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NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Be Mine, Twisted Valentine, by Gianni Holmes

Fifteen years ago, I helped put my abductor behind bars.

With the help of my hypnotherapist, I’ve sealed away the memories of my traumatic past.

Until the dreaded phone call.

Duncan Whittaker’s out on parole.

The first time I confront him, I intend to kill him.

Then something snaps inside me.

The memories I’ve been repressing have returned.

Duncan Whittaker’s the only man who’s ever made me feel desire.

He’s also the one who held me captive for almost a year.

Isolated me to make me grateful for his presence.

Deprived me of sensation to make me crave his unwanted touch.

Duncan Whittaker’s a sadist who’s broken something inside me.

For the second time, he’s about to ruin my life.

And God help me, I can’t stop him.

I don’t want to stop him.

Be mine, Twisted Valentine is a part of a multiauthor collab. Ditch the hearts and flowers and step into the dark world of Corrupt Cupid. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but why not grab each and every deranged romantic tale as you slip into a place where darkness rules?

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Hot Blood, by AE Lister

Oliver Lambert has taken his photography skills and run with them. By the time he’s thirty, he’s made a name for himself and now has jobs whenever he needs them. He likes to be behind the camera, watching the world through a safe lens, protected from actually engaging with it.

An unexpected referral takes him somewhere he never expected—a kinky fetish ranch in the Muskokas, where men pay to play pony and trainers teach them how to behave.

Adam Marsland needs a visual record of the Braided Crop Ranch and it’s been a while since the website photographs were updated. When he’s given Oliver’s name, he immediately hires the man to come for the summer session to immerse himself in the ranch and its activities.

Oliver is out of his depth, but the challenge of photographing the beautiful men at the BCR is something he can focus on. Safe behind the lens of his camera, Oliver finds the ranch to be seductive and shocking. He can’t help admitting a fascination for the people who make the Braided Crop Ranch what it is.

But just because he knows how to take a great photo doesn’t mean he’s prepared for everything he encounters, especially when it comes to a recalcitrant ponyboy named Puck.

NEW RELEASE, FF Romance, Kindle Unlimited

Wildflower Muse, by Pandora Pine

Love blooms where you least expect it…

Newly divorced and ready to make a fresh start, Austen Simms finds herself working for a slowly failing book store. Wanting to save the business, she organizes meet and greets with famous gay authors. First up on her list is Francesca Bianco, known as much for her mega hit Miami Nights series as she is for her ravishing beauty.

Mired in the worst slump of her writing career, romance novelist Francesca Bianco is in dire need of a change. When a small business offers to bring her to gay-friendly Summit Springs, Colorado for a podcast interview and a meet and greet with fans, she jumps at the chance, hoping the change of scene will get her creative juices flowing again.

Driving through town, Francesca sees a beautiful young woman picking flowers by the side of the road and is instantly struck with the idea for her next book, Wildflower Muse. Getting out of the car, she finds herself kissing the gorgeous stranger. Little does she know the mysterious woman is the same one who brought her to Colorado in the first place. Austen.

As they get to know each other, the two women realize they have more in common than meets the eye. Does this budding relationship have what it takes to bloom… or will it wither and die with the chill winds of autumn?

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

The Marchesi Family Box Set, by Silvia Violet

This box set includes all 4 books in the best-selling MM Mafia Romance series, The Marchesi Family, plus 2 bonus short stories.

Lucien (Book 1)

I never imagined the protector I longed for would be a mob boss who demanded complete control.

I shouldn’t have gone to Lucien’s office. Once I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t leave. He commanded me to kneel. Beg. Obey. I couldn’t help myself. One taste, and I craved more.

Lucien vowed to protect me from his enemies…But who’s going to protect my heart from him?

Island Reward: Bonus Lucien Short

Lucien and Peter are in desperate need of a vacation. Can Lucien let go of the family business long enough to give Peter what he needs?

Angelo (Book 2)

Cameron didn’t realize how much he loved his grandparents’ bakery until Angelo Marchesi, a man he’s hated since high school, threatened to take it away.

But Cameron owes Angelo a debt.

A debt he can’t pay unless he accepts Angelo’s indecent proposal and risks finding out how thin the line between love and hate really is.

Devil (Book 3)

Devil is a mobster with a dangerous secret…

There’s a cop who hates him.

A cop he caught and released.

A cop he can’t get out of his mind after the one forbidden night they shared.

