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The Devil’s Son, by Loki Renard

Am I a sweet prince, or terrible devil?
Why not both?

My name is Prince Sebastian Force, and my entire family was killed before my eyes.
I would have been slain too if not for the only loyal knight in the castle carrying me off and saving my life.
Sir Lucan is brave, brutal, handsome – and a lot older than me.
He is everything I am not.

I love clothes, jewels, and… men.
But no prince of the Kingdom of Force is suffered to be gay.
I know if Lucan had any idea of the desires I harbor for him he would abandon me immediately.
So I must be strong, even though I am the weakest I have ever been.

Everything has been taken from me.
My family. My castle. My crown.
Now I am hunted like an animal, forced to live like a peasant, and facing certain death if Lucan ever leaves my side.

The knight has no patience for my spoiled tastes. When I defy him, he whips me. Perhaps I should hate him for that, but…
I love him.
I need him.
And I am terrified of what will happen when he discovers who – and what, I really am.

The Devil’s Son is a dark MM forbidden love age gap romance set in a fantasy world. Recommended for mature readers only.

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Newton’s Laws of Attraction, by M.J. O’Shea

He never forgot his first love… too bad his first love would do just about anything to forget him.

Rory was Ben’s oldest and best friend until senior year of high school, when lifelong friendship turned into something so much more. They had each other and what felt like forever until Ben chose closeted popularity over true love…

He’s regretted it ever since.

Ten years later, Ben is out and proud and teaching art at the same high school he graduated from. He’s excited to meet the new chemistry teacher next door until he finds out the brand new teacher is none other than Rory Newton—the first love he’s never come close to getting over.

Despite a painfully awkward start, it doesn’t take Ben long to realize he’ll do whatever it takes to get a second chance with Rory.

But it’s starting to look like even his best might not be enough.

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The Waiting Game, by Brigham Vaughn

Fisher Cats’ Hale and Brewer Engaged: College Sweethearts or Fake Relationship?

On the eve of their first playoff game this post-season, the Toronto Fisher Cats organization sent out a press release announcing the engagement of their top D-pair.

The release insinuates the childhood friends may have been involved as far back as college and makes it clear the front office supports the relationship. “We are confident that such a longstanding relationship will be nothing but beneficial to Felix in his recovery.”

Reactions are mixed.

An anonymous inside source stated, “Legit? No way. This whole thing’s a PR stunt to soften the public’s perception of Hale.”

One fan commented, “Hale & Brewer have always been so adorable together! It’s great they finally feel comfortable being out about their relationship!”

While many fans are similarly supportive, others speculate that the announcement is tied to the Cats’ shaky play of late. “We all know they’re not gonna make it past the first round,” one fan stated. “It’s just an attempt to distract from how weak the team is.”

Adding fuel to the controversy, Hale shared an image of the players naked in bed together and captioned, “Pre-game nap with Jonah before we take on the Montreal Lynx. Go, Cats!”

PR stunt or happily engaged couple? Only time will tell.

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Leap Year, by A.M. Arthur

Reclusive artist Russell Schar enjoys his quiet life in the big house he rents from his best friend, so he’s less than thrilled when a small family moves in next door. Neighbors and their noise do not fit into his carefully constructed routines, but as long as they stay on their side of the property? He’ll work it out.

After a series of family traumas, all single-dad Patrick Gillespie wants is to find some balance: school for his seven-year-old son, a full-time job for himself, and a stable place to live while he gets his late mother’s affairs in order. He does not expect his surly, ginger bear of a neighbor to slide right under his skin and stay there. Or for Russell to develop a fast friendship with Patrick’s son.

A mild flirtation between Patrick and Russell turns into more than either man expects or knows how to deal with. They both want to protect their damaged hearts, but sometimes it takes a leap of faith to find true love.

Leap Year is loosely connected to the Neighborhood Shindig series, but can be read independently. Content warning for discussions of past abuse.

