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Kindle Unlimited

Salacious Park Avenue Prince, by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Who are we? Like you even need to ask. We’re the seven richer-than-sin legacies causing debauchery at the prestigious Astor University in Manhattan.
Some call us spoiled.
Some call us trouble.
But everyone calls us the Park Avenue Princes.

Travis McKinney
“The Outrageous One”

Or, as some of my fellow Park Avenue Princes like to call me, the Manwhore of Manhattan.
Act like a sex god, dress like a sex god, be a sex god. In my opinion, these are fantastic life goals. I have no idea why my parents think I have no direction.

I’m the fun one. Easygoing. A massive flirt. I get along with just about everyone, except…

Caleb Reeves.
Also known as “the Bane of My Existence”

He’s everything I’m not: Focused, effortlessly sexy but straight, and an ex-Park Avenue Prince. Or the “Pricks,” as he likes to call us now.

Our rivalry is legendary. Putting us within a hundred feet of each other is just asking for trouble. But no one other than the two of us knows why or how it began, and we plan to keep it that way.

The unspoken agreement is that Caleb keeps to his side of the city, I keep to mine, and we avoid each other at all costs.

Which would be great, except we have to see each once a month at family dinner.

Because Caleb isn’t only my arch-nemesis, he also happens to be…my stepbrother.

Salacious Park Avenue Prince is the fifth standalone novel in the Park Avenue Princes world.

Kindle Unlimited

Salt, by Fearne Hill

When was the right time to tell someone that silver flames were shooting from their hair? And that your own tranquil green desired nothing more than to tangle with them, if only it could escape a malevolent orange flare hounding your every move?

Over-stressed businessman Charles Heyer is not like most people. With a rare medical condition that scrambles the senses, he experiences emotions as flashes of colour, giving them the power to disrupt, dismay, or delight. Alone in his over-vivid world, a devastating bereavement leaves him mentally scarred and recuperating on the picturesque French island of Ré where, through a chance encounter and a good deed, he is introduced to Florian, a flirty local salt farmer.

What with trying to protect the island salt cooperative from a corporate takeover and keeping a watchful eye on his errant grandfather, handsome Florian is not as carefree as he appears. Falling in love with this odd Englishman is as unexpected as it is welcome. Both exploring new feelings, the lazy days of summer stretch out for miles until a visitor from Charles’s London life throws their peaceful idyll into a kaleidoscope of chaos. And, all of a sudden, the island’s glorious palette of colour turns several shades darker.

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The Fae Menagerie, by Edie Montreux

“You will remain here until you learn what love is.”

Trapped in the light court’s prison, Doyle will never know the meaning of love. When luck summons him to the human realm to “take care of” Parker, he grasps at the possibility to finally escape.

This isn’t the first attempt on Parker’s life, but it’s the most creative. His ex tried to summon a demon and landed a fae prince instead. Too bad the prince is trapped in a glass cage for eternity. When Doyle drags Parker to prison with him, the death threats don’t stop with the location change. Now everyone in the fae realm wants Parker dead, too!

Parker’s not into Doyle, or anyone for that matter. The coin must have been unlucky-side-up when it paired them together. Still, Doyle is desperate to honor his promise to take care of Parker. Only true love will free them both from the fae menagerie.

The Fae Menagerie is a male/male high romantasy between an imprisoned fae prince playboy and a demisexual human virgin. This forced-proximity slow burn romance features versatile characters, fated mates, lots of hurt/comfort, snark, spice, and a happily ever after!

The Fae Menagerie is a part of the multi-author series, Fortune Favors the Fae. From spicy to sweet, zany romps to epic adventures, there’s something for everyone in this mystical series. Discover destiny and true love and follow the coin on its fickle journey to the next world and a new magical adventure. Each book can be read as a standalone and in any order.

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Dateless, by Willow Thomas

The Cheerleader and The Frat Boy


On paper, I have everything going for me.

I am a flier on the FVU cheerleading team. I’m getting a degree so I can become a kindergarten teacher. I have amazing friends and the best brothers.

Yet, with men, I am totally inexperienced.

Kisses…yes. Anything else…nope.

A stupid incident lands me in hot water with the president of the Kappa Frat house. Corey Howe is rightly feared across campus. Students and staff members have been expelled for crossing him. He gives me an ultimatum; do whatever he says, or he goes to the Dean and I lose my scholarship.

