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Cowboys and Cupcakes, by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga

Baker Jax Martinez works odd hours making cupcakes and cookies in his New York apartment. It’s a skill he learned from his grandparents, who raised him in a bakery of their own, and he’s never wanted to do anything else. His strange schedule makes it hard to have friends and a social life, but he’s an introvert so the occasional Sunday dinner with his best friend January is enough for him.

Sawyer McMahon joined the army to leave behind everyone and everything he knew after losing the cowboy he loved in a horrific rodeo accident. After nearly losing his own life as a soldier overseas, he’s not sure what’s next for him. His old rodeo buddy Hawk Destry, who has had to deal with a disability of his own, offers Saw a place to stay for a while in New York and he takes it, hoping Hawk can help him get his recovery on track.

It’s an instant friendship when Jax finds an excuse to rescue Saw from an overwhelming moment, and they discover quickly that they want to be more. Their issues and quirks seem to fit together in a strange and complicated way, but neither of them has thought much beyond the present moment. Could they actually have a future together? Or are they destined to be just friends?

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Cloud White, by Fearne Hill

Meet Milo and Mungo. Mungo and Milo.
Just friends. Best friends.
Honestly, there’s nothing more to it.
Just best friends. And bad timing.

That awkward moment when you realise you’re dancing alone. That you’re hopelessly in love with your oldest friend, except somehow along the way, you forgot to tell him. Tired of waiting for you to come to your senses, he’s moved on, he’s found his significant other.
And now it’s too late.

Though slowly dying inside, you pick yourself up, swallow your pride, and grieve from the side lines. And everything is fine, until the day you notice him acting strangely.
Why is he unhappy? A shadow of his former self?

You know him better than anyone and something is not right. Against good advice, you confront him. And risk ruining everything.

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Miles, by A.M. Salinger

Miles Martinez is a man lost to the past. Can his new neighbor show him he still has a lot to live for?

Twelve years after a life-altering accident left him in a coma, Miles Martinez awakens to a world drastically changed and discovers that his closest friends have moved on and built new lives without him. Lost and bewildered, Miles is grappling with all he has lost when a chance encounter introduces him to emotions he never thought possible.

Freshy divorced and officially out of the closet, Logan Prescott moves to Twilight Falls to take over his uncle’s veterinary practice. Although Logan isn’t seeking a committed relationship, all that changes the day Miles enters his clinic with a wounded puppy.

Miles and Logan grow closer after Logan moves in across the road. Their connection deepens when they begin to date and Logan soon helps Miles explore a sensual side he never knew existed. Just as Miles realizes he’s falling for Logan, tragedy strikes and shatters his newfound happiness, plunging him back into despair.

Will Miles and Logan’s love endure this fresh new challenge? And can Logan convince Miles that he’ll stand by him through thick and thin?

Join Miles and Logan in the poignant and passionate conclusion to the Twilight Falls series, penned by the author of the bestselling, gay fantasy romance series Fallen Messengers.

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Dead Serious Case #4 Professor Prometheus Plume, by Vawn Cassidy

Inspector Danny Hayes has something very important to ask his boyfriend Tristan Everett. Over the past six months they’ve survived reapers, chaos monsters, and biblical storms, not to mention averting an apocalypse. So, what’s left to do but pop the big question?

Tristan is ready for a break from world-saving, spectral crises, and most definitely from ghosts. He wants some one-on-one time with his boyfriend, preferably horizontally. So when their Boxing Day celebrations result in a drunken booking of a romantic New Year’s getaway at a quiet little hotel near the wilds of the north Yorkshire moors, Tristan can’t wait.

But as usual nothing ever goes according to plan. Snowed in during an unexpected murder mystery weekend at what turns out to be one of the most haunted hotels in Northern England is not what they had in mind, but when one of the actors turns up really dead not just fake dead, they once again find themselves caught up in another investigation.

With only one night to figure out who the killer is while wrangling a multitude of overly helpful ghosts, Tristan begins to wonder if romance really is dead…

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Heart-Shaped Box, by Suki Fleet

Jack’s idea of hell is working as a stripper in a club on Halloween, where he’ll be taking his clothes off for a room full of people who want to hurt him. But as he’s on his way to rock bottom anyway, what has he got to lose? Nothing, he thinks, until he inadvertently riles the crowd and puts innocent Lark, another stripper, in danger.

