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Samuel, Earl of Crofton, by Rebecca Cohen

Only the selected few get to attend the special evenings hosted by Samuel Redbourn, 9th Earl of Crofton, the Hellcat of the Ton.
Despite his reputation, Samuel is not the man everyone thinks he is. He has lost a lot in his young life, and after recovering from his addiction to laudanum, it’s time to make the Ton take notice. There’s one thing he wants above all, Hugo, the only man he’s ever loved. But Hugo Cavalier was sent away by his father after he was caught in bed with Samuel, and when he returns to England several years later, there is no guarantee they can rekindle what they once had.

Historical gay Regency romance. A standalone novel in the Crofton Universe.

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Friends of Friends: the Complete Series, by Leighton Greene

Join a group of friends – and friends of friends – as they find their perfect kinky matches in this complete M/M romance series.

Winter Wonders: Jonathan Ashe plans to spend Christmas alone on the opposite coast, holing up to heal his broken heart. But when his car breaks down in the snow, he’s rescued by Cooper Kincaid, who convinces Jon to pretend to be his boyfriend for the holidays. As Jon and Cooper they spend time together, fake feelings start to turn real. Can Cooper convince Jon to take another chance on love?

Taming Tristan: Seth Jackson is bet a life-changing sum of money that he can’t tame the notorious Tristan Taylor by Valentine’s Day. Despite Tristan’s snarky exterior, Seth becomes captivated during their sparring sessions. Can Seth win Tristan over and keep the bet a secret? Or will gambling with Tristan’s heart destroy any chance for love?

Star Spanked: Celebrity chef and Englishman Sebastian Fox meets American model Ezra Whitfield in an anonymous adults-only club. Despite their age gap, they find themselves drawn to each other. But when Ezra wins a job at Sebastian’s new restaurant, will they be able to balance work and play to find happiness together?

Haunted Hearts: Oliver West finds himself drawn to the arrogant, critical Lord Arden, despite a disastrous first weekend as the aristocrat’s service sub. As they spend more time together, Lord Arden’s icy exterior begins to melt, but he’ll be returning to England after a Halloween masquerade. Can Ollie persuade Lord Arden to share his haunted heart, or is he going to end up being ghosted?

Champagne Charade (A Friends of Friends novella): Tyler Blakely’s best friend is getting married on New Year’s Eve, but Tyler never got around to admitting that he broke up with his boyfriend – who is still a plus-one on the guest list. So when Tyler’s current hookup and Dom-on-demand, Damon Kirk, suggests he could stand in as the ex, Tyler jumps at the chance to save face. It’s only supposed to be pretend, but as they spend time together, Tyler and Damon start to feel something more. The clock is ticking down – but what if their charade isn’t just an act?

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Bad Pucking Timing, by Michele Lenard

The ice is my happy place. My sanctuary. The source of my happiest memories, and the promise of my future. It’s also the reason I’m living a lie.

As a kid you don’t think about the sacrifices you’ll have to make for your dreams. After all, dreams are supposed to be happy, so all you see is the finish line, not what you’ll have to give up to get there.

I surrendered a carefree childhood to hours upon hours of grueling practices. Abandoned life with my family in favor of a boarding school that would hone my skills to perfection. But my biggest sacrifice, the one I couldn’t predict I’d have to make as a little boy, is denying who I am.

To the world I’m the top rookie in this year’s NHL draft. The most promising defender the league has seen in years. For years that’s all I wanted to be, and now that I’m here…

I knew my career would intersect with my personal life at some point, I just didn’t expect it to happen before I played my first pro game.

That’s why he is so dangerous. My lifelong dream is within reach, and now there’s another I want to pursue. If only it weren’t such bad pucking timing.

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Surrender, by R. Phoenix & Adara Wolf


When I was hired to kill Cristiano Fiore, I thought I’d get in, take the shot, and get out. I didn’t count on the explosion. I didn’t count on him rescuing me.

I didn’t count on him taking care of me, dominating me, and giving me the best sex of my life. I didn’t expect the word “Daddy” to make me feel so safe. He’s making it harder and harder for me to go back to my old life.

I know this can’t last. I know he doesn’t mean it. But every minute together makes me hope for the one thing I haven’t dared dream of: a place to belong.


Mafia life is full of danger, so it’s no surprise when I find myself the target of an assassin… but the subsequent explosion seems like overkill.

