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Kiss My Axe, by RM Neill


You know that saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well, whoever said that never had the misfortune of meeting Roman Auclair.

Sure, he’s sexy and wears a corset like nobody’s business, but he’s arrogant, entitled and so damn judgemental he should sit on the Supreme Court.

I’d rather sleep with a porcupine than bunk with him.

But I promised my brother I’d help and I’m a man of my word.

It’s not like falling in love with my complete opposite is possible anyway.

In fact, I’m pretty certain I’ll always be single.


You know that saying about stereotypical frat boys? Young, dumb and full of—yeah, that one. Nobody wears that dated cliché more than Perry Attwater.
Except he’s a good 15 years removed from college.

Sure, he fits every one of my lumberjack fantasies, but the man doesn’t know the difference between lace and linen. He’s crude, messy, and unashamed about his lack of fashion sense.

I’d rather use my best fabric scissors to chop wood than share a space with him.

But I promised my best friend I’d make our shared accommodations work.

It’s not like I’ll fall in love with a plaid loving mountain man. Love is for losers.

And I always win.

Kiss My Axe, is book two in the Maple Mountain Lodge Series and can be read as a stand alone. It’s low angst, frenemies to lovers, forced proximity and snark for days.
This story features an ex police diver who can’t stop helping people, a former male model turned lingerie designer in need of an attitude adjustment, grapefruit slices as a love sign, and the absolute worst timing to say I love you.

Kindle Unlimited

Immortal Bones, by Margot de Klerk

Vampires are the mortal enemies of witches. This one seems to have missed the memo.

Tariq doesn’t practice magic. He gave it up five years ago when he escaped his family. Life as a human isn’t so bad. He likes being normal.

But then his friend goes missing.

How can he help her without magic? But if he embraces magic, that means giving in to temptation. Tariq’s family has always operated on the darker side of the law, and he just can’t do those things anymore.

But a human doesn’t stand much chance against vampires and witches.

Just when he thinks he might have to turn to his family, the vampire shows up and offers to help. Emery is enigmatic and charming—and oddly endearing, but he definitely has a hidden agenda. And his definition of help comes with a side dose of stalking, secrets, and the occasional dead body.

With time running out, Tariq might not have much choice. But between a murderous six-year-old ghost, his extremely dysfunctional family, and the vampire that sets his heart racing, where does he turn?

And in a city where help always comes at a price, will he be willing to pay it?

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F**k, Marry, Kill Me, Daddy, by Lance Lansdale

My boyfriend’s been trying to kill me for weeks. Well, I guess he’s my boyfriend. I mean, we’ve never officially been introduced, but he’s always standing in the shadows, watching me. That has to be a good sign, right? The first time I saw him, he was hunched down in my bushes, aiming a rifle at my heart, and he’s turned up with a new weapon every night since. As fun as our silly little game of Murder Daddy may be, I’m getting tired of having to steal my stalker-slash-boyfriend’s affection by disarming him and using his weapons against him.

I’ve got to get my head in the game. As my agency’s top assassin, I’ve killed my fair share of men. When Senator Levinson placed his son on my hitlist, I figured it would be a one-and-done. I was wrong. Every time our paths cross, he winds up getting the upper hand. The things he makes me do once he’s pried a gun or a knife out of my hand are downright depraved, and for some reason, I can’t bring myself to stop it from happening. My wife tells me I need to just suck it up and get the job done. My wife’s boyfriend says I’m sweet on the guy, which is absolutely ridiculous. Even if I wanted to take advantage of our open marriage, I’m not gay. This man—this Freakshow—is completely unhinged, and the worst part is, I think I might be just as crazy as him.

F**ck, Marry, Kill Me, Daddy is a high-heat, over-the-top, absolutely UNHINGED, dual-POV, dark romcom that is equal parts insta-love and insta-lust. While one character is married, their marriage is open, and there’s no cheating between them.

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Just Add Ice, by L.C. Chase

Sparks fly when ice meets fire.

After eight years in the minors, Rayne “Rain the Pain” Hamilton has realized two things: One, his chances of getting called up to the Big Show are rapidly dwindling with each passing season; and two, he needs a plan for life after hockey. What he doesn’t bargain for is the gorgeous instructor at the fire training center he attends during the off season, who ignites his heart with burning desire.