It’s hardly surprising what I choose.

Spending so much time with a guy who shows his disdain for me should be a nightmare, but the glimpses I see of the person behind the facade draw me in.

I’m in serious trouble…and I think I like it.

I may have a trust fund, but I hate entitlement.

When I became the president of the Kappa, I swore I would turn it from being an old boy’s club, to a frat where anyone can thrive.

It’s given me a reputation for being an asshole, which I wear like a suit of armor. People don’t bother you if they think you’re going to ruin them.

Luke Green didn’t get the memo.

Instead of ratting him out, I choose an unorthodox approach. Yet despite every chore and task I throw at him, Luke never loses his smile. He does everything with so much enthusiasm I want to throw him over my shoulder and see if he gives the same amount of energy in my bed.

That’s never going to happen…
…until it does.

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Taken by the Lord of the Nocturne Court, by K.A. Merikan

“I am yours, and I can be your prince as well as your beast.”

I’m your typical small-town loser stuck in a dead-end job. Single, because dating is for well-adjusted human beings, not traumatized gay boys with trust issues. All I want is to leave my past behind and finally start living.

My wish comes true in the most bizarre way imaginable. One evening, a beautiful man with pointy ears and flowing dark locks appears out of nowhere. He proclaims I am to be his ‘Dark Companion’ based on some stupid deal I made in a dream. Oh, and apparently he’s an elven prince, the Lord of Shadows, Protector of the Nightmare Realm and Knight of Grief Ocean.

Which is a weird way to ask me out, but okay.

It’s a hard no from me, but this absolute psycho abducts me to his palace in a moonlit realm populated by vicious beasts and backstabbing courtiers.

If I am to ever get back home, I need to adapt, because our full moon wedding is approaching fast. I can’t allow myself to buy into his seductive kisses, poet shirts made of spider silk and bouquets of sapphire roses. They hide poison and deception. A gilded cage is still a prison.


What if I just never realized that what I need is a man with a cruel smile and a sword dipped in midnight? A man with secrets, and scars, and smoky eyes, and a past filled with darkness, and… have I mentioned he has a big d—


“Taken by the Lord of the Nocturne Court” is a standalone, scorching hot, dark gothic M/M romantasy filled with snark and dark humor, but also violence, peril, jealousy, and angst.

The book is a darkly romantic escape into the shadows where love and destiny collide. Dive into the pages to discover if a gilded cage can become a home when shared with a seductive elven prince devoted to his Dark Companion’s every wish.

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Lies of Omission, by C. Lymari

Theodore Lyons was waiting.

Waiting for his senior year to end.

Waiting for his father to give him the freedom he desperately craved.

And waiting for Salvadore Zinnetti to tell him exactly what the hell he wanted from him.

If he had one guess, it would be revenge.

It would have been easy to ignore him and keep on waiting, except for the fact that he needed Salvadore as much as Salvadore claimed to need him.

If they were to be allies, then they would need to trust one another.

Easier said than done when Salvadore seemed to hate him.

And these lies of omission were a sure way to get them both killed.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Magic and Mayhem, by MA Innes

Aliens. Deputy Talon Winslow is pretty sure he’s protecting aliens, but he’s starting to get the hang of it…aside from a few interesting issues that keep popping up, like an armored truck going missing. His new job pays too well to be as simple as it looks, but he hadn’t expected glowing eyes and adorable littles who almost sparkle they’re so fascinating. But if aliens come in cute and kinky, does it really matter they’re not human?

Dragons. Kenzie can’t quite decide if the new deputy he’s planning on keeping knows about dragons and mages or not. However, it doesn’t take him long to decide it isn’t the most important question when dating the handsome, slightly puzzling human. When will he get to call him Daddy and if the deputy knows Kenzie is keeping him are much better questions.

When a small mountain town isn’t as boring as it seems, a slightly confused human and a dragon with a toy hoard will learn that there’s always a bit of magic involved when falling in love.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

For the Cameras, by Raleigh Ruebins

Our fans get to see everything when we’re together on camera.
But what’s between the two of us is strictly for the videos… right?

I’ve been a socially awkward introvert for my whole life. Not a soul knows that I upload anonymous videos to an adult site. By day, I’m a shy office worker, and at night, I have my hand, my phone camera, and a little secret.

