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Go the Long Way, by CJ Pines

Jakob has regrets. It’s inevitable in a life as wayward as his.

Managing the island’s horse ranch, raising his teenage daughter as a single dad? It goes to fill that hole in him the way the military never did. And yet…

There’s still something missing. Some fragment of himself he’d only just glimpsed that life-changing night; before it was all ripped away in a mistake that cost him his best friend. A mistake he’d do just about anything to make right.

Ethan however? He can’t risk going through that kind of hurt again. The wary former football star has worked hard to rebuild his life from the ashes Jakob left behind, even if it’s left him with a few regrets of his own.

Not to mention a few enemies.

Against his better judgment, Ethan is forced to accept Jakob’s help, and Jakob’s not about to waste this second chance.
Sparks start flying between the two men once more, but has too much time passed to rekindle their friendship? Or maybe even…more?

Can Jakob and Ethan heal old wounds in time to save a life —

Before it’s too late?

Go the Long Way is a small town, second chance romance filled with thrilling heroics and found family.

Expect heavy elements of steamy open door MM romance, swearing, trauma, angst, suspense, violence, peril, trust, communication, m/m bisexual awakening, best friends to lovers, queer joy, first times, adorable awkwardness, Dad jokes, family traditions, families of choice, and an entire forest of pining.

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Omega’s Shy Alpha, by Hope Bennett

Jared is a sexy and confident omega. He could have any man he wants, but he only wants shy alpha, Sutton. He’s determined to get Sutton to notice him. And then he’s going to ask the alpha out. What could possibly go wrong?

Sutton wishes he had the confidence to ask Jared out. Luckily for him, his omega is determined to get his Happily Ever After. All Sutton has to do is say yes. It can’t be that difficult.

OMEGA’S SHY ALPHA is a sweet and fluffy opposites-attract story, featuring a shy alpha and the confident omega determined to seduce him.

SWEET IN SILFORD is a non-shifter omegaverse, featuring alphas and omegas who fall in love. It is MPreg-light, meaning MPreg is possible but doesn’t feature in every story. Each book can be read as a standalone. They do feature some crossover characters, though, so why not enjoy the whole series? This book is an alpha/omega story.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Defy the Future, by Keira Andrews

To protect their pack, they must risk everything.

Adam and Parker are finally safe.

As safe as they can be in a world where the zombie-like infected still roam the night. With other survivors, they’ve built a community—a pack.

Until that peace is shattered.

How far will Adam and Parker go for family—and each other?

Defy the Future is a steamy gay romance from Keira Andrews featuring werewolves, found family, and of course a happy ending.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Ogres And Other Dating Dilemmas, by TJ Nichols

Sean Lloyd has given up on finding love. It’s easier to concentrate on his work as a mytho biologist than figure out people. But that was easier to believe in his twenties. Now his friends are getting engaged and planning weddings, and he’s only planning his next hook-up. He wants more, even if he isn’t sure what that looks like.

When an ogre knocks him over and then sweeps him off his feet, he’s more than happy to go along for the ride. However, mythos aren’t classified as people, and Sean can see how hard it is for his friend Jordan to date a mytho even though his dragon-shifter boyfriend passes for human. Ogres don’t.

Troy Violet was thirteen when the collapse happened. He lost his family and was taken in by another, a much stricter household that cleaves to ways that were considered old even before the collapse. So much has changed in the ten years since, and there are so many more opportunities for an ogre not interested in finding a wife. However, he never planned on falling for a human man.

Some people aren’t happy with the way he is turning his back on ogre society, and they will do anything to drag him back, even if it means breaking a few human laws.

Ogres and Other Dating Dilemmas is a standalone novel that ties into the Mytho Investigations series. For readers who like size differences, awkward human heroes, cinnamon roll ogres, magic, mayhem, and happily ever afters.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Beginner’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Demons, by Shannon Mae

Beelbufo has lived a comfortable life as a pet frog for two decades, enjoying pets, human food, and horror movie nights with his favorite human, Gabe. But when Gabe and Az fall head over heels in love, they decide Beel needs a companion too. Little does Beel know that the charming pet shop owner, Jon, is about to become his unsuspecting caretaker. There’s only one small catch – Jon thinks Beel is just an ordinary pet frog.

