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Oh Buoy, by Ava Olsen

Andrew: I’ve traveled the world as a yacht steward for the past year, trying to outrun a broken heart and a mountain of debt. Then a gig as a chief stew on board a yacht in the Caribbean comes my way. The timing is right, the weather is perfect, and the pay is desperately needed.
There’s just one problem…

My billionaire boss, Rowan Carter, is way too distracting. With his charming British accent and sarcastic quips, Rowan commands all my attention and none of it is focused on work. I prepare to meet another entitled jerk when I step on board his ship, but it turns out that Rowan is the exception to the billionaire rule. And I get a first-hand glimpse of the kindhearted man behind the money.

The professional line between us melts away but I’ve been badly burned by a workplace relationship gone wrong. And Rowan and I live in two very different worlds. I can’t – shouldn’t – fall for Rowan Carter.

Oh boy. Too late.

Rowan: I run a real estate empire but being in the top one percent isn’t all fun and caviar. The family business has struggled these past two years and now the one place that was my refuge may be taken away from me. Add to that, I’m a target for the paparazzi because of a former relationship. I’ve never felt so alone. Lonely. Unmoored…

Until a dreamy American named Andrew Slater walks aboard my ship and into my life. Andrew takes delight in answering my snark with sarcastic retorts and his wit is matched by quiet acts of kindness.

Falling in love is an unexpected voyage for both of us. Unless the press gets wind of our relationship, and then all bets are off.

But I fight to win, because Andrew is the most important deal of my life.

Oh Buoy is a boss-employee, friends to lovers, MM romance filled with tropical locations, spicy banter and swoony moments.

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An Unexpected Gift, by Harper Robson

Discovering you’re not as straight as you thought when you’re in your mid-forties is… well… interesting. But a one-night stand over a year ago turned my world upside down, and now I’m ready to explore that side of myself. But no matter who I date, no one compares to him.

I’m the party guy, always down for a good time with only one rule: I don’t do repeats. I knew right away, though, that one night with Matt would never be enough. But when I woke up, he was gone, and I can’t get him out of my head.

When we somehow end up trapped together during the blizzard of the century, over Christmas, I’m not sure if it’s a gift or a curse. Should I hold tight to the rule that’s kept my heart safe for years? Or does it mean something that we’ve found each other again after a night neither one of us could forget?

An Unexpected Gift is a steamy, second-chance, bi-awakening romance featuring an unforgettable one-night-stand, A middle-aged tech CEO still figuring out who he is, and a good-time-guy who doesn’t know what to do when he finds someone he wants more than one night with.

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The Lady Under the Lake, by E.J. Russell

This client is all wet…

After receiving a hot tip on the whereabouts of my almost-boyfriend’s nearly-ex-husband (hey, I told you—it’s complicated!), I thought my love life was finally coming up for air. But when we stake out the remote lake, it’s not the ex who surfaces.

It’s the Faerie King’s long-missing mother (and I mean really long, as in double-digit centuries), and she wants to hire Quest Investigations. Since one of my bosses is the king’s brother, he has a tsunami of…feelings about her as a potential client, and refuses to take the case. Instead, he passes it to me.

Yes! However…

Should I be thrilled at the vote of confidence or suspicious that he’s tossing me in the deep end without a life preserver, the better to punish the woman who abandoned her kid all those years ago?

You know what? It doesn’t matter. I may be Quest’s token human, but I’ve proven I can get the job done, so I dive right in. Then the lady explains what she wants me to do: find her missing child.

Seriously? I expected more of a challenge. All I have to do is introduce her to the king and bingo, case closed. But when she says, “Not that one,” this little family drama threatens to send ripples throughout the supernatural community—especially with my boss in over his head as the prime suspect in a fae kidnapping.

As if things weren’t complicated enough… Remember that nearly-ex? When he shows up and muddies the waters, I’m faced with a choice: I can solve this case or I can finally hook my almost-boyfriend.


The Lady Under the Lake is the third in the Quest Investigations M/M mystery series, a spinoff of E.J. Russell’s Mythmatched paranormal rom-com story world. It contains no on-page sex or violence, and although there is a romantic subplot, it is not a romance. The series is best read in order.