A Devilish Christmas (Book 4)

Devil, my beast of a man, seduces me into eloping, then kidnaps me for a honeymoon in Christmastown, Vermont.

A lot of men would be furious. I simply planned revenge involving handcuffs.

My annoyance doesn’t last long. Devil rents my dream cottage and manages to draw me out of my Scrooge-like ways. But I’ve been keeping a secret, and it follows me all the way to Christmastown. Can Devil and I enjoy each other, find our Christmas spirit, and keep ourselves safe from a vicious killer?

Mob Boss: Bonus Short

I let Vinnie seduce me.

I was an easy mark.

I would have granted him anything, but I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t know I was setting a man up for death.

But even now I still want him, and he has no intention of letting me go.


Future Goals, by Genevive Chamblee

When a college hockey player needs the help of a sexy older attorney, he gets more than he bargained for when trying to sort out the troubles in his career. Falling in love was never part of either man’s plan.

Corrigan Ellery wants to play in the NHL, and the way he hopes to get there is through D1 hockey. His plan is solid but begins falling apart the instant he steps onto the college campus. Old traditions and stereotypes lock him out before he’s even in. With no options for failure, he must make his plan work, which is why he has no time to complicate his life by getting involved with a sexy lawyer who is ten years his senior and part of the society that is impeding his plans. But boy, he’d enjoy some bedroom game misconduct with the counselor.

Logical and meticulous, Sacha Weymouth, who is adept at predicting and controlling outcomes, is a successful defense attorney, slated to one day be a partner at a prestigious firm—that is, until a rogue client causes his demotion. Now, he’s a step above a gopher at the university law center assigned to getting a contract signed by a hot-shot hockey player. Instead of a signature, he has his life flipped in a direction he never saw coming… to which he objects. But will his heart overrule his head?

Corrigan’s and Sacha’s lives should never have collided. Now they’re left questioning if they’re standing in the way of the other’s future goals, or if there’s room for redirection.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

January Blues, by Jax Stuart

While practically human in a coven of powerful witches, Cody has still picked up an enemy. After an assassination attempt fails spectacularly, his rival summons a demon to get rid of him.

Contracted to ruin Cody’s life, Toth tries everything within the rules to break the perpetually cheerful man. Nothing he does seems to work, and he is pressed to try something else: seduce Cody.

Cody’s hidden magic soon has Toth under his spell and he has to decide if his freedom or Cody’s heart are more important.

January Blues is a 34k spinoff novella from the Sweetwater Pack series but can be read as a standalone. While MPREG can happen in this world, it doesn’t in this story.

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Glazing the Donut, by Dax Kazmi

Matty wants to save his bar from demolition. Jax wants to tear it down and build condos. And both of them are wanted for murder. After these two enemies discover a dead body beneath Portland’s oldest gay bar, they’ll have to work together to solve the crime and catch the killer — before they kill each other.

When gentrification threatens The Lumberjock, Portland’s oldest and seediest gay bar, owner and dancer Matty Higgins is desperate to find a way to keep the business afloat. Apparently, the bathroom glory holes and vintage porn are looking tired next to a bright new donut shop and the sleek apartment tower going up in the neighborhood. To make extra money, Matty starts giving tours of the Underground, the historical tunnels beneath the bar that were infamous dens of crime during the city’s Wild West era.

Real estate developer Jaxon Sellers thinks he can convince Matty to sell his bar if only he can get some time alone with him and prove he’s less of a douchebag than the other builders. When Jax signs up for Matty’s tour of the tunnels, the two discover that the Underground’s crime-ridden past is still very much alive. Matty and Jax find themselves suspects in the murder of a local business owner, and the two must work together to solve the crime before the killer comes for them — or before they kill each other.

Glazing the Donut is a full-length MM romance that is part crime mystery, part enemies-to-lovers romance, and all campy comedy peppered with some explicit gay sex. Written by a gay guy primarily for gay guys who don’t think they’ll like romance novels, this story includes inconvenient boners, tasteful dry humping, hipster barista go-go boys, very rude Mexican drug runners, Cher references, and, of course, a very sweet love story. During its live release on Kindle Vella, it consistently ranked in the top 10 of all LGBTQ novels, and within the top 100 of all novels on the platform. It’s the first of a set of standalone comedy romance adventure novels involving other characters in the story.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Deal With the Devil, by Lark Taylor

When you make a deal with a devil, you must prepare to face the consequences…


I’ve loved and lost once before, and it nearly destroyed me.

