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Rules to Love By, by Jaime Samms

Stepping into adulthood is hard enough when you have a family. But going it alone?

Marcus loses everything when his Great Aunt Iris dies. Not just the woman who raised him as her own, but his home and the Egg Basket, her diner where he worked. Lonely and grief-stricken, Marcus follows his friend to Griffon’s Elbow, desperate for a fresh start.

Eli has spent the last year avoiding telling his father he’s dropped out of college and has no intention of returning. He’s happy as a bartender, happy with his carefully arranged hook-ups, happy to spend as little time in Griffon’s Elbow as he can.

Then he meets a hot man who pushes all his buttons. But Marcus is hurting and in desperate need of a friend…or maybe something more.

One date, that’s all they need. So what if Eli has never hooked up after a first date. Or that Marcus never gets a second date after the sex is over. They can have dinner and work it out. A rule book would make things so much easier, but it looks like they’ll have to come up with their own set of rules to fall in love by.

Welcome back to Griffon’s Elbow, found family, and the chance for two men to reinvent their futures with eachother as their guide.


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24 Dares of Christmas, by Lee Blair

On the first day of Christmas, my dear aunt sent to me: twenty-four dares in a fugly advent tree…

The only way I’m going to survive a month of holly jolly misery post-breakup is to hibernate through the Christmas season before moving away for my new job.

Two things blow my straightforward plan to smithereens: 1. My lovable aunt, who guilts me into watching her spoiled wiener dogs—who do NOT like me—while she’s gone for the holiday. 2. My scheming aunt’s surprising tenant, Warren, who I just can’t seem to get out of my head.

To add insult to inconvenience, I find my aunt’s filled my childhood advent calendar—the one I’d designed for dares instead of days—with sappy, festive, time-suckers. Now, stuck at her house, I’m completely baffled because I can’t look away from Warren’s big smile, warm eyes, and unrelenting Christmas cheer. I’ve never felt like this for a man before, but it’s like my heart’s a Magic 8 ball stuck on “All signs point to Yes” whenever he’s around.

Warren’s offer to guide me through the festive challenges as my personal elf raises my festive mood, among—ahem—other things. Now I’m coming to terms with not only wanting a guy to jingle my bells, but Warren’s company is taking me from local Grinch to wannabe Santa in a heartbeat.

Am I actually living in a Hallmark fan’s wet dream? Maybe, but Warren’s making me the jolliest I’ve felt in years—all while slowly but steadily capturing my reluctant heart.

24 Dares of Christmas is a low angst, bisexual awakening MM Christmas romance set in the Dahlia Springs universe. This standalone story is stuffed fuller than a stocking with Christmas traditions, family fun, candy cane sweetness, and appearances by characters in the Tap That Brewery series.

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Three Souls Who Break, by Michelle Dare

The Family Man

Xaiden Dremest was in love once and lost that love before it could become forever. His dreams shattered. His world ended. Since then, he’s been going through the motions, but not truly living. Until two men enter his life who show him it’s okay to try again.

The Wild Card

Val Bowen knows what it’s like to take a hit, figuratively and literally. That’s in the past though. He wants to move forward, except he doesn’t know how. He’s happy with his job, his apartment, and his friends. Yet something is still missing.

The Doctor

Corbin Dove loves being a doctor, just not how much it takes over his life. He’s looking for something new. To branch out on his own, and maybe enter the dating world while he’s at it. He’s always found men attractive but never had the courage to flirt, let alone ask a man out.

Three ties to bind. Three hearts on the line.

Three souls who break trying to ease their ache.

They shouldn’t fit together. They shouldn’t work. For all the uncertainty, the struggle, when they’re together, everything is as it should be. Falling in love is inevitable.

The road they travel isn’t paved. There are no signs, no directions. With their destination in sight, they have to overcome the ghosts of their pasts and the fear in their hearts.

Three Souls Who Break is an MMM steamy contemporary romance and the final book in the Three Ties series. It features a lost ex-fighter who’s afraid of settling down, a virgin mechanic who can’t see what’s right in front of him, and a sweet doctor who’s never been with one, let alone two, men before. There is bi-awakening, an age gap, hurt/comfort, and a HEA. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed when read in order.

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Elixir of Strife, by Nazri Noor

Water, water, everywhere.

Leon Alcantara and Maximilian Drake have barely caught their breath after saving the city from an untimely fate. Now the Jade Spider has a new assignment. A local magical plant shop has requested a strange elixir, the liquid essence of purest water.