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Encore, by Larkin Lavallee

Five years isn’t close to long enough to forget the love of your life.


After my mom walked in on me enjoying some benefits with my best friend, everything went wrong. She outed him to his parents. They flipped, and he vanished. I waited for months before realizing I’d never see him again. I tried to move on, to live my life, but it never quite took.

Now, after five years, he’s suddenly here and the moment I saw him, all the old feelings came rushing back.

He doesn’t feel the same. I don’t know if he’s mad at me or at the world and I don’t know how to help him.

I just wish he could see how good we’d be together.


Five years ago, I was ripped away from the love of my life. The adults in our lives were supposed to be our support system, but they failed us in the biggest way possible.

So the first thing I do once I’m out from under my parents’ thumb is to find him, and the moment I see him, I know that the only thing I want is to be with him. I’m haunted by my past and I can’t handle my feelings for him. He doesn’t need to know that my heart aches every time I look at him.

I don’t want to keep hurting him, but I can’t stay away.

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Red Haze, by Lark Taylor

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea to crush on a straight guy. But when that man is also your bodyguard?
It’s just asking for trouble.


Our rise to stardom might’ve helped me escape from the chaos that was my childhood, but that didn’t mean it was easy for me. Now, with fame and an almost unlimited bank account, you’d think I’d be happy. But I’m not. There’s no escaping the depression that dogs me or my past that refuses to leave me alone, no matter what I try. There’s no-one to stop the self-destructive spiral I’m caught in.

No-one, that is, until Jack.

As soon as the stoic man who looks like he could crush me under his thumb is assigned to me, I know I’m in trouble. Not only is he every one of my wet dreams brought to life, but he’s straight. Oh, and tasked with keeping me out of mischief.What I wasn’t expecting was the friendship that followed. The way we would come to depend on one another.

When it’s all ripped away, can I find a way to exist without Jack at my side? Or am I destined to love someone I can never have?


After leaving the SAS, going into personal security seemed like the next logical step. Having been briefed on my client, the drummer for the rock band Caffeine Daydreams, I believed I’d be guarding some spoiled kid with more money than sense.

But as I get to know Arlo, I realise nothing could be further from the truth.

With the line between professional and personal blurring, Arlo quickly becomes the most important person in my life. When I have to decide between keeping him in my life or protecting him, I choose the latter.

I will always protect Arlo.

What I didn’t know was that the price I’d pay would cut me far deeper than I’d thought possible. Can I persuade Arlo to give me another chance? Or will I have to resign myself to just seeing him on my screen?

Red Haze is a demi-awakening, bodyguard x rockstar MM romance. The final book in the Caffeine Daydreams series, each book follows a different couple as they find their HEA. Although better read in order, these books can standalone.

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Falling For Raine, by Lane Hayes

The gentleman, the hot mess, and a little British adventure…

Moving to London is scary and daunting, but I desperately need this new job–and a redo. Okay, so I may have oversold my qualifications. That shouldn’t be a big deal, though. I mean, being an assistant’s assistant seems easy enough, and I’m a fast learner.

Except…I’m already in over my head with spreadsheets, new pronunciations, and temperamental appliances. And just as I’m mentally preparing to face going home early, the big boss offers me an opportunity I can’t refuse. And I definitely should because Graham Horsham is an infuriating, complicated grumpy bear with a razor-sharp tongue, a wickedly dry sense of humor, and…I like him far too much.


I’ve been bamboozled. I’m not quite sure how I ended up with an assistant who spills coffee daily, wears wrinkled shirts, and chatters nonstop. He can’t stay, but I don’t want him to go either. That isn’t like me.

And the timing couldn’t be worse. The Horsham Group is about to close one of our biggest deals ever, and I won’t jeopardize it. This one is personal.

Yet so is Raine.

He’s a breath of fresh air—silly, impetuous, lighthearted, good-natured, and…quite lovely. I like him more than I want to admit.

But not to worry…I will not, under any circumstances, fall for Raine.

