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Cicadas: A Totally Ordinary Epic Love Story, by Avery Cockburn

What if you had a second chance at a second chance?

One day in 1987

Budding scientist Joel and cowboy-quarterback Danny meet amid the arrival of seventeen-year cicadas. Like the loud, lusty insects, the boys bond through song, reveling in the heat and hope of early summer—until fate tears them apart.

One night in 2004

During the next wave of cicadas, Joel and Dan find their connection stronger than ever. Boyhood fascination becomes an irresistible (and inconvenient!) passion, one that will unite and divide them for another seventeen years.

One love to last a lifetime

At the dawn of 2021, Joel and Daniel reach out, and in a heartbeat, the years and miles between them fall away. But to make their next reunion last forever, they must face their troubled pasts and embrace their boundless future.

Cicadas is a uniquely American, ridiculously romantic tale about memory, nostalgia, and the courage to dance into an untold tomorrow.

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Beloved by the Boss, by Leighton Greene

All Finch wants to do is settle down and enjoy life with his husband. Sure, Luca might be a mafia Don, but that’s all part of his charm. As long as they both make it back in time for date night each week, Finch is happy.

That is, until bad news from his sister knocks Finch sideways – shaking him hard enough to directly disobey Luca’s orders to stay away from Boston.

Luca always wanted to be the Boss, but it’s nothing like he imagined. The Family has been decimated; he’s holding on to power by a thread; and he’s starting to think there’s a rat in the ranks. So when Finch’s life is put in danger once again, Luca vows to make some changes…and he starts with getting out of New York City.

Finch isn’t thrilled about leaving the greatest city on earth, but Vegas sounds fun enough to try. With Luca starting to relax, and the guaranteed protections of a connected friend in Sin City, it’s like a second honeymoon. And this one is much more fun than the first…

Until an assassin takes a shot at them.

Furious, Luca returns to New York intending to eliminate every single one of their enemies. Then – at last – Finch will be safe.

But with a mole spilling secrets and shadows from the past creeping up behind Finch, can they ever truly be safe?

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Provoking the Punter, by TJ Nichols

For these polar opposites, the most interesting plays happen off the field

Garrett Stevens is done with scandal. The drinking, the hookups…he’s over it all. It’s time to grow up and focus on his pro football career. The last thing he needs is a new romance. So why can’t he keep his mind (or hands) off the sexy bar owner who makes him question everything he thought he ever wanted in life?

Chester Monroe is too busy working day and night, making his business a success, to worry about finding love. Even if he was looking for a relationship, it wouldn’t be with someone famous. Which meant getting involved with Garrett was definitely a mistake. The easiest one Chester ever made…

When all is said and done, will the memories of the past—and the secrets of the present—destroy Garrett and Chester’s shot at happily ever after?

There’s only one way to find out…

Provoking the Punter, a spicy, standalone, M/M contemporary sports romance in the Austin Troopers series. Download today and get ready to fall for Garrett and Chester.

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Husky Love, by Gabbi Grey

I may be young, but I’ve done a hell of a lot of growing up in the past year. I watched my big brother deal with the challenges of loving someone, went through some medical stuff myself, and changed my career plans and ultimately, my city. Gaynor Beach is smaller than where I was, but it has two attractions—my brother’s big new house, where he’s letting me live for now, and Rob Dunn. When I met Rob, just, damn. Like my brother, I wanted to help that sweet, stubborn guy and his cute kids get back on their feet. Maybe the rescue husky wasn’t the right gesture, despite Rob’s connection to her, but a dog is love on four paws, and I plan to be there to help all the way.

I fled my abusive husband with my two kids and the clothes on our backs. I’m grateful every day for the support the Gaynor Beach folks have given us…okay, I’m not sure I’m precisely grateful for the rambunctious young husky Danny Reynolds gave us, but Trouble makes my kids smile, and that’s a big win in my eyes. I’m determined to get back on my feet. I hate relying on other people to help us, but somehow it doesn’t bother me as much when it comes from Danny. It’s nice to have a real friend after all those isolated years, but do I want to keep him in the friend zone?

This slow-burn small-town gay romance novel is about fresh starts, accepting help, two sweet kids, and an adorable husky named Trouble.

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Hammering Hearts, by Alex Danvers

It’s been years since Jake Rasmussen and the Pine Point Fixer Uppers crew worked a job together. What used to be a successful project now brings in little more than coffee money. Years of drifting apart, moving away, and at least one messy breakup split them all apart. It would have taken a literal miracle to get them all back together in the same room…or a juicy offer to host their own home renovation show.

