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Alpha Dragon’s Eagle, by Hawke Oakley

Will buried secrets ruin season two of the Dragonfate Gamesor will the truth set fated mates free?

After a controversy ten years ago, Matteo was done in the spotlight. He dropped his stage name and celebrity status to live out a humble life as a golden eagle omega. A second chance at the Dragonfate Games fuels Matteo’s desire for his fated mate… and threatens to unearth a past he abandoned long ago.

As an alpha dragon who hoards music, Thystle was devastated when his favorite band broke up ten years ago—especially since he crushed hard on the lead vocalist. But could being the “prize” of a reality TV dating show lure his celebrity crush out of hiding?

When the men lock eyes, hearts flutter and sparks fly. And when Thystle realizes Matteo is the omega he’s been obsessed with for a decade, the possessive dragon will do anything to make Matteo his.

Alpha Dragon’s Eagle is a fun, sweet mpreg novel with low angst and high stakes! Reading the series in order is recommended. No cheating, and fluffy HEA guaranteed.

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Forever After, by Marie Sinclair

Forever After is a 2023 Lambda Literary Finalist.

After a fire destroys his apartment, Diego has no choice but to move in with the person least likely to welcome him with open arms: Alex, the recently divorced, presumably straight guy who didn’t take kindly to Diego hitting on him at a friend’s wedding.

Unfortunately, Alex can’t exactly complain about the living arrangements. After his wife cheated, he moved across the country to San Francisco to start over. The place he’s living belongs to a friend, so when Jake also offers Diego a room, Alex needs to figure out how to deal with the exceptionally hot, sex-positive, queer youth counselor whose gaydar has picked up that Alex isn’t as straight as everyone thinks he is.

Forced to live in the same house, Alex and Diego are about as combustible as fire and gasoline. But when Alex’s thirteen-year-old comes out as trans masc and moves into the house with them, Alex begins to see another side of Diego, and Diego realizes this sullen, complicated man has a heart of gold that’s been stomped on a few too many times.

Once the walls start to come down, Alex and Diego realize they have a lot in common. Not to mention an attraction that blazes hotter the more they get to know each other.

Forever After is an enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, bi-awakening story. It is Book Three in the Finding Forever series but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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Stepbrother Dearest, by Willow Dixon

Of all the people who could have seen me when I was at my most vulnerable, it had to be him.

Caleb. My stepbrother and the golden child of our messed up blended family. We barely know each other, but for some reason he takes care of me when an incident at the club leaves me helpless and alone.

He hates me as much as I hate him, but something about his bossy attitude and unflappable calm soothes me. I don’t want to want him, but no one has ever made me feel the way he does.

Hooking up with my enemy is stupid as f*ck. So is breaking my one and done rule for him. I know this, but whatever is between us will eventually burn out and I can go back to my solitary life and forget all about how amazing it feels to let someone else take control.

Gray and Caleb’s story is an enemies-with-benefits-to-lovers romance between stepbrothers who discover that sometimes the person you hate is the only one who can give you what you need. Expect lots of steamy encounters, tons of dirty talk, and reluctant feels as these two enemies learn the truth about themselves, and each other. It is the first book in the exciting new Crimson Club series but can be read as a standalone.

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Rogue Launch, by Cara Dee

The Renegades #1 Romantic Suspense Enemies to Lovers Action MM
“We will find you, darling. Stay strong. We will find you.”

This was exactly what Elliott Jones needed. A nice barbecue with family and friends. The moving trucks were parked outside his new ranch, and he was ready to start fresh. Again. Despite the regrets he lived with, he tried to focus on the good things in life. His niece Blake, for instance. She was his world. But after twenty years of working as a private military contractor in some of the most hostile territories on the planet, Elliott had made more than one enemy.

He heard the unmistakable sound of a rocket launcher, catapulting him and his closest friends into a nightmare of agony, rage, and determination. Lives had been lost, and three people had been kidnapped. Among them, little Blake.

Elliott would stop at nothing to bring her home again, even if he had to team up with his absolute biggest regret, Joel Hayward—Coast Guard sniper, the ex-husband of Elliott’s sister, and Blake’s stepdad.

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Title by Author

Narrated by Christian Fox and Liam DiCosimo

All’s fair in hate and hockey.

My path to success never included an enemy as a teammate, especially one as infuriating as Quinton de Haas.

Clawing under my skin is his favorite pastime, only feeding the animosity between us as the years pass.

We’re as completely opposite as two people can be; the golden boy and the black sheep.

Constantly at odds or at each other’s throats.

The only thing we can agree on is hockey is our true love, and we’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top.

I never imagined that drive would lead me to do the unthinkable: falling into bed with my not-so-straight rival.

But athletes are a superstitious bunch, and when our hook-ups lead to victories, we tell ourselves we can’t stop.

Besides, it’s all for the sake of the team, right?

*Iced Out is the first in a five book standalone college sports romance series featuring two misunderstood rival teammates, pages of snarky banter, and more secret spicy times than any book should be filled with.

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Caught Stealing, by CE Ricci

It’s not stealing if he’s meant to be mine.