Falling for Raine is an MM, age-gap romance featuring a British gentleman, a desperate but adorable American, and a UK adventure!

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When the Wild Whales Wail, by Kris Vanc

When life takes you from the warm Nevada desert to the icy shores of Unalaska, Alaska, as part of the WITSEC program, you can expect your world to be turned upside down. My name is Dominic LaRue, or at least that’s my new identity. In this freezing fisherman’s town, where frostbite is a given, I’ve been given a fresh start, a new life, and a chance to finally be myself.

Warren Philips, my handler, seems to have it all figured out. On the surface, his life appears perfect, but as I delve deeper, I uncover buried desires and a past he’s been trying to forget. Warren and his loyal husky, Jack, attempt to live a solitary life after a recent breakup, but it becomes clear that we’re both unable to stay away from each other.

In a literary stumble, I find myself entering a BDSM dynamic I never thought possible, discovering sides of myself I never knew existed. Along the way, I also find trouble that seems to have a knack for finding me.

“When the Wild Whales Wail” is a full-length MM novel that combines romance, BDSM, and self-discovery. Although it can be enjoyed as a standalone, it continues the story of the Deserted Lilies Trilogy.

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My Skin Begs You Please, by Leta Blake

Mitchell “Minty” Arnold receives some devastating news, setting the light-hearted optimist on a dark and self-destructive path. Luke Montgomery has experience with pain and suffering. In fact, he’s a professional at it. With Minty’s behavior escalating dangerously, Luke takes it upon himself to help Minty indulge his self-destructive urges in a safe and sane way. But as Minty struggles to overcome his deepest pain, Luke must help him find power in his broken places and love himself unconditionally.

An intense, dark standalone, spinoff Romance novel set in Leta Blake’s ’90s Coming of Age universe with a guaranteed long-term happy ending for both mentogether.

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Brodie Winters Volume 1, by Dion Marc

Brodie Winters is the Chosen One, but he doesn’t want to be…

Brodie Winters wants nothing more than to retire and have a little fun for once. Unfortunately for him, demon-slaying is more just than a career.

Moonhaven was supposed to be the safest city in America, the perfect choice for an Elemental Channeller seeking a sense of normalcy away from demonic forces. But Brodie was never destined for the mundane: for the Chosen One, danger lurks in every shadow.

So much for settling down.

As Brodie tries to focus on starting college and exploring the queer scene, a series of disappearances drags him back to battling powerful supernatural forces. As it turns out, Moonhaven is rife with evil.

A natural-born protector, Brodie can’t help but get involved, threatening his dreams of living a normal life. Worse yet, his new friends may not be able to escape the paranormal either, and it’s not going to be pretty.

‘The Chosen One: Brodie Winters’ is a serialised novella series containing three episodes in each volume. The story contains action, humour, gory horror and high heat. Written by bestselling Author Dion Marc, this story promises to be everything a kinky 90s fanboy of the supernatural could ask for.

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The Pirate and the Naiad, by Gigi Rivers

A pirate captain. A naiad who despises him. An MM fantasy romance.Raiya despises humans. They abducted him from his home, kept him in captivity, and forced him to fight other nymphs. But when a pirate ship crewed by both naiads and humans rescues him, he is confused at seeing them working and living together. What’s more baffling is his attraction to the ship’s captain, with his calm confidence, broad shoulders, and steely grey eyes. Even so, Raiya will never give in to his desire for a human.

Silas is the pirate captain of the Naiad’s Revenge. His mission is to lead the crew in their fight against the Order. But when Raiya comes aboard, Silas can’t deny his attraction to the scowling naiad stalking around his ship. However, Raiya clearly loathes Silas, so there is no point wishing for something more.

As they fight alongside each other, Raiya realises that Silas is different from the humans he’s dealt with before. Still, after everything humans have done to Raiya, could he ever love one?