Quinn Benson has a house full of grief. After his grandfather passes away, he inherits the property where he grew up, along with his grandpa’s overwhelming hoard. When he stumbles into a call from a new show, looking to fix up people’s houses, he seizes the opportunity. It’s only when the crew shows up and they dive head-first into the problem that reality slams down onto him. Sorting through a lifetime of memories is one thing. Doing it with a hunky, blond carpenter over his shoulder is more than he bargained for.

Jake isn’t a permanent fixture. The show will whisk him off to another city in a few meager weeks. Quinn’s not ready to open himself up to a relationship with an obvious expiration date. Yet each time they try to keep a reasonable distance, they crash back into each other. Jake is light and goofy and always ready to lend an ear. Quinn is stark and serious, and just like fixing up a house, Jake can’t resist trying to dive in and help. As they tear open the walls and expose everything, they’re either going to find something sturdy, or see that there’s too much rot to build anything.

PREORDER, Releasing July 11

The Princess, by EM Denning

Taylor Bennett wants his brother’s best friends.

Taylor is the youngest of three kids. He’s a cook at the family diner, a plant dad, a devoted son, and irrevocably in love with his brother’s best friend. Both of his brothers’ best friends, actually. But they’re in a relationship with each other, one that’s supposed to be a secret. So even if they were into him, they’re already together and three’s a crowd.

Damon Acosta is a pharmacist, an extrovert, an honorary member of the Bennett family, and best friend to Jonah Bennett. He’s also maybe a little in love with Taylor, the youngest Bennett Brother. Damon has always thought Taylor was good looking, but when he started wearing pretty sweaters and shiny lip gloss, Damon’s attraction went through the roof. There’s only one problem. Damon is in a relationship with Nash, Colby Bennett’s best friend.

Nash Weaver is a writer, a hermit apartment dweller, weekly begrudging gym-goer, and in love with Damon Acosta. Maybe also a bit in love with Taylor. He and Damon have always been willing to open their relationship for the right person. When it’s clear that Damon is head over heels for Taylor, Nash gives them his blessing. Only it’s not long before he finds out that Taylor is also into him.

Taylor knows how important Nash and Damon are to his brothers and to each other. He’s a fool for being willing to risk it all at his own shot at happiness, but Taylor has never let a little foolishness get in his way.

Breakfast at Bennett’s is a four book series consisting of The Virgin, The Jock, The Princess, and The Outcast. It is best enjoyed if read in order.

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The Last Dance, by J. Mackenzie

Achilles has had a long and celebrated career as a professional ballet dancer, and when his final role—as the lead in Romeo and Juliet—brings him back to New York for the first time in ten years, he expects to spend his time reconnecting with his former mentor and figuring out what he’s doing with the rest of his life. What he doesn’t expect is to see Patroclus again.

Patroclus is thriving, a well-respected stage manager for one of the city’s premier ballet companies, secure and confident, and absolutely not still hung up on Achilles after a decade apart. Suddenly, a job that Achilles thought was going to be the perfect way to bow out becomes a constant reminder of the person he used to be and all the ways he hurt the people around him.

Can Achilles survive a month of seeing Patroclus every day and being consummately ignored? Or will he finally have to face the ghosts of his past and right the wrongs he thought he’d left behind?

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Silent Partner, by Morgan Brice

A psychic moose shifter. A handsome guy who is psychically silent. The chance for a fresh start, and a threat from the past that might get in the way.

Brandon Davis is a psychic and a moose shifter. He makes his living as a wilderness guide in Fox Hollow, NY—a town that is a haven for misfit shifters and psychics. Brandon has a profitable business, a found family of close friends, and a cozy cabin in the woods. Life is good, but he wishes he could find a special someone to share it with. Then he picks up the unmistakable scent of his fated mate–a handsome man who isn’t a shifter of any kind and whose thoughts he can’t read. The chemistry is undeniable, but can he fall for a silent partner?

Riley Henderson escaped a bad relationship with an ex-boyfriend he suspects is a psi-vamp. He left town and got a scholarship to the Fox Institute to explore his rare ability—his thoughts are mostly closed to being read by psychics. Getting away from his ex was worth being studied for his unusual silence as a “nil” or an “immune.” Especially since the situation comes with a stipend, an apartment, and a regular gig as a musician at one of the local hotels. Riley intends to go boy-sober until he meets a tall, dark-haired stranger with whom he has a sudden, intense connection. When he realizes Brandon is both a psychic and a shifter, Riley needs to figure out how they can overcome those differences to be together. And in the back of his mind, Riley worries—what if his ex shows up to ruin everything?

Silent Partner is a MM shifter romance filled with found family, a snarky moose, a soulful musician, sexy shifters, small town winter fun, fated mates, helpful psychics, lots of snow and a very happy ending.

