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NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Two Dragons, One Mate, by Silvana Falcon

Could you choose between your heart and your soul?

Fate has chosen two dragon princes for Ben, but dragons don’t share. Both of them want him to settle on one mate.

It’s an impossible task.

Should Ben decide on Earnan, the ice prince who promises to steal him away, or Nevin, the fire prince who would burn the earth to the ground to keep him?

Ben knows there’s only one correct answer. He wants both. He needs both—at the same time. They’re meant to be together, all three of them.

If only his mates could see past their stupid rivalry… they’d see they need each other too. Ben can feel their yearning for each other, the forbidden desires they don’t want to admit even to themselves.

Fire and ice don’t have to be enemies. They can be lovers too.

And grown dragons can still learn how to share.

Important: This is an MMM Romance / Urban Fantasy with elements of tail play and two poles going into one hole. Reading the first book in the series is recommended but not necessary.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Home in You, by Courtney W. Dixon

I love you. You’re my home. Forever.


At first, when Cade and his dad came to the farm to live, I didn’t want a brother or a new father. Mom and I were doing just fine on our own, but when Cade walked into my house for the first time, I was instantly drawn to him. How was that possible? I never had a crush on anyone before, let alone a boy.


I have a secret. Two really. I’m gay and I have a huge crush on my step-brother. It’s all wrong but I want him more than breathing. Dillon is quiet and stoic, but sweet and caring. We do everything together and are as close as two brothers could be. How long can I fight my need for him?

How did we feel so right, yet also so wrong? We became stepbrothers at fourteen years old, keeping our love a secret for three years until we were finally discovered and torn apart. It took over a year to find each other again in college. But reuniting wasn’t so simple.

CW: Underage drinking, homophobia, bullying, explicit language, and sexual content. Not for readers under 18.

This is a standalone MM taboo small-town romance.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Down in Flames, by Parker St. John

He’s been in love with a rugged, hunky cowboy for years.
The problem?
Michael is fifteen years older…and straight.

West Owens grew up suffocated by his overprotective family. To prove he’s not the frail child he once was, he’s shredding through local rodeos on the wildest broncs around. But the man he most wishes would stop seeing him as a sickly child is Michael.

Since the moment they met, West had hoped that one day Michael would look at him with desire, seeing him as a true equal and not just a responsibility.

Michael Whittaker has devoted his life to protecting others, but he’s failed at every turn. He’s always been just a little too late to save anyone. When he discovers the boy who’s wriggled under his skin is risking his neck riding broncs—and realizes he’s no longer a boy at all—the tough-as-nails cowboy is forced to make a decision.

He’s old enough to know better.

Straight enough to know better.

Seducing West may ruin their friendship, but maybe it will save his life.

Each moment together is delicious torture. Passion hotter than either of them expected. Michael may be old enough to be West’s daddy, but there’s nothing fatherly in his sinful gaze and rough hands.

As they grow closer, Michael realizes that trying to keep West safe might just break the young cowboy’s heart. Because West is looking for more than just a roll in the hay; he’s looking for love—and the one thing Michael can’t give away is his heart.

Even though it feels like West has already stolen it.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

The Fake Boyfriends Debacle, by Hayden Hall

We think we’re fooling everyone with our fake relationship, but maybe we are the only fools around.


Nobody ever looks past the mask I wear. Nobody bothers to scratch the surface. Not until I meet Jayden Harris, the adorably bossy scholarship student with a razor-sharp focus and an unbreakable determination to be the best of us all.

He says he doesn’t have time for dating. He says I’m just a player. Yet every chance we get, we orbit one another. If I could prove to him that I’m worth falling in love with, he might change his mind.

But asking him to be my fake boyfriend for a massive family gathering probably wasn’t my greatest idea. Dad is tearing us apart and my will to fight for control over my life is fading. My plan is ruined.

We’re a lost cause, but I just…can’t…let him go.


It was just a one-time thing. And then a two-time thing. And a three-time thing… Before I know it, I’m in his fancy car, heading to the Wine Country for an extended weekend. My mission? Be the loving boyfriend you bring home to meet the parents.

