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Witch Boyfriend Wanted, by Colette Rivera

When you need a Witchy boyfriend but not a real one.

Luca Belmonte is sick of being set up. All his father wants is for him to marry well and progress his standing in Witch society. Luca wants to be left alone. He’s overwhelmed with work and needs a plan to get his father off his back. A fake relationship should do the trick. He just needs to find someone to play along.

If only his friend Marci wasn’t convinced he should go on one last date… For real.

Theo Landon is in a rut. It’s the only reason he takes a chance on a blind date. The man he meets is hot. Charming. Someone from his past he never wants to see again. The night is an epic disaster. But Theo has a secret. He’s been lying to almost everyone about being in a steady relationship, and when he gets spotted with Luca assumptions get out of hand.

So the two agree to fake it, just for a while.

Only Luca isn’t as bad as Theo thought. He’s just the Witch Theo needs, especially when things start to go wrong at his apothecary shop. But they can’t fake it forever and will need to decide if they can risk their feelings turning real.

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Game On, by Amy Aislin

When he broke off his engagement to his team captain’s brother the day before their wedding, Jamie Jamieson swore he’d never get involved with anyone associated with a teammate again. Getting traded to the Orcas is a chance at a fresh start, but one glance at his new housemate, and Jamie knows he’s in way over his head.

Dorian is his new coach’s cousin. And his team’s social media coordinator. And his housemate.

It’s the trifecta of bad ideas.

Dorian Shore doesn’t do hockey. He’s lived by that rule for years, ever since a season playing as a kid left him with emotional scars. But his new housemate—a big, buff, beautiful athlete who gets under his skin—makes him seriously consider doing a hockey player.

It’s not a good idea.
They live together.
They work together.

When the sparks between them ignite, will it be game on or game over?

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Spark of Wrath, by E.M. Lindsey

“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame.” – Dante Alighieri

He is Wrath—and always will be. His anger knows no bounds, rooted deep in his soul and he would be nothing without it.

Flint has come to terms with his future, and the sort of man he is.

…and alone.

Except there was a man who left as quickly as he’d come into Flint’s life. Tragedy struck and Flint’s waited three long years with nothing but silence.

Then, when he least expects it, Tomás returns, and with him, a promise for more. But there are conditions, because half of Tomás’s heart belongs to another man—one Flint will have to learn to accept if he ever wants a happily ever after.

And while Flint is willing to share, the more time he spends with Luke, the more he realizes his cold, tired heart might have room for one more.

Spark of Wrath is the fourth book in the Carnal Tower series. It features one man defined by his anger, crumbling under the weight of it all, and two others who have room to carry him when he can no longer carry himself. Together they define the merits of sandwich making—because there is a wrong way—how crabs on the beach can be romantic, how lovers can be best friends, and how everyone deserves a happily ever after.

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Want You Still, by CE Ricci and Marley Valentine

The heart always wants what it can’t have…

Duty, honor, and sacrifice.
Dedicating my life to these elements, for family and country, leaves little for myself in return.
It’s why I indulge in a no-strings hookup with a handsome stranger mere days before heading half-a-world away.
Except one night turns into a week-long fling, creating a connection at the most inopportune time.
And neither of us want it to end.
Staying in touch is easy at first, but dwindles to radio silence and distant memories as time passes.
I didn’t expect him to reemerge in my life months later, now belonging to someone else.
It should be enough for us both to walk away.
To push down this relentless, aching want.
But we don’t…
We can’t.
Because the heart always wants what it can’t have.

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Snowed in with the Vampire Prince, by Jay Castle

My death day is sacred. I spend it the same way I wish I could spend every day: alone in my isolated cabin, with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other. But when the scent of human blood shatters my solitude, I find James—unflappable, undeniably gorgeous, and utterly unafraid of me. He makes my blood boil and he stirs desires dormant for over a century. I must protect him, even if it costs me everything.

In the wake of my father’s passing, I go to our secluded camping spot in the mountains to scatter his ashes. It’s almost a full day’s hike from civilization and I expected to grieve alone. I never dreamed I’d get stranded by a freak snowstorm or that I’d be attacked by wolves. I certainly never imagined I’d meet someone like Pierce, the grumpy, overprotective, and annoyingly handsome vampire who saves my life. Now, snowed in and surrounded on all sides by the werewolves determined to turn me into one of them, my only protection is the vampire I’m inexplicably falling in love with.

Snowed in with the Vampire Prince is a 36,000-word fated mates novella with an HEA, instalove, a fair amount of hurt/comfort, and no cliffhanger. This is book 1 in the Blood Bonded Mates series. This book contains mild violence, strong language, spicy scenes between men, and passages depicting consensual blood drinking, as one might expect from a MM vampire romance. This book is intended for mature audiences.

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Candy Hearts Anthology

What’s sweeter than a low angst queer romance at Valentine’s Day? How about sixteen of them brought together in one anthology to help support a good cause?

Each novella in the Candy Hearts Anthology is overflowing with red-hot romance and all the good feels. And this time around, every story has a secret—a secret admirer.

