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Mercs & Strippers, by Meraki P. Lyhne

The mob is threatening to take over not only Black Ryder but other prominent businesses in North-Hub.

Ethan has been paired with his dad as the Corporation’s chosen lawyer, and that in itself causes both old ghosts and new challenges to be resolved.

In the meantime, Ryder tries to be the supportive boyfriend and the capable boss. But he’s in way over his head, and he knows it. When all else fails for Ryder, he at least has the dance…and a trump card on the payroll he wasn’t aware of.

Hayden had danced himself to the honor of the last dance, yet the troubles he had in his wake were more than he, or anyone else, had anticipated. Once Ryder was made aware of it, Hayden found himself encapsulated in a protective shield of Brutus and his brothers.

But the mob isn’t giving up without a fight, and their methods are many and dirty.

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Iced Out, by CE Ricci

All’s fair in hate and hockey.

My path to success never included an enemy as a teammate, especially one as infuriating as Quinton de Haas.

Clawing under my skin is his favorite pastime, only feeding the animosity between us as the years pass.

We’re as completely opposite as two people can be; the golden boy and the black sheep.

Constantly at odds or at each other’s throats.

The only thing we can agree on is hockey is our true love, and we’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top.

I never imagined that drive would lead me to do the unthinkable: falling into bed with my not-so-straight rival.

But athletes are a superstitious bunch, and when our hook-ups lead to victories, we tell ourselves we can’t stop.

Besides, it’s all for the sake of the team, right?

*Iced Out is the first in a five book standalone college sports romance series featuring two misunderstood rival teammates, pages of snarky banter, and more secret spicy times than any book should be filled with. Not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age.*

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Christmas Bizarre, by Jodi Payne & BA Tortuga

Charlotte Miller is tired of feeling like a failure. She may have gotten herself fired, her love life has imploded…so when she gets the call that the annual Summit Springs Christmas Bazaar, which helps support her family’s farm, is in trouble, she heads home to try to save the day. Maybe her luck will change and she will be happier for the holidays. Too bad her car decides to break down on the way.

Naomi “Lars” Beckett is too busy with the tree farm she runs and Christmastime to worry about a stranded hottie like Charlotte, but when they get snowed in together at an old cabin, she figures that’s what she gets for trying to help. On the surface these two seem to have nothing in common, but opposites do attract, especially with the magic of the season, and they find they have more in common than they think.

Once they’re back in the crazy mix of family, well-meaning town folk, and trying to make things just right for Christmas though, will they be able to make something together that lasts longer than old wrapping paper and holiday leftovers?

Christmas Bizarre is a small town, opposites attract, lesbian romance set in fictional Summit Springs, Colorado.

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We Have Till Dawn, by Cara Dee

It wasn’t like he’d never done this before…

Nicky Fender retired from sex work two years ago and never looked back. Then an offer he can’t refuse comes his way, and he agrees to one last exclusive arrangement. Good money and an apartment in Manhattan? He’d be a fool to turn that down.

The deal is dusk till dawn for two months. But once he meets Gideon—an older, quirky, autistic, filthy, uncertain businessman who wants to explore his sexuality—Nicky wishes sunrise would never come.

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Cuddle Bear, by Ki Brightly (narrated by Keval Shah)

The Shy Assistant
Maurice Baranov III has more feelings than he should for his boss, Mr. Guidry. He watches over Mr. Guidry as part of his job, and Maurice has given up on trying to keep his feelings in check, even though he hides them. Maurice doesn’t think of himself as the type of guy who gets a happy relationship. The last man he dated got angry when he started trying to lose weight. With all that past baggage, he can’t imagine pursuing Mr. Guidry, so he is left with one option—forever wishing he could be with the man he loves.

The Clueless Boss
Fenwick “Wick” Guidry comes from a long line of businessmen who are good at keeping their work and homelife separate. He is failing miserably at upholding the tradition because he has been unable to think about anyone except his assistant.

One Vicious Prank
After accidentally upsetting Maurice at the office, Wick invites him out for drinks to apologize. They meet up with Maurice’s cousin Lacey, who is having troubles of her own. Wick and Maurice promise to help her pull a prank on Edgar—a guy from their office who is annoying her—by agreeing to go on a double date. Who wouldn’t be shocked to arrive on a date and find their boss waiting? Will Wick be able to transform his role of fake boyfriend into a real relationship? Or will he be too scared to take the next step with Maurice?

