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Kindle Unlimited

Scene Queen, by Charlie Novak

Note to self: just because he’s hot and funny doesn’t change the fact he’s annoying AF.

Hooking up with my irritating as hell neighbour wasn’t on my agenda for the week, even if he is ridiculously gorgeous with a smile that lights up my life. His music is too loud, he’s too nosy… but I can’t stop myself from wanting more than a taste.

It was only supposed to be a one time thing, but now Rhys seems determined to charm his way into my world. And when he gets his nose broken at a rock concert, I’m the one who comes to his rescue.

But there’s no time in my life for a relationship. Juggling drag, a paramedic career, and helping with my sister’s kids has already pushed me close to burnout, and I’m walking a fine line between survival and exhaustion.

I’ve always been the one helping everyone else and I can’t remember the last time I put myself first.

Maybe it’s time to cause a scene and go after the thing I really want: a chance with the sparkling man next door who has terrible taste in music.

Kindle Unlimited

The Wonder Within, by Gwen Martin

Honoring their friend brought them back together. Will love and a common goal keep them there?

Four years ago, Leon fled Knoxville with a broken heart and swore he’d never come back. But when his best friend dies tragically, he finds himself face to face with a place he’d just as soon forget, and the man he left behind.

As a teacher, Toryn knows how much the community needs a facility like The Collective. But bringing his dead best friend’s legacy to life is complicated. Working with Leon makes it even harder. Toryn never thought he’d see the man who walked away from him again.

Trigger Warning: This novella contains grief from a friend who died by suicide. While the event is not on screen, there are some parts where the heroes grieve about loss. Please proceed with caution.

Together, Leon and Toryn have just three weeks to get The Collective ready to welcome the community. Building something from a clean slate should be easy. But rebuilding what is broken between them will be the hardest thing they’ve ever done.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Player, by Felice Stevens

Friday night lights hide more than they reveal…

When retired NFL superstar Keller Williams returns to his small town to coach his old high school football team, he’s surprised how much he enjoys being out of the limelight and on the field with the kids. Even more surprising is his immediate attraction to the father of one of his players—single dad Niall Harper.
Problem number one: Niall Harper isn’t gay.
Problem number two: Keller isn’t out to the world.
Problem number three: Niall hates his guts. And Keller has no idea why.

High school librarian Niall Harper has always done the right thing. Except be true to himself. Divorced and raising his teenaged son, Niall is dismayed to discover the new football coach is none other than his long-ago Friday night fantasy and nemesis. Not that it matters—Keller doesn’t remember him. It’s nothing new; Niall has always been easy to forget. Now Keller wants to be friends. And more. Niall can’t deny the annoying man makes him laugh and feel things he’d only dreamed possible. But would a player like Keller be satisfied with a regular guy like him?

Being together is more than complicated, but they are willing to take the risk. Niall reveals he’s dating his son’s coach, and Keller comes out to the team, his fans, the press, and small-town gossips. Neither is prepared for the fallout, but that doesn’t stop them. It’s time to throw the Hail Mary pass of a lifetime and win the game of forever. And they’re ready.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

London Fog, by E.M. Lindsey

Part owner of the BrewBiz Deaf Café, Wren might not be the most self-aware man, but he does know a few important things he won’t compromise on.

No relationships.
No commitments.
No complications.

Then Percy shows up fresh from the UK and stumbles right into Wren’s path. Literally.

Percy is obscenely good looking, and since Wren never denies himself, he pursues Percy, and that one night rocks his world.

Now Wren doesn’t want to let Percy go, and that feeling threatens to upend the very core of his identity. So, Wren does what he does best.

He panics.
He ruins things.
And leaves Percy in shambles.

But he’s immediately filled with regret. Chasing Percy away is the last thing he wants, so he turns to his found family who show him that he doesn’t have to fit inside a box to be who he is. He can have what he wants and not lose everything he’s come to accept about himself.

If only he didn’t realize that after hurting Percy. His only hope now is a big apology, and praying that it wasn’t too little too late.

London Fog is the second book in the BrewBiz series. It contains a one-night-stand to lovers romance with disasters in babysitting, greyromantic awakening and acceptance, planetarium nights, fireflies, praise, panic kissing, and a steamy, swoony happily ever after.

