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Blood Runs Black, by Sylvia San Sebastian

Dante de Vici’s easy charm and suave suits hide a sadistic streak. With the ability to control blood, he’s proven himself as the Nightshade gang’s most ruthless assassin. Too bad he’d rather be the boss than an attack dog on a leash. He’ll do anything to be Don—even if that means destroying his own allies.

Leone Cava has joined the police force to avenge his murdered parents. Young, angry, and bloodcursed—cursed with the ability to control blood, like the gang that killed his family—Leone only wants justice… but why does his side seem as corrupt as the criminals they face?

Dante and Leone encounter each other on opposite ends of the battlefield: criminal, meet cop. Upon learning Leone’s bloodcursed too, Dante offers him a deal: team up to eradicate the heads of his crime family and get what they each crave—justice for Leone and power for himself. But neither will hesitate to betray the other once he’s no longer necessary. Both of them know it. And if either faction finds out they’re working together, it will spell certain death for them both.

As they manufacture the Nightshade’s demise, their unlikely alliance blooms into something more—something powerful enough to shatter their beliefs. But three sides soon threaten to discover them: the Nightshades, the corrupt police, and a rival gang. When this gambit blows up in their faces, will they brave the fire together? Or will they sacrifice each other first?

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The Unexpected Mr. Smith, by Jesse Bond

Island-born Kimo Malala prided himself on his dazzling display of sexuality and polished drag persona. He lived a self-proclaimed, carefree, no-strings-attached lifestyle. When his best friend and number one wingman found the love of his life, Kimo was determined not to allow unwelcome emotions affect him or the frequency of his hot hookups. The trouble was that they always wanted to stick around when Kimo was definitely not relationship material.

John Smith just wanted to get through the day. If only his neighbor would stop bringing obnoxious guys around the apartment complex, he could live in the peaceful existence he’d chosen. John’s two young daughters were his world, the last pieces of his past that he held onto after losing nearly everything.

What neither man expected was to embark on a new friendship together. Could Kimo keep John tucked safely in the friend zone? Or would John change everything?

This novel is a best friend to lovers, pansexual-awakening, gay romance with low angst, medium steam, and plenty of good times.

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Mr Blue Sky, by Isla Olsen


Skyler Mason has had me wrapped around his little finger since we were seven years old. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the situation, how inconvenient it might be for me, or that ninety-nine percent of the time the mess is one of Skyler’s own making, one flash of those puppy dog eyes and it’s Jackson to the rescue.

Bringing him a fresh pair of underwear at work? Check.

Scaring off clingy hook-ups? Check.

Taking a week off so I can look after him when he’s sick? Check.

But now something’s happened, and for the first time in our friendship, I don’t know how to fix it.

There’s no WikiHow on what to do if your best friend suddenly realizes he has feelings for you. And even if there were, I doubt it would help; because no one else is like Skyler and me.

“Best friends” isn’t even the right word for it. We’re just us.

Or, at least, we were…

All I want is for everything to be how it used to. I don’t want Skyler to tense up when I go to touch him. I don’t want him sitting halfway across the room when we should be cuddling on the couch. And I sure as hell don’t want him staying out the whole night and not even texting to check in.

If I could snap my fingers and suddenly be attracted to him, I’d do it without question. But I know that’s not a realistic option. I’ve never been attracted to men. Truthfully, I’ve never been attracted to anyone… Not in that way, at least.

Love, on the other hand? That’s something I know a hell of a lot about.

Mr Blue Sky is a co-dependent best friends to more romantic comedy with an adorably clueless playboy, and an equally adorable and equally clueless acey. Tropes: Best friends, roommates, asexual-awakening, reformed player.

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Predatory Obsession, by Trinity Black

They underestimate me.

I’ve always been “the pretty boy.”
My enemies think I am weak and will crack under pressure.
Kidnapped, tortured, beaten, starved…
I do not give in. I do not break.
I know the Lupos will come for me.
But I never expect it to be Dante, the Boss himself, the man of my deepest desires…

No one harms the one I love and gets away with it.

Matteo is the younger brother of my consigliere.
I shouldn’t fall for him, but I do…
He is my soulmate. My obsession.
My rivals take him, torture him, nearly kill him…
They will get what is coming to them.
I am the predator and now they are my prey…

But with betrayal around every corner, we’re unsure who to trust. Can I keep the love of my life safe as enemy attacks escalate?

