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Out of The Wild Night, by Marina Vivancos

In a world filled with magic, where everybody is born a submissive or a Dom…

Mason might no longer hate being a submissive, but life has taught him his dynamic puts him at a disadvantage. Neglected in childhood, abused by the first Dom he ever trusted, he knows to keep his heart guarded.

Mason’s skill in Animal Magic allows him to move from coven to coven—never settling down. Never opening up to anybody.
The Meliora coven was supposed to be no different.

Mason has learnt the hard way not to fall for the kindness of strangers, but the people here are different. Charlie, the Dom Mason works with, is different. Joyful, teasing, caring—Mason’s icy suspicion can’t help but start melting.
Will it be so bad if he gives in and starts scening with Charlie? To get on his knees and beg for what he really wants?

Can he learn to trust again?


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Snowballing, by Finn Dixon

A single dad. A flirty manny. A crafty kid. Do they stand a snowball’s chance in hell of a merry and bright future together?


It was literally the biggest d*ck I’d ever seen in person, and I started to question if my ass could handle it. But I didn’t quit drinking Diet Coke like I said I was going to last year and I wasn’t about to quit now either. After all, ten inches was a rare commodity these days.

It was supposed to be a one and done experience, so I was shocked when our paths crossed again – out of the bedroom.

I can’t remember the last time I felt a pull this strong, but I’d never dated a client before. Maybe this one’s too good to pass up?


Being a single dad pretty much meant I had to schedule NSFW time and rely on a babysitter. It’s all part of my exciting life in finance with the now-added bonus of after-school hockey practices.

After my company rewarded me with a trip to Hawaii, I was on the hunt for a new kid-watcher. Based on my neighbor’s recommendation, I’m introduced to Gareth – the last person I expected to see.

But the human mind is a funny thing because I don’t see that as a problem. And neither does my c*ck.

Snowballing is a gay, rom-com, age gap, holiday novella with enough spice to season a whole gingerbread village. It features a dash of forced proximity, a blitzen of kink, a comet of forbidden romance, and of course, Finn’s fetish for jockstraps. There is snow in the book, but most of the white stuff contained herein isn’t cold and it isn’t falling from the sky in flake form. Snowballing is the first book in the Snow Dates series – an annual, kink-positive, holiday series about men falling in love with other men.

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Accidental Bonds, by Marie Reynard

It was meant to be temporary. Fate had other ideas.

Victor Mills would do anything to protect his pack, even work with magic he detests. When the wards safeguarding his territory start to deteriorate, he’s forced to hire a local mage to fix them. He could tolerate the abrasive stench of sorcery, if only the mage didn’t also smell like everything his wolf has ever wanted.

Elijah Lauring has no intention of tying himself to a shifter pack; his neutrality pays the bills. Repairing the Mills pack wards should be a one-off job, but the spell he casts to tap into Victor’s energy stubbornly refuses to fade. The intoxicating connection that lingers between them plunges his magic into chaos right when he needs it the most.

As they grapple with their conflicting desires, they soon discover the wards aren’t the only thing decaying. An evil is infecting the pack land, and they must learn to trust each other and their growing bond to defeat it. If they fail, Victor’s pack will pay the ultimate price.

Accidental Bonds is a steamy 115k M/M paranormal romance featuring a broody wolf shifter, a headstrong mage, meddling friends, a perpetually unimpressed cat, and knotting. It’s perfect for readers who love thrilling action, snarky banter, and characters who rub each other in all the wrong ways before they realize the right ones are much more enjoyable. While it guarantees a happy ending for its main couple, the overarching plot does contain cliffhangers.

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Game Changer, by Amy Aislin

It’s Blair Brawsiski’s ride or die year. After a decade in the AHL, if he doesn’t get called up to the NHL this season, it’s time to hang up his skates and focus on other things. But between a second job and family priorities, his attention isn’t where it should be, and his dreams of making it to the big leagues are dwindling by the day.

