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Second Chances, by RB Bartels

Within one year, Danny lost everyone. His husband, his parents, and his birth mother. No way was he ready to jump into another relationship, but he longed for a friend, and Andrew appeared at just the right time. Then his dead husband’s brother shows up and demands the estate, saying, “you ain’t family.”

As a teen, Andrew spent several years on the streets, homeless and hungry. If it weren’t for his best friend Amber, he wouldn’t have made it. When Amber got pregnant, he helped her through the birth and care for a newborn baby boy. Then she died. He placed the baby in foster care, cleaned up his life, finished his education, and looked for the happiness and security he missed as a teen.

Phil’s bad luck was always the fault of everyone else. He was determined to get his dead brother’s estate from Danny in any way he could. Then he discovered his old street buddy Andrew was part of the picture.

How could Danny and Andrew thwart Phil’s plans and keep themselves safe, especially with two little boys in the picture?

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The Nature of the Game, by Amy Aislin

Six years ago, an ultimatum forced Dan Greyson to make a choice that cost him everything he loved most. One of those things? His boyfriend, hockey player Ashton Yager. Now that they’ve crossed paths again, Dan isn’t about to let the opportunity slip away. Ash’s reappearance in his life is just the catalyst Dan needs to escape the rut he’s fallen into…and win back Ash’s trust and love.

Ashton Yager, once burned and now a little bit shy, didn’t mean to publicly come out as bisexual. But now that he has, he’s got to deal with the consequences, including the fact that it might’ve cost him his NHL contract. With his job on the line, he needs to keep his head down, work hard, and play the best hockey of his life. Rekindling things with Dan? That’s not exactly keeping a low profile. It’s also never going to happen, not after Dan walked away once without an explanation.

When a hurricane forces Ash to seek shelter out-of-state, he and Dan find themselves in the same B&B, where old feelings resurface. But with everything Ash has on the line, does he dare play with fire again?

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The Night Before, by Harper Robson

The second I discover my one-night stand’s father is the player who ended my stepdad’s NHL career, I know I need to stay far away. As soon as I figure it out, I run, ghosting him while sleeps. I’m desperate to erase our incredible night together from history, or at least from my memory. Apparently, the Universe has other ideas though, and now he holds the fate of my career in his hands. Suddenly, forgetting about the most intense connection of my life is no longer an option.

The pressure of having to constantly prove myself because people think I’m coasting on my dad’s influence never stops. An occasional night of no-strings-attached fun in the arms of a hot stranger helps me forget about it- for a moment. But when my latest hookup slips away without even a goodbye, all I’m left with his first name: Ben. But the universe has a sense of humor, throwing us in front of each other again. This time, we have to work together on a project critical to both our careers. A project my dad, a retired NHL legend, will do almost anything to stop, including trying to turn Ben against me.

The Night Before is a steamy M/M romance featuring a brilliant, selfless doctor trying to make the world of pro hockey safer, and an ambitious young NHL team executive, desperate to prove he’s more than just the son of a famous hockey player.

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Possession Game, by Cecelia Storm

Can a single dad woo an old love and star university football player back into his heart?

My senior year is going to be great.
Football, friends, and a bright future.
Until I see Joel on the field one day.
I was in love with him years ago, but he rejected me.
What the hell is he doing at Twin City U?
And why does he look so, so good?

I transferred to TCU for one thing: Clayton.
We missed our chance before,
and I’m not gonna let that happen again.
But he doesn’t know I’m a single dad now…
…will that change things?
I’ll do anything to make sure we end up together.

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Baby Blue, by Shae Michaels

Wearing an oversized foam head and being the mascot of an NHL team might not have been his childhood dream, but Miles Gillespie likes his job with the Bangor Blue Bangers. He just wished that, occasionally, people would remember his name isn’t actually Blue.

A PR executive with the Bangers, Scott Delgado feels a certain responsibility to monitor all of Blue’s activities and appearances, even if he isn’t possibly, technically, his boss. And it must be that sense of responsibility that has him flying across the country when Miles gets injured.

