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French Fancy, by Lily Morton

Pip Simmonds is the twinkiest twink in London. He’s loud, proud, and packed to the brim with sass. But when he’s laid low by illness, even his hotpants lose their sparkle and his worried boss sends him to the South of France to recuperate in his holiday home.

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is beautiful, and the periwinkle-blue villa is luxurious, but the real draw for Pip is the villa’s other resident—his boss’s younger brother, Olivier Durand.

Olivier owns a perfume empire and has spent his whole life running from any other form of commitment. He’s worldly, carefree, wild, and the perfect choice for a holiday fling.

Drawn together by proximity, the two men become lovers and friends and then something more. Something special. But will their special bond hold true after summer’s end, when they both must return to their real lives?

This is the second book in the bestselling Model Agency series, but it can be read as a standalone.

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Caught Off Guard Box Set, by Willow Thomas

Get all four Caught Off Guard novellas in one place, with added bonus content.

Bolt From The Blue
When Austins crush, Milo, lands in his lap and tells his friends they are boyfriends, there is no way he is going to disagree. He just wishes it wasn’t fake.

Knocked For Six
Bron can’t stand his new teammate, Max. So how did he get to be his first kiss?

Double Take
Tyler has been in love with his best friend for ten years. So when Zeke kisses him under the mistletoe, Tyler hopes it will lead to more.

Blown Away
When Chase is offered a private dance by Benny, his best friends brother, he can’t say yes quick enough.

Caught Off Guard has fake boyfriends, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and brothers best friend! A found family you’ll want to be part of, this box set will have you crying with laughter.

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Trade Deadline, by Jodi Oliver


When my name is involved in yet another scandal, I’m told to keep my head down and my stats up.
The trade deadline is looming, and I don’t want to leave Chicago.
But that night, I meet Alex. The guy with the bluest eyes and the kindest smile.
My reputation precedes me, and he’s determined to resist me, but the more time we spend together, the harder it is to deny the chemistry between us.
He’s someone who might make me want to change for the better.
But can we survive the slap shots that come our way, or will my scandalous past hit harder than any defenseman could?


Being a lifelong Chicago Thunder fan, I know that Blaine Olsen is trouble.
Because all hockey players are.
He’s a notorious playboy, and I refuse to be another notch on his bedpost.
But when he shows me the part of himself he keeps hidden, it gets harder to resist him.
I can’t afford any distractions though. I’m up to my eyeballs in debt, doing everything I can to keep my head—and family business—above water.
Will Blaine prove me wrong and show me a hockey player could be my Prince Charming after all?

Trade Deadline is a low angst, hockey player/fan sports romance. It has team shenanigans, fast paced hockey, cheesy texting, no third-act break-up and puppies. It is book one in the Chicago Thunder series and can be read as a standalone.

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Endeavor, by Ava Olsen

Jared: Challenging the status quo in Hollywood doesn’t make me the most popular director in showbiz lately. Suing a former studio exec for almost ruining my life twelve years ago, even less so. But I’ve worked hard to get where I am, I’m not staying silent anymore. While filming my latest movie in Thailand, I get word that my legal case is moved up and in addition, there’s another threat to my life. But I’m not backing down. And I have all the support I need from the two men who’ve occupied all my thoughts lately – my sarcastic lawyer, Aiden Barstock, and my faithful bodyguard, Alex Sheffield.

Did I mention that I’m falling for both men? Yeah, my life is complicated. But I know in my heart that Aiden and Alex are meant to be mine. Now all I have to do is convince them that three is not a crowd, it’s the perfect number.

Aiden: My work as a barrister is my sole passion. And my personal life? I keep it casual. I don’t believe in love. I thought I was in love once, but it turned out I was a fool. Fool me once and never again.

Until a work trip to Thailand to prep my client, Jared Elwood, changes everything. Suddenly I’m alone with Jared, and his bodyguard, Alex Sheffield. Two men who become so much more than friends when circumstances bring us together. They see beyond my snark to the vulnerabilities I keep hidden. And now I risk being a fool again. Not over one man, but two.

Alex: I was trained by the British military for a life of service but after the death of my closest mate, I entered private protection. Being Jared Elwood’s bodyguard is no easy matter. Crazed fans, angry stalkers – you name it, Jared attracts it. He brings out all my protective instincts and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him, including laying down my own life. But Jared’s latest film is interrupted by a threat that’s far too real and likely connected to the lawsuit he’s filed. Now his brash barrister, Aiden Barstock, is along for the ride, and suddenly things get intense. It’s not just Jared I would die to protect, it’s Aiden too.