Predatory Obsession is a hurt-comfort MM Daddy Romance with morally ambiguous characters. This age gap story features steamy scenes, gratuitous violence, and an overprotective Daddy doing everything to keep his boy safe. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhanger.

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Most Of You, by E.M. Lindsey

There he was…

Wearing glasses.
Chopping wood like some kind of fantasy lumberjack.

And Emil was officially helpless.

Moving to the East Coast, Emil was there for two things exactly: to become a better person, and to face the part of his past he’d spent his entire life avoiding.

He most certainly hadn’t planned on falling in love.

It was one thing to sleep with his absurdly hot neighbor for a single, steamy one-night-stand, but it was quite another to become friends. And the longer Emil knows Renzo, the harder it is to walk away.

However, Emil has no faith in his ability to change, no matter how hard he tries, and he just wishes Renzo would believe him. He just wishes the man would stop giving him hope that behind those soft kisses was everything he’d ever wanted, and more.

Most Of You is a stand-alone, angsty, one-night-stand to lovers romance with mall Santa mishaps, bonfires, New Year’s kisses, the merits of a well-made hot chocolate, tons of praise, and a steamy, swoony happily ever after.

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Johann, by Grae Bryan

Alexei is lost. On the run from his criminal family, hiding out in Hyde Park, he has no idea what the point or purpose of his life is anymore. Until he’s served coffee by a strange young man, one whom Alexei can’t get out of this head. And when Alexei realizes his favorite barista isn’t quite human after all, his obsession only deepens. Can he use this new knowledge to get even closer to the sweet, strange vampire of his dreams?

Jay is lonely. He has his friends (so nice!) and his job at the coffee shop (so fun!) but he knows he doesn’t really belong in Hyde Park, not for keeps. And yet, he can’t help wanting to pretend, especially with his new favorite regular, a handsome human who smells divine and watches Jay like he really matters. Alexei might just be the nicest thing to happen to Jay since he can remember, even more so when the human generously offers himself up for dinner.

But Jay’s past is complicated, and certain promises have been made. Can he and Alexei weather the storm that tracks him down, or will Jay’s new life be taken away from him before it can really begin?

Johann is a heated, fated-mates MM paranormal romance with an HEA and no cliffhanger. It contains a sweet, cinnamon roll vampire and the stoic, obsessed human who will do anything to stay by his side. It also contains steamy scenes between two men, and the moderate violence (and mentions of blood) that one might expect from a vampire romance. While each book focuses on a different couple, the series is best enjoyed in order.

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Why Did The Alien Cross The Galaxy? To Find a Fake Boyfriend and Befriend a Vacuum Cleaner., by A. M. Rose

Observer log 1: what I learned on my first day on Earth
1. A coffee shop is a hub of human social interaction.
2. Cookies and hot chocolate can end interplanetary disputes.
3. High fives solidify relations between humans.
4. Vacuum cleaners make incredible companions.
5. You can help humans keep their former mates away by agreeing to pretend to be their fake new mate.
6. If there is only one bed at a hotel, it is customary to share it with your human fake mate.

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The Player’s Lounge, by Dan Calley

Quint has a secret – he’s a Player: a reincarnated soul walking amongst the living with his past life memories intact, with all the heartache over remembering his loves and losses.

Society knows Players like Quint as the One Percent, but only seems to hear about the bad ones, not understanding the burdens and knowledge that most have to carry.

This is Quint’s first time as a Player and he’s living it, using his past life’s knowledge to find his way in a new world, but he still hasn’t found what he came here for – Leo.

In their previous lives, Quint and Leo declared their love right before they died, and made a simple pact: in the next lifetime, they’d find each other.

Only Leo isn’t keeping to his promise.

Needing to understand why, Quint has one option left to try to find Leo: The Player’s Lounge…. A mysterious app where the lost souls of the One Percent can reconnect.

‘The Player’s Lounge’ is the debut novel from prolific M/M narrator Dan Calley.