In pursuit of the ocean potion, Max stumbles upon a tormentor from his past. Leon faces the challenge of hosting a second dragon, a legend much closer to home. And the mysterious Masques are more watchful than ever, shadowing the boys at every turn.

But strangest of all is a fresh spate of elemental anomalies in Dos Lunas. Life or death, sink or swim, Leon and Max must rise to the challenge — or drown under a tide of wicked magic.

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Patience, by Lark Taylor

I paid the ultimate price when I took the gamble to save my mate’s soul.


Ferryman. The Grim Reaper. La Muerte. La Pelona. Shinigami. Charon.

I’ve been called many names over the millennia, all thanks to my role in Hell.

Ferrying dead souls over the river Styx.

But few know the demon behind the legend, how I came to be here, or the freedom I sacrificed to save the man I love.

Now I’m free to find him again. The problem? He doesn’t remember me.

And he’s straight.

Leo fell madly in love with me once before. Will he fall again before it’s too late?


All my life, I’ve felt like something is missing. Neither my job as a firefighter, my brother Matty, nor my ex-girlfriends have been able to fill that hole.

When a mysterious stranger approaches me in a bar, I find myself captivated.

I’ve never been attracted to men before, but I can’t seem to resist him.

Why is it that spending time with Ferry feels so…right? So familiar?

Patience is a fated-mates, second-chance PNR romance. The first in the Damned Connections series, each book will follow a different couple as they find their HEA. Although better read in order, these books can stand alone.

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Like I Pretended, by Charlie Novak

Pretending to be in love never felt so real.

Henry Lu hates being a superstar. Action movies have left a sour taste in his mouth and filming a queer period drama on the Yorkshire coast sounds like the perfect antidote. Meeting grumpy coffee shop owner, Alex, is the cherry on top.

Alex isn’t impressed with the appearance of Hollywood royalty in his life, especially because Henry refuses to accept that Alex doesn’t like him. But when rumours about the production draw the attention of stuffy streaming service bigwigs and the ire of Henry’s superhero franchise, Henry and Alex must put on a show and fake a relationship to smooth things over.

Alex doesn’t want a relationship, and Henry isn’t good at them, but their arrangement is only supposed to be for a few months, then they’ll both be free to go back to their lives. The only problem is that pretending to be in love never felt so real.

Like I Pretended is a slow burn contemporary MM romance featuring a sunshine Hollywood superstar whose never been told no, a grumpy coffee shop owner who wants to be left alone, bad attempts at flirting, terrible catering, and finding home.

It is book four in the Heather Bay series and while it can be read as a standalone, it’s best enjoyed as part of the series.

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Fumbled Past, by Cecelia Storm

You missed the biggest goal of your life… How hard will you have to play to get him back?

The media are terrible. All I want to do is play football. I never knew going pro would be such a public pain in the ass. Speaking of asses, that annoying new team mascot looks familiar… or at least his body does. Wait, that can’t be who I think it is… uh oh. How am I going to focus on repairing my public image and playing the new season with my ex running around in a Seal outfit? And not just any ex… the one I never got over.

Being a professional NFL mascot has a lot of perks, but the sheer amount of sweat in that suit is not one of them. So when the entire team caught me in the buff struggling to get a seal mask off my head, I thought I would just lay down and die. But who’s that guy scowling at me from the back? No, no, please don’t tell me… This was supposed to be a stealth job so I could make some money while building my non-profit and social media following. Now the guy whose heart I broke is on the same team? I may not survive this…

Fumbled Past is a second chance MM sports romance and book 2 in the San Diego Seals series.

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Magic Burning, by Kaje Harper


I haven’t been out with a guy in the last two years. Partly because I’m a gay elementary-school teacher in a fairly small, conservative town. Partly because I’m a sorcerer, and dating ordinary humans only leads to trouble. Sleeping with one though? That’s doable, so when my birdbrained familiar Sunny lines up a tall, muscular firefighter for me, I’m not going to say no. Just once, though. Maybe twice. I don’t need more trouble in my life.

I don’t regret moving back to my hometown and my big family. Well, not much. I’m not out to them, and I miss the anonymity of the big city, but I like the local fire house and the slower-paced life. Still, when I see my niece’s teacher, Mr. Hiranchai, in gray sweatpants talking to a mini-parrot on his shoulder, something inside me (or maybe something in front of me) perks up and says “I want that one.” I can’t have an actual boyfriend, but I sure wouldn’t mind getting laid, and Alan’s slim, dark-haired, smart-assed style rings all my bells.

