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Wolf Hunt, by TJ Nichols

To save his pack, he’ll need to be caught. But can he be saved?

Taylor Walsh is a snake shifter with a reputation for doing what it takes to get the job done. This time it means catching the hunters before they take any more shifters. When the perfect bait appears, all he has to do is convince Justin Brook to play the part.

There are only three problems: Justin isn’t an agent; he’s a lawyer.
He’s already injured.
And Taylor doesn’t want anyone to realize how much he wants the snarly wolf shifter.

Justin Brook is part of the Coven’s legal branch, and he’s very familiar with Taylor’s methods because he’d pulled him out of the fire a few too many times. But his latest request is a step too far. He will not be the bait to catch the hunters. However, if he refuses, then they’ll take someone else. And if he agrees, his life will be in Taylor’s hands.

Wolf Hunt is a steamy mm shifter romance where falling for the wrong person might end up being the right thing. But learning to trust each other is another matter.

Discover the Outcast Pack mm paranormal wolf shifter steamy romance series. Join the gay wolves as they establish their pack and fall in love along the way. Each book has a new couple and a HEA and no mpreg.


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Suntastic Fun: The Complete Series, by Ariella Zoelle

Can friends find love in the hot summer heat? Find out in the sizzling Suntastic Fun: The Complete Series bundle.

It Might Be Hot

Alessandro always teases Lachlan about showing him what he’s missing out on by only dating women. But is he all talk? There’s only one way for Lachlan to find out.

After all, it might be hot to hook up with his gay best friend, right?

Hotter Than Hot

Baxley promises his best friend a night that’s hotter than hot. Callahan tells himself he shouldn’t be interested since he’s straight, but his curiosity gets the better of him.

But what if it’s so good, Callahan wants a repeat experience?

Suntastic Fun: The Complete Series features two friends to lovers, bisexual awakening, no angst romances. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and scorching-hot banter that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll adore this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Obnoxious Bad Boy, by Devon Doe

Tl;dr: Am I the problem for hooking up in secret with the local bad boy? (Everyone thinks I hate him)

I [20M] am an accomplished pre-law student with my life mapped out for me by my parents. One day, I’ll be a respected lawyer, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying college, writing shameless gay smut, and getting absolutely zero action.

But I do have a crush. On the most obnoxious local bad boy [25M] and the exact type of person I shouldn’t like. He’s a tattoo artist, an ex-burglar, and, worst of all, an influencer. He’s ripped, inked, and his ice-blue eyes pierce my heart (even if he did once spill coffee on my laptop and was very mean about it).

He’s also straight and I hate him because I can’t have him.

Or so I thought, because one day, when he notices me, my world spins out of control, and my morals go out the window. I’ve always been the skinny pale nerd with no flirting game, but to Vex, I’m his sweetie, his baby boy, and his eager plaything. I can’t help but love it.

But he doesn’t want to come out, my trust fund is on the line, and I’m falling for him all too fast. This was supposed to be a no-strings-attached arrangement, so I shouldn’t want him to be my boyfriend. But I do.

Am I the problem for trying to get more than he’s willing to give? Or is he the problem for dragging me into this?

Addendum: If my parents find out I’m seeing an ex-con, they’re gonna kill me.


“Obnoxious Bad Boy” is an enemies-to-lovers, steamy, opposites-attract romcom where a snotty nerd gets the bad boy of his dreams and has to deal with the consequences of their hush-hush relationship.

While the books in the series share a setting each can be read as a standalone.

(Aaron and Vex’s story)

Will our nerdy protagonist find the courage to fight for what he truly wants, or will he lose everything he holds dear? Don’t miss out on this scorching hot enemies-to-lovers romcom that will leave you crying with laughter!

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Light My Fire, by E.M. Lindsey

“And what if the one man you’re fighting against is the one man you want to fight for?”