When it becomes clear that someone is trying to take out both of us, the only choice is to work together. I’ve never been a caregiver, or a Daddy, before, but there’s something about Fox that makes me want to take care of him in every way imaginable — including the bedroom.

But when the dust settles and we solve this puzzle, can I really trust someone who tried to kill me not to try again?

Surrender is part of the Ruthless Daddies multi-author collab and a complete standalone. Want more deliciously morally gray Daddies and boys? Grab the whole series!

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The Unlikely Heir, by Jax Calder

What happens when the Prince of Wales falls in love with the prime minister?

My boring life working in an insurance call center in sunny California just took an unexpected turn. Thanks to my misbehaving relatives, I’ve leaped from obscurity to royalty as the new heir to the British throne.

But my welcome in England is about as warm as the weather. I arrive to discover a country horrified at the thought of an American version of Prince Charming and ready to revolt against the monarchy. I vow to my grandmother, the queen, that I will do everything possible to help her save the crown.

Unfortunately, royal life isn’t easy. From bewildering traditions, traitorous friends, and malevolent swans, the only thing I’m succeeding in is providing entertainment for the tabloids and social media trolls.

And then the broodingly handsomeprime minister, Oliver Hartwell, bursts into my life.

With his meteoric rise from poverty to the most powerful man in the country, Oliver understands my current plight. Innocent messages of support turn into late-night chats—and unexpected feelings.

But there’s one major problem. The royal family must remain politically neutral at all times.

So how can I keep my promise to save the monarchy when I’m falling in love with the prime minister?

A forbidden romance filled with humor and drama featuring a bumbling Prince of Wales and a stern yet dashing prime minister, with a love that could transform a nation.

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In My Dreams, by Caz May

When the guy I’ve been in love with for years-my best friend Jebediah-gets married, I stupidly fall down the rabbit hole of getting it on with a random hot as hades stranger after the wedding. Logan blamed our hookup on his being drunk, telling me he’s straight, and no one can know we kissed and hooked up. But even if he was drunk Logan was into me, and I’m definitely into him. He admitted things to me, in the throes of passion, feelings that he swore he’d never told anyone about feeling, and told me to never tell anyone. He’s practically ghosting me now, admitting he can’t be with me because he can’t let anyone know the secrets he’s hiding. I’ve got no one to tell Logan’s secrets to anyway, and I’m never going to see him again in reality. The only place I can be with Logan now is in my dreams.

Seeing my best friend Aidan all loved up and happy at a wedding of our mutual friends from high school, when I’m still harbouring feelings for him and my girlfriend of four years has just broken up with me is the pits. She blames me for my wandering eye, but I’ve been hiding my secret feelings and desires for years and she’s only just started to notice because we’re at the point in our lives that our friends are getting married and having babies. And I honestly can’t think of anything I’d rather not do than marry someone I don’t love. All I wanted to do at this wedding was get drunk, and hookup with a hot, willing stranger, that I didn’t have to care about in the light of day. But when hiding in the shadows, and not facing reality becomes too much after hooking up I’m forced to face a situation I never dreamed of and I have to focus on growing up and only being my true self in my dreams.

A single dad, strangers to friends to lovers MM romance
Book 2 of a duet, can be read as a standalone story.

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Monsters and Mind Games, by Emily Brandish

The monsters are winning. Tentacled, brain-eating gyle have unleashed a full-scale invasion, and humanity is helpless against their mind-control powers.

When novice elf mage, Ambrose, is commissioned by the King to halt the invasion, he thinks there must be a mistake—he’s wildly underqualified. Fortunately, he’s paired up with Kilgore the Conqueror, a brooding orcish war hero Ambrose has secretly been thirsting over for years.

Unfortunately, their mission is headed by Grist—a sociopathic gyle traitor who’s as cruel as he is clever. The manipulative gyle can read his companions’ every thought, and enjoys torturing Ambrose and Kilgore with their darkest secrets and forbidden attraction to each other. The trio has only seven days to save the world, but they must learn to trust each other first.

Monsters & Mind Games is an exciting MM fantasy adventure with complex characters, plot twists, and a wickedly funny villain that will keep you guessing right up to the happily ever after.

(Note: This standalone novel contains extra-spicy spice, and is intended for mature readers.)