Hiring a personal assistant to help out with day-to-day stuff? Probably the smartest move Blair’s made in a while.

But when that PA turns out to be an assertive baker who’s exactly Blair’s type? Blair can’t help but wish those dexterous hands would knead something other than pastry dough. Namely, him.

Charlie needs extra income. Desperately. With his expenses about to go up, it’s find a second job or get evicted. Getting hired as Blair’s PA is perfect: flexible hours, decent wages, and a scorching hot professional hockey player who’s willing to let him use his gorgeous kitchen for his baked goods.

Too bad that hockey player is exactly Charlie’s type. Too bad Charlie knows better than to date his new boss…

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The First and Last Adventure of Kit Sawyer, by S.E. Harmon

In the archaeology community, Christopher “Kit” Sawyer’s family is a legacy. And while he may be a historian, not a treasure hunter, he thinks he does a pretty good job of living up to the Sawyer name. He’s a book-smart research fanatic and does his best work at his tidy desk. No fedora and whip for him, if you please—a nice cup of coffee and a comfy chair will do. But decoding an ancient relic soon gives him more adventure than he bargained for.

Unwittingly, he unleashes a force he doesn’t know how to control. And now he has to reunite the relic with a powerful Aztec God. The trouble with that? Kit doesn’t where to find the Tlaloc’s temple. No one does, in fact. Finding it could be a discovery for the ages. It could also lead to his untimely death. So…yay? But it’s not like he has a choice. So off to the Mexican jungle he goes.

At least he isn’t going alone.

Ethan Stone, former stepbrother and overall pain in the rump, horns in on the expedition. An experienced archaeologist, he’s only coming along at their grandfather’s request—which annoys Kit to no end. But he knows Ethan is just the right person to get them through the jungle safely. It’s just too bad someone is trying to beat them to the temple. And he’s willing to do anything to get there first.

Ethan thinks Kit is in over his head. Kit is secretly afraid he just may be right. In manners of archaeology…and manners of the heart….

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Home Free, by Jodi Payne & BA Tortuga

Connor Westin and Early Jericho have a comfortable, busy life in Denver. Connor is a lawyer who brings home the bacon and Early is a stay at home dad to their two young boys.

Sure, Early is a cowboy at heart, but he loves their kids and as far as Connor is concerned they’re happy in their suburban home.

When Early inherits a ranch on the Western Slope of Colorado, neither is sure what they should do about it. That is until they visit, and Connor sees just how much it all means to his husband.

Both men agree to uproot their family and take a shot at running the ranch together, but it takes time to shut down one life and start another. Early takes the boys to the ranch while Connor spends the summer in Denver to handle all the details of moving on.

Between the long distance, the new responsibilities, and interference from a not so well meaning employee, Connor and Early have trouble staying connected. Will the ranch become the home they need it to be, or will it tear their family apart?

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Confessions: Robbie, by Ella Frank

Relationships are complex.
Love ever-changing.
And when it comes to rules of the heart,
they were made to be broken…

That’s what Robert Antonio Bianchi was telling himself, anyway.
Otherwise, he really had no excuse for what—or who—he’d done.

No excuse, except for his lonely heart, a pitcher of margaritas, four Bitter Bitches, and the apparent need to confess all his weaknesses to the two men he knew would bring him nothing but trouble.

But trouble was nothing new.

Just ask his crazy sisters or any of his friends, and they’d be the first to tell you:
If there was a bad decision to be made, Robbie always had a knack for making it.

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Silence of the Missing, by Rick R. Reed

He went into the woods…and never came out.

In 1986, thirteen-year-old Jeb Kleber vanished during his small town’s Fourth of July fireworks. His mysterious disappearance left his first love, Sammy Blake, grieving for years.

Flash forward to present day. A now middle-aged Sam Blake has a comfortable and predictable life with his husband Marc in Chicago. All that changes when a stranger arrives at Sam’s door, claiming to be the missing Jeb Kleber. The stranger knows things he couldn’t possibly know—including the hidden love the boys shared during the summer of ’86. He also wears an amethyst pendant Sam gave him shortly before he disappeared.

