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Yes, Sir, by Helen Juliet

Two men. Two secrets. Can true love set them free?


Just one more year, then I can go back to my beloved Oxford University and leave this tiny town behind me. Teaching is my passion, but I have other desires that I know would get me fired if anyone found out. The only trouble is, my new TA is pushing all my buttons and I’m not sure he even realizes what calling me Sir does to me. That’s nothing, however, compared to when he starts calling me Daddy.


Have I got hots for teacher? Oh, yes. Messing around is off the table, though, so in a way it’s safe to flirt with him and see him lose that stiff upper lip. It’s not like he’d be interested in me anyway if he ever discovered what I love wearing under my clothes. Tough guys like me shouldn’t like satin and lace. They shouldn’t want to feel pretty. But Sir makes me feel gorgeous, and I want to be such a good boy for him.

Yes, Sir is a steamy, standalone MM romance. It’s the second book in the Paddle Creek College series, where it’s always the quiet ones who get up to the best kind of trouble. This book features two people learning they don’t have to be ashamed of who they are, a sassy brat who really wants to behave, a master in the bedroom who’s a caring Daddy at heart, and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

If I Could Wish, by Duckie Mack

Penn enjoys hooking up. He craves the closeness and touch but he compares every guy to the one person he can’t have. His best friend, his confidant, the only one he can rely on. The problem…he’s not real.

Benny has been at Penn’s side since childhood. They are connected so deeply, he can’t leave him. He’s tried, but Penn always calls him back. Knowing how strong Penn’s feelings are makes it even harder. What’s more…it’s not one-sided.

When the two cross a line one night, it sends them in a tailspin as they try to figure out what it means. Can there really be something tangible between them?

If I Could Wish is a stand-alone holiday novella with a twist. It features an imaginary friend-to-lover and a dash of Christmas magic.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Pole Position, by Kristian Parker

Charles Worthington was once the best driver in Formula One…until the lifestyle took over. Now, fresh out of rehab, he’s ready to take back his crown. Then he meets new teammate and handsome Brazilian, Luis Salvatore.

Despite being a famous womaniser, Charles has always had an eye for an attractive male. This time it’s different—Luis has the most profound effect on him. Being sober changes everything.

But in Formula One, teammates are also rivals and Luis’ contract is up for renewal. Only the number one podium will do.
Bitter rivalry and animal lust are an explosive combination. Will this get them both to the chequered flag?

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Watcher, by A.L. Morrow

Heaven on Earth? Not a chance with these angels around.

Jace has spent his entire life on the run from the Messengers, celestial beings from another realm who hunt his kind: Watchers, the fallen angels responsible for corrupting humanity … Then he meets Cyrus, the handsome Messenger with an easy smile who finally makes him want to stay in one place. The problem? Jace is the last descendant of the first disgraced Watcher, placing him just one rung below demons on the Messengers’ most-wanted list.

But Cyrus isn’t like other Messengers. He came to Sin City—the center of the angelic conflict—seeking peace, not more war. He doesn’t count on falling for the moody, dark-winged Watcher from the wrong side of town. Nor does he count on learning that his true enemy lurks closer than he ever imagined. As tensions rise between the celestial clans, will love or vengeance rule?

Romeo and Juliet gets a celestial spin (and a happier ending!) in this duology featuring forbidden love, a ride-or-die demon, a supernatural casino heist, bar brawls, and banter. Intended for readers ages 18+ and best enjoyed when read in the following order: Watcher (Book 1), Messenger (Book 2).

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Malakai, by Autumn Bridges

He called himself the “ugly duckling” but forgets the end of that story. The ugly duckling is actually a swan.

Malakai Pretor doesn’t live a charmed life. In fact, it’s the opposite. He works long hours in a diner and goes home to an abusive man each night. He has a couple of friends and secret dreams of how life should be, but he mostly settles into life as it is.

Then he gets a letter, one that changes his life. An estranged relative passes and leaves him everything. The attorneys that are in charge of the estate are overly handsome and cryptic, but he forgets all that once he learns his life can truly change.

Death and an investigation lead off his new life and start to unsettle him only a little less than the fact his body and face seem to be changing. He’s growing more handsome by the day, wounds heal before they can fully form, and things start happening to him that makes no sense.

When he travels to his new home, things look bright, but Malakai isn’t convinced his luck has changed. He resists advances by beautiful men until one comes along set to kill him, but instead makes him believe that his dreams had indeed finally come true.

What power does the pendant left to him truly have? Who is the man that raised him, the one he thought was his father all his life? Who were his mother and mysterious grandmother? He has questions that need answers and once he discovers the truth, he’ll never be the same.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Wholly Trinity, by Jodi Payne & BA Tortuga

Dr. Isaac Daniels and Detective Neil Thrope have been on and off Dom and sub since they met a few years ago. Isaac is all in but he’s not everything switch Neil needs, so good as things are between them, they both know it’s not enough.

