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Nerdy-Dirty Valentine, by Skylar M. Cates

A nerdy virgin professor wants a little dirty talk… but am I the right person to give it to him?

James assumed I was his bully in high school. In my drunken haze, I thought he was mine. We were both wrong. Starting over as tentative friends, I offer to help James with his dating techniques up until Valentine’s Day. I figure it can’t hurt. I’m sober and a proud firefighter, too busy to worry about romance. And James claims he only needs my help until he finds a real relationship. I don’t want to make a mistake or hurt him.

As February approaches, I find my long-buried crush on James resurfacing again. Only this time, I’m determined to do something about it. Will I have to let James go by Valentine’s Day or follow the feelings in my heart?


Heart-Shaped Freebies from Tara Lain

Can two hearts rise above the flour?

On the same day he catches his boyfriend cheating, raw-food fanatic-Micah’s devotee customers start sinking their teeth into white-flour cupcakes from a brand-new bakery.

Micah’s ready to chew raw nails!

To forget his troubles, he heads for his friend’s orgiastic anti-Valentine’s party and meet’s the delicious, cross-dressing Queen.

But when Micah looks closely under Queen’s skirts, he finds more than the right equipment. Queen’s not all he seems, and the heat the two men generate may be set at 350o for forty-five minutes!

HEARTS AND FLOUR is an enemies-to-lovers, cross-dressing, hiding from grandma, romantic comedy with a scummy yoga teacher, a fabulous grandmother, and a whole lot of buttercream frosting.

— — —

After you’ve hit rock bottom, it’s time to learn to top.

Slimy creeps insult him, users take credit for his work, and spending all his money on his sick mom leaves Craig in a dull gray apartment and a dull gray life.

Enter teacher, Jesse Randall, in a T-shirt that proclaims, “I Would Bottom You So Hard”.

Craig asks the tutor to teach him to top and the lessons succeed beyond his wildest dreams.

Just one problem. Craig loves his teacher so much, he never wants the lessons to end. How can he reach the top, without losing his sassy bottom?

LOVE YOU SO HARD is an opposites-attract, kissing the teacher, loser learning to win MM romance – with an unforgettable T-shirt.

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Witch Boyfriend Wanted, by Colette Rivera

When you need a Witchy boyfriend but not a real one.

Luca Belmonte is sick of being set up. All his father wants is for him to marry well and progress his standing in Witch society. Luca wants to be left alone. He’s overwhelmed with work and needs a plan to get his father off his back. A fake relationship should do the trick. He just needs to find someone to play along.

If only his friend Marci wasn’t convinced he should go on one last date… For real.

Theo Landon is in a rut. It’s the only reason he takes a chance on a blind date. The man he meets is hot. Charming. Someone from his past he never wants to see again. The night is an epic disaster. But Theo has a secret. He’s been lying to almost everyone about being in a steady relationship, and when he gets spotted with Luca assumptions get out of hand.

So the two agree to fake it, just for a while.

Only Luca isn’t as bad as Theo thought. He’s just the Witch Theo needs, especially when things start to go wrong at his apothecary shop. But they can’t fake it forever and will need to decide if they can risk their feelings turning real.

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Scandalous Park Avenue Prince, by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Who are we? Like you even need to ask. We’re the seven richer-than-sin legacies causing debauchery at the prestigious Astor University in Manhattan.
Some call us spoiled.
Some call us trouble.
But everyone calls us the Park Avenue Princes.

Preston Abernathy
“The Perfect Guy”

When people look at me, I know what they see.
-a model student
-senator’s son with a shining future in politics
-Serena Carrington’s boyfriend
-the studious, polite, dependable Park Avenue Prince

But sometimes looks can be deceiving. Because I’m hiding a secret. A big one. One that could shake the very foundation of the Upper East Side elite.

My secret has dark blond hair and a smile that could charm the pants off anyone—including mine. Charismatic. Powerful. Unbelievably gorgeous, with a body I fantasize about—not that they will ever know. This secret is one I’ll take to the grave.

Because, you see, I am in love with a Carrington, just not the one I’m dating.
And what’s a bigger scandal than falling for your girlfriend’s dad?

Scandalous Park Avenue Prince is the third standalone novel in the Park Avenue Princes world.

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Mate Me, Save Me, by Silvana Falcon

Scarred. Broken. Healed by his vampire mate.

Born and raised in a vampire coven, Rhyme knows vampires are all sadistic, manipulative monsters who’ll never see mortals like him as anything more than blood-slaves. So when he finds himself ‘rescued’ by another coven, he knows it’s a lie. These new vampires are not his saviors.

The moment Iskander sets eyes on the scarred mortal in the infirmary bed, he knows that Rhyme is his. His to protect. His to cherish. His mate. But before he can even think about claiming Rhyme, he’s going to have to fight his way past Rhyme’s scars. And some of those run deep.

Rhyme doesn’t understand Iskander, this vampire who promises to guard him, who holds him through his nightmares and never asks for a thing in return. Not even for Rhyme’s blood. It would be so easy, to let himself believe. But still, Rhyme’s waiting for that rush of violence and fangs that will prove him right.

Except it doesn’t come and, slowly, Iskander’s arms begin to feel like home, like the safety he never knew. Like love.

But can Rhyme really let himself fall for a vampire?

