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Fourth Down, by Cecelia Storm

Coaching in the NFL is a complex game… but it’s nothing compared to falling for your best friend.

I worked hard to become the Head Coach of the San Diego Seals. Long hours, exhausting games, never-ending practices, and don’t get me started on the politics. But Dallas has always been there for me, my best friend and colleague. He’s my rock. I can’t help feeling, though, that there’s an emptiness in my chest – something missing… someone missing. Why, all of a sudden, does my heart leap when I look at Dallas?

Working for the Seals is stressful, but at least I don’t have Simon’s gig. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I’m glad to be there and support him through the playing seasons. Why, then, do I feel like I can’t trust him or anyone else? My best friend doesn’t even know I have a son, but he’s going to find out soon because I just won sole custody. How will this affect our relationship? Will he hate me for hiding this secret for so long? Or will we become closer? Somehow I like that idea. Closer… much closer.

Fourth Down is a Single Dad Friends to Lovers MM Sports romance and the third book in the San Diego Seals series.

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Tidal Wave, by E.M. Lindsey

Gunner has spent half his life running from his past, and the other half trying to protect himself from ever being vulnerable again. He’s escaped his old club and worked hard to earn the VP patch on his cut after joining the Broken Chains. But his entire life is turned upside down when Gunner’s past comes back to haunt him, and the club’s Deaf delivery guy ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

And ignoring him is damn near impossible when every time he looks at Logan, he starts to feel something. Gunner doesn’t think he has the power to resist him for much longer.

There will be no promise of a future though, if the Broken Chains can’t protect Logan from the mess he’s in, but even if they succeed, Gunner isn’t sure there’s a place for Logan in his world.

Broken Chains MC is a Motorcycle Club Romance series with dubious morality, mild violence, a Deaf sunshine dancer, a grumpy VP, late night kisses, passing notes, and hard-won happily ever after.

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Like You Hate Me, by Bethany Winters

I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate him.

The day my sister died, I told her best friend I never wanted to see him again, and I meant it.

I lost her because of him. Everything I used to care about means nothing now because of him.

It’s all because of him.

So when he shows up on my driveway two years later and tells me he’s moving in with me for his freshman year of college, I kick his ass and tell him to disappear. For good this time.

But I already know the defiant little brat’s not gonna listen. He never does.

Being near him again makes me crazy. I’m supposed to be the college basketball star my father raised me to be, but now I’m focused on a new game. I’m obsessed with watching him, touching him, breaking him. His body, his head, his heart, anything I can get my hands on…

I’m gonna take it all until he’s got nothing left.

And even though he knows exactly what I’m doing to him, he’s gonna let me do it anyway.

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Teach Me To Sin, by Riley Nash

Three wrongs can’t make a right.

I’ve spent six years building a life that isn’t defined by my father’s sins—a beautiful girlfriend, a thriving nonprofit, safe dreams that won’t get me into trouble. Someone with my family’s reputation can’t step out of line without drawing attention, and they definitely can’t coach professional swimmers.

My carefully controlled world starts to unravel on my summer vacation, when a mysterious boy catches my eye. He’s intoxicating, beautiful, and an incredible swimmer. His body makes me question everything about my sexuality, and his talent makes me desperate to become his coach. Too bad the only lawyer who will help me navigate the PR nightmare of opening a coaching program happens to be a rude, self-absorbed, sexy-as-sin older man who doesn’t even like me. I shouldn’t want either of them, but my mixed up heart wants both.

When one explosive moment in an empty locker room ties all three of us together, we start down a path we can’t turn back from, even as my past threatens to destroy my future. We weren’t supposed to be more than a single night’s mistake. I can’t do anything to threaten my life’s work. But I’m not sure I can live without them, either.

Breaking free from the past has a cost for all three of us, but I don’t know if we can afford to pay it.

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Until You, by Felicity Snow

It feels like I’ve been drowning for five years, barely keeping my head above the water. I lost everything that mattered to me. I never expected to feel anything again, to want anything again, or anyone. Then one night I find a young man on the streets and the next thing I know I’m offering to let him stay in my spare room. I don’t do things like this, but I feel protective of him from the moment I see him. He’s acting all tough but I can tell he’s scared and searching for a place to belong. And maybe, maybe I need someone to save.

