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The Insanity of Reincarnated Mages and Amorous Vampires, by AJ Sherwood and Devon Vesper

Reborn love. Unleashed magic. We won’t fail twice.

Hi, I’m Kit. Immortal vampire and technomage extraordinaire. You know how it goes.

For the record, I am absolutely not stalking my reincarnated husband.

Okay, I am, but it’s for his own good. And mine. Er, assuming I can somehow figure out how to tell him he’s reincarnated and a mage, and we all live in a sentient library.

Any thoughts on that? I’m currently taking suggestions.

One thing’s for sure. He’s not dying on me again. Never again.


The fluffiest fluff to ever fluff, that y’know includes violence, magic, reincarnated lovers, vampires, sassy library, Kassandra the library has OPINIONS, found family, all the magical shenanigans, Kit and Gun are part-time soulmates full-time problem, authors have lost all discretion in this, Kit is a walking green flag, the crack ship armada is sailing at full speed here, master should never have access to a credit card, or a bookstore, no book is off-limits with that man, triggers involve too much sap and cuteness, occasionally blowing shit up, violence is not the question but it is the answer, Sentient Library Tells All, I’m absolutely a library book check me out

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The Borough Boys Bundle, by Tamsin Baker

The Borough Boys – Full Series Bundle

Grayson’s Mate: When a Werewolf alpha finds his destined mate, he always knows instantly. But what if he finds him instead of her? To make their mating work, this couple must battle pack beliefs, human interference and the Rogues trying to take them all down.

Aaron’s Mate: A Werewolf knows his destined mate by their matching mark. But what if the search fails? A powerful alpha fights to survive long enough, not knowing that his mate lingers just out of reach, trapped by his own fears.

Brad’s Mate: When the lone Wolf Alpha, Brad gets called home to protect the pack from the potential threat of the Rogues, he finds the mate he’s never wanted. And despite the fight he puts up, the stubborn Alpha is going down, and Fate will have her way with him as she has done with everyone before him.

Megan’s Mate: It’s Grayson’s little sisters turn at love… but it won’t be simple, or straight forward for the Alpha-born female.

Howl with the pack in this hot, exciting series—get your copy today!

Books 1 – 3 include MM pairings, and book 4 is a M/F pairing  

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Enter the Multi-Vers, by C. Rochelle


Theo Coatl was supposed to be just a job.

On paper, my twin and I are recent grads moving into the eccentric artist’s mansion for a once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity.

In reality, Dre and I are spies for our clan—a pair of supes known as Shock and Awe who could melt our enemy’s brain as easily as we could extract the intel we were after.

Whatever works.

But our mark isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and Theo’s proximity is… doing things to me. This man could fulfill every dark desire I’ve buried beneath the surface. Things even my twin doesn’t know I crave.

Too bad exploring my fantasies isn’t part of the plan.


Gabe and I may have been sent to this hideous McMansion on a mission, but the instant Theo Coatl sashayed into view, our plans changed.

At least, mine did.

Wolfy’s original instructions were clear—get in Theo’s head, get the intel, and get out. But I took our eldest brother’s words as more of a suggestion than anything.

And my idea is better.

Because I see the way Theo looks at my twin—like he wants to eat him alive. Never mind that the man is a potentially deadly being of unknown origins, or that I want to discipline him so badly I can taste it.

Gabe is the bait.

Theo is our prey.

And if I get to play with the brat before we end him, well, what could be the harm in that?


It had been so long since I’d enjoyed a proper hunt, I was nearly giddy with excitement.

And what delightful prey I’ve found!

The twins are perfect. Broody angel Gabriel is pretending to resist my advances, while practically begging me to take what I want. And Andre is playing his cards close with absolute control—which only encourages me to defy him more.

As there’s nothing I love more than misbehaving.

do have an agenda here on earth, however—one my interns can legitimately assist me with.

So, while I can’t wait to make a pretty pair of puppets out of these unsuspecting humans, I’ve decided to at least try to lure them in slowly. Really savor the experience.