Could this be the real Jeb Kleber, missing for thirty-seven years? If not, who is this mysterious stranger? And what does he want after all this time? His appearance plunges Sam’s life into a nightmare of questionable identity, long-buried secrets, and perhaps even murder.

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Overtime, by Marina Vivancos

Ishir is happy when his best friend Zane is traded to his team, the Brooklyn Cats. Why wouldn’t he be? They’ve known each other since they were kids. Zane was the first person he came out to as gay—an Alpha who’s attracted to other Alphas. Zane has been there for him every step of the way.

Oh, and Ishir is madly in love with him.

Ishir isn’t going to make it a problem, though. Sure, they’re living together, so he has to see Zane strut around shirtless. And, okay, Zane knows about Ishir’s weird little superstition—
Ishir can only come when he scores a goal. It’s his thing, okay?
But when Zane starts involving himself in who Ishir can sleep with…in how he gets himself off…well, things start getting a little more complicated.
Zane likes to tell him what to do, and Ishir likes listening.

They’re just best friends, though. Nothing more.
Ishir is just going to have to accept that…or break his heart trying.

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Damaged, by Hayden Hall

Welcome to Black Diamond Resort & Spa…

I’m left on this strip of sand after my second round of rehab. Father says I should rest and build my strength back, but I know better.

I’m a toxic asset.

Father is launching his campaign of hate and bigotry in a presidential bid and I am the black hole for his reputation.

And not because I’m an addict. Oh no. I’m radioactive because I like kissing guys in clubs and the paparazzi love catching me in the act.

I am of such little importance that nobody bothered to find me a private house on this godforsaken island and I’m forced to share one with a dangerously handsome, self-proclaimed a-hole, and America’s eleventh luckiest lottery winner, Tiago Alvarez.

I’m the kind of guy who likes flirting with disaster and there’s no bigger disaster than the self-destructive daredevil I’m forced to share the bed with. The attraction is instant, but the scars on my soul rip and bleed as soon as I have a chance to get closer to him.

And Tiago is harboring dark secrets. Secrets that pull me in and won’t let go. He’s a handsome train wreck and I am a walking relapse. We’re a match made in the seventh circle of hell.

Being near him is like leaning from a skyscraper. It’s the highest high I know. But any good addict will tell you: after every high, there comes a low.

And us? We stand no chance against this bitter world.

We’re just so damaged.

Damaged is part of the Unlucky 13 shared world project, but it can be read on its own. However, this world is brimming with secrets and steam. Why not read all of them?

PREORDER, Releasing July 21

Sea & Sky, by Morgan Lysand

After twenty years bound to a pirate captain, merman Kyler is desperate for his freedom before his scale consumes him. For reasons unknown to Kyler, the captain agrees to set him free, if he can pay the steep price by the end of summer.

Prince Gavin, third son of the king has been denied the Grand Mage status he’s sought for seven years. Finally, the king decides to grant him a Task that would lead to him receiving the recognition he deserves. Unfortunately, there’s a pesky arranged marriage he has to deal with.

When Kyler saves the charming prince from drowning, Gavin asks him to play his lover for a month to get out of marrying a princess from another land. Kyler agrees after Gavin offers him a favor. A favor Kyler intends to take full advantage of.

Will Kyler gain his freedom or will the captain keep him forever? Can Gavin protect his heart and become a Grand Mage or will he be torn apart by betrayal?

Sea & Sky is a sweet and steamy MM fantasy romance featuring a lonely broken merman and a dragon prince who is not as arrogant as he first appears.

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Fakers, by Lucy Lennox & May Archer

Brooks Johnson’s Words To Live By:

When returning to Licking Thicket, TN, for the first time in ten years to reunite with your nosy neighbors, heart-broken ex-girlfriend, and matchmaking mama who never quite believed you were gay, it’s best to bring a fake boyfriend as backup… 

Just don’t be surprised when your ex-girlfriend does the same. 

