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NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Like I Pretended, by Charlie Novak

Pretending to be in love never felt so real.

Henry Lu hates being a superstar. Action movies have left a sour taste in his mouth and filming a queer period drama on the Yorkshire coast sounds like the perfect antidote. Meeting grumpy coffee shop owner, Alex, is the cherry on top.

Alex isn’t impressed with the appearance of Hollywood royalty in his life, especially because Henry refuses to accept that Alex doesn’t like him. But when rumours about the production draw the attention of stuffy streaming service bigwigs and the ire of Henry’s superhero franchise, Henry and Alex must put on a show and fake a relationship to smooth things over.

Alex doesn’t want a relationship, and Henry isn’t good at them, but their arrangement is only supposed to be for a few months, then they’ll both be free to go back to their lives. The only problem is that pretending to be in love never felt so real.

Like I Pretended is a slow burn contemporary MM romance featuring a sunshine Hollywood superstar whose never been told no, a grumpy coffee shop owner who wants to be left alone, bad attempts at flirting, terrible catering, and finding home.

It is book four in the Heather Bay series and while it can be read as a standalone, it’s best enjoyed as part of the series.


FEATURED DEAL, 99c, Kindle Unlimited

Cloud Nine, by Fearne Hill

Bedroom eyes, that’s the name my mom gave them.

Before I travelled to the UK, she issued me plenty of warnings: don’t look the wrong way when crossing the road, the first floor was the second floor, and no one would know what I meant if I asked for ranch dressing at a restaurant.

But the perils of shy, beautiful men like Tristan Carter? Men with walking canes and hearing aids and those damned bedroom eyes, hidden behind a curtain of silky blond hair?

She forgot to tell me anything about those. And I messed up badly. Monumentally. The kind of misjudgment that had me waking in a cold sweat, wanting to catch the next flight back to my pampered college life in the US. Except I couldn’t, seeing as I’d messed up there too.

So I stayed. I got a job, grew up, and learned some harsh life lessons. Worked out what I wanted to do with my future. Drank warm beer, chilled with my big brother. Ferried Tristan Carter across London. Helped him in and out of the car. Goofed around with him. Tumbled headlong in love with him.

Bedroom eyes. I’m an absolute sucker for those.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Triple Trouble, by Jesse H Reign

Two dude-bros, one beautiful femme boy, and a game of gay chicken that goes badly awry…

It’s fair to say my best friend Mat and I are looking for trouble when we head out for a wild night on the town, and boy, do we find it. We find it in the form of Trouble, a guy with long, silky black hair, doe eyes, and thick, fleshy lips. Sweat glitters down his spine and he moves like there’s music in his soul. Every eye in the place in on him. He’s magnetic. The second we see him, we want him. We both do.

Suddenly, the fact we thought we were straight doesn’t seem all that important.

Trouble turns our lives upside down. He makes us do things we’ve never done. He makes us want things we’ve never wanted either.

He makes me look at Mat in way that’s brand new, too.

Everything is changing. Nothing is as it was.

There’s only one thing that’s certain anymore – Mat and I both want to get into Trouble.

Triple Trouble is the second book in The Situationship Series. It can be enjoyed as part of the series, or as a standalone novel.

Triple Trouble is an MMM romance featuring a double bi awakening, a triple serving of steam and enough sweetness to give you a sugar rush.  Use the look inside feature and scroll up to the copyright page to see if this is the book for you.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The First and Last Adventure of Kit Sawyer, by S.E. Harmon

In the archaeology community, Christopher “Kit” Sawyer’s family is a legacy. And while he may be a historian, not a treasure hunter, he thinks he does a pretty good job of living up to the Sawyer name. He’s a book-smart research fanatic and does his best work at his tidy desk. No fedora and whip for him, if you please—a nice cup of coffee and a comfy chair will do. But decoding an ancient relic soon gives him more adventure than he bargained for.

Unwittingly, he unleashes a force he doesn’t know how to control. And now he has to reunite the relic with a powerful Aztec God. The trouble with that? Kit doesn’t where to find the Tlaloc’s temple. No one does, in fact. Finding it could be a discovery for the ages. It could also lead to his untimely death. So…yay? But it’s not like he has a choice. So off to the Mexican jungle he goes.

At least he isn’t going alone.

Ethan Stone, former stepbrother and overall pain in the rump, horns in on the expedition. An experienced archaeologist, he’s only coming along at their grandfather’s request—which annoys Kit to no end. But he knows Ethan is just the right person to get them through the jungle safely. It’s just too bad someone is trying to beat them to the temple. And he’s willing to do anything to get there first.

