is my deepest secret.

It comforts me every evening to enter into my “little” space, to go back to the days I had no worries except what crayon to use to color a dragon’s head, or if I want macaroni and cheese or dino-nuggets for dinner. Wrapping myself in soft flannel onesie jammies with feet and hugging my teddy while I watch cartoons gives me pleasurable warm fuzzies all over.

I know there are daddies out in the world who might enjoy a boy like me. But I feel self-conscious about my habits and routines. I’m way too shy to go out and meet anyone. And what if I’m found out by a client or co-worker? My career would end.

But when I go to interview my new client, Makson Ferridyn, my world turns upside-down. The youngest son of a former crime family, Maks is not really a criminal since he was too young to participate at the height of the family’s activities, but his name comes with a bad reputation. I shouldn’t notice him. Or care. He’s just another job.

Then, right after his hearing, I fumble with my phone in my pocket and out drops a candy pacifier ring pop. Maks leans over and picks it up. “Is this yours?” he asks.

I could lie. Or I could tell the truth. Either way, there is no going back from this moment.

Little Boy Blu is a Daddy/Boy MM romance with two men who know what they want but have never been able to show it until now. You’ll see a needy bottom boy, a daddy who has been love deprived, size difference, praise, stuffies with names, onesies with backflaps, a little who likes to be carried around the house, sweet bath times, generous caregiving and high heat (you’ll need a fan) in the bedroom. Guaranteed HEA. This book is the first of my Little Big Heart series, but each book is a standalone read.

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Adverse Conditions, by Elle Keaton

The town is worth saving, as long as conspiracy theorists, serial killers, and Vincent Barone all stay out of Xavier’s way.

Xavier swore he’d never move back to the flyspeck of a town he’d grown up in and he kept that promise for over twenty years. Now he’s back for good.

Vincent never left. After earning his teaching certificate, he stayed in town to be close to his elderly parents. These days he’s the single dad of a fifteen-year-old daughter and working two jobs to make ends meet. He’s perfectly happy with his life.

Xavier’s mission is to save Cooper Springs. But his efforts are being hindered by his stodgy, straight-laced, rule-following neighbor, Vincent Barone. Dark-eyed, broad-shouldered, and muscly Vincent, who Xav stealthily ogles when he toils in his yard sans shirt. For a high school shop teacher, Vincent is too sexy. And he has a kid. And he infuriates Xavier. And anyway, love is for suckers.

Vincent doesn’t have time to date. And he certainly wouldn’t date his flashy, arrogant, neighbor who he absolutely did not have a crush on in high school. Who did Xavier think he was, moving back to town and throwing his weight around, causing butterflies in Vincent’s stomach, and making his stupid heart beat faster every time he saw him?

Cooper Springs has changed since they were kids, and maybe two guys can move from hate to love. But are they ready? Will Vincent bend a few of his rules? Will Xavier reign in his chaotic tendencies? Is love in the air?

Then there’s the matter of the grisly discovery in the woods, murder is bad for business.

Welcome to Cooper Springs, home to UFO chasers, Sasquatch believers, conspiracy theorists, chainsaw artists, and regular folk just trying to make a living. And, quite possibly, a killer.

Adverse Conditions is the first in the Reclaimed Hearts series, set in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, it is an opposites-attract, older lovers, silver fox, enemies to lovers, small-town romance, with a little murder. HEA guaranteed.

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Daybreak, by Iris Foxglove

Cillian Aislinn is elated when he receives an invitation to dance for a renowned patron of the arts, Lady Thora, in a beautiful lakeside manor in the hills of Kallistos. But all is not as it seems at Cladach Manor. By the time Cillian discovers the horrifying truth hiding behind a glamour of luxury, it will be too late. Cursed to suffer an immortal existence without the comfort of restful sleep, Cillian becomes the leader of a nomadic troupe of dancers, seeking what joy he can in the art that he once loved. When a series of prophetic dreams lead Cillian to a forest in search of a way to banish his curse, he encounters Astra, the god of dreams, who reveals who Lady Thora really is: the corrupted former god of art, now a spirit of decay whose influence is beginning to spread into Astra’s realm.