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April’s Fool, by Jax Stuart

Damon will never regret freeing his best friend, even if it has put him in a powerful witch’s sights. For a human, even an accomplished hitman, a witch is a dangerous enemy to have.

Damon was thinking of leaving the hitman life behind when in a stroke of irony, a hit is ordered on him. Soon, nowhere is safe, not even the demon realm. He finds himself under the protection of Mori, a demon prince and his best friend’s dad. Damon doesn’t do love, but he can’t deny they share a connection. How can he guard his heart from the sweet demon?
As a prince, his people love Mori, yet no one has caught his attention quite like Damon. The hitman is hiding more than a tragic past. Mori wants to learn his secrets and earn Damon’s love.

It will take more than Mori and his bodyguard to protect Damon, but when the Northarbor Coven gets involved, everything becomes more complicated.

Was Damon a fool for thinking that Northarbor and a life with Mori could be his fresh start?

April’s Fool is the second book in the Northarbor Coven series, with a hitman who loves to be creative in his work and a golden retriever type demon. Someone meets their end to a peanut allergy and there is some violence. Best read after January Blues.

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Nightmare For Hire, by Morgan Lysand

Nox is a Nightmare, literally. Having been around for eons, he’s decided it’s time to have some fun… wrecking lives, that is. So he hires himself out to get revenge on bad exes, which leads him to joining the Monster Match app. He doesn’t exactly care what the circumstances are as long as he gets to have some fun scaring humans.

Cyrus moved to Rivenfield for a fresh start after a bad breakup. He just wants to keep his head down and work. Maybe meet a few monster cuties on Monster Match. He’s not expecting to click with someone so soon, but the mysterious Nightmare has him all hot and bothered awake and asleep.

After meeting Cyrus, Nox is flabbergasted why anyone would want to send a Nightmare after such a delightful human. He becomes determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. It looks like the cure for his eternal boredom might just be falling in love.

Nightmare for Hire is an opposites attract MM monster romance featuring a sunshiny Nightmare and a human just wanting to belong. It’s part of the Monster Match series. Each book is a standalone, but why don’t you have fun with all our monstrous beasties?

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His Princess, by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory

The Husband Without a Wife
Matthew “Colt” Coltrane’s wife left him while he was at work, abandoning her adult son. Colt isn’t a man who enjoys being without a woman to serve him, and the perfect solution is at hand. Quin is pretty, with soft features and long hair. Plus, he’s gay. Colt gives Quin an ultimatum: leave and find a new home or be Colt’s “wife.”

The Son Without a Choice
Quin Kiskadden never expected his mother to leave him behind. She’d always dragged him along from one husband to the next, but when he discovers she left without him, he doesn’t have many options. He can be Colt’s “wife” in every possible way or struggle to find a new place to live while attending college. Playing a 1950s housewife isn’t much of an option, but at least he has always found Colt to be good-looking.

A Married Couple in Every Way—Except One
Colt has never been with a man, but he doesn’t care what gender Quin is because Quin has become Colt’s wife in every way. Quin is flawless and a lot more attentive than Colt’s ex ever was. Colt finds himself not wanting to let Quin go. As Quin falls deeper into the role of devoted spouse, he has no plans or desire to leave, but when outside forces test their relationship, they’ll need to face the challenges as only a married couple can.

In this book Quin isn’t given a choice. He must learn to enjoy dresses and taking care of his man—or else. But in the end, Quin finds he has unlocked a part of himself that he loves and fully embraces.

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Carving out a Future, by Jem Wendel

Thirty years can make strangers of the best of friends.


Twenty years ago, the pain of having my ex-wife take my kids away from me was so overwhelming that I had to flee to the other side of the planet just so I could breathe.

When I find out that my youngest son is getting married, I know it’s time to mend some fences, reopen old wounds, and get my family back.

What I didn’t expect was to run into my former best friend, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the hatred he so clearly has for me. I’d hoped we could rebuild our friendship, but it feels like we take one step forward and two steps back with every conversation we have. I know he feels something for me, so why is he still pushing me away?