Let me tell you how Holden Sykes operates.

As the campus playboy and one-and-done king, he doesn’t do strings.

Or repeats.

Or names, for that matter.

So when he tries making my best friend the next notch on his bedpost, I react poorly.

Some would call it jealousy or an unrequited crush, but friends protect each other from making mistakes.

The same ones I’ve already made.

Which is why driving Holden away seems like my only option.

Too bad he’s not giving up without a fight.

Each prank leads to another until he turns this into a game far more precarious than intended.

One filled with stolen moments and heated glances, drawing me into his orbit.

But the undeniable attraction simmering between us leaves me caught in the crosshairs of an impossible decision.

Loyalty…or love.

*Caught Stealing is the second in a five book standalone college sports romance series featuring a road-tripping rubber ducky, two guys fighting for the upper hand, and enough cock-blocking shenanigans to make your cheeks flush.

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Kicking it in Vegas, by Riley Long

I woke up in Vegas with a hangover and a ring on my finger.

At my last recollection, the bachelor party was off to a great start. During dinner I met sexy celebrity Chef Oliver who was far more intriguing than his surly public persona let on.

Afterwards, my buddies and I set out to bar-hop at some of Sin City’s biggest hot spots. To my surprise, I ran into Oliver again as he was unwinding by tossing back drinks at a bar. What followed was a hot night of dancing and drinking… and a very confusing morning.

Not only did we spend the night together, we got married. Oliver is quick to suggest divorce, but I’m not ready to give up so easily. We may be opposites in every way imaginable, but there’s a chemistry between us I can’t deny or ignore.

Can I convince Oliver to give our unlikely romance a chance? Or will what happened in Vegas end in Vegas?

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Where the Sky Meets the Sea, by Kit Barrie

Sometimes the truth changes everything.

Sky Diver First-Class Eron Marcel makes his living hunting whalls, giant sea creatures valued for their oil and hide. But when a hunt goes disastrously wrong, Eron is saved by a creature he did not know even existed: half-human and half-fish. Working with his rescuer, a young mer named Ket, Eron learns that the mer rely on the whalls for protection from the sea’s dangers, and both species are facing potential extinction.

But conservation means nothing compared to profit to the rich oil barons. The mer and their relationship with the whalls might be the key to gaining even more power over the sea and its spoils, and Ket is the perfect bargaining chip. Eron is faced with the decision of what is more important: saving the mer, or saving Ket?

Where the Sky Meets the Sea is an M/M adventure-romance set in a steampunk-style world. It is a standalone novel with a HEA and no cliffhanger.

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Little Boy Mine, by Wendy Rathbone

“My name is Mylo but my friends just call me My.”
“My, huh? Cute. How about if I just call you Mine.”

Mylo has had experiences in life that have altered his sense of security. He finds himself reverting to a child-like space when alone, in crowds, just about all the time. He can’t help it. Sometimes friends make fun of him, but he doesn’t feel broken, and doesn’t want to be fixed.

One day, Mylo realizes there is a name for what he desires. Little space. Littles have partners called daddies who take care of them. This new knowledge gives him a feeling of identity and wholeness he’s never had before. Now, all he needs to do is to find one of those daddies and convince him to let him come home with him.

Landau has had his heart shattered more than once. He’s a daddy with a need to caregive a boy. Most of his relationships have been with men who play on weekends, or when it’s convenient. Too many want bedroom antics but not much more beyond that. Landau has a desire for more. A boy who will be his all the time. A boy who wants to let go and let Landau do all the daddy work in and out of the bedroom.

Landau wants to be needed. That’s all there is to it. He’s given up on finding a compatible partner until one day he meets Mylo—and his whole world changes.

This book is part of the Little Big Heart series of standalone novels. Includes: Daddy/little MM romance. Hurt/comfort. Onesies. Stuffies. Sippy cups. Sweet bath times. Cloth diapers. A needy, 24-hour boy. A daddy with the biggest heart of all. HEA.

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Perfect Blend, by Lee Blair

Moving on after a divorce sucks, especially in a small town where everyone’s all up in your business. And they’re always in my business, given that I run the only coffee shop in town. I miss having someone to come home to, but focusing on my work gives me a purpose and won’t end in heartache. I couldn’t have made it this far without my friend Bricker from the online queer divorce support group. We tell each other everything. Well, everything except the personal details.

When Mikey, my high school crush, visits Dahlia Springs to write a story about our Pride Festival, I share my apprehension and excitement about falling for someone again with Bricker. Funny, he’s in the same situation himself. I’m worried I’ll need Bricker’s support more than ever, because I’m falling for Mikey fast, and if he gets the promotion he’s expecting, he’ll be halfway across the country by next month.

But Mikey says he has feelings for me too, and he proves it by donning sequins and high heels to help me save our amateur drag night. I can’t ask him to give up his dream job, and everything I have is tied to Dahlia Springs.

I hope Bricker’s ready for all the messages I’m about to send him.

Perfect Blendis a low angst MM novella featuring friends to lovers, a secret online identity, and a swoon-worthy HEA. This is a standalone story set in Lee Blair’s Dahlia Springs universe.