It’s no surprise we turn out to be great together, even if my job and his responsibilities make it hard to find time. It is a surprise when I realize I want more than just an occasional night. But some weird fires out in the brush keep us firefighters hopping, and when this strange carnival comes to town and lands me with a pair of magical doll shoes, life gets truly confusing. There’s more to Alan than he’s telling me, and I’m getting a bad, bad feeling about all this.

Magic Burning is a story in the Necromancer universe, 60 years after Marked by Death, and is part of the multi-author Carnival of Mysteries Series. Each book stands alone, but each one includes at least one visit to Errante Ame’s Carnival of Mysteries, a magical, multiverse traveling show full of unusual acts, games, and rides. The Carnival changes to suit the world it’s on, so each visit is unique and special. This book contains a snarky, matchmaking bird, a lonely young teacher, and a gay firefighter finally coming out to his large family.

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Ghost Friends Forever, by Pandora Pine

What if your imaginary friend wasn’t so imaginary after all?

Detective Jude Byrne, sick of working alleged cases of infidelity, takes on client Sam Jones, a man looking to reconnect with his first love. As the search for Greta begins, Jude realizes Sam might be the reason his lost love has fallen off the grid. Determined to discover the truth at all costs, Jude tracks down the woman, who has her own version of events, making him wonder if Sam is more dangerous than he originally thought.

Meanwhile, psychic Copeland Forbes has his hands full with West Side Magick’s newest employee, tarot reader, Bozeman Fields. The two were business rivals during their days in New Orleans until Bozeman mysteriously closed up shop and inexplicably vanished ten years ago. Cope senses there’s something off about the man when he hears him arguing with himself in a seemingly empty room, but bides his time as no one else notices anything is amiss.

While keeping an eye on Bozeman, Cope overhears him yelling at an unseen foe, threatening to kill whoever is harassing him. When questioned about the bizarre incident, the psychic breaks down and tells a harrowing story about Indigo, his imaginary friend from childhood, who refuses to leave his side.

Who is Indigo? What is his endgame? More importantly, why has Jude and Cope’s young son started talking to an imaginary friend of his own?

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Clean Slade, by Rhys Everly

“I told you I wouldn’t let anything happen to you and I intend to keep my promise”


Our first encounter took my breath away.
Ten years later, he’s acting as if we never met.
As if we never kissed.
And he says all he wants from me is to protect his daughter from the people after him.
He says he can take care of himself, but I don’t believe it.
I know he needs saving, even if it’s from himself.

All I ever wanted was a clean slate for my daughter and me.
But the past has other ideas.
The man I’ve been hiding from has found me and he will stop at nothing to exact his revenge.
And Slade is here to protect me.
I never forgot about him, but I can’t tell him that. I can’t let him in.
And he can’t find out the truth about me. No one can.

Welcome to Mayberry Holm, a small island in the Atlantic full of crime, secrets and happily-ever-afters, and the ex-Navy SEALs that come to deal with them all.

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Dead Serious Case #3 Mr Bruce Reyes, by Vawn Cassidy

Tristan Everett was finally getting used to the strangeness that was his life. Being able to see the dead and helping them solve their unfinished business and cross into the light wasn’t so bad after all, especially when he was accompanied by his best friend, dead drag queen Dusty Le Frey. His boyfriend, sexy Scotland Yard detective Danny Hayes, now knew the truth about Tristan’s “gift,” and they were about to move in together officially.

Life was good.

That is until Death—honest to god, Death (aka The Grim Reaper)—pitches up in Tristan’s kitchen with an unusual request: stop Dusty’s ghostly hookup Bruce from crossing into the light, which may result in dire consequences. i.e. an accidental apocalypse.

Determined to do the exact opposite, and avoid potentially the end of the world, Tristan and Danny assemble their own ragtag gang of one prickly witch, one snarky psychic private investigator, one living drag queen with an affinity for feathers, and one dead one with an affinity for a deceased rugby player in tiny shorts. Together they must solve a forty-year old cold case, while juggling a dose of the flu, a broken leg, a supernatural storm, and an immortal death deity with the looks and temperament of a sexy but grouchy CEO.

Seriously… what could possibly go wrong?

