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Broken, by Reese Knightley

He craved him like he’d never craved anyone before.

They’d kissed. And spent a brief and wild time together.
He fell.
But Echo disappeared on him.
And now the chase was on.
He was going to find Echo, catch him, and make him his.
Even if it killed him.

He should have never screwed the blue-eyed blond…
But he had.
He couldn’t say why, but Ice got on his last nerve.
So he wounded the guy a couple of times.
Since then, Ice seemed to be in his way every time he turned around.

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Keeping Kellan, by Amy Aislin

Brant Harkrader is done living by other peoples’ rules. He may not know exactly what he wants out of life, but he’s perfectly happy letting that question figure itself out while starting a new job as a tour guide.

Too bad the one thing he does want—his sister’s BFF—only sees him as a little brother.

Or so he thinks…

Kellan Shelby-Briggs has never shied away from going after what he wants. And what he wants is the important contract that will put his brand new company on the map—and Brant.

Too bad Kellan’s career keeps yanking him away just as things heat up between them.

Now that Brant is back in town—up close and personal in Kell’s living space—can they finally get the timing right to go after the love that has eluded them both for too long?

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Under His Sheets, by R.L. Merrill

Indie rock star Randall Sutter is hard at work creating a new life for himself in Spain after his band was robbed and decided to break up. The inspiration for his reinvention? The passionate night he spent with a Spaniard who encouraged him to consider spending more time in his country. So Randall 2.0 decides to dust off his credentials and take a job teaching music at an international school in a suburb of Barcelona. But questions soon arise when the stranger Randall can’t stop thinking about appears at the school—as Alonso the Custodian. And pretends not to recognize him. And claims to not speak English. Randall then discovers his new community—like the rest of Catalonia—is experiencing political turmoil, and Randall isn’t sure who he can trust. When Alonso reveals the truth about the night they met and just what he was doing there, Randall will have to have faith that Alonso’s feelings for him are real and not just part of his mission, or they may both end up victims of a centuries-long dispute playing out in modern Spain.

Under His Sheets is part of the Accidentally Undercover shared romantic suspense series.

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Red Haze, by Lark Taylor

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea to crush on a straight guy. But when that man is also your bodyguard?
It’s just asking for trouble.


Our rise to stardom might’ve helped me escape from the chaos that was my childhood, but that didn’t mean it was easy for me. Now, with fame and an almost unlimited bank account, you’d think I’d be happy. But I’m not. There’s no escaping the depression that dogs me or my past that refuses to leave me alone, no matter what I try. There’s no-one to stop the self-destructive spiral I’m caught in.

No-one, that is, until Jack.

As soon as the stoic man who looks like he could crush me under his thumb is assigned to me, I know I’m in trouble. Not only is he every one of my wet dreams brought to life, but he’s straight. Oh, and tasked with keeping me out of mischief.What I wasn’t expecting was the friendship that followed. The way we would come to depend on one another.

When it’s all ripped away, can I find a way to exist without Jack at my side? Or am I destined to love someone I can never have?


After leaving the SAS, going into personal security seemed like the next logical step. Having been briefed on my client, the drummer for the rock band Caffeine Daydreams, I believed I’d be guarding some spoiled kid with more money than sense.

But as I get to know Arlo, I realise nothing could be further from the truth.

With the line between professional and personal blurring, Arlo quickly becomes the most important person in my life. When I have to decide between keeping him in my life or protecting him, I choose the latter.

I will always protect Arlo.

What I didn’t know was that the price I’d pay would cut me far deeper than I’d thought possible. Can I persuade Arlo to give me another chance? Or will I have to resign myself to just seeing him on my screen?

Red Haze is a demi-awakening, bodyguard x rockstar MM romance. The final book in the Caffeine Daydreams series, each book follows a different couple as they find their HEA. Although better read in order, these books can standalone.

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Bondage Rescue, by Morticia Knight

Marshall resurfaces, and he’s in serious trouble. Can the men at Kiss of Leather convince a former Dom to take on the mouthy sub?

With Master Derek and his new sub Corey settling in together, Gavin and Kyle’s relationship firmly established, and the clock counting down to the eventual opening of Kiss of Leather—all is going well. The only thing left that would make their world perfect would be to bring Corey’s ex-Dom and abuser to justice.

The legal firm that represents Kiss of Leather hires a private investigator to flush out the man who orchestrated Corey’s assault. Stone Manning is hesitant to take the job, though. He’s turned his back on his old life as a Master and has sworn never to enter a BDSM club again. But he owes attorney Glen Sharp his life, so he reluctantly agrees.