I’m risking my scholarship and my future at the elite Highgate Academy for a charming stranger in need of a boyfriend. Why? I wish I could tell you. All I know is that Caleb’s funny, hot as hell, and has the most adorable secret ever.

But there’s more to him than I imagined. The wealth he enjoys traps him; his father controls him. And he thinks I’m the key to his freedom.

I’m doing my best to convince everyone that we’re a couple.

But maybe I’d be wise to remind myself that we are not.

The Fake Boyfriends Debacle is the first installment of the Frat Brats of Santa Barbara series. It features two strangers falling head over heels for each other, a big, crazy family, an elite private school bustling with hot, adventurous guys, steam to make you sweat, and a grand happy ending that’ll make you swoon. You know you want it.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Rite of Magic, by Sasha Hope

Many in this world would not suffer a witch to live…but he will do everything in his power to keep one witch from harm.

When Felix helps his friend escape their strict and vicious coven, it sets off a chain of events that leaves him running for his life. Vol Coven are out for blood. Felix finds safety in the Sanctum, a neutral zone that forbids harm on those within its walls. With Vol Coven watching the doors day and night, he’s trapped.

Until he meets Ionas Teague, General of the Queen’s Guard.

Ionas Teague is a powerful enigma, both a witch hunter and a witch himself. Witches, plebs and mercenaries alike cower from him. Felix, however, is instantly drawn to the rugged man’s commanding presence. Ionas Teague is not the emotionless killing machine everyone thinks. Surprising reverence lingers in his touch and heat fills his gaze, smelting the bond between them.

Felix is enthralled. But Ionas’s dark past binds him to his Queen and his duty. When the Queen puts a death warrant out on Felix’s ex-coven due to their dangerous powers, Ionas is forced to choose between his past and his future—his duty, or Felix.

Can Felix breach Ionas’ stoney exterior and claim the man’s heart, or will edicts and covens tear them apart?

Rite of Magic is an explicit MM paranormal romance featuring magical adventures, powerful witches, sword wielding mercenaries and dangerous liaisons.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Zero, by Ana Night

Being released from prison is bittersweet for Jack. He may have done his time, but now he’ll have to make up for the things that got him locked up in the first place. Getting back into his club and King’s good graces may take more than he has to give. Then there’s the problem of his very own knight in shining armor. All he really knows about Zero is that for some reason he keeps jumping to Jack’s defense, and that the guy pisses him off. For more than one reason.

When Zero looks at Jack, he sees himself; broken, bruised, and looking for a second chance. Even when Jack makes it perfectly clear he doesn’t want his help, he can’t stop defending him. He sees right through Jack’s tough exterior, and he’s spellbound from day one. Then Jack starts to look at him in a way no one ever has and while all he wants is Jack, he finds it hard to believe anyone could ever love someone like him.

Jack’s bad choices catch up to him in an unexpected way and if he’s forced to choose between going back to prison and protecting Zero, he knows what he’ll choose.

What’s better than discovering a new author who writes paranormal, urban fantasy, sci-fi, monsters, and more? The chance to win prizes while you do it! Check out this awesome giveaway, and good luck!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Thousand Vermilion Stars, by Patricia Logan

A copycat serial killer is driving their whole team crazy.

Dr. Leo Reeves has always considered himself a halfway decent criminal profiler. Some of his colleagues even call him brilliant. With this assignment, he sure as hell doesn’t feel that way. He’s been missing something at every turn. The case is dragging into its seventh month and every lead he and his team follow, takes them to a dead end…literally. Leo sure hasn’t come up with anything to move things along, as hard as he’s tried. They’re no closer to capturing their killer…even after following him all the way to Miami.

Special Agent Max Prince is worried.

The longer this case goes on, the farther down the rabbit hole, his partner and lover, Leo, seems to fall. To make matters worse, back home in Los Angeles, detectives Cassidy Ryan and Mike Williams have turned up a second graveyard filled with some surprising victims…victims the team know well. Worse yet, Miami has left them with even more questions. When a good cop is murdered, the whole case turns on its head. Everyone wants answers and their team doesn’t have any.