Ethan Fitzgerald is a good guy. No really, he is. He’s the fire chief, he donates to charity, he knits on the weekends, and he rescues cats from trees. So there’s absolutely no reason he should turn into the world’s biggest jerk when Antoine Tremblay rolls into town.

Except, for some reason, it’s hate at first sight for both of them, and he can’t seem to help himself.

What makes matters worse is that Antoine seems to have a curse on him, leading him from one disaster to another. And that with every near-death experience, Fitz seems to be the one coming to the rescue without ever being thanked.

But below all that rage he feels, Fitz realizes there’s something else between them.



And desperation.

He can either cross that line or pretend it doesn’t exist, but the one thing he can’t ignore is the way that smart-mouthed, West Coast stranger really lights his fire.

Running In Circles is the former series On The Market, and this novel was previously titled Love Him Breathless. It has been completely revamped and re-written with names, places, characters, and major plot points changed.

It contains enemies to lovers, a wild peacock that isn’t so wild, there might be a curse, humid nights, soft kisses, tender realizations, and a happily ever after.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Hex and the City, by Nazri Noor

Leon Alcantara is a real son of a witch.

The last in a proud line of witches, he’s come to test his small magic in the big city. Stealing enchanted artifacts pays the rent, but the competition is fierce. And handsome. And great at magic, too.

But Maximilian Drake and his dark, brooding glances are the least of Leon’s problems. A chain of anomalies surges through the city, strange distortions in reality that threaten both Dos Lunas and its people.

Suspected by the arcane authorities, Leon is forced to work with his nemesis to clear his name. But Max is so secretive over his shrouded past. Can he even be trusted? Leon must decide before the anomalies destroy the city — and his entire life.

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Laying Pipe, by Kiki Clark

John has a good life. A mostly happy one even. It’s simple and a little lonely at times now that he’s divorced, but that’s okay. Not everyone is destined for a great love or happily ever after.

But he does have a thriving business and a best friend who’s like family. What more does he need?

Definitely not his best friend’s son. Even if John did look at men that way, there was no way he’d risk his friendship because he’d suddenly noticed things about Lukas he never had before.

Like how sweet he was. Or how good-looking.

Or how much he wants to kiss him…

Having a crush on his dad’s best friend for years hasn’t done wonders for Lukas’s love life. No one ever quite measured up to the kindhearted man who always seems to be there when Lukas needs him.

He knows nothing can ever come of it since John’s straight. Like, used to be married to a woman, only ever dated women, super blue collar kind of straight.

Not to mention his dad would lose his mind…

But it’s totally fine. Lukas is sure he’ll get over his feelings eventually.

Even if John is suddenly looking at him differently.

Almost like… Almost like he wants to kiss Lukas?

That can’t be right.

Laying Pipe is the first in bestselling author Kiki Clark’s Blue Collar Hearts series. It features a 42-year-old plumber who’s good with his hands… and pipes, a 26-year-old vet tech with the softest of hearts, a late-blooming bisexual, super low angst, and butt-touching as a love language.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Embrace Me, by Beck Grey

Narrated by Gary Furlong

Tadhg: After a nasty breakup with my manipulative ex, I returned home to Seattle to lick my wounds. I’m done with relationships. From now on I’m focusing on my career.

There are just a few issues with that.1. It’s not that easy for a Deaf man to succeed in a Hearing world, even with the right degree and experience.

2. Quinn MacDougall. He’s my co-worker. He’s also incredibly talented, driven, and distractingly handsome.

3. He’s hearing. And that’s the biggest problem of all. How can someone who isn’t Deaf ever truly understand and accept me?

Scroll up and grab your copy today!

Embrace Me is a 95,000-word contemporary MM romance about language barriers, loving but demanding families, crappy bosses, and sexy guys in speedos. It contains no cheating, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.


Say Uncle, by Ki Brightly, and MD Gregory

Narrated by Kayden Lukakis

The Nomad

Hayes Snyder had no plans to return to New Gothenburg, but when a contract takes him there, his conscience drives him to visit his brother. Spending a night at a club is his way of unwinding after time on the road, and when he meets a bratty man who makes his toes curl, he’s impossible to resist, even if he will only be a distraction for a short time.

