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Deadly Desire, by Silvana Falcon

A dragon shifter finds his fated mate… in the assassin sent to kill him.

Disowned by his parents, all dragon shifter Lachlan wants is the crown that is rightfully his. That is, until a sizzling encounter at a hotel bar introduces him to a handsome stranger who calls to the dragon inside of him like no one else before, igniting a chemistry too powerful to resist.

For the first time in years, Lachlan finds himself dreaming again–of the man he met at the bar. Blake.

Lachlan wants Blake as much as he wants his crown. Maybe even more so.

But there’s a deadly catch. Blake is no ordinary man—he’s the familiar of a powerful wizard who owns half his soul, and this wizard isn’t going to let him go. Blake’s master relies on him to execute assassinations for his own gain… and Lachlan is next on the hit list.


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Catching His Fall, by Christie Gordon

When a skater boy rooms with a hot college nerd, sparks fly. Will they give in to temptation?

Max Thompson spends too much time at the skatepark, watching a mysterious bad boy he refers to as skater boy. Meanwhile, his college fund is running dry and it’s time to find a roommate to help with expenses. Hopefully one that’s not too weird this time. He’s avoided love to focus on school, but skater boy has buried into his heart.

Tanner Donahue is a hardworking young man, who skateboards and plays guitar in a cover band. But he needs a new place to live. He fell for his current roommate, a man who decided a relationship with a guy was not what he wanted and ended it.

Tanner appears on Max’s doorstep with his guinea pig, Stan, hoping to rent a room. Max is thrilled. But Max soon realizes if he’s going to date Tanner while living together, he needs to be careful. Tanner’s not too keen on falling for a roommate again. It doesn’t help that Tanner’s in the closet with his family and Max is out and proud. As Tanner’s life implodes, can they navigate their different worlds to find love?

Catching His Fall is the first novel in the Mesa Boys series. It is a roommates-to-lovers, opposites attract romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features a determined college student and a bad boy skater with a heart of gold. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Pole Position, by Charlie Novak

Pole position gives a driver the best chance at winning, but can there be a winner when a long-term relationship is on the line?

Mateo Llorente was born to be Formula 1 World Champion. Charming, handsome, and incredibly talented, Mateo is everything a champion should be. Dean Williams has fought for his position in Formula 1 with everything he has, and dreams of podium finishes and championship trophies.

For the past three years, Mateo and Dean have kept their long-term relationship under wraps, but when they both find themselves driving for Cadigan Racing, they know things won’t stay simple for long.

Keeping their relationship a secret is one thing, but dealing with the demands of the season is another. As both drivers rack up points and the media scrutiny puts them under pressure, cracks start to appear in Mateo and Dean’s relationship.

Can their love survive the intensity of Formula 1? Or will winning cost Dean and Mateo everything?

This M/M romance from Charlie Novak features a steamy long-term secret relationship between teammates, and is set in the high octane world of Formula 1 featuring fast cars, driving at the limit, spectacular crashes, heated rivalries, and of course, a HEA.

Each book in the Lights Out collection is a standalone story, and the books can be read in any order

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Washed Up Former Child Star Ryan Lee, by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

Ryan Lee is a hot mess.

In another lifetime, Ryan had it all. He was a child star in one of the biggest sitcoms on the planet. Now he’s an adult, unemployed, and a poster child for bad decisions. Okay, so he hasn’t robbed a convenience store yet, but only because he’s always either too high or too hungover. When the opportunity to film a reunion show comes up, Ryan jumps at the chance. He needs the money, but more than that, it might be what he needs to drag his career—and himself—out of the gutter.

Except seeing his former onscreen family again means seeing Chase Ellis–the guy who destroyed Ryan’s career by leaving the show, and the first boy Ryan ever kissed. Back when Ryan believed in fairytales, he thought he was in love with Chase, and the reunion brings all those old feelings racing back. But it drags up old secrets too. Ryan’s about to learn that, when it comes to Hollywood, the only happy endings are the ones that take place on screen.

Then again, maybe it isn’t a happy ending Ryan needs. Maybe it’s a new beginning.
Washed Up Former Child Star Ryan Lee is a standalone contemporary m/m second chance romance.

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Kicking it with the Best Man, by Riley Long

I’ve been out and proud for years, happily living my truth. Never did I imagine I would be asked to step back into the closet.