  • Orc/Elf MM Fantasy
  • Size Difference
  • Protective Top, Horny Bottom
  • Boyhood Hero to Lover
  • Alien Invasion in a Fantasy World
  • HEA guaranteed

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Fool’s Gold, by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory

The Bad Boy from the Trailer Park

There are certain unwritten rules in the Lakeview Trailer Park, and number five is clear—No Gay Stuff.

Ethan “Shep” Shepherd has grown up hiding his true self so he doesn’t get kicked out of the only home he knows, but that doesn’t mean he can’t dream of a better life with the beautiful man who lives across the river. As a criminal, Ethan knows Jonas is too good for him, but when another one of the trailer park guys decides to attack Jonas, Ethan steps in and changes the course of their lives.

The Good Boy from the Religious Family
Jonas Nomikos is trying to survive his parents and their conservative views until he gets to college, where he can finally be himself. It isn’t an easy task to pretend to be the son they want, and when his best friend tells the truth to Jonas’s parents, he’s sure his life is over. Until Ethan. Ethan gives him hope and makes him smile, and Jonas wants to be with him, even if it means saying goodbye to the only life he knows.

The Road to Being Who They Are
If Ethan and Jonas want to be together, they’ll need to make sacrifices. The journey to happiness is filled with surprises, and Ethan isn’t sure Jonas is ready to accept the reality of his life—which includes motorcycle clubs, breaking the law, and living payday to payday. Jonas might shock him, though.

Fool’s Gold has a theme of overcoming prejudice and contains depictions of homophobia and discrimination, including scenes in a conversion camp. The authors do not condone homophobic behavior or discrimination of any kind.

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Rescued by the Alpha, by M.M. Wilde

When wishing for a new life, Elam finds out the hard way he should’ve been more specific. What will he do now that his human existence is threatened?

A year in the Alaskan wilderness was supposed to help nature photographer Elam start over. However, hitting his head and being rescued by one of the hottest men he’s laid eyes on in a while is not getting him off to a great start. Elam had promised himself he’d stay away from sexy guys after his rat of an ex cheated on him.

Nicolai is a rare, blue-eyed white wolf shifter. He’s also an Alpha and the expected heir to his pack in the Alaskan Wolf Alliance. Much to his father’s dismay, Nic has stepped aside as ruler and ceded his spot as future head of the pack. As a gay shifter, he refuses to claim a female omega for the sole purpose of providing a child to carry on the family line.

However, fate intervenes and puts Nic on a collision course with a human mate. When chemistry, love and the shock of what the growly Nic is blindsides Elam, he has some tough decisions to make. Does he let Nic turn him? Never go back to his old home? But the biggest surprise is yet to be revealed when Nic and Elam discover the new life Elam had hoped for is more than just his own—and that there are wolves frothing at the mouth to destroy it.

Author’s Note: Rescued by the Alpha is Book One in the Alaskan Wolf Alliance series and features an Alpha and omega who are fated to have lots of steamy, knotty fun and make beautiful babies together. This suspenseful, action tale does include some peril to Dad and baby. But, there’s a fluffy, feel-good HEA and we all know wolves don’t cheat, so no worries there!

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Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi, by Morgan Lysand

Narrated by TJ Clark

Felix is a miserable incubus, but he does his best to hide his misery. For the most part. Adopted and rejected by strict Catholics, Felix is ashamed of his body’s needs. Work isn’t much better. He’s a star litigator at his law firm, but hates every second. Oh, and he’s in love with his best friend Chris, who happens to be a fellow attorney, his roomie, and a sexy as sin freshwater merman.

After Truth or Dare on Halloween loosens their lips in more ways than one, Felix pumps the brakes and challenges them both to a bet. No release for a month, or the loser moves out. Chris agrees with a counterproposal. Felix has to come to terms with being an incubus, otherwise he loses Chris.

Chris’s life is pretty peachy. His estate planning clients are great… mostly. He sees Felix every day and has the family lake to look forward to every Saturday. But as Felix investigates being an incubus, a few things of his own mer nature come to light, changing his perspective on his family.

Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi is a fluffy and spicy MM paranormal romance featuring the pine-y-est of pining besties to lovers idiots. A sugar-loving incubus that’s not a virgin, thank you very much. And a freshwater merman that may be a touch too obsessed with his long hair.