Being in the BDSM community, Isaac and Neil were there to help when sub Alain Remy Broussard was assaulted by a pair of Doms who didn’t ascribe to the notion of safe, sane, and consensual. Their friend, Dom and therapist Cyrus Hughes offered Alain a place to stay, and has been working with the boy to help him regain trust. When Cyrus is called out of town suddenly, he calls on Isaac, who agrees to take Alain in while he’s away.

Isaac feels instantly protective of Alain, but it’s Neil who quickly bonds with the sub. With Alain in the house, Neil might have found the balance he craves but thought was too much to ask for. Isaac, though, has only ever had that kind of connection with Neil. Will the Dom be able to get on board and love both men as they, and he, deserve?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Starting Again at Crofton Hall, by Rebecca Cohen

After making a decision that will change his life forever, Robin Flint arrives at Crofton Hall, looking for a place to recover and start again. Love is not enough to continue living a lie.

An unexpected meeting where sparks fly was meant to be a one off, but Simon MacLove is just too wonderful to cast aside. But since Robin hadn’t intended to continue things, Robin didn’t tell Simon, a local police officer, that he was a millionaire trust fund baby and the future Viscount Whetford. Robin has a lot of baggage, but so does Simon, and whether they can carry it together and is very much up in the air, especially as Robin’s now ex-boyfriend, movie star Dorian Marsten, hasn’t accepted things are truly over between them.

Meanwhile, Ben and Ashley are still enjoying their post-honeymoon bliss, and have decided to work on the next generation of Redbourns. Only it’s not so easy when neither of them have the necessary biological equipment, meaning the road to them becoming parents isn’t going to be straightforward.

This is the fifth Modern Crofton novel. Each story features a new couple falling in love at Crofton Hall, with the continuing life and love of Ben Redbourn, 16th Earl of Crofton, and the man of his dreams, Ashley (was Niven now Redbourn).

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Deal with the Devil, by Lark Taylor

When you make a deal with a devil, you must prepare to face the consequences…


I’ve loved and lost once before, and it nearly destroyed me.

One might think I’d be scared to try again, but since discovering the existence of fated mates, I’ve waited on tenterhooks for mine to appear.

Fate, apparently, is content to keep me in suspense.

When a nervous human brokers a deal to find his brother, I can’t refuse. My tracking days are over, but there’s something about River that makes me want to get back in the game. Besides, it’ll be a good distraction from waiting for my dream guy.

It quickly becomes clear that River isn’t all he seems. And even worse…I can’t deny the attraction between us. But can I go there when I can’t promise River forever?


I’ve always been a liar…but this might be the most dangerous lie I’ve ever told.

Making a deal with a son of Lucifer to track my brother is a bad idea. Especially since he currently holds the number one spot on Mori’s hit list.

I’m asking for trouble.

But I’m out of options. Blaise’s death creeps closer every day, and despite his past misdeeds, I have to save him. Even if it means pretending to be a human, when I’m anything but.

The more time Mori and I spend together, the harder it is to hide my true identity. How can I when he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner?

There’s no point dreaming of a future with Mori. Even if he forgives my deception, he has a fated mate out there somewhere.

And it isn’t me.

Deal With the Devil is an exhilarating, forced-proximity M/M paranormal romance with a HEA and no cliff-hanger. It is the third book in The Reckless Damned series, which is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching plot. Each book focuses on a different couple and will have a HEA.

PREORDER, Release Date: February 16

Colby, by R.M. Neill

I never meant to fall in love with my stepbrother, but Dante cared for me in ways no one ever had before.

Then, he vanished without a trace.

For five years I’ve wondered how he could walk away so easily, leaving our hopes and dreams behind. I never thought I’d see Dante again, then my world is turned upside down when he reappears.

I want to push him away, but I can’t. Not when he tells me the truth behind his disappearance.

Now, I’ll do whatever it takes to help him right these wrongs… even if it costs me everything.

I did what I had to in order to protect my family.

Never would I allow Colby to suffer if there was any way I could prevent it. He deserved the very best in life, even if that meant I had to leave to make that happen.

But the five years of silence was too much. I need to see him and explain that I never stopped loving him, even if he already moved on. Yet when I find out the person I was protecting him from broke all their promises, I’m prepared to fight for the life I left behind.

No way in hell am I walking away a second time.

Welcome to the Broken Horn Ranch Series. This book contains a five year secret, llamas with needs, colourful ranch hands, two of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet and a romantic moment in a tiny tent.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Stone Wings, by Jenn Burke

His curse can only be lifted with true love, but can true love come from a fake date?