But as time goes on, and the more we’re together, I find myself caring for him more than I should. The intensity to which I’m drawn to him is terrifying, because he’s only nineteen, and I’ve never felt this way about another guy before. What does that say about me? I can’t develop feelings for him. He’s too young, and he’s far too good for me. So full of life and light. And he has no idea what I’ve done, the kind of person I am; and if he ever found out, he would hate me.

I’ve spent my whole life hearing that it’s wrong to be me. To love what I love, to love who I love, and it’s made me make some difficult choices. I’ve had to do things I’m not so proud of, things that still keep me up at night. Being on the streets was my choice, and I would do it all again to get away from my abusive parents. When the sexy older man shows up and rescues me from my tormentors I am stunned. No one has ever cared for me before, saved me before. Still, I am hesitant to let him do more for me, or stay at his home. Surely he wants something in return, right? No one ever does something for nothing.

But the more time we spend together the more I realize he’s not like everyone else in my life. He isn’t cruel, or manipulative, or harsh. He isn’t using me and he doesn’t want anything but for me to be exactly who I am, to be safe and happy. Can this be real? Can he be real? And could I be falling for him? But I’m a street kid, and 27 years his junior. How could he ever want someone like me?

Until You is a steamy 27 year age gap, standalone mm romance, featuring a sassy femme boy twink, a sweetheart silver fox, close proximity, size difference, sexual awakening, hurt/comfort, foot/toe kink, panty kink, all the skirts and crop tops, and found family. It contains explicit sexual content and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

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The Gryphon’s Dragon, by Minerva Howe

Gryphon shifter and oldest triplet Roman is so happy that his brothers have found their mates, but he hates that their homes have been attacked by forces who want to destroy them and take their magic. So he decides to move both of his brothers and their households to his home in Montana, where they can make a stand. To make things even more complicated, Roman has to deal with a half dragon/ half gryphon that was stranded at his brother’s place in Colorado after the last attack.

Bastien was bespelled and abused by a mage for a long time, and he has terrible guilt about having to help attack Roman and his family. But Roman gives him home, and when they touch, the spark between them becomes a far bigger flame. But the bad guys moving against them won’t wait. Can Roman and Bastien defeat them and still form a mate bond?

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Mann Hunt, by Peter E. Fenton

How far would you be willing to go to finish the job?

Declan Hunt is having a bad week. His kidnapping case is showing little progress, his office assistant has left him on short notice, and his latest investigation has left him literally battered and bruised. But things change when he hires twenty-four year old Charlie Watts to help out at the office. They form an unlikely partnership trying to solve two seemingly unrelated cases whose threads begin to weave together when the missing person case turns to murder.

The investigation takes them from the dark alleys, gay bars and bath houses of Calgary, to the richest parts of the city during the world-famous Calgary Stampede.

But will they be able to discover who the killer is before another life is lost? And will Declan be able to solve the mystery of his relationship with Charlie who is clearly attracted to him — especially since it is evident that the attraction is becoming mutual?

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To Love the Dragon King, by Antonia Aquilante

Once upon a time, before the hunts, dragons were plentiful in the world. Now they exist only in legend…except in the land of Ivria.

Without the Dragon Talent, Sascha has long been told his only value is his ability to make the best match possible, whether as concubine or husband. He has always done what his family expects of him, cultivating grace and beauty, and when his parents make a match for him, Sascha goes without protest. He never anticipates being contractually bound to a cruel man embroiled in a plot to overthrow the king of Ivria. Or being confronted by the king himself, a man with whom Sascha is disturbed to find himself fascinated.

With help from the few people he can trust absolutely, King Lysander is working carefully to uncover the members of a conspiracy to overthrow him and expose the existence of dragons to the world. Apprehending one traitor only complicates the situation further, not the least of which because of the man’s beautiful, intriguing concubine. Who may be involved in the plot and whom Lysander is immediately attracted to.

As danger looms, Sascha and Lysander grow closer, but can Lysander trust Sascha with his life and heart? And can Sascha be strong enough to love the dragon king?

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Heatwave, by A.D. Ellis

Avery Kirk is back in his small hometown ready to tackle his dream career as a dietician. He’s happy with his life, though he wouldn’t be against the dating scene being a bit more spectacular. At least he has his beloved grandma close by.

Grant Nelson finds himself far removed from his big-city life as he searches for a grandfather he never knew existed. Life has taken a crushing, career-changing turn for the musician, but he’s not ready to admit defeat.