The Brat with Nothing to Lose

Beckett Snyder is bored and freshly single, and the moment he lays eyes on a tasty stranger in black leather, he knows what he wants. When they’re kicked out of a club for their public fun, he doesn’t expect to see the sexy man again, until Hayes walks through the front door of his childhood home. It turns out Hayes is the uncle he hasn’t seen since he was a small child, and he didn’t have any memories of him.

Irresistible Temptation

Hayes and Beckett know it’s taboo to continue building a relationship, but it’s hard for them to stay away from each other. Hayes’s time in the city is counting down and they choose to make the most of it, but Hayes’s job turns dangerous, and Beckett doesn’t know when to follow orders. Will Hayes have to leave Beckett behind for his own good, or will they be able to make this unusual relationship last?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Human’s Incubus, by Michele Notaro

When an incubus tells you he’s your soulmate, do you stay and listen or run and never look back?

I’ve spent most of my life knowing that supernatural creatures exist but never really interacting with any, so my knowledge of them is limited. Still, who would’ve thought a demisexual incubus was a thing?

Well apparently, not only is it a thing, but I have one who claims to be my soulmate—or viramore, as he calls it. And now he has it in his head that he’s going to save me from my past.

I think he might have a few screws loose, but something about him intrigues me, and I find myself drawn into his orbit. Could he be telling the truth? Could he really be my soulmate? Or should I be running from him the way I’m running from my enemies?

The Human’s Incubus is the first book in A Brinnswick Story series and is a MM paranormal romance. This series takes place in the Ellwood Chronicles and Brinnswick Chronicles world, but it’s not necessary to read those series first in order to enjoy this one.

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Blaze, by RM Neill

Whoever says money can solve all your problems is a damn liar. It only creates unnecessary headaches and does nothing to erase bitter memories.

Deep down, I’m still the same guy I’ve always been. No matter how many zeros are in my bank account. No matter how far I run, or how much richer I become. Where I came from will never change.

I’m tired of pretending. It’s why I’ve come back to my hometown. To the simple life, to clearing my mind and finding the balance that’s always just out of reach.
No suits, no city living, no cheats and liars, and definitely no complications.

But the funny thing is, there’s a situation I wasn’t prepared for. The ranch hand on my best friend’s farm with a shy smile and talented hands. River is easygoing, confident and carefree, my total opposite.

Maybe an unexpected complication is exactly what I need to make things easy again.
Maybe finding my way back to who I truly am is easier if I’m not alone.

I don’t need much to be happy.
I have my job at Broken Horn Ranch, my custom furniture building on the side, and a standing date to dinner with my dad every Friday night.

Life doesn’t need excitement or fancy adventures to be fulfilling. Things are completely good just the way they are. There’s no sense toppling my perfectly balanced apple cart.

But I wasn’t expecting the tall, dark, and handsome man who arrived at the ranch on horseback and sent my comfortable, ordinary world spinning.
Blaze is the boss’s best friend and a part owner of the ranch. His brilliant smile masks his hidden troubles, and if I had a few pennies to spare for his thoughts, I’d spend every last one.

Maybe I don’t have everything I need after all.
Maybe I need him.

Blaze is the second book in The Broken Ranch series and can be read as a standalone. Expect to find two men in their forties remembering what it’s like to be kids again while falling in love, a new hobby making spoons, an abundance of romantic gestures and a super swoony sleigh ride.

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Love Without Reservations, by Gabbi Grey

I’ve tracked down my wayward sister to Cataluma, California, and my goal is to drag her back to Canada before she gets in trouble with the American authorities. The problem? She’s gone and fallen in love with some dude and refuses to come home. I need to stick around to talk some sense into her, but there’s only one damned inn in this podunk town and they insist they’re full. I can’t get the handsome innkeeper to make an exception, not even for the few days I’ll need to get Kendra safely headed back across the border.