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Two-Man Team, by Amy Aislin

One wrongful arrest ruined Kris Xappa’s image—and made his NHL team look bad. Now, with orders to keep his head down, the last thing he needs is to develop feelings for his younger teammate—and best friend’s brother. The fact that he can’t stop thinking about their one illicit kiss doesn’t mean anything.

Rory Stanton is perfectly capable of taking care of himself and doesn’t need his brother’s best friend keeping an eye on him. Sure, he likes having Kris’s attention, but he’d rather have it for entirely different reasons. Too bad that one kiss they shared wasn’t enough to convince Kris to take a chance on him.

When an injury lands Rory in Kris’s care, will these teammates be able to see past the obstacles to become a two-man team?

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Perfect Match, by Pandora Pine

Brando Lombardi has successfully matched all three of his brothers with their soulmates, gifting them each with a lifetime of love and happiness. The problem is, Brando himself is always the bridesmaid and never the bride… er, groom. But then he meets a broken-hearted man in uniform who takes his breath away and changes everything.

Still recovering from the death of his partner, retired marine Jagger Clifton moved to Maine in search of a desperately needed change of scene. He didn’t count on the Lombardi family hitting him like a ton of bricks with their warmth, sincerity, and pasta. For the first time since Seth’s death, Jagger doesn’t entirely dread a long, lonely winter.

Talked into joining Amore Matchmaking, Jagger dives in, ready to get his life back on track—until his very first match stands him up. Filling in for the missing date is none other than Brando Lombardi. Brando is cocky and self-assured, but also determined to gift Jagger with the ultimate Amore experience, even if he has to do it all himself.

As the holidays approach, Jagger and Brando’s feelings grow with every Amore date. More than just another victim of “Brando being Brando,” Jagger is helpless but to revive a part of his soul he’d thought gone forever. But will a Christmas blizzard bring them the joy of the season or bury their budding romance in a mountain of ice?

Perfect Match is book four in the completed Amore Matchmaking series. It features four gay brothers, their eccentric mother, an ornery goat, and way too much pasta.

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Up To Snow Good, by Charlie Novak (narrated by Dan Calley)

This Christmas, Trouble Tastes Like Chocolate

Maximillian Arthur Felstead is up to no good.

Having taken it upon himself to plan an anniversary surprise for his brother and his fiancé during their annual December ski trip, Max realises nothing happens quickly this close to Christmas. Deciding chocolate is the answer, Max accidentally incurs the wrath of chocolatier, Luca, who’s having a pre-Christmas nightmare of his own.

Luca is short staffed and short on patience, and he isn’t enamoured with Max’s clueless demands, even if he is utterly gorgeous. So when Max reaches out to apologise, Luca can’t help but be drawn in by his charm and Max’s offer of help, especially when their chemistry is hot enough to melt the ice on Mont Blanc.

With their time together running out, can a little Christmas magic help Max and Luca find what they’ve been searching for?

Up to Snow Good is a 49,000-word, low-angst MM contemporary Christmas romance featuring snow-topped mountains, Christmas market cuteness, delicious chocolate, and plenty of sweet, steamy moments.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Thrust, by Kiki Burrelli

Zayne wants control

Zayne Andino wants his life back. For years, his father has set him up with mate after mate, but only as a pretext to gain more money and power. Zayne is sick of being a bargaining chip, but he can’t anger his father without jeopardizing his own status as agent in the Lunar Council Enforcement Agency. The best he can do is shut down his emotions and act like none of it bothers him.

Talli refuses to be tamed

Talli Paolao should be skating through life. He’s the scion of the most feared witch clan in the world and drop dead gorgeous. But Talli’s first mating went horribly wrong, leaving him with scars that might never heal. And now, his mother is demanding that he mate again, no matter how much Talli dreads it.

A spark neither man can deny

When Zayne meets Talli, his father’s latest pick, all he sees is a spoiled brat. Zayne can’t wait to be free of him. Only, the more he gets to know Talli, the more he sees the vulnerable, wounded man hiding under that beautiful, brash surface. And the more time they spend together, the harder it is for Zayne to pretend his attraction to Talli is just physical.

Talli would rather die than be controlled again. He’s sure he can find a way out of being mated to an arrogant wolf with a disciplinarian streak, no matter how hot the guy might be. But as trouble closes in on the isolated town of Crescent City, Talli realizes he might need Zayne more than he wants to admit.

Can Zayne stand up to his father when it’s time to let Talli go? And can Talli open up enough to let Zayne be the mate he needs? As ruin threatens their lives within and without, the only hope the two men have is in learning to surrender to each other.

Thrust is the fourth and final book in the gay paranormal romance series, Lunar Wolves. It features an arrogant, cocky wolf and a sassy twink in need of a dominant hand and a mate to call his own.