One endeavor binds all three of us together. For now, or forever?

Endeavor is a friends to lovers, boss-employee, MMM romance filled with snarky banter, wild shenanigans, and an HEA to make even the most cynical heart swoon. This is Book Four of the Voyagers’ series: one superyacht, four love stories that span the globe.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Corin and the Courtier, by Eliot Grayson

Most people run from beasts, not to them…

Aster didn’t put much thought into his escape. All he knew when he ran up that mountain—straight into the lair of a grumpy dragon knight with a huge grudge against his family—was that he couldn’t submit to an arranged marriage. It never occurred to him that a snowstorm would strand him there. Or that he’d give in to years of longing and beg for the monster’s forbidden touch. But it happened. All of it…

Corin wasn’t trying to be a hero—especially not Aster’s hero. He couldn’t very well let him die, though. So he protected him. Which might have been considered noble…if he hadn’t also fallen into bed with him. Over and over again. But the cost of keeping Aster is far more than Corin’s willing to pay. Corin will eventually be forced to let him go—even if it destroys him.

When Aster’s problems follow him up the mountain—literally—he realizes running is no longer an option. The only question now is whether Corin will fight for him, or burn their potential happily ever after to the ground…

This spicy, steamy, M/M paranormal fantasy romance features a pair of star-crossed opposites, a little forced proximity (with only one bed), some silliness involving a lack of pants at unexpected moments, and plenty of dirty talk.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Curious, by Leslie McAdam

I’m desperately attracted to my husband.
Which wouldn’t be a problem, except he’s straight.

What happened is, my longtime crush/hero got badly injured saving me from my evil ex-boyfriend. When I found out he (my hero, not my ex) didn’t have health insurance, I did the logical thing: I proposed. To my surprise, he said yes.

I knew that Camden wasn’t interested in me like that. This deal was always meant to be temporary—just until he healed and could get his own insurance and I found a place to stay, since I’m not moving back in with my ex. No feelings involved.

Except Cam kissed me at our wedding ceremony, and ever since, we can’t seem to stop kissing. He says he’s curious what sex with a man would be like, but I don’t want to be another straight guy’s experiment.

Still, Cam is so kind and beautiful, with his dark eyes and tousled curls shoved into a backward baseball cap. His patience makes me want to throw out all my carefully crafted rules. And don’t get me started on how his first instinct is to protect me …

But I’m scared if I open my heart, I’m going to get hurt. Again.

Can I risk telling Cam how I feel before our deal ends? Or should I let him go and lose the best (fake) relationship I’ve ever had?

Curious is a stand-alone contemporary M/M romance novel with a marriage of convenience and bisexual awakening. It features Shelby, a receptionist who’s never met a vision board he didn’t like; Camden, an internet-famous contractor; and a hasty wedding for medical insurance reasons. Happy ever after guaranteed.

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Unfettered Omega, by S. Rodman

Is he here to save me? Or is he just another captor?

I’m a slave. Nothing more than property. The very thing I never wanted to be, and the very reason I ran away from my pack.

Seems like fate has a cruel sense of humor.

Being enslaved in a harem, even a billionaire’s, is no life at all.

‘Ritchie’s Rainbow’, they call us. Each of us are named and dressed in a different color. Red, Blue, Jade, Gray, Pink, Yellow and Indigo. I’ve been called Red for so long, I can barely remember my real name.

A vampire, siren, fey, demon, vessel, kelpie and me, a wolf shifter. All imprisoned for the pleasure of a wealthy human, to use for himself and to lend to his friends.

I take care of the other boys the best I can, they are brothers to me and it’s in my omega nature to be nurturing. But it is hard when we are all suffering so much.

But Brodie, the new healer, seems kind under his gruff exterior. I see something in his eyes. Something that gives me hope.

I think he might just be here to save us all.

But I don’t think falling for me is part of the plan.

Am I going to ruin everything?

Or will I finally find freedom? Finally become unfettered?

Delve into Unfettered Omega to find hurt/comfort in a guard/prisoner secret romance.