Chase is my polar opposite. He’s a camera guy who’s in my house every day, filming for the Fixer Brothers Construction TV show as they renovate my home. Chase is confident. Flirty. A colorful social butterfly, charming the pants off of everyone he meets. When he finds out my secret, I’m mortified.

…But I never thought that I would end up in front of his camera.

Doing things I’ve never done with another guy.

But it’s all for the cameras. For our followers. Chase doesn’t do commitment, and I can’t let myself fall for him. But when his hands are on me, I’m falling harder and faster than I ever thought I could…

Even when the cameras stop rolling.

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Enchanted Folklore: the Complete Series, by Beth Bolden

Escape to a magical world filled with fantastical creatures, spine-tingling adventures, and burning hot romance, with Beth’s trademark humor, emotional and epic journeys and beloved characters.

There’s a lost prince, hoping to stay lost. Another prince, desperate to be found. An ancient creature, banished from his own kingdom, willing to do anything—even find his own happily ever after—to save another.

Yours, Forever After – After years spent lost in his beloved books, Prince Emory awakens to find his villainous aunt working to usurp his throne. When she sends him on a dangerous quest, he’s certain the journey is a trap, but he’s not willing to accept defeat without a fight. But a fight is something Rory is unprepared and untrained for, until he’s saved by a handsome, unassuming farmhand and his snooty, smug, and surprisingly talkative unicorn.

Yours, Everlasting – Evander has gone by many names in the last thousand years. He’s lived almost as many lives, using his immortality and his unique shapeshifting abilities to become anyone and anything. He’s ready for a well-deserved rest. But the past never stays buried, and he discovers that it’s been watching him. Marcos, the Guardian of War, has waited, he’s observed, he’s admired, and he’s yearned. But now it’s time for Evander to see him for who he truly is. An ally, not a foe. Maybe even a lover.

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Searching for Shelter, by Morticia Knight

Rich aches for more than a book boyfriend to love. But is the mysterious, rugged admirer he serves at the coffee shop too dangerous to consider?

After declaring his love life officially dead, Rich wonders if maybe he should stick with his shifter book boyfriends instead. It’s not as if he has much free time to date anyway. Between working long hours at a coffee shop, guarding his sodas from his hygienically challenged roommates, and running the programming at the Vegas LGBTQ teen shelter he founded—how could there ever be space for romance?

Diego enjoys taking his downtime from working Search and Rescue at The Lucky Cup coffee shop. He can set up his laptop, peruse good sport-climbing spots, and observe the blond barista he’s been pining over for a while. He imagines that the pretty boy has more offers than he knows what to do with, so it takes Diego time to work up the nerve to approach him.

Rich isn’t so sure about the rough-looking Diego, no matter how hot the guy is. But once he gives Diego a chance, there’s an immediate heat and connection that takes him by surprise. As they learn more about each other and try to find the way to a future together, strange and scary events begin to happen.

After Rich is injured in a bizarre accident, it becomes clear that there’s someone out there who not only doesn’t want Rich to find love—they want him dead.

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F**k, Marry, Kill Me, Daddy, by Lance Lansdale

My boyfriend’s been trying to kill me for weeks. Well, I guess he’s my boyfriend. I mean, we’ve never officially been introduced, but he’s always standing in the shadows, watching me. That has to be a good sign, right? The first time I saw him, he was hunched down in my bushes, aiming a rifle at my heart, and he’s turned up with a new weapon every night since. As fun as our silly little game of Murder Daddy may be, I’m getting tired of having to steal my stalker-slash-boyfriend’s affection by disarming him and using his weapons against him.

I’ve got to get my head in the game. As my agency’s top assassin, I’ve killed my fair share of men. When Senator Levinson placed his son on my hitlist, I figured it would be a one-and-done. I was wrong. Every time our paths cross, he winds up getting the upper hand. The things he makes me do once he’s pried a gun or a knife out of my hand are downright depraved, and for some reason, I can’t bring myself to stop it from happening. My wife tells me I need to just suck it up and get the job done. My wife’s boyfriend says I’m sweet on the guy, which is absolutely ridiculous. Even if I wanted to take advantage of our open marriage, I’m not gay. This man—this Freakshow—is completely unhinged, and the worst part is, I think I might be just as crazy as him.