From Author Vawn Cassidy comes the next instalment of this hilarious and sweet paranormal romance mystery series

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The Goldilocks Principle, by Hope Irving

One summer, two men chasing a fresh start, and three meddling Bears. What could go wrong?

Fairytales are overrated. At least, I’m tired of experiencing their dark side. Must be why I hate my nickname: Goldy.
My summer vacation is the perfect excuse for a fresh start. Sea. S*x. Sun.
The irony isn’t lost on me when I meet three burly, colorful, and furry men—known as Bears—who quickly become friends and confidants. Yet, it’s a bi-curious voyeur who piques my interest and provides the ideal distraction.
Spellbound, Tristan and I agree to give our insane attraction a try. I’m left wanting more, but we’re on borrowed time. I shouldn’t get my hopes up.
I know very little about him, and there’s no such thing as Prince Charming in my fairytale, right?

My fairytale life is a lie. I’m privileged, but everything the public thinks they know about me is a charade. I need a breather and flee the French Riviera to enjoy some anonymity and visit my American friends and relatives. There, a gorgeous blond male turns my life upside down, eliciting feelings that I’ve never allowed myself to acknowledge. We’re not meant to be for more reasons than I can count. Even if we were, dragging Eli into the limelight wouldn’t be fair. Some secrets are better left unsaid… unless he is worth the risk.
Can summer promises heal past wounds and lead to a lasting future—and our happily ever after?

Inspired by the classic fairytale Goldilocks & The Three BearsThe Goldilocks Principle is a contemporary bi-awakening M/M romance with low angst and a French flair.
It features:
– a lonely guy yearning for a fun vacation, and slightly impulsive tendencies
– a confused French-American celebrity hiding from the world and labels
– 3 protective and colorful Bears welcoming guests in Provincetown, Massachusetts
– a hot summer deal and a happily ever after fairytale ending!

The Goldilocks Principle is part of the Ever After series with stories inspired by classic fairytales. Each story can be read as a standalone, but why pick just one when you can experience a whole world of fairytales?

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Game Changer, by Amy Aislin

It’s Blair Brawsiski’s ride or die year. After a decade in the AHL, if he doesn’t get called up to the NHL this season, it’s time to hang up his skates and focus on other things. But between a second job and family priorities, his attention isn’t where it should be, and his dreams of making it to the big leagues are dwindling by the day.

Hiring a personal assistant to help out with day-to-day stuff? Probably the smartest move Blair’s made in a while.

But when that PA turns out to be an assertive baker who’s exactly Blair’s type? Blair can’t help but wish those dexterous hands would knead something other than pastry dough. Namely, him.

Charlie needs extra income. Desperately. With his expenses about to go up, it’s find a second job or get evicted. Getting hired as Blair’s PA is perfect: flexible hours, decent wages, and a scorching hot professional hockey player who’s willing to let him use his gorgeous kitchen for his baked goods.

Too bad that hockey player is exactly Charlie’s type. Too bad Charlie knows better than to date his new boss…

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Embracing Fate, by Raquel Riley

With everything on the line, will Romero walk away from his dreams for the sake of love?

After Maxwell Denton suffered a career ending injury, he was forced to surrender his dream of competing in MMA. He had zero interest in training the new guy, but after going one round with Romero Ruiz, Max knew he’d met his match.

Having never been attracted to men, Max and Romero are caught off guard by their explosive chemistry. Their mutual desire burns hotter with each passing day as they navigate the meaning of their newfound passion.

Max is willing to risk his heart by walking away from Romero to give him a shot at his dream. But Romero can only choose one title. Welterweight Champion or Max’s lover. Which does he covet most?

Embracing Fate is a gay contemporary sports romance featuring bisexual awakenings, first times, and some laugh-out-loud awkward sexy adventures. Formerly published as Desiring Romero, it is now strictly an MM romance with new scenes added.

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Cosmo and the King, by Macy Blake

When Cosmo learns the faun king is in the human realm, he panics. See, Silenus happens to be his fiance… and he’s never told any of his friends in the human realm that he ran away on his wedding day, leaving his king at the alter.

Silenus made a deal with the devil–the queen of the fae–when he learned the human realm was going to be closed, keeping him separated from his mate and betrothed. He has to track down Cosmo and convince him that they are meant for each other, even though his stubborn fiance seems determined to challenge him at every turn.