Unfettered Omega is an MM romance. It is the first book in a new series about seven paranormal boys imprisoned in a billionaire’s harem. Each book follows a different MM pair as we discover if once they find freedom, can they find love?

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Roustabout, by Morgan Brice

A con man and a government agent walk into a carnival…

Bartlett Gibson is a necromancer and an agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. He’s hot on the trail of RJ Tucker, a psychic con man who has eluded him at every turn and led him on a merry chase. Pursuit leads to grudging respect in their game of cat and mouse, which becomes a high-stakes game of seduction. Bart chases RJ to the Carnival of Mysteries and realizes that nothing is as it seems. A dark witch’s curse ups the ante, creating a deadline for revenge and redemption, and the clock is ticking.

Falling in love breaks all the rules. Can Bart and RJ stop the witch, break the curse, and find a way around RJ’s spot on the “most wanted” list before time runs out?

Roustabout is a fast-paced MM paranormal romance filled with supernatural suspense, snarky humor, crafty carnival workers, sarcastic ghosts, midway magic, hurt/comfort angst, adversaries-to-lovers tension, and a very happy ending!

Part of the multi-author, shared-world Carnival of Mysteries series. Can be read as a stand-alone.

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Rescue, by Connal Braginsky and Sean O’Meidhir

Nathen, a newly created vampire, diagnosed with autism, and his boyfriend, Cameron, a telepath, find themselves swept up into a corporate plot between two seemingly rival corporations working together to create monsters.

In so doing, they uncover a piece of tech they take to their technomage friend whose skills surpass their own. However, in exchange for information, they must assist in rescuing an ally—a rescue mission that brings them face-to-face with the darker side of this world.

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Crossing Blades, by Hayden Hall

This year is my last chance to take the Titans to victory. I cost us the cup last year, but I’m not making the same mistake again. And I’m determined to get drafted by the end of this season.

The success I anticipate is built on three years of razor-sharp focus and hard-earned respect. Not to mention how much of my personal life I sacrificed for hockey. The Titans trust me to lead them and I won’t betray that. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Until the former love of my life and current arch nemesis, Cameron Martinez, skates back into my life. His very presence throws me off balance. His intense gaze and aggressive, dominant, and possessive streaks feel like a lasso pulling me toward him.

It only takes so many shared showers and locker room encounters before I’m too weak to continue resisting this pull.

But we both know there is no future for us. Our ambitions have always left a trail of ruin and heartbreak in their wake. Why should this time be any different?

Except I can’t think straight when he’s around. And every private moment we share makes me forget why I’m even here in the first place.

Crossing Blades is the first book in Hayden Hall’s Arctic Titans of Northwood U series of gay, college hockey romance novels. Expect fiery encounters on and off the ice, bickering enemies with a single, steamy way to vent, a second chance at greatness and love, and the emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery, acceptance, and growth into adulthood. Crossing Blades can be read as a standalone.

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Vendetta Series, by Leigh Kenzie

Get ready for Castigo, the final book in the Vendetta Series…


There can only be one Il Padrone.

Every crime has a punishment. There’s no escape from the final judgment in this life. At the end of the day, there’s never another chance. Vengeance can only be claimed when retribution is handed out.


I may kneel, but I’ll stand as well.

The fight to live and to claim what’s ours will not be left undone. There may not be many rules in this life, but break them and I’ll be an avenging angel on my Master’s arm. This Family is mine, forever.

What happens when vengeance is all that’s left?

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Magic, Monsters, and Me, by Timoteo Tong

In the enchanting world of “Magic, Monsters, and Me,” sixteen-year-old Elijah’s life is a delicate balance. Born into a prominent family, he’s bound by duty to protect ordinaries from lurking monsters. Juggling his responsibilities becomes even more complex as he navigates the challenges of growing up.

Amidst the chaos, a newfound emotion blooms—his heart’s resonance with his best friend, Austin. As they explore their connection, their bond transforms into a beautiful romance, adding both exhilaration and confusion to Elijah’s journey.

Elijah’s story is a captivating blend of fantasy, romance, and self-discovery. Battling both supernatural threats and inner turmoil, he unravels the meaning of loyalty, the magic of friendship, and the power of love.

“Magic, Monsters, and Me” is a spellbinding novel that explores the intricate dance between duty and desire, set against a backdrop of monsters and magic.