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Made Marian: Books 1–3, by Lucy Lennox

Enjoy the Made Marian series in bundle format. Included in Made Marian Volume One are the following three titles:

Borrowing Blue

Follow Blue Marian as he accidentally kisses a random stranger in a bar one night and kicks off a series of events at a big family wedding that throws everything into question. Little does he know the stranger would turn out to be his new brother-in-law who owns the vineyard in Napa where the wedding is being held. When Tristan Alexander decides to kiss the sweet man at the bar to make his ex jealous, he has no idea it will challenge everything he ever knew about himself. Borrowing Blue is the award-winning debut novel that opens the worldwide bestselling Made Marian series.

Taming Teddy

When photographer Teddy Kodiak decides to show up in Alaska to shadow one of the wildlife verterinarians on staff, he assumes his charming personality will win the guy over immediately. Little does Teddy know Jamie Marian has no patience for men with big egos and even bigger reputations. Been there, done that. All Jamie wants is time to himself to lick his wounds from being jilted not long ago. But Teddy has other ideas, and Jamie needs to brace himself for the whirlwind that is Teddy Kodiak on a mission to impress the sweet, shy scientist.

Jumping Jude

Jude Marian is a closeted country music star who does everything he’s supposed to do. He’s been shoving down his own desires for years in order to follow his career dreams. But when a mysterious attack leaves him shaken and vulnerable, Jude’s new bodyguard brings all those desires rushing into the forefront of his mind. Derek Wolfe is a big, bad bodyguard who’s as straight as they come. Except late at night when Jude is at his most vulnerable, it seems Derek is the one person he can be himself around. What if Derek isn’t straight afterall? And what if there’s a way Jude can finally have everything he ever wanted?

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LonelyCollegeBoy, by J. Allen Grady

LonelyCollegeBoy: Yeah, that’s my profile name on a regionally popular LGBTQ+ dating (or hookup) site, CockyUnicorns. Kinda sad, right? Kinda is an understatement. And it’s weird for me, because I’ve always been the upbeat, optimistic one. A lot of people call me “sunshine,” either as a compliment or with a groan. I hope they don’t notice that’s not me right now. Ever since things started to go wrong, I’ve been losing hope, day by day. When I came out, my parents cut me off. My whole life I’ve been working toward this college degree. I don’t know where I’m going to live next semester or if I can afford to stay in school at all! And I can’t talk to anyone about it but my best friend BJ, but now she won’t stay out of my business. Maybe I can at least find some stress release on CockyUnicorns?

Thomas: I’ve got the life I want. My job pays well, I’ve got a few close friends, and I’m in great shape for my age—which is creeping up there day by day. My daughter is awesome, doing well in school, and mostly stays out of trouble. Everything is going according to the plan, which is awesome. Right? So why do I feel every day like something is missing? Like my life plan is more of a trap than a path? Like there’s this hole in my heart I’ll never fill? I keep promising myself I’ll reexamine the plan and revise as necessary. I’ll put myself out there, and maybe even come out if I can find the guy to make it worth the trouble. Later. Always later. But when I get too lonely, there’s always my trusty app, CockyUnicorns.

As they each turn to CockyUnicorns to find a pleasant diversion, will they end up finding their missing pieces in each other? Or, as worlds collide, will opposites repel rather than attract. The meddling BJ may have something to say about that!

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The Silent Truth, by M. Grano and C. Azzo

Some big truths about Jacob’s life are finally revealed, but at what cost?

How will he cope when his past comes back to haunt him? How will he keep it from Dimitri? And what will their life become when his father suddenly shows up on their doorstep, six years after Jacob ran away…

On top of that, all of The Trust’s drugs and weapons suppliers mysteriously raise their prices, and it’s up to Dimitri to figure out why. Do they have a secret competitor? And can he still do his job with everything that’s happening in his and Jacob’s private life?

Jacob and Dimitri’s story continues with just as much fluff, gore, spice, angst, and humour as it started with. Like the first book, ‘The Silent Truth’ contains an age gap relationship, mature scenes, triggers, and a HFN ending.

Join our boys in the next chapter of their story, and get more insights into Farrah’s hidden past and Benning’s damaged heart by reading Gordian Souls, Book II: The Silent Truth now!

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Chef Under Cover, by M.J. O’Shea

He played like a champion but dreamed of the sweet life…

Sean had never treated a famous person before. Not until the golden boy Will Harrington, star college quarterback and soon to be NFL legend, came in with an injured shoulder and hundreds of people’s hopes and dreams on his back.

Will never wanted to be a star quarterback. As unlikely as it sounds, it just kind of… happened. Now he’s stuck in the middle of a whole world he doesn’t fit into, surrounded by people who don’t actually know him.

Will would have never guessed that meeting one gorgeous physical therapist with a sarcastic mouth and a quirky group of small-town friends would help him become who he’s always wanted to be…a chef.

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This Sweet Magic, by Kit Olmstead

When Andrew unexpectedly inherits a commercial building from his estranged grandmother, he’s certain his problems have been solved. Once he sells the building, he’ll have the money to help his sister and start a new business. Or so he thinks, except one of his new tenants is determined to do everything he can to stand in Andrew’s way.

As Rosewood’s resident witch and self-appointed guardian, Damon spends his days baking cupcakes and casting charms to protect his friends and neighbours. Devastated by the death of his longtime mentor, his world is upended even further when his sexy new landlord’s plans threaten everything he holds dear.

Andrew wants to get out of Rosewood as quickly as he can. Meanwhile, Damon can’t understand why Andrew is determined to destroy his home. If they want to be together, they’ll have to let go of the past and share their secrets. Because magic happens when you least expect it.


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