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Fate in Suspension, by Archer Kay Leah

Quiet. That’s how he likes life, no drama to clean up…

Tai Xen-Vorsy leads a straightforward life: work, time at the local clubs where shapeshifters like him can play without fear, and the comforts of home with a cat that’s more than half attitude. After breaking up with his last submissive, he’s even taking a break from Dom duties.

Meeting Gates changes everything, and when Tai’s childhood home is destroyed, his simple life goes up in flames.

The Callensdale haven was his refuge as an orphan, a hideaway that saved his life. Now it’s time to return the favour. Bringing in the Fluff Brigade Brotherhood would make all the difference… if he could just get them back together. Tai won’t give up—he’s not that kind of unicorn. But can he reunite the brotherhood and keep his new relationship with Gates kindled at the same time?

The darkness is dragging him into the shadows, one case at a time…

Helping others is all Gates Colfaethe wants to do, being mostly unicorn shifter with a splash of Faerie. But years as an agent on trafficking cases leave him fearing just how far he’ll lose himself in the job before he burns out completely.

A random hookup with Tai might be the very change he needs. A new Dom means new rules and the chance to create safe distance from work—until his worlds collide in a twist Gates should leave well enough alone. What he knows is bad enough, but running headlong into danger could kill him.

Horn & Haven is an MM+ romance series featuring a found family of unicorn shifters brought together by tragic circumstances. Friends out to save a magical world in trouble. Family fighting to protect those they love. Lovers falling for the kinkiest unicorns this side of their universe… Welcome to the Fluff Brigade Brotherhood.

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Fool’s Gold, by J.V. Speyer

Most guys would kill to be the CEO of a major corporation before they hit 40. Most of those guys aren’t Matt Taggart, and just about anyone would think twice before agreeing to lead a company rocked by a scandal that claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Matt has plenty of ideas about how to prevent another catastrophe – if he can survive long enough to put them into action.

Jack Vessely isn’t the biggest fan of corporate America. He used to do deeply questionable things for the CIA, and now he protects people from those same questionable things. He’d happily go back to his old ways to do something about the greedy and irresponsible company that sickened millions and killed thousands. When he gets the assignment to protect the company’s hot young CEO, he’s not exactly starting off on the right foot.

Plenty of people are out for Matt’s blood, and he’s not exactly the most cooperative client. When the would-be killers turn out to come from sources closer than expected, Matt and Jack find themselves depending on each other in ways they never thought possible.

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Christmas On Firefly Hill, by Garrett Leigh

The single dad and the rootless vagabond. Expect: a shy, hunky firefighter and an ethereal dancer down on his luck. A sizzling contemporary MM age-gap holiday romance. Mild hurt-comfort, found family, and friends-to-lovers galore.

Firefighter Logan Halliwell doesn’t have much time for romance. A relentless work-life-balance and an expensive divorce have sucked the festive cheer from his days. All he wants is to be a good dad. A fun dad. Especially at Christmas.

He doesn’t know how lonely he is until he meets Remy Collins, a gorgeous fire dancer at a sultry summer festival.

Their instant connection blows his mind, but their fleeting encounter is over before Logan can catch his breath. One kiss and they’re strangers again. That wicked brush of lips nothing but a dream.

Long months pass. Then fate brings them together again at the summit of Firefly Hill, and absence has only strengthened the current thrumming between them. The heat. The precious chance of true happiness they both so desperately need.

Only fear stands in their way.

And Logan’s dangerous job.

It takes a tough lesson and a dose of winter magic to learn that loving each other means Christmas all year round.

Christmas On Firefly Hill is an MM holiday romance, featuring a burly single dad firefighter, and a vagabond dancer/jewellery maker. Delivering a guaranteed HEA, all the Christmas feels, and a hefty dose of British snark.

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My December Daddy, by Leta Blake

Matthew Angel is stuck. He’s spent his life denying who he is and what he truly wants—until he stumbles upon a unique offering at a specialty charity auction:

A Christmas Daddy experience.

Erik Garner has given up on relationships. After his last boy left, he decided it’s better to skip the heartache and stick with casual, short-term contracts. His offer of an exclusive, one-night-only Christmas encounter is all he’s willing to give.

Matthew’s older than expected, but his shy smile and eager surrender charm Erik. What starts out as a business transaction quickly gives way to a wild, thrilling intensity neither expected.

One night isn’t enough.

Good thing there’s a blizzard on the way…

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The Gift of the Maggie, by Belinda McBride

How does a respectable, middle-aged rancher tell his kids that he’s gay?