Until that night at the club.

After one too many cocktails, I ended up in a bathroom stall enjoying a hot and steamy tryst with a super sexy guy named Nate. We exchanged numbers and indulged in some spicy sexting.

But when I asked him to meet up again, he ghosted me.

I tried distracting myself by acting as a friend’s plus one to a wedding. Who do I see standing next to the groom, looking like a snack? Nate. He claims no one knows he’s gay and asks me to be discreet. Still, my years of hiding are behind me. Can I help him find the strength to come out to his family and friends? Or will his reservations be too big an obstacle to overcome?

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Against the Rush, by Susan Scott Shelley and Chantal Mer

Jalen Daniels loves his job as a hockey coach to kids in the Philadelphia Power’s youth league. Coaching in the same league he played in and volunteering his time to a charity that brings the game to underserved communities takes up much of his time. The rest is filled with playing hockey in a rec league and bouncing at a nightclub. Meeting Leif Larsson, star player for the Power and father of one of the kids he coaches, knocks Jalen’s busy life off balance and leaves him craving Philly’s favorite Swede.

Philadelphia Power defenseman Leif Larsson has devoted the last four years to being a dad and a hockey player, in that order. Focusing on being the best dad for his daughter and the best teammate and player for the team was all that mattered. But when he sees Jalen at a charity event, their connection is strong enough to push his heart into pursuing the talented, surprising, handsome man.

Amid the bustle of hockey season, the sparks between Jalen and Leif ignite into something bigger and brighter than they’ve ever experienced. But navigating a relationship when their conflicting schedules make meeting up close to impossible is harder on their hearts than they anticipated. Can they find a way to score a win for love?

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Forged in Love, by Harper Dakota

At one hundred and fifty years old, Ian finally had everything he wanted.

Becoming a vampire when he was eighteen, he viewed it as his chance to find his own fated mate, to explore the world, to live and see new things. He’s never regretted his choice, finding friends among paranormals and humans. When he finally meets his mate, he’s amazed that Fate brought him such a perfect fit. Berkley’s handsome, caring, creative. Everything Ian could have wanted in a partner. They settle into their life together, but when a fun outing takes a dangerous turn, will Ian and Berkley be able to save themselves, or will bigotry and hatred win?

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The Deadliest Fall, by Charlie Cochrane

Some truths can’t be left buried.

The second world war may be over, but for Leslie Cadmore the scars remain. His beloved dog died, there’s a rift between him and his lover Patrick, and his father inexplicably abandoned the family for life in a monastery. Fate’s been cruel.

A chance meeting with Patrick’s sister stirs old memories, and Leslie starts to dig into both his father’s motives and long-unanswered questions around the death of Fergus Jackson. The worst of a group of disreputable pre-war friends, Fergus was a manipulative rake who allegedly fell on his own knife in a training accident. An accident for which Patrick was apparently the only witness.

Leslie’s persuaded to meet Patrick again, and the pair easily fall back into their old dynamic. They uncover connection after surprising connection between their hedonistic old friends and not only Fergus’s murder, but Mr. Cadmore’s abrupt departure. As their investigation deepens, Leslie and Patrick’s bond deepens too. But no reconciliation can occur until Leslie knows for sure that his erstwhile lover wasn’t Fergus’s killer.

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Not My Groom, by Devon Doe

Tl;dr: Am I the problem for sleeping with my cousin’s groom before their wedding? I did her a favor, really!

I [25M] hate weddings, because I was jilted at mine a few years back. But while I might be cynical about love, I’m not gonna refuse free food and a five-star hotel at my cousin’s nuptials. And since I was visiting my hometown, I grabbed the opportunity to hook up before the event. What can I say? I’m an ass man, and when I spot a ripe peach, I’m gonna reach for it.

So here’s the issue: at the rehearsal dinner on the very next day, I found out the man whose cherry I took is the groom [20M].

This guy is to marry my cousin, so if he thinks I’ll let his behavior slide, he has another thing coming. He even has the audacity to make eyes at me during the wedding preparations. I don’t want to ruin the celebration, but I will tease and taunt this cheating bastard until he admits he’s gay and calls the whole thing off.

But it turns out he’s actually sweet as a basket full of puppies, lost in working out his identity, and now I’m falling for him.

Am I the villain and a wedding-wrecker? He’s the one who cheated!