Ethan thinks Kit is in over his head. Kit is secretly afraid he just may be right. In manners of archaeology…and manners of the heart….

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Message Received, by D.K. Sutton

First rule of keeping your job? Don’t hit on your boss.

Ben Pierce always follows the rules. Keeping everything and everyone in their place. But his newest employee, Sean Miller, doesn’t fit into his neat little boxes or his neat little life. The man is irritating, impulsive, and impossibly gorgeous. But most troubling of all, he has Ben wondering what it’d be like to let someone else take charge.

After hopping from place to place, Sean Miller finds a job he wants to keep. Or rather, one his roommate wants him to keep. Helping his friend through this difficult time is the most important thing. So for now, Sean has to play nice at his new job. No flirting with his boss. No touching his boss. No showing his uptight and yummy boss the joys of surrendering to the right person.

And absolutely no falling for this surprisingly sweet and vulnerable man. That might be the hardest rule of all not to break because finding the one person who fits you perfectly might be worth risking everything.

Message Received is an 86,000+ words, opposites attract, boss/employee novel with an HEA. It’s part of the Sloan Brothers series but can be read as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dead Serious Case #3 Mr Bruce Reyes, by Vawn Cassidy

Tristan Everett was finally getting used to the strangeness that was his life. Being able to see the dead and helping them solve their unfinished business and cross into the light wasn’t so bad after all, especially when he was accompanied by his best friend, dead drag queen Dusty Le Frey. His boyfriend, sexy Scotland Yard detective Danny Hayes, now knew the truth about Tristan’s “gift,” and they were about to move in together officially.

Life was good.

That is until Death—honest to god, Death (aka The Grim Reaper)—pitches up in Tristan’s kitchen with an unusual request: stop Dusty’s ghostly hookup Bruce from crossing into the light, which may result in dire consequences. i.e. an accidental apocalypse.

Determined to do the exact opposite, and avoid potentially the end of the world, Tristan and Danny assemble their own ragtag gang of one prickly witch, one snarky psychic private investigator, one living drag queen with an affinity for feathers, and one dead one with an affinity for a deceased rugby player in tiny shorts. Together they must solve a forty-year old cold case, while juggling a dose of the flu, a broken leg, a supernatural storm, and an immortal death deity with the looks and temperament of a sexy but grouchy CEO.

Seriously… what could possibly go wrong?

From Author Vawn Cassidy comes the next instalment of this hilarious and sweet paranormal romance mystery series

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Cowboys Don’t Come Out Tara Lain

Is the closet big enough to hold two cowboys?

Rand McIntyre stays in the closet to protect what he’s built – his small California horse ranch and the privilege of teaching kids to ride.

Kai Kealoha, a genuine Hawaiian cowboy, stays closeted to protect his “kids”, the siblings he raises with no official approval.

Add in one detested holiday with parents at Hana Ranch on Maui and the two cowboys bond over a love of dancing, a nude beach, and each other’s beautiful butts.

But vacation sex doesn’t count, and nobody gives up real life for a few hot minutes in a bamboo forest.

Unless they do.

When Rand braves his paralyzing fear of flying, his relationship with his parents, and his beloved business to respond to a call for help from Kai’s brother and sister, both men have to re-revaluate what it means to be family – and who’d make it worth it to come out.

COWBOYS DON’T COME OUT is a coming out, single dad, must-love-kids, custody battle, fear-of-flying, cowboy-sexy, two-step dancing, Hawaii-for-the-holidays, MM romance.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Vengeance with a Kiss, by Ki Brightly & M.D. Gregory

Revenge is the Name of the Game
Yukio Hinode wasn’t a bad guy, but he’d had enough. Alexander Carrington was a nightmare. Everywhere Yukio went, he was there—in college classes, on the basketball court, and around campus. When bullying turns into a physical fight, Yukio knows he has to come up with a plan to end this. Then, he catches sight of Alexander’s father, and damn, but he looks good. An evil, perfect strategy forms. It’s time to go on the offensive.

Life Cracked Open
Dr. Micah Carrington loved his routine. Each day he taught classes, went to the library, and then drove home. Occasionally he would talk to his son—or try. Their relationship was rocky. When Micah was lonely, he thought about what it might be like to be with a man who cared for him, but he didn’t have the courage to try anything different. Then, one day a breathtaking man notices him, and it’s terrifying, but when the stranger smirks in his direction, he can’t help but smile back.