A record-breaking heatwave, a small wet dog, and long-lost love reunited brings Avery and Grant together. At first, their temporary situation is easy and casual. When feelings get involved, everything changes and decisions become more difficult. Neither man expected to find love, but fate seems to have different plans.

**Heatwave is a steamy, small-town, age-gap, forced proximity M/M romance between a plant-loving dietician and a musician struggling with change. Throw in fun family, a mysterious canine, and an unexpected thing for feet, and you’ve got an addictive, sexy, emotional male/male romance sure to leave you satisfied.**

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Chosen Universe Volume Four, by Macy Blake

Have You Been Chosen?

Macy Blake’s bestselling paranormal fantasy universe is being published in a multi-volume mega-verse collection! Each volume features three full-length MM novels with dragons, shifters, hellhounds, vampires, and more, plus never before published bonus material. All volumes will be published in reader-requested chronological order.

Volume Four:

All Kidding Aside: Magical Mates Book One Victor Eastaughffe knows three things for a fact: He does not have a mate. He does not like children.His duty is to his griffin clan. But when he meets Orsen Riggs, a scruffy bear shifter, and little Gus, an orphaned red panda cub, Victor’s world is turned upside down. All of the things he held true before suddenly don’t seem to make sense.

Stop Kidding Around: Magical Mates Book Two When Toby Sanders shows up to interview for a teaching job at a mysterious estate, he’s not expecting his world to flip upside down and backward. Shifters are real… and the hottest, most protective wolf of all is claiming him as a mate.

I Kid You Not: Magical Mates Book Three Zachary Perry knows one thing for certain. If he wants to get to know his mysterious and oh-so-gorgeous neighbor, Roan, he’s going to have to be brave and head into the woods where Roan spends the majority of his time. But something dark and dangerous looms in the forest, and Roan is duty-bound to do whatever it takes to protect his territory, even if it means leaving Zachary and their new-found connection behind.

Includes bonus short storiesSugar Honey Iced Tea– Nick Smith is determined to work on his use of foul language. Problem is, when he learns a huge surprise, he just has to yell something….

Otter Chaos- Wolf shifter Gabriel Farrell is about to receive the surprise of his life…in his pants!

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Breaking the Stallion, by Rain Carrington

Narrated by J. Sampson

With a less than fulfilling relationship in his rearview mirrors and a fifty thousand dollar watch in his pocket, Elijah James heads out on the open road, in search of something real. And, in search of himself.

What he finds is peace. His bike breaks down on the side of the highway and a quiet rancher comes along to help him off the road. At Noah Oliver’s ranch, Eli finds everything he’s ever needed, including a man with his own painful past and the love of a lifestyle Eli enjoys.

Something Eli didn’t count on, however, was that Noah had plans for him. Noah sees the nearly shattered man and knows what he needs. As he would a wild horse, he knows he must break through Eli’s pain without breaking the man’s spirit.

Will Noah gain Eli’s trust, respect, love, and finally, his submission? Find out in Breaking the Stallion today!

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Like I Pretended, by Charlie Novak

Narrated by Dan Calley

Pretending to be in love never felt so real.

Henry Lu hates being a superstar. Action movies have left a sour taste in his mouth and filming a queer period drama on the Yorkshire coast sounds like the perfect antidote. Meeting grumpy coffee shop owner, Alex, is the cherry on top.

Alex isn’t impressed with the appearance of Hollywood royalty in his life, especially because Henry refuses to accept that Alex doesn’t like him. But when rumours about the production draw the attention of stuffy streaming service bigwigs and the ire of Henry’s superhero franchise, Henry and Alex must put on a show and fake a relationship to smooth things over.

Alex doesn’t want a relationship, and Henry isn’t good at them, but their arrangement is only supposed to be for a few months, then they’ll both be free to go back to their lives. The only problem is that pretending to be in love never felt so real.

Like I Pretended is a slow burn contemporary MM romance featuring a sunshine Hollywood superstar whose never been told no, a grumpy coffee shop owner who wants to be left alone, bad attempts at flirting, terrible catering, and finding home.

It is book four in the Heather Bay series and while it can be read as a standalone, it’s best enjoyed as part of the series.

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Until Beckett, by Sophia Nixs

My world shattered at the loss of my wife. In the matter of minutes, I was a widower and a single father.

In the midst of my heartache, Beckett moved in to help me with my daughter. If it wasn’t for him, I’d have succumbed to my grief.

He was there to help me through it all, being the support I needed.

