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The Cockpit, by Ava Olsen

Rafe: I’ve given up my modeling career to work on the other side of the lens. And touring the coast of Australia on my brother’s yacht is a dream come true for my first gig as a professional photographer. Only, this dream could end up a nightmare since I’m forced to travel with the one man who gets under my skin – Captain George Bernard.
Our animosity isn’t new, and neither is my curiosity about the quiet man who keeps to himself. But on this trip, I make it my mission to put our arguments to rest. Then, the unthinkable happens – I’m falling for the one person I never expected and for the first time in my life.
We both have careers that take us all over the world. Can George and I make long-distance, long-term, or is our shipboard romance just that?

George: As a former British navy officer, and now charter captain, I’ve traveled the globe and always call the sea my home. And at forty-nine, I’ve resigned myself to a life lived alone. Until the irreverent Rafe Carter steps aboard my ship.
Rafe, brother to my boss. A model turned photographer, he’s everything I’m not – outgoing and flirtatious. I’m flustered by the man and his manner, and now the sailing is anything but smooth.
But I pride myself on being diplomatic and I vow that Rafe and I are going to put aside our differences. Only, it’s not as simple as that. As I get to know the man behind the pictures, a different kind of tension builds between us.
The more I know, the harder I fall. A love I’d never thought possible is suddenly the only thing that matters.
Both of us are wanderers, but I know one thing for sure. Rafe is not walking off this ship and out of my life for good.

The Cockpit is an enemies to lovers, age gap, demi rep, MM romance filled with surprising confessions, possessive chemistry, and an HEA that will leave you breathless. This is Book Three of the Voyagers’ series: one superyacht, four love stories that span the globe.

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On a Different Mission, by Christie Gordon

A closeted male virgin. An experienced male college student. Can these men find love on campus, or will family destroy it all?

Devin Taylor

Raised a strict Mormon in a small town in Northern Arizona, I did everything to avoid going on a mission and ending up at Brigham Young. I knew I was different, and it wasn’t just my attraction to men. It was my attraction to make-up and women’s clothing that really baffled me. But now it’s time to break free of my religion. It’s time to lose my virginity. Will taking a job at the local queer bakery and being the front man of a college pop-punk band help?

Brandon Visser

I was finally coming to terms with the fact that I have a type—a type of guy. That guy is Devin. Problem is, he doesn’t know I’ve been watching him, wanting him. When Devin finally lets me in, he’s like a whirlwind of temptation. I know we need to slow down and do this right if I’m going to unlock his dirty side. As I watch Devin become someone new with me at his side, his mother falls ill. Can I save him from a family who might ruin us?

On a Different Mission is the first book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features gender fluid and bisexual awakenings, hurt/comfort, and rockers with found family. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a virginal man who’s a little naïve but struggling not to be, and an understanding man who’s been around the block and knows how to give them what they both need. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Monsters and Mind Games, by Emily Brandish

The monsters are winning. Tentacled, brain-eating gyle have unleashed a full-scale invasion, and humanity is helpless against their mind-control powers.

When novice elf mage, Ambrose, is commissioned by the King to halt the invasion, he thinks there must be a mistake—he’s wildly underqualified. Fortunately, he’s paired up with Kilgore the Conqueror, a brooding orcish war hero Ambrose has secretly been thirsting over for years.

Unfortunately, their mission is headed by Grist—a sociopathic gyle traitor who’s as cruel as he is clever. The manipulative gyle can read his companions’ every thought, and enjoys torturing Ambrose and Kilgore with their darkest secrets and forbidden attraction to each other. The trio has only seven days to save the world, but they must learn to trust each other first.

Monsters & Mind Games is an exciting MM fantasy adventure with complex characters, swoon-worthy romance, and a wickedly funny villain that will keep you guessing right up to the happily ever after.

(Note: This standalone novel contains extra-spicy spice, and is intended for mature readers.)

  • Orc/Elf MM Fantasy
  • Size Difference
  • Protective Top, Horny Bottom
  • Boyhood Hero to Lover
  • Alien Invasion in a Fantasy World
  • HEA guaranteed

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Teach Me To Sin, by Riley Nash

Three wrongs can’t make a right.

I’ve spent six years building a life that isn’t defined by my father’s sins—a beautiful girlfriend, a thriving nonprofit, safe dreams that won’t get me into trouble. Someone with my family’s reputation can’t step out of line without drawing attention, and they definitely can’t coach professional swimmers.

My carefully controlled world starts to unravel on my summer vacation, when a mysterious boy catches my eye. He’s intoxicating, beautiful, and an incredible swimmer. His body makes me question everything about my sexuality, and his talent makes me desperate to become his coach. Too bad the only lawyer who will help me navigate the PR nightmare of opening a coaching program happens to be a rude, self-absorbed, sexy-as-sin older man who doesn’t even like me. I shouldn’t want either of them, but my mixed up heart wants both.

When one explosive moment in an empty locker room ties all three of us together, we start down a path we can’t turn back from, even as my past threatens to destroy my future. We weren’t supposed to be more than a single night’s mistake. I can’t do anything to threaten my life’s work. But I’m not sure I can live without them, either.

