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Idol Moves, by KT Salvo

Winning the fame game means knowing the rules. And when to break them.

The world witnessed K-pop sensation Woo Tae Hyun profess his love for Hollywood heartthrob Jason Park. And their enchanting gay fairy tale romance has captivated the globe ever since. But not everyone is rooting for this power couple. Jealousy, rivalry, and prejudice rear their ugly heads, spelling trouble as Jason and Tae Hyun navigate the treacherous waters of the fame game.

Amidst the glitz and glamor of stardom, Jason and Tae Hyun’s love will face its most challenging test. Will true love be enough to weather the coming storm? Or will a nefarious entertainment empire succeed in extinguishing their blazing love affair?

It’s a high-stakes showdown as Jason and Tae Hyun are embroiled in a winner-takes-all struggle with everything on the line. Can love conquer all before the final curtain comes down? Join them on their heart-pounding journey as they battle to keep their love alive, defying the odds stacked against them.

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Cold Comfort, by Ravella Ives

When the war is lost, what else is worth winning?

Lt. Francis Ransome is newly promoted and completely miserable. After a year and a half of fighting in Russia’s revolutionary fallout, his regiment is retreating across the bitter Siberian wilderness, the war lost. Home has never been so close and yet so far, and any breath could be their last. When they stumble upon the remains of a Czech evacuation, they offer what help they can, but out here, it’s every man for himself.

Francis is instantly drawn to Sasha Jandáček, a handsome but withdrawn young soldier. The attraction is mutual—and enthralling—but it could spell the end for them both. Despite their best efforts, hesitance grows into friendship, and friendship blossoms into something else. Together, they struggle to conceal both feelings and fear in a world that won’t accept either.

As war stalks their footsteps and relentless winter gnaws on their morale, the journey home becomes a fight for survival. Francis and Sasha face the threat of discovery, death, and one burning question: even if they make it home, what future can they possibly have together?

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Best Served Cold, by Willow Dixon

When the guys at work dare me and the new guy to play a game of gay chicken, I figure I’ll get my first kiss and bragging rights for winning. What I don’t expect is for that game to awaken something in me. Something I’ve never felt before.

Something that makes me want more. Makes me want him.

I never back down from a challenge, but that doesn’t explain why being with Noah feels so good. Why I can’t stop thinking about him. Why he’s the only person who’s ever stirred even the slightest interest in me.

Why getting him off gets me off.

Watching Noah lose control is everything. So is knowing he can’t stay away from me, either.

Zane and Noah’s story is an animosity to lovers, double bi-awakening romance. You can expect public fun, tons of heat, lots of banter, and reluctant feels as these two impulsive and competitive guys realize that in some games, everyone’s a winner. It is the third book in the exciting new Crimson Club series but can be read as a standalone.

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Negotiating Love, by Morticia Knight

Negotiating Love was previously released under the same title and author but with a different cover. It has been revised and re-edited, but the story remains the same.

When kinky meets kinkier, these opposites discover they have more in common than they realized…

Steve, a SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, wonders why he can’t stay away from the spoiled rich Allistair, the owner of Dark Fantasy Resort Casino. They have mutual kinks—ones Steve can’t find with other lovers—but there’s something else about the emotionally detached, beautiful man that calls to him.

Billionaire Allistair stays alone in the luxury penthouse apartment of his casino, terrified of the real world and of succumbing to genuine emotions. One night is all he ever shares with a plaything—he knows they only want the money and luxury he can offer them and nothing more. However, a muscled law officer scratches an itch that no one else can. Could Steve ever want more than the lust-filled encounters that have become such an addiction?

As they grow closer, they discover there’s an uneasy balance between Steve’s everyday world and Allistair’s entitled one. They also have to make sure Allistair stays safe. Filthy rich playboys are too tempting to those who seek the ultimate payday and who aren’t afraid to hurt someone to steal it…

Note: You can expect lots of lingerie playtime, harsh demands from a commanding Top, opposites attract, unexpected hurt/comfort, and a dose of suspense. Full list of triggers inside, so please give them a read.

Don’t miss out on Allistair and Steve’s unique romance, and get your copy today!

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24 Dares of Christmas, by Lee Blair

On the first day of Christmas, my dear aunt sent to me: twenty-four dares in a fugly advent tree…

The only way I’m going to survive a month of holly jolly misery post-breakup is to hibernate through the Christmas season before moving away for my new job.

Two things blow my straightforward plan to smithereens: 1. My lovable aunt, who guilts me into watching her spoiled wiener dogs—who do NOT like me—while she’s gone for the holiday. 2. My scheming aunt’s surprising tenant, Warren, who I just can’t seem to get out of my head.

To add insult to inconvenience, I find my aunt’s filled my childhood advent calendar—the one I’d designed for dares instead of days—with sappy, festive, time-suckers. Now, stuck at her house, I’m completely baffled because I can’t look away from Warren’s big smile, warm eyes, and unrelenting Christmas cheer. I’ve never felt like this for a man before, but it’s like my heart’s a Magic 8 ball stuck on “All signs point to Yes” whenever he’s around.

Warren’s offer to guide me through the festive challenges as my personal elf raises my festive mood, among—ahem—other things. Now I’m coming to terms with not only wanting a guy to jingle my bells, but Warren’s company is taking me from local Grinch to wannabe Santa in a heartbeat.

Am I actually living in a Hallmark fan’s wet dream? Maybe, but Warren’s making me the jolliest I’ve felt in years—all while slowly but steadily capturing my reluctant heart.

24 Dares of Christmas is a low angst, bisexual awakening MM Christmas romance set in the Dahlia Springs universe. This standalone story is stuffed fuller than a stocking with Christmas traditions, family fun, candy cane sweetness, and appearances by characters in the Tap That Brewery series.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Alpha Dragon’s Jackal, by Hawke Oakley

No rules—or locks—will stop the eldest alpha dragon from claiming his mate.