Being the personal assistant to a trio of cursed gargoyle brothers who sleep for a hundred years and wake up for twenty-five wasn’t a career proposed by Josh’s high school guidance counselor, but it’s a job that he’s eminently suited for. Not to mention a job his family has been doing for generations. The brothers are truly excellent bosses, but Josh is surprised when Drew offers to pretend to be his date for his high school reunion. And even more surprised by a supposedly fake kiss that feels as real as a kiss can get.

Drew and his brothers owe Josh and his family for watching over them each time they turn to stone for a hundred years, and for helping them reintegrate into the world when they wake up. The least he can do is pose as Josh’s boyfriend for a night. Even though true love can break his curse, he knows he won’t find it with Josh. Nothing that real can come from a lie. Or can it?

When the fake boyfriend situation stretches into two nights, and then more, Josh and Drew can’t fight the attraction blazing between them. There’s no harm in exploring it, right? No expectations. But when paranormal danger comes to Arrington, Josh and Drew are going to have to battle for every moment of peace…and maybe a real happily ever after too.

STONE WINGS is a 50,000 word male/male paranormal romance featuring a mechanic who happens to have wings and is a literal monster in bed, a personal assistant who’s always had a crush on him, stone skin or not, and a relationship that’s going to take a leap of faith to give the fairytale a happy ending.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Redeeming Nick, by Annabelle Jacobs

A witch with a secret, a fae guard with a job to do.

As the new manager of paranormal club, Midnight, Nick Parker has his hands full. What he doesn’t have time for is an inconvenient attraction for the mysterious fae with violet eyes and the kind of magic that Nick yearns for.

A fae guard with an affinity for seeking out the truth, Dathal has one purpose—to catch those responsible for smuggling a deadly plant out of the fae realm, and then return home. Falling for a witch isn’t on the cards, but something about Nick calls to him in a way he’s powerless to ignore.

Their paths cross as Nick is drawn into the investigation, and their connection is inevitable, but the consequences of being together are something neither of them could have foreseen.

Redeeming Nick is an MM paranormal romance featuring a hot, tattooed witch with attitude, and a silver-haired fae with a disdain for human rules. Full of magic, mystery, and sizzling UST, with a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Hayden’s Pryde, by C.K. Noel

Hayden Satchel, lion shifter, soon-to-be pride leader, wants to find his soul mate, but those don’t exist anymore; or so he thinks…

The 28-year-old comes from a rich family, has everything he could want, and is next in line to run his pride. So settling down with a woman he doesn’t love seems like a small price to pay for such a good life. Besides, she’ll be a good mother. But his heart isn’t in it… until he meets a spunky, down-on-his-luck waiter and his lion starts going crazy.

Hayden has found his fated mate… and he’s a man.Owen Pryde, an everyday human man, is on the run from his nightmare of an ex-boyfriend…

He always chooses the wrong men and winds up hurt. But hey, at least hurting is better than being alone forever, right? Owen’s not so sure. With his very public breakup overshadowing his life, his wealthy ex-boyfriend breathing down his neck, and his life off the rails, Owen just wants to find love. But his ex isn’t about to let his ‘property’ go.

When a new man takes a sudden, serious interest in him, Owen must wonder if he’s the one, decode intense new emotions, and escape his ex. Yikes.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Fluff Me, by R.A. Frick

Marcos Vasquez is a jaded musician, working his way through San Francisco with the goal to never sleep with the same man twice. A new app to find the older men Marcos loves to top is the perfect hunting ground for his ideal type of bear. When Marcos has to prove he isn’t as flighty as his reputation suggests, he ropes a one-night hookup into the plan.

Despite coming out later in life as transgender, pansexual, and kinky, Sam Andrews is an optimistic man. Friends tell Sam there’s a new dating app called Bears-4-U, where people are seeking older, chubby Daddy Bears, just like him. Sam hopes to find his teddy bear, but gets more than he bargained for with a brat who talks Sam into fake-dating.

Pretending to date Sam is an eye opener for Marcos when he ends up learning he enjoys being dominated and kept on edge. Can Marcos keep from falling for the older Daddy Bear after faking their way through a relationship?

Fluff Me features a sassy “I-don’t-have-Daddy-issues” boy named Marcos, and Trans Daddy Bear named Sam who get tangled up in this low angst rom-com with a twenty year age gap, Grumpy-Sunshine opposites attract, theater kids grown up, #fakedating and edging k!nk with a HEA.

Bears-4-U is a MM Daddy romance, multi-author series, featuring a host of delicious Daddy pairings. The Bears-4-U dating app is all about putting Bears and Teddy Bears together for their honey-sweet HEAs. Psst, no real bears involved. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not snuggle up with all the bears?

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