Breaking free from the past has a cost for all three of us, but I don’t know if we can afford to pay it.

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In the Wreckage Hailey Turner

Love is a difficult thing to find when you have superpowers.

Captain Jamie Callahan got a new lease on life when he survived a chemical attack that turned him into a metahuman. Now he leads Alpha Team, the Metahuman Defense Force’s top strike group, a position that puts him at odds with his elite political family. Determined to do his duty, Jamie’s commitment to his team creates a loneliness that is increasingly difficult to ignore.

Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan is a sniper with secrets. Seconded to Alpha Team, he finds himself torn between his desire for Jamie and his desperate need to fly under the radar. But Jamie is everything Kyle wants, and Kyle is everything Jamie’s family doesn’t approve of. Defying regulations to be together risks a passionate affair turning into a scandal that could cost more than just their careers. When a mission goes south and betrayal puts Alpha Team in jeopardy, Jamie and Kyle must choose between doing their duty and giving up each other.

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On the 2 by Felice Stevens

First rule of riding the subway:
Don’t talk to strangers.
Don’t even look at anyone.

But what if they’re grouchy and gorgeous and you’re sitting right next to them?
I always did like a challenge.
I want to turn that frown upside down, but he barely looks at me.
I take a chance and poke the bear, and to my shock, he plays along and growls back.
The more we meet on the train, the more I realize he’s not the uptight grump I first thought. Then one night, there he is—in my world, in my space…his tongue in my mouth.

Mind blown.

But I’m no fool. A man like Nash Roman doesn’t date a guy who sells suits at Macy’s.
Nash is prep school and Ivy League, and I’m night school while working two jobs to pay bills. Nash is fine wine, expensive restaurants and handmade suits, and I’m beer, corner takeout, and a lucky find at Goodwill.

What am I—street-smart Ethan Moreno—doing, playing in his world? This man is older than me, way richer than me, and has already made it clear he doesn’t believe in love. I should walk away. Instead, I’m falling for him. Hard.

Nash couldn’t care less if his father doesn’t think I’m good enough or if people gossip because we’re so different. I need to trust in him and us, but I’ve been burned before.

And just like the Uptown Number 2, sometimes you have to travel a different route to get to the final destination:

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The Cursed Dragon’s Untouched Mate, by Silvana Falcon

Never been touched, never been kissed — until Kieran enters the picture.

Being one of the last regular mortals left in the world, Cale has spent most of his life in hiding and in isolation. Out in the woods, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for him to experiment or gather experience. Now that he’s back among people, though, he plans to change things.

As luck would have it, fate leads him to a gorgeous storm dragon shifter, and Cale can hardly believe it when the handsome stranger leans in close and shamelessly flirts with him.

Cale wants Kieran, but Kieran is keeping a secret — he’s been cursed, and anyone he loves will get hurt.

This is the last entry in the Last Mortals series. Happy Ending guaranteed.

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Forever Asher, by Rhys Everly

I kissed my best friend. And I liked it.

I’m at the lowest point of my life. Retiring from my SEAL team was not in my life plan.
Yet here I am, 30 years old, no wife, children or career. And now I have to start over while dealing with the after-effects of my last mission.

All in all, life can’t get more complicated.

Until it does.
Suddenly I’m turned on by Asher’s gay romance audiobooks and kissing him when he brings me a new furry friend.

Before I know it, I start dreaming of a life with him.

Have I had it wrong all this time?

Is Asher my soulmate? Is he the love of my life? Is he my forever Asher?

Welcome to Mayberry Holm, a small island in the Atlantic full of crime, secrets and happily-ever-afters, and the ex-Navy SEALs that come to deal with them all.

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Vincent, by Jae Greyn

Ripped from his lion in a fight with the Witches, Vincent was reborn as human. Saved by Cian Di Gatti, lord Ventus, on his fourteenth birthday, Vincent is reunited with his lion, Rhodes, but remembers nothing. For Rhodes, those memories have become nightmares.

On his Sweet Sixteen, the gods stage a coup to give Vincent his birthright- the magic of Anima.

He learns to deal with the dead- the lost souls- and help them move on to be reborn. What he can’t seem to master is family and friends in his new life. The one person who stands by him through it all is Nate Hall. Someone he meets by chance and not his intended mate.

Vin falls in love with the amber-eyed man who makes him feel safe enough to sleep. An Amber-eyed man who has a boyfriend.

On Vin’s twenty-first birthday, the magic throws him a curve ball, giving him a peek into his true mate’s life. Those private moments no one else is supposed to see. Blaise Donadieu doesn’t really care. To him, relationships are all about getting laid. Nate does the job, answers his booty calls, and doesn’t bug him with the mushy crap.

For the world to keep spinning, Blaise needs Vin. Vincent, however, wants to be more than a booty call. Nate wants Vin and will take him any way he can have him. Even if that means sharing him with Blaise.

This book contains light BDSM, some grumpy/sunshine characters, love at first sight, and a housecat.