F**ck, Marry, Kill Me, Daddy is a high-heat, over-the-top, absolutely UNHINGED, dual-POV, dark romcom that is equal parts insta-love and insta-lust. While one character is married, their marriage is open, and there’s no cheating between them.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Make Mine A Grizzly, by Harper B. Cole & Colbie Dunbar

If they think I’m a bear in the morning, wait until they see me when they try to take what’s mine.

Omega human Cedric has had his heart shattered—by his boss—and is desperate to leave his job. Offered a new position in a town far from the city and his unfaithful ex-fiancé, he decides to take a vacation to explore the possibility of moving. Love is the last thing on his mind; he just needs an escape.

Alpha bear shifter Gage lives on the outskirts of a small town, leading a reclusive life. He rarely interacts with humans, preferring the solitude of the wilderness and the company of fellow shifters, while making a living through various odd jobs.

The town’s matchmakers are certain Cedric and Gage are fated mates, but their attempts to bring them together don’t go as planned. Unlike their previous successes, there’s no immediate spark, leading them to doubt their matchmaking abilities.

Make Mine a Grizzly is the tenth and final book in the M/M mpreg shifter, sweet-with-knotty-heat Mated by Chance series.It features an omega looking for a new beginning, an alpha who’s shut out the world, meddling matchmakers whose matchmaking ability is called into question, a cute baby, and a very happy ever after.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Fire and Moonlight, by CJ Ravenna

When childhood friends become enemies, can they find their way back to each other again?

When hunters slaughtered his family and the boy he loved betrayed him, Vicenzo “Vico” Salvatore lost everything. Years later, he is reunited with the boy he once loved—now a man—, and Vico finds himself with a pack never asked for, and haunted by memories of the love he shared with Eddie. All wolves need a pack to stay human and sane, and the more Vico distances himself, the more dangerous he becomes—to himself and others.

If Vico can’t let a new family into his heart, he will lose himself to the feral madness of his wolf forever.

Eddie Turner hasn’t known freedom ever since his cruel uncle forced him to become a hunter of his own kind. But that all changes when he’s rescued by the Lycanthrope Protection Agency. Reunited with the man he once called his fated mate, Eddie’s determined to soften Vico’s grumpy heart with smiles and patience.

One smoldering night is all it takes to turn them from enemies to something more, but just as the pair begin to dream of a future together, the past comes back to hunt them down. This time, Eddie and Vico must stand together as mates if they want to protect their found family once and for all.

Fire and Moonlight is the sixth and final book in The Lycanthrope Protection Agency seriesIt features childhood sweethearts turned enemies to lovers, a grumpy hurting wolf and his sunshine mate, found family feels, and a happily-ever-after. While this is a standalone, it is best to read Gabe and Max’s trilogy first, starting with To Hunt a Moonborn Beast.

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Christmas Lane, by Amy Aislin

Narrated by Aaron Hokanson

It’s recent college graduate Zach Greenfeld’s favorite time of the year and he’s just received a temporary gig planning Lighthouse Bay’s Christmas parade. Not only does it speak to his penchant for organization, it also puts him face to face on a daily basis with his unrequited crush—Holland Stone. But his new job starts off in disaster when the most important float—Santa’s sleigh—gets damaged.

Holland needs to win the Lighthouse Bay Christmas parade float competition in order to grow his new dollhouse-making business. The prize is an article in a major city newspaper, and nothing beats free advertising. Except, eager to help the adorable parade organizer, he volunteers to help fix Santa’s sleigh, leaving no time to work on his own float, and putting his prize at risk.

Damaged floats, snowstorms, and a last-minute parade emergency force Zach and Holland closer than ever. All they need is a little bit of Christmas magic to help them realize they belong together.

Christmas Lane is a sweet, May/December, small-town Christmas romance with an HEA!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Bold, by MA Innes

Tyson has a problem. He wants into the club, but the gatekeeper, Austin, knows he’s hiding something. He is. He just wasn’t prepared to have to share about his physical issues before getting to meet someone who wouldn’t mind those differences. But with a club full of open-minded omegas and Austin playing matchmaker…this time it’ll be different, right?

Dessie has a problem. Austin wants to fix him up with an unconventional alpha. Dessie wants to believe that Austin knows what he’s doing because everyone knows Austin is amazing. However, his frustrating history with Doms has shown him that opening up about his own desires isn’t a good idea…but Austin swears this time it’ll be different.

