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His Rival, by Holly Myers

Can our bitter rivalry end in love?

This is an Enemies to lovers, Rivals, One night to forever, Teammates, Football Romance. It is sweet and totally steamy with all the feels and always a Happy Ever After. It is a Standalone Romance in the Football Romance Series.

I am a newly out football star and I got into a heated altercation with an opposition player in our last game. Things got very physical on the field and I will never forget that fight I got into with my rival.

When a new player joins my team, the last person I expects it to be is Ethan Robinson, my rival, who I fought with in the last game.

I am not happy about this and I make my displeasure with the newcomer very clear. I refuse to be amicable with this guy. I absolutely hate him.

So why do I find him so goddamn sexy?

And what will ever come of this if I take things further?


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Crown of Aster, by Emmaline Strange

Only desperation could drive Nathaniel so deep into the cursed forest. He simply has to feed his starving family.

Of all the dangers lurking in the trees, the last he expects is a handsome faun intent on seducing him.

Adair swore he’d never love another human, but then he catches Nathaniel’s scent in his forest. It’s sweet. It’s wild. It’s irresistible.

With Adair beside him, Nathaniel learns that the trees he’s lived beside his entire life are full of secrets, magic—and, yes, danger. A dark new presence threatens the fae folk and the humans alike, turning Adair and the rest of the fae feral and violent.

For Adair and Nathaniel to protect their shared world, they must discover who is behind this force of wild magic before Adair and his kin are too far gone to save.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Twenty Questions, by Hope Irving

One unexpected kiss. Two wounded men. Twenty unanswered questions… but only one matters.

When I went on vacation with my boyfriend Alex, I never expected to end up with another man’s lips on mine. My savior, fashion photographer Nino Toussaint, only intended to bring me back to life after a surfing accident nearly ended me. Still, his lips spark a connection that turns my safe world upside down by offering a lifelong friendship worth keeping, even long distance.

Bogged down in a slowly suffocating relationship that oversteps my boundaries, I turn to my new friend as a breather. Doubting Nino will accept me as I am, my overthinking head turns to my favorite game, Twenty Questions, until he raises more life-altering questions.

As life unravels, ghosts from the past continue waking me up at night and haunting me during the daytime. I’m willing to risk everything for a positive answer to this lingering question…
Can Nino be the answer I am truly seeking?

Twenty Questions is book 1 in the Foolish Games Series (M/M – Gay Contemporary Romance).
Twenty Questions features a wary cinnamon roll with spicy kinks and a French Caribbean fashion photographer with trust issues, but these two are so sweet and hot together that they’ll melt your heart. No cheating. No cliffhanger. And a guaranteed happy ending… It’s a romance after all!

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Some Place Like Home, by Gin Vane

Three weeks of playing taxi shouldn’ t have him tied up in knots…

Everett says he owes him for his help at Foxland, but Carver has long been comfortable in the shadow of his unknown past. He doesn’ t need the former detective to search through his life for family. No sense in holding space for something he’ ll never get.

With his auto shop scraping by, he’ s back to bartending to pay the bills— and while he doesn’ t want to admit it, the perk of easy company is losing its shine. Too broke to refuse the work, he gets a tip about a sedan off the highway. But the man behind the wheel quickly becomes more than he bargained for.

Daniel Henning may look like some bumbling academic, but when he brushes off the dig dirt, the man is downright gorgeous. He’ s in town for three weeks and absolutely running from his baggage. Just like another college-boy that Carver used to know.

Maybe he hasn’ t learned a thing if he’ s willing to make this mistake twice, but it’ s not just Daniel’ s talent with rope that keeps pulling Carver back in. Daniel looks at him like the best parts of what he lost. If they could each escape the weight of their pasts, might they have a future together?

Only more time would tell. But Carver’ s never been the kind to ask.

PREORDER, Releasing July 20

Inhale, by DP Denman

What can you do when love takes you by surprise? Just breathe.

Cole Rinne is a model with an impossible problem. An invasion of his privacy ends up in the hands of a blackmailer, and the details could go public any day. His only hope is to ditch the spotlight and hide in the shadows. Then he meets someone with a solution.