PREORDER, Releasing March 28

The Virgin, by E.M. Denning

Jonah Bennett is a virgin.

At twenty-seven, his inexperience is the most humiliating secret Jonah has. The men he’s met always want to move faster than he does, and after one particularly disastrous first—and last—date, he’s forced to turn to his best friend for help. Spencer is one of the few people Jonah trusts, but when he confesses his secret, Jonah fears their friendship may be over.

Spencer Givens is great with his hands.

An artist by trade, Spencer has always been creative with his talents and generous with his time, so offering his body to his best friend feels like a logical solution to what Jonah thinks is his biggest problem. The plan is simple—a little fooling around between friends until Jonah is ready to try dating again.

But Spencer soon realizes he doesn’t want Jonah to date other people. The more time they spend together, the deeper in love he falls. Their agreement was only meant to be temporary, and even though the threat of losing Jonah is real, Spencer is desperate to make it permanent. If you love something you’re supposed to let it go, but Spencer doesn’t think he can. And more than that, he doesn’t want to.

Does Jonah feel the same? Or is their friendship ruined forever?

Breakfast at Bennett’s is a four book series consisting of The Virgin, The Jock, The Princess, and The Outcast. For maximum enjoyment, it is best to read the series in order.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Billionaire’s Nemesis, by Silvia Violet

I have a billion-dollar inheritance waiting for me, but instead of working for my family, I joined the navy, became a SEAL, and devoted myself to my career.

Then I met Matteo.

From the moment he joined my platoon, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Once I let him touch me, I was lost. He tormented me—in bed and out—and all I did was ask for more.

Our illicit fling endangered everything I’d worked for, but I couldn’t stop, not until he joined our enemies and betrayed me.

A year later, he’s my prisoner. I want to hate him. I want to destroy him like he did me. I also want to feel his body pressed to mine again. But Matteo has secrets, ones that involve my family, ones that make me question everything I thought I knew.

Nothing is as it seems. The only thing I know for sure is that he wants my body, my forgiveness, and my heart…and I might be insane enough to consider giving him everything.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Kicking it for Convenience, by Riley Long

The course of my life changed with a phone call. One minute I’m playing kickball and running my construction company. The next my grandfather’s lawyer calls me to say I have to be married for a year to collect my vast inheritance.

Bad news when I’m as single as they come.

Collecting the money seemed a pipe dream… until I got a call that a sink at the Radiance Theater had sprung a leak. I hurried to the job site and, to my surprise, had an instant connection with the theater’s new owner. Soren needs money to finish renovations on the Radiance. I need a husband.

A temporary marriage was the answer to both our problems. Yet with skeptical family and friends doubting our relationship and a hurricane churning in the horizon, will our connection become more fact than fiction? Or will we break under the storm of reality?

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

The Family Man, by AJ Rose

Special Agent Jon “Ice Man” Anderson is one of the FBI’s best monster hunters, catching predators using their darkness against them. It’s his purpose, and he’s relentless.

Rookie Special Agent Tracey Smith is Jon’s opposite, shining light in the shadows and counteracting the dark with hope. Together, they may be the perfect combination to catch The Family Man, a sniper terrorizing St. Louis, dealing death through the scope of a high-powered rifle.

They can’t afford distractions.
Jon can’t ignore the feelings Tracey has evoked.
Feelings he hasn’t allowed himself in years.

Jon’s not the only one compelled by Tracey….

In a city held hostage, the FBI races to stop the killing.
Before the sniper finds them,
And they lose everything.

The Mind Hacker: The Family Man is the 107,000-word opening salvo of a gay romance/suspense series following a law enforcement/workplace pairing through a bisexual awakening all the way to their eventual happily-ever-after.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Bright Flame, by J M Blackthorne

Betrayal makes the heart grow fonder.

Galen knows his profession will soon be illegal in the repressive Calisto Empire, but he’s working on Bright Flame as a ship’s pillow boy for one last voyage, hoping to earn enough coin to build a new life. But his plans are overturned when notorious, arrogant freedom fighter Red Cole appears in his cabin and changes everything.