However their meeting is disrupted when Kyle’s missing friend, Marshall, calls for help. Suddenly, Stone Manning finds himself charged with taming the brattiest sub ever. In truth, the bigger the brat, the more his heart races with excitement. Marshall promises to be exactly the type of challenge to inspire him to be a Master again.

In the meantime, Stone and his investigative partner, Chuck, continue to search for Corey’s attacker. The abusive Dom appears to have gone underground. But what they don’t realize is that the closer they get to their prey, the more dangerous he becomes.

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Beautifully Unexpected, by Lily Morton

Sometimes love comes when you least expect or want it.

Magnus Carlsen is determined to grow old disgracefully. At fifty-two, he doesn’t believe in keeping anything. Men, sofas, books—everything gets jettisoned, eventually. He’s divided his life into happy compartments. A successful trial lawyer, he spends his days lecturing jurors, exasperating judges, and striding arrogantly around courtrooms. He fills his nights with a parade of handsome young men who want to make him happy. Why date someone his own age to discuss back pain, retirement-planning, and corns, when he can date men who don’t care to discuss anything at all?

However, when one of these sunny young men shows an inclination for dramatic scenes, Magnus meets his new neighbour. And his whole world implodes.

Laurie Gentry is nearly the same age as Magnus, but that’s where the similarity ends. He’s messy and creative and nosy and mysterious. He’s everything that Magnus has spent a lifetime avoiding. So, why can’t he get Laurie out of his head?

Luckily, Laurie is only in London for the summer. Magnus can uncover Laurie’s mysteries and indulge their annoyingly hot attraction, and Laurie will be gone before complications arise. A few months isn’t long enough to lose his heart. Is it?

From bestselling author, Lily Morton comes a romantic comedy about two footloose older men and how one summer in London brings something quite beautifully unexpected into their lives.

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Raven: Part Two, by Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly

Bertram Drake, international man of mystery, leads a double life. By day he is the council’s most valuable pawn, but by night he is a traitor, aiding and abetting the dangerous leader of the organization looking to undermine dragon society—a man who goes by the name of Raven, and who is none other than the father of Bertram’s children and his beloved mate.

Kept from his family by his dangerous wild magic, Sorin is a man on a mission. As Raven—the leader of the Vanguard—his life’s purpose is to save and rehabilitate the omegas being mistreated by their cloisters, but when an unexpected discovery puts all Pedigree omegas in mortal peril, his goals shift. He must do whatever it takes to ensure no omega ends up suffering like him.

Even if it means playing the part of the villain and severing ties with his mate.

Raven: Part Two is the 92,000 word conclusion to the Forbidden Desires series. It contains eye-opening revelations, new outfits for little lizards, extremely scientific field studies, and a love that manages to conquer all. For maximum enjoyment, Raven: Part Two is best read following the events of Clutch, Bond, Mate, Swallow, Magpie, Finch, Peregrine, and Raven: Part One.

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The Queen’s Starfire Throne, by Hailey Turner

Every road must come to an end.

THE DEAD. Facing a war where revenants outnumber the living, Caris Rourke must confront a future written in the stars, one she wants no part of. In order to outmaneuver the enemy, Caris must learn to trust her instincts, no matter where they lead, whether into the heart of danger or into the arms of Nathaniel, a dead man walking she should not trust, much less love.

THE WAR. Eimarille Rourke wants nothing more than to be queen of all Maricol and will do anything to succeed, even the unthinkable. Determined to claim the starfire throne for herself, she must first eradicate all other claimants. Seeking to assassinate her sister and brother amidst a war of her own making will lead Eimarille down a road of ruin from which there is no turning back.

THE LIVING. In the wake of the attack on the Warden’s Island, Soren returns to the people who made him into the warden he is today. But the past he thought he’d left behind as a child has given him a name he does not want. Far from the only man he’s ever loved, carrying a vow that could change the course of the war, Soren must decide if destroying his life is worth saving a world.

THE STARS. In the throes of an escalating war, Vanya Sa’Liandel must put his country above all else, even his own happiness. As Houses seek to betray him and the fallout of his family’s past mistakes claws ever closer, not having Soren by his side is an anguish he can’t escape. In the end, the tide of war could turn with an alliance he cannot afford to grant. But years ago, Vanya gave his heart to a warden, and some kinds of love weren’t meant to burn out but to rage like starfire.

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Conjured Chaos Kisses, by Ki Brightly

Being a Myth Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype
Leander Mast didn’t ask to come to Rivenfield, and he definitely didn’t ask to be thrust into the middle of a neighborhood battle over an ancient tree, but as a Giwoggle—who goes wherever a witch might conjure him—he doesn’t have much choice in the matter.
And Leander definitely doesn’t count on getting stuck.
While Leander attempts to get home, struggling against the magic keeping him from stepping outside the town limits, he butts heads with Ben, his new grumpy neighbor.
And it doesn’t help that Leander cut down Ben’s tree.