(And why does his dog have to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen? The guy cooks a mean steak, has an ass you can bounce coins off, and owns a cute dog? Come on! I’m not in the market for a husband.)

“Not My Groom” is an enemies-to-lovers steamy romcom filled with wedding disasters.
When a commitment-phobic cynic meets a cheating groom, who’s actually desperate for affection, only a dog can talk some sense into them.
While the books in the series share a setting each can be read as a standalone.

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Muscle Cub, by Slade James

He’s a little too young and way too hot for me.

Austin Fox is a twentysomething beefcake living his best life working at a clothing-optional campground. He’s the reigning Best Cub of Bear Mountain Lodge. With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous smile, he radiates body positivity and self-esteem.

He could have anyone he wants.

I’m a forty-two-year-old, once-celebrated author with a bad case of writer’s block, a dad bod, and “performance anxiety” in bed.

He picks me.

On paper, he’s offering me exactly what I came here for — a weekend of no-strings fun to reboot, “get my groove back,” and find my muse before summer ends.

But there’s more to Austin’s story than his title and appearance. He’s empathetic, wise beyond his years, and he challenges me to see myself in a new light. Despite our age difference, we’re in the same place, hoping to find a renewed sense of purpose.

If we choose to let go of the stories that no longer serve us, we can write our next chapter together.

Muscle Cub is an age gap, surly/sunshine gay romance that starts with a one-night stand and turns into a deeper reflection on identity and self-image. It’s the second full-length book in the Bear Camp series, featuring cringe-inducing karaoke, a makeover, and a man-pageant. It can be read as a standalone.

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Synthetic Code for Sincerity, by Naya Zayn


Alpha, Vincent Zakari is as roguishly handsome as he is cunning.

Made to feel, yet with callous disregard for most people, he hides his synth identity beneath a charming smile.

To foil a major political threat, he worms into the life of an orphaned billionaire, but soon finds himself at the mercy of his own emotions.

Plagued by horrors from a tragic past, Yugo Jordan has shields for days, and never leaves his New York estate.

When another disaster forces him outside, he meets the insanely attractive Vincent, and is quickly undone by dark eyes and honey-slick words.

To Vincent, Yugo’s a fatal error in the making.

And to Yugo, Vincent is weakness personified, steadily breaking down those walls.

Both are helpless against the pull between them, even while confronted by stubborn inner demons and looming external threats.

As they navigate this heated, uncharted territory, they must also unravel the lies and secrets surrounding them…

or cave beneath all-too-human flaws.

Synthetic Code for Sincerity is an addictive blend of light scifi and heavy MM romance — deeply sensual, evocative, and marked by thrilling moments sure to stay with you long after turning that last page.

It’s the first in a series where each installment has a different couple, but follows an overarching plotline.

Readers can expect a host of morally grey characters, a smug bastard MC who’s brought down to his knees, another MC who’s shoved out of his comfort zone, first times, and a happy-for-now ending.

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The Cowboy and the Hoodlum, by Jackie North

Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do when I fall for you?

A job in the valley provides the break Royce so desperately needs from his regular life. Fresh air, plenty of sunshine, and hard work? That’s the ticket. Evenings around a campfire? Sign him up.

But when a new group of ex-cons arrives, ex-cons he’s responsible for, Royce realizes he is woefully unprepared. Not for the task of being team lead, he’s fully capable of that. No, it’s the bad in one particular bad boy that he is drawn to. The challenging mind beneath that messy dark hair, the insouciant slouch, and the long legs in grease-stained blue jeans and disreputable black motorcycle boots.

It’s more than Royce is prepared to resist.

The bad boy in question, Jonah, has a telling I-don’t-care shrug that reveals a heart-stopping vulnerability—and now all is lost as Royce falls hopelessly in love.

A gay m/m cowboy romance with opposites attract, fish out of water, first time, falling for the bad boy, slow burn, endless flirting, birdwatching, and s’mores around the campfire. A little sweet, a little steamy, with a guaranteed HEA.

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Legend, by Isla Olsen & Willow Thomas


Legend of the Game. That’s me, apparently. I suppose it’s meant to be a compliment, but to me it just sounds like one of those labels people slap on you when you’re on your way out.

Legend. Stalwart. Dinosaur. It all sounds the same to me.