And when her incredibly hot fake boyfriend becomes the one island of calm in a sea of bovine-based insanity, it’s best to exercise caution… especially when he pushes you up against the rough barn wall to check you very thoroughly for splinters…

Just don’t be surprised if you fall head-over-hooves in love with him.

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Virgin Hearts, by Emmy Sanders

Narrated by Blake Lockheart

Can an inexperienced cowboy wrangle the adult-movie star of his dreams?


I’ve lived in the same small town my entire life. And I like it, for the most part: being a rancher, taking care of my chickens, and even my meddlesome family. What I don’t like is the limited dating options. I’m gay, and at 36 years old, I’ve never been with a man.

When I enter a contest to win my favorite adult entertainer’s support for our town’s first Pride Parade, I never expect to win. And I definitely never expect to find myself in a friends-with-benefits relationship with the man.

The problem is I quickly realize I want more. But could someone as confident, sexy, and independent as Silver ever consider building a life with a simple cowboy like me?


My work is my life. Filming under the moniker Silver, I’m happy enough. I’m making good money, I’m free from my crummy past, I’m well on my way to the career I actually dream about, and I’m not looking for any complications.

Enter Hawthorne Moore, with his sweet-as-molasses drawl, that adorable gap-toothed smile, and the beautiful way in which he begs, and suddenly, I find myself getting in too deep. And that’s a problem because I’ve spent years building up these walls around my heart, and I don’t know how to bust them down.

Can I work through my trauma and lasso myself a cowboy, or will I lose the only man who’s ever loved me?

Virgin Hearts is a friends-with-benefits-to-more romance that includes a flirty performer, risqué photoshoots among peeping bovines, an endearing cowboy whose cock (ahem, rooster) rises at dawn, dom/sub undertones, and one very HEA. It’s book two in the Plum Valley Cowboys series but can be listened to as a stand-alone.

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Finding Forever Boxed Set, by Marie Sinclair

The men of the Finding Forever series will set your heart on fire (and possibly your Kindle too).

Whether it’s overcoming a twelve year separation and trauma, figuring out a complex and confusing identity, or learning to see beyond the surface to the heart of gold inside, these three novels and two novellas by Marie Sinclair show how love survives and flourishes even in the darkest of times. HEAs abound but they are always won by heart and heat.

For Ry and Cart (A Winter’s Dance and A Kind of Forever), saying I love you for the first time didn’t work out the way fairy tales told them it would. Together in college, they are accidently outed by a photograph taken at an LGBTQ protest, and separated by Ry’s conservative family. Twelve years later, they’re reunited, but Cart quickly realizes that Ry is no longer the carefree, sensual lover he knew when they were younger. Something haunts and torments Ry, making him run from Cart who has to decide if he’s willing to risk his damaged heart for another chance at love.

When Jake and Micah met (Nothing Like a Summer Romance), there was an instant connection. The month they spent together during summer break was full of first times for Micah. First kiss. First love. First time doing drag. He’s pretty sure he wants Jake to be his first for everything, but Jake’s not so sure he can do a relationship. Nothing Like Forever charts the ins and outs and ups and downs of the tweny years it takes them to figure out that Jake is aromantic and that happily ever after doesn’t have to look a certain way.

After an apartment fire leaves Diego homeless, Jake gives him a place to stay. The only problem, Alex is already living there. In Forever After, Alex and Diego navigate a bumpy road built from bad first impressions, misunderstandings, and close proximity. When Alex’s 13-year old comes out as trans and moves across the country to live with him, Alex sees a different side to queer youth counselor Diego, and the two discover an attraction that burns hotter the more they get to know each other.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Try the Tofu, by Karenna Colcroft

As Alpha Tobias Rogan and his mate Kyle Slidell prepare to travel to the regional Alpha gathering, Tobias receives a threatening phone call: If he brings his mate to the gathering, Kyle will not return to Boston. But stubborn Kyle, believing the threat is actually against Tobias, refuses to stay home.