Gage Marx is a PI who specializes in impossible problems. He’s used to solving the unsolvable. The only thing he’s ever declared a lost cause is himself.

From the start, Cole’s case holds more surprises than Gage expects. The most shocking is that for the first time in over two years, Gage’s broken heart is showing signs of life.

Their plan to wade slowly into love comes apart when an unexpected opportunity threatens to turn it all into a long-distance relationship. Will occasional reunions be enough to keep them together, or will their separate careers tear them apart?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Prince and Bodyguard, by Tavia Lark

Cuddling with your bodyguard is normal—right?

Vana Dire can’t show weakness if he wants to survive the Draskoran court. The only man he can be vulnerable with is Daromir—Vana’s magic-bound bodyguard. The binding lets them share each other’s pain, and Vana depends on Daromir’s comfort as much as his services as a guard. Vana could never risk their friendship.

Even if he craves far more than Daromir’s loyalty.

Daromir Azri sees a side of Vana nobody else sees. Behind closed doors, the cold, elegant prince is kindhearted. Vulnerable. He needs Daromir. If Daromir’s devotion sometimes feels like something else? Daromir must be mistaken. His duty comes first, and he’ll do anything to protect Vana—including one thing he’s never done before:

He’s keeping a secret.

Then their magic bond changes, and suddenly Vana and Daromir don’t just share pain anymore. Each shared sensation pushes their friendship to the breaking point, just when Vana and Daromir need each other most. They’re facing a mysterious ambassador, a chaos-stirring prince, the consequences of past schemes—

And an assassin seeking Vana’s life.

Prince and Bodyguard is a gay fantasy romance with pining, hurt/comfort, and codependent cuddling. The Perilous Courts series is best read in order, and Prince and Bodyguard begins a new three-book arc about the princes of Draskora.

AVAILABLE NOW, Kindle Unlimited

Bandit’s Grave, by M. Grano, C. Azzo

A stranger ends up in the infamous, disgraced town of Bandit’s Grave and decides to become the hero it needs – but the people in the town may not be all that they seem, from the old, blind card player and the mysterious Widow to the sly, handsome young man tending the bar.

A short, twisty novella about a lone rider and a story that turns out to be more than he bargained for. Contains an age gap, mature scenes and unresolved romantic tension.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Cypress Ashes, by Kai Butler

Parker Ferro is not okay.

In the heart-pounding conclusion to the San Amaro Investigations series, Parker faces down enemies on all sides, including one within his own family. With his city under lockdown, Parker is fighting for everyone and everything that he cares about.

The fate of the thousand realms rests on his shoulders. What’s a local PI to do?

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, ebook in Kindle Unlimited

Sons of Sorrow, by Nazri Noor

The Tears of the Ocean. The Heart of the Flame.

Narrated by Greg Boudreaux

Lochlann Wilde is preparing for his final challenge: entering the Oriel of Fire, the most dangerous of the elemental dimensions. Acquiring the essence of fire will score him another powerful guardian, as well as complete Aphrodite’s amulet.

But the world outside the oriel has its own challenges. Sylvain has discovered something difficult about his heritage. Aphrodite keeps dropping unsettling hints about Locke’s true nature, too.

Most pressing of all is the mystery of the parchment that cursed Queen Aurelia to begin with, the only clue that may lead to the truth about the Withering. Who is behind it? Why did they engineer the plague?

And how can Locke and Sylvain stop them from infecting the cosmos?

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, ebook in Kindle Unlimited

The Sunny Side, by Lily Morton

Narrated by Joel Leslie

Jonas Durand is successful, rich, and controlled. He owns a prestigious modelling agency and has the world at his fingertips, but a turbulent childhood has taught him to be focused and never deviate from a plan.

Dean Jacobs threatens that stance. He’s one of the world’s most sought-after supermodels, but he’s also laidback and lighthearted and free in a way that Jonas has never quite managed.

Dean has always been interested in Jonas and has never made any secret of his admiration, but from the beginning, Jonas put him in a neat little box labelled, “Don’t touch,” turned the key, and never looked back.