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The Krampus Kiss, by Hawke Oakley

Can a festive omega make Krampus’s holiday wish come true?

Christmas is Angelo’s favorite time of year. He loves the magic, snow and fuzzy feelings. But as a long-time single omega, Angelo yearns to spend the holidays with someone special. When a new alpha is hired at the market to play Santa, Angelo is instantly drawn to him. But Karl is cool, handsome and confident—and way out of Angelo’s league…

Alpha Karl has a secret. By day, he plays Santa at the local market, happily entertaining kids and granting their wishes. But nobody knows that at night, his true form is revealed—a frightening horned beast with cloven hooves and a long tail. Karl is self-conscious about his identity as Krampus. What kind of omega would fall in love with a scary creature like him?

But when a blizzard rolls into town, Karl has no choice but to trust Angelo with his secret…

The Krampus Kiss is a sweet and fluffy 18k mpreg novella featuring a human omega, alpha Krampus and holiday cheer. It is a standalone with no cheating and an HEA.

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Shifting Winter, by Minerva Howe

John Leahy had no idea how he became a werewolf, but there’s one thing he does know. He’s struggling with everything from fitting into the wolf community up in the high mountains of Utah to controlling his shifting. John wants to fit in, to find a home, but most of all, he wants to impress pack co-leader Keegan.

Keegan and his brother took over the pack a few years ago, but there are still some members who think that was a mistake. So it doesn’t help things when Keegan takes John as his mate. Even as they work on their mate bond, John is having more and more trouble keeping his wolf side in check. Can Keegan and John start their family even as they deal with the pack and its problems?

Shifting winter is an mpreg wolf shifter romance with a happy ending.

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Eldon, by Macy Blake

Yule be sorry.

Eldon doesn’t care what Tatum William Bixby the third thinks, he absolutely will not allow the Snowda Shoppe to become some corporate monstrosity. Mistletoe Falls is Eldon’s home, his life’s work, and some stuck-up, irritating, rich grinch will not ruin their small town spirit—no matter how gorgeous and intriguing Eldon finds the annoying newcomer.

Baby it’s cold outside. Frigid even, if the adorable Eldon’s reaction to Tate’s arrival in Mistletoe Falls is anything to go by. His plan to secretly escape to the small town for a much needed break has turned into a challenge to drive Eldon over the edge.

Sweet Eldon has a bite to him, though, and when Tate’s secret emerges, he and Eldon reach a holiday crisis of their own. Will the magic of Mistletoe Falls finally miss its mark, or did Eldon and Tate find love at frost sight?

If you love fated mates, enemies to lovers, and magical elves, er, sprites, who make the season bright, this holiday romance will leave you in pepper-mint condition.

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Just Say When, by Aimee Nicole Walker

Someone wants Police Chief Emilio Mendoza dead. And if his unknown assailant doesn’t kill him, pining for Sheriff Abraham Beecham just might.

Abe and Lio’s thirty-year journey has taken them from heated rivals to best friends with countless labels and pit stops along the way. Romance is the only avenue left unexplored but not from lack of love or desire.

Abe pushes people away before they can get too close, and Lio doesn’t engage in situations he can’t control. They’ve reached an impasse, and neither are willing to risk their friendship until fate intervenes, forcing them to reassess their priorities.

But when an unhinged enemy targets Lio, will their gamble be too little too late, or will their love truly conquer all?

Just Say When is a standalone romantic suspense novel within the author’s Savannah universe. This book contains mature content and is attended for adults.

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Diamonds Under the Mistletoe, by Ki Brightly (narrated by Keval Shah)

The High-End Jeweler
Winter Janvier’s life falls apart just when he thinks he’s on top of the world. With only hours to spare, he completes a dazzling necklace worth a small fortune for the madam who operates the Courtesan Hotel. He’s delighted to ship the jewelry off with a courier, then heads out to celebrate. There is only one problem: the necklace never reaches the hotel and the madam is furious.

The Ex-Cop Turned Murderer
RJ Chandler became a criminal the minute he dedicated his life to getting revenge on the man who slit his throat. The scar he carries reminds him of his new life’s purpose. Unfortunately, he still needs to pay bills, so he works for the madam as an all-around fix-it man. When he is sent to bring Winter Janvier to her, he is struck by Winter’s insistence that he is innocent—and his beauty. Winter swears he would never steal from the madam. RJ wants to believe Winter is telling the truth, so he promises to help find the real thief to buy Winter some time.

