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Without Limits, by Reese Knightley

Hayden –
Cobalt Security had felt like home to Hayden Thorne for years. But now he needs space and time to get over the fact that Jaxon West was never going to be more to him than his best friend. Quitting his job as a bodyguard to go work for a dark underground group of assassins, seemed like the perfect plan to get over the sexy bodyguard once and for all. It doesn’t help that Jaxon has followed him and is trying to interfere in his new life. Hayden has several things to say about Jaxon’s interference.

So what if someone is trying to kill them, it’s all part of the job, right?

Jaxon –
Jaxon West had taken a job out of state to get some distance from his best friend, only to find out that Hayden had quit. The thing is that Jaxon didn’t want that much distance between them. And if Hayden thought he could find another employer, Jaxon had a few choice words for the younger man…with the first of several being, hell f*cking no. Jaxon needed to keep Hayden safe and within reach.

Now, a long buried secret threatens to destroy their mutual attraction and Jaxon knows he needs to come clean.
Will the lie that stands between them prevent any chance of happiness? Will Hayden walk away for good when he finds out the truth?

Fear can be paralyzing when Jaxon’s whole world is at stake.

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Forever After, by Marie Sinclair

Forever After is a 2023 Lambda Literary Finalist.

Alex Toler specializes in saving old houses, but he couldn’t salvage his marriage after a disastrous game of “Never Have I Ever” outed him as not as straight as his wife wanted. Fortunately, a friend’s spare beach house in San Francisco gives him a quiet place to pull his life together.

As a counselor at a queer youth center, Diego Alcaraz is adept at handling the crisis du jour. But after a devastating fire destroys almost everything he owns, he’s not dealing with the fallout as well as he’d hoped. And the only place he could find to live has him sharing it with the one man who completely fooled his gaydar, and seems to hate him on principle.

Every clash between them makes Diego suspect his instincts weren’t so far off, after all, but Alex is having none of the guy whose attempted hook-up at a mutual friend’s wedding had him reacting with an unequivocal “Never Will I Ever.” Between the divorce’s bitter aftermath and one of his kids coming out as trans, Alex has enough on his plate without the added complication of figuring out his own sexuality or falling in love with his housemate.

When it comes to love, both men are in uncharted waters. And it’s about to get a lot stormier…

NoteForever After can be read as a standalone, but characters from previous books in the series appear. Weaving threads of queer history into the fabric of Alex and Diego’s present-day love story, this book contains a messy vs. neat-freak relationship, a mystery from the past, and decadent mac-and-cheese peace offerings.

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Tell No Tales, by Edie Montreux

When love’s compass spins, will it steer Vadim and Klaus toward mutual ruin or redemption?

Vadim has made peace with his former crew. He’s convinced them their emperor is in danger, but he’s still at war with himself. He’s certain his relationship with Klaus is irreparable. Besides, he’s already loved and lost twice. He doesn’t deserve a third chance with a man who is his better in every way.

Klaus sees Vadim only as an enemy. He craves a normal life of laughter and love, but no matter how much he desires it, he’ll never be normal. His ability to detect magic users and his skill as a pleasure house worker makes that impossible. Vadim only cares about the former, not the latter, but Klaus wishes to ensnare him with both.

Vadim handles Klaus with kid gloves, while Klaus snaps at him with bratty responses and underhanded actions. He might have gone too far by sabotaging Vadim’s sail bed, forcing them to share a mattress in the ship’s hold.

When Vadim’s gloves come off, he could kill Klaus once and for all, or his touch could drive them both to recklessness.

If you loved Vadim’s “touch him and die,” and “you called, I came” stance toward Klaus in Take No Prisoners, the magic continues in Tell No Tales. While each book has a separate happily ever after with new main characters, it is best to read the Romancing the High Seas series in order. Tell No Tales, book 2, is a male/male romance between two versatile consenting adults. It has a grumpy death weaver and a bratty former prostitute dealing with their feelings now that they don’t hate each other as much as they once did, all while trying to rescue their naive emperor from his evil general.

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The Deliverance of Marek Sommers, by Ashlyn Drewek

Marek Sommers is everything Misha Chernyshevsky shouldn’t want—young, angry at the world, and, worst of all, a man. The fact Marek is dealing drugs for a competitor is the icing on the cake. None of that deters the Russian mafia boss, though.