I’ve been in the Premier League for over twenty years and I’m not ready to leave. I’m definitely not about to let myself get pushed out by a flashy upstart like Archie Milligan.

The kid is way too shiny, way too bouncy…and way too attractive. And if I have to spend any more time training one-on-one with him, I’m going to go insane.


Playing for Croydon Pride has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. The circumstances that led to me switching clubs weren’t ideal, but I’ve always been a bright side kind of guy, so I plan to make the most of it.

There’s just one problem. Tom Whitford—AKA the not-so-secret object of all my youthful fantasies, and my current training partner—is a total arsehole.

He thinks we’re rivals, but all I want is to be mates. Okay, maybe that’s not all I want, but it’s what I’ll take…after all, what are the odds the legendary player I’ve been swooning over for years is not only secretly attracted to men, but to me in particular?
Legend is book one of the Pride F.C. series. Expect socc

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Royals, by JV Speyer

Two uncles from vastly different worlds. One orphaned child. Will a conspiracy that bridges an ocean somehow build a family, or will state secrets keep Eric and Dan apart forever?

Eric is a genius. He’s a professor of environmental studies at an Ivy League university, an inventor, and one of the most respected scientists in his field. He doesn’t think about his birth family much, and the feeling is mutual – or he thinks it is, until a call from a local hospital throws his carefully ordered world into chaos.

Dan has seen and done a lot in his time as an Army Ranger. Thrown into civilian life by an injury, he’s happy to work for Five Star Security doing what he does best – until he gets a call from his hometown with devastating news. His beloved older brother, Ben, has been killed in a car accident, along with his bride, Selene. Custody of their amazing four-year-old daughter has been left not to Dan, with whom all three were close, but to Selene’s younger half-brother, Eric – a man Dan has never met and who didn’t bother showing up for the wedding. Dan is devastated. Finding Eric to be handsome and kind, if reserved, doesn’t help. Selene was wonderful, but her whole family was a pack of vipers. Eric can’t be any different, can he?

It doesn’t take long for Dan’s boss to figure out why Selene and Ben would leave Ada in Eric’s custody. Selene was a member of the royal family of Corvia, and Eric has managed to avoid the spotlight for the past decade and more. As the investigation into the car wreck shows it was no accident, Dan and Eric must join forces to keep their shared niece safe. But can they keep their hearts safe from each other – especially when old secrets come to light that threaten their newfound love?

Royals is the second book in the Bodyguards M/M contemporary romance series. If you like tortured heroes, intense predicaments, and steamy affairs, then this one is for you!

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Love Is All Volume 6, by various authors

This sixth edition of Love Is All features ten brand new stories from bestselling and award-winning authors, including BL Maxwell, Chantal Mer & Susan Scott Shelley, Connor Peterson, Gabbi Grey, Nic Starr, Sean Michael, V.L. Locey & RJ Scott, Lee Blair, Xio Axelrod, and Piper Malone They celebrate the universal human right that is to love and be loved.

All proceeds from the anthology will go to organizations that support and defend LGBTQIA+ rights.

The anthology will only be available for a limited time.

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Tink, by Emmy Sanders

Have you heard the tale of Goldie and the Two Bears?


Working in the adult entertainment industry has its challenges. Mainly, scoring a date that lasts longer than a night. I’d started to wonder if my own happily-ever-after wasn’t in the cards.

But then a hookup turned meet-cute lands me right on top of Rowan, the shy, submissive bear of my dreams with a serious weak spot for sweetly spoken words. He doesn’t see Tink, the performer. He sees me.

Yet before I can lick my territory, Rowan’s neighbor Finn walks in. Quite literally. And the tatted, pierced, ginger-haired papa bear has his sights set on my new crush. Even worse, Rowan returns his interest. I assume that’s game over, so imagine my shock when Finn suggests a less-than-traditional arrangement in which we all win.

They say you should never run from bears. So really, what’s a boy to do when faced with his ultimate fantasy?

After all, maybe happily-ever-after is meant for more than two.

Tink is a poly MMM romance between one golden-haired troublemaker and two very delicious bears of the human variety. There’s praise, furry chests and unexpected piercings, an extensive collection of orchids, tight white pants, coworkers who are like family, and one very HEA. It’s book 3 in the Elite 8 Studios series but can be read as a standalone.