Nick Seavers had a great life until his husband died suddenly, and his sun blinked out. His demanding career firefighting and teaching the next generation of firefighters are the only things keeping him sane. The last thing he wants is one of the new trainees, a larger-than-life hockey player with mischievous eyes, taking up space in his head and making him feel things he never thought he’d feel again.

As the heat rises between Rayne and Nick, Rayne receives an offer for a new contract and has to decide: Move to yet another city and start all over again or step off the ice and into the fire with Nick.

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Cicadas, by Avery Cockburn

What if you had a second chance at a second chance?

One day in 1987

Budding scientist Joel and cowboy-quarterback Danny meet amid the arrival of seventeen-year cicadas. Like the loud, lusty insects, the boys bond through song, reveling in the heat and hope of early summer—until fate tears them apart.

One night in 2004

During the next wave of cicadas, Joel and Dan find their connection stronger than ever. Boyhood fascination becomes an irresistible (and inconvenient!) passion, one that will unite and divide them for another seventeen years.

One love to last a lifetime

At the dawn of 2021, Joel and Daniel reach out, and in a heartbeat, the years and miles between them fall away. But to make their next reunion last forever, they must face their troubled pasts and embrace their boundless future.

Cicadas is a uniquely American, ridiculously romantic tale about memory, nostalgia, and the courage to dance into an untold tomorrow.

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His Greatest Treasure, by Hope Bennett

A family secret. The young man who can save them all.

Alfie is sick of being the baby of the Somerville clan. He wants to learn to shift but he can’t feel his dragon inside him. When he meets a gentle fire spirit, he gets all sorts of instincts he never knew he had. The strongest? Protect Blaze. From everyone. Even his own family.

Blaze is all alone in the world. Sneaking into a dragon’s territory, he intends to stay out of sight and out of trouble, but one young dragon always knows where he is. As the Somerville clan grows weaker, their elder grows more volatile. Blaze knows he must stay hidden, but not if it leaves Alfie in danger.

His Greatest Treasure is a secret love mm romance between an innocent young dragon shifter and the scared fire spirit he longs to protect. It’s the tenth book in the Dragon’s Mate series and is best read in order. Featuring two men as sweet and clueless as each other, nervous talking, a cosy den, an attack and an HEA.

Discover the Somerville’s greatest treasure.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Beginner’s Guide to Ghosts, Fallen Angels, and Other Afterlifers, by Shannon Mae

Cass has always had the sight. Although his official job may be to run his coffee shop, in reality he deals with grumpy ghosts, troublesome demons, uptight angels, and all sorts of paranormal issues. When the archangel Gabriel gives him a message that he has to help a gray angel, it’s just par for the course for Cassius. But who could predict that Kushiel would be the brightest soul Cassius had ever met, even if the angel can’t see that about himself? Cassius is determined not just to save the afterlife (and possibly the entire universe), but also to save one very sexy angel (who just might be his soulmate) along the way.

Kushiel’s work is his life, and if angels shun him and he feels like he never quite fits in with demons, at least he has the souls he redeems. That is, until someone steals his entire purpose in the afterlife. Some vague clues from a demon seer send him straight into Cass’s coffee shop, where he learns some surprises about afterlife rules. With a little help from Cass, Kushiel is sure they can solve the mystery, especially since the coffee shop owner is the kindest, sweetest, sexiest human he’s ever met. Now if only he could figure out how to respond to all the compliments Cass keeps sending his way, because surely someone as wonderful as Cassius couldn’t be interested in a gray angel.

Tags: Kushiel is hurting, and Cass is happy to offer comfort and compliments; afterlife rules are more complicated than angels or demons knew; Aunt Ro keeps trying to not-so-subtly send messages through flowers; Cass runs into demons, angels, ghosts, a sea monster, and a hellhound; messages from seers and through oracles are annoyingly mysterious; Kushiel likes being told what to do, and Cass likes taking charge; Kushiel will finally get his own happily-ever-after (Cass will make sure of it).

Note: A Beginner’s Guide to Ghosts, Fallen Angels, and Other Afterlifers can be read as a stand alone. However, it is best read after A Beginner’s Guide to Revenge, Chaos, and Other Absurd Escapades, since Mike and Ari do pop up in this book.