When Jon’s safety is threatened, Beel can’t help making an appearance in his human form. Now Jon’s eyeing him with suspicion (turns out his cover story wasn’t that great), Gabe and Az are up to their matchmaking antics, and Beel really just wants another kiss with the adorable pet shop owner. (Oh, did we forget to mention they shared a kiss? Spoiler alert: it was magical.)

If Beel’s meddling family can stop interfering, Jon can stop being so suspicious, and Beel can stop being so scared of outing his true identity, these two might just get their own happily ever after. (Hopefully with more kisses, because Beel really does like the kissing.)

Tags: Beel despises romantic comedies, but maybe he’s about to star in one; Jon’s got a troublesome ex and could use a knight in shining armor – Beel’s more than happy to oblige; Az keeps weaving fairy tale and frog references into their lives, much to everyone’s chagrin; Beel’s cover stories are laughably bad; coming out as your true self is tougher than Beel imagined, but sometimes it’s worth it.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Knox, by Taylor Rylan

A chance meeting and a little help from the created vampire send them off together. Can the sexy vampire bring the shy omega fox out of his shell? What will he find when he finally does?

Knox Dupont was simply going through the motions of life when his younger brother called to tell him he’d met his beloved. That was all it took for Knox to pack up and head to Montana to start a new life there. He might not have been the one to find his beloved, but his brother was starting a family, and he wanted to be there to support him after their parents had abandoned them.

Philip Nelson has spent much of his short life on the run. When his older brother and only father he’s ever known accepts a position with the paranormal council to run the council’s general store, he’s unsure at first but quickly settles into a daily routine, albeit a mundane one. His one bit of joy is having the ability to run in his fox form as much as he now desires.

When Philip accepts an invite to go run with the foxes in Timber Valley, he never expected to catch the intense eyes of the sexy vampire tracking his movements. With a little help from Master Ambrosius, can Knox win over his sweet omega fox?

Knox is the sixth book in the Destined Paranormals series. It is a full-length novel that focuses on fated mates and how they mesh their lives together. This is an mpreg story, and there will be a baby or possibly two. If you’re looking for a sweet, fluffy fated mates story, you’ve found it.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Tempeh for Two, by Karenna Colcroft

Tobias Rogan never wanted to be a leader. But in the past several months, he’s gone from a quiet life as Alpha of the smallest pack in the United States to ruling the entire Northeast Region. With his mate, Kyle Slidell, by his side, Tobias is adjusting to his new normal.

But now, with the future of the entire werewolf world at stake, Tobias must step further out of his comfort zone. The Anax, ruler of all werewolves in the United States, is no longer competent to rule. Only Tobias is dominant enough to defeat the Anax. And when Kyle’s life hangs in the balance, Tobias must choose: Challenge the Anax to claim the rank, or allow the Anax to declare war.

NEW RELEASE – SAVE $4, Kindle Unlimited

Kiss Me: The Complete Collection, by Charlie Novak

Enjoy the Kiss Me series in one complete collection, and follow the men of The Pear Tree pub as they find their happily ever afters in these hot and heartwarming stories full of love, laughter, and really good food.

This box set features all three original novels, plus four short stories, including the brand new shorts, Two Days in London and And For Dessert.

Strawberry Kisses — Pastry Chef Patrick has been secretly in love with his best friend, Connor, for three years. And when his family assumes they’re dating, it seems like the easiest thing to do is fake a relationship for the weekend and deal with the consequences later. After all, what are the chances Connor’s in love with Patrick too?

Summer Kisses — Chefs Aaron and Josh have a complicated history. They’ve been lovers, enemies, and now they’re co-workers intent on antagonising each other. But when one explosive moment shatters the walls between them, the pair must learn to put their past to rest and face the feelings they’ve been running from for nine years.

Content Warning: Summer Kisses mentions of drug use and issues of alcohol abuse.

Spiced Kisses — For owner and Front of House manager, Ben, December only means one thing: stress. Breaking his collarbone in a rugby accident is the last thing he needs. Luckily there’s a very handsome Welshman ready to come to his rescue and subject Ben to a little Christmas magic.


This box set also includes the following four short stories.

Christmas With The Evanses — Patrick and Connor spend a magical Christmas with Patrick’s family in Devon.

Cranberry Kisses — Aaron and Josh go head to head to decide who makes the better cranberry sauce.

Two Days In London — Ianto convinces Ben to go on a weekend away and leave the pub to run without him.

And For Dessert — Ben, Aaron, and Josh gather everyone together to celebrate as they prepare to reveal the future of The Pear Tree.

