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NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Moving On, by Felice Stevens

When his roof caves in, Sean Lovett thinks things can’t get any worse. Until he loses his job, adding yet another bump in the rocky road of his life. None of his so-called friends can—or will—help. And asking a favor from his abusive ex? Hard pass. Luckily, his sister comes to the rescue and offers him a great apartment—in the city, no less—until he can get back on his feet.
Sweet deal.
Until a gorgeous man unlocks the front door and strolls right in with a grumpy attitude and a claim that his boss—who happens to be Sean’s brother-in-law—promised him the same apartment.

Former NYPD detective Tristan McDermott hasn’t stopped running since the death of his best friend. After almost two years of living in his own personal hell, he returns home to New York, hoping he can move on, but guilt still follows his every step. He’s grateful to have the perfect apartment until he can settle into a place of his own. But there’s a cute guy already living there. And only one bedroom. And no way is Tristan leaving. He’s staying put.
Sharing the space is tough, but Tristan can ignore sweet Sean and his sunshiny smiles.
Kind of.
Except Sean’s brother-in-law asks Tristan to keep an eye on Sean so he doesn’t make any bad decisions.
Uh oh.
Keeping an eye on Sean is easy. Keeping his hands off him is much, much harder.
And sleeping together…well, that isn’t a bad decision. Not when it feels so good.

From Lambda Literary award winning author Felice Stevens comes the story of a grumpy, green juice-drinking ex-detective running from the past and a sunshiney singing waiter who can’t catch a break. It features a meet-cute, only one bed, learning to trust, and a surprise lap dance.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Hellhound Called Derek, by Michelle Frost

Touch his mate and you’ll wish for the fires of hell.

Alpha of the Hellhound enforcers, Derek doesn’t think he has time for a mate until the Paranormal Council of the city gives him one.

Hollis is smart, funny, vulnerable…human, and his police commissioner uncle has designs to use Hollis’s new mating for his own ends.

He’ll learn quickly not to mess with a hellhound’s mate.

A Hellhound Called Derek is the first in this fast-paced novella series where the paranormals are all deliciously protective of their humans…no matter what type of trouble they get into.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

The Holiday Experiment, by Rhys Everly

Wanted: Single, hot, young man to sweep…my best friend’s brother off his feet.

After failing big in Boston, I’m back home with my tail between my legs.
And then somehow I rope myself into getting Carson’s dating life in order.
We make a bet. Get him a boyfriend before Christmas or I lose and I have to do what he says.
Only considering the feelings I still harbor for him, losing may not be such a bad idea.

Everyone tells me I’m a workaholic.
What I really am is a man with a broken heart.
Until I get the wind knocked off my feet by my brother’s best friend. Under the mistletoe. Because apparently my life is anything but subtle.
He’s hell bent on getting me a boyfriend that is not him, but he’s all I can think about.
This little holiday experiment between us is going to end up in disaster. I know it.
I just hope it doesn’t leave me with more pieces to pick up.

The Holiday Experiment is a Christmas standalone and contains a young musician trying to find his place in the world, an almost forty-year-old workaholic that can’t catch a break, an adorable goddaughter that seems to repeat all the bad words and a witchy mom that loves to bake magical cakes and solve problems.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Ebook in Kindle Unlimited

Predators, by Loki Renard (narrated by Theo Sinclair)

Will has served three years of a life sentence for crimes he did commit.
According to society he deserves to never see the light of day again.
When a mysterious man named Maddox gives him an opportunity to be free, Will takes the deal.

Maddox has a special use for Will.
He needs someone he can bend until they break.
Someone he can make in his own image.

Maddox is not a man.
He is a vampire.
And Will is his next pet.

Will is about to learn he knows nothing about the world in which he lives — and nothing of his own true nature. Finally embraced for all he is, Will finds himself kneeling at the feet of the one he must call master, compelled to serve as a pet to the beast who stalks NYC.

But can Will truly be tamed?
And what happens when a monster falls in love?

Predators is a dark MM paranormal romance set in a contemporary urban fantasy world. Reader discretion is advised.

NEW RELEASE, Available Everywhere

Champagne Charade, by Leighton Greene

It was supposed to be fun – but things are getting too real, too fast.

After I got dumped, I never got around to telling my best friend. Why relive the pain? But his New Year’s Eve wedding is coming up soon, and I also never got around to removing my ex from the guest list.

Cue my current hookup and Dom-on-demand, Damon, joking that he could stand in as my ex. A fake name, a fake relationship…

It’s a terrible idea. Of course I’m not going to do it.

But when I run into my best friend unexpectedly, I can’t bring myself to interrupt his dream wedding, and the little white lie just…

Slips out.

It’s only for the wedding. Only for New Year’s Eve. One little charade…

I know Damon isn’t interested in anything real. I know all those kisses and hugs are just for show. But I still can’t help falling under his spell.

I have to remember: after the wedding – and the year – is over, so is our fake relationship.

The clock is ticking down…

But what if our charade isn’t just an act?