As Scott gets to know the man inside the suit, will he be able to handle falling for the man with eyes as blue as the synthetic hair of the mascot he plays or will he let their work roles get in the way?

This is a 35K word novella, set within the hockey world of Shae Michaels’ Stick Handling series. There are mentions of other characters and events from the series, but this can be read as a complete stand-alone work.

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Predatory Obsession, by Trinity Black

They underestimate me.

I’ve always been “the pretty boy.”
My enemies think I am weak and will crack under pressure.
Kidnapped, tortured, beaten, starved…
I do not give in. I do not break.
I know the Lupos will come for me.
But I never expect it to be Dante, the Boss himself, the man of my deepest desires…

No one harms the one I love and gets away with it.

Matteo is the younger brother of my consigliere.
I shouldn’t fall for him, but I do…
He is my soulmate. My obsession.
My rivals take him, torture him, nearly kill him…
They will get what is coming to them.
I am the predator and now they are my prey…

But with betrayal around every corner, we’re unsure who to trust. Can I keep the love of my life safe as enemy attacks escalate?

Predatory Obsession is a hurt-comfort MM Daddy Romance with morally ambiguous characters. This age gap story features steamy scenes, gratuitous violence, and an overprotective Daddy doing everything to keep his boy safe. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhanger.

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The Wonder Within, by Gwen Martin

Honoring their friend brought them back together. Will love and a common goal keep them there?

Four years ago, Leon fled Knoxville with a broken heart and swore he’d never come back. But when his best friend dies tragically, he finds himself face to face with a place he’d just as soon forget, and the man he left behind.

As a teacher, Toryn knows how much the community needs a facility like The Collective. But bringing his dead best friend’s legacy to life is complicated. Working with Leon makes it even harder. Toryn never thought he’d see the man who walked away from him again.

Together, Leon and Toryn have just three weeks to get The Collective ready to welcome the community. Building something from a clean slate should be easy. But rebuilding what is broken between them will be the hardest thing they’ve ever done.

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Friend or Mistlefoe, by Ariella Zoelle

The only thing worse than Mingo not living out his Christmas rom-com fantasy is having his sworn enemy be the one to make all his holiday dreams come true.

I’d rather roast my chestnuts over an open fire than spend a single second around Marley. So when that grinch shows up at my apartment to hang out with my friends over Christmas break, I’m ready to deck his halls, if you know what I mean.

After he starts an argument with me, I take advantage of the mistletoe hanging above us to end it with an impulsive kiss to shut him up, once and for all. But I make one crucial miscalculation: Marley kisses to win, and I refuse to lose.

Now, I want to jingle his bells and make it a white Christmas. It must be a holiday miracle that I went from hating a guy to wishing he’d plow me like the snowy roads.

Can we call a truce long enough to make it a not-so-silent night?

Friend or Mistlefoe is a standalone novel in the Sunnyside universe. This comedic enemies to lovers gay romance is full of holiday cheer and naughty Christmas banter. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and no angst stories that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll enjoy this festive HEA without cliffhangers.

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Creekside Township Rivals, by JT Fader

Three HEA stories set in Creekside, a sleepy little town, where rivalries don’t generally occur due to the leadership of the East Creekside pack. This boxed set follows the love stories of three brothers, dedicating a book to each. Lots of knotting, MPreg, and of course love.

Lucas’ Omega: A small town offers more than an opportunity to start again.

Adam is running from a bad breakup, severing bonds with the pack of his birth. He heads to the small town of Creekside to set down new roots. There are two wolf packs in the area, but Adam has no intention of joining either one. That is until he catches the scent of his fated mate lingering on a new friend. He struggles against the need he feels for him. He wants to run to him but doesn’t want a mate. Especially this one.

Lucas is reeling from the loss of his chosen mate and unborn pup. He’s the leader of his pack and he needs to make sure his family’s electrical business continues to thrive. An Omega interloper threatens to disrupt the customer relationships they’ve been nurturing for three generations.