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The Art of Husbandry, by Jay Hogan

When life drowns you in lemons, to hell with making lemonade. I wanted to burn the whole world. But eighteen months from the day my life was torn apart, I’m tired of the anger. Tired of the nightmares. Tired of putting one foot in front of the other just trying to survive. Three months on a high country sheep station in the middle of nowhere is exactly the reboot I need. A chance to break free. To breathe again. To find a way forward.

I put my entire life on hold and head south to Mackenzie Country. But falling for the captivating young station boss was never part of the plan. Holden Miller might be smart and sexy and push all my dusty buttons, but we come from two different worlds. I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m not interested in love. I’m done with all that.

But Holden doesn’t care about my rules. Nestled safely in the arms of the spectacular Southern Alps, on an isolated sheep farm at the top of the world, Holden begins knitting my battered heart together one careful stitch at a time. And with every pass of the thread, every braid of the river on our doorstep, I catch a tantalising glimpse of something I’d almost given up on.

Happiness, and maybe even love.

If I have the courage to reach out and grab them.

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A Mage’s Guide to Wicky, by AJ Sherwood

Wicky’s never been magically stalked before.

He kinda likes it, to be honest.

For some reason, it’s upsetting everyone else though. Maybe he should figure out who it is?

Ooooo, maybe his fated one is on the other end! In…Thailand?


Wicky use your brain challenge: Failed, author has lost discretion in this, Wicky is in Thailand, pray for Thailand, the trio is along for the ride, fated mates, Thai magic, don’t mind the author I’m just over here building a ship, Sun is the younger of the two but he’s also resigned to being the responsible one, chosen family, Mobius talks, in Thai, Wicky feels so betrayed, look this is pure romantic crack, Sun is cute that’s all you need to know

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This Will Hurt II, by Cara Dee

Part II of II • Angst • Awakening • Friends to Lovers • Found Family • Slow Burn
Buckle up. Hearts broken and wings clipped, Roe and Jake have mountains to climb, walls to tear down, and countless private moments to bring them even closer in this final part of their journey.

I’d gotten what I’d asked for, right? The ground beneath me had finally settled. I had the wife. I had the kid—my beautiful baby boy. Work was great. I was traveling the globe with my best friend, and together we were Roe Finlay and Jake Denver. Inseparable.

That was the f— That was the problem. We were inseparable. Even though he would never be the man I’d once wished he could be, I couldn’t freaking cope going a day without seeing him. When we were together, all was well in the world. I could breathe easier.

Then I found his damn journal from…therapy. That was right. My best friend, who defined “man of few words,” was in therapy. The ground started shaking again. I got desperate. I swam in denial. I…almost lost him on the job when he saved my life.

Nothing was settled anymore.

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Master Zane’s Boys, by Morticia Knight

Master, Daddy, protector. Zane will do anything for his boys…

As the owner of Boston’s Club Sensation and mentor to the kink community, Master Zane does whatever he can to help those in need. When Ryan, his boy and Little, begs Zane to assist a young homeless man in trouble, he doesn’t hesitate. But why is Tyrese so vague about his circumstances?

Ty is new to the world of BDSM, and Zane wonders if that’s why he won’t trust them with his secrets. But as their connection deepens, it becomes clear they all desire more than friendship, and that Ty is ready to explore a different way of life.

However, their world comes crashing down when Ty finally reveals why he’s so terrified. Zane realizes he must protect both of his boys more than ever, but fears he’ll fail. Will their threesome be destroyed by the danger that looms over them, or can they outwit the enemy?

Note: Master Zane first appeared in Born Daddy as the owner of Boston’s Club Sensation, and mentor to new Daddies and Masters, but you don’t need to read that book to enjoy this one. Master Zane’s Boys kicks off the emotional and steamy Club Sensation series with the story of how Zane met the sub and Little who forever changed his life. Join him and all the club members as they explore exciting new lifestyles and search for who was meant for them. Grab this hurt/comfort, found family, age gap romance now!

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Conquest, by Sienna Moreau

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been summoned once more, but before Conquest can bring humanity to its knees, his love for a broken Angel may bring Conquest to his.

As the first Horseman, Conquest has one task: bring complete chaos to the Earthly Dimension and pave the way for his brethren—War, Famine, and Death. It’s been a long time since the rider of the white horse has been on Earth, and he looks forward to bringing back the balance, one murder at a time. He has no love for the Heavens, and he has no use for a baby Angel that is weaker even than a mortal, until a sinister plan takes shape in his mind.