A War of Hearts
It doesn’t take Yukio long to realize he messed up. Micah agrees to date him. They click instantly, and now Yukio is stuck with a horrible problem—he cares about the father of his worst enemy, and he refuses to lose Micah. Staying with Micah never factored into Yukio’s plans, and now that he wants to keep him, he has no clue how he will fix this. Will he be able to figure out a new course of action, one that involves owning Micah’s heart? Or will their relationship be the final casualty in the battle?

12 Days of Low Angst Christmas…in July

Want some low angst Christmas fun in July?
More than a dozen queer Christmas romances are on sale July 20-31.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Love’s Not Welcome at the Hotel Cairo, by Gary Alan Hidalgo

Hughie must sell his hotel shares to save his dream. Fabian must persuade him to keep them for same sex weddings’ sake. You are cordially invited to the Hotel Cairo, where everyone’s love story is welcome…

The Hotel Cairo is an aging but still enchanting hotel that its majority shareholder recently axed 60-year-old soap actor Hughie Roman plans to sell to the highest bidder to get back his Hollywood dream. Not if Fabian Flores, the hotel’s 44-year-old manager, can stop him by winning him over with love. Love is Welcome at the Hotel Cairo, that is, an invitation to same-sex couples to wed in its magical setting in a conservative state which, in the past, denied them as petty as a wedding cake.

Unlike the lovers that the Hotel Cairo woos, Hughie and Fabian don’t welcome love because of secrets from the past and fears about the future. They’ll fight their developing feelings tooth and nail even while others try to get between them, like Fabian’s fiancee, the hotel lawyer, James, Hughie’s TV nephew, Herbie, and co-owner, Xenia, who has her own plans for her deceased ex-husband’s legacy. Fortunately, a heavenly male escort named Hunky Hector lends his voice of reason in their bedlam.

Are you looking for big, flawed LGBTQ+ characters with heart & wit in an unputdownable story with infinite humor & hope? Love’s Not Welcome at the Hotel Cairo is a romantic comedy novel about embracing love no matter how old you get or how jaded you become. Told through the eyes of a desperate, newly divorced Hughie and an equally determined but altruistic Fabian, not even a wedding cake will be safe from their explosive courtship.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Affogato, by E.M. Lindsey

Despite finding success in his career, the BrewBiz Deaf Café owner’s love life is another story. Because Caleb’s longest relationship just came to a screeching halt when his ex cheated.

Then dumped him.
And the video of it went viral.

Resigned to his fate of being famous only because the world saw his public humiliation, Caleb turns sour and bitter. It’s easy to hide his feelings after that, and it’s even easier to ignore what his heart really wants: the new hire who’s so anxious, he jumps at his own shadow.

It also doesn’t help that Bodhi is too young, too good looking, and too sweet for a man like Caleb to ever deserve him.
Especially when Caleb’s been nothing but terrible to him from the moment they met.

But there’s more to Bodhi’s story than meets the eye, and he might just be the man who can teach Caleb the meaning of love without strings. Love without expectations.

And the kind of love that leads to real happily ever afters.

Affogato is the first book in the BrewBiz series. It’s a boss/employee enemies to lovers romance featuring delicious baked goods, crêpe loyalty, late night snacks, first kisses, first times, and the swooniest HEA.

99c SALE, Multiple Retailers

Fakers, by Lucy Lennox & May Archer

Brooks Johnson’s Words To Live By:

When returning to Licking Thicket, TN, for the first time in ten years to reunite with your nosy neighbors, heart-broken ex-girlfriend, and matchmaking mama who never quite believed you were gay, it’s best to bring a fake boyfriend as backup… 

Just don’t be surprised when your ex-girlfriend does the same. 

And when her incredibly hot fake boyfriend becomes the one island of calm in a sea of bovine-based insanity, it’s best to exercise caution… especially when he pushes you up against the rough barn wall to check you very thoroughly for splinters…

Just don’t be surprised if you fall head-over-hooves in love with him.

BOXED SET SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Finding Forever Boxed Set, by Marie Sinclair

The men of the Finding Forever series will set your heart on fire (and possibly your Kindle too).

Whether it’s overcoming a twelve year separation and trauma, figuring out a complex and confusing identity, or learning to see beyond the surface to the heart of gold inside, these three novels and two novellas by Marie Sinclair show how love survives and flourishes even in the darkest of times. HEAs abound but they are always won by heart and heat.