As the Alpha leader, Lucas knows he needs to chase the Omega wolf out of town. The business will suffer if he stays in Creekside. Only one problem. He wants him. He fights the urge to go after him and claim him even though his inner wolf is screaming, “Fated mate!”

Will two rivals be able to put their differences aside and submit to their fate?

Jonas’ Alpha: A new rival comes into Creekside with a business that threatens to impact the success of Jonas’ restaurant. And the owner is human. How will Jonas and his pack react to this latest interloper?

Jonas is plagued by sadness. His life has left him feeling unfulfilled. He puts on a brave face but inside, he has given up on ever being truly happy. He distracts himself by rutting with every willing male wolf or human. As an Omega, he’s convinced that’s all he’s good for.

His other distraction is his restaurant. It’s the only one in town. He serves humans and wolves alike, the menu offering full human meals and wolf meat-only options. His hackles go up when a rival moves into town and sets up a bistro right across the street from him.

Damon drove through Creekside once years ago and the peaceful town called to him. After spending a couple of years more in the city, he feels it’s time to make the move.

Unfortunately, the president of the town council lied to him when he told Damon there were no other restaurants in Creekside. The owner of the other restaurant is rightly upset. Damon isn’t deterred. He wants his business to succeed. And he’s willing to compete.

There’s only one problem.

Will the draw they feel to each other disrupt the rivalry they need to keep their businesses afloat?

Alphas’ Omega: When the world holds prejudice against your love, how do you move forward?

Bryant finally has his pack and his family back but he hasn’t returned to Creekside alone. He’s brought a friend he’s been traveling with in wolf form for the past 5 years. Unsure if Adam has truly forgiven him for what he did to him, Bryant attempts to set down new roots.

Grayson has been without a pack for most of his life. Deciding to follow Bryant for 5 years felt like having a pack. Two Alpha males living together has peaked some eyebrows over those years. Rightly so. It’s Grayson’s unrequited heart that keeps him at Bryant’s side.

Hunter has never mated before. He has a fantasy of having two Alphas at once break his virginity. As an Omega, he also dreams of finding his mate someday and having pups. Encountering two Alphas who appear to be close sets his fantasy in motion.

Is this going to be a one-night stand or has fate got other plans?

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Sleighing Sage, by Jaclyn Quinn

In just a few weeks, I’m going to marry the love of my life. Levi makes me happier than I ever thought possible. There’s just one shriveled raisin in this Christmas cookie. He thinks he’s masking his pain well, but I can see he’s longing for something I can’t exactly give him. With the help of four little elves—don’t tell Levi’s best friends I called them little—I’m going to show him he deserves to have it all. I can’t erase the ghosts of Christmas past, but with a well-choreographed plan, I’m determined to make him see all he has. With the wedding details all set, I have plenty of time to focus on putting the jolly back in my man’s holly. What could go wrong?

I never thought I’d have an idyllic life—until it was sprinkled with Sage. There’s a saying…something about what you bring to the table…and I can’t help but feel like Sage’s arms are full while I’m showing up empty-handed. I want to be the man he deserves. Not just to feed my soul, but to add sustenance to his life. Things may not always go the way we planned, but no matter what life throws at us, we can sleigh anything together. Bad jokes aside, out of all the men in the world, Sage chose me. And you can bet your Jingles Bells, I’m going to give him the wedding of his dreams.

Come celebrate a wedding in Coral Pointe, where two of our favorites find their happily-ever-after…with a few shenanigans along the way!

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Remington, by Silvia Violet

A mobster rescued me, and I rescued him right back.

I should never have approached Remington’s car. I knew he was dangerous, but he needed help and I was sure he could pay well for it.

When he offers me an astronomical sum to stay with him for two weeks, I can’t say no. Even then, I know when our time is up, I’ll wish we had forever. Remington cares for me like no man ever has, and I can’t help falling for him.

But how could a crime boss be my Prince Charming or give me the fairytale happily ever after I’ve always dreamed of?

