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Tattered Allegiance, by Lee Colgin

Turmoil is brewing in the southern lands. Hushed voices whisper of war. When humans revolt against Fae authority, which perilous path will a young mixling choose?


I love Jindal with all my heart, but he’s full fae and I’m only a mixling. He doesn’t grasp how much harder life is for me. As the chasm yawns between us, I’m afraid we’ll lose everything we’ve built.


Rahz is my world, and whether he believes it or not, I’d do anything for him. Even when we struggle, my fealty is true. And so is my love. I refuse to let anything tear us apart.

Danger arrives in a royal carriage, gilded with jewels and trailing colorful silks. A loathsome pledge. A demanded oath. A cursed registry.

Can Rahz and Jindal weather the oncoming storm, or will a tattered allegiance break their vows and shatter their hearts?


Tattered Allegiance is the first book in Lee Colgin’s new Luminia Series. Surrender to an enchanting tale of friends-to-lovers romance. Immerse yourself in Rahz and Jindal’s fantasy world full of apricot pastries, mischievous bullies, young crushes, mysterious gatekeeping bogeymen, and lots of spicy times in the hayloft. A steamy MM paranormal love story in which being queer is normal and accepted, being a bully is uncalled for, and being childhood sweethearts is one in a million!

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The Fairy Tale Collection: Contemporary MM Retellings, by Helen Juliet

Experience Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Rapunzel as you’ve never seen them before in this thousand page box set of contemporary adaptations! Available together for the first time, each book is a standalone with its own HEA, but watch out for familiar faces!

Thorn in His Side
Beautiful, innocent Joshua Bellamy finds himself in an arranged marriage to the older, brutish, and scarred Darius Legrand. But in Darius’s secluded mansion, Joshua begins to see that Darius isn’t so scary after all. In fact, despite being a little grumpy, he’s actually very protective and caring. When danger comes knocking on their door, will Joshua and Darius’s blossoming love be strong enough to save each other?

A Right Royal Affair
Nobody knows that Prince James of the United Kingdom is bisexual, and as he’s sixth in line to the throne, it needs to stay that way. But when he meets the cheeky, outrageously gay Essex boy, Theo Glass, everything could change. Against his better judgement, James asks Theo to help him put on a royal charity ball to remember. Can they resist their mutual attraction for a whole week alone in a picturesque castle, or will true love bloom?

Hair Out of Place
Raphael d’Oro is a secret prince who has spent his entire life exiled in a London penthouse. But now he’s in a race against time to get back to his tiny European nation to claim the throne that’s rightfully his and save his people. Good thing he has his insanely hot older bodyguard to take care of him. But Griff Thompson would never want someone as inexperienced as Raphie, would he? Even if they keep finding themselves in places with only one bed…

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Heartless, by Robin Knight

Sometimes love is a three-piece puzzle.


If money makes the world go round, then the real estate market in New York is the engine that keeps the planet spinning. As one of Manhattan’s elite realty agents, it’s my job to wine, dine and do whatever it takes to close the deal. Yes sir, I act the part and look the part. Designer suit… immaculate. Hair… precision. Body… perfection. Well, maybe not quite, but I’m not about to let anyone know the flaw in this outwardly flawless power single.

So when my secret chink-in-the-armor begins to show, I’ll do whatever I need to protect myself, especially when it comes to putting Jax Lockhart — the newest, slickest, sexiest agent at Vanquest Realty — in his place. With the help of my assistant Bailey, I’ll do what it takes to bring Jax down. The last thing I was ever expecting was to fall for the enemy… and my assistant Bailey too!


Without any possible rhyme or reason, I’ve been in love with my boss Ashton since the day I started working for him. I have no idea what this irresistible attraction is, especially when he’s the total opposite of me! He’s filthy rich and handsome beyond words, possessing the kind of confidence, ambition and uber-success that I could never match… or even want to match. That’s okay, I have no problems pining over him from afar while I live my quiet little life, looking after my Grammy and scraping together enough to pay the bills.

But then one day Jax Lockhart walks into the offices of Vanquest Realty… the very same Jax Lockhart I’d fallen head over heels in love with at the orphanage where we’d both grown up. Now what was I to do? Continue dreaming about the boss I could never have? Or rekindle the flame that two kids shared a lifetime ago? I’m tempted to keep both of my secret crushes a secret… until I find out that both Ashton and Jax each have secrets of their own.

HEARTLESS is an enemies-to-lovers, opposites-attract, hurt/comfort standalone 50k MMM romance, with steam, swoon and secrets galore.

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Crimson Skies, by Ava Marie Salinger

The End is Nigh…

A war to end all worlds is looming. Cassius Black and Morgan King must ready their forces for the fight against Elios, the dark God determined to raise Chaos himself from the Abyss.