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Star of the Game, by Amy Aislin

Felix only wants two things:
1. To make music.
2. His best friend, Emery.

But he’s not willing to risk two decades of friendship for something more. Besides, a bout of writer’s block is preventing him from creating new material, and he’s got deadlines to meet. He doesn’t need any distractions—and Emery is the biggest distraction of all.

Emery only wants two things:
1. To play hockey.
2. His best friend, Felix.

He’s ready to risk it all for a shot at being together. While he should be concentrating on playing his best hockey so his team will grant him a contract extension, there’s no reason he can’t multitask.

With their careers at a crossroads, the timing for romance couldn’t be worse—but when Felix is forced to move in with Emery, will Emery finally convince him to take a chance at becoming the stars of their own game?

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The Blacksmith and the Ex-Con, by Jackie North

“If anybody ever needed him, Ellis did. Ellis was broken. Jasper liked to fix things.”

Jasper has the perfect life. He’s a blacksmith at a small guest ranch in Wyoming. The last thing he needs is to have that perfect life interrupted by a shifty-eyed ex-con, but the ranch needs the tax benefits the ex-con program will bring.

Traumatized by his time in prison, Ellis can barely speak. He’s about to be offered parole. He knows he will hate working on the guest ranch, but what other option does he have?

It’s not love at first sight. It’s not hate at first sight, either, but something in between.

A gay m/m cowboy romance with age gap, hurt/comfort, opposites attract, forced intimacy, emotional scars, trauma leading to mutism, grumpy/grumpy, and baths. A little sweet, a little steamy, with a guaranteed HEA.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Ebook in Kindle Unlimited

Page Against the Machine, by Gabbi Grey (Michael Dean, narrator)

My tranquility is shattered when a motorcycle repair shop moves in next to my bookstore. All I want is peace and quiet. What I get is gunning engines and eighties rock music. One of us has got to go, and since I was here first, it’s the hot mechanic.

I chose Mission City to set up shop because of the weekend-enthusiast riders. I’ve dreamed of owning my own shop for years, and no one is going to run me out of town. Least of all the adorable geek Bookstore Dude.

This 25k gay romance novella is a true instalove, enemies to lovers, opposites attract story with a cuddly cat named Aristotle. The story first appeared in the anthology Love Is All Volume 5.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Forbidden Devotion, by Lee Colgin

Young heir Sinclair Davis is the only vampire at a werewolf university. Surrounded by a pack of unwelcoming shifters, his first meeting with their alpha ends in blood.

Alpha wolf Mitchel Edgehill is furious when the university sends a vampire to be housed among his pack. But what can he do? The paperwork’s been signed. They’ll have to find a way to coexist.

As violence escalates between species, the uneasy truce between Sinclair and Mitchel turns amorous. Though desire burns between them, their union is forbidden.

When the pair attend a peace conference, a terrorist group attacks, and Sinclair is kidnapped. Can the alpha wolf work with vampires to save him, or will war break out after all?


Forbidden Devotion is an enemies to lovers MM urban fantasy in a college setting. It’s the first of a series but can be read as a standalone with its own HEA and no cliffhanger. This book was previously published as Forbidden Bond by Lee Colgin. It’s been revised and re-edited though the love story remains unchanged.

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Love at Fourth Sight, by Ariella Zoelle

When Luca’s job brings him to a small town for business, he quickly discovers the magic of falling in love with a feisty local. But can a sassy spitfire like Albie convince Luca to stay in Wintervale for good?

Luca Revello

As someone who grew up in the city, I experience some culture shock when I travel to the picturesque, small town of Wintervale to help an older couple launch their new ski resort. While almost everyone warmly welcomes me, I seem to rub the owners’ son the wrong way. While Albie seems determined to chase me away, his feisty nature makes him irresistible to me, despite our fifteen-year age difference.

It may not be love at first sight, but by the fourth time we meet, I feel like I’m starring in my very own romantic comedy with Albie. Can the magic of a small town bring us a happily ever after worthy of the best schmoopy movies?