Gil Strickland is not only telling his teenagers that they’ll be moving in with him full-time, but also that his best friend Morgan is his lover. Too frightened to get right to the point, Gil and Morgan agree to sleep in separate rooms till the deed is done.

On the night of Gil’s official coming out, Morgan vanishes into the darkness of a snowy night, looking for a mare that’s about to foal. When things go terribly wrong, it’s up to Gil and his children to rescue an injured man, a laboring mare, and to discover the true meaning of love.

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Lich Reaper’s Lament, by Jessamyn Kingley

Ripped apart by life, Lich Reaper Grymington Daray is drowning in sorrow. Each day, he strives to find the people responsible for killing his best friend, and he wishes his own existence had more meaning. The last thing on Grymington’s mind is finding the other half of his soul. While a loving family surrounds him, the coldness growing in his heart keeps him separated from joy.

Decades ago, Devlin Nero ran away from the world. Being a rock star was everything Devlin wanted, but it turned into a nightmare. Now, the enchanter-human hybrid is living alone and surrounded by nothing but fading memories. Desperate for happiness, Devlin makes his way to the Council of Sorcery and Shifters and winds up at a sanctuary designed for freaks like him.

On a fateful day, Grymington and Devlin discover they are mates. Sparks fly, and the two men venture forth to honor Fate’s choice for them. However, Grymington is too lost and much too fearful to allow Devlin near his tattered soul. Devlin wants love, but the Lich Reaper may not be able to offer it. If their confusing relationship isn’t enough, they have pasts to reconcile, and the future will not wait. It will be up to Grymington and Devlin to discover if they have a matebond worth saving.

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Heartbeat Repeating, by E.M. Lindsey

“If he could keep Avery’s eyes on him, just for a few moments, he’d give up everything he had.”

It’s a deal he didn’t mean to take. It’s a deal he had no intention of making, but Avery realizes that being the kept man of millionaire Alejandro Santos isn’t too good to be true. He will, in fact, have every material thing he could ever want.

The only catch is Alejandro’s single rule: be there when Alejandro asks for him.

Oh, and there’s one other thing. Don’t fall in love.

It seems easy enough considering Alejandro isn’t the nicest man in the world. He’s difficult to like, let alone love. But Avery’s heart is almost as foolish as the rest of him, and it does the unthinkable. It trips and falls over itself the moment he realizes his days with Alejandro are almost up.

There’s on a short time left before Avery’s going to be let go, and he knows he has to make the best of it. After all, he’s definitely not enough for Alejandro to change his mind and bring down those walls that keep him from ever having feelings for another man.


Heartbeat Repeating is a stand-alone sugar daddy, holiday novel featuring a too-hot leather jacket, a man allergic to feeling, a sugar baby with his heart on his sleeve, and his sugar daddy who knows what he wants—just not how to get it. This book contains no cheating and a Happily Ever After.

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Wrapped in Red, by Rebecca James

At Christmas, anything seems possible.
University student Duri Jeong has been hopelessly in love with his friend Mac since they were freshman. Unfortunately, the handsome football quarterback is never without a girlfriend. Well, except for every year around Thanksgiving when, like clockwork, Mac breaks up with whatever girl he’s dating and remains single through the New Year. Duri knows he’s the wrong gender for Mac, but that doesn’t stop his heart from dreaming, especially around the holidays. However, even after a wonderful summer spent with Mac at his home in Nags Head, Duri can’t ignore the girlfriend issue. And he’s only got one Christmas left to make Mac see him as more than a friend.

Every November, Mac Murdock breaks up with his girlfriend at the time to avoid the romance and pressure of the holidays. He finds the festivities are more fun spent with his group of friends, especially cute and affectionate Duri. At the end of junior year, when Mac finds out that Duri has nowhere to go for the summer, he brings him home with him; and, unexpectedly, their friendship solidifies into something Mac has never had before–and doesn’t fully understand. As fall drifts into winter and Duri begins spending time with other guys, Mac has to question the feelings of jealousy stirring within him. Thinking it might clear up his confusion, Mac asks Duri to go with him to the Christmas party. He isn’t prepared for the version of his shy little friend the night presents him with.

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Bad Joey, by Rhys Everly


The whole world is against me.

Everyone’s turned their back on bad, evil Joey.

They all believe the lies.

Until him. Santiago.

The man I can’t stop thinking of.

He believes me and in me.

He doesn’t care a damn what the world thinks.

And when he finds himself in danger the only one that can protect him is me.