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The Siren’s Song, by Crista Crown

Ever since Len realized most people are more in love with the idea of having sex with a siren than who he is as a person, he’s given up on love. Hook ups, friends with benefits—that’s fine. But romance is definitely off the table.

It’s too bad he didn’t tell Max that before they slept together—for both of them. Hot, nerdy, human Max who captured Len’s interest with just a glance. Because Max doesn’t do meaningless sex. It’s all or nothing for him. So in spite of it being one of the hottest nights of Len’s life, there will be no repeats.

It’s also too bad Havenwood is very small and they share a friend group. Because it’s not like they can just ignore each other and pretend it never happened when they’re constantly running into each other.

And it’s not like Len can just stand back and watch when Aria, a vampire who’s been alive far too long to not have removed the stick from her behind, starts trying to stir anti-human prejudice with Max as her main target.

Even so, Len is determined to keep Max at arm’s length. Or at least at shoulder’s length. Though really he just wants to be pressed up against the human with as little between them as possible.

Len can totally be friends with Max without benefits. He has plenty of friends without benefits! Just not ones he can’t stop thinking about in bed…

Oh rivers, this is going to be a problem…

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Obeying Orders, by Matthew Dante

Rian Lassalle

42, Muscle Daddy, enjoys putting Brody in his place and showing him who the real alpha dog is on this crew.

Running from your past can be painful. I moved to Jersey, hoping to find some peace and perspective. Instead, all I found was an annoying man-child who thinks that he’s God’s gift to women. Seriously, the arrogance of this man is astounding. If he thinks he can continue to disrespect people while I’m around, the boy clearly doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. There’s a new Alpha in town, and I’m about to show Brody what I do to those who misbehave.

Brody O’Connell

32, work for the O’Brien Crew and have my own auto shop. Oh, yeah, and I’m tough, muscular, and sexy as sin.

Don’t hate me cus I’m hot, and my biceps are bigger than your head. I’m an Alpha. A top dog. Women want to lay with me, and guys want to be me. It’s a simple fact. Some of us have it, some of us… well, that’s not my issue to worry about. Everything was going great until my boss decided I needed a… partner? A boss? A glorified babysitter? I don’t exactly know what Rian’s role is supposed to be. All I know is that he thinks he’s the top dog. Just because his muscles are slightly bigger than mine, and he happens to be a head taller, he seems to think that I’m going to lay down on my back and let him take me… any way he wants… ordering me around. Come to think about it, why do I keep getting turned on whenever he gives me an order? Perhaps, I’ll keep that last bit of information to myself…

This is an MM Dark Romance involving bad men doing bad things.

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The Trust, by C. Azzo and M. Grano

A dirty cop full of daddy issues falls for his criminal handler. Could this cruel hitman – 22 years his senior – be the one to fix him? And can they protect each other from the dangerous cartel they work for?

Jacob Rossi is a skilled young officer with the Ladena Police Department, but his moral ambiguity and lack of care for the job drew him into a world of crime years ago. Riddled with self-hatred, he exists in a state of perpetual numbness, until he starts working more closely with the cold, seemingly emotionless Dimitri Moreno, a sadistic enforcer of a criminal organisation called The Trust.

Dimitri is an expert in detachment, which has made him capable of doing unspeakable things, but he soon realises that he cannot detach from his feelings for Jacob. The clever, guarded cop unearths things inside him he never thought possible and never thought he could want. After years of feeling like a monster, Dimitri suddenly feels painfully human.

Can their intense, highly irregular love survive the demons that surround them? Can they?

The Trust contains an age gap, mature scenes, a lot of angst and fluff, and a HFN ending.

The Gordian Souls series is a story of deep, unconditional love between a hitman and the dirty cop who functions as his informant.

With the odds stacked against them – be it because of the mysterious crime syndicate they work for, or because of their own buried, traumatic pasts – they embark on the terrifying, confusing journey of human connection, proving at every corner that true love conquers all.

Buy The Trust now to enter a world of crime, passion, and true love!

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