PREORDER, Releasing March 2024

You’re Not My King!, by Eryn Hawk

YOU’RE NOT MY KING! is an MM alien romance with language barriers, banter, and barbarian aliens. It features a hot, lizard king from the planet U’suhk, and a traumatized little human, who was abducted by accident and forced to become an alien’s mate. YOU’RE NOT MY KING! is part of the EXTRA! EXTRATERRESTRIAL shared world series with Fae Quinn, where each book focuses on its own pair and their HEA. While these stories can act as standalones, it is best to read each authors’ books in the order of their publication due to world-building.

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Symphony for Connor, by Shane Ulrrein

David Schoenberg is shy, nerdy, and has big dreams of becoming the next great composer. Those dreams seem to become reality when he is newly-admitted to the Barnard School of Music, a selective academy for future musicians and artists.

It’s here that David meets and falls in love with fellow freshman, Connor Pfeif. Connor is handsome, a gifted composer, and the biggest flake in school. He’s everything the studious, hard-working David isn’t, and no matter how David feels about him, it seems Connor would never return that affection.

This all changes when the truth comes out after a wild party and David and Connor form a deeper bond than either of them has ever known.

But with this newfound love comes a dark side as he learns terrible truths about his new boyfriend—unfinished relationships, a history of reckless behavior, and suicidal tendencies. Things turn tragic and ugly, putting David to the ultimate test as he must decide if he can stand with the greatest love of his life.

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Mistletoe Moments: An MM Holiday Duology, by Rhys Everly

‘Tis the season for sugar, spice and everything nice…and gay.

Get into the holiday spirit with two MM romances that will have you swooning and fanning yourself in equal measure.

What you’ll find inside Mistletoe Moments:
Enemies to lovers
Brother’s best friend
Age gap
Furry friends
and a little bit of magic.

Contains the books “Hair and Heart” and “The Holiday Experiment” by Rhys Everly.

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Stocking Stuffer, by Lorelei M. Hart and Colbie Dunbar

Here comes Santa Claus…

When my heater goes out, it’s the last straw. With my car already in the shop, my hours getting cut, and Christmas around the corner, I officially give up. It’s time to ask my parents if I can move home. It isn’t the failing at adulting that gets me down, it’s returning to pack life. I left it for a reason; my mate wasn’t there. Heading back with my tail between my legs will pretty much guarantee I’ll spend my life alone.

But just as I’m about to call my folks, I see an ad for someone to play Santa Claus, one that specifically asks for all builds and ages. Sure, I’m only thirty, and sure, I have a solid six-pack, but good on them for realizing that make-up and pillows can do wonders during cosplay. Only, when I arrive at the interview, I quickly discover that they aren’t looking for a mall Kris Kringle. No. That would be too easy. They’re looking for exotic Santas… yeah, that kind. I’m about to leave, until I discover how much they want to pay me. Maybe, just maybe, I can be a naughty St. Nicholas for a bit.

Stocking Stuffer is a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg Christmas romance from the popular co-writing duo of Lorelei M. Hart and Colbie Dunbar. It features a wolf down on his luck, the human who drags his friend to one of the wolf’s “shows”, some really bad dancing, Christmas magic, tree decorating, cookies, cocoa, snowy fun, true love, fated mates, a guaranteed happy ever after, and the best present of all… an adorable baby.

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Heart of Outcasts, by Nicole Silver

Change is coming to the Autumn County werewolves, and someone would kill to keep it from happening.

Justin thought a nice long run in the woods would help sort out his problems; he’d get some fresh air and exercise, and if he just happened to disappear then he wouldn’t need to worry about losing his job, his apartment, and his future. But when he wakes up in the dirt, bloody and confused, with a naked man leaning over him, asking if he’s all right, he suddenly wants very much to live. Because even if Bjarni is way out of his league, he can’t deny the spark between them.

Bjarni is the asshole of the family. He’s the middle of three werewolf brothers, and a womanizing, hard-drinking, fight-starting disgrace. So when he finds a newly-changed werewolf in the woods, everyone he knows would have expected him to just dump the young man on his older brother and pack leader. Instead, Bjarni finds himself unexpectedly attracted to Justin.

When it comes to light that someone in the Autumn County pack is changing humans into werewolves without their consent, Justin may be the only one who can figure out who it is. But he’s busy trying to cope with his new werewolf abilities and his doomed attraction to his mentor, and he’s messed up everything else in his life anyway, so what can he do? But if he doesn’t do something, more wolves will end up dead.