Red Cole has done terrible things for his cause. He’s a wanted man, a man Bright Flame’s Captain has been searching for. The attraction between Galen and Cole is instant and Galen impulsively risks his life to protect Cole, but Cole is certain that Galen wouldn’t feel the same Cole were to tell him why Bright Flame’s Captain is so desperate to destroy him.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Wounded Mate, by Lee Colgin

I’ve never seen a being so captivating. What a unique creature he is. His tongue darts out and wets his lips, and when his voice comes, it zings an arrow straight to my heart. “Mate.”

What does it mean when an incubus can feel the pain of a feral werewolf?

Valius doubles over, grabbing his side as sharp claws slash through his flesh. Except his skin remains unblemished, oiled to perfection, and still scented with the roses and lavender of his bathwater.

Bela lies bleeding where a hostile pack of wolves left him to die. Much like the rest of his tragic life, even in his final moments, he’s all alone.

When Valius lays eyes on his wounded mate for the first time, a connection sparks between them, and Bela finally has something worth living for. But a witch’s ill will stands in their way.

Fate brought them together, but a curse threatens to tear them apart forever.


Wounded Mate is a novella set in the same lush world as Lee Colgin’s Outcast Mates Series. It’s a standalone MM paranormal romance that can be read either before or after the main novels. Dip your toes into the cool waters of the Danube, stroll through Pest at midnight, and find your way into the hottest supernatural brothel in town, The Twig and Berries, where an incubus finds true love with an injured feral werewolf. Hurt/ComfortFound Family Feels, & Fated Mates.

PREORDER, Releasing March 19

The Fear of the Dark, by  Alex Vale

Once the sun sets, Grander comes alive with the undead. Harboring a vampiric turf war between violent Blood Followers, pacifist Moon Children are caught in the crossfire…

Nikola Kingston has walked this planet for over seven centuries. Missing his life of peacefully worshiping his Goddess, the Moon Child has found himself trapped in the violent web of Grander’s power struggle. And when he’s suddenly granted access to Malkolm’s side of the border, who does he encounter other than the scarred and dangerously unstable Master Asher Black? Worse yet, he can’t seem to get the vampire’s lithe body or scorching blood out of his head…

Games were fun, but this was war—Nikola Kingston was the enemy.

Blood Follower Asher Black answers to nobody except his God and Lord Malkolm, ruling as second-in-command with an iron fist. And when Lord Malkolm sets his sights on Converting Nikola Kingston to the Blood God, a feat that requires a Moon Child to kill, Asher finds himself obsessively drawn to the hulking and sulking Nikki.

Asher wanted to hold that rage in his hands, mold it into the warrior buried under silver eyes and misguided morals.

More than one kind of border separates Nikola and Asher. Has fate doomed them to destroy each other? Or will they betray their gods and their covens to answer the attraction burning between them?

Where is this going to end? In blood or in sex?

The Fear of the Dark is a slow burn, dual POV dark romance between two male characters intended for adults. For information regarding triggering content, please visit the author’s website. PLEASE NOTE: The Fear of the Dark ends on a cliff-hanger, but the main couple will have a HEA by the end of the series.

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Last Resort, by Morgan Brice

Weird things are happening again in Cape May and the ghosts of old mobsters never rest easy.

Erik Mitchell gets a strange delivery of antique poker chips with odd markings tied to a casino that burned a century ago. Ben Nolan finds a dead guy in one of his rental units—turns out the guy’s been missing for twenty years and is linked to a long-lost treasure.

The ghostly energy of the old Commodore Wilson hotel juices up all the town’s spirits, and a stranger shows up with an unhealthy interest in both cases. Ben and Erik have just moved in together, and they’re still navigating the next step as partners and blending their lives.

Murder, missing persons, hidden treasure, and haunted poker chips. Can Ben and Erik put the pieces together to solve the case, or when the cards are dealt, will they be left holding the dead man’s hand?