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Missed ConEGGtions, by Lorelei M Hart and Colbie Dunbar

Living as a human is fine… that is until you find yourself shifting on a hike…in front of your natural enemy, only to have your snake declare them your mate.

Alpha dragon shifter Laden was down on his luck, when a distant relative took him in and gave him a new start. Now he has his own company and a flight he feels at peace among. If only he wasn’t so lonely. Seeing his brother find his true mate has Laden longing to find his own. It’d be nice if fate hooked him up already.

Snake omega Nath grew up loving to cook. In his ideal world he’d go to a fancy culinary school and travel to Paris to learn from the best. Only problem is he grew up in a snake pit and went to the snake version of school. He learned a ton but didn’t have the paperwork to show for it and certainly didn’t have the degree to get into the schools he wanted. After years of jobs in restaurants, he wanted more than to be a line cook. He wanted his dream. When Nath sees the ad for a candy maker apprenticeship, he applies without a second thought. Everyone likes candy, right?

Nath loves his new boss and job. This is where he needs to be. Even his snake agrees, insisting they hike every chance they get. Seems harmless enough… until he finds himself face to face with a dragon…a sexy dragon at that.

Missed ConEGGtions is a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg dragon shifter romance featuring two shifters who unknowingly crossed paths at the wrong time, only to be given a second chance, a dragon who is ready to meet his mate, an omega snake shifter with a stubborn beast, the wild snake pit that befriends him, two beasts who refuse to be the enemies they were raised to be, a hoard more valuable than gold, true love, fated mates, an unexpected clutch, a happily ever after, and an adorable baby. If you like your omegas strong, your alphas hawt, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy of Missed ConEGGtions today.

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Rules of Engagement, by Brigham Vaughn

Narrated by James Edward Jones

Rule #1: Don’t fall in love with your best friend’s brother

After Anders Lindholm lost his wife and baby daughter in a car accident, he knew he’d never find love like that again.

Hockey, routines, and his team are all that have kept him going since.

But as he approaches forty, an injury makes him consider what life after retirement will be like.

And when his teammate, who just so happens to be his best friend’s brother, offers him a helping hand—in more ways than one—it reawakens something in Anders he can’t deny.

Rule #2: Don’t let anyone know the real you

Kelly O’Shea has been in love with Anders since he was fifteen. He’s been hiding the fact that he’s gay for just as long.

He loves his family, but their over-protective meddling is what made him move halfway across the country and hide who he was.

Although Kelly and Anders both agreed it would stay casual, Kelly begins to hope that maybe they’ll eventually be more than just friends with benefits.

And the more time they spend together, the faster the ice around Anders’ heart melts.

But with a playoff spot to clinch, fractures within the team, and overprotective brothers to worry about, Anders’ fear of letting go of the past isn’t the only challenge they’ll have to overcome.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Shadow & Silk, by Richard Amos

Assassin. Spy. Witch.

I serve the Witch Queen of the United Kingdom, fulfilling her will within the shadows. Exterminating enemies quietly, gathering intelligence while blending in with the scenery.
And I serve Her Majesty well.

There are rules to my service, clear lines that must never be crossed:

Never break my cover.

Don’t get tangled up in messy love affairs.

Keep my life clean.

Stay away from demons in these strange new days.

But one night, while working another mission, a demon crosses my path. Instantly, he takes my breath away. Beautiful, strange, dripping with seductive energy. He needs help, shelter, desperate to escape a group of mysterious hunters.
Against my better judgement, I take him home.

I’m a fool. I could lose my head for breaking the rules like this.
I’m playing with fire.
And he could kill me at any moment. He’s stronger, deadlier, built for violence as well as seduction. But the longer he stays with me, the more he intrigues me. I want to know everything about him.

Him. The demon who makes my heart race.
Him. The one fracturing my sense of duty.
Him. The creature igniting my every desire.

What have I gotten myself into?

Shadow & Silk is the first book in an M/M Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance series featuring a witch assassin/spy, and a monstrously seductive demon with some seriously silky talents. Step into a world of royalty, magic, steamy times, plenty of danger, and a talking rat.

AVAILABLE NOW, Multiple Retailers

Where They Belong, by L.C. Chase

If they can’t put the past behind them, they won’t have any future.

Mason Hayes has a problem. A big one. Surprisingly, it’s not the death threats that have become increasingly serious since he turned his legacy Colorado cattle ranch into a wild horse sanctuary. No. It’s far worse. It’s torture in the form of one rugged cowboy turned personal bodyguard hired to be his shadow. A boy he loved now all grown-up gorgeous man. The one he’s never been able to forget.