The Neighborhood Outcast
Ben Wise knows two things about life. Firstly, he would love to date one of the new monsters in town because humans are, without a doubt, boring. Secondly, he hates the man who took over his neighbor’s house. He’d had a running battle with the old man as well. It’s as if the universe decided to try to drive Ben insane because everywhere he goes, he runs into Leander—the jerk who cut down his tree.
The grocery store.
The local diner.
His own backyard.
Ben is plagued by Leander’s presence.
And finally, they even match on the new monster dating app Ben has been using.
Ben swears he’s going to walk the other way any time he sees Leander—online or off—but fate seems to have other ideas. And Ben is furious about it.

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Fool of Main Beach, by Tara Lain

How can Merle swim with the sharks when the guy he loves is bait?

Just when Merle’s dreams of finally amazing his intellectual family with his accomplishments as a respected actor are about to manifest – he comes face-to-face with Tom Henry.

Can this guy even be real?

Tom’s as simple and unsophisticated as an angel and totally happy with who he is as long as he can protect his sister and take care of his dogs.

Everyone loves Tom – but “in love” with him? That’s another whole story. Even Tom knows that out of bed the only thing he can do for Merle is wreck his career – and lose his family’s respect.

Merle’s going to have to give up something.

Hey Merle, your money or your heart?

FOOL OF MAIN BEACH is a MM, opposites-so-far-apart-they-might-as-well-be-on-different-planets attract, world’s colliding, blue-collar lover, saving your sister, desperate for approval romance – – with the very best dogs.

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Without Regrets, by Reese Knightley

Fighting his enemy never felt so good…

Brick –

Mistakes were made.
Lines were crossed.
But nobody can mess with Fighter except for him.
Okay, there might have been some issues along the way, but fighting his enemy
never felt so good.

Fighter –
Arrogant prick. Thinking he was easy.
Keep your distance.
Hate…was too nice of a word to describe his feelings for the big bossy billionaire.
Tyler Brick thought he could buy anything.
Well, not him!


Lunar Wolves series, by Kiki Burrelli

Narrated by Chris Chambers

From Book 1: Axe Landry needs a fake mate—fast.

Axe Landry is the disgraced heir of a defeated Alpha. He craves law, order, and stability, but he’s clinging to his position of Chief of the Lunar Council Enforcement Agency, the protectors of Crescent City, by a thread. If he doesn’t find a mate—a witch mate, at that—by the next full moon, he’s bound for a life of ridicule and isolation. And to Axe, that kind of humiliation is a fate worse than death.

Enter Caden Borealis—wild, reckless…and irresistible.

Caden hasn’t made much of his twenty-three years on earth. His dysfunctional family and traumatic past sent him on a five year bender, but when his grandpa gets sick, Caden knows he needs to take care of the only person who ever cared about him. Caden’s life is a mess, though, and he desperately needs money if he wants to save his grandpa’s life.

A deliciously indecent proposal.

When Caden first hears Axe’s proposal, he can’t believe Axe is serious. All he has to do is pretend to be Axe’s husband and Axe will give him half a million dollars? There has to be a catch. Sure, Axe is a little strict. And yeah, there’s a list of rules Caden has to follow. But he can play the obedient pretend husband for as long as it takes for his grandpa to get better.

Unless it’s all real…

When werewolves start to go missing in Crescent City, Caden realizes he might be in over his head. He’s never let himself rely on anyone before, but Axe—older, gorgeous, steady Axe—becomes his rock as he learns to navigate this newfound world of witches and werewolves. But as the lines between real and pretend blur, Caden can’t always remember that he’s only acting like he’s in love. He needs to keep his head in the game, but it might just be his heart that’s calling the shots now.

Pressure is the first book in the Lunar Wolves series. It is a paranormal gay romance with mystery, suspense, a stern and sexy wolf, and an impulsive twink who maybe should’ve actually read that contract—like Axe had instructed—before he signed it.

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Hades and his Witch, by Rhys Lawless

Narrated by John York

I’m dying, and the only one who can save me is him.
Hades, king of the Underworld, god of the dead, ruler of… Honestly? He’s got too many names to list.
You know the guy.
Apparently, I need him to survive this disease that’s been a death sentence since I was born.
ApparentlyI’m also the reincarnation of his queen, Persephone. How’s that for a kicker?
Little, hideous me, who uses tattoos to cover his endless flaws and whose only power is seeing death at every corner.
And apparently, we have to do the deed to save me from certain demise.
Yeah. If I wasn’t so unequivocally…me, I’d think it was a very elaborate scheme to get me into bed.
But even that goes wrong.
So. Terribly. Wrong.
And now everything is effed up.
Figures. Only I could break the god of the freaking dead.