From the moment he lays eyes on the surly bartender, Misha is captivated. Learning about Marek’s troubled past and fearing for his future, Misha is certain that Marek needs his help—whether he wants it or not.

Convincing Marek to trust him, however, proves to be a more formidable task than Misha anticipates. But if they have any chance of surviving the brutal world of the Russian mafia, Misha needs Marek to trust him before it’s too late.

THE DELIVERANCE OF MAREK SOMMERS is a slow-burn MM romance about a down-and-out bartender with a harrowing past and the Russian mafia boss determined to save him from it all. Violence and heartache make the tender moments that much sweeter, HEA guaranteed. It is intended for a mature audience and reader discretion is advised. A full list of triggers can be found in the front matter of the book and at my website under Tropes & Triggers.

This book can be read as a standalone. However, it is a spinoff from the Solnyshko Duet and contains spoilers for those books if you haven’t read them.

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Best Served Cold, by Willow Dixon

When the guys at work dare me and the new guy to play a game of gay chicken, I figure I’ll get my first kiss and bragging rights for winning. What I don’t expect is for that game to awaken something in me. Something I’ve never felt before.

Something that makes me want more. Makes me want him.

I never back down from a challenge, but that doesn’t explain why being with Noah feels so good. Why I can’t stop thinking about him. Why he’s the only person who’s ever stirred even the slightest interest in me.

Why getting him off gets me off.

Watching Noah lose control is everything. So is knowing he can’t stay away from me, either.

Zane and Noah’s story is an animosity to lovers, double bi-awakening romance. You can expect public fun, tons of heat, lots of banter, and reluctant feels as these two impulsive and competitive guys realize that in some games, everyone’s a winner. It is the third book in the exciting new Crimson Club series but can be read as a standalone.

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Wrapped in Wishes, by J.H. Knight

After moving around most of his life, Sean Ellis is finally putting down some roots in the friendly little town of Sterling Hollow. But those roots might be ripped out from under him after his ex-roommate leaves him high and dry. With the bills mounting and a car that barely runs, what he really needs is a Christmas miracle. And maybe a boyfriend. Luckily for him, Santa’s big day is just around the corner, and despite the spate of bad luck and unfortunate circumstances, Sean has been a good boy all year.
Bruce Cafferty hasn’t felt the Christmas spirit in a long time, and he’s pretty sure those days are behind him. Until he meets Sean, who might as well be an elf from the North Pole. Can Sean’s relentless cheer heal the ache in Bruce’s heart and show him that love is always worth a chance?
Wrapped in Wishes is a heartfelt, heat-filled small-town romance with a handful of elderly neighbors, a lot of found family, a few dogs, a secret Santa, and a drag queen named Stella.

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Puck Around and Find Out, by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory

Ex-Figure Skater – Speed Demon Hockey Player
Wystan Finch is killing it as a hockey player after leaving Olympic figure skating due to a breakdown. A scholarship leads him to New Gothenburg University, where he joins the Polar Storms, but his arrival isn’t all fun and games. One of his teammates, Atlas, hates him from the moment he arrives. Wystan doesn’t understand why Atlas dislikes him so much, but he takes joy in irritating Atlas whenever he can. If Wystan feels more toward his rival, that’s only his business.

Captain – Or Else
Everything Atlas Frosteson wants is within his grasp. His one goal in life is to become the captain of the Polar Storms. On the day when his dream should come true, he loses the team vote to a hotshot new player, Wystan. When hate turns into something more, Atlas fights against the emotions that threaten to ruin everything he has worked hard for. His father would never forgive him or be proud of him if he gave in to the temptation of chasing after Wystan.

Hate Twists into a New Feeling
No matter which direction Atlas turns, Wystan is always there, both on and off the ice. Atlas is infuriated when his father starts dating Wystan’s mother, bringing them closer in proximity. Atlas’s obsession with Wystan could destroy his hockey career, yet he can’t get enough.

In the end, will Atlas succeed in getting rid of Wystan and taking his life back? And if he does, will he regret it?

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Boy Bands and Bullets, by Jason Wrench

Two worlds collide in a dangerous game of espionage and love.

Ethan Bond is a member of the hit boy band ZERO. When his secret lover is assassinated, Ethan flees the life he knows to spend time in the arms of a man he only knows through a dating app.