One surprise kiss changes everything.

It sends me running, trying to escape the overwhelming confusion. Not only about my feelings but with my sexuality.

I’d never thought of Beckett as anything other than my best friend.

Running away was never the answer. It didn’t help me understand what happened, all it did was make things worse.

But Beckett isn’t a man to let things lie. He chases after me, determined to face the feelings we both have.

I never thought I’d find love again. I didn’t think happiness was on the cards for me…Until Beckett.

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Robert’s Alpha, by C.K. Noel

A tragic car accident stole Blake Caldwell’s beloved wife from him and his son. Six years pass. Blake, appointed alpha of a small pack, moves to Montana. He isn’t looking for love, and he certainly doesn’t expect his wolf to go berserk when he comes face to face with Robert. He’s found his true fated mate… what now?

Robert Sanna has made mistake after mistake, like sleeping with the wife of the man he’s been in love with since he was ten. Robert has learned his lesson messing with fated mates. He’s also learned he’ll never carry on the family name like his parents expect.

They might be fated mates, but Blake’s close-minded pack council resists the mated male pair. Complications arise from a she-wolf who’s set her sights on being the Alpha mate—and on Blake. And Robert’s fears might ruin everything. Can love win? Or will life tear them apart?

Audio will be available on other sites starting September 1

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Averlon, by Devon Vesper

Slave to a feared pirate captain, Faolan Davenport dreams of escape. Fate answers his plea in the form of a handsome mer prince.

Pleasure slave Faolan Davenport longs for freedom from the infamous pirate, Captain Vincent Deverell. When the ship’s fishing nets catch two mermen, he’s determined to set them free. If he can’t find freedom for himself, he will ensure they return to the sea.

Averlon, crown prince of the merpeople, knows his fated mate is aboard that ship. His plan to retrieve him? Get caught, grab his mate, and fight his way back into the ocean. But Faolan is human and afraid of his master’s wrath. So when the captain demands Averlon and his bodyguard retrieve a sunken treasure in exchange for their freedom, Averlon agrees, if only to give himself time to plot their escape from the obvious trap.

Will Averlon and Faolan escape the dangers of their journey and start a new life together? Find out in Averlon, a heart-pounding, captivating gay romance. Don’t miss this tale of love, adventure, and the lengths two men will go to save the one they love. Buy now!

Averlon is the first book in the mm fantasy series Trident Cove, but it does not need to be read in order to enjoy the series.

Spoiled princes grow up real fast when their mates are in danger, Averlon promises to be a good boy, he is not a good boy, Revyn is grumpy because his best friend is not a good boy, Faolan is too shy for his own good until he finds a hottie, hottie happens to be a fishman, fishmen sure are pretty, wait there are no female mermen?, how do they make babies?, Faolan learns that practicing making babies is fun, too bad they’re stuck on a pirate ship, they should maybe remedy that

AVAILABLE NOW, Multiple Retailers

Tea and Antipathy, by Meredith Spies

Not everyone could say their luck started improving the day they got hit by a car, but not everyone was me. Which was good because one me is all the town of Lester Cove can handle.

Ever since, murder’s been afoot and my new friend seems to be right in the thick of things. Mrs. Witte is a sweet older lady but she cannot keep herself from getting involved with the murder mystery, and her stepson Benjamin seems to think that’s somehow my fault.

Look, I’m just a washed up child star turned accidental pet sitter and sometimes plucky sidekick. I had nothing to do with the deaths that seem to be happening at an alarming rate, deaths Mrs. Witte wants me to help solve. Dealing with Ben’s antipathy is on my list, right below cleaning up after a dead woman’s dog.

Tea and Antipathy is a cozy mystery with an MM romance woven in!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Mort, by Loki Renard

Self destructive. Self loathing. Self harming.
Tristan is at the end of his rope.
Ready to meet his end.
But the reaper who comes for him does not take his soul.
He saves his life.

Gifted. Precious. Beautiful.
The moment Mort lays his empty eyes on Tristan, the reaper of souls knows he must save this one.
Tristan is a hot mess.
Mort is a cool, calm dominant.
Tristan can see demons…
Wait. Tristan can see demons?

Tristan is the only mortal Mort has ever met with such a gift, and Mort soon becomes fascinated with this uncontrollably reckless, sensitive, wonderful, awful mortal man.