Love and hate are extreme emotions. I’ve experienced both in my life… for the same person. Feelings that he didn’t know I had. I had to carve a cage around my heart just so I could breathe.

When I see my former best friend at his son’s wedding, I do the only thing I can, the only thing I’ve ever been good at, and run to the solitude of my fortress in the woods; the cabin and workshop I built from the ground up.

What I didn’t expect was for him to chase me, and I certainly didn’t expect to still feel this deep, pure love for him. So why, when I should tell him how I feel, do I spew mean, cruel words at him instead? Why am I pushing him away when all I want is to pull him closer?

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Redemption Under The Moon, by CJ Ravenna

Once upon a time, a hunter fell in love with a wolf…

Benjamin Stroud learned early on that all humans do is hurt and despise werewolves like him. So the last thing Ben expects is to find friendship in his handsome neighbor. Isaac is a heartbroken human with a scent so alluring, he can only be Ben’s mate. But he’s harboring a secret that could prove deadly to Ben.

Isaac Bennet lost everything the day a werewolf murdered his son. In his grief and despair, he joined the Silver Cross, a clan of hunters. But when he falls in love with Ben, a sweet and gentle werewolf, Isaac fears their star-crossed love can only end in tragedy.

As hunters close in on the fated pair, Ben and Isaac must fight for their love, or risk losing it all in a storm of silver bullets.

Redemption Under The Moon is the fifth book in The Lycanthrope Protection Agency series. It features fated mates and second chances, forbidden love between a wolf and his hunter, and a Happily-Ever-After years in the making. While this is a standalone, it is best to read To Hunt a Moonborn Beast and its sequels first.

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Go Deep, by Brooklyn Cate

Never kiss your client…especially the NFL superstar you’ve been secretly obsessing about.


Being gay is a secret I’ve kept for as long as I can remember and since my dad’s running for President on a campaign platform to ban gay marriage, it’s not a secret I can’t afford to let out.

Until NFL superstar Gabe Kelly strolls into my corner office. With a body made for sin and throwing perfect spirals, he is my biggest temptation. I’m supposed to be managing his finances, not obsessing about him naked…or that stupid, reckless, fire hot kiss we shared.

But when you live in the limelight, someone is always waiting to expose your skeletons. So when a video of us together shows up online, I have to make a choice.

Live my life according to everyone else’s rules…
Or give up everything for the man I want.


Vince Castro is tall, dark, and forbidden desire wrapped in BOSS Black. He also happens to be my new financial advisor and the guy I’ve fantasized about since the day I walked into his office. But with my private life being dragged through the mud since coming out last season, the last thing I need is a hot little fling to distract me.

Still, everything about him tempts me to break all of my rules.
The one problem? He’s straight.

I keep telling myself that his penetrating stares and semi-innocent touches mean nothing until I invite him up to my apartment…and find out his truth.

Go Deep is book one of the Red Zone Series. It’s a contemporary slow burn, angsty MM sports romance that has high heat, forbidden love, and a stalker to keep things really interesting.

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Never Say Never, by Odessa Hywell

How far would you go to keep a brother who was never meant to be yours?

When Keenan, an alpha and enforcer for the Carbondale pack, realizes his stubborn refusal to acknowledge the truth of their relationship is the reason his omega brother is a shadow of his former self, he accepts the only way to fix what’s broken in Ellis is to give in to his wolf’s darkest desires.

During a high stakes game of truth or dare that takes an unexpected turn, he does the unthinkable.

He mates with his little brother.

As they seek solitude and succumb to the effects of the false heat triggered by the mate bite, Keenan and Ellis forget about the possible repercussions that await them at home.

Will Keenan get to keep his baby brother as his own? Or will the brothers be pulled apart before they have a chance to really be together, by an alpha who may be unwilling to make an exception for them?

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Prince of Agony, by Tavia Lark

The price of Kazia’s power is pain.