Blayne Dickenson is a graduate student in education. When he’s not teaching basic composition, he’s just exploring life now that he’s left his small town in West Texas.

When Ethan comes to visit Blayne, sparks fly between the two men. But will assassinations and terrorist attacks draw the men together or force them apart forever?

PREORDER, Releases December 19, Multiple Retailers

Transform, by Sean Ian O’Meidhir and Connal Braginsky

After a harrowing rescue, Theo and Robbie take Kat to Maui to recover, only to be swept into another intrigue. Robbie comes into his own and learns to appreciate who and what he is while Theo comes to terms with his family. But a greater prophecy is at play—one that may draw the couple into things they are not yet ready for.

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Cowboys Don’t Come Out, by Tara Lain

Is the closet big enough to hold two cowboys?

Rand McIntyre stays in the closet to protect what he’s built – his small California horse ranch and the privilege of teaching kids to ride.

Kai Kealoha, a genuine Hawaiian cowboy, stays closeted to protect his “kids”, the siblings he raises with no official approval.

Add in one detested holiday with parents at Hana Ranch on Maui and the two cowboys bond over a love of dancing, a nude beach, and each other’s beautiful butts.

But vacation sex doesn’t count, and nobody gives up real life for a few hot minutes in a bamboo forest.

Unless they do.

When Rand braves his paralyzing fear of flying, his relationship with his parents, and his beloved business to respond to a call for help from Kai’s brother and sister, both men have to re-revaluate what it means to be family – and who’d make it worth it to come out.

COWBOYS DON’T COME OUT is a coming out, single dad, must-love-kids, custody battle, fear-of-flying, cowboy-sexy, two-step dancing, Hawaii-for-the-holidays, MM romance.

Books 2 and 3 are just 99c each!

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The Rockstar, by Emerson Beckett and Rheland Richmond

The first book in the sexy new bodyguard series set in the Package Deal World.

Adam Spencer – “The Rockstar”
Here’s what I know — some people aren’t meant to find love.
And as much as I want to be someone’s everything, that’s not meant for me.
After a painful breakup, I channeled all my hurt into a song that has skyrocketed my band, Fallen Angel, to the top of the charts.
Now I need protection from the one person who was supposed to love me no matter what—my mother.
Whether I want him or not, I now have a sexy, silver-tongued southern charmer as my 24/7 bodyguard.
I’ve tried not to fall for him, because I don’t do relationships. They hurt too much.
But Michael has me thinking I could take one more chance to find love.
Or was I meant to be alone like I’d thought all along?

Michael Coleman – “Phantom”
I’ve always been a protector. During my career as a Navy SEAL, my duty was to find undisclosed information and protect my team.
Now I need to protect the sexy rockstar I love flirting with every time he walks in the door to our EHM office.
Adam Spencer lights me up like no one ever has. And that’s saying something.
I’ll do whatever it takes to protect him, even from himself.
Have I finally found the love I’ve been hoping for with my rockstar?

The Rockstar is a flirty, friends-to-lovers, bodyguard and rockstar MM Romance that takes place in the Package Deal Series World. It can be read as a stand-alone book, but enjoyment is maximized after reading the original series.

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His Santa Alpha, by Jax Stuart

A polar bear shifter and a binturong shifter play Santa and his elf in a Christmas parade…

All Levi wanted was somewhere safe for him and his son to hide, somewhere to earn some cash for Christmas until they could be accepted into the Sweetwater pack. Greenbriar seemed to be welcoming enough, even if he was asked to play elf to a very grumpy Santa. Just as well Santa doesn’t know what Levi is, or that he’s his fated mate.

Robin just wanted to be left alone. Being a part of a pack was fine, but did they really have to force him to play Santa? Levi and his son, Rune, are the only things that make the parade bearable for him.

When Levi unexpectedly goes into heat, Robin offers to take him through it, unmasking Levi. Will Robin forgive him for hiding what, and who, he really is? Could they be a family for Christmas?

His Santa Alpha is an omegaverse, mpreg, Sweetwater adjacent story. While set in the same world as the Sweetwater Pack series, it can be read without reading those books first.