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Heart Wood, by Katey Hawthorne

The Stone City and the Heart Wood: uneasy neighbors separated by the Blue Bird River. In the City, Hendrik is about to lose the only life he’s ever known, the only love he’s ever wanted. In the Wood, corruption threatens the carefully cultivated ecosystem and Dagan’s way of life. Two worlds, fated to collide at last.

It could be the end. Or a new beginning.

This version includes the prequel, The Verders.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Not So Straight Up, by J.E. Joyce

Welcome to Rapids Bay Minnesota, where the Viking blood runs strong, secrets don’t last long, and the best place to kick back is The Spirit of Hops Brewstillery. Half brewery, half distillery, all hometown watering hole goodness fit for the Gods.

Life’s too short. Cliché? Yes, but some things are universal truths regardless of how many pumpkin spice-toting basic white girls paint said truths on barn wood and hang them in their kitchens. That basic truth has been my motto for most of my life and has rarely steered me wrong. It may have also steered me into some interesting shenanigans and awkward situations, but those just make for the best stories. As the bar manager for Spirit of Hops Brewstillery in my hometown, those stories have always given me something to chat about with customers. But when the new brewer and his little girl show up, those stories seem just a prologue to the newest adventure I hear calling my name. Life’s too short, why not seize the day and see what comes, right?

If there is one thing I have learned in these last six years watching my little girl grow up, it’s that a year is both somehow forever and gone in an instant. Life is too short, and that’s not something to be taken lightly. Moving to Rapids Bay, MN to take over as a brewer for Spirit of Hops was the right move for us. I needed a fresh start, my daughter needed a chance to grow up without ghosts of the past, and we both needed a change in scenery. Georgie and Work, that’s my world and in that order. But life doesn’t like the best-laid plans and when opportunity literally comes crashing into you, you have to take a chance, right?

Not So Straight Up is a full-length MM workplace, single dad, bi-awakening romance. It is book 2 in the Spirit of Hops Brewstillery series but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

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Daddy’s Cabin Boy, by Morticia Knight

A boy masquerading as a service sub. A Dom who turned in his Daddy card. Can a gay BDSM cruise be the lifesaver they need?

After his so-called Daddy dumped him, Ricky Alvarez takes a big risk by pretending to be a service sub aboard the Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ ship line. Now he’s lusting after the man he’s been assigned to serve, but he’ll be back on the streets if his deception is revealed.

Gabe Monroe’s closest friend convinces him to give the kinkster life another try by taking a BDSM cruise vacation. For years, he was happy with his baby boy until their relationship was exposed, and his sub ran as far away from him as he could. Too bad the sweet and sexy service sub who comes to his cabin every night isn’t looking for a Daddy.

If Gabe and Ricky confess their deepest secrets to each other, will there be nothing but smooth sailing ahead? Or will they be plagued by stormy seas?

Note: Daddy’s Cabin Boy is a standalone novella featuring a hunky boy who’s a size queen, an older ginger Daddy and a hilarious misunderstanding that leads to an HEA. Daddy’s Cabin Boy was previously released under the title Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ with a different cover. This edition has been expanded by 4000 words and re-edited. Grab your copy of this sweet and spicy romance for some fun summer lovin’ now!

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The Unlikely Heir, by Jax Calder

What happens when the Prince of Wales falls in love with the prime minister?

My boring life working in an insurance call center in sunny California just took an unexpected turn. Thanks to my misbehaving relatives, I’ve leaped from obscurity to royalty as the new heir to the British throne.

But my welcome in England is about as warm as the weather. I arrive to discover a country horrified at the thought of an American version of Prince Charming and ready to revolt against the monarchy. I vow to my grandmother, the queen, that I will do everything possible to help her save the crown.

Unfortunately, royal life isn’t easy. From bewildering traditions, traitorous friends, and malevolent swans, the only thing I’m succeeding in is providing entertainment for the tabloids and social media trolls.

And then the broodingly handsome prime minister, Oliver Hartwell, bursts into my life.

With his meteoric rise from poverty to the most powerful man in the country, Oliver understands my current plight. Innocent messages of support turn into late-night chats—and unexpected feelings.

But there’s one major problem. The royal family must remain politically neutral at all times.

So how can I keep my promise to save the monarchy when I’m falling in love with the prime minister?

A forbidden romance filled with humor and drama featuring a bumbling Prince of Wales and a stern yet dashing prime minister, with a love that could transform a nation.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Pretty Boy, by E.M. Lindsey

One question: and Victor is ready to ask it.
One answer: and Oliver has been dying to give it.
One summer day: and that’s the start of their forever.