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French Fancy, by Lily Morton

Pip Simmonds is the twinkiest twink in London. He’s loud, proud, and packed to the brim with sass. But when he’s laid low by illness, even his hotpants lose their sparkle and his worried boss sends him to the South of France to recuperate in his holiday home.

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is beautiful, and the periwinkle-blue villa is luxurious, but the real draw for Pip is the villa’s other resident—his boss’s younger brother, Olivier Durand.

Olivier owns a perfume empire and has spent his whole life running from any other form of commitment. He’s worldly, carefree, wild, and the perfect choice for a holiday fling.

Drawn together by proximity, the two men become lovers and friends and then something more. Something special. But will their special bond hold true after summer’s end, when they both must return to their real lives?

This is the second book in the bestselling Model Agency series, but it can be read as a standalone.

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Roustabout, by Morgan Brice

A con man and a government agent walk into a carnival…

Bartlett Gibson is a necromancer and an agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. He’s hot on the trail of RJ Tucker, a psychic con man who has eluded him at every turn and led him on a merry chase. Pursuit leads to grudging respect in their game of cat and mouse, which becomes a high-stakes game of seduction. Bart chases RJ to the Carnival of Mysteries and realizes that nothing is as it seems. A dark witch’s curse ups the ante, creating a deadline for revenge and redemption, and the clock is ticking.

Falling in love breaks all the rules. Can Bart and RJ stop the witch, break the curse, and find a way around RJ’s spot on the “most wanted” list before time runs out?

Roustabout is a fast-paced MM paranormal romance filled with supernatural suspense, snarky humor, crafty carnival workers, sarcastic ghosts, midway magic, hurt/comfort angst, adversaries-to-lovers tension, and a very happy ending!

Part of the multi-author, shared-world Carnival of Mysteries series. Can be read as a stand-alone.

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Mann Hunt, by Peter E. Fenton

How far would you be willing to go to finish the job?

Declan Hunt is having a bad week. His kidnapping case is showing little progress, his office assistant has left him on short notice, and his latest investigation has left him literally battered and bruised. But things change when he hires twenty-four year old Charlie Watts to help out at the office. They form an unlikely partnership trying to solve two seemingly unrelated cases whose threads begin to weave together when the missing person case turns to murder.

The investigation takes them from the dark alleys, gay bars and bath houses of Calgary, to the richest parts of the city during the world-famous Calgary Stampede.

But will they be able to discover who the killer is before another life is lost? And will Declan be able to solve the mystery of his relationship with Charlie who is clearly attracted to him — especially since it is evident that the attraction is becoming mutual?

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Held Hostage, by Morticia Knight

SWAT officer Cole thought he could handle anything—until he handles Brett.

As lead sniper of the Las Vegas Police Department’s SWAT team, Cole has faced plenty of danger but has never risked love. He lives hard and plays harder, so settling down isn’t on his radar. Then, a deadly hostage situation arises, and Cole is stunned by his attraction to the brave and beautiful man he saves from a bullet.

Brett has been burned before, most recently by Officer Parker of the LVMPD. He’s hoping to forge a new life in Vegas and perhaps find love. However, the last thing Brett’s looking for is another man in uniform—which makes fighting his desire for the hunk who rescues him from death that much tougher.

What begins as nothing more than two people sharing a sizzling night together spirals into something deeper. Can Brett handle the stress that comes with having a partner whose life is in constant jeopardy? And will Cole risk his heart on an everyday hero?

A lethal SWAT call might make the decision for them…

NoteHeld Hostage is the fourth book in the exciting first responder/crime series, Sin City Uniforms. It was previously published with a different cover under the same title. This edition has been revised and re-edited, but the story remains the same. It can be read as a standalone, but the series is best enjoyed in order. Held Hostage is the story of Brett’s happily ever after. You might remember him as Parker’s ex in Copping an Attitude. Don’t miss out on this steamy, opposites attract, age gap, action-packed romance. Grab your copy today!

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Captain’s Mate, by Declan Rhodes

When the ferry captain, Jack Larson, locks eyes with a familiar passenger aboard the Garfield Island ferry, his heart skips a beat. It’s Alex Bennett, the love he’d never forgotten after a heart-wrenching breakup five years earlier.

As fate would have it, Alex is back on the island for a writers’ retreat, and the magnetic pull between them is impossible to deny.

As sparks fan into flames promising a second chance, Alex is led on a quirky treasure hunt by enigmatic fellow author Edwin Thistlewaite. Meanwhile, Jack’s conniving ex, Dylan, seems determined to come between Alex and Jack.