A child when he was summoned to the Dreamer’s Throne, Astra has spent centuries asleep, weaving dreams in the safety of a realm he can control. But when Pallas’s ire threatens his dreamers, Astra is forced to brave the waking world. With Cillian as his guide, he must find a way to defeat Pallas before her malevolence snuffs out all inspiration and art.

As they travel across Iperios, Cillian and Astra also navigate the growing attraction between them. Despite his centuries as a god, Astra knows little about mortal life, and Cillian’s curse has kept him in a state of numb exhaustion. As they awaken to their mutual desire, they learn the truth of who Cillian is and why Pallas is so determined to destroy him.

Featuring a very tired immortal without a natural alignment, a brat of a dream god who has forgotten how to be human, an evil spirit with a grudge, and a wild dash across Iperios to restore the balance between art, inspiration, and dreams.

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Spring Breakup, by Erin McLellan

After a painful breakup, Tyler needs a vacation. He joins friends on their spring break getaway to Alaska, but the trip doesn’t go to plan. Snow, mud, and an avalanche conspire to trap him in a romantic cabin alone with Dean Humphries. Tyler needs time to lick his wounds, and Dean is nothing but an inconvenient temptation.

To protect his heart, Dean masks his feelings behind charm and indifference, but Tyler Vlachos easily sneaks past his defenses. It isn’t the avalanche that knocks Dean for a loop. It’s the brilliant and heartbroken Tyler.

Stranded together, undeniable chemistry thaws the ice between them. But Tyler, who has trust issues a mile wide, and Dean, who hates letting people in, must break down the barriers around their hearts or leave their love behind in Alaska.

Spring Breakup is a low-angst, steamy, male/male romance novella with plenty of Alaskan charm, a nerd/artist pairing, forced proximity, and naughty vacation shenanigans.

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Beneath the Opal Arc, by Lee Colgin

As the battle rages around him, Laurence stops to witness a witch casting a powerful magical arc. Werewolves race past, running for cover, but Laurence can’t tear his gaze from the vulnerable spellcaster.

When Remy is injured, he doesn’t expect a vampire to come to his rescue. What is he to Laurence if not dinner? But Laurence carries him to safety, ensures he gets treatment, and protects him from a pack of angry werewolves.

No one knows how long the magical arc will only hold. Frightened by what might happen when it falls, Remy needs to escape the frontlines and find a safe haven before his own people hunt him down for treason.

As sparks fly between the unlikely pair, can they find solace in love, or will the supernatural war claim two more victims?

Beneath the Opal Arc
~A vulnerable witch lost on enemy soil
~A lonely vampire fighting to protect his charge
~A love story neither of them saw coming

Beneath the Opal Arc is an MM Paranormal Romance packed with adventure, a steamy love story, and danger at every turn. This novel contains violence and scenes intended for mature readers.

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Hiding Place, by Jackie Keswick

Can a house with a secret bring two grieving men together?

After losing his bandmates in an accident, songwriter Zach Hellig looks for a place to hide and a distraction from his grief. He finds both in a dilapidated Pele tower in a corner of Northumberland and in a sexy neighbour, whose smooth facade hides an old, painful secret that appears to be tied to Zach’s new home.

Are the rumours of an unsolved murder the reason for Robert Ludlow’s reluctance to sell Charnbarrow Pele?

Should Zach try to find answers to a thirty-seven-year-old mystery?

And having just experienced the pain of loss, should he risk his heart for a man who struggles to come to terms with his past?

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StrangeLove, by TL Bradford (narrated by Corey H. Bennson)

The year began great for me.

Became the starting quarterback for an NFL team – check.
Secured a multi-million-dollar contract – check.
Moved to LA and lived the glamorous life – check.

What could possibly cause me any issues?
Oh yeah, one more thing. I’m gay.

I was outed a couple of years ago to my former team and my family, but it hasn’t been made public knowledge yet. Well, that is, until now. I’ll be known as the first LGBTQ+ active player in the league’s history. And if I stick to the conditions of my contract, it won’t be a problem. The thing is, I’m not really a guy known for playing by the rules.