For Victor and Oliver, they’ve always known where they were going, it was just going to take them time to get there. Their story didn’t stop with The End. That was merely a pause.

Victor is ready to share the rest of his life with his angel, and Oliver is ready to call his pretty boy his husband. And even with a series of mishaps, injuries, wedding panic, and old friends returning, not a single thing can stop them from reaching that altar.

Nothing about them has ever been traditional, and that’s how it goes for Victor and Oliver’s Happily Ever After.

Pretty Boy is an epilogue novel with heavy swoon, a dollop of spice, a hint of angst, a sprinkle of sweet, found family, plenty of silk and lace, spring flowers, summer nights, and a future Oliver and Victor had only ever dreamed was possible.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Alpha Bear Prince’s Arranged Marriage, by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

I knew I was going to mate for politics… I didn’t expect to meet him on our wedding day.


My father taught me from a young age that marriage is a human convention, designed for fiscal and political gain. When he tells me at ten that my role as his son would include such a “convention,” it doesn’t surprise me. It isn’t as if he ever pretends to have made a love match with my dad. It was strictly business, just like it will be for me. Sometimes I hate being the prince. No, that’s not true. It’s most of the time.


Growing up, I had no idea my parents had signed me away to the neighboring kingdom. None. I lived this happy little life dreaming of finding my one true love, getting mated, and having a cabin full of pups. That dream came to a crashing halt on the day of my first shift. From that day on, my fathers kept me locked away with tutors, an “assistant”—AKA a babysitter—and the knowledge that in a year I would become the Bear Prince’s mate. Suck.

The Alpha Bear Prince’s Arranged Marriage is the second book in the Omega’s Royal Arrangement series by the popular co-writing team of Lorelei M. Hart and Colbie Dunar. It is a sweet with knotty heat M/M shifter romance featuring an alpha bear doomed to live the life his kingdom requires, an omega fox shifter who grew up with visions of falling in love, being swept off his feet, and so much wooing, only to discover his fate and mating were already sealed, a wedding day meeting, two strong shifters a bit too stubborn for their own good, a royal wedding, true love, fated mates, an adorable baby, and a guaranteed happy ever after. If you love your alphas hawt, your babies adorable, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy today.

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No Take Backs, by Becca Seymour

Some things you can’t take back.

If you say those words, get caught glancing at his bulge, or share a heated kiss, it’s game over. The “no take backs” rule strikes, and there’s no way you can backtrack.

That’s the way it’s always been with me and Nate Griffin, my old best friend who thought he could change the rules.

It doesn’t matter that time and distance have pulled us apart. I’ve finally figured myself out and yanked my head out of my backside. Now, if only I can drag myself out of the closet and be the man I want to be for Nate…

But I’m a pro basketball player who has no desire to be a poster boy. Not only that, Nate and I don’t even live in the same country.

Nate, big-hearted guy he is, takes it all in his stride, and I can’t help but wonder if just maybe he’s too good for me. But hell if I can resist him.

It all boils down to: Do I want to take anything back when it comes to Nate Griffin?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Bound to the Wild Fae, by Tavia Lark

Hiding from the fae isn’t an option anymore.

Folly is a fortuneteller, according to the sign outside his tent. Actually, he’s a nervous wreck and a total fraud. His golden eye might be magical, but Folly doesn’t see the future. He sees the fae: dangerous, beautiful creatures lurking in the shadows between realms. Avoiding the fae keeps Folly safe—

Until a misfired curse binds him to one.

Yarrow is a wild fae. Half fae, half other, and all seductive confidence. He’s on a quest to slay a monster and earn his place in the summer court. An easy task for a warrior like Yarrow.

Not so easy when the monster’s curse tethers him to a terrified human.

Now, Folly and Yarrow can’t leave each other’s proximity without agonizing pain. Folly is desperate to return home, but to break the curse, he has to follow the intimidating Yarrow into a world full of the creatures he’s spent his life hiding from.

And Yarrow’s familiar homeland seems far deadlier when he has a tiny, fascinating human to protect.

Bound to the Wild Fae is an MM fantasy romance, part of the multi-author series Fortune Favors the Fae. Each book is a standalone and can be read in any order. From spicy to sweet, zany romps to epic adventures, there’s something for everyone in this mystical series. Discover destiny and true love and follow the coin on its fickle journey to the next world and a new magical adventure.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Risking the Shot, by Amy Aislin

Time for distractions? Hardly. 