Last Resort is a suspenseful MM paranormal romance mystery-adventure filled with second chance love, hurt/comfort, true soulmates, old curses, hidden treasure, dangerous secrets, restless ghosts, psychic visions, powerful witches, angry mobsters, and a very haunted hotel.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Waiting Game, by Brigham Vaughn

Fisher Cats’ Hale and Brewer Engaged: College Sweethearts or Fake Relationship?

On the eve of their first playoff game this post-season, the Toronto Fisher Cats organization sent out a press release announcing the engagement of their top D-pair.

The release insinuates the childhood friends may have been involved as far back as college and makes it clear the front office supports the relationship. “We are confident that such a longstanding relationship will be nothing but beneficial to Felix in his recovery.”

Reactions are mixed.

An anonymous inside source stated, “Legit? No way. This whole thing’s a PR stunt to soften the public’s perception of Hale.”

One fan commented, “Hale & Brewer have always been so adorable together! It’s great they finally feel comfortable being out about their relationship!”

While many fans are similarly supportive, others speculate that the announcement is tied to the Cats’ shaky play of late. “We all know they’re not gonna make it past the first round,” one fan stated. “It’s just an attempt to distract from how weak the team is.”

Adding fuel to the controversy, Hale shared an image of the players naked in bed together and captioned, “Pre-game nap with Jonah before we take on the Montreal Lynx. Go, Cats!”

PR stunt or happily engaged couple? Only time will tell.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Daruss, by April Kelley

One is his enemy. The other is his fated mate. Daruss has never had so much to fight for.

Dragon shifter Daruss Oyen has everything to lose. After a rival club starts a war over territory, Daruss is there to fight for the family he’s found. But everything changes after he falls in love with a snarky human named Jude, who happens to be the rival club’s spy.

While he’s determined to keep Dragon Skull MC together and somehow get his boy back, he meets his fated mate along the way. Daruss wonders if a sweet and innocent college graduate could ever go for bad boy biker like him.

But when Jude and Raylee are threatened, Daruss and the Dragon Skulls will have to win the fight if they’re going to make it out alive.

Daruss is the first novel in the Dragon Skulls MC Daddies. This steamy Paranormal Romance features a dragon shifter Daddy who’s even more dangerous with his biker family by his side, a sassy human who’s lived a hard life and will do anything to protect a sweet guy like his Daddy’s fated mate, and an innocent college grad who know nothing about bad boys and Daddies. If you like a lot of sexy time between a Daddy and his boys with a happily ever after and danger thrown in, then you’ll love this spicy romance.

Buy Daruss to find out how a Daddy handles two mates at once.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Cuban Missile Crisis, by Nando Gray


Kennedy Frost
 has been a hard man for nearly all of his short life. Ruthless, determined, haunted. And currently, the only thing more frigid than this CIA Agent’s recent past is the atomic chill menaced by the ongoing Cold War.

Will Kennedy be able to outrun the clock of nuclear annihilation? Will he be able to save himself (and everyone else, for that matter) from the terror being senselessly loaded onto the intercontinental ballistic missiles making their way to the pristine tropics of Cuba? Will he overcome an onslaught of betrayal and fury targeted squarely at his core, threatening to undo his very understanding of what it means to be a man, to love, to belong?

Launch yourself headfirst into the thrilling pseudo-historical events of 1961: relations between the USA and the USSR are poised to explode into calamity. Things have finally reached a critical tipping point, and the world’s fate hinges on one man’s ability to confront his darkest demons. Join forces with an inexperienced CIA agent as he fights his way through the radioactive core of a vast and terrible conspiracy on an adrenaline-fueled journey of self-discovery.

Find love amidst the frenzy and fear of thermonuclear armageddon. Race through cobbled streets while outpacing gunfire on a motocross bike, battle your way out of a hidden missile silo buried deep in the mountainous jungles of Cuba’s interior, smuggle yourself into the fabled splendor of the Cubanacca Club, find serenity in the comfort and warmth of found family, and enjoy all of it while enveloping yourself in the opulence and culture of 1960’s Havana.

Bienvenido a La HabanaIt’s going to get a little wild here.

Move to Cuba.
Fall in love.
Don’t go boom.

Enjoy this stand-alone, pseudo-historical tale, and remember: always wear your sunscreen.

It’s going to get pretty hot in here.

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