With Atropos’s prophetic vision that their final battle will have Earth as its stage, Cassius embarks on a journey to New York to persuade the leaders of the human race that war is inevitable and their best chance lies with the otherworldly beings who fell to Earth five centuries ago. Meanwhile, Morgan and the rest of their team set out in search of three exceptional human mages integral to the defense of all they hold dear.

As their allies begin to assemble on Earth in preparation for the impending conflict, Elios seizes the opportunity to disrupt their preparations and sow chaos.

But the prelude to war brings an unexpected visitor to Earth, catching even the Fates off guard. And he brings with him a devastating secret.

Can Cassius and Morgan overcome this shocking new challenge? Or will the harsh reality of their destiny condemn them and their loved ones to a grim fate?

Crimson Skies is the sixth and final novel in the gay urban fantasy romance series Fallen Messengers. If you like your paranormal adventures full of action, romance, magic, snark, and a host of steamy gods, angels, and demons, then you’re not going to want to miss the epic conclusion to this unique and addictive series!

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The Pretty Boy vs The Bad Boy, by Nicole Dykes

I’m the good one, the pretty one.
The one who follows the rules and always takes the high road.
I’ve hidden my true self for so long, I barely know who I am anymore.
But I don’t know if I can do it much longer.
I love the race, but I’m tired of sacrificing my soul to do what I love.

I’m the rebel, the bad one.
I follow no rules on the track or anywhere else. I’m the obnoxious bad boy the fans secretly root for.
I don’t mind playing my role. I’m good at it, and it pays to be the dark to his light.
Until the good boy starts to get to me.
I’m confused and unsure of what I want when it was all so clear before.

They say good always wins, but is that truly the case?
In the race between the far too pretty good boy and the angry bad boy, who will actually win?
Only time will tell.

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Second Match, by Wendy Rathbone

One failed attempt with the Perfect Match Agency leads to a second—will this omega be The One?

Morgan is a handsome, wealthy businessman who attracts young omegas easily, but most are looking for a sugar daddy and never stick around.

Signing up with the Perfect Match Agency sounded like the best bet for finding his perfect mate, but Morgan’s first match ended before it could get started.

Now, the agency has found a second match for Morgan. He’s been skunked before. His heart is yearning, but his mind tells him not to get his hopes up. Will this omega, finally and forever, be his perfect match?

Would anyone want an omega who can never go out in the sunlight?

Riley has lived his whole life in isolation in a cult community that believes he is a demon because of his severe allergy to sunlight. Rejected by the cult and never forced to go to church, Riley shares nothing of their beliefs.

Still under guardianship of his parents and their backward ways, Riley is about to go into his first heat. It is church law that demands all omegas have husbands before that happens.

So far, Riley has rejected two horrid marriage prospects and no one else in the community wants anything to do with him.

Without Riley’s knowledge, his parents sign him up for Perfect Match, deciding any marriage, even with an alpha outside their beliefs, is better than nothing.

But what Riley really needs, more than marriage, is to be rescued from his bleak and toxic environment. And Morgan, when he meets Riley, may be just the alpha to do it.

Omegaverse, MM romance, matchmaking, instant attraction, heat and rut, virgin, age gap, rescue, disability, caretaking alpha, wedding, mpreg, HEA.

Perfect Match Agency is a multi-author gay romance series. The stories are non-shifter omegaverse, with high heat and low angst. Male pregnancy is possible in the world. Each book can be read as a standalone, features a new couple, and a satisfying happily ever after.

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Reactant, by Aurora Crane

When the chemistry between the five men explodes, the stakes get even higher.

Jericho Rowlands has spent most of his life living under different names, doing the dirty work required to keep Sydney safe. His time as Warren Boiler had put him on a collision course with Sebastian Devlin—the lawyer who kept him out of jail when it all went to hell in a handbasket—and also brings him into contact with the three men who are such an important part of Sebastian’s life. Jericho is only supposed to be keeping Sebastian alive; that’s easier said than done when chemistry like he’s never felt before flares between him and all four men—four men that he definitely shouldn’t want to touch so much.

Quinn, Peyton, Will, and Sebastian have the weight of history and mistakes and missed opportunities between all of them, making an already-complicated situation harder. None of them can deny the magnetic pull holding them together as they try to muddle through what their new normal will look like. Jericho isn’t supposed to be part of it, but they can’t ignore their instant connection with him when he falls into their orbit.

The past has led them to where they are, but the threats of the present could end any chance at a future they might have. Sebastian and “Warren’s” names are on a list, and everyone else on it is dying one by one. Quinn is racing against the clock, and unless he can figure out who’s gunning for them from the shadows, the future they’re fighting for could be out of reach. Quinn and Will are standing on one side of the law, Peyton and Jericho hold the other, but even that might not be enough to keep Sebastian out of the crosshairs.