The Candy Hearts Anthology will be available for a limited time, and all proceeds will benefit the Transgender Law Center and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Participating authors in this inaugural volume are:
Becca Seymour – Beck Grey – Bix Barrow – Chantal Mer
D.K. Sutton – Finn Dixon – Lee Blair – Linden Bell
‘Nathan Burgoine – Nic Starr – Rain Carrington – Riley Long
Stella Rainbow – Susan Scott Shelley – Toby Wise – Victoria Gillilan

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The Mobster’s Mate, by Kiki Clark

A human mob boss and an injured jaguar shifter brought together by a cruel enemy… and fate.

Caden hasn’t believed in fated mates since he was a cub. He figures it’s more of a fairytale that shifter parents tell their kids than the reality of what passes for mates in some of the packs he’s seen.

But then he comes face-to-face with a human man who smells like orange blossoms and radiates authority and safety.

And Caden… Well, he hasn’t felt safe in a long time.

While the rest of the world fears and reviles Quinten Amato and the things he does under the guise of his business, Caden is drawn to him like a cub to an alpha. He doesn’t care what anyone says or what Quinten does, he and his jaguar know the kind of man he is.

The kind who saved his life.
The kind who comforts him when he wakes up terrified.
The kind whose calm commands set his blood on fire.

Convincing his bossy human they’re meant to be together isn’t going to be easy. Especially not when Quinten’s certain Caden needs things he can’t get from him—and that being a part of Quinten’s life in the shadows is too dangerous.

And he might be right.

The Mobster’s Mate is a full-length novel featuring a human with questionable morals and a jaguar shifter who only sees the best in him. You’ll find an age gap, found family vibes, fated mates, and gobs of possessiveness.

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Chef Under Cover, by M.J. O’Shea

He played like a champion but dreamed of the sweet life…

Sean had never treated a famous person before. Not until the golden boy Will Harrington, star college quarterback and soon to be NFL legend, came in with an injured shoulder and hundreds of people’s hopes and dreams on his back.

Will never wanted to be a star quarterback. As unlikely as it sounds, it just kind of… happened. Now he’s stuck in the middle of a whole world he doesn’t fit into, surrounded by people who don’t actually know him.

Will would have never guessed that meeting one gorgeous physical therapist with a sarcastic mouth and a quirky group of small-town friends would help him become who he’s always wanted to be…a chef.

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We Don’t Need Another Santa, by Bix Barrow

One retired hitman, one actor just out of rehab, and a Santa sack full of complications…

Even though I don’t need to pose as a third-grade teacher anymore, I stuck around to keep Seth, one of my students, and his brother Robin from being abused by their slimy stepfather. It’s their lucky Christmas Eve when I find out Robin accidentally killed the jerk while protecting Seth, because who better to help them dispose of the body than a retired hitman-slash-operative?

But Santa also delivers the boys’ uncle, famous actor and tabloid headliner Lucas McCord. I’m trying to decide if I can trust him with the boys’ well-being—and possibly my cold, withered heart—when an ill-timed photo has the press announcing I’m Lucas’ boyfriend and the key to fixing his reputation.

The skills I honed in my former life are strangely useful navigating the perils of Hollywood, but when I come face-to-face with an enemy from my past, I’ll use every weapon in my arsenal to keep Lucas and the kids safe.

We Don’t Need Another Santa is a low-angst, humorous holiday romance featuring a retired hitman, an actor trying to turn his life around, two kids in need, stray dogs, an inconvenient body, barbecued brisket, and beaver onesies.

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Little Mister Perfect, by Wendy Rathbone

Can a neat-freak perfectionist boy and an over-worked daddy learn to trust enough to make an odd couple that truly works?


My family and friends always joke I was born with a pole up my you-know-what. I like things neat, tidy and perfect, including my appearance. It’s hard for me to just let go.

When I discover my inner little space, I’m not sure I want to entirely embrace it. While little space helps me to be more relaxed and impulsive, even somewhat wild, what if something goes wrong? What if I make too many mistakes? What if the potential daddies I might meet don’t approve of the way my inner little behaves?


I need to slow down. I’m in my mid-30s and have invested enough in my future to take a break from long workdays. I can now afford to stay at home more, work part-time. Plus, I’m finally ready to settle down. If only I can meet the right boy to let my true daddy bloom.

When I meet Sullivan, the boy is adorable, smart and sexy, but he’s so uptight I’m not sure I’ll ever see a second date.

MM romance. Opposites attract. Learning to trust. Daddy/little. Age play. Age gap. Onesies. Tubby time. Taking chances. HEA.

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Wrong Number, Right Wolf, by Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes the wrong number is the exact one you need.

I never leave my phone on at night. If people need to get a hold of me, they can wait until morning. Except tonight I fell asleep watching a movie and am ripped awake by my phone ringing. I answer it seconds too late, and when I hang up, there’s a voicemail for not me—the man on the other end of the line is sobbing and asking for a ride.

Calling back only tells me he borrowed a stranger’s phone. Without giving it a second’s thought, I grab my keys. I can’t leave him there, all alone and scared. Not when I can easily help. Only when I scent him for the first time, it’s not only help I want to give him—it’s everything. He’s my mate…my human mate. How does that even work?

Wrong number, Right Wolf is a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg romance featuring a human whose day has gone horribly wrong, the wolf he accidentally calls for help, true love, fated mates, adorable babies, and a happy ever after.

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