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Fool Me Twice, by A. M. Rose

“Be a calm wave in the ocean of chaos.”
Hart, perhaps, took that quote a bit too much to heart. In the midst of drama and the constant restlessness of his family, he chose to present himself as unwavering. Poised. Controlled. Even when inside, he’s anything but. There are layers to him underneath the perfection. Layers he’s desperately craving for someone to peel away.
It’s just his luck that the only person who knows how to do that lives his life in shades of gray. Morally gray.

Cane punches first. Period. What question would he even need to ask?
Only, it seems like his tried-and-true method isn’t working so well for him anymore. With an empire to run in the underbelly of Slatehollow, the last thing he needs is a curse placed on his head and drawing attention to the details of his…business ventures.
But when it starts to do more than just that, he knows there is only one person he can call. Hart. And with Hart, inevitably, comes a realization. Cane wants so much more than cursebreaking from him.

Will Hart let him have it? Or will the curse destroy them both first?

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Marrying Mr. Majestic, by Lucy Lennox

I’ve made myself into many things over the years. A Yale graduate. A brilliant corporate strategist. A city boy. And, though no one outside my inner circle knows it, a billionaire.

One thing I never expected to be? Accidentally married to a straight, small-town cowboy named Waylon, the pride and joy of… *checks notes*… Majestic, Wyoming.

Sadly, what happens in Vegas does not, in fact, stay in Vegas, and before I know it, I’m trying to track my erstwhile husband down, divorce papers in hand and thrift store clothes on my back, desperately hoping the stranger I married won’t realize he’s suddenly entitled to a lot more than that shiny gold ring on his finger.

Unfortunately, Way has other plans.

His town is counting on him as mayor to bring the lucrative AdventureSmash wilderness race to Majestic, and he refuses to sign my papers until the deal is done… which means me and my second-hand blue jeans will be hanging around a lot longer than I’d imagined, pretending our one-night whatever-it-was was a love match for the ages.

As it turns out, Majestic is more charming than I’d expected, and Way… is not entirely without charms himself. It also turns out he’s, ahem, not as straight as he thought he was.

Before I know it, dusty boots feel more comfortable than my shiny wingtips, coffee at the Love Muffin tastes better than Starbucks, and being the First Husband of Majestic starts to seem as important as any corporate merger I’ve ever negotiated.

But for a man with secrets to keep and a whole life waiting for him back in Manhattan, the only thing worse than Marrying Mr. Majestic… would be falling in love with him for real.

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Peaches & Cream, by A.D. Ellis

Peaches & Cream is a steamy, age-gap, friends-to-lovers M/M romance between a jack-of-all-trades and his dad’s best friend.

Hudson’s past left him with some baggage, but he’s happy in the small town of Haven Grove with his family and a variety of jobs to keep him busy. Not willing to touch a relationship with a ten-foot pole, Hudson sticks to quick, easy hookups.

Lance left his hometown eight years ago to take care of unavoidable responsibilities. He’s back home now and he knows himself a lot better than when he left. Hookups aren’t really his thing, but sometimes a guy has to do what he has to do.

Hudson and Lance have a long history together. Can they overcome the messy obstacles and look forward to a long future together as well? Or will they be forced to give up on the unexpected spark smoldering between them and stick with being just friends?

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On Thin Ice, by Denver Shaw

As captain of the LA Grizzlies, Ryan ‘Ry’ Bennett’s life is all about hockey and pushing himself to the limit. A future in the major leagues would fulfill his life-long dream, but at 32, it seems like a far-off goal, especially as he watches younger, more promising players earn their chance.

Then he skates into Ry’s life.

Twenty-two year-old Alexander ‘Xander’ Harrison, a ray of sunshine, turns Ry’s world upside down. From their first clash at training camp to the late-night conversations that reveal the man beneath the surface, Ry finds himself drawn to Xander in ways he can’t explain. Xander’s everything Ry’s not – carefree, optimistic, and unapologetically himself.

Ry never thought he’d find love, especially with a man. But Xander shows him that love doesn’t care about expectations or pasts.

It just is.

When a league shake-up threatens to tear them apart, Ry knows he can’t let go without a fight. Because in the end, love isn’t about the games we play. It’s about the person we choose to stand with, no matter what.

What to expect: dual first person pov, slow burn, age gap, double queer awakening, first times, grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract, demi rep, and a guaranteed HEA.

The Games We Play is a multi-author minor league hockey romance series! All titles run concurrently through the same hockey season and the books can be read in any order, so jump in anywhere!

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Echo, by Willow Thomas

Falling in love with a rival MC member wasn’t on my to-do list.


The Fallen Gargoyles are everything to me. Kenny took me in when I was at my lowest. It’s thanks to him I’m alive, making something of myself by going to community college. These people are my family.

When I’m not in class, losing myself in a book, or working construction, I’m doing my club duties as an enforcer.