Just as the future begins to look bright, a fierce storm threatens the very fabric of Garfield Island. The community’s strength is tested, and Jack and Alex are thrust into the heart of the tempest. Together, they must navigate through their shared past and the present storm, searching for the anchor that will cement their future.

Captain’s Mate is a 57,000-word gay romance. It includes second chance, forced proximity, and natural disaster themes. It is the third book in the series The Island. A happily ever after ending is guaranteed!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Chosen Universe Volume Four, by Macy Blake

Have You Been Chosen?

Macy Blake’s bestselling paranormal fantasy universe is being published in a multi-volume mega-verse collection! Each volume features three full-length MM novels with dragons, shifters, hellhounds, vampires, and more, plus never before published bonus material. All volumes will be published in reader-requested chronological order.

Volume Four:

All Kidding Aside: Magical Mates Book One Victor Eastaughffe knows three things for a fact: He does not have a mate. He does not like children.His duty is to his griffin clan. But when he meets Orsen Riggs, a scruffy bear shifter, and little Gus, an orphaned red panda cub, Victor’s world is turned upside down. All of the things he held true before suddenly don’t seem to make sense.

Stop Kidding Around: Magical Mates Book Two When Toby Sanders shows up to interview for a teaching job at a mysterious estate, he’s not expecting his world to flip upside down and backward. Shifters are real… and the hottest, most protective wolf of all is claiming him as a mate.

I Kid You Not: Magical Mates Book Three Zachary Perry knows one thing for certain. If he wants to get to know his mysterious and oh-so-gorgeous neighbor, Roan, he’s going to have to be brave and head into the woods where Roan spends the majority of his time. But something dark and dangerous looms in the forest, and Roan is duty-bound to do whatever it takes to protect his territory, even if it means leaving Zachary and their new-found connection behind.

Includes bonus short storiesSugar Honey Iced Tea– Nick Smith is determined to work on his use of foul language. Problem is, when he learns a huge surprise, he just has to yell something….

Otter Chaos- Wolf shifter Gabriel Farrell is about to receive the surprise of his life…in his pants!

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Tea and Antipathy, by Meredith Spies

Not everyone could say their luck started improving the day they got hit by a car, but not everyone was me. Which was good because one me is all the town of Lester Cove can handle.

Ever since, murder’s been afoot and my new friend seems to be right in the thick of things. Mrs. Witte is a sweet older lady but she cannot keep herself from getting involved with the murder mystery, and her stepson Benjamin seems to think that’s somehow my fault.

Look, I’m just a washed up child star turned accidental pet sitter and sometimes plucky sidekick. I had nothing to do with the deaths that seem to be happening at an alarming rate, deaths Mrs. Witte wants me to help solve. Dealing with Ben’s antipathy is on my list, right below cleaning up after a dead woman’s dog.

Tea and Antipathy is a cozy mystery with an MM romance woven in!

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Sleight of Hand, by Charlie Cochet

Former Special Forces Green Beret, Sacha “Joker” Wilder, is well-versed on the subject of demolitions. As a silent partner of Four Kings Security, Joker spends his days working alongside his brothers-in-arms and his best boy, Chip—a bomb-sniffing Belgian Malinois with sass. Years of military and private security experience have prepared Joker for almost anything, except the explosive attraction between him and Giovanni Galanos.

When Gio returns from his travels abroad, everyone is charmed by the handsome billionaire philanthropist, but in Joker’s experience, anyone who’s too good to be true usually is. Gio is hiding something, but the more time Joker spends around Gio, the more his walls start crumbling, leaving him exposed and at risk of losing his heart, something he swore he would never do. Love is for suckers, and that’s not him.

For years Gio has dedicated his life to his charity work, helping people around the globe, but when things go horribly wrong during one particular trip, Gio decides it’s time to come home for good. The desire for family, and a certain ex-Green Beret with a chip on his shoulder, has Gio eager to restart his life Stateside. For all of Sacha’s blustering and griping, no one makes Gio feel safer. If only Sacha could see how right they are for each other.

Danger lurks in the shadows as someone sets their sights on Gio, and secrets are forced into the light. If Gio and Joker are to have any kind of future together, they’ll have to face difficult truths, because where love is concerned, it’ll take more than sleight of hand to make things work.

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