Albie Farnese

I want to hate Luca with everything I have. An outsider like him should have no business telling my family how to run our business. But instead of the stuffy, obnoxious know-it-all I expect to show up, Luca has the audacity to be charming, handsome, hilarious, and ridiculously perfect, making it impossible to hate him. Ugh, he’s such a jerk.

If I can’t hate him, I guess that means I have to love him for being the living embodiment of my dream boyfriend. The man even bakes like a master pastry chef! Who could resist a baking god? Certainly not me. Honestly, his only flaw is not being a permanent resident of Wintervale. But I can be very persuasive when it comes to getting what I want, so why should I let that pesky little detail stop us from being together?

Love at Fourth Sight is the third book in the Suite Dreams series and part of the Sunnyside universe. This novel features a small-town, insta love, age gap, opposites attract, gay romance. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and no angst stories that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll enjoy this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Ebook in Kindle Unlimited

The Shackles That Hold Us, by Michele Notaro (CJ Storm, narrator)

As if crushin’ on a shifter wasn’t bad enough, I had to go and date one.

A mage and a shifter walk into a bar… No, that’s the whole joke.

Magi and shifters don’t mix, and yet I find myself in a relationship with Cosmo, a lion shifter. And on top of that, Cosmo, and all his pride members, consider my brothers and me to be a part of their pride. Three magi in a shifter pride. Who would’ve ever thought?

Navigating our connection while trying to figure out what’s going on in the world isn’t easy. Trusting that Cosmo means forever when he says it? Even harder. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned since meeting the Ono-Nais, it’s that taking a risk with my heart will be worth it to be a part of their lives.

The Shackles That Hold Us is a 113K novel and the second book in the MM urban fantasy series, The Magi Accounts. It’s recommended to read the series in order because it has an ongoing storyline, but there is NO cliffhanger.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Detonate, by Reese Knightley

The love of a lifetime hasn’t always been easy…

Stefano – Phoenix Commander
He’d waited around long enough.
They’d known each other for over thirty years, been together for a good portion of those years, and had lived in the same house for the past two.
And still, Giovanni Rossi wouldn’t tell people they were a couple. Of course, several of their family and friends suspected they were together, but nothing had ever been confirmed. And frankly, Stefano hated all the secrecy.
Maybe Rossi didn’t want to make it official between them. Or maybe it was as simple as, Rossi wanted to live a straight life for the public.

Bottom line?
Stefano is tired of living in Rossi’s closet.

Rossi – Phoenix Chief
How the hell had he gotten into this predicament?
His boyfriend, who on all accounts should have been his husband years ago, had left him.

And Rossi had only himself to blame.
Now he had to use his elite team of operatives to find the man who held his heart. If he had to, he’d toss Stefano over his shoulder and carry him home. But what if that didn’t work? Well then… he would have to come up with something else to convince Stefano to give him another chance.

Because there’s no way in hell Rossi is going to live without him.

*Come along for a wild ride in Detonate (Out for Justice book seven) as the men of Phoenix help Rossi track down Stefano!

**While it is not necessary to read the series to enjoy Detonate, previous couples are involved and do have opinions.

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The Resort, by Ana Ashley

A hotel room. Three men. One unforgettable encounter.

I had a plan. Graduate from my MA and work for my uncle’s resort.
The plan didn’t include hooking up with two guests, a hot older guy with stormy blue eyes, and his much younger, but equally sexy, husband.

After the most incredible experience of my life, I ran.
But you know, as they say, life has a way of catching up with you.

Now, Mal is my boss at the resort, and fighting my attraction to him and Griff becomes harder and harder…pun very much intended.

As we give in to the attraction between us, navigate the conflict of interest, and our growing feelings for each other, all that’s left to figure out is…will there be room for three?

The Resort is a standalone contemporary MMM romance that features an age gap, cute bunnies, and three men who can’t help falling in love.

NEW RELEASE, Audio and Ebook, Kindle Unlimited

The Holiday Disaster, by Rye Cox

What do you call being stranded with your brother’s best friend? A Recipe for disaster? Or a dream come true?