I have zero time for a relationship. Even one with the gorgeous chatty guy who sits next to me in class.

I vow to not get close to him and drag him into my world.

But when I see him being kidnapped, it looks like the choice is taken out of my hands.

Growing up in a motorcycle club is all I’ve ever known and I hate it. My dad is the president of a one percent club which tells you everything about the kind of life he leads.

I don’t want it.

I want to get my degree and leave Oregon behind me. Until that happens I will look for bright spots wherever I can. Like the super hot guy in my Lit class.

Lessons are spent with me talking at him and with every grunt he graces me, I fall for him a little bit more.

When he saves me from a few of my dad’s enemies, I worry I’ve scared him off.

And then I find out who he really is.

Echo is book two in the contemporary motorcycle club series, Fallen Gargoyles. This is a low angst, steamy, humor filled book, with mentions of illegal activities and parental neglect.

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Grabbing My Slyce!, by Dann Hazel

How can you find your own slice of love when all the other business of life gets in your way?

Frank Slyce is an independent, well-educated and self-reliant gay man with a huge creative streak.

Now, at thirty-two, he feels thrown off-kilter by a career crisis and a proverbial “urge to merge.”

The career issue he can handle. But how does a man like Frank find love when he relates best to people older than he is?

Enter David Hawkins, a Unitarian minister who, while the same age as Frank, is an “old soul.” At first, they hit it off. But in their steamy pursuit of a relationship, they discover that they just don’t quite seem right as a couple.

Then, Frank seeks a business loan to open Slyce! Pies and Pasta. The hot, charming banker who approves the loan, Nicolas Beaumont, is eleven years older than Frank.

Both men feel the spark of attraction.

But something happens to make Nicolas retreat into silence at a time when Frank, for the first time in his life, feels head over heels in love.

PREORDER, Releasing September 30

Rule Breaker, by Ava Olsen

Maddox Rocher: Hockey is the only thing I care about. College? Hell no. And the last thing I need is Kayden, a golden retriever teammate who thinks I’m gonna drop my surly attitude and become his BFF. I know from painful experience to never to let my guard down and the only rule I follow is my own. But unlike everyone else, Kayden doesn’t sprint away from me. Instead, he’s skating too close. And we’re set to collide.

Kayden Melnyk: I love college. My hockey team, the parties, the people. Classes, not so much. Especially when I get paired with Maddox, a goalie who offers nothing but snarky comments and snide looks. He’s brilliant and beautiful, and I’m the jock on an athletic scholarship. He hates me but so what? We’re stuck together at away games. His anger sparks a reckless want I’ve never felt before. And I always follow the rules. So why does Maddox make me want to break every one?

Rule Breaker is a double queer awakening, grumpy/sunshine, hurt/comfort, college hockey MM romance. Expect broken boys, bruised hearts, and an HEA neither saw coming. Themes of mental health, learning disorder, and first times.

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Closing Time, by Maia Kinley

Eli Preston and Xaden Pierce have been working together for a year and still haven’t figured out how to get along.

Eli, a financially struggling Computer Science scholar, has always been unimpressed by Xaden—the happy-go-lucky and flirty football scholar who seems to have everything. Working together is a nightmare, considering they argue every waking second What makes it even more difficult is the fact that Eli’s not actually unimpressed, and that he’s been crushing on Xaden since the day they met.

Xaden has never quite understood why Eli wants nothing to do with him. He’s always thought they could have a wonderful friendship—and more than that, if given the chance.

Closing Time is an MM Contemporary Romance Novella between two part-time baristas who are complete opposites and completely into each other.

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Feral, by Mia Monroe

He’s danger and desire wrapped up in one person. I’m not into guys, but I can’t stay away.

I came to New Onyx seeking opportunity and experiences, trading in my small town existence for a big city one. I never expected to stumble upon a place like Lair, a nightclub that captures all of life’s hedonistic pleasures. Working there is…interesting, and I’m learning that there’s so much more to the world than I ever knew.

Meeting Hale, the charismatic, alluring man with a wild streak, leads me down a path of self-discovery, desire, and a hint of danger I never thought possible. I’ve never had feelings for a man before, but there’s something undeniable about the stoic man. He’s possessive and overbearing, but somehow, those qualities intrigue me.

When faced with a problem that threatens all that I hold dear, it’s Hale I lean on to get me through it. He helps unleash a side of me I didn’t know existed, leading me down a path of discovery that turns my life on its head. With Hale by my side, things are about to get Feral.

Feral is book one in Wicked Nights at Lair, an Immortal Assassins spin-off series. You can expect a hunky farm boy with a heart of gold in the big city, a wounded vampire doing his best to be civilized, a city full of bad guys who need to learn a lesson, a steamy nightclub setting with a touch of k*nk, fated mates, bisexual awakening, family ties, cameo appearances, tons of heat, and two men embracing their feral sides.

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