A chance at making the playoffs? It’s a dream for NHL forward Taylor Cunningham that just might come true. If he can keep his eyes on the ball—ahem, puck. And study for midterms. Dakota Cotton, eleven years his senior, isn’t just a distraction, though—he’s everything Tay’s ever wanted.

Dakota has no interest in introducing someone who might not stick around to his four-year-old son. Been there, done that, with the divorce to prove it. But there’s something about Tay that hits all of the right buttons and has him wanting to take a chance. 

As things heat up between them, and the pressure to succeed hits an all-time high, will they risk a shot at happiness or choke? 

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Half-Drawn Boy, by Suki Fleet

Gregor is neurodivergent and doesn’t speak. He’s also pretty sure he has synaesthesia, given the unpleasant physical sensations he experiences when writing words. He interacts with the world through his drawings and pictures. This makes school hard. A lot of the time he feels more like a half-drawn boy than a real human being.

He lives with his much older nonbinary/ace/panromantic brother and their boyfriend. He knows he’s also probably a letter in LGBTQIA. But thinking about which one makes him want to run away and hide.
He has two best friends and an adorable cat called Ginger, and even though, a lot of the time, he feels half-drawn and not-real, he’s happy.

But then Noah, with his pastel galaxy rainbow hair and his bruises, tears through the neatly drawn pages of Gregor’s life, and Gregor isn’t sure how he feels anymore, except really, really confused. Plus a few other feelings he’s too scared to identify.

He talks to Noah via text for months and it feels safe, even if he is worried about Noah’s bruises. Being near Noah in real life is intense and terrifying and something Gregor avoids. But as the months pass, texting starts to feel not enough, and Gregor realises he has to try to work out if he wants something real and not just half-drawn with Noah. And if he does, he’s going to have to figure out exactly what it is that scares him about being close.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Daddy for Maddy, by Wendy Rathbone

Oops. Just got caught by my roommate while I’m wearing nothing but my birthday suit. Also, I was in an embarrassing pose and acting like a baby.

He tells me he already knew.

He tells me boys and littles (littles? What are littles?) are all the rage at his favorite kink club.

The following evening, he insists I go with him to the club. The first man I see there is a handsome bouncer who gives me a menacing look. It’s as if he has instant hate for me. Yet I can’t get him out of my mind.

Later that night, Mr. Menacing re-enters my life in a way that has me all but begging for him to be my first-ever daddy.

Please, to all the tubby-soaker, stuffie-hugging, diaper-wearing, daddy-loving gods of the universe, let this first time be perfect. Let me finally have the daddy of my dreams and I’ll be a good boy forever.

This book in the Little Mister Perfect Series was written for the Love and Hope anthology where only a few chapters were published. This is the completed story of Maddy and Colin, who are side characters in the novel: Little Mister Perfect. It is a standalone read.

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Middlemark Mysteries series, by Tara Lain

Love more complicated than a good cabernet.

When Southern gentleman, Bo Marchand meets super-hot Jeremy Aames, nothing’s out in the open—

Bo’s in the closet—
Jeremy’s not who he seems—
Local winemakers moonlight as kinky sex fiends–
And the voracious vintner, Ernest Ottersen, steals Jeremy’s secrets and his business.
But then somebody steals Ottersen’s life and Bo has to manufacture an alibi to keep Jeremy out of jail.

When he finds out who Jeremy really is, will he wish he’d stayed in the closet?

THE CASE OF THE VORAVIOUS VINTNER is a MM, hidden identity, coming out, dysfunctional family, a visit to the wine county, canoodling in the riddling caves, lying to the police, romantic suspense mystery, with a whole lot of pinot noir.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Sorcerer’s Thief, by Lee Colgin

The Thief

Cricket thought he’d stolen the ultimate prize: a rare coin rumored to possess magical powers. But when an alluring sorcerer upends his world in a moonlit alley, Cricket discovers the coin is more powerful than he’d ever imagined.

And he’ll risk his life to keep it.

The Sorcerer

Julian needs that stupid coin, and seeing as it’s fallen into the hands of a mortal man—a beguiling, smooth-talking thief, really—it should be easy enough to claim. So why does he continue to fail in his every attempt?