Cosmo doesn’t know Silenus’s secret, though, and now the hunt is on. Silenus is facing a dark and dangerous path, and he wants nothing more than his consort at his side. He’ll follow his mate anywhere, even to the depths of the human realm, to prove to Cosmo they are meant to be together..

Now he only has to convince his stubborn mate to stop running…because no matter how long the chase lasts, Silenus will eventually catch him.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Message Received, by D. K. Sutton

First rule of keeping your job? Don’t hit on your boss.

Ben Pierce always follows the rules. Keeping everything and everyone in their place. But his newest employee, Sean Miller, doesn’t fit into his neat little boxes or his neat little life. The man is irritating, impulsive, and impossibly gorgeous. But most troubling of all, he has Ben wondering what it’d be like to let someone else take charge.

After hopping from place to place, Sean Miller finds a job he wants to keep. Or rather, one his roommate wants him to keep. Helping his friend through this difficult time is the most important thing. So for now, Sean has to play nice at his new job. No flirting with his boss. No touching his boss. No showing his uptight and yummy boss the joys of surrendering to the right person.

And absolutely no falling for this surprisingly sweet and vulnerable man. That might be the hardest rule of all not to break because finding the one person who fits you perfectly might be worth risking everything.

Message Received is an 86,000+ words, opposites attract, boss/employee novel with an HEA. It’s part of the Sloan Brothers series but can be read as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Stone Heart, by Jenn Burke

Maybe his heart isn’t made of stone after all…

Centuries ago, Teague O’Reilly and his brothers were cursed to be gargoyles, and their only hope for freedom was to find their true loves. Teague knows he’ll be cursed forever—who would love someone who doesn’t want sex?

Chris Holt does. The bear shifter tricked Teague into binding their souls together in hopes of ending the Holt family curse. He didn’t realize how that jeopardized Teague’s chances to find true love, except… Chris is pretty sure he might be it. Him and Frankie.

Younger than the two other men, Frankie’s had a difficult life as an orphaned mountain lion shifter. He knows he belongs to both Teague and Chris, and Chris knows it too. But they’ll need to work a certain type of magic to convince the asexual gargoyle that there’s more to love than sex.

When the dark, fae-like creature who’s been tormenting them for months resurfaces with a new plan to subjugate them, Frankie will do anything to protect his men.


Stone Heart features a male/male/male triad relationship between an oblivious asexual gargoyle, a gay himbo bear shifter, and a fierce gay mountain lion shifter. There’s also a cabin with only one bed, lots of self-discovery, and a huge found family. It’s the final book in the Gargoyles of Arrington series and has the hardest-won happily ever after, I promise.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Virgin Hearts, by Emmy Sanders

Narrated by Blake Lockheart

Can an inexperienced cowboy wrangle the adult movie star of his dreams?

I’ve lived in the same small town my entire life. And I like it, for the most part: being a rancher, taking care of my chickens, and even my meddlesome family. What I don’t like is the limited dating options. I’m gay, and at thirty-six-years-old, I’ve never been with a man.

When I enter a contest to win my favorite adult entertainer’s support for our town’s first Pride Parade, I never expect to win. And I definitely never expect to find myself in a friends-with-benefits relationship with the man.

The problem is I quickly realize I want more. But could someone as confident, sexy, and independent as Silver ever consider building a life with a simple cowboy like me?

My work is my life. Filming under the moniker Silver, I’m happy enough. I’m making good money, I’m free from my crummy past, I’m well on my way to the career I actually dream about, and I’m not looking for any complications.

Enter Hawthorne Moore, with his sweet-as-molasses drawl, that adorable gap-toothed smile, and the beautiful way in which he begs, and suddenly, I find myself getting in too deep. And that’s a problem because I’ve spent years building up these walls around my heart, and I don’t know how to bust them down.

Can I work through my trauma and lasso myself a cowboy, or will I lose the only man who’s ever loved me?

Virgin Hearts is a friends-with-benefits-to-more romance that includes a flirty performer, risqué photoshoots amongst peeping bovines, an endearing cowboy whose cock (ahem, rooster) rises at dawn, dom/sub undertones, and one very HEA. It’s book 2 in the Plum Valley Cowboys series but can be read as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Love.exe, by S.C. Wynne

Love isn’t any easier to find in the year 2069
Not that Eric is looking for love. After breaking up with his boyfriend a year ago, he’s been apathetic about getting back into the dating scene. What’s the point? Relationships always crash and burn anyway.