99c NEW RELEASE, Sapphic Romance, Kindle Unlimited

Simone Says, by Terri Ronald

Emergency Weather Alert: Severe
Jan. 8, 2024, 8:13 a.m.

The National Weather Service has issued an ice storm warning in effect for this area. Freezing rain expected to cause significant icing. Only Emergency personnel are permitted to travel at this time. Please stand by for additional information.

Forced to stay indoors due to the relentless winter storm, Simone and Elah, a married couple, find themselves at odds with each other as they attempt to settle into their new home. With Elah’s attitude at an all-time high, Simone knows the only way to thaw out her icy wife is to take control. Can playing a game of Simone Says help bridge the gap between them, or will the winter storm prove to be too much for them to endure?

PREORDER, Releasing January 19

Dead Man’s Chest, by Pandora Pine

One phone call can change everything.

Sick of snow and ice, psychic Tennyson Grimm jumps at the chance to head to Florida for a little fun in the sun. While sitting on the beach, his phone rings with a call from prison inmate River Ramsey who has a startling claim: “You don’t know me, but I’m your brother.” The man has been arrested for the murder of his business partner and needs Tennyson’s help to prove his innocence.

Detective Ronan O’Mara is stunned by the revelation. He’s determined to discover if Ramsey is a killer or simply a conman on the grift. As he delves into the crime, Ronan unearths devastating secrets someone is willing to kill in order to protect.

Caught in the middle is Tennyson’s mother, Kaye, who must come to grips with the fact that her husband had secrets of his own.

Who is River Ramsey? Did he kill his business partner? More importantly, is he really Tennyson’s brother?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dead Serious Case #4 Professor Prometheus Plume, by Vawn Cassidy

Inspector Danny Hayes has something very important to ask his boyfriend Tristan Everett. Over the past six months they’ve survived reapers, chaos monsters, and biblical storms, not to mention averting an apocalypse. So, what’s left to do but pop the big question?

Tristan is ready for a break from world-saving, spectral crises, and most definitely from ghosts. He wants some one-on-one time with his boyfriend, preferably horizontally. So when their Boxing Day celebrations result in a drunken booking of a romantic New Year’s getaway at a quiet little hotel near the wilds of the north Yorkshire moors, Tristan can’t wait.

But as usual nothing ever goes according to plan. Snowed in during an unexpected murder mystery weekend at what turns out to be one of the most haunted hotels in Northern England is not what they had in mind, but when one of the actors turns up really dead not just fake dead, they once again find themselves caught up in another investigation.

With only one night to figure out who the killer is while wrangling a multitude of overly helpful ghosts, Tristan begins to wonder if romance really is dead…

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Protect My Heart, by Christie Gordon

When a nerdy drummer meets an attractive bodyguard, secrets threaten to unravel not only their families, but their futures.

Gabe Johnson
In the world of pop-punk and nerdom, I’m the drummer that defies stereotypes.

I strive to be the perfect son my wealthy father demands and being gay doesn’t equate.

When a striking, muscled bodyguard is thrown into my life to protect me from mobsters, can I keep my secret or fall victim to my heart?

Jeremy Sweet
I’m racing up the ladder in Gabe’s father’s law firm and he’s entrusted me to safeguard his son.

As I dive deep into Gabe’s world and even share his bedroom, the lines between obligation and desire blur. With my own questioning swirling inside me, how can I find out if Gabe’s queer?

As the gangster’s motives unravel, it becomes clear that the future peace of Gabe’s family and my career are at stake. Can we fix this mess together?

Protect My Heart is the fifth book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features a nerdy law student falling for his jock of a bodyguard amongst a bisexual awakening, forced proximity and a backdrop of a shady scheme. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a rich boy with daddy issues, and a man who’s questioning himself. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Hades and his Witch, by Rhys Lawless

I’m dying, and the only one who can save me is him.
Hades, king of the Underworld, god of the dead, ruler of… Honestly? He’s got too many names to list.
You know the guy.
Apparently, I need him to survive this disease that’s been a death sentence since I was born.
ApparentlyI’m also the reincarnation of his queen, Persephone. How’s that for a kicker?
Little, hideous me, who uses tattoos to cover his endless flaws and whose only power is seeing death at every corner.
And apparently, we have to do the deed to save me from certain demise.
Yeah. If I wasn’t so unequivocally…me, I’d think it was a very elaborate scheme to get me into bed.
But even that goes wrong.
So. Terribly. Wrong.
And now everything is effed up.
Figures. Only I could break the god of the freaking dead.