When privacy is a must and dating has been a bust, two men have to decide if they’re ready to finally open up and let love in.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dead Fun, by Pandora Pine

Come one, come all to Fun-A-Rama, where all your screams come true…

Ride the teacups. Reach new heights on the Ferris Wheel. Survive the Viper.

If you dare.

What could be more fun than a day at an amusement park filled with rides, games, and all the junk food you can eat? Ronan O’Mara can’t wait to tame the Viper, the parks double loop rollercoaster just like he did when he was a kid.

Psychic Tennyson Grimm has more in mind that surviving the Viper. His brother is in town and he’s looking forward to catching up and spending time getting to know him—while the kids hang out in the pool and have sleepovers at a different house every night.

Content to tackle the tamer rides, Ten ushers his family onto the Ferris Wheel. While stopped at the top, Tennyson’s day of fun is interrupted by a spirit and the vision of a deadly fall from the pinnacle. A fall which was ruled a suicide, but is starting to look an awful lot like murder. The spirit belongs to Kotter Brighthouse, the former owner of Fun-A-Rama, who’d been embroiled in a million-dollar embezzlement scheme prior to his untimely death.

Who killed Kotter Brighthouse? Why? Where’s the missing money? More importantly are there more victims to come?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Wrong Number, Right Dragon, by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes the wrong number is the exact one you need.

I never answer my phone, especially not when the caller’s number is “private.” Today is no exception, only unlike normal, they leave me a message, and for the first time, I’m kicking myself for not answering. The man on the other end is choking up, telling me there’s been a terrible accident and his son is in surgery, begging the person they thought they reached to come to the hospital waiting room so he isn’t alone.

If I could call the man and tell him about the wrong number, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I can’t. So I do the only thing I can think of. I rush to the hospital. Only when I walk into the emergency department waiting room, my dragon doesn’t want me to find the mystery man. He scents our mate, and that becomes his only mission in life.

My beast discovers we’re both there for the same man. The one who left me the voicemail is the father of the injured child, and there’s no one by his side.

Wrong Number, Right Dragon is a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg romance featuring a single father who gets the worst call of his life, the dragon he accidentally calls for help, true love, fated mates, adorable babies, and a happy ever after. If you love your alphas hot, your omegas strong, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy today.

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Game Plan, by Amy Aislin

As the new head coach of the Vancouver Orcas, Matt Shore has got his work cut out for him. Coming off a season where the Orcas came in last in the entire AHL, Matt’s job is to whip his new hockey team into shape for the oncoming season.

He doesn’t need any distractions, especially not one in the form of a tall, dark, and gorgeous antiques dealer.

Who’s also his ex—and his best player’s father.

Pierce Langley-Brown has a lot of regrets. The biggest? Leaving Matt behind two years ago when his son needed him. Now, with his son on Matt’s hockey team, there’s no avoiding the man who once owned his heart.

Not that Pierce wants to avoid him. And that heart? It still belongs to Matt.

But will Matt choose to keep it after all this time?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dream Bound, by Arian Williams

Besides the occasional pang of loneliness, I really was content with my orderly existence until, one day, a chance encounter with a psychic turned my life sideways. And before I knew it, I got caught up in a secret organization of individuals with special powers and discovered my hitherto unknown parents. But most surprising of all… who would have thought I’d actually meet a man I’ve been dreaming about all my life?

My life is really quite complete… with a childhood full of adventures, a membership in a cool secret organization, sometimes annoying but fabulous special abilities, and, of course, the love of my life. Except there is just a slight problem. My love shares his dreams with me, but does not seem to remember me in real life.

Darkness casts shadows over us. Hidden threats try to tear us apart. Will we find a way to be with each other and fight against the darkness?

This is Part I of the series set in the universe of a secret organization named Tasier. Part I’s adventure belongs to Joon and Trey.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Just Add Ice, by L.C. Chase

Sparks fly when ice meets fire.

After eight years in the minors, Rayne “Rain the Pain” Hamilton has realized two things: One, his chances of getting called up to the Big Show are rapidly dwindling with each passing season; and two, he needs a plan for life after hockey. What he doesn’t bargain for is the gorgeous instructor at the fire training center he attends during the off season, who ignites his heart with burning desire.