However, the universe seems determined to thwart Jonas’s plans. Over the course of one hot summer, the two men come together, and Jonas’s well-ordered life becomes something a whole lot wilder.

Moving from the glamorous worlds of London and Paris Fashion Weeks to the sleepy South of France, Jonas finds himself liberating partridges, chasing his supermodel, and falling in love.

From bestselling author Lily Morton, comes a romantic comedy set in the fast-paced and snarky world of modelling. This is the first book in the Model Agency series.

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Mistaken, by Charity Parkerson

He stole Dallas from his friend’s home. Kept him locked away against his will. So why can’t Dallas get the man out of his head?

Dallas has no clue how he ended up kidnapped. One second, he was eating snacks while crashing at a friend’s place. The next, he was hauled away and locked in an underground bunker. Even though he isn’t harmed, Dallas has never been more scared. Only his abductor’s oddly caring nature keeps him sane in the face of no one looking for him. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Stealing Dallas had been a whim. When Matija’s boss sent him to take out a competitor’s brother, he didn’t find his target. Instead, he encountered a sweet mouse he couldn’t resist. Matija wanted him, so he took him. Now he doesn’t know what to do. If he lets Dallas go, Dallas might lead the police straight to him. The only alternative is—for once—unthinkable. The clock is ticking, possibly for both of them. Now Matija must choose: leave everything behind or kill the only man who’s ever made him feel.

Mistaken is the first book in Charity Parkerson’s new series, Kings of the East, where hired killers, mafia ties, and crime lords clash in a battle for the top.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

To Hunt A Moonborn Beast, by CJ Ravenna

This world isn’t kind to werewolves. Especially wolves without a pack.

It’s a lesson that human-werewolf hybrid Max Gallagher learns when he’s abducted by the Moonborn cult. Scared and on the run, Max has learned that the only one he can trust is himself.

Until Agent Gabe Reyes rescues him, and Max finds sanctuary with the wolves of the Lycanthrope Protection Agency. The moment Max catches Gabe’s scent, Max’s wolf knows he’s found his fated mate.

But there’s no room for love in the fight to come. When the cult arrives on the agency’s doorstep, Max and Gabe find themselves in the battle for their lives. The Moonborn will kill to get their hands on Max, and Max fears he may lose Gabe and his found family for good.

Unless Max is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

To Hunt a Moonborn Beast is the first in The Lycanthrope Protection Agency series, featuring friends to lovers, slow burn romance, lots of hurt/comfort, and a rowdy found family. There is knotting kink, but no Mpreg or A/B/O dynamics. Concludes with a HFN and more to come for Gabe and Max.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Misfits, by Garrett Leigh

LAMBDA Award Finalist. Expect: Tourettes rep, snarky British banter, MMM first times, and an emotional friends-to-lovers HEA.

Restaurant owner Tom Fearnes has loved his partner Cass for as long as he can remember, but their work often keeps them apart. When he meets a striking young man named Jake on the vibrant streets of Camden Town, their heady first encounter takes an unexpected turn.

Jake Thompson can hardly believe his luck when he wakes up in Tom’s bed. Tom is gorgeous, kind, and . . . taken. Tom’s explanation of his open relationship leaves Jake cold, but Tom is too tempting, and when hard times force Jake to accept Tom’s helping hand, he finds himself between two men who’ve lost their way.

Cass Pearson is a troubled soul. He loves Tom with all he has, but some days it feels like he hasn’t much to give. Jake seems like the perfect solution. Cass risks everything to push Jake and Tom together, but Jake resists, wary, until the darkness of Cass’s past comes to call. Then Jake finds himself the last man standing, and it’s time to dig deep and shine a light for the men he’s grown to love.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, ebook in Kindle Unlimited

Again, by Morgan Brice

The fast, furry, and furious! A lynx shifter, pursued by a cryptid trophy hunter. A wolf shifter desperate to rescue a lover who’s not just his fated mate—but his one true pairing across past lives. And a love that transcends time.

Lynx shifter Noah Wilson narrowly escaped being captured by the Huntsman. While recuperating in Fox Hollow, he meets his fated mate, wolf shifter Drew Lowe.