I love my job as the owner of the quaint Cataluma Inn. I also pride myself in being a peacemaker. When I find squawking siblings arguing about a good friend of mine at our traditional barbecue, I have to step in. Next thing I know, I’m offering to share my one-bedroom apartment with a very attractive Canadian. Oh, and he’s gay too…

Love Without Reservations is s story in the Shopping for Love in Cataluma series. The book is a 38k word small-town gay interracial romance novella with a grumpy Canadian entrepreneur, a sunshine American motorcycle rider, and the love they never saw coming.

99c SALE, Multiple Retailers

Game Plan, by Amy Aislin

As the new head coach of the Vancouver Orcas, Matt Shore has got his work cut out for him. Coming off a season where the Orcas came in last in the entire AHL, Matt’s job is to whip his new hockey team into shape for the oncoming season.

He doesn’t need any distractions, especially not one in the form of a tall, dark, and gorgeous antiques dealer.

Who’s also his ex—and his best player’s father.

Pierce Langley-Brown has a lot of regrets. The biggest? Leaving Matt behind two years ago when his son needed him. Now, with his son on Matt’s hockey team, there’s no avoiding the man who once owned his heart.

Not that Pierce wants to avoid him. And that heart? It still belongs to Matt.

But will Matt choose to keep it after all this time?

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Point Blank, by Morgan Brice

Sexy psychic Simon Kincaide and skeptical homicide detective Vic D’Amato are getting married–if the ghost of a murderous magician doesn’t get them first!

Simon and Vic’s wedding is just a few weeks away, and they’re hoping for a little peace and quiet to wrap up work before their honeymoon, but nothing ever goes that smoothly.

Strange circumstances around the death of a retired stage magician suggest supernatural involvement, bringing Simon in on the case. The dark secrets of a long-ago resort hotel lead to a trail of unsolved cold cases that have a chilling similarity. Old scandals, malicious magic, and vengeful spirits expose a web of lies, deceit, and death that is headed for a reckoning.

Can Simon and Vic solve the murders, stop the ghosts, keep Simon’s mother from crashing the party, dodge last-minute wedding disasters, and still make it to the altar on time? Or will the shadows of Myrtle Beach’s haunted past ruin everything?

Point Blank is a fast-paced thrill ride MM paranormal romance packed with supernatural suspense, sinister sleight-of-hand, mysterious monsters, psychic visions, hot men, hurt/comfort, loyal friends, wedding planning, found family, ghosts galore, dark magic, and an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Say I Do, by Skyler Snow & Brea Alepou

What do you get when you mix a mobster with the son of the yakuza?

A marriage bathed in blood.

I never expected to be getting married, but when a business opportunity lands in my lap, I know I have to take it. After all, my family means the world to me. I’ll do anything to keep them safe, even if it’s entering a marriage that’s nothing more than convenience so I can pop out an heir.

However, that’s not what happens. The Hayashi’s pull a fast one and I’m left with a snarling godd*mn hellhound on my hands. Harlow is nothing like the demure, sweet woman I signed up for. No, he’s got teeth and he knows how to use them.

There’s no going back.

I’ll either fall in love or bury another lover.
The third book in the Vitale brother series. Each book can be read as a standalone. HEA guaranteed.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Prince and Bodyguard, by Tavia Lark

Cuddling with your bodyguard is normal—right?

Vana Dire can’t show weakness if he wants to survive the Draskoran court. The only man he can be vulnerable with is Daromir—Vana’s magic-bound bodyguard. The binding lets them share each other’s pain, and Vana depends on Daromir’s comfort as much as his services as a guard. Vana could never risk their friendship.

Even if he craves far more than Daromir’s loyalty.

Daromir Azri sees a side of Vana nobody else sees. Behind closed doors, the cold, elegant prince is kindhearted. Vulnerable. He needs Daromir. If Daromir’s devotion sometimes feels like something else? Daromir must be mistaken. His duty comes first, and he’ll do anything to protect Vana—including one thing he’s never done before:

He’s keeping a secret.