Unstoppable Ancient Magic

For someone who thrives in the shadows, Cricket discovers there’s no hiding from the magic that binds him to the coin, or the infuriatingly seductive Fae sorcerer intent on reclaiming it. Soon, both men find themselves battling volatile magic and a dangerous attraction while desperately holding on to what neither can afford to lose: their hearts.


The Sorcerer’s Thief is a part of the multi-author series Fortune Favors the Fae. From spicy to sweet, zany romps to epic adventures, there’s something for everyone in this mystical series. Discover destiny and true love and follow the coin on its fickle journey to the next world and a new magical adventure.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Omega in Hiding, by Beau Brown

Omega Connor Murphy escaped his Irish mobster family at eighteen, seeking a life far from their violent criminal ways. Now twenty-four, he works as a manny under the name Connor Smith, where he finds joy in caring for children, filling the void left by his inability to have his own. Hired as a manny by Dario Coppola, Valentino Syracuse’s second in command, Connor enters a world familiar yet distant from his own troubled past.

Alpha Paolo Syracuse, mob boss Valentino’s younger brother, is pressured to learn the family’s illicit business. Preferring art and books to mob life, Paolo reluctantly agrees to spend time at Dario’s home, learning the ropes. There, he meets Connor, the shy and captivating new manny. Paolo has never been truly interested in an omega before. But there’s something about the enigmatic Connor that draws him in.

Connor knows better than to get emotionally entangled with anyone connected to the mobster life. But he’s lonely and Paolo is a nice distraction. Connor and Paolo start a no-strings secret affair, which is exciting at first. Then things take a dark turn when Connor, against all odds, ends up pregnant, and his violent Irish mobster family comes calling.

This is a dark romance and contains violence and graphic smexy times. If you’re sensitive to either of those things this story may not be for you.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Stick By Me, by Christie Gordon

Hockey is my life, until I meet an adorable nerd. But he doesn’t date men. Can I convince him to take a chance?

Hockey was everything, but now I’m questioning if I’ll ever make it to the NHL.
I need to find a life.
In comes a stunning guy in designer jeans and hair so dark and silky, I struggle to keep my fingers to myself.
We connect at an animal rescue, where I accidentally soak him with a hose. I give him my team shirt to make amends.
The vision of him in my clothes stirs a primal urge in me.
When he mentions he’s queer, my heart skips a beat. But he’s only interested in a hookup.
Game on.
Will he accept my challenge for a date?

I’m having a moral dilemma. I don’t date men. I have an out and proud brother and, in my family, it’s complicated.
Then Archer comes along, eyeing me like a piece of candy and daring me to date him. Yeah, I’m interested.
Problem is, the dare goes awry. I find myself falling so deeply for Archer, there’s no turning back.
When his life goes off the rails, I’m forced to make a decision and fast.

Stick By Me is the first book in the College Hockey series, Desert Ice Hockey, and is the follow up to the Rock U series. It features a dependable nerd and a rebel jock, opposites attract, found family, hurt/comfort, and a secret relationship amidst the backdrop of the holidays. Desert Ice Hockey follows a group of queer hockey players, known as the squad, while they each battle for their HEA.

Buy now to explore a world where emotions run as high as the heat, and hockey isn’t the only game in town!

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Malicious Desires, by Caz May

In beautiful Vemore our story begins, where a family feud spanning generations is about to shatter when two young men, forbidden to associate fall in love.


I’m a monster. A killer for hire by my father.
And I kill the enemy. The scum of Vemore, those by the name of Capullo or those who side with said scum.
And despite hating the man my father has forced me to become it’s never been an issue until now.
Because I kissed the enemy. And I’m breaking every rule set out by my name being Montserrat just for another tempting kiss, for his forbidden touch.


I’m an artist.
A lover of history and following the rules.
And I strive to do the right thing. What my father wishes.
But he doesn’t know the real me. The man my father knows is the good boy, he doesn’t know the man I really am so I’m unavoidably staying deep in the closet.
It’s never really been an issue until I was kissed by the enemy.
And I’m sinning over and over with him, begging him for any scrap of attention he wants to give me, giving into his tempting kisses, and longing for his forbidden touch.
Falling for your enemy is the biggest sin one can commit, and I’m a willing victim to that great temptation.

A Romeo & Juliet mm reimagining

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