Jack’s been pushing Lark away for months, not willing to admit his feelings, but as he embarks on a drunken mission to save him, Jack’s realises he’s finally ready to fight for what he wants.

Only to discover that Lark is not at all who he seems….

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12 Toys of Christmas, by Linden Bell

Hey Camboy Network Fans!
Sebastian here with The Camboy Network’s Holiday Gift Guide.

Have you ever wanted to gift a special someone with a fun and unique toy (not the kind for kids!!) but you don’t know which one to get? Have you ever wondered whether that super weird and out-there toy was worth getting? Or maybe you just want to see us try out stuff you never even knew existed.

Well, look no further because we’re here to satisfy your curiosity! The camboys will personally vet each toy and fully document all tests for your reading pleasure.

~ Sebastian


12 Toys of Christmas is a collection of vignettes in which characters from The Camboy Network books test a series of toys. The vignettes feature established couples Sebastian & Christian and Bellamy & Noel, as well as solo scenes from their friends Rhys and Hayden.

You do not need to have read other books in The Camboy Network series to enjoy 12 Toys of Christmas. However, being familiar with the characters will make it a more satisfying reading experience. 12 Toys of Christmas takes place halfway through Angel, book three of the series.

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Sleighing Sage, by Jaclyn Quinn


In just a few weeks, I’m going to marry the love of my life. Levi makes me happier than I ever thought possible. There’s just one shriveled raisin in this Christmas cookie. He thinks he’s masking his pain well, but I can see he’s longing for something I can’t exactly give him. With the help of four little elves—don’t tell Levi’s best friends I called them little—I’m going to show him he deserves to have it all. I can’t erase the ghosts of Christmas past, but with a well-choreographed plan, I’m determined to make him see all he has. With the wedding details all set, I have plenty of time to focus on putting the jolly back in my man’s holly. What could go wrong?


I never thought I’d have an idyllic life—until it was sprinkled with Sage. There’s a saying…something about what you bring to the table…and I can’t help but feel like Sage’s arms are full while I’m showing up empty-handed. I want to be the man he deserves. Not just to feed my soul, but to add sustenance to his life. Things may not always go the way we planned, but no matter what life throws at us, we can sleigh anything together. Bad jokes aside, out of all the men in the world, Sage chose me. And you can bet your Jingles Bells, I’m going to give him the wedding of his dreams.

Come celebrate a wedding in Coral Pointe, where two of our favorites find their happily-ever-after…with a few shenanigans along the way!

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Possession Game, by Cecelia Storm

Can a single dad woo an old love and star university football player back into his heart?

My senior year is going to be great.
Football, friends, and a bright future.
Until I see Joel on the field one day.
I was in love with him years ago, but he rejected me.
What the hell is he doing at Twin City U?
And why does he look so, so good?

I transferred to TCU for one thing: Clayton.
We missed our chance before,
and I’m not gonna let that happen again.
But he doesn’t know I’m a single dad now…
…will that change things?
I’ll do anything to make sure we end up together.

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The Trust: A Dark Gay Cartel Romance, by C. Azzo and M. Grano

A dirty cop full of daddy issues falls for his criminal handler. Could this cruel hitman – 22 years his senior – be the one to fix him? And can they protect each other from the dangerous cartel they work for?

Jacob Rossi is a skilled young officer with the Ladena Police Department, but his moral ambiguity and lack of care for the job drew him into a world of crime years ago. Riddled with self-hatred, he exists in a state of perpetual numbness, until he starts working more closely with the cold, seemingly emotionless Dimitri Moreno, a sadistic enforcer of a criminal organisation called The Trust.

Dimitri is an expert in detachment, which has made him capable of doing unspeakable things, but he soon realises that he cannot detach from his feelings for Jacob. The clever, guarded cop unearths things inside him he never thought possible and never thought he could want. After years of feeling like a monster, Dimitri suddenly feels painfully human.

Can their intense, highly irregular love survive the demons that surround them? Can they?

The Trust contains an age gap, mature scenes, a lot of angst and fluff, and a HFN ending.

The Gordian Souls series is a story of deep, unconditional love between a hitman and the dirty cop who functions as his informant.

With the odds stacked against them – be it because of the mysterious crime syndicate they work for, or because of their own buried, traumatic pasts – they embark on the terrifying, confusing journey of human connection, proving at every corner that true love conquers all.

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