Noah has to return to Canada to finish filming his TV projects, so he and Drew visit when they can and come up with creative solutions to their long-distance relationship. Noah and Drew are sure they’re meant for each other and start making plans.

Drew’s dreams make him wonder if he and Noah are more than fated mates—could they be a true pairing, destined to find each other lifetime after lifetime?

Then Noah accidentally records a murder, and the killer is on his trail. Can he elude a master tracker and reach the safety of Fox Hollow, or will he and Drew have to wait to find happiness in another life?

Again is a thrill-packed MM shifter romance adventure full of sexy shifters, hurt/comfort, one true pairing, reincarnation, sincere psychics, hunky mechanics, first responders, a sexy wildlife photographer, found family, and fated mates.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Weaker Than Instinct, by Becca Seymour

Having a partner is bad news. I’ve been doing everything I can to go it alone. But this time I’ve pushed my unit too far.

I’m being punished. Not quite a fate worse than death, but almost as bad.

I’ve been tasked with a mission at the SICB Academy to help train wannabe agents while working undercover to figure out why recruits have been going missing.

I’m not looking to inspire. How can I when I’ve become a lone wolf?

But that doesn’t stop the powers that be from demanding I work with a rookie.

Just two months out from graduating, and my new partner is apparently a hotshot agent in training.

Amber-eyed, bold, and with a scent that calls to me, Jett Shaw is a panther who is close to getting under my skin. We’ve no choice but to work together and have each other’s six, but how can I trust anyone when I can’t trust myself?

With a new threat appearing and Shaw being in the line of fire, I have to change tack. If not, taking down the shadow agency that refuses to stay buried may become my last mission for the SICB. And not just mine; the whole unit could go down with me.

Weaker Than Instinct is the second book in a gay urban fantasy romance series. Between the pages you’ll find high-octane action, snarky vampires and shifters, and scorching-hot scenes to make you swoon. This book can be read as a stand-alone, but you’ll appreciate the side characters more if you read Thicker Than Water first.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Broken Warrior, by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams

War is hell. It cost Gary Cross his military career, his love, and left him with a roadmap of scars that serve as a constant reminder of everything he lost. Out of that tortured past came something extraordinary—CrossBow Protection, one of the premiere bodyguard services in the US.

Michael Kennedy has been Gary Cross’s personal assistant for nearly a year. He’s come to understand why none of his predecessors lasted more than a few months. Gary Cross is snarly, prickly, and snappy, and those are his good points. But Michael is not like the others—as Gary is about to find out.

A job for the government proves hard to refuse, but it isn’t long before Gary and Michael realize that by protecting one man, they’re risking everything Gary has built—and bringing death to their front door.

But this time Gary won’t let go. Even though it could lose him what he holds most dear.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Chance Match, by Wendy Rathbone


Kace’s heats are difficult and painful. His last alpha boyfriend hurt him by trying to breed him when Kace wasn’t ready or willing, and Kace was too polite to stop it but left the next day still in the throes of heat. His doctor calls his condition Heat Repulsion, and tells him if he meets his fated mate, that condition might go away. He recommends Perfect Match Agency for Kace, a new company that uses the science of pheromones to help people find their fated mates.

But when Kace goes on his first blind date with his perfect match, it’s not the alpha taking him out to dinner that interests him, but the man’s sulky assistant, Storm.

Alpha Storm has a secret. Because of a boyhood betrayal, he dislikes omegas who he has decided are superficial, silly, whimsical and untrustworthy. He has only ever hooked up with alphas. He has never been with an omega in heat, so he’s never experienced a knot and doesn’t even know if he can. But why would he want to knot anyone? He trusts no one.

Suddenly, both men experience off-schedule signs of pre-heat and pre-rut, and they soon discover they are causing each other’s symptoms.

Can both men overcome their insecurities, griefs and fears long enough to test the compatibility between them?

Grumpy/sunshine, mpreg, fated mates, first time knot, first time womb breach, heat and rut at the same time, steamy, low angst, non-shifter omegaverse, sweet romance.