For as long as Raziel can remember, all of Heaven has shunned him—after all, he’s an Angel without access to his Power. When he’s given a task well beyond his abilities, he finds himself thrown into the path of a Horseman who seems determined to make him question everything he’s ever known. He should be terrified and nothing more, but instead … he feels something for which he doesn’t even have a name.

Soon, Conquest and Raziel find themselves standing between Heaven and Hell, the lines between good and evil starting to blur, and loyalties being stretched and twisted. Conquest begins to realize that Raziel may hold the key to the future of Earth, and if Conquest doesn’t keep his Angel close, more than just his heart might be at stake.

After millennia of war, will an Angel cast aside by Heaven be the first Horseman’s undoing?

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Catalyst, by Aurora Crane

Detective Quinn Hughes doesn’t have many regrets in life, but Sebastian Devlin is the biggest. As a cop and a defence lawyer, the deck was stacked against them to start with, but Quinn was the one who left a burning inferno behind him. Missing his chance with ex-Special Forces Commando Peyton Sinclair is a close second on his regrets list, but Quinn isn’t going to ruin the happiness Peyton has found with fellow police officer Will McMahon for anything—not even a chance at his own happiness.

Best friends Will McMahon and Peyton Sinclair have been hooking up for years, content with their arrangement and the comfort they get from it. When Sebastian—the hot lawyer they picked up at the club the night before—stumbles over a dead body in their kitchen on his way out, calling Quinn is instinctive for them. Years of unacknowledged tension between Peyton and Quinn is a sore point, but Peyton trusts that Quinn will figure out the mess they’ve landed in.

While Quinn tries to find answers, Peyton and Will quickly find themselves tangled in the tension between Quinn and Sebastian. They’re hoping Quinn can move fast—before one of them becomes the next dead body—but the situation becomes even more complicated when another explosive night proves that Peyton and Will aren’t done with either Quinn or Sebastian, just as much as the two aren’t done with each other.

Between the mind-blowing night Sebastian spent with Peyton and Will, and the fact that every time he turns around it’s either Quinn or the barrel of a gun waiting for him, Sebastian has never had more regrets. If he can survive long enough to get some answers, maybe the four of them together are going to be the catalyst for a future that’s more wildly different than anything they’d ever imagined.

Catalyst is an 88,000-word MMMM romance that ends in a HFN. It is Book 1 in an ongoing series following the same four men and their relationship.

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The Reprobate, by Silvia Violet

People call me a reprobate. I’m known for my humor, my arrogance, and my inability to follow rules.

My boss sends me on a mission to protect the cold-as-ice billionaire I love to hate. I plan to push all the man’s buttons.

He’s as irritating—and as hot— as he’s always been. I expected to want him. What I didn’t expect was for my heart to get involved.

There are things no one told me about the mission, and our enemies are closing in fast. We have nowhere to go, but my friend’s ranch turned safehouse.

Neither of us was made for relationships, but the longer we’re together, the harder it is to deny the way he makes my heart ache for more. I’ve been living on the run, dodging bullets and my past. Can I stay put and give myself a chance at love?

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Love for the Reaper, by Charlie Cochet

Devlin “Dev” Espinosa lives in the shadows of the criminal underworld. As a Ferryman, his job is to safely transport “the dead” to their new lives, no questions asked. With no one to answer to, lots of cash, and access to The Anonymous–an exclusive club for the elite–Dev is loving life.

Until Remy Corbin gets into his car.

Remy is just a regular guy working a regular bartending job. At least, that’s what he thought before walking in on his boss taking someone out. Witnessing the assassination paints a target on Remy’s back, and when the bullets fly, he jumps into a stranger’s car.

Dev has no intention of getting involved in Remy’s problems, but something about the guy brings out protective instincts Dev didn’t know he had. Going against his better judgment, Dev vows to keep Remy alive.

Can wild nights fueled by danger and explosive passion lead to more? Or will the hitman on their tail cut their romance–and lives–short?

Love for the Reaper is a part of the multi-author series The Elite. Each book can be read as a standalone and in any order. What links these books together is The Anonymous, a club beneath the gritty city where only the elite are welcome.

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Intermission, by D.G. Carothers

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to take a side trip down two branching paths.

