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Limitless Love: A Polyamorous Charity Anthology

Love can be defined as “a quality or feeling of strong or constant affection for and dedication to another.”

They say “love wins,” for that to be true, we must embrace all types, especially those that have been otherwise underrepresented.

Ten authors have come together to make a difference by showcasing love in all its forms is limitless.

Limitless Love is an anthology full of different polyamorous stories with proceeds going to charity in order to showcase that if you fight for the life and relationships you believe in, then love truly does win.

Featuring stories from:
Sage Abbott, Aurora Crane, Colette Davison, Abrianna Denae, E.M. Denning, Elouise East, MJ Green, J.L. Gribble, Leigh Kenzie, Michele Notaro

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Summer Kisses, by Charlie Novak

Two chefs. Two summers. One shot at a second chance.

Aaron’s Plan
1. Get a better job
2. Learn more skills
3. Get money for restaurant
4. Don’t fall in love with Josh

1. Finesse menu
2. Stop being angry at Josh
3. Swear less (Ben’s idea)
4. Stop wanting to kiss Josh
5. Get Michelin stars
6. Stop being in love with Josh

Josh’s Plan
1. Start new job
2. Try not to burn out
3. Don’t fall in love with Aaron
4. Seriously. Don’t. It will only end badly…

1. Survive the summer
2. Get a new job?
3. Don’t get involved with Aaron again
4. Don’t think about kissing him
5. Don’t think about his smile
6. Don’t think about how much you still love him

Summer Kisses is a 78,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring two chefs with a complicated history, clashing egos, cheese toasties, and two summers that will change everything. It is part of the Kiss Me series and can be read as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Feral, by Mia Monroe

He’s danger and desire wrapped up in one person. I’m not into guys, but I can’t stay away.

I came to New Onyx seeking opportunity and experiences, trading in my small town existence for a big city one. I never expected to stumble upon a place like Lair, a nightclub that captures all of life’s hedonistic pleasures. Working there is…interesting, and I’m learning that there’s so much more to the world than I ever knew.

Meeting Hale, the charismatic, alluring man with a wild streak, leads me down a path of self-discovery, desire, and a hint of danger I never thought possible. I’ve never had feelings for a man before, but there’s something undeniable about the stoic man. He’s possessive and overbearing, but somehow, those qualities intrigue me.

When faced with a problem that threatens all that I hold dear, it’s Hale I lean on to get me through it. He helps unleash a side of me I didn’t know existed, leading me down a path of discovery that turns my life on its head. With Hale by my side, things are about to get Feral.

Feral is book one in Wicked Nights at Lair, an Immortal Assassins spin-off series. You can expect a hunky farm boy with a heart of gold in the big city, a wounded vampire doing his best to be civilized, a city full of bad guys who need to learn a lesson, a steamy nightclub setting with a touch of k*nk, fated mates, bisexual awakening, family ties, cameo appearances, tons of heat, and two men embracing their feral sides.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Not So Straight Up, by J.E. Joyce

Welcome to Rapids Bay Minnesota, where the Viking blood runs strong, secrets don’t last long, and the best place to kick back is The Spirit of Hops Brewstillery. Half brewery, half distillery, all hometown watering hole goodness fit for the Gods.

Life’s too short. Cliché? Yes, but some things are universal truths regardless of how many pumpkin spice-toting basic white girls paint said truths on barn wood and hang them in their kitchens. That basic truth has been my motto for most of my life and has rarely steered me wrong. It may have also steered me into some interesting shenanigans and awkward situations, but those just make for the best stories. As the bar manager for Spirit of Hops Brewstillery in my hometown, those stories have always given me something to chat about with customers. But when the new brewer and his little girl show up, those stories seem just a prologue to the newest adventure I hear calling my name. Life’s too short, why not seize the day and see what comes, right?

If there is one thing I have learned in these last six years watching my little girl grow up, it’s that a year is both somehow forever and gone in an instant. Life is too short, and that’s not something to be taken lightly. Moving to Rapids Bay, MN to take over as a brewer for Spirit of Hops was the right move for us. I needed a fresh start, my daughter needed a chance to grow up without ghosts of the past, and we both needed a change in scenery. Georgie and Work, that’s my world and in that order. But life doesn’t like the best-laid plans and when opportunity literally comes crashing into you, you have to take a chance, right?

Not So Straight Up is a full-length MM workplace, single dad, bi-awakening romance. It is book 2 in the Spirit of Hops Brewstillery series but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Rhuyin, by Mellanie Rourke

Rhuyin is a Soma, a shapeshifter created by the gods with one purpose: find his Mageian partner and Bond with them to protect them with his life. The problem is, no Mageian wants to bond with a Soma with a disability: Rhuyin is mostly deaf. He struggles with self-doubt in a society that expects perfection from its Somas. After being forced to remain on the sidelines while others search for their matches, he joins Omada, a suicide squad of Somas who have given up hope of finding their mates. He just can’t shake the face of the man with eyes like the deep blue sea and the heart of a warrior. When fate draws them back together, Rhuyin begins to think hope may not be lost after all.