When Eric’s best friend, Sabrina, sends him an XP30 android named Sloot to help him get back in the saddle, so to speak, Eric is mortified. The plan is to send Sloot back to the factory, but when the android begs him to keep him as his housekeeper, Eric feels sorry for Sloot and gives him a trial run.

Sloot is the perfect companion, and Eric decides he’s found a way to avoid the messiness of emotional intimacy. But things get complicated because Sloot is no ordinary android. Unbeknownst to Eric, Sloot’s creator tinkered with him and gave him the ability to love.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

With Kid Gloves, by Macy Blake

A grumpy tiger thinks he can be a lonely drifter? Not on Ollie Jerrick self-proclaimed Happiness Champion’s watch.

Ollie Jerrick has a hero complex. As a wolf shifter, he’s been surrounded by real-life heroes since his dads rescued him from an evil witch when he was six. He’s the son of a doctor wolf shifter, his boss is a billionaire griffin, and his big brother…well, he’s a super-powered mage mated to the mythical Chosen One. Not convinced yet? The hellhounds, guardians of the human realm…they’re Ollie’s adopted uncles. So when a mysterious tiger arrives, Ollie decides to save him from his miserable, lonely life. It’s not like it’ll be hard…right?

Bayu prefers the solitude being a tiger provides, but tragedy leads him to Nick Smith and the menagerie of kids he rescued. He accepts the role as a pack guard on one condition: the lion shifter will use his powerful connections to help Bayu find the answers he seeks. He has zero intentions of staying on a permanent basis. Some pack members seem to have other ideas, though. Especially Ollie, a young, gorgeous wolf who seems to enjoy nothing more than talking Bayu’s ears off while coaxing him into leaving his isolated existence behind.

Bayu and Ollie find themselves brought together in ways neither of them could have anticipated. When tragedy strikes again, this time it’s Bayu who has to decide if he’s hero enough to save Ollie from himself, especially when the cost will be nothing less than Bayu’s heart.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Triple Trouble, by Jesse H. Reign

Two dude-bros, one beautiful femme boy, and a game of gay chicken that goes badly awry…

It’s fair to say my best friend Mat and I are looking for trouble when we head out for a wild night on the town, and boy, do we find it. We find it in the form of Trouble, a guy with long, silky black hair, doe eyes, and thick, fleshy lips. Sweat glitters down his spine and he moves like there’s music in his soul. Every eye in the place in on him. He’s magnetic. The second we see him, we want him. We both do.

Suddenly, the fact we thought we were straight doesn’t seem all that important.

Trouble turns our lives upside down. He makes us do things we’ve never done. He makes us want things we’ve never wanted either.

He makes me look at Mat in way that’s brand new, too.

Everything is changing. Nothing is as it was.

There’s only one thing that’s certain anymore – Mat and I both want to get into Trouble.

Triple Trouble is the second book in The Situationship Series. It can be enjoyed as part of the series, or as a standalone novel.

Triple Trouble is an MMM romance featuring a double bi awakening, a triple serving of steam and enough sweetness to give you a sugar rush.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Jamie’s Light, by Madalyn George

Thanksgiving weekend at home seemed like more of a chore than a celebration since my wife had died, but I would never begrudge my daughter the love and attention of our big crazy family just to wallow in self pity. I could always return to that next week.

Thanks to the fact that my best friend’s family literally lives five feet away from campus, I have a home to go to for Thanksgiving that doesn’t involve traveling clear across the county for a few short days. It’s an easy choice, since I’ll see my family in less than a month for winter break anyway.

When two strangers, one the older brother and the other the best friend, unexpectedly end up sharing the same bedroom, will a holiday they were both just looking to get through end up being the most important event of their lives?

AVAILABLE NOW, Kindle Unlimited

Corpseflower, by J. Tomala

The ghost of a murdered child, a demon who doesn’t know why he’s on earth, and a man who can’t forget his best friend even after twenty years.

When the Seed rose from his grave, he knew he was not human.
He also knew that he would not have a moment’s peace unless he found the murderer of the child whose bones he was wearing.
But as a newly blossomed demon, he still had much to learn. And, of course, no idea how to solve a twenty-year-old murder.
The hunger that was gnawing at him also needed to be satisfied, and then there was that perfect, delicious-smelling Patrick.
The Seed knew his desire for this man was dangerous, but it was harder than it should be to stay away from Patrick.