Hades and his Witch is the second book in the Demon Gods series, a spin-off series set in the Cursed Hearts universe.
Inside you’ll find a magical tattoo artist in need of saving, a god of death who’s a hopeless romantic, ghostly “interactions”, and a snarky mobile phone (among other things).

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Never Say Goodbye, by Felice Stevens

Who knew getting snowed in at the airport could be so much fun?

The nomadic lifestyle of a wildlife photographer is perfect for Ren Stewart—he travels the world with no obligations, no place to call home. With time between assignments, he’s ready to leave the cold New York winter for sunny California. But twenty inches of snow on a layover means his flight’s canceled and he’s stranded. It’s going to be a long, lonely night at the airport waiting for the snow to melt.
Lucky for Ren, he meets a gorgeous man and they hit it off. Too bad they’ll have to go their separate ways.
Or will they?
Something in Schaeffer’s eyes suggests he might be up for sharing the last available hotel room…and the bed.

Airline pilot Schaeffer Morgan is used to being alone. It’s hard to have a relationship when you’re only home for a few days at a time. He’s learned to live with stolen moments of pleasure as well as bigoted remarks from coworkers who don’t know he’s gay.
When a family vacation brings him face-to-face with the man he spent two lust-filled days with in a hotel room—the man he thought he’d never see again—everything changes.

Their days and nights together lead to the possibility of something Ren only dreamed of as a foster child—a family and a place to call home—while Schaeffer begins to open up about his painful past. As their time together comes to a close, they want to keep the magic of what’s building between them. But with Ren away for months on assignment and Schaeffer’s busy schedule, is that wishful thinking?
One thing is for certain: neither of them wants to say goodbye.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Lucas’ Omega, by JT Fader

A small town offers more than an opportunity to start again.

Adam is running from a bad breakup, severing bonds with the pack of his birth. He heads to the small town of Creekside to set down new roots. He wants to pick up some odd electrical jobs to support himself, and he wants to be left alone.

There are two wolf packs in the area, but Adam has no intention of joining either one. That is until he catches the scent of his fated mate lingering on a new friend. He struggles against the need he feels for him. He wants to run to him but doesn’t want a mate. Especially this one.

Lucas is reeling from the loss of his chosen mate and unborn pup. He’s the leader of his pack and he needs to make sure his family’s electrical business continues to thrive. An Omega interloper threatens to disrupt the customer relationships they’ve been nurturing for three generations.

As the Alpha leader, Lucas knows he needs to chase the Omega wolf out of town. The business will suffer if he stays in Creekside. Only one problem. He wants him. He fights the urge to go after him and claim him even though his inner wolf is screaming, “Fated mate!”

Will two rivals be able to put their differences aside and submit to their fate?

PREORDER, Releasing February 1

Obeying Orders, by Matthew Dante

Rian Lassalle

42, Muscle Daddy, enjoys putting Brody in his place and showing him who the real alpha dog is on this crew.

Running from your past can be painful. I moved to Jersey, hoping to find some peace and perspective. Instead, all I found was an annoying man-child who thinks that he’s God’s gift to women. Seriously, the arrogance of this man is astounding. If he thinks he can continue to disrespect people while I’m around, the boy clearly doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. There’s a new Alpha in town, and I’m about to show Brody what I do to those who misbehave.

Brody O’Connell

32, work for the O’Brien Crew and have my own auto shop. Oh, yeah, and I’m tough, muscular, and sexy as sin.

Don’t hate me cus I’m hot, and my biceps are bigger than your head. I’m an Alpha. A top dog. Women want to lay with me, and guys want to be me. It’s a simple fact. Some of us have it, some of us… well, that’s not my issue to worry about. Everything was going great until my boss decided I needed a… partner? A boss? A glorified babysitter? I don’t exactly know what Rian’s role is supposed to be. All I know is that he thinks he’s the top dog. Just because his muscles are slightly bigger than mine, and he happens to be a head taller, he seems to think that I’m going to lay down on my back and let him take me… any way he wants… ordering me around. Come to think about it, why do I keep getting turned on whenever he gives me an order? Perhaps, I’ll keep that last bit of information to myself…

This is an MM Dark Romance involving bad men doing bad things.

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