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Ghost of Christmas Present, by Pandora Pine

With only a week until Christmas, Detective Jude Byrne is wrapping up final preparations for his family’s celebration. He’s made a list and checked it twice, bought presents, planned the neighborhood cookie exchange, and hung mistletoe. Jude’s got a handle on everything, that is, until his son asks if his grandfather is coming to celebrate with them—a man Jude hasn’t seen in six years.

Meanwhile, psychic Copeland Forbes is busier than ever, helping grieving family members reunite with loved ones who won’t be with them this season. When Jude mentions inviting his grandfather to spend the holidays with them, Cope thinks it’s a great idea, but doesn’t hold out much hope Eagle will make an appearance.

When Running Eagle shows up on their doorstep, Jude must face his past and decide how his present will play out. Thanks to long talks and spending time with family and friends, Eagle realizes Jude has found the one thing he never could give him. A home.

Can Jude and Eagle lay the ghosts of the past to rest or will the last tattered remains of their bond break forever?

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Heal Me, by Beck Grey

A lawyer and an architect walk into a bar…


What do you do when your boss’s pushy nephew repeatedly asks you out and won’t take no for an answer? You create a fake boyfriend. One who works a lot, so he never comes to office functions or meets you for lunch. It works well until le salaud calls my bluff.

So that’s how I find myself at a client event, practically begging a handsome stranger to play said boyfriend. Only after I calm down do I realize le bel homme in the bespoke suit is no stranger at all. He’s my best friend’s brother, and mon Dieu, he cleans up well!

When Gunnar volunteers to keep up the ruse beyond one night, of course, I say yes. I’m no fool. But fake love can have very real consequences…


Being accosted by the attractive, if slightly flustered, Jocelin Allard before I even make it out of the parking lot isn’t how I expect to start my evening. But pretending to be his boyfriend for a few hours seems like a harmless way to liven up an otherwise painful social event.

And as far as dates go, fake or otherwise, I could do a lot worse. He’s smart, gorgeous, and has a sexy accent. Plus, my sister would kill me if I left her bestie hanging.

When the evening goes shockingly well, almost effortlessly, our relationship turns real, and for a while, it’s total bliss. Until I unintentionally take a wrecking ball to my life. Again.

Heal Me is a low-medium angst, MM fake boyfriend, sister’s best friend, contemporary romance about bad decisions, past trauma, and loving someone including their flaws. It contains no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Forever Family Trilogy: The Collected Works, by Kiki Clark

Favor, Easy, and Faker

This trilogy features a group of friends who are brought together by circumstances but remain family by choice. You’ll find May/December pairings, brother’s best friend, bi awakenings, fake dating, and plenty of that Kiki Clark steam.

Contains all three novellas (no new content).

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dear Marcus, by Blake Taylor

Thunder Falls is the perfect place to be during Christmas, and Beckett Davis is living his best life as a bookstore owner. But when the handsome and well-traveled Marcus Young comes into town for a last-minute book signing, things get even more exciting.

Marcus has no trouble getting Beckett’s attention. There’s just one catch:

He’s only in town as a favor to a friend, and he’s hiding a powerful secret.

When a nor’easter forces them together, Marcus and Beckett discover they have more in common than they realize. But will their unexpected romance survive the stormy weather, or will Marcus’s mysterious past pull them apart once the snow clears?

Dear Marcus is an MM romance including hurt/comfort, super strength, forced proximity, secret histories, specialty cocoa, and small-town Maine Christmas tradition.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Rebel Without A Claus, by Charlie Cochet

Life for Leopold de Loughrey is anything but ordinary. His meticulous and logical mind is both a gift and a curse, especially when it comes to finding a heartfelt present for his beloved fiancé, Ward Kingston. As Christmas and their first milestone anniversary draw near, Leo is eager to find the ideal gift that will perfectly capture their deep love and devotion.

When Colton surprises their family with an unforgettable Christmas vacation to Winterhaven, the possibilities that await in this enchanting holiday town stir Leo’s imagination, and with a few keystrokes, he discovers the town’s mayor—a man who remarkably resembles Santa Claus himself.

Join Leo, King, and their Four Kings Security family as they embark on a shenanigan-fueled adventure filled with unyielding determination and boundless love to rescue the holiday season for Winterhaven, where Santa Claus may just hold the key to delivering the perfect Christmas.


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