This is the first book in the Hellflowers series, but it can be read as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Available on Amazon

Love’s Not Welcome at the Hotel Cairo, by Gary Alan Hidalgo

Hughie must sell his hotel shares to save his dream. Fabian must persuade him to keep them for same sex weddings’ sake. You are cordially invited to the Hotel Cairo, where everyone’s love story is welcome…

The Hotel Cairo is an aging but still enchanting hotel that its majority shareholder recently axed 60-year-old soap actor Hughie Roman plans to sell to the highest bidder to get back his Hollywood dream. Not if Fabian Flores, the hotel’s 44-year-old manager, can stop him by winning him over with love. Love is Welcome at the Hotel Cairo, that is, an invitation to same-sex couples to wed in its magical setting in a conservative state which, in the past, denied them as petty as a wedding cake.

Unlike the lovers that the Hotel Cairo woos, Hughie and Fabian don’t welcome love because of secrets from the past and fears about the future. They’ll fight their developing feelings tooth and nail even while others try to get between them, like Fabian’s fiancee, the hotel lawyer, James, Hughie’s TV nephew, Herbie, and co-owner, Xenia, who has her own plans for her deceased ex-husband’s legacy. Fortunately, a heavenly male escort named Hunky Hector lends his voice of reason in their bedlam.

Are you looking for big, flawed LGBTQ+ characters with heart & wit in an unputdownable story with infinite humor & hope? Love’s Not Welcome at the Hotel Cairo is a romantic comedy novel about embracing love no matter how old you get or how jaded you become. Told through the eyes of a desperate, newly divorced Hughie and an equally determined but altruistic Fabian, not even a wedding cake will be safe from their explosive courtship.

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Pacific Pursuit, by Leigh Jarrett

Peter has a secret. One he has kept under wraps since he was a teenager. One he kept from his wife for 37 years. It’s only after his wife passes away that Peter decides to explore the secret of his sexuality. After a misunderstanding, a young man who is a friend of his son and someone he knows through his real estate business ends up on his doorstep while at a conference in Vegas.

Danny has no intention of ever being in a long-term relationship again. He was burned badly by his last one. He has his work as a high-end real estate agent to keep him occupied. The money pours in and he always thought that would be enough to fulfill him. Then he knocks on the door of someone who was supposed to be an anonymous one-night fling.

With a 27-year age difference, the chance meeting leads them both down a path they never would have expected.

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The Billionaire Alpha’s Fake Mate, by Ava Beringer

My mom has cancer. What happens when I accept one date with my billionaire nemesis to get the money?

Trevor is a billionaire leopard shifter who’s always done whatever-and whoever- he wanted. Now, he wants to start over as a mature, grown-up businessman, and the first step to that is to start giving back to the community. Only, the director of the charity he believes in doesn’t believe in him. In order to make himself look more appealing, he’ll bring along a date. A very reluctant one.

Byron is an omega giraffe shifter who knows exactly who his fated mate is, and that’s why he avoids the man like the plague. Trevor is a playboy and thinks his jokes are funny, even when they’re at someone else’s expense, especially Byron. They were at each other’s throats in college, and haven’t seen each other for years. Now, Byron’s faced with the care of his life when his mother is diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer that needs surgery that he can’t afford. When His fated mate pops up out of the blue, asking his for a fake date, Byron grabs the opportunity. When the two of them see each other again, sparks fly.

Will Byron’s mom get the surgery she so desperately needs? Will Trevor and Byron get past their hatred for one another? Will they finally fall into each other’s arms and get their happily ever after, complete with baby?

Anyta Sunday is excited to announce there are brand NEW covers for the Signs of Love series !!! These are the same Signs you love with a fabulous new look from Natasha Snow.

Light-hearted, feel-good romances that will leave you with warm and fuzzy feelings! A perfect beach read for the summer, or a cozy read in front of the fireplace for the winter.

The books in the Signs of Love series are standalone romances, and can be read in any order.
LEO LOVES ARIES (bi-awakening, friends to lovers, clueless as fuck)
SCORPIO HATES VIRGO (boy next door, fake-enemies to lovers, mistaken identity)
GEMINI KEEPS CAPRICORN (fake fiancés, friends to lovers, off-limits lover)
PISCES HOOKS TAURUS (marriage of convenience, opposites attract, age-gap)
CANCER SHIPS AQUARIUS (manny, widower, opposites attract)
SAGITTARIUS SAVES LIBRA (fake identity, twin shenanigans, small town)

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