Then their magic bond changes, and suddenly Vana and Daromir don’t just share pain anymore. Each shared sensation pushes their friendship to the breaking point, just when Vana and Daromir need each other most. They’re facing a mysterious ambassador, a chaos-stirring prince, the consequences of past schemes—

And an assassin seeking Vana’s life.

Prince and Bodyguard is a gay fantasy romance with pining, hurt/comfort, and codependent cuddling. The Perilous Courts series is best read in order, and Prince and Bodyguard begins a new three-book arc about the princes of Draskora.

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Sugar Fighter, by Charity Parkerson

Zeke is the older man. The richer man. The man who plans to give Korey the world.

As MMA’s Light Heavyweight champion, Zeke’s million-dollar matches and multi-million-dollar sponsorships have given him the freedom to do whatever he likes. It pleases him to spoil Korey. Before Zeke’s best friend Charlie was deployed two years ago, he made Zeke swear he’d care for his brother Korey if anything happened to him. When Charlie is killed by a roadside bomb, Zeke takes the young college student in, determined to give him everything he requires to succeed. He never expects to end up hoping he can keep Korey under more than his roof. He needs Korey beneath him.

If Korey had been in his right mind after Charlie’s death, he would’ve turned down Zeke’s offer. By the time he realizes his mistake, he’s already addicted to Zeke’s powerful presence. He never meant to end up dependent on the man’s smiles and hot glances. The money, Korey could live without. The man has him hooked. There’s only one problem—neither man wants to cross the line from friends to lovers, ruining what they have.

Sugar Fighter is a short introduction to a new series by Charity Parkerson, Sugar Daddies. This series will feature male/male May/December romances where the men are hot, rich, naughty, and don’t like to be told no.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Husband Game, by Brigham Vaughn

Hockey Captain Wed in Secret Vegas Ceremony – Partner’s Identity Remains a Mystery

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Or does it?

Toronto Fisher Cats ice hockey captain Dustin Fowler attended the NHL awards and came home with more than the Ted Lindsay Award.

A cryptic social media post from the hockey forward himself revealed that he was wed in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas this past weekend.

His caption stating, “Sorry, ladies, Toronto’s most eligible bachelor just went off the market. I married my kitten tonight and I’ve never been happier,” sent tongues wagging across the league.

But who is “Kitten”?

Without verification from either the team’s head office or the new groom, rumors swirl about exactly who Fowler’s partner is.

A credible source from within the organization suggests that “Kitten” is none other than retired men’s figure skating champion Charlie Monaghan.

We here at JockGossip would like to offer our warmest congratulations to the newlyweds.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Master Zane’s Boys, by Morticia Knight

Narrated by John Solo

Master, Daddy, protector. Zane will do anything for his boys…

As the owner of Boston’s Club Sensation and mentor to the kink community, Master Zane does whatever he can to help those in need. When Ryan, his boy and Little, begs Zane to assist a young homeless man in trouble, he doesn’t hesitate. But why is Tyrese so vague about his circumstances?

Ty is new to the world of BDSM, and Zane wonders if that’s why he won’t trust them with his secrets. But as their connection deepens, it becomes clear they all desire more than friendship, and that Ty is ready to explore a different way of life.

However, their world comes crashing down when Ty finally reveals why he’s so terrified. Zane realizes he must protect both of his boys more than ever, but fears he’ll fail. Will their threesome be destroyed by the danger that looms over them, or can they outwit the enemy?

Note: Master Zane first appeared in Born Daddy as the owner of Boston’s Club Sensation, and mentor to new Daddies and Masters, but you don’t need to read that book to enjoy this one. Master Zane’s Boys kicks off the emotional and steamy Club Sensation series with the story of how Zane met the sub and Little who forever changed his life. Join him and all the club members as they explore exciting new lifestyles and search for who was meant for them. Grab this hurt/comfort, found family, age gap romance now!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

First Catch, by Cecelia Storm

The hardest play to master is a touchdown of the heart… Will these two opposites come together to score the ultimate goal?