Colt Stonebraker has a problem. Not only is he back at the ranch where his and his brothers’ whole lives were upended, but now he’s been hired to protect the same man who broke his young heart. With too many suspects out to get Mason, Colt won’t turn his back on him—like Mason had done to him—but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. Colt is there to do a job, and as soon as it’s done, he’s gone. So, what if being back at the ranch brings up all his youthful dreams and unwise temptation? It’s not like he’s going to fall for Mason again . . . right?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dead Tired, by Pandora Pine

After a late night slip and fall in his kitchen, Detective Ronan O’Mara awakens to find his mother, Erin, who’s been dead for the last decade, at his side comforting him. Thanks to the blow to the head, he’s able to see and speak with spirits. Is this new found gift a side effect of his concussion, or is it here to stay?

Still reeling over his sudden mediumship abilities, Ronan and the cold case team begin working a new investigation involving a nurse who was found murdered after a blind date. Complicating matters further, Ronan can see the young woman’s spirit, while Tennyson cannot, leaving the psychic to grapple with this blow to his confidence.

The hunt is on for Amber Thomas’s killer. Ronan is pulling double duty working the case and speaking with demanding spirits who won’t give him a moment’s peace. As the investigation deepens, the list of potential suspects grows. From Amber’s best friend, to her high school sweetheart, nursing school professors, and that fateful blind date, no one’s as innocent as they seem.

Who murdered the young nurse? Why? More importantly, will Ronan’s new ability lead him to Amber’s killer?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Bond, by A. M. Rose

Working for a racing star isn’t a bad gig. Illegally tattooing wings on his back in order to get the job is where it gets hazy. The possible consequences if Vid is ever found out are not something he likes to dwell on too much. That is until Mateo crashes into his life. Literally.

Mateo is a mess. With a capital M. He’s fresh out of a one-sided mating, with a daughter he has to put first and a sense of guilt that’s threatening to swallow him whole. He’s not exactly what anyone would call a catch. No wonder his mate took one look at him and bolted.

Fate has decided they belong together. Will their decisions keep them apart?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Hellhounds Never Lie, by Lori Ames

A mage without magic. A hellhound without a home. A greedy wolf pack in the hills.

Ash is technically a fire mage, but he can’t do much. Turning his bedroom lights on and off without having to get out of bed isn’t exactly awe inspiring, not when anyone with the right gadget could clap and do the same thing.

Worse, sometimes he senses something bigger and brighter lurking under his skin, and it feels so familiar he knows it has to be his magic, but then he burps or sneezes, and the feeling passes. So it’s probably just allergies… or gas.

Yeah… Not exactly brimming with magical oomph. Not anymore.

It sucks.

But things start to change when he finds Dillon, a hellhound, being chased through the woods by an angry wolf pack. He is instantly smitten and it’s like something inside him unlocks. What’s even crazier is Dillon seems to think Ash still has magic… and now Ash isn’t sure what to believe.

What he does know is he’ll do what needs to be done to protect his friends and the little supernatural town of Willow Lake from the dirtbag wolves in the hills. Even with his magic on the fritz he can help, right? And, with Dillon at his side, what could possibly go wrong?

Tags: a hellhound looking for a home, a fire mage without magic, a talking cat, a small town full of supernatural beings, size difference (BIG hellhound, small mage), fated mates, Ash has scars inside and out, Dillon wants to hurt people who hurt Ash, Ash is always cold (hello, big fluffy pink sweaters even in summer), and a curious human BFF who knows nothing about supes but has a very active imagination.


The Second Act, by H.L Day

Emerson White’s on the verge of hitting the big time with his film career. After years of keeping his sexuality secret, he’s just come out. Now his publicist is on his back demanding he take a respectable date to the film premiere. A man he’s never met before. He’s an actor though. How hard can it be to fake it for one night?
Except who should stroll in but Brent Walker, the love of Emerson’s life. The man who walked out on him five years ago and didn’t look back. Despite the painful memories, the chemistry between them hasn’t faded one little bit.
One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be one hell of an evening. An evening they’re unlikely to get through without raking up the past.
Is fake about to become real once more?
A 15k MM standalone second chances fake relationship story

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