He’s what nightmares are made of. He’s the stuff crime documentaries warn you about.

But that’s not the real Joey.

The real Joey craves one thing and one thing only.

To be loved.

And to save me from the awful people I’ve gotten mixed up with.

So even though all signs tell me to run as far away from him as possible, I can’t.

Because I want to love him just like he needs me to.

Welcome to Mayberry Holm, a small island in the Atlantic full of crime, secrets and happily-ever-afters, and the ex-Navy SEALs that come to deal with them all.

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Cupid, by Minerva Howe

Matchmaker and reindeer shifter Cupid is used to being able to set up even the most difficult client. So when three dates go wrong for a Mr. Remy Shannon, even in Christmas town where little goes poorly, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Remy doesn’t want to waste time dating when he knows he’s looking for a true mate. He’s an unusual shifter who needs someone who can handle him, so he’s not willing to play nice social games. But Cupid is right up his alley, and Remy is willing to go the distance to woo him.

When a night of unexpected passion leads to a big surprise for Cupid, he and Remy have to find enough common ground to decide if they’re going to work to appreciate all the gifts that have come their way, or if they’re going to let their joy fade away with the holiday season.

This is a holiday shifter mpreg romance with lot of glitter and a happy ending!

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One Last Wish, by Alex J. Adams


Heading home for the holidays was the last thing I wanted to do. I had plans. Plans that didn’t involve visiting the back of beyond.

But a call from mum two weeks before the holidays put paid to said plans. Grandpa was sick and wanted to see me. He’d been a big part of my life growing up and I wouldn’t deny him that. He’s got a list too. Not a bucket list, he didn’t like that name.

He had a wish list and wanted my help.

What I didn’t expect, though, was the annoyingly cheerful Angus with his kilt, tattoos, and piercings. He was totally not my type


William Campbell was my best friend, even at the ripe old age of eighty-seven. We’d talk, play chess and talk some more. He’d boast about his high-flying grandson, Blair and I’d listen and nod. In the twelve months, I’d looked after William, I’d never seen him. He’d visited, just not when I was around, and to be honest, I was pleased about that. He was arrogant and selfish and didn’t seem to care one jot about his grandpa.

Now he’s here and I’m trying to hate him. Hate his perfect smile, and his warm brown eyes but he’s pushing all my buttons, and not in a bad way, and when William asks me to help Blair fulfill his wish list, who am I to say no?

One Last Wish is an MM Christmas standalone featuring a grumpy architect and a carefree carer. They come together over an old man’s wish list, trying to bring a little light to his life, at the same time finding that opposites really do attract.

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Pine-Ing For you, by T.S. Ankney

The weather outside is frightful, but the sparks between them are delightful…

Christmas is right around the corner, but after jilting his fiancé at the altar and creating yet another tabloid scandal, Mason Hyde-Ellis has nowhere to turn. Cut off from his inheritance and his family, Mason is penniless, homeless, and disgraced. He returns to the condo he shared with his ex as a last resort and finds Arif Ramzi—a handsome former counter-terrorism officer and his ex’s best friend—staying there.

Arif has spent his career dealing with delicate and dangerous situations, but nothing compares to the desperate, dripping-wet man on his doorstep. At first, Arif thinks Mason is a typical spoiled rich boy, except the more he learns about the man, the more he likes. But when the past crashes into his possible future with Mason and his obligation to help his friends, Arif’s highly organized life suddenly gets very complicated.

The streets of Manhattan are frozen, but can love thaw Arif and Mason’s hearts?

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Oberon, by Macy Blake

Santa Paws is coming to town.

When Dr. Miles Lane purchases Paws and Claus, a veterinary clinic in the quirky town of Mistletoe Falls, he doesn’t quite know what he’s in for.

The small town offers a fresh start for Miles, his seven year old daughter, Holly, and their rambunctious Saint Bernard. What Miles doesn’t count on is his immediate attraction to the local handyman, Oberon, who he hires to do some work on their new home and clinic.

Oberon finds himself falling hard for the town’s new vet and his adorable family. There’s only one problem: Oberon is a sprite, a magical being tasked with bringing holiday spirit to the human realm. Every time he’s around Miles and Holly, his chemis-tree goes a bit haywire.

But when a pet-tastrophe strikes Mistletoe Falls, Miles and Oberon must team up to make sure the town and all of it’s furry residents have the ulti-mutt holiday.

If you love fated mates, pets who like to play matchmaker, and magical elves, er, sprites, who make the season bright, you’ll have a pawsitively wonderful Christmas time with this holiday romance.

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