Muzo is an incurable optimist. After losing everything but the clothes on his back, the young omega still looks brightly to the future. His upcoming appearance on the third Dragonfate Games is bound to be a blast, even if he doesn’t find his mate… despite how badly he wants to.

Cobalt is a perpetual worrier. As the eldest dragon brother, he’s responsible for keeping his loved ones safe. He’s already failed once—he won’t do it again. But can he concentrate on protecting his family and finding love at the same time?

One night, fate strikes a fiery match that disturbs the water of Cobalt’s soul. The alpha dragon senses his mate before the Games even begin. And once the unsuspecting jackal shifter arrives on the island, Cobalt will break every rule—and door—to be with him.

Alpha Dragon’s Jackal is a fun, sweet, opposites-attract mpreg novel featuring a huge alpha dragon and his tiny bubbly omega. Reading the series in order is recommended. No cheating, and fluffy HEA guaranteed!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Sleigh It Ain’t So, by Charlie Cochet

Fitz Harlow has the idyllic life he always dreamed of. With the fashion industry a distant memory, he now revels in the joy of running his own salon. In addition to his flourishing career, Fitz has found the love of his life, Jack, and inherited a colorful family of former Green Berets and their loving partners. And who could forget his adorable poodle princess, Duchess? But life isn’t all sprinkles and gingerbread. As Jack becomes consumed by his work, cracks appear in their fairy-tale love story.

When their family is whisked away to the charming town of Winterhaven for the holiday season, Fitz eagerly embraces the festive merriment. Amidst the delightful matchmaking chaos and mischievous antics, can the enchantment of Christmas in Winterhaven work its magic to help Fitz and Jack rediscover the spark that first ignited their love?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Christmas Veto, by Keira Andrews

Can fake dating lead to true love?

My name’s Connor Lisowski, and here’s what you need to know about me:

I’ve had a massive crush on my best friend’s older brother since high school.

Everyone thinks I’m straight.

I have two dads but I’m afraid to come out.

I’ve never even been kissed.

And somehow, I’ve been roped into pretending to be Reid’s boyfriend for the holidays. Who’s Reid, you ask? Only the aforementioned best friend’s older brother who never looked at me twice.

Until now.

The Christmas Veto by Keira Andrews is a gay Christmas romance featuring fake boyfriends, a bisexual king in a designer suit, first times, and of course a happy ending. Connor first appears in The Christmas Deal, but this novel can be read as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A DIY Christmas Miracle, by Ray Celar

Eli loves swoony romance novels, the cheesier the better. Since his own love life is virtually non-existent, he lives vicariously through his books, fantasizing about what it’d be like if Fate finally coupled him with the man of his dreams, Will.

Eli and Will have been acquaintances for years and so far nothing has happened that would suggest that Will is interested in him – romantically or otherwise. At this point in his currently no-burn love story, Eli is wondering if Fate even exists in order to lend him a hand. Done with waiting for a miracle that is apparently never happening, Eli decides to take hold of his own fate by writing a DIY Christmas Miracle of his own.

The plot is simple: take your Love Interest, aka the man of your dreams, add in a Road Trip by taking a drive to a lonely cabin in the mountains, sprinkle in a bit of Found Family-Vacation Hijinks, with an upcoming Christmas celebration in the cabin with your mutual friends, and mix everything with a heaping help of Forced Proximity via snowstorm.

If it wasn’t for the fact that both of the Main Characters are Oblivious to Love, their DIY Love Story could almost write itself.

“A DIY Christmas Miracle” is a fluffy, light idiots to lovers romance with approximately 48.000 words.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

York, by Macy Blake

Naughty but nice…

York Lad is stunned when his magic unexpectedly returns, but he’s ready to bring a little mischief to the small town of Mistletoe Falls. Along with his cousins, the other Yule Lads, York has spent the last year planning pranks to add their version of holiday cheer to the season.

Gabriel Baum needs to succeed at Mistletoe Falls annual craft fair. He doesn’t expect for the town’s quirky residents to embrace him with open arms, especially York, the town’s mechanic. When his beloved vehicle breaks down, Gabriel is stranded unless York can save him from certain doom.

York may not have been expecting to lose his heart over the holidays, but with his magic sparkling in the air and the man of his dreams at his side, he has a few new reasons to love the season…if his Yule Lad magic doesn’t get up to snow good.

If you love small towns, mischief makers, and holiday magic, your heart will melt over this feel-good Christmas romance.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

From the Ashes, by Denver Shaw

Can true love rise from the ashes of heartbreak?

After suffering the tragic loss of my wife, my lone goal was to raise our son to be a man she would be proud of.
Romance was the furthest thing from my mind, and unfortunately cooking was not on my mind either.
When Christmas dinner goes up in flames, a firefighter who looks like he stepped right off a calendar bursts through my door and all my priorities change in an instant.
New feelings emerge as I find myself attracted to a man for the first time.
But Tristan is a much younger man who thrives on no-strings-attached hook-ups.
How can I risk my heart, and my son’s, by bringing someone into our lives knowing he’s going to leave?

I don’t believe in labels, or denying myself sexual pleasure with a consenting partner, regardless of gender.
Want to hook up with a hot firefighter?
I’m your guy.
But relationships aren’t my thing… until a fateful Christmas Day fire brings Myles into my life.
I thought I could ease the widower into the dating scene and guide him through his bi-awakening.
Yet as soon as I see him dating other guys I realize this is no fling.
I want him all to myself.

Tropes: age gap, hurt/comfort, bi-awakening, single dad, size difference, found family.

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