Tristan is shocked to have met someone who can stand being around him for more than five minutes, someone who seems to find him not only interesting, but actually lovable. Not to mention, someone who can take him in hand and tame him down when he needs it.

There’s just one problem.
Besides Tristan’s many, many problems.
Tristan is marked.
You could say cursed.
He bears the seal of a secret god.
To possess his mortal mate, Mort must eliminate that claim before he can fully take Tristan as his own.
No amount of supernatural interference will be enough to stop a very grim reaper willing to do anything to possess his chosen mate.

Mort has taken millions of lives. The next one will belong to a god.

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Missed ConEGGtions, by Lorelei M Hart and Colbie Dunbar

Living as a human is fine… that is until you find yourself shifting on a hike…in front of your natural enemy, only to have your snake declare them your mate.

Alpha dragon shifter Laden was down on his luck, when a distant relative took him in and gave him a new start. Now he has his own company and a flight he feels at peace among. If only he wasn’t so lonely. Seeing his brother find his true mate has Laden longing to find his own. It’d be nice if fate hooked him up already.

Snake omega Nath grew up loving to cook. In his ideal world he’d go to a fancy culinary school and travel to Paris to learn from the best. Only problem is he grew up in a snake pit and went to the snake version of school. He learned a ton but didn’t have the paperwork to show for it and certainly didn’t have the degree to get into the schools he wanted. After years of jobs in restaurants, he wanted more than to be a line cook. He wanted his dream. When Nath sees the ad for a candy maker apprenticeship, he applies without a second thought. Everyone likes candy, right?

Nath loves his new boss and job. This is where he needs to be. Even his snake agrees, insisting they hike every chance they get. Seems harmless enough… until he finds himself face to face with a dragon…a sexy dragon at that.

Missed ConEGGtions is a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg dragon shifter romance featuring two shifters who unknowingly crossed paths at the wrong time, only to be given a second chance, a dragon who is ready to meet his mate, an omega snake shifter with a stubborn beast, the wild snake pit that befriends him, two beasts who refuse to be the enemies they were raised to be, a hoard more valuable than gold, true love, fated mates, an unexpected clutch, a happily ever after, and an adorable baby. If you like your omegas strong, your alphas hawt, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy of Missed ConEGGtions today.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dealing Him In, by Charlie Cochet

Play with fire, and you’ll get burned.

Santos “Saint” Cavallero had his life all figured out when he married his high school sweetheart, joined the Navy, and became a SEAL. After years of being deployed, Saint comes home for good, only to discover his wife has fallen for another man. Now divorced and a bodyguard for Four Kings Security, Saint loves his job and his found family. His dating life? A hot mess, until the spark of an unexpected attraction strikes him like lightning, leaving Saint confused. Why is he feeling hot and bothered over the ruggedly handsome Fire Chief?

After twenty years of service, Valentino “Val” Serrano is passing his fire ax on to the next Fire Chief. His retirement starts off with a bang, literally. Val is saved by the young, hot bodyguard he’s been dreaming of for longer than he cares to admit, but Saint is straight, isn’t he?

Val and Saint get roped into working on Val’s tavern, but Val is determined not to let Saint get under his skin. He’s been here before, and he’s not about to risk his heart, no matter how hot and flirty Saint is. When a killer sets his sights on Val and puts everyone he cares about in harm’s way, there’s suddenly more at risk than their hearts. If Val and Saint don’t stop the killer, their whole world could burn to the ground, and the possibility of a future together will go up in smoke.

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His Knight, by Charity Parkerson

Tragedy brought them together. Love will forge them like steel.

The last thing Benny expected was to find himself in the middle of an active shooter event on campus. Canyondale University isn’t the type of place he imagined becoming the center of such brutality. After getting shot in the thigh, he would’ve been dead if not for the SWAT member who rushed to his aid at the moment one of the gunmen was bent on finishing the job.

An explosion of violence is a typical day for Wyatt. It’s his job to charge headfirst into the worst situations. This time is different. Downed by several bullets and left for dead, he might not have made it out alive if not for an unlikely hero—a young college student named Benny. Now, Wyatt can’t stay away from Benny. The man’s dry wit and courageous heart has him mesmerized. Unfortunately, Wyatt’s near-death experience has his ex seeing the light and wanting him back.

Relationships built under such stressful circumstances aren’t known to last, especially when meddling exes are involved. Thankfully for Wyatt, Benny isn’t easily budged, and he’s not giving up his knight without a fight.


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