Prince Kazia Dire isn’t nice. Being nice lets people close. Letting people close risks revealing Kazia’s greatest secret—the power that condemns him to a lifetime of abuse.

Until opportunity appears in the form of a captive enemy mage.

Following a dragon across the border lands Lucien Vaire in chains, and matters only get worse from there. Lucien has hated House Dire since the last war. Now, he’s under the notorious brat prince’s direct control.

Yet beneath Kazia’s vicious mask, Lucien senses desperate vulnerability.

Painful experience has taught Kazia to fear mages. He needs to keep Lucien at a distance even as he uses Lucien’s talents. But that distance narrows with each careful kindness. Each accidental touch. Lucien acts more like a protector than a prisoner, and Kazia is tempted by the dangerous sweetness of trust.

But Lucien is still a mage, and Kazia is still broken. And Kazia’s cruel parents may still destroy them both.

Prince of Agony is a high fantasy gay romance, featuring captivity, hurt/comfort, and enemies hiding in a linen closet together. This is the final book in the Perilous Courts series, which is best enjoyed in order.

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Safe Limits, by Morticia Knight

The men from Kiss of Leather gather together to rescue a terrified young sub. But will a grumpy Dom scare him away?

After escaping his abusive Master, Corey is homeless and alone. Out of desperation, he begs his friend David for help—even though he knows he’ll have to be around men in the lifestyle. Corey doubts he’ll ever feel safe enough to give himself to a Dom again.

Master Derek agrees to watch over Corey until Josh and David return from a BDSM convention. The last thing he needs is another pretty twink messing with his head and heart, so the older, growly bear keeps his distance. But when Corey wakes up screaming after a devastating nightmare, Derek is more drawn to him than ever.

Once Derek uncovers the horrifying truth of Corey’s past, he notifies his partners Gavin and Josh. Corey’s ex-Dom must be stopped before he can harm anyone else, and the members of Kiss of Leather are determined to make sure that justice is served.

Can Derek protect both Corey and his own heart? Or will the fallout from Corey’s trauma keep them apart forever?

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Aliens Hijacked My Heart, by Hawke Oakley

The only thing Jaeyoung loves is science—until an alien hijacks his heart…

Jaeyoung was never supposed to crash-land on Eukaria, but now that he’s there, he might as well make the most of it. As both a doctor and engineer, he’s hungry for knowledge, and his new alien home is brimming with discoveries, including the big shocker—Maeleons can somehow fertilize human males.

Compelled by scientific curiosity, Jaeyoung decides to unravel the mystery of alien-human conception. But it takes two to tango, and he needs a partner to dance. Fortunately, a doting Maeleon called Linn’ar is happy to rise to the occasion… over and over again.

Jaeyoung wants cold hard data, not a romantic relationship. But through his plentiful experiments with the alien, Jaeyoung realizes he’s fonder of Linn’ar than he should be, and the adoring way Linn’ar gazes at him certainly isn’t helping…

Aliens Hijacked My Heart is a sweet, spicy romp in an alien world. It features a thoroughly researched pregnancy between a cis man and an alien. Fluff, high-heat scenes, and HEA included!

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Wrong Number, Right Tiger, by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes the wrong number is the exact one you need.

The phone and I are not friends. Send me a text any day, but ask me to make a call and I’d rather do anything else, and I mean anything. So when my prospective boss asks me to call to schedule an interview, I nearly withdraw my application. Who does that anymore? My rent answers for me: I do.

I dial the number, expecting someone to answer with the company name. Instead, I get a typical “Hello.” I explain why I’m calling, and he tells me I have the wrong number. That should be that. But no, I have to babble on about how I got to this point. I hear him asking for a date just as I hang-up. Crap.

Wrong Number, Right Tiger is a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg romance featuring a human who hates talking on the phone, the tiger he accidentally calls for a job, true love, fated mates, adorable babies, and a happy ever after.

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