Ethan Wang
College is supposed to be my chance to start over. To leave high school behind and focus on my studies to become a vet. Then, I board a plane on winter break and find myself seated next to my brother’s best friend. The same guy I had a huge crush on even though he always seemed to have it out for me.

It should be a quick flight filled with awkward small talk, but plans change when the plane’s engine fails and we have to land in the middle of nowhere. After a sequence of ill-fated events, we’re forced to share a B&B with only one bed. Trapped in a room with a man I’ve hidden my feelings from for years… What’s the worst that could happen?

Kingsley Sharp
I usually get what I want, thanks to my mastery at charming my way into anyone’s heart. That, however, hasn’t been the case with my best friend’s brother. We got off on the wrong foot, and I want nothing more than to win him over.

Now with us stranded together, my chance has come. Stuck in a small town full of snow drifts and holiday cheer, I’m determined to use this disaster to make this a magical holiday neither of us will forget.

The Holiday Disaster is a standalone MM romance with college-aged characters. It’s a fun blend of sweet and steamy moments featuring brother’s best friend, one bed, first love, slow burn, and opposites attract tropes

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Under His Heel, by Adara Wolf

Alex is trapped. His life has been one bad decision after the other, and now he’s forced to work off his debt with a spaceship captain or risk a fate worse than death. Captain Tracht is respected and well-connected. Unfortunately, he also has some very questionable private interests, and makes no secret that he intends Alex to participate in them, whether he likes it or not. It’s an experience of pain, humiliation, and tears, but somehow Alex finds himself growing less and less interested in his eventual release… Note that this book contains dark themes. Read at your own discretion.

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Raphael’s Return, by C.J. Dragon

It was a year of change and healing, heartbreak, and renewal.

On his way to reunite with his First Consort, Lord Teo receives unwelcome news from Chi’NoSa Prime.

He is ordered to return to perform a duty he hoped to be spared.

There is no recourse except obedience.

Raphael, changed from his time spent with the Chi’NoSa, discovers that his gifts set him apart from his peers, causing them to shun him.

As his family and a few friends are the only colonists to support him, Raphael spends much of his time alone, removing himself from the cacophony of other minds.

When the wait for his lord’s return is finally over, Raphael assumes his place on the Golden Falcon, hopeful they can live in harmony as they look for new worlds.

Returning to Chi’NoSa Prime was not part of the plan.

Neither was an unwanted duty.

A duty that would change them both, leading them to a Queen who would ask for their future, and may change the Chi’NoSa and humanity forever. What will they have to give in order to save both their species?

FREE BOOK, All Retailers

Winter Wonders, by Leighton Greene

Jonathan Ashe’s Christmas plans: hole up on the opposite coast, mend his broken heart, and cry into his eggnog all alone.

Job-sitting for a friend in Connecticut seems like the perfect way to leave his mistakes behind over the holiday season. But when Jon’s car breaks down in the snow, he finds himself saved by Prince Charming’s hotter brother, whisked off to a warm log cabin – and an equally warm bed.

It’s only when morning comes that he learns the real identity of his rescuer…and things begin to snowball!

Cooper Kincaid’s Christmas plans: get his mother off his back by introducing Jon as his new boyfriend…except he forgot to ask Jon first.

As plans for the annual Kincaid family Christmas Gala ramp up, Cooper is trying to deflect his mother’s attempts to get him back together with his toxic ex.

After a chance hookup with Jon, Cooper tells one little White Christmas lie. Thankfully, Jon agrees to act the part of boyfriend for the holidays. As they get to know each other, Jon even encourages Cooper’s bossy side in bed – something that Cooper has never been able to express before.

But the more time they spend together, the more real Cooper’s feelings become.

Can Cooper and Jon admit they might be each other’s winter wonderful, or will the ghosts of relationships past ruin their chance for true love?


Winter Wonders is a holiday romance novel with a pinch of humor, a dash of kink, and a light cinnamon dusting of angst. Happy for now / Happily ever after guaranteed, and no cliffhangers.

Wrap yourself up in this warm Christmas romance featuring: Snowed In, There’s Only One Bed, Hurt/Comfort, Fake Dating, Mistletoe Kisses, and (naturally!) some naughty fun.

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