Since it will be the death of them in the end.
Enter the Multi-Vers is an MMM romance between a pair of villains and an alien chaos gremlin in a skinsuit. Our men find other men in tight supersuits incredibly attractive. Sometimes, they keep these supersuits on while engaging in explicit extracurricular activities with each other (and sometimes they even use bad words!). This is not your kid’s superhero book. This is Sin City and The Boys having a love child with extra spicy Spideypool and is meant for 18+ adults who can handle such things.

The Villainous Things series contains standalone books (each with HEAs) that feature interconnected characters and an overarching plot. You should read them in order (starting with Not All Himbos Wear Capes)

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Footballer Follies, by Merry Farmer

It all starts with a second chance to right the wrongs of the past…

Supermodel Ellis Dixon lives a life that most men would envy. But underneath the glitz and glamor lies guilt and self-loathing for the numerous mistakes of his life. He knows he needs to become a better man, and when he’s thrown together with the man he bullied mercilessly in school, it seems like he might finally have a shot at redemption.

But broken hearts don’t heal overnight.

Rising football star Raeburn Kauffman might be the darling of the Ealing Eels, but he still carries the scars of the way Ellis once treated him. Only now, the boy who once made him feel stupid and unloved is bending over backwards to help him navigate the stormy waters of celebrity. Worse still, Rae is starting to remember all the reasons he had such a crush on Ellis to begin with.

Is the whole thing a second chance to fall in love or a recipe for more heartache?

Footballer Follies is the fourth book in The Brotherhood: Legacy series…which tells modern-day stories of the men of The Brotherhood. It involves a reformed bully trying to make amends, fake boyfriends with not so fake feelings, a team on the verge of relegation, two careers on the line, bad decisions made at Casino Night, the same nightmare with new players, a shot at redemption, and, of course, the nearly two-hundred-year-old organization known as The Brotherhood. You can read more about the origins and Victorian doings of The Brotherhood in The Brotherhood: Origins and The Brotherhood series.

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Kiss Me: The Complete Collection, by Charlie Novak

Enjoy the Kiss Me series in one complete collection, and follow the men of The Pear Tree pub as they find their happily ever afters in these hot and heartwarming stories full of love, laughter, and really good food.

This box set features all three original novels, plus four short stories, including the brand new shorts, Two Days in London and And For Dessert.

Strawberry Kisses — Pastry Chef Patrick has been secretly in love with his best friend, Connor, for three years. And when his family assumes they’re dating, it seems like the easiest thing to do is fake a relationship for the weekend and deal with the consequences later. After all, what are the chances Connor’s in love with Patrick too?

Summer Kisses — Chefs Aaron and Josh have a complicated history. They’ve been lovers, enemies, and now they’re co-workers intent on antagonising each other. But when one explosive moment shatters the walls between them, the pair must learn to put their past to rest and face the feelings they’ve been running from for nine years.

Content Warning: Summer Kisses mentions of drug use and issues of alcohol abuse.

Spiced Kisses — For owner and Front of House manager, Ben, December only means one thing: stress. Breaking his collarbone in a rugby accident is the last thing he needs. Luckily there’s a very handsome Welshman ready to come to his rescue and subject Ben to a little Christmas magic.


This box set also includes the following four short stories.

Christmas With The Evanses — Patrick and Connor spend a magical Christmas with Patrick’s family in Devon.

Cranberry Kisses — Aaron and Josh go head to head to decide who makes the better cranberry sauce.

Two Days In London — Ianto convinces Ben to go on a weekend away and leave the pub to run without him.And For Dessert — Ben, Aaron, and Josh gather everyone together to celebrate as they prepare to reveal the future of The Pear Tree.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

MateHub: Legend, by Marie Reynard

The contract was simple: three months, seven scenes, zero feelings. Following it was not.

Richard Knotz is a legend in the world of supernatural adult entertainment, and he knows it. While most paranormal adult actors shy away from the temporary bonds needed to perform knotting scenes, he’s made them his brand. Bonding a human could never threaten to tear his empire to the ground, no matter how tempting that human smells.