Champagne Charade is a 31,000-word novella wrapping up the kinky Friends of Friends series with humor, heart, and a whole lot of heat. Say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new with this fake relationship romance, including hookups pining for more, a winter wedding for old friends, and a fresh start for everyone at the stroke of midnight.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Rogue, by Silvia Violet

Rogue can charm the pants off anyone, but can he catch a man who might as well be a ghost?

Eight seconds on a bull was never as scary as falling for a man who might disappear any second. I might have left the rodeo to work my brother’s ranch, but I never lost my taste for danger… and I’ve never met anyone more dangerous than Special Agent Ghost.

My overprotective brothers warned me away from him, but I’ve never been one to take good advice. When Ghost and I came together, it was explosive… and also healing.

We both have secrets, and neither of us ever thought we’d find comfort like we have in each other’s arms, but he doesn’t know how to stick around, and I’ve never learned how to let someone love me.Unsure how long the fire between us will burn, we keep our relationship hidden until the day when an enemy’s bullet shatters the hidden world we’ve created. Now we’ll both have to make a choice: to keep hiding our true selves or put our cards on the table and fight for the future we want… together.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Rosy Red Cheeks, by Kiki Burrelli

Cameron Founder doesn’t need friends or family. The young horse shifter is rich, hot, and can do whatever he wants. When he walks into a normie bar looking for a fling, he’s enraged by the nosy bear shifter standing in his way. Cameron doesn’t mess around with other shifters and wants nothing to do with the older man, not even if the bear shifter’s muscular body makes Cameron want to neigh.

Vick enjoys his life of solitude in his cabin on the mountain. When he needs companionship, he can always find someone willing to let him into their bed. He never wants more than a night and he never wants trouble—like the twink he spots walking into the bar. The boy is too young and too reckless, and Vick’s bear is too interested in every move the brat makes. Except, then, the brat goes and crashes his car in the middle of nowhere, giving Vick no choice but to take him home to wait out the storm.

It’s clear Cameron needs discipline, and the more time they spend forced together, Vick becomes certain he is the alpha to give it to him.

If Cameron is going to be stuck with the bossy—and gorgeous—alpha shifter, he might as well enjoy it. But as time passes, Cameron dreads what will happen once the blizzard ends. Can a romance between a mountain recluse and a wild child survive once the snow melts?

Rosy Red Cheeks is the tenth book in the Welcome to Morningwood series. It is a sweet, low-angst omegaverse romance featuring a blizzard, one bed, a sexy mountain man, and a brat in need of a good spanking.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Chasing Fate, by Katy Manz

Fate is worth chasing.

Alpha wolf shifter Jaxson is content with life. His time is filled with working for the Global Shifter Council and keeping his chosen mate, Rhys, happy and safe. With a baby on the way, there isn’t much more that a man could want.

Omega witch Rhys has rebuilt his life and happiness after losing his fated mate and unborn child. Jaxson is the friend who was there to help him rebuild and the lover who gave him a reason to feel alive again. Their child will only strengthen that bond they chose.

Omega wolf Shifter Flynn has always dreamt of meeting his fated mate and getting his happily ever after. Now that his best friend has left the pack and found his fated mate, Flynn prays to the gods to bring him his fated. He just didn’t think his fated would walk into his life already mated and with a child on the way.

Chasing Fate is the third book in the sweet with knotty heat MM shifter mpreg romance series: Choice Vs. Fate. It features surprising twists to fate, important choices to be made, , true love, babies that steal your heart, just a splash of angst, and a guaranteed happy ever after. Even if they have to chase it.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Kismet, by Nele Betra

“I tell you, sometimes I believe in fate, the kind that bites you in the butt at the most inopportune moment.”
– Jeremy Vega –

A man of honor, Agent Jeremy Vega is always striving to make the right decisions. Whether in his professional or private life, they are one and the same to him. So as not to jeopardize her happiness, and to the detriment of his own, he never gets to know his fourteen-year-old daughter Audrey.

But fate intervenes and becomes the director when a series of events takes over. Within a short amount of time, not only Jeremy’s job is at stake, but also the lives of those he loves, including his very own child.

Amid all the turmoil, there’s a ray of hope: William Powell. The man who hasn’t left his thoughts for months suddenly reappears out of nowhere.

Within the blink of an eye life can take an unexpected turn.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Blaine’s Beast, by Joel Abernathy

It’s the coldest night of the year–the kind of cold that sinks its teeth into the bones of anyone unlucky enough to find themselves at nature’s mercy. Frostbitten and exhausted after getting kicked out of his home when he came out to his parents, Blaine is about to become the forest’s next victim.

But when the howling wolves surrounding him turn out to be a pack of cursed shifters who only want to help the trespasser on their territory, Blaine’s bad luck takes a turn for the better. As Blaine begins to uncover the secrets of this strange place straight from a fairy tale, he discovers that its beastly master may be more than he appears…

Blaine’s Beast is a standalone MM Monster Romance retelling of Beauty and the Beast that was previously published under the author’s pre-transition pen name as Blaine and the Beast. This story has been rewritten, but the foundations are the same.

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