One might think I’d be scared to try again, but since discovering the existence of fated mates, I’ve waited on tenterhooks for mine to appear.

Fate, apparently, is content to keep me in suspense.

When a nervous human brokers a deal to find his brother, I can’t refuse. My tracking days are over, but there’s something about River that makes me want to get back in the game. Besides, it’ll be a good distraction from waiting for my dream guy.

It quickly becomes clear that River isn’t all he seems. And even worse…I can’t deny the attraction between us. But can I go there when I can’t promise River forever?


I’ve always been a liar…but this might be the most dangerous lie I’ve ever told.

Making a deal with a son of Lucifer to track my brother is a bad idea. Especially since he currently holds the number one spot on Mori’s hit list.

I’m asking for trouble.

But I’m out of options. Blaise’s death creeps closer every day, and despite his past misdeeds, I have to save him. Even if it means pretending to be a human, when I’m anything but.

The more time Mori and I spend together, the harder it is to hide my true identity. How can I when he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner?

There’s no point dreaming of a future with Mori. Even if he forgives my deception, he has a fated mate out there somewhere.

And it isn’t me.

Deal With the Devil is an exhilarating, forced-proximity M/M paranormal romance with a HEA and no cliff-hanger. It is the third book in The Reckless Damned series, which is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching plot. Each book focuses on a different couple and will have a HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Postscript, by Anne Barwell

A magical bookshop holds the keys.

When Mason Chynoweth inherits an old house in small-town New Zealand, he hopes to discover what happened to his great-great uncle Lewis after he returned from the war in 1945. Mason’s first encounter with the property is thankfully reassuring—his sensitive psychic powers aren’t triggered and he has a calm sense of coming home.

Elijah Whitaker arrives in Kedgetown for an extended visit with his aunts. He’s quickly drawn to Mason and offers to help him try to find some answers in the dusty old house. It soon becomes clear that Mason is keeping secrets, but Elijah has a few secrets of his own. Like his closely guarded knowledge of the hidden supernatural world, and the fact that many of the townspeople are psi and supernaturals.

What is the connection between the house and Postscript, the town’s enigmatic bookshop? Mason’s glimpses of the past give some clues, but not enough to make sense of the puzzle.

When a hidden journal comes to light, the true story of Lewis’s journey is revealed, and his path and Mason and Elijah’s begin to intertwine.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Unscathed, by Luna David

What do prom night, a car accident, and a BDSM club have in common? The sexy CEO of Gallagher Hotels, that’s what.

Maddox Prescott is nervous about his first visit to Catharsis, a BDSM club he’s joined, hoping to find a Daddy Dom. The last person he expects to see is Lachlan Gallagher—his knight in shining armor from senior prom seven years ago—looking gorgeous and wearing a club bracelet signifying he’s Dominant and available.

Lachlan has always had a soft spot for a sweet, submissive in need, so when Maddox requires rescuing again, he can’t keep himself from swooping in to lend a helping hand.

As they get reacquainted, Lachlan discovers Maddox is looking for his forever Daddy, and he’s not about to let a boy as special as Maddox slip through his fingers.

Unscathed is set in the same universe as the bestselling Custos Securities and Catharsis Series by author Luna David.

DISCOUNTED PREORDER, February 14 Release

Lane- MxM, by Jae Greyn

The battle continues as the Witches choose another target. Secrets are exposed when the Hand-Me-Down Boys(Demi-deuil) of Fire Ridge Pride join forces with the Blood-rights of Amber Light Pride. Who lives, who dies, and who is caught in the middle?

Hide and seek becomes a dangerous game when Alisdaire Di Gatti, Blood-right and grandson of the Fire god, goes missing. Every attempt to locate him fails until the God Council mates him to the only Hand-Me-Down Boy who can find the living.

Elijah Di Gatti is crushed when the mating contract arrives for Lane Barstow, and it includes his brother’s name. He knows Lane is honorable and would save Daire, no matter what. Elijah also knows his brother is conceited and cares only for himself. Elijah wants Lane any way he can have him and makes a blood pact with the goddess. She grants him permission to help Lane when things go wrong- and they will.
Will the Witches succeed and take Lane down, too, or can Elijah save Lane’s life and win his heart?

We find what you left behind.
All blood bleeds red, but it does not always bleed magic.
-The Hand-Me-Down Boys

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