Nick Seavers had a great life until his husband died suddenly, and his sun blinked out. His demanding career firefighting and teaching the next generation of firefighters are the only things keeping him sane. The last thing he wants is one of the new trainees, a larger-than-life hockey player with mischievous eyes, taking up space in his head and making him feel things he never thought he’d feel again.

As the heat rises between Rayne and Nick, Rayne receives an offer for a new contract and has to decide: Move to yet another city and start all over again or step off the ice and into the fire with Nick.

PREORDER, Releasing July 11

The Princess, by EM Denning

Taylor Bennett wants his brother’s best friends.

Taylor is the youngest of three kids. He’s a cook at the family diner, a plant dad, a devoted son, and irrevocably in love with his brother’s best friend. Both of his brothers’ best friends, actually. But they’re in a relationship with each other, one that’s supposed to be a secret. So even if they were into him, they’re already together and three’s a crowd.

Damon Acosta is a pharmacist, an extrovert, an honorary member of the Bennett family, and best friend to Jonah Bennett. He’s also maybe a little in love with Taylor, the youngest Bennett Brother. Damon has always thought Taylor was good looking, but when he started wearing pretty sweaters and shiny lip gloss, Damon’s attraction went through the roof. There’s only one problem. Damon is in a relationship with Nash, Colby Bennett’s best friend.

Nash Weaver is a writer, a hermit apartment dweller, weekly begrudging gym-goer, and in love with Damon Acosta. Maybe also a bit in love with Taylor. He and Damon have always been willing to open their relationship for the right person. When it’s clear that Damon is head over heels for Taylor, Nash gives them his blessing. Only it’s not long before he finds out that Taylor is also into him.

Taylor knows how important Nash and Damon are to his brothers and to each other. He’s a fool for being willing to risk it all at his own shot at happiness, but Taylor has never let a little foolishness get in his way.

Breakfast at Bennett’s is a four book series consisting of The Virgin, The Jock, The Princess, and The Outcast. It is best enjoyed if read in order.

PREORDER, Releasing July 3

On Thin Ice, by Denver Shaw

As captain of the LA Grizzlies, Ryan ‘Ry’ Bennett’s life is all about hockey and pushing himself to the limit. A future in the major leagues would fulfill his life-long dream, but at 32, it seems like a far-off goal, especially as he watches younger, more promising players earn their chance.

Then he skates into Ry’s life.

Twenty-two year-old Alexander ‘Xander’ Harrison, a ray of sunshine, turns Ry’s world upside down. From their first clash at training camp to the late-night conversations that reveal the man beneath the surface, Ry finds himself drawn to Xander in ways he can’t explain. Xander’s everything Ry’s not – carefree, optimistic, and unapologetically himself.

Ry never thought he’d find love, especially with a man. But Xander shows him that love doesn’t care about expectations or pasts.

It just is.

When a league shake-up threatens to tear them apart, Ry knows he can’t let go without a fight. Because in the end, love isn’t about the games we play. It’s about the person we choose to stand with, no matter what.

What to expect: dual first person pov, slow burn, age gap, double queer awakening, first times, grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract, demi rep, and a guaranteed HEA.

The Games We Play is a multi-author minor league hockey romance series! All titles run concurrently through the same hockey season and the books can be read in any order, so jump in anywhere!

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Game Changer, by Ava Olsen

Is a second chance at first love a game changer?

Game Changer is a second chance, forced proximity, MM college hockey romance novella

Dane St. Pierre: I’m back for my sophomore year at Sutton U and I’m ready—to captain the hockey team, for classes, and to meet my new roommate. Until I find out that my roomie is none other than my ex, Jackson West. The last thing I need is distraction from my game. Hockey is my life. And living with Jackson? I’m not sure I’ll survive a week, never mind a semester.

PREORDER, Releasing August 23

His Gentle Omega, by Raiven Matthews

Shay Pierce
How could I love my fated mate when I couldn’t love myself?

Escaping with my young son from an abusive relationship, I had one plan to keep my son and I safe. Getting to the safety of my estranged brother and mending our rift. I never imagined I would find my fated mate at the worst possible time in my life. My priorities had to be rebuilding my life, breaking the mate bond that had been an epic mistake, keeping my son safe, and putting all my broken pieces back together. Easier said than done. My life was a train wreck and dragging Bennett into my mess wasn’t fair to either of us. I was barely hanging on, and I knew I couldn’t be the Alpha he deserved. So, I had to let him go.