Something has to change.

Worst of all, the copycat hasn’t stopped killing, leaving strange clues behind, even inserting himself into the case. When one of their own is put in horrible danger, and DNA results reveal a shocking truth, things get even more complicated. No one likes taking risks, especially when they involve meeting the killer on his terms. But taking that risk, might be the only way to resolve this case. Whether it’s the desert graveyards of SoCal, the sexy hot nights of South Beach’s gay scene, or the sticky bayous of New Orleans, Max and Leo have vowed to end this monster once and for all…if he doesn’t end them first.

SERIES SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Camassia Cove Universe, by Cara Dee

Welcome to the Camassia Cove Universe!

Camassia Cove is a town in northern Washington created to be the home of many exciting love stories. Each novel taking place here is standalone, unless otherwise stated, giving the reader the chance to jump in wherever they want. 

The CCU books vary in genre and pairing, so there’s something here for everyone. Some characters are friends and family, others complete strangers. Some have vastly different backgrounds. Some grew up together. It’s a small world, and many characters will cross over and pay a visit or two in several books. But, again, each novel stands on its own, and spoilers will be avoided as much as possible.

For more information, such as character profiles, timelines, various reading orders for those who want to follow their favorite characters throughout the universe, a map of the town, character interviews, and much more, visit the Camassia Cove website.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Sloth and other Delights, by TJ Nichols

Wild magic creates chaos in San Francisco and Jordan slips under its spell…

Negotiations with the LA vampires have failed.

Having survived the attempted razing of their enclave by the dragons, the vampires are now holding Jordan’s sister hostage and are demanding a unicorn for her safe return. There’s only one problem.

Unicorns aren’t animals. They are wild magic best left alone.

Jordan holds the media responsible for Katie’s capture. If they had stayed out of his private life, she would’ve been safe. With Edra banned from LA and Jordan unable to even look at the case, there is nothing they can do to facilitate her release unless they want to risk catching a unicorn.

The vote that will decide the status of mythological people draws near, protests are increasing, and wild magic is creating havoc in the city. Jordan and Edra are pushed to their breaking point. When Jordan encounters the unicorn, it gives him what he craves most: escape.

As tensions rise, lines are drawn. Edra is on his own to save Jordan and the city.

Book 5 in the gay romance urban fantasy series that follows Jordan and Edra as they solve crime and figure out how to improve mytho and human relations. For readers who like crime solving couples, dragon shifters and mythological creatures.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

His Brutal Heart, by Leighton Greene

The ultimate forbidden love: a Mafia Boss and his captive.

I’m a man without mercy. A Mafia heir.
Brutality was all that ever made sense to me…
Until I saw him.

Unfortunately, he happens to be the sole witness to my latest crime.
That should mean one thing.

But one look into those pleading blue eyes, and I lost myself.

I let a beauty live…
But – beast that I am – I’ve locked him away.

Little by little, he charms his way out of his cell and into my bed, until I begin to wonder which of us is the real prisoner.

After all, I’m the one trapped by my own brutal heart.

And that oh-so-innocent beauty I took and kept?

He has secrets of his own.

Secrets that could destroy me.


His Brutal Heart is the second book in the West Coast Mobsters series. Follow the men of the Los Angeles underworld in this page-turning romantic suspense series as they find love, danger and mystery in the most unexpected places.

Each book in this series tells the love story of a different couple who find their happy ending, as well as a resolution to the mystery they’re investigating, but there are cliffhangers to the wider suspense plot for the series.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Small Town Sweetie, by Joe Satoria

Lollipops, suckers, oral… oh my!

Living his little fantasy, Owen works at an arcade surrounded by bright colors, flashing lights, and surviving on strawberry lollipops. And, of course, crushing hard on the handyman.

Will Owen find a spark in his lollipop Daddy?

As an electrician, Jonny is good with his hands and knows when there’s a spark. But he’s never been one to let his feelings win… until now.

Can Jonny be more than just strong and silent?