Uncovering the Culprit
RJ is suspicious of Winter, but Winter is sweet, which makes RJ want to help. RJ hopes he isn’t making the same mistake twice; he has been fooled before by a pretty face. Will RJ get over his cynical nature to believe in Winter and help him recover the jewelry he owes the madam? Or will RJ end up putting a bullet in a man he is falling for?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Choose Me, by Beck Grey


I’ve been in love with my brother’s best friend since I was twelve, and twenty years later, Erik Osouf is still so far out of my league, we aren’t even playing the same sport. Not that I play sports. That means talking to people, and my social anxiety makes that all but impossible.

It also makes my brother incredibly overprotective, and while I love that Stef always has my back, it’s why I still can’t tell Erik how I feel. It would wreck their friendship, and after everything Stef’s done for me, I won’t ever be the cause of that. I just wish my heart would get that memo.


For years I thought of Jules Evans as the quiet, sweet kid who regularly crushed me at Mario Kart, and let fireflies loose in our camping tent. Then he accidentally admits he’s in love with me. He doesn’t remember saying anything, and I’d never embarrass him by mentioning it, but since then I can’t stop thinking about kissing him.

If it was anyone else, I’d probably have told them how I feel by now. But he’s my best friend’s younger brother. The same best friend who told me Jules is off-limits. That makes this all kinds of impossible. Unless I can convince them both I’m the right man for Jules.

Choose Me is a 70,000 word low angst, brother’s best friend, contemporary MM romance about flawed but devoted families, taking chances, and sweet cinnamon roll Vikings. It contains no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Daddy for Kinkmas, by Reese Morrison

Naftali doesn’t want a Daddy.

Naftali has tried depending on a Dom before, and it didn’t work. He’s too messy and irresponsible to be a full-time sub, so it’s much safer to stick to hook-ups and scenes.

Even if it’s never quite enough.

David doesn’t want to embarrass himself. He just wants to become a good Dom.

David has spent a lot of time denying what he wants. And now he’s ready… mostly. He just needs to learn all the skills and get it right. He’s too awkward and insecure to practice with just anyone, but when the compelling and submissive teacher of his first workshop appears in his life again, maybe he can finally test out being the Daddy Dom he was always meant to be.

A week-long ski trip with a Cuffd Kinkmas event seems like a dream come true for both of them. David slowly gets to try out everything he imagined. And Naftali gets the pampering and care he never knew he wanted.

But will that be enough to stay together when the vacation is over?

A Daddy for Kinkmas has two neurodivergent trans characters, a happy-go-lucky boy with hidden insecurities, a shy Daddy with a lot to offer, a naughty Christmukkuh, and plenty of heat! It’s part of the Naughty or Nice Season Three multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but with so many Daddies and boys finding their happily-ever-afters, why not grab them all?

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

The Fake Prince Jake, by Robin Knight

A pretend prince, a crazy king and a daring royal ruse that may or may not lead to true love… what could possibly go wrong?

Far too busy with his career to barely look twice at the hot barista who makes his coffee every morning – let alone ever dream of having a love life of his own – events manager Oliver Albright commits all his time and energy to the PR company that keeps the British Royal Family in the business of, well, being royal.

But when he is charged with the job of finding the wayward Prince Jacob of Nottingham and escorting him to the tiny medieval kingdom of Zsnovania, Oliver must throw his run sheets out the window and pull off the greatest royal bluff of the century in order to prevent the utterly bonkers King Zorg of Zsnovania from declaring war on England.

With the help of his trusty assistant Audrey, his recently separated mother Judy, and a sexy American barista with an uncanny likeness to the missing prince, Oliver finds himself embroiled in the craziest quest of his career, all the while falling head over heels in love with… The Fake Prince Jake.

The Fake Prince Jake is a 65k-word, laugh-out-loud, royal rom-com filled with fairytale romance, crazy capers and a zany cast of supporting characters. Expect to be swept off your feet but be sure to avoid the woofenschlok!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

My December Daddy, by Leta Blake

Matthew Angel is stuck. He’s spent his life denying who he is and what he truly wants—until he stumbles upon a unique offering at a specialty charity auction:

A Christmas Daddy experience.

Erik Garner has given up on relationships. After his last boy left, he decided it’s better to skip the heartache and stick with casual, short-term contracts. His offer of an exclusive, one-night-only Christmas encounter is all he’s willing to give.

Matthew’s older than expected, but his shy smile and eager surrender charm Erik. What starts out as a business transaction quickly gives way to a wild, thrilling intensity neither expected.

One night isn’t enough.

Good thing there’s a blizzard on the way…

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