First, we’ll follow Matt and Xander as they take a surprise honeymoon to Hawaii in The Honeymooners.

It’s not all private beaches and swimming with the fish, though. Truths from Xander’s past are revealed that give Matt new insight into his mate. Just as they get comfortable, the unforeseen appearance of a new enemy cuts their trip short.

Next, we slide over to find out what some mischievous foxes have been doing behind the scenes since they arrived in France. Akira and Koji set their sights on a pair of twin hunky dragons in 2+2=Love.

It’s not easy being twin dragons when your other half has been in your head since conception. It’s certainly not easy finding love, but Halvar and Herleif have hope when a pair of foxes cyberstalk their way into their lives.

Intermission contains two short stories that occur during the events at the end of First Strike and through Dragon’s Hoard. While these stories do not fit into the overall story arc, some bits and pieces may find importance later on down the road. So take a break from the action and breathe in some light-hearted fun and romance.

PREORDER, Releasing June 15

How to Say I Do, by Tal Bauer

Opposites attract, sure. But when Manhattan glitz collides with Texas grit, will love be enough?

Manhattan is my heart and soul. In the cutthroat world of elite public relations, I’m one of the princes. I manage global superstars, predict the up-and-coming trends, easy. And social media? That’s my specialty. I can make you, hon, and launch you straight to the stratosphere. My life is champagne glitter and starlight, and everything around me is gold. But then, my own wedding bells turn into alarm bells, and suddenly, I’m off to Cancun—alone. Alone with a first-class ticket to a honeymoon for one. All that gold? Tarnished tin. Everything I thought I knew? Gone.

Cancun is supposed to be where I obliterate myself on margaritas and tropical waves. Forget the past, shake off the pain, and look ahead. It’s my strategy, always has been. But beneath it all, I long for someone to see the real me, the Noël I’ve hidden away for years. I’m so damn lonely.

And then I meet Wyatt.

He’s nothing like me. He’s a rancher from Texas, he can’t tell me whether high waist jeans are in or out, and he’d rather work his fields than rub elbows with celebs. Velvet rope lines and VIP access are meaningless to him. He’s also kinder than me, and altruistic in a way I haven’t seen since cargo pants died as a trend in the early 2000s. He’s the best man I’ve ever met.

And that’s a problem, because all of his big-hearted warmth and Texas gentleness is drawing me in. I’m desperate to surrender, but I can’t. Good things aren’t meant for me. I’m no good for Wyatt. In fact, I’m his looming heartbreak.

So why am I kissing him?

I’m a man of the land, made from the Texas soil I work on, strengthened by the vineyard I tend to. It’s a world I’ve carefully nurtured, a balm for the wounds of my past. This life hasn’t been easy, but it’s mine. I’m fiercely protective of the world I’ve built for me, my brother, his fiancée, and my nephew. The four of us are everything that matters to me, and my life and my cares extend to my cross fences and the edges of my range. Everything else out there? It’s all just dust in the wind.

And then Noël blows into my life.

I’m gone. Captivated, spun around, tipped upside down and torn apart. I can’t breathe; being around Noël makes me feel like I’m sixteen again and hiding all my secret fantasies and unspoken desires. I’m down in Cancun with my family, and this isn’t the time to be falling for a guy, but how can you not fall head over heels when the man of your dreams walks into your world?

Noël’s many multi-hued layers fascinate me and perplex me, and I want to spend every minute unraveling him. Noël’s life is glittering gold, and mine is Texas soil, but I can learn to understand Manhattan, pop culture, and celebrities if that means I get to be Noël’s man.

But does Noël feel the same? What is this between us? Is it just a week that we both need, a Pause on life, out here in this place so far removed from our real lives? Or is this the start of something new and huge and life-changing for the two of us? What am I seeing in Noël’s eyes when he looks at me?

And what’s going to happen when this week ends?


How to Say I Do is an opposites-attract, slow-burn, bi-awakening, rom-com-meets-heartfelt romance love story full of swoony beach vacation vibes, laugh-out-loud moments, and grab-your-chest heartache. Add a sprinkle of fake husbands, second chance romance, small town vibes, and celebrity shenanigans, and you’ve got the makings of Wyatt and Noël’s love story.

Pour yourself into the sand and sun and enjoy Noël and Wyatt’s journey to their Happy Ever After.

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