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Warwick, by Taylor Rylan

Can a sweet omega and a grumpy hellhound possibly be perfect for one another? Will Warwick’s overly protective nature be too much for Cecil or be exactly what he needs?

Warwick Ashwood is by far the largest of the hellhounds in his pack, in both human and beast form. That, coupled with his less-than-inviting nature, has most people avoiding him if at all possible. His beast has started acting up, and he’s not sure if it’s because he feels disconnected or the fact that his beast seems preoccupied with the omega clinic. When forced to take a week off, Warwick unexpectedly discovers a dirty coven.

Cecil Medved is from an incredibly powerful and ancient line. As the great-grandson of the created polar bear, you would expect his life to have been happy and ideal. That couldn’t be further from the truth though, and Cecil has done everything he can to work through the years of abuse his parents put him through. But perhaps his mistake had been not letting the created polar bear know.

Warwick and Cecil couldn’t be more opposite from one another. But fate has decided they are a team, and they’re going to do their best to figure out how to mesh their lives together. But with a new looming threat from Europe and surprises closer to home, can they make things work despite unexpected changes in their relationship?

Warwick is Book Thirteen in the Paranormal Council Enforcers series. Each book in this series will focus on a different couple, but these books are not standalones and should be read in order as there is an ongoing backstory that won’t be resolved quickly. This is a fated mate story in an MPreg world, and there will be at least one baby in this story. You should expect all the normal shenanigans, heats, biting, and remember that sometimes even fated mates need a little help.

PREORDER, Releasing August 24

Secrets & Sake, by CJ Ravenna

He’s a yakuza with secrets. I’m the reporter determined to bring them to light.

When people start going missing, I sense a story that could make my whole career. I even have the perfect suspect: Raiden Noboru, enforcer for the most powerful yakuza organization in Japan.

The plan is simple: go undercover as “Hiro” the photographer, cozy up to Raiden, and discover all he knows about the disappearances.

Problem is? Raiden isn’t the monster I thought he was. The beast beneath his skin is fiercely protective of what’s his, but he worships my body and soul, showing me a tender side of himself he hides from the rest of the world.

But I’ve got a story to tell. All I have to do… is betray the man I’m falling for.

I stopped believing in fated mates long ago. Love only ends in heartbreak.

Ever since I was a boy, my only purpose has been to serve the Namikawa-kai.

Until him. The minute I see Hiro smile like a sunbeam and catch his cherry blossom scent, I’ve got to have him. What I thought would be a casual fling becomes so much more. Hiro is mine. Mine to care for, mine to protect. No one else can have him.

Before I realize it, I’m beginning to dream of a life outside the yakuza, a life with Hiro. Too bad that’s all it’ll ever be. A dream. I’ll never make someone as innocent as Hiro happy. I’m a criminal, and I’m no good for him…

…But I can’t stay away from him.

Secrets & Sake is book 1 in A Paranormal Yakuza Duet. It features insta-love, fated mates and wolf shifters, a sunshine undercover reporter and the grumpy yakuza soft only for him, loads of possessive touch-him-and-die vibes, plenty of searingly hot spice, and a Happy-For-Now conclusion.

Kindle Unlimited

Enzo’s Embrace, by Jaclyn Quinn

Enzo Russo
I never thought after spending a week in Coral Pointe with my cousin, helping at his friends’ wedding, that I’d be back in this small town. Life in Sacramento is already lonely, but when my mom finds out my secret and uses it to hurt me in the worst way, all I want is to be where acceptance and love are as vast and dependable as the horizon. The place where the most beautiful hazel eyes I’ve ever seen are only a town away. Evian, the gorgeous, funny, suit designer from Barrett’s Port, has unexpectedly weaved his way into my life. The question is, can he mend this gaping wound in my heart, or will one pull on the wrong thread unravel my life completely?

Evian Skye
Young and gullible. That’s what I’d convinced myself I was after finding out what my much older ex-boyfriend was really doing behind my back. It took years for me to stop blaming the hearts in my eyes for obstructing my ability to see the snake he really is. Only a cold-hearted person would do that to me, knowing the heartbreak I was already facing. So when Enzo, a gorgeous out-of-towner, stops in my shop for a suit, I push aside any attraction for him, as I’d done with every man over the last few years. There’s no harm in being his friend, though, right? The problem is, there’s a sadness in his brown eyes I just can’t seem to forget. I’m not ready to level up our friendship to something as dangerous as love. So why can’t I stop dreaming about Enzo’s embrace?

We’re going back to Coral Pointe in this Shore Thing spinoff!


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