Christmas Omegas is a multi-author series. Each story is a standalone and features a fun Holiday Season Parade! Whether it’s a paranormal pairing or a human pairing, you can expect these omegas to find love during the holidays.

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A Mountain Man Walks into a Coffee Shop, by Mal Trevino

Rugged Josiah Bark has been living alone in his cabin on Harlow Mountain for twenty years, and he likes it that way.

That is…until he trudges into town and sees Lennon Hart struggling with the roaster he’s installing in his soon-to-open coffee shop. Josiah could just keep walking–leave those townfolk to fend for themselves, right? Or maybe, in this awkward, handsome stranger, he’s just found a reason to come down from the mountain.

A Mountain Man Walks into a Coffee Shop is a wintry opposites-attract, small-town romance. It takes place in the same world as the Romance in the Iron Range and Granite-Glacier novels but can be read entirely as a standalone.

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Snowflake Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses, by M.J. O’Shea

Toby Carr hated Maplehurst, New Hampshire. He’d spent an awful year there back in high school, and had left feeling humiliated and hurt by the one person there he thought he could trust. He had vowed to leave and never come back. And he’d kept that promise. Mostly. But his mother needed help at her B&B over the holidays, so Maplehurst it was. Awesome.

Toby figured he’d get in, help his mother, and get out. Of course, that all flew out the window when he walked into her kitchen the first morning and found Cook Murphy standing there. Cook, the boy who’d hurt and humiliated him. Cook, the only boy he’d ever really loved…

Cook who definitely wasn’t just a boy anymore.

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Unconventional Hearts, by Emmy Sanders

Narrated by Blake Lockheart

One summer. Three men. The proposal that ropes them together.

I came to Texas with a single goal: to find my bio-dad before the end of summer. Instead, I found Will, a spitfire of a man with sharp blue eyes and a swoon-worthy drawl. When he proposes adding benefits to our newfound friendship, I’m all in.

The problem? I’m smitten. With not one, but two men. Because Will has a friend that makes me smile like no other. My time in Plum Valley is coming to an end, but if I’m not careful, I’ll be leaving my heart behind when I go.

Spending summer break back home with my best friend was not supposed to be complicated. But then Tru and I kissed, and for the first time, I don’t know where we stand. Now Cooper, the new ranch hand, is mixed up in matters, and I’m even less sure of what it all means.

The three of us fit together effortlessly, but I worry it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. I don’t know how to get out of this tangled mess, and truth be told, I’m not sure I want to.

To me, it’s simple. Will and I are exploring what it means to go from friends to more. But as an asexual man, there are certain activities I’m uninterested in. Will likes Cooper, and Cooper is all about Will. And me? I have no problem sharing.

But as summer ticks down, I learn a few lessons. One, I feel more at home in Plum Valley than anywhere else. Two, I’ve been harboring major feelings for Will. And three, Cooper’s infectious optimism isn’t something I’m ready to part with.

Time’s almost up. Yet I’m nowhere near ready to say goodbye.

Unconventional Hearts is a lighthearted poly romance between a Southern charmer with a hero complex, a blunt-as-can-be sweetheart who doesn’t need saving, and a lovable golden retriever of a man who has a song for every occasion. There is no cheating and one very HEA. It’s book 3 in the Plum Valley Cowboys series but can be read as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Home for the Howlidays, by Charlie Cochet

Giovanni Galanos’s life took a dramatic turn after a terrifying ordeal and a newfound health condition led him home. Leaving behind his globetrotting adventures in favor of a more grounded existence, Gio finds solace in the arms of his love, Sacha “Joker” Wilder, a complex and captivating man who held Gio’s heart from the moment they first spoke. Together, along with their furry companions—Cookie, Gio’s service dog, and Chip, Sacha’s mischievous Belgian Malinois—his unconventional family forges a bond stronger than any hardship life can throw their way.

As the air teems with holiday cheer, Winterhaven unveils itself in all its enchanting glory. But a mishap has Sacha grumpier than usual. Amidst the joyous chaos that surrounds them, can the town’s holiday magic reignite Sacha’s Christmas spirit?

Join Gio and Sacha, along with their merry band of former Green Berets and their partners, as they navigate misadventures and heartwarming moments in Winterhaven, where true love and the transformative power of Christmas await.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Royal Curse, by Eliot Grayson

Dawn mage. Twilight mage. Cursed, useless, damaged, dangerous

His birth magic leaves Prince Nikola with nothing but bad choices: live as another man’s possession, subject to his whims and his desires, or remain dependent on a potion that stunts his powers and prevents him from knowing love.