Tobias’s foreboding is proven correct when a visiting stranger challenges Zane Wolfskin, Arkhon of the Northeast Region, to a fight for rank–and wins. Tobias and his allies learn that the challenge was part of a larger plan to destroy their region, something Tobias will not allow. To prevent disaster, Tobias must challenge the new Arkhon himself. But can he survive the attempt?

NEW RELEASE, Available on Amazon

Cancer Gets a BAD Rap: A Gay Young Adult Dramedy, by M. Grano & C. Azzo

Kit has it all: A fun group of friends, a solid plan for the future, and a perfect boyfriend… Or, at least, he thinks he does. When he gets a diagnosis that changes his entire life, he slowly discovers that there are more things festering under the surface than just the tumour in his knee.

Everything he thinks he knows is suddenly flipped on its head, but the most shocking part of all might be that life with cancer isn’t a drama – it’s actually a comedy.

Cancer Gets a BAD Rap is a gay romance/dark comedy inspired by one of the authors’ own experiences with bone cancer. It features a trans main character and a HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Soar, by Colbie Dunabr and Lorelei M Hart

Sometimes it’s not just bats in the belfry.

Omega phoenix shifter Azar’s current life is just about over—this life anyway, and he’s okay with that. Once upon a time, he had a warlock mate, one he loved with all that he was. After his mate’s death, he decides to live out his remaining years with no regrets. Maybe in his next life, he’ll get his happy ever after.

Warlock Lucius has lost his magic, his family, and part of his memory. He spends his days remembering snippets of places and trying to figure out how to fix his wrongs. He doesn’t deserve the kindness the phoenixes have given him, and he refuses to leave the debt unpaid.

When the memories become clearer, and Lucius discovers he’s been astral projecting with Azar—at least part of him has—the race against the clock begins. He needs to do right by Azar, even if he will never be accepted as his fated mate.

Soar is the third book in the sweet with knotty heat M/M Mpreg shifter romance series The Phoenix Omega Trilogy by the popular writing team of Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart. It features an alpha warlock given more second chances than he realizes, a phoenix omega who’s just about given up hope of finding his mate, a ghostly visit that isn’t so ghostly, teamwork, found family, true love, fated mates, meggs, a sweet baby, and a guaranteed happily ever after. If you love your shifters mythical, your alphas hawt and magical, your omegas strong, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy of Soar today.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Exception, by Cora Rose

Welcome to Black Diamond Resort and Spa…
When I fled my small town home to fly across the globe for a potential job on a remote island, I did it on a whim. And let’s just say, my parents were not happy. According to them, the journey of self-discovery is not nearly as important as tending the family farm.
I may not know a lot, but I do know that I needed space to breathe. To figure out who I am and what I want out of life. I desperately needed change.
So I traded in my work boots and flannels for flip-flops, golf carts, and fit men in teeny-tiny swim trunks.
I came here for adventure, but I never would have guessed that on a tropical island filled with creepy lizards, poisonous jellyfish, and one obscenely deranged monkey, it would be the surfer with the tight body and smart mouth that I really had to watch out for.

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The Dragon and His Incubus, by Silvana Falcon

Glen can’t stop dreaming about Silvan. Ever since he’s laid eyes on the beautiful incubus, he’s wanted him in his arms, and in his bed. 

Problem is, Silvan works in a brothel. He’s not gonna give it away for free—and Glen isn’t gonna pay. He refuses to become another name on Silvan’s list of clients. 

Silvan takes great pride in his work at The Glowing Sticks. He can’t afford to give preferential treatment to one customer over another, even if that customer’s smile makes his knees go weak and his dick perk up. It’s messed up, really. All his life he’s expected to find his mate in another incubus, and Glen’s a dragon, so what is this pull between them? 

Silvan can’t fight it—but can he let the dragon in on his secrets?


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