For Ry and Cart (A Winter’s Dance and A Kind of Forever), saying I love you for the first time didn’t work out the way fairy tales told them it would. Together in college, they are accidently outed by a photograph taken at an LGBTQ protest, and separated by Ry’s conservative family. Twelve years later, they’re reunited, but Cart quickly realizes that Ry is no longer the carefree, sensual lover he knew when they were younger. Something haunts and torments Ry, making him run from Cart who has to decide if he’s willing to risk his damaged heart for another chance at love.

When Jake and Micah met (Nothing Like a Summer Romance), there was an instant connection. The month they spent together during summer break was full of first times for Micah. First kiss. First love. First time doing drag. He’s pretty sure he wants Jake to be his first for everything, but Jake’s not so sure he can do a relationship. Nothing Like Forever charts the ins and outs and ups and downs of the tweny years it takes them to figure out that Jake is aromantic and that happily ever after doesn’t have to look a certain way.

After an apartment fire leaves Diego homeless, Jake gives him a place to stay. The only problem, Alex is already living there. In Forever After, Alex and Diego navigate a bumpy road built from bad first impressions, misunderstandings, and close proximity. When Alex’s 13-year old comes out as trans and moves across the country to live with him, Alex sees a different side to queer youth counselor Diego, and the two discover an attraction that burns hotter the more they get to know each other.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Sea & Sky, by Morgan Lysand

After twenty years bound to a pirate captain, merman Kyler is desperate for his freedom before his scale consumes him. For reasons unknown to Kyler, the captain agrees to set him free, if he can pay the steep price by the end of summer.

Prince Gavin, third son of the king has been denied the Grand Mage status he’s sought for seven years. Finally, the king decides to grant him a Task that would lead to him receiving the recognition he deserves. Unfortunately, there’s a pesky arranged marriage he has to deal with.

When Kyler saves the charming prince from drowning, Gavin asks him to play his lover for a month to get out of marrying a princess from another land. Kyler agrees after Gavin offers him a favor. A favor Kyler intends to take full advantage of.

Will Kyler gain his freedom or will the captain keep him forever? Can Gavin protect his heart and become a Grand Mage or will he be torn apart by betrayal?

Sea & Sky is a sweet and steamy MM fantasy romance featuring a lonely broken merman and a dragon prince who is not as arrogant as he first appears.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Accidental Bonds, by Marie Renard

It was meant to be temporary. Fate had other ideas.

Victor Mills would do anything to protect his pack, even work with magic he detests. When the wards safeguarding his territory start to deteriorate, he’s forced to hire a local mage to fix them. He could tolerate the abrasive stench of sorcery, if only the mage didn’t also smell like everything his wolf has ever wanted.

Elijah Lauring has no intention of tying himself to a shifter pack; his neutrality pays the bills. Repairing the Mills pack wards should be a one-off job, but the spell he casts to tap into Victor’s energy stubbornly refuses to fade. The intoxicating connection that lingers between them plunges his magic into chaos right when he needs it the most.

As they grapple with their conflicting desires, they soon discover the wards aren’t the only thing decaying. An evil is infecting the pack land, and they must learn to trust each other and their growing bond to defeat it. If they fail, Victor’s pack will pay the ultimate price.

Accidental Bonds is a steamy 115k M/M paranormal romance featuring a broody wolf shifter, a headstrong mage, meddling friends, a perpetually unimpressed cat, and knotting. It’s perfect for readers who love thrilling action, snarky banter, and characters who rub each other in all the wrong ways before they realize the right ones are much more enjoyable. While it guarantees a happy ending for its main couple, the overarching plot does contain cliffhangers. Please look inside for content warnings. (This series does not contain mpreg.)


Brimstone and Bolognese, by L. Eveland

Adam Northstar’s dream is to be the head chef at Brimstone, L.A.’s premier Italian fine dining restaurant. He’s got the skills and the training. There’s just one thing standing in his way: An impossible challenge from Brimstone’s smoking hot incubus owner and celebrity chef, Inzo Amoretti.

Chef Inzo has seen it all. He’s bored with life, with food, with everything. He’s searching for more than just a great cook. He needs passion in and out of the kitchen. Does the attractive human chef that just walked in have what it takes to finally reignite his passion? One bite is all it will take to find out…

Brimstone and Bolognese is a 5,000 word short story prequel to Brimstone, the first book in the Culinary Creatures series. These cozy MM monster romance books are low stakes and high heat, and each includes a recipe you can make at home.

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