Andreas vows to protect the prince with his life—whether Nikola wants him to or not. After all, the queen pays his soldier’s wage. Nikola’s nothing but a job to do.

But when they find themselves stranded, with Nikola’s potion running out, Andreas has to…improvise. Because what Prince Nikola needs to survive is the opposite of a lowly guard’s respectful protection.

It should’ve been only one night. Just until the potion’s refilled. But now that Nikola’s had Andreas’s touch, he craves Andreas again and again. He shouldn’t. But he—and his magic—can’t live without it…

The Royal Curse is a high-heat MM fantasy romance with a stubborn prince, an even more stubborn soldier, and cursed magic that can’t be denied. There is an on-page attempted sexual assault that is not between the main characters. HEA guaranteed.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

12 Gays of Christmas, by D. K. Sutton

The hottest jock on campus has something to lose this Christmas.

Gil is the star football player for our college team, and one of the most popular guys in school. As his roommate, I see the sweet geeky side he hides from everyone else. The other thing he keeps hidden? He’s still a virgin.

Determined to change that, Gil has a list of guys hanging on our wall. His goal? Losing his V-card before his birthday. On Christmas.

12 guys. 12 dates. 12 days. One goal.

As each date goes hilariously wrong, it gets harder to hide how I feel. But why would Gil want a shy science geek when he could have any guy on campus?

Is 12 days enough time to convince Gil to give us a chance? Is it enough to convince myself?12 Gays of Christmas is a 46,000+ word low angst gay romance featuring a virgin MC, roommates to lovers, dates gone wrong, a frenemy neighbor, and Christmas cheer with found family.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Christmas Wishes, by Lee Blair

Say it ain’t snow!

After my bestie and I got laid off during the holidays, we drunkenly decide to plan a surprise vacation for each other. Knowing how much I hate snow, he sends me to sunny Arizona with my swim briefs and a dare. I’m supposed to finally start the beauty influencer accounts I’ve been talking about for years.

Did you know there are parts of Arizona where it snows? I didn’t. No wonder my tipsy BFF got a sweet deal on my tickets.

But I’m determined to stick it out, even if I have to endure my frigid fun in a fugly thrifted coat. And my s*x appeal must still be on point, because the hottest guy I’ve seen in ages can’t take his eyes off me.

Too bad when I go to close the deal, I find out my coat used to belong to his dead boss. Yeah, that knocks my holly jolly down a peg or two. It’s even worse when the same hottie turns out to be my Airbnb host.

But instead of a week full of awkwardness, I find out Riggs might be as quiet as a snowman, but he has the depth of the Grand Canyon.

Maybe snow isn’t so bad if you have the right person for a snowball fight.

Except the clock is ticking on my winter wonderland adventure, and Riggs hasn’t asked me to stay. And I still haven’t put up any influencer videos.

Do I dare?

Christmas Wishes is a low angst, opposites attract, forced proximity, M/M vacation romance full of small-town holiday cheer. It’s half of the Dare Me Christmas Duo, but each book is a standalone romance.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

A Holiday to Sustain Us, by Michele Notaro

One kiss under the mistletoe and now I’m hooked. I can’t get him out of my head… and I think I might like it.

Convincing my pride to have a holiday celebration was supposed to be a fun way to bring everyone together. But my plan went awry when my younger pride mate convinced everyone I needed a kiss. I hadn’t expected Ash to volunteer. And I certainly hadn’t expected him to kiss me on the lips and… linger.

Now, all I can think about is feeling his lips on mine again. Instead of planning gift giving and parties, I’m planning how to win Ash over. And what better way to convince him to spend time with me than to have him help me with my holiday plans?

The holidays are coming to the Ono-Nai house, and I only have one thing I’m wishing for this year—Ash.

A Holiday To Sustain Us is a fun 70K word MM urban fantasy companion story meant to be read AFTER A Purpose That Restores Us (The Magi Accounts 3). It’s from Charlie’s perspective and takes place between books 3 and 4 of the main series. This is a companion novel, NOT a standalone, although the love story is resolved in this book.


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