Hunter Savage thinks Richard Knotz is a smug son of a wolf, but when he’s offered a contract to work with him, the payout is too lucrative to say no. Three months bonded to Richard could make his entire career. He just doesn’t expect to find a soft side under Richard’s prickly exterior, or for the apartment they’re forced to share to start feeling like home.

The bonding contract is easy and painless as long as they remember one cardinal rule: don’t get attached. Their employer has no use for unprofessional fools who let feelings jeopardize profits. But in between filming scorching scenes with ridiculous scenarios, they discover they’re more compatible than either could have imagined.

As their limited time together winds down, they face a choice—risk their careers for the unexpected connection they’ve found, or lose their bond forever.

MateHub: Legend is a high heat, arranged bonding, forced proximity, dislike-to-love paranormal romance featuring an arrogant wolf shifter who thinks a little too highly of various parts of his anatomy, the feisty human who finally takes him down a few notches, nosy fans, meddling friends, knotting, and a contract that is destined to fail.

This stand-alone novel is set in the Elemental Bonds universe and guarantees a HEA for its main couple. It does not contain mpreg or cheating.

NEW RELEASE, Available on Amazon

The Sceptre of Fire, by Alex Stargazer

The Sceptre of Fire is an old school fantasy romp: it’s got elves, dwarves, orcs, necromancers, and a campy mage. But there’s a twist—a pretty big one. The orcs? They’re not really the bad guys. The necromancer? Yeah, he’s got history. And the knights in shining armour aren’t always noble…

The necromancer was once a pretty decent guy: he killed pirates on the high seas and did his duty as an Empire subject. But he loved another man, and for that, he had to be punished. Now driven by an insatiable thirst for revenge, he has turned to dark magic—and enlisted the help of orcs. The orcs have their own, very good reasons to hate the Empire. Driven out from the Empire lands and into a freezing, inhospitable land, the orcs know that hunger is a stronger motivator than most.

Opposing him are Radu, a mad mage with a penchant for boys and fashion, along with Haraldur—a talented dwarven mage smith. At first they care little for a distant conflict, but things escalate once the necromancer, in desperation, makes a pact with an ancient entity…

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Dead Man’s Chest, by Pandora Pine

One phone call can change everything.

Sick of snow and ice, psychic Tennyson Grimm jumps at the chance to head to Florida for a little fun in the sun. While sitting on the beach, his phone rings with a call from prison inmate River Ramsey who has a startling claim: “You don’t know me, but I’m your brother.” The man has been arrested for the murder of his business partner and needs Tennyson’s help to prove his innocence.

Detective Ronan O’Mara is stunned by the revelation. He’s determined to discover if Ramsey is a killer or simply a conman on the grift. As he delves into the crime, Ronan unearths devastating secrets someone is willing to kill in order to protect.

Caught in the middle is Tennyson’s mother, Kaye, who must come to grips with the fact that her husband had secrets of his own.

Who is River Ramsey? Did he kill his business partner? More importantly, is he really Tennyson’s brother?

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Whispersync Ready

When a Man Loves an Alien, by Chloe Archer

Narrated by Greg Boudreaux

A grumpy-sexy alien and his (mostly) human mate are just trying to get married for goodness sake! But the road to matrimony is riddled with obstacles that could prove deadly…


Being engaged to my adorable alien boo is a dream come true. Too bad there’s a target painted on my back. Come on universe, quit messing with true love! For reals. Kai and I need to plan our wedding—which is going to be hella quirky and fun, because I say so.

Cue Shilgar the Deadly, who’s screwing up everything—what with trying to kill me and all. My life is becoming even more unbelievable than my fictional characters, Lord Vardox and Captain Starblade.

There’s no way I’m not walking down the aisle with Kai, so help me! I fully intend to ‘get me to the church’—I mean Vegas wedding chapel—on time. This fool of an assassin thinks he can mess with my dreams of wedded bliss? I don’t think so. He’s about to learn he’s met his match in River Sullivan!