Teaching languages on the side is the only thing keeping me afloat right now, but when a golden-retriever of a man hired me for double my usual rate, I was suspicious. Question everything, that’s my motto. But there’s something about Spencer – besides his incredible athletic body – that puts my defenses at ease. Then my past catches up with me at gunpoint, and all hell breaks loose.


The NFL is expecting great things from me this season, not to mention upholding my family’s pro-sports legacy. But when grumpy Oli showed up at my door to teach me French, it didn’t take long for me to fall for his beauty and mind. But… why does he feel like he’s always in danger? What is he running from? We could be so happy together if he’d just let me protect him from whatever, or whoever, seems to be catching up to him.

First Catch is a standalone Shady Past & Grumpy/Sunshine MM Sports Romance novel, and the first in the San Diego Seals series.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Johnson x 2, by Shae Michaels

They’re both professional hockey players, albeit for different teams. They’re both attending the same celebrity charity golf tournament. And they both have a hotel reservation under the name ‘J. Johnson’.

Or so they thought.

What happens when the hotel accidentally only holds one room instead of two? Can these two antagonistic, rival hockey players manage to share a hotel room without any sexy, forbidden, naughty hanky panky?

For Jaime Johnson and J.J. Johnson, the answer is… no.

A momentary lapse in judgment is all it can be. That’s all they can let it be. But what if underneath all the sniping and squabbling, there was… more?

Jaime Johnson and J.J. Johnson know how to handle being enemies. Can they handle falling in love?

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

All or Nothing, by Macy Blake

Have You Been Chosen?

Sawyer Smith is preparing to take on the world, and with his graduate degree only days away, he’s hoping to convince his gorgeous best friend and neighbor to come along for the ride. There’s only one problem; Draco has a secret, a big scaly secret, and it’s about to change Sawyer’s life forever.

When three mysterious men move into the new mansion across the street, Sawyer is plunged into a fantastical world he never knew existed. Discovering that Draco is a dragon shifter and a guardian of The Chosen One–a creature sent by the Goddess to restore the realm’s broken magic–is only the tip of the paranormal iceberg.

Being drawn into this strange new world is challenging enough, but then Sawyer finds himself attracted to all The Chosen One’s guardians: not only Draco, but also quiet and fierce vampire Andvari, sweet mage Henry, and ruthlessly smart griffin Eduard. 

And, oh yeah, it turns out not all magical creatures are friendly. Forces aligned against The Chosen One are out to destroy the guardians so the prophecy can never be fulfilled.

The biggest problem of all, though, is that once The Chosen One is found, Sawyer will have to return to his boring human life… alone. 

But in the paranormal world, there are no half measures. As danger mounts, Sawyer must choose between walking away from the men he’s grown to care for or risking it all for a chance at a future together.

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Father of the Groom, by Silvia Violet

Avery has a good life. He loves his job as a makeup artist, and he’s ecstatic about being Twink of Honor in his best friend’s wedding. He’s more than capable of supporting himself, but that doesn’t stop him from longing for an older man who’ll take care of him.

Graham Hillingdon has finally repaired his relationship with his son, and he’s thrilled to be part of his son’s wedding day, though he wishes he had a plus one to bring with him. Sadly, he has yet to find a man who appreciates both his dominant and nurturing sides; maybe even someone to call him Daddy.

When Avery and Graham meet at the wedding, attraction sizzles between them, and they end up spending an insanely hot night together. Graham makes sure Avery knows exactly who’s in charge in bed, but afterwards, he’s exquisitely gentle. This is just what Avery needs, and Graham is certain he’s finally found a man who desires what he has to give. Neither of them wants to part the next day, but between their age difference and their reluctance to reveal their relationship to Graham’s son, they wonder if they have any chance for a future together. But as perfect as they are for each other, shouldn’t it be worth the risk?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

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