Reactant is a 100,000-word MMMMM romance that ends in a HFN. It is Book 2 in an ongoing series that follows the same five men and their relationship. It is not a standalone whatsoever and begins directly after the end of Catalyst (Chain Reaction Book 1).

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My Own Private Biscuit, by Dann Hazel

A great meal. A rousing symphony. Two perfect men. But can they make beautiful music together?Toby enjoys a success beyond his wildest dreams. He is not only a damn fine musician, he is also the first chair trumpeter with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

In New York, he earns a good living doing what he loves the most. Yet, he suffers from a nagging feeling that something is missing. The Manhattan lifestyle is great, but his romantic life consists mostly of Grindr hookups.

A summer Tour of the South finds Toby in Asheville, North Carolina—his childhood home and still the home of a certain high school crush. Thomas Bischoff–or as all his friends call him, Biscuit.

Abruptly, he stumbles on the news that Biscuit is married! The news hit Toby like a hammer.

Then, later, he makes yet another discovery: Biscuit’s married life isn’t going well. Might there be a glimmer of hope? And how can hope translate into action when there are 700 miles between them?

And even if things could work out between them, how can they blend two lives separated by a dozen years and their own extra baggage?

What will it take for Toby to claim his own private Biscuit?

MY OWN PRIVATE BISCUIT is the second book in Dann Hazel’s Some Like It Haute Gay Romance Series. In this novel, Dann adds a new ingredient to the romantic and culinary mix of the series–music!

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Ghost Friends Forever, by Pandora Pine

What if your imaginary friend wasn’t so imaginary after all?

Detective Jude Byrne, sick of working alleged cases of infidelity, takes on client Sam Jones, a man looking to reconnect with his first love. As the search for Greta begins, Jude realizes Sam might be the reason his lost love has fallen off the grid. Determined to discover the truth at all costs, Jude tracks down the woman, who has her own version of events, making him wonder if Sam is more dangerous than he originally thought.

Meanwhile, psychic Copeland Forbes has his hands full with West Side Magick’s newest employee, tarot reader, Bozeman Fields. The two were business rivals during their days in New Orleans until Bozeman mysteriously closed up shop and inexplicably vanished ten years ago. Cope senses there’s something off about the man when he hears him arguing with himself in a seemingly empty room, but bides his time as no one else notices anything is amiss.

While keeping an eye on Bozeman, Cope overhears him yelling at an unseen foe, threatening to kill whoever is harassing him. When questioned about the bizarre incident, the psychic breaks down and tells a harrowing story about Indigo, his imaginary friend from childhood, who refuses to leave his side.

Who is Indigo? What is his endgame? More importantly, why has Jude and Cope’s young son started talking to an imaginary friend of his own?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

With Kid Gloves, by Macy Blake

A grumpy tiger thinks he can be a lonely drifter? Not on Ollie Jerrick self-proclaimed Happiness Champion’s watch.

Ollie Jerrick has a hero complex. As a wolf shifter, he’s been surrounded by real-life heroes since his dads rescued him from an evil witch when he was six. He’s the son of a doctor wolf shifter, his boss is a billionaire griffin, and his big brother…well, he’s a super-powered mage mated to the mythical Chosen One. Not convinced yet? The hellhounds, guardians of the human realm…they’re Ollie’s adopted uncles. So when a mysterious tiger arrives, Ollie decides to save him from his miserable, lonely life. It’s not like it’ll be hard…right?

Bayu prefers the solitude being a tiger provides, but tragedy leads him to Nick Smith and the menagerie of kids he rescued. He accepts the role as a pack guard on one condition: the lion shifter will use his powerful connections to help Bayu find the answers he seeks. He has zero intentions of staying on a permanent basis. Some pack members seem to have other ideas, though. Especially Ollie, a young, gorgeous wolf who seems to enjoy nothing more than talking Bayu’s ears off while coaxing him into leaving his isolated existence behind.

Bayu and Ollie find themselves brought together in ways neither of them could have anticipated. When tragedy strikes again, this time it’s Bayu who has to decide if he’s hero enough to save Ollie from himself, especially when the cost will be nothing less than Bayu’s heart.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Elixir of Strife, by Nazri Noor

Water, water, everywhere.

Leon Alcantara and Maximilian Drake have barely caught their breath after saving the city from an untimely fate. Now the Jade Spider has a new assignment. A local magical plant shop has requested a strange elixir, the liquid essence of purest water.

In pursuit of the ocean potion, Max stumbles upon a tormentor from his past. Leon faces the challenge of hosting a second dragon, a legend much closer to home. And the mysterious Masques are more watchful than ever, shadowing the boys at every turn.

But strangest of all is a fresh spate of elemental anomalies in Dos Lunas. Life or death, sink or swim, Leon and Max must rise to the challenge — or drown under a tide of wicked magic.


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