Bennett Maxwell
They say you find love in the most unexpected places.

Finding my fated mate in the bruised and battered Alpha lying in the Emergency Room wasn’t the stuff my dreams were made of. But one look into Shay’s haunted eyes and I knew he and his adorable son were my future. Giving him the space he asked for was the hardest thing I had ever done, especially with him being my new next-door neighbor. I promised to give him the time he needed to heal, even if it meant keeping my pregnancy from him. But when his ex finds him, I’ll fight for what is mine.

His Gentle Omega is book 7 of the Sweet Alps Mates series. It can be read as a standalone, but previous characters do pop in to say hello. It features rejected fated mates, Mpreg, an alpha trying to get his life back, a sweet omega willing to wait for him, an adorable six-year-old, a ton of hurt/comfort, and a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Reaching Roland, by Sammi Cee

Kenny’s outgoing and fun, and he makes me want to do more than my normal rinse, repeat.

I know Kenny’s only teasing me when he calls me Daddy, since I’m obviously too old, too straight, and my wife was my one true love. But there’s something about him that pulls out all of my protective instincts and makes me want to take care of him. As brightly as he shines, there’s a loneliness lurking under the surface that I long to… What? I’m not even sure, but I’m positive that I can’t walk away from my new…friend.

Being the focus of Roland’s attention makes those stupid butterflies flutter around in my stomach.

My attraction to the absolute wrong men is why I’ve given up on dating. Roland’s straight and lonely, but for whatever reason, he enjoys my company. He’s also a caretaker, and it’s nice to feel so special. His life is changing and exciting things are on his horizon, so he won’t have time for me for long, but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I seem to be Reaching Roland.

Welcome to the Honey-Do Daddies in the Takoda Universe. Reaching Roland is an age-gap, bi-awakening story where there’s an abundance of family—by blood and found—love, and three Daddies ready to make some big changes and transform their lives.

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Fool’s Errand, by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory

The Up-and-Coming Businessman
At the age of eighteen, Judah Dailey thought his relationship with Tavish would last forever, until the fateful moment when Tav walked away. Judah didn’t get an explanation for why he was abandoned, and it haunts him. He never forgave Tav for what he did, but he continued with his life and started a successful business. When Judah accidentally runs into Tav twenty years later, he can’t let him leave again without an explanation. Instead, he gives Tav a new job.

The Trailer Park Staple
Tavish Greer has lived in a run-down trailer park while wallowing in his secret heartbreak for twenty years. No matter what he does, he can’t move on. He never expects to run into Judah again—until he does, quite literally. Telling his ex-boyfriend the truth about why he left isn’t something he ever wanted to do, but Judah is desperate for answers. Worst of all, Tav has never stopped loving him.

The Second Chance
Judah and Tav have always been from two separate worlds, but they made it work in the past. They’re older now, but outside forces fight against them being together. If they want to make their relationship work, they’ll need to go to war for each other. And, most importantly, they’ll need to be totally honest about the past. Are they ready to face their demons?

Fool’s Errand is a standalone novel in the New Gothenburg world.

Kindle Unlimited

Pippin & Nacho, by Courtney W. Dixon

He was my very survival. Without him, I was nothing.

Pippin (Sampson)

I’m broken, hiding my pain behind fake smiles and pretend joy. Inside, I’m a mental mess between being tossed into conversion therapy and foster care as a kid. I struggle to focus and suffer anxiety, panic attacks, and nightmares. My passions for skateboarding and bartending make me happy enough. But only Nate, my former foster brother and best friend, calms me and keeps me going forward. I’m not sure what I would do without him. Even worse, I secretly love him. Loving him could mean losing him.

Nacho (Nate)

I’d been in and out of foster care for as long as I could remember. My last home was with Sam. We quickly became friends, and I instantly went into protective mode. After Sam got hurt by our foster father, I took Sam out of there and watched over him for two years while living on the streets. When you spend a lifetime not being wanted by anyone, you crave being needed, and Sam needs me. But I secretly love him. I’ve told my friends I don’t want to ruin my friendship with Sam. The truth is if we don’t work out, I won’t be there to take care of him. Sam’s needs are more important than my feelings.

MM Urban, Found Family, New Adult, Best Friends to Lovers, Secret Love, Pining, Skateboarder Romance


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