Hades and his Witch is the second book in the Demon Gods series, a spin-off series set in the Cursed Hearts universe.
Inside you’ll find a magical tattoo artist in need of saving, a god of death who’s a hopeless romantic, ghostly “interactions”, and a snarky mobile phone (among other things). Written in British English with US spelling and grammar.
This book can be read as a standalone.

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The Virgin, by EM Denning

Jonah Bennett is a virgin.

At twenty-seven, his inexperience is the most humiliating secret Jonah has. The men he’s met always want to move faster than he does, and after one particularly disastrous first—and last—date, he’s forced to turn to his best friend for help. Spencer is one of the few people Jonah trusts, but when he confesses his secret, Jonah fears their friendship may be over.

Spencer Givens is great with his hands.

An artist by trade, Spencer has always been creative with his talents and generous with his time, so offering his body to his best friend feels like a logical solution to what Jonah thinks is his biggest problem. The plan is simple—a little fooling around between friends until Jonah is ready to try dating again.

But Spencer soon realizes he doesn’t want Jonah to date other people. The more time they spend together, the deeper in love he falls. Their agreement was only meant to be temporary, and even though the threat of losing Jonah is real, Spencer is desperate to make it permanent. If you love something you’re supposed to let it go, but Spencer doesn’t think he can. And more than that, he doesn’t want to.

Does Jonah feel the same? Or is their friendship ruined forever?

Breakfast at Bennett’s is a four book series consisting of The Virgin, The Jock, The Princess, and The Outcast. For maximum enjoyment, it is best to read the series in order.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Never Getting Over You, by Aria Brennan

What if you only ever get one shot at love?
I had my chance. A chance at a love so complete, so pure, so all-consuming that when it was gone I was shattered.
It’s been five years since the love of my life walked away from me, his promises to love me forever becoming little more than a pretty lie.
Jade Rosewood was always destined for a life far bigger than mine. The son and heir to the global Rosewood media empire, I was never more than a distraction to be crushed. Besides, he has moved on, lives a glamorous life in New York city. He even went and married a woman.
I have never moved on.
But then a gay cheating scandal has Jade Rosewood’s marriage imploding, splashed about the news like it’s everyone’s business and I am spiralling. Then, a knock at my front door sees my life flipped upside down and a chance at maybe, just maybe, finding that once-in-a-lifetime love again before it slips away forever.
Never Getting Over You is a light-on-angst, heart crushing, sweet-as-pie love story, with two adorable, heartbroken boys who pine and yearn for each other from the opposite sides of the globe but for whom outside forces would rather see kept apart. Contains tender M/M moments that will hold your heart to ransom and leave you wanting more.


Entwined, by N.J. Lysk

The Thorpe triplets are three boys on the cusp of manhood, linked forever by an accident of birth and struggling to reconcile who they are with whom they love.

Jude is their natural leader, but he is also gay and the lines aren’t in the same place for him as for most people.

When an afternoon of porn and camaraderie ends up with him crossing the line with one of them, their whole lives will be upended…

But love is love, isn’t it?

Kindle Unlimited

Angel’s Enemy Omega, by Sera Bishop

I’m addicted to souls. I’ve consumed thousands of them in service to the King of Hell, and it made me hated and feared. But when I’m exiled and sent to roam the wastes of Earth, suddenly the only souls to eat are living humans.

Except he is protecting them.

An angel.

His soul burns brighter than any I’ve seen. Before I can get close enough to taste, he captures me.

I hate him. I want him. His soul is so exquisite, soon I won’t be able to live without him.

All I want is the omega I’ve been denied all my life. They say I’m too headstrong. Too arrogant. Now I’m stuck on Earth on a fool’s mission, escorting a troop of humans through the wastes.

Then the monster attacks. Scarred and fearsome, he wants my soul—and when he feeds from me, we bond.

An omega born in Hell can’t be my mate. But I agree to feed his twisted hunger if he turns his deadly teeth and claws on my enemies. When my mission is done, I’ll finally be given a real mate.

But the deeper we go into the desert, the more I see a different side of him.

Broken. Lost.


Maybe we’re not so different.

The Court of the Hollow King is an MM romance series set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy universe with omegaverse dynamics—heats, soul bonding, big alphas and their feisty mates. There is no on-page mpreg but it exists in the world.

Each book is a standalone romance, but the series has an overarching plot and is best read in order.

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