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Bond, by A. M. Rose

Working for a racing star isn’t a bad gig. Illegally tattooing wings on his back in order to get the job is where it gets hazy. The possible consequences if Vid is ever found out are not something he likes to dwell on too much. That is until Mateo crashes into his life. Literally.
Mateo is a mess. With a capital M. He’s fresh out of a one-sided mating, with a daughter he has to put first and a sense of guilt that’s threatening to swallow him whole. He’s not exactly what anyone would call a catch. No wonder his mate took one look at him and bolted.
Fate has decided they belong together. Will their decisions keep them apart?

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LonelyCollegeBoy, by J. Allen Grady

LonelyCollegeBoy: Yeah, that’s my profile name on a regionally popular LGBTQ+ dating (or hookup) site, CockyUnicorns. Kinda sad, right? Kinda is an understatement. And it’s weird for me, because I’ve always been the upbeat, optimistic one. A lot of people call me “sunshine,” either as a compliment or with a groan. I hope they don’t notice that’s not me right now. Ever since things started to go wrong, I’ve been losing hope, day by day. When I came out, my parents cut me off. My whole life I’ve been working toward this college degree. I don’t know where I’m going to live next semester or if I can afford to stay in school at all! And I can’t talk to anyone about it but my best friend BJ, but now she won’t stay out of my business. Maybe I can at least find some stress release on CockyUnicorns?

Thomas: I’ve got the life I want. My job pays well, I’ve got a few close friends, and I’m in great shape for my age—which is creeping up there day by day. My daughter is awesome, doing well in school, and mostly stays out of trouble. Everything is going according to the plan, which is awesome. Right? So why do I feel every day like something is missing? Like my life plan is more of a trap than a path? Like there’s this hole in my heart I’ll never fill? I keep promising myself I’ll reexamine the plan and revise as necessary. I’ll put myself out there, and maybe even come out if I can find the guy to make it worth the trouble. Later. Always later. But when I get too lonely, there’s always my trusty app, CockyUnicorns.

As they each turn to CockyUnicorns to find a pleasant diversion, will they end up finding their missing pieces in each other? Or, as worlds collide, will opposites repel rather than attract. The meddling BJ may have something to say about that!

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His Secret, by Raven Stone

After four years, Nicola means so much more to me than a boss, but that’s all we are. Boss. Employee. And I can’t take it anymore. I’m taking a transfer and moving to the same city as Micah, my vampire friend with benefits.

In a perfect world I would get to see both of them, but we all know this world is far from perfect.

I know I have an unusual relationship with my personal assistant. I don’t care, as long as I stay in Andy’s boundaries. I don’t want him to ever feel forced. So I let him take the lead, even when I want more.

Until I get a text telling me Andy got a transfer.

I’m out of time.

I would give Andy the world, if I could.

But I know that one night he’ll leave me. It’s how things work between humans and vampires. It’s not his fault.

I also know he’s in love with his boss, Nicola.

So I can’t give Andy the world, but maybe there is one thing I can give him.

Previously published as His Secret on Kindle Vella.

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Regular, Smegular!, by Becca Seymour

A cheesy game of spin the bottle grabs my interest, but it’s the hot guy with sexy piercings and delectable ink who keeps it.

Have I kissed a man before? That’ll be a no.

But I’m definitely interested, and by the way Tiller can’t take his gaze off me, he’s hoping the bottle lands on him.

Spoiler alert: it does.

And holy crap, it’s the hottest kiss I’ve shared with anyone.

Now there’s one slight problem.

That I’m bi isn’t the issue. I’m embracing that new development with eagerness.

It’s the fact that Tiller is my basketball coach’s son that makes my attraction complicated. Add in how Tiller’s joined the coaching team and is instructed to work directly with me, and it’s quite possible there’s going to be nothing regular about this college season.

This book was previously available in the BABE Charity Anthology for three months. This new version is now a full-length novel—doubled in size—with a brand-new conflict, scorching-hot scenes, and more from your loveable Brixham U college basketball team.

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Something Undeniable, by Rory Maxwell

Micah Avery has called Split Rock Ranch home for most of his life—it’s one of the few places he can be totally himself without worry or judgment. The ranch, the horses, and the people are Micah’s future, and he couldn’t be happier. The fact that it’s also home to the ranch manager he’s determined to marry one day is icing on the cake . . . all he needs is for Ryan to notice him.

Ryan Astor came to Split Rock Ranch at a time when he was desperate to start over. It was just supposed to be a stop on the road, but instead he found a home and a family—that family includes Micah, the sweet kid who’s been the ranch mascot since before he was tall enough to see over the stall doors. Ryan’s finally found his place, and he can’t imagine wanting anything to change.

Then little Micah Avery grows up. And Ryan’s suddenly confronted with a whole mess of feelings and desires he never expected. Now he needs to decide if he can give in to what they both want without jeopardizing everything they have.

Something Undeniable is a slow-burn, 37k-word novella with an age gap, mutual pining, and plenty of heat. It’s the first book in the Split Rock Ranch series, but can be read as a stand-alone story. However, book two follows the same characters and is MMM. Book three will follow different characters.

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