The Perfect Match Agency is a multi-author gay romance series. The stories are non-shifter omegaverse with high heat and low angst. Male pregnancy is possible in the world. Each individual book can be read as a standalone, features a new couple, and a satisfying happily ever after.

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Intermission, by D.G. Carothers

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50% OFF, Kindle Unlimited

Famine, by Sienna Moreau

A fallen angel with a broken heart. The Horseman who rejected him. A love that can destroy them both.

Punished for choosing love over faith, the Archangel of Kindness emerged from a century of confinement enshrined in darkness, a shell of his former self. Rejected by the very Being for whom he sold his soul, the last threads of his sanity were stripped away. He became Lucifer, the King of Hell.

Famine’s choices have only ever caused suffering for those he loves. As the third Horseman of the Apocalypse, he is tasked with bringing plague and hunger to the Earth. But guilt nips at his heels as he blames himself for what Lucifer has become. He’s certain keeping his distance is the only way he can ensure Lucifer falls no further.

But together or apart, on the same side or not, it doesn’t matter. They are forever bound, forced to endure a never-ending loop of anguish. Betrayed and surrounded by new threats, they find themselves relying on each other while battling their own demons. But soon a choice must be made: allow their love to destroy them both or embrace it before the world ends.

Famine is the third book in the Four Horsemen series. This book is not a standalone and must be read in order.

Content Warnings: Religious themes, extreme violence, gore, and others.

Arachnophobia warning: There is also a dog-sized pet spider named Paul who just wants to be loved.

Famine is a paranormal, second chance, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers, MM romance filled with snark and morally questionable characters. It ends with a HFN and a mild plot cliffhanger.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Two Soldiers for Christmas, by Aurora Crane

Can Avery open his heart to two soldiers this Christmas?

Felix Hawkins and Zach Walsh fell in love with each other when they were fourteen—and with their best friend’s little brother when they were twenty-three. But at that point, Avery was barely an adult, still wearing hearts in his eyes when he looked at them. Felix was determined that they should wait so that Avery could come to them on even footing, as an adult fully grown and with a clear head. Zach wasn’t sure he could be that patient, but for Felix, and for Avery, he would do anything. So they’ve held out for what feels like forever—and they know what they want for Christmas this year!

Avery McKenna might have crushed on his brother’s best friends once upon a time, but that’s over with now… right? He’s focused on his career, and while his job might not be keeping him warm at night, it’s summer in Sydney; he doesn’t need any extra warmth. Felix and Zach and their charming… everything, can waltz right back out the door because he doesn’t want anything to do with whatever game they’re playing with him. It has to be a game, right? Earth-shattering kisses aside, why would they ever want him for keeps?

Is the beautiful picture they might paint together worth the risk of it all going wrong? Avery has never been a gambler, but he might finally be ready to take a chance on the best Christmas present he’s ever received.

Two Soldiers for Christmas is a 32,000-word MMM older brother’s best friends Christmas novella featuring an established couple adding a third, Christmas shenanigans, and a satisfying HFN ending.


Something Unintended, by  Rory Maxwell

After his boyfriend ruins graduation day by dumping him—over text!—Eli decides to go solo on the Pride week vacation they’d planned to take together. His first night there, a smoking-hot bartender rescues him from some unwanted attention…then sticks around. Rebound flings aren’t usually Eli’s style, but what better time than his first Pride week to try something new?

Strings-free hookups are the only kind of relationships Hunter goes for these days. As a bartender—especially during Split Rock’s Pride celebration—he doesn’t have any problem finding people to be with. But he’s tempted to break his own rules for a pretty boy who’s only in town for the week. Their tastes line up perfectly, and Hunter finds himself straying from his usual pattern with Eli. It’s nothing to worry about, though. Eli’s on the rebound and Hunter doesn’t do repeats. They can have some fun and both walk away satisfied.

What happens during Pride week stays at Pride week. Right?

Something Unintended is a 20k novella in the Split Rock Ranch universe. It includes an age gap, size difference, and some very spicy Daddy kink. It can be read as a stand-alone story.

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