My relationship with River is solid and wedding bells are in the air. Unfortunately, other parts of my life are…less stable. Between juggling a highly inconvenient Mating Fever that can strike at any time, and dealing with an investigator from Intergalactic Alliance Headquarters, I’m finding it hard to hold onto my usual equilibrium.

When Shilgar the Deadly finally shows up on Earth, gunning for River, the control I cling to is stretched razor thin. I’m desperate to do whatever I can to keep my mate safe—but I’m not sure if I can.

Yet things aren’t all that they seem. New secrets come to light and we’re all left reeling. Apparently, that famous Earthling playwright was correct when he wrote, “the course of true love never did run smooth….”

When a Man Loves an Alien (Tentacular Tales #3) is a (100k words) M/M sci-fi rom com and the third book in the series. It should be read in chronological order. This installment features an assassin who just won’t quit, little old ladies at slot machines who should NOT be messed with, a zipline action-hero moment, shocking secrets and revelations, a death-defying climax, and just maybe…a zany Vegas wedding? This book has an HFN ending and no cheating. Never fear—there is a guaranteed HEA by the end of the series!


Finding Forever Boxed Set, by Marie Sinclair

The men of the Finding Forever series will set your heart on fire (and possibly your Kindle too).

Whether it’s overcoming a twelve year separation and trauma, figuring out a complex and confusing identity, or learning to see beyond the surface to the heart of gold inside, these three novels and two novellas by Marie Sinclair show how love survives and flourishes even in the darkest of times. HEAs abound but they are always won by heart and heat.

For Ry and Cart (A Winter’s Dance and A Kind of Forever), saying I love you for the first time didn’t work out the way fairy tales told them it would. Together in college, they are accidently outed by a photograph taken at an LGBTQ protest, and separated by Ry’s conservative family. Twelve years later, they’re reunited, but Cart quickly realizes that Ry is no longer the carefree, sensual lover he knew when they were younger. Something haunts and torments Ry, making him run from Cart who has to decide if he’s willing to risk his damaged heart for another chance at love.

When Jake and Micah met (Nothing Like a Summer Romance), there was an instant connection. The month they spent together during summer break was full of first times for Micah. First kiss. First love. First time doing drag. He’s pretty sure he wants Jake to be his first for everything, but Jake’s not so sure he can do a relationship. Nothing Like Forever charts the ins and outs and ups and downs of the tweny years it takes them to figure out that Jake is aromantic and that happily ever after doesn’t have to look a certain way.

After an apartment fire leaves Diego homeless, Jake gives him a place to stay. The only problem, Alex is already living there. In Forever After, Alex and Diego navigate a bumpy road built from bad first impressions, misunderstandings, and close proximity. When Alex’s 13-year old comes out as trans and moves across the country to live with him, Alex sees a different side to queer youth counselor Diego, and the two discover an attraction that burns hotter the more they get to know each other.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Ownership Clause, by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory

The Man Made of Stone
Albion Guthrie has a reputation for being unapproachable. He’s emotionless. The only thing he “loves” is his job. When Albion’s boss asks him to keep Wade Lee Sawyer in check at the office after an attempted white-collar mutiny, Albion has no choice. Wade signs a contract stating he will work for Albion and follow his directives, and if Albion can manipulate anything in his favor, it’s paperwork.

The Traitor Who Craves Love
Wade Lee Sawyer only ever wanted to be loved. Was that really so wrong? He was hungry for any positive attention, which led him to make the worst mistake of his life. He trusted the wrong man and accidentally got caught up in a plan to destroy the company he loves. Now he’s paying the price. Following Albion’s orders at the office is easy for him, and he begins to enjoy it more than he ever thought he would.

Always Read the Fine Print
Every choice has consequences. Spending so much time with Wade has Albion acting in ways he shouldn’t. Falling in love isn’t mentioned anywhere in the contract they signed, and Albion makes it his mission to never let that happen. Wade wants something meaningful, and he knows Albion could never fall for him after the way he acted.

Or can he?

This story takes place in the beautiful city of St. Loren, Louisiana, which is part of the New Gothenburg world.

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