Something sweet and sparky is happening in Shaftdale.

The Small Town Sweetie is the first in the Shaftdale Daddies series. This series is low angst, high heat, and stuffed with feels. Visit Shaftdale and find your Daddy today.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Stone Skin, by Jenn Burke

Can he break his curse before time runs out?

Despite being cursed to sleep as a gargoyle for a hundred years, and awake for only twenty-five, Rian O’Reilly is an optimist. He knows he can find a way to break the curse through the tattooed runes he’s spent years mastering. No need to wait for this true love crap. But he hasn’t found the right combination of magic and his time is almost up. Rian isn’t ready to lose everyone and everything. Again.

Professor Logan Davis knows about loss. In the past year, he’s lost his mother, his twin, his werewolf pack, and he’s on the verge of losing his mind. So when he’s invited to Arrington to learn about a legend he’s never heard of, he jumps at the chance for a working vacation. He doesn’t expect to find a handsome gargoyle who needs his help to break a centuries-old curse—and he certainly doesn’t expect his grief to finally overwhelm him.

As Rian comforts Logan, he starts to wonder if there might be something to this true love crap after all. He’d give anything to help this gentle giant of a man, but Logan needs time to heal…and time is the one thing Rian doesn’t have.

STONE SKIN is a male/male paranormal romance featuring a magical tattoo artist gargoyle who doesn’t want to go, a werewolf professor who needs time to rediscover himself beneath his grief, and a budding love that might be the answer to everything…if only it has time to bloom.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

An Embrace To Hearten Me, by Michele Notaro

I can’t seem to choose between the two shifters who mean the world to me… but what if I can have them both?

Trying to navigate my feelings has never been easy. Growing up, I had to keep my emotions locked down and hidden from the world or suffer the consequences. But now, well, now I’ve had a taste of freedom, and with it, my heart has been running wild.

Between trying to find witches—members of the Red Cloth—at work and sifting through my overwhelming emotions, I’m a mess. And two certain shifters seem happy to help sort me out, which is great, but it’s making all these feelings hit me at once.

How in the world can I tell River and Kulani that I… that I like them? Both of them. At the same time. This is going to end in disaster with one, two, or three hearts broken. But what if it doesn’t? What if there’s a way for all three of us to get what we want?

An Embrace To Hearten Me is a MMX (male/male/nonbinary) urban fantasy romance companion novel meant to be read AFTER A Purpose That Restores Us (The Magi Accounts 3). This is Jude, Kulani, and River’s story and takes place between books 3 and 4 of the main series. It’s meant to be read as part of the series, not by itself, although the love story is resolved in this book.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

On a Different Mission, by Christie Gordon

A closeted male virgin. A kinky male college student. Can these men find love on campus, or will family destroy it all?

Devin Taylor

Raised a strict Mormon in a small town in Northern Arizona, I did everything to avoid going on a mission and ending up at Brigham Young. I knew I was different, and it wasn’t just my attraction to men. It was my attraction to make-up and women’s clothing that really baffled me. But now it’s time to break free of my religion. It’s time to lose my virginity. Will taking a job at the local queer bakery and being the front man of a college pop-punk band help?

Brandon Visser

I was finally coming to terms with the fact that I have a type—a type of guy. That guy is Devin. Problem is, he doesn’t know I’ve been watching him, wanting him. When Devin finally lets me in, he’s like a whirlwind of temptation. I know we need to slow down and do this right if I’m going to unlock his dirty side. As I watch Devin become someone new with me at his side, his mother falls ill. Can I save him from a family who might ruin us?

On a Different Mission is the first book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features gender fluid and bisexual awakenings, hurt/comfort, and rockers with found family. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a virginal man who’s a little naïve but struggling not to be, and an understanding man who’s been around the block and knows how to give them what they both need. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Scorch, by Kiki Burrelli

Magnus’s human family would despise him if they found out how deep he’s fallen into the supernatural world. The witching world had been nothing but cruel to his late mother and now his human family wants nothing to do with it. But with an ailing father and siblings who need his help, Magnus doesn’t have a choice. He can’t make enough outside the magic world to support them but he refuses to watch them suffer over something as stupid as money. He’s lucky to live safe and isolated in Crescent City among other witches and werewolves where he has a steady stream of both income and men to call when he needs to let off steam. Magnus never lets himself become overly attached to any one partner, his life is stressful enough without the addition of emotions.