**The story was previously posted as part of the MM Class of 2021-22 giveaway. This expanded edition includes several new chapters.**

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My Own Private Biscuit, by Dann Hazel

A great meal. A rousing symphony. Two perfect men. But can they make beautiful music together?Toby enjoys a success beyond his wildest dreams. He is not only a damn fine musician, he is also the first chair trumpeter with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

In New York, he earns a good living doing what he loves the most. Yet, he suffers from a nagging feeling that something is missing. The Manhattan lifestyle is great, but his romantic life consists mostly of Grindr hookups.

A summer Tour of the South finds Toby in Asheville, North Carolina—his childhood home and still the home of a certain high school crush. Thomas Bischoff–or as all his friends call him, Biscuit.

Abruptly, he stumbles on the news that Biscuit is married! The news hit Toby like a hammer.

Then, later, he makes yet another discovery: Biscuit’s married life isn’t going well. Might there be a glimmer of hope? And how can hope translate into action when there are 700 miles between them?

And even if things could work out between them, how can they blend two lives separated by a dozen years and their own extra baggage?

What will it take for Toby to claim his own private Biscuit?

MY OWN PRIVATE BISCUIT is the second book in Dann Hazel’s Some Like It Haute Gay Romance Series. In this novel, Dann adds a new ingredient to the romantic and culinary mix of the series–music!

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Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi, by Morgan Lysand

Narrated by TJ Clark

Felix is a miserable incubus, but he does his best to hide his misery. For the most part. Adopted and rejected by strict Catholics, Felix is ashamed of his body’s needs. Work isn’t much better. He’s a star litigator at his law firm, but hates every second. Oh, and he’s in love with his best friend Chris, who happens to be a fellow attorney, his roomie, and a sexy as sin freshwater merman.

After Truth or Dare on Halloween loosens their lips in more ways than one, Felix pumps the brakes and challenges them both to a bet. No release for a month, or the loser moves out. Chris agrees with a counterproposal. Felix has to come to terms with being an incubus, otherwise he loses Chris.

Chris’s life is pretty peachy. His estate planning clients are great… mostly. He sees Felix every day and has the family lake to look forward to every Saturday. But as Felix investigates being an incubus, a few things of his own mer nature come to light, changing his perspective on his family.

Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi is a fluffy and spicy MM paranormal romance featuring the pine-y-est of pining besties to lovers idiots. A sugar-loving incubus that’s not a virgin, thank you very much. And a freshwater merman that may be a touch too obsessed with his long hair. 

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The Midwest Series: The Complete Collection, by Brigham Vaugh

Take four hot jocks. Add their total opposites. What do you get? A serious heatwave in the Midwest …

Bully & Exit

After former college hockey star Nathan comes out of the closet and reunites with his high school boyfriend Caleb, it does more than change the direction of their lives.

Push & Pull

It pushes their best friends, former hockey player Brent and twinky fashionista Lowell, into a summer road trip they never planned to take together.

Touch & Go

Following an urgent call from Micah, an injured pro baseball player forced to move in with Justin, his physical therapist, old hurts are healed and a new friendship is formed.

Advance & Retreat

When a night out for the guys leads to meeting Ian, an Olympic hopeful swimmer who is fascinated by Ricky, a hotel manager by day and drag queen by night, it’s clear that none of their lives will ever be the same.

Enjoy all four titles in The Midwest Series in one convenient bundle.

This collection totals over 378k words, plus an additional 22k of never before published bonus content, including several short stories featuring the guys taking a road trip, enjoying Chicago Pride, and a special bonus featuring Irving’s HEA!

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Sweet in Silford Volume One, by Hope Bennett

Enjoy the Sweet in Silford series in this convenient bundle.

Volume One contains the first 3 books in the series.

Omega’s Shy Alpha

Jared is a sexy and confident omega. He could have any man he wants, but he only wants shy alpha, Sutton. He’s determined to get Sutton to notice him. And then he’s going to ask the alpha out. What could possibly go wrong?

A funny and steamy opposites-attract story, featuring a shy alpha and the confident omega determined to seduce him.

This book is an alpha/omega story.

Omega’s Sweet Omega

Gui can’t even build up the courage to speak to Richard, the sexy, sharp omega of his dreams. Luckily, even if he can’t have a Fairy Godmother, he has a confident best friend who promises Gui he’ll get his man, no matter what.

A sweet and fluffy hurt/comfort story, featuring a bashful omega and his secret crush.

This book is an omega/omega story.

Omega’s Study Partner

Simon is always the best friend, never the boyfriend. The problem is that people don’t think an alpha should want to stay at home and raise a family. Meeting gorgeous omega, Angelo, brings home to Simon exactly what he wants… and what he thinks he can’t have.

A fluffy and steamy surprise pregnancy story, featuring a home-maker alpha and a lively and loving omega.

This book is an alpha/omega story.

The Sweet in Silford Collection currently has two volumes available. Volume one contains books 1-3 and volume two contains books 4-6.

Start binging now to find out exactly what these omegas do to finally get their men.

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