Most people think of my personality as the three B’s: bold, brash, and blunt. My mouth has gotten me into more predicaments than I can count. Even my best friends have told me I’m stubborn as a mule and have the delicacy of a bull in a china shop. This presents a big problem for me because I have my eyes set on winning over the guy who stole my heart years ago, only he doesn’t know it yet.

Getting his attention is going to be challenging. It’s a good thing I’m tenacious.
Unfortunately, it’s not great timing and could get me into a whole mess of trouble.
Why does falling for a guy need to be anyone’s business but mine?

The past couple of years were a whirlwind of activity. My career took off after my guest shot appearance in Americana. I appeared in a few indie features and finally got a shot at my first major motion picture release. The work came as a great distraction from my personal life, which took a further nosedive after I found out the guy I was falling for had already fallen for someone else.

Why should I be surprised? He was another in a string of failed relationship attempts. I swore I wouldn’t get involved with anyone else, choosing to stay focused on my career instead. That is, until the force of nature known as Archer McMillan came storming into my life.

To be the pursued instead of the pursuer was not in the cards. To top it off, he’s everything I’m not. Yet, there’s something to be said for a guy who can make you laugh when it’s the last thing you want to be doing. I’ll admit he’s got a playful and determined spirit. Archer also has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever known. Not the mention the cute way he… Hold on. What am I doing? We cannot be a thing. Nope. Not gonna happen. Ever. Right?


Follow Kai and Archer as they cross the lines as friends, partners-in-crime, and confidants, to discover a love beyond boundaries that needs no definition.

(StrangeLove is a funny, heartwarming, slow-burn love story. It contains a cast of fully developed characters that encounter romance, laughter, and life lessons. It contains adult language, mature themes, and is best enjoyed by those over the age of 18. It can be read as a standalone; however, if you would like to know the backstories of some characters, check out the prior books in the series.)


Daddies for Dollars series

Kink for a cause! Six different flavors of delicious Daddy kink that put the sweet, filthy “fun” into fundraisers.

Daddy for a Day, by Della Cain (April 7)

Chief Executive Daddy, by Honey London (April 11)

Daddy’s Curious Boy, by A.W. Scott (April 14)

Daddy’s Little Artist, by M.A. Innes (April 18)

Daddy’s Other Boy, by Simon Strange (April 21)

Daddy’s New Kitten, by Chara Croft (April 25)

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An Omega for Waylon, by Lorelei M Hart and Colbie Dunbar

Waylon had plans for his life… plans that came to a screeching halt when his father named him Alpha of the Council.

Alpha snow leopard Waylon loves living among humans and away from the shifter politics that surrounded him growing up. He has friends and an apartment he loves, and is about to begin his first year of law school. And then the call comes, the one that changes everything.

Omega snow leopard Daxon is one of the lucky ones… or so he’d been told his entire life. Born to two wolves, his beast was born out of the genetic crap shoot and a pair of recessive genes. He doesn’t need to follow the laws of his kind… as long as he can go without the council knowing he exists. If only it were that easy.

After a no-show employee ruins his day off, Daxon ends up delivering an order to one of his coffee shop’s biggest customers. When he enters the hotel conference room, he’s instantly hit with the scent of another snow leopard… and not just any snow leopard… his true mate.

An Omega for Waylon is the first book in the highly anticipated Council of the Snow Leopards shifter series by the popular co-writing team of Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M Hart. It’s a sweet with knotty heat M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance featuring an alpha snow leopard thrown into a role he is woefully unprepared for, a coffee shop owner whose plans for the future didn’t include becoming their kind’s Alpha Omega, shifters whose beasts were on the verge of extinction, the compromise that changes everything, true love, fated mates, and of course, an adorable baby. If you love your shifters hawt, your omegas strong, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy of An Omega For Waylon today.

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Lost in Amber, by Maz Maddox

Being alive for millions of years means I’m rarely surprised.

In the long expanse of my existence, I’ve been rescuing fossils for only a breath. During that time, my path has crossed with many different people — shifter and human alike.

Some friendly, some nefarious.

A hundred years ago, one such man graced me with his presence.

He was one of the few to have almost killed me.

Imagine my surprise when I see him again, buying the rarest amber fossil to have ever been discovered.