Calore Fier is a billionaire werewolf with his sights set on Magnus. The sexy witch calls to him in a way no one ever has, except, Magnus is resistant to Calore’s charms. He claims he can’t feel the draw that Calore can’t ignore but he didn’t build his empire by giving up. Calore will find out why Magnus is holding back and he’ll tear down those walls until nothing stands between him and his mate.

Every second near Calore is a mistake. The older wolf is pure desire and Magnus’s body aches whenever he is around, but they could never become more. Calore has no idea who Magnus really is or the baggage he carries, and as a solar werewolf, Calore’s life is about elegance and luxury. He wouldn’t understand Magnus’s generic brand upbringing, his need to hide his magic, nor his penny pinching ways. Besides, if his family ever found out he’d embraced the witching world, they’d hate him more than Magnus would hate himself.

Scorch is a standalone novella in the gay, paranormal romance series, Lunar Wolves. It features a sarcastic, proud witch and an arrogant wolf who won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

PREORDER, Releasing March 14

Confetti Hearts, by Lily Morton

Joe Bagshaw doesn’t believe in love or marriage anymore, which is rather a hindrance for a wedding planner.

His own marriage was a whirlwind affair that ended before the ink could dry on the wedding certificate. Nevertheless, even with his divorce pending, he’s getting by. Or at least he was until he finds himself snowed in at a remote Scottish hotel with the wedding party from hell, a terrible ABBA tribute band, and his soon-to-be ex-husband.

Lachlan has missed Joe from the second his husband walked away. He wants Joe back and is prepared to do anything to get him. Being snowed in together seems to offer the chance Lachlan needs, but does he have what it takes to get Joe to trust in love and their marriage again?

From bestselling author Lily Morton, comes a romantic comedy about love, matrimony, and the best of second chances.

This is the first book in the Confetti Hitched series.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Hermes, by B.J. Irons

The darling of the Olympian gods and goddesses.
The cunning trickster whose deceit knows no bounds.
Hermes, the messenger and herald of the gods, is admired by all.
Yet, there is someone that Hermes admires that he cannot have.

This is a tale of the many plots and ruses pulled by this deceitful god.
Yet, the one thing he is truly deceiving all along is his own heart.
When Hermes encounters the male mortal, Crocus, he thinks he has found a true friend,
But what he really has found is someone he wants a lifelong companionship with.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

All Fired Up, by Morticia Knight

Shawn can’t decide whether he wants to punch or kiss Trent. Will kissing win?

The party never ends in Las Vegas, but neither does the danger. Shawn is the new foot patrol officer on the Strip and he’s ready to take on the town and keep the peace. Once he spots hunky firefighter Trent, Shawn wonders whether he can take him on too.

Trent is dedicated to his job, built tough and a no-nonsense man of few words. When Trent eyes a handsome new officer, he doesn’t dare get too close. After his boyfriend’s life was snatched away in the line of fire, he couldn’t bear the agony of such a loss again. Yet how can he keep his hands to himself when it comes to such a sweet and sexy cop?

Once they spend time together away from the stresses of their jobs, they find they’re not only compatible—they’re combustible. However, right as their relationship deepens, the threat of terror escalates on the Strip. The underground vigilante group, the Citizens Against Immorality, have raised the stakes.

Will Shawn and Trent be their next targets?

Note: All Fired Up is the first book in the exciting first responder series, Sin City Uniforms. It was previously published with a different cover under the same title. This edition has been re-edited, but there is no additional content. Triggers include descriptions of death, threats of death and homophobia. You can expect two lonely and brave men trying to figure out this love thing, high heat and a dose of danger.

Grab your copy of All Fired Up and get your fix of sexy guys in and out of their uniforms!

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