Luke was born Lucien Alexus, Prince of Alexandria, but when his Mageian powers manifested he was disinherited and condemned to a life of slavery in the country’s infamous Legion. He, along with a contingent of Alexandria Mageians, has escaped to the country of Illyria, where they hope to build new lives in a free society. But Luke is struggling with the burdens of leadership: so many people look to him to help save them, protect them, lead them, and the Somas all look to him with the desperate hope that he will somehow solve the massive imbalance of Soma to Mageia ratio. The pressure is overwhelming. How can he save them when he can’t even save himself?

Then a young Soma who sparkling green eyes walks into his life…and into his heart. Together they can either save the Legionnaires enslaved in Alexandria…or doom them all.

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Fated to the Dragon Prince, by Silvana Falcon

“What if it wasn’t the shifters who have to hide, but the humans?”

In Dariel’s world, the paranormals rule supreme. He’s one of the last non-magical humans still alive, a mortal, and the life of a mortal consists mostly of trying not to be found out.

Dariel’s good at staying hidden, until his eyes meet Prince Curren’s, and he’s caught. There’s something about the dragon prince that doesn’t let him go, a desire that follows him into his dreams. Every night—until the dragon takes him back to his castle to claim him.

Dariel doesn’t want to be a dragon’s fated mate. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with dragons at all. They’re the reason his people have to suffer, after all.

He can’t go back to his community either, though. If he tried, he knows he’d lead the prince right to their hiding place, revealing their existence. It’s not a risk he can take.

He has to remain by the dragon’s side, share his room… and his bed.

PREORDER, Releasing June 17

Wiseguy, by Rain Carrington

Marius Monarco has been in a mafia family his entire life. Raised in it, he’s known nothing else. When he is brought to Montana by the head of the Carrillos, he is a fish out of water.

Then he meets two men who will change his life. They open the world to him, showing him that the streets of his youth aren’t the only wild and dangerous place for him.

The land stretches out around him, hiding secrets and lies. As he falls in love, he’s torn between his new, soft life as a partner and his need to protect those men, using everything in his arsenal to do so.

In a cat and mouse situation, Marius is determined to turn the tables and become the cat in the scenario, unwilling to let anything happen to the two men who have stolen his heart.

Come along for the new ride of a lifetime. The prairie is not prepared for this wiseguy!

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

The Beast’s Beauty, by R. Phoenix

“No one will ever look past these scars.”

Once a popular singer, Griffin lost everything to a fire. Society cast him aside when it became clear he was no longer handsome. Sure that no one will ever see beyond the scars that have ruined half of his body, he turns to desperate measures to find companionship.

“How can I do anything but surrender?”

Kidnapped because of his looks, Ryder is delivered to Griffin to become anything his master wants him to be. He is repeatedly forced to choose between humiliation and worse. Each time he obeys Griffin, a piece of him breaks away. Can he truly refuse when every option is worse than the next?

In this psychological drama, two men struggle with their definitions of what society labels beauty as opposed to a beast… and they learn that the true definition of beauty might not be as clear as they’d thought.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Forever Always, by Jacey Davis

For as long as I can remember, it’s been Riley and me against the world.

I knew Riley was mine to take care of and protect from the minute my dad introduced me to him and his mom as my new family.

For a while everything was perfect. And then that all changed.

Protecting Riley became more important than ever. I was the only thing between him and the wrath of Dad. I was the only person keeping a roof over his head and food in his belly.

I was the most important person in the world to him. And he was mine.

Nothing would ever change that.

We’re grown now, but still, I’d do anything for Riley. I’d gladly get my hands dirty to keep his clean. There wasn’t a line I wouldn’t cross for him. Even lines so forbidden I had no idea how he’d react if he ever found out. But it didn’t matter because it was Riley and me against everyone.




Billionaire Daddy, by B. T. Wolfe

A youthful LA nightclub owner with the sexy good looks you’d see on the cover of a hot male health magazine thinks all billionaires are the same – Jackasses!

He never anticipated his world turning upside down for one.

An older man with rugged good looks, salt and pepper hair and is a regular customer at the nightclub who’s also becoming the billionaire Alex despises the most.

The sexy billionaire’s arrogance are palpable and his demands relentless. Alex had no idea that Derek’s displays of power were all part of a plan.

Imagine falling for the one person you hate the most.

Kindle Unlimited

Will, by Kerry Kilpatrick

What could go right with a social worker Daddy and an injured boy?

As a social worker on Almstead Island, I’ve come to understand the hidden battles people face. But seeing Beckett injured shook me. Behind his tough exterior, there’s a vulnerability that tugs at my heartstrings. I want to be his daddy, not just to fulfill a fantasy, but to provide the comfort and security he so desperately needs.

The injury didn’t just hurt my body; it exposed the emotional bruises my family has inflicted on me since childhood. Their constant criticisms and jokes have worn me down even more than my job as a cop in our small town. Will’s kindness and understanding offer a reprieve from the suffocating weight of their judgment. I want to be his boy for longer than a fling.

Beckett needs to drop his guard and Will needs to find the line between nurturing and smothering. Both of these men want what the other is offering, but they’ll have to get out of their own way to make it happen.

This is Book One of the Almstead Island: Newcomer’s Club. The series is interconnecting, but each story can be read as a standalone. This novel involves a Daddy/boy dynamic, but no age play.


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