Precious. Beautiful. Unique.

A true treasure millions of years in the making.

I won’t let him get away again.

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The Recluse, by Silvia Violet

The days I spent as a prisoner of war haunt my dreams most nights. I’m doing my best to move from one day to the next, but nothing feels pleasurable anymore—until I find Carlo Marchesi sneaking around my cabin.

Carlo is a mobster. He’s supposed to be under guard. But when he suggests a wicked way to pay for a night in my house, I can’t say no, and I can’t hold back the real me, the dangerous man I never thought I’d be again.

Being with Carlo feels more real than anything has in ages, but he has a life back in Boston, and neither of us are a good bet for a relationship.

When Carlo’s enemies come for him, will love be enough to hold us together and help us survive to build a life together?

NEW RELEASE, Amazon Exclusive

How I Stole the Princess’s White Knight and Turned Him to Villainy: The Complete Works, by AJ Sherwood

What’s a white knight to do when his princess is causing utter havoc leading in mass murder? Go to the famous Black Sorcerer of Grimslock for help, apparently.

What’s a black sorcerer to do when the white knight comes to him for help? Keep him, naturally.

Devan does not approve of this payment plan. Tan does.

(This compilation includes a bonus short story. It is utter crack. Please do not look for any plot or serious element. You won’t find it.)

What’s Devan to do for his coronation? Hide.

What’s Tan to do? Get a new crown.

Everything goes about as poorly as expected.


Black sorcerer, white knight, evil princess, oh my!, this whole story is crack, technically an enemies to lovers, with light angst, mostly as an excuse for cuddles, sharing a bed, who hurt you is basically a marriage proposal, being adopted by a black sorcerer is like being adopted by a cat, you get no say in the matter, Tan is a walking disaster, Devan needs a hug, Tan volunteers himself as tribute, I’m not saying baby adventurers are stupid, but if you put a candle next to their ears their eyes will shine, rule one when dealing with black sorcerers, don’t piss them off, rule two is don’t touch their knight, just a little killing, Serenity has successfully pissed Devan off for the last time, magical shenanigans shall now commence!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Love Thy Brother, by Garrett Leigh

The fourth instalment in the bestselling Rebel Kings series

Expect: His brother’s best friend. His best friend’s little brother. The soft-hearted bear and the rowdy chaos gremlin. The inevitable only happens when you let it.

“Riv, if you ever let me speak, you’d know exactly how I feel.”

I’ve told him that a thousand times, but River’s stubborn streak is a mile wide.

He doesn’t want to hear it.

To him, we’re doomed.



Because he thinks I love a goddamn motorcycle club more than him.

My worst nightmare is losing him before I get the chance to change his mind, and in our world, bad dreams come true. Our reality is mess and pain, but I love him. And he loves me.

And I’ll fight for us to the end.

Love Thy Brother is a hurt/comfort MM romance from the best-selling Rebel Kings MC series. Content warnings for violence, off page abuse, self-harm, and grief.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Alchemist’s Boy, by Joel Abernathy

Nothing is more dangerous than a beautiful lie.

Unable to cope with the death of his beloved son, the brilliant but eccentric alchemist Gustavo crafts an automaton in his likeness. Desperate and mad with grief, Gustavo makes a deal with a strange angel to breathe familiar life into his new creation, but he soon learns that wrenching a soul from the hands of death comes at too great a cost.

When it becomes apparent that Gustavo’s magnum opus is not the innocent boy he intended to resurrect, what started as an act of love turns into a dark and dangerous obsession.

Author’s Note: The Alchemist’s Boy is a dark MM retelling of Pinocchio is a twisted tale of transformation, redemption, and what it truly means to be human. This is a darker story that may be upsetting for some readers. Please see the author’s website for content details. This book was previously called “Real” and was republished with a new title to avoid confusion with another author’s book.



Before Moonrise – A Lycanthrope Protection Agency Prequel, by CJ Ravenna

This free novella serves as a series starter to the Lycanthrope Protection Agency series. You can expect forbidden love, semi-public steamy situations on a beach (and in a barn, in a broom closet…), friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, possessive werewolves who adore their mates, and a HEA.

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