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Until We Meet Again, by Christina Lee

Bruce “Bones” Lanning and Emil Ettinger had a decent roommate arrangement at Roosevelt College—other than Bones leaving his dirty socks lying around—so they agree to share the same space again. Their relationship has always been ridiculous banter and competitive streaks, and they assume this year will be the same.

So why are they suddenly enjoying nights holed up in their room together?

Bones can’t figure out what’s changed, why he likes being around Emil so much and why he’s suddenly falling asleep in Emil’s bed. And as far as Emil knows, Bones is straight, so why does he seem jealous when Emil arranges a random hookup, then asks all sorts of questions about what it’s like to kiss another guy?

To put an end to his roommate’s endless queries, Emil kisses Bones, convinced he’s just goofing around. But one encounter leads to another, until Emil begins seeing Bones in a different light. Underneath the clueless, carefree facade lies a deeper emotional underpinning that allows Emil to become more vulnerable too—and maybe even admit that spending time with his roommate is the best part of his day.

Still, Emil isn’t about to become another jock’s experiment, so he makes it clear that their hookups are totally casual. Until they’re not.

Kindle Unlimited

Slippery When Wet, by Morticia Knight

Ellery has disappointed half the Doms in New York and age play is his last resort. However, if he fails as a baby boy, Ellery is terrified he’ll end up all alone.

Ellery isn’t vanilla, but he can’t seem to discover what trips his kink trigger. When he goes Daddy shopping on age play night at a Manhattan BDSM club, he spies a handsome silver fox. However, before Ellery can make a move, his friend warns him away from the mysterious Daddy.

After Calvin’s boy dumped him, he resolved not to bring potential subs to his home anymore. Better he find out whether he clicks with someone first by confining his boy hunt to clubs. When Calvin notices a sweet young thing he’s never seen at age play night, he wonders if the man is there on a lark or if he might be ‘the one’.

Ellery never had the chance to meet his dream Daddy, but fate intervenes in the most spectacular of ways. Still, the question remains: will age play be the answer to his kink dilemma? And will Ellery allow Calvin to fulfill his most secret fantasy?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited, Whispersync Ready

Mr. Important, by Lucy Lennox & May Archer

One New Year’s masquerade. One anonymous hookup. One billionaire-sized mistake.

Once upon a time, someone looked at my scrawny, impetuous eight-year-old self and nicknamed me Mr. Important… and I believed them.

That was my first mistake.

Two decades, a dozen failed careers, and a thousand meaningless hookups later, I’ve made more mistakes than I can count. My parents have decided I’m purely decorative, my brother thinks I need pep talks, and the gorgeous billionaire who hired me as a favor to my dad? He’s forgotten I exist.

So I’m done with mistakes.

Call it my New Year’s resolution. From now on, I’m going after what I want… starting with the mysterious silver fox in the Roman warrior mask who approached me at the charity gala and offered me a scorching, anonymous one-night stand.

Unfortunately, when our masks come off I realize mistakes are not done with me.

Because the bossy guy who blew my mind? He’d thought I was someone else. Worse than that, he’s my father’s friend. A supposedly-straight workaholic. The person I’m stuck on a road trip with for the next two weeks. And, oh yeah, my actual boss.

The farther we get from New York, the closer we become, and the harder it is to pretend I’m not falling for him. But I can’t see how someone as brilliant, controlled, and successful as Thatcher Pennington would risk everything to be with someone like me… even if he makes me feel like I’m finally Mr. Important.

While Mr. Important is set in the Honeybridge world, it can be easily enjoyed on its own.

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The Linebacker, by Emerson Beckett & Rheland Richmond

Is it wrong for me to want the world to know I’m in love with Patrick Griffin and have been since we were eight-years-old?

Patrick Griffin

I hurt him. I didn’t mean to.

Now he’s gone, and I deserve it.

As a linebacker in the NFL, I’ve never found the right time to come out of the closet. Not even when I promised Cole I would.

But now, with Cole’s band, Fallen Angel, in the spotlight along with my team, the pressure is mounting. Everyone thinks we’re just best friends, but the weight of my secret is tearing us apart.

And it just might be too late to save us when I can.

Cole Bradley

Is it wrong for me to want the world to know I’m in love with Patrick Griffin and have been since we were eight-years-old?

He is the love of my life, but it’s been years of waiting and excuses.

All our friends, even his teammates, have a public life. So why can’t we?

He promised it would be different in Portland.

But then he tells yet another reporter he’s single. I need a break. It’s perfect timing since our band is heading out on tour.

I don’t know if I can live without him. But I don’t think I can do forever in the closet.

It’s always been Patrick for me, but is it too much to ask for the world to know he’s mine too?

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Earthquake Ethan, by R.L. Merrill

The Earth shook the morning actor Ethan Bradley arrived in Los Angeles looking for a second chance. He hoped his former producers Reese Matheson and Toby Griffiths meant it when they said to look them up if he were ever in LA because he had no other options. The pictures the paparazzi took at the wrap party for their London show made sure of that. What he wasn’t counting on was the reception he got from their manager, Arthur Frye. He was absolutely the kind of together guy Ethan wished would notice him, and for more than his pretty face and talent. Too bad Arthur only sees Ethan as a complication.

Arthur Frye has his hands full with his best clients—and best friends. The last thing he needs is another diva to care for, especially one who has a reputation for causing trouble. He has a strict rule against getting involved with the talent, no matter how pretty they are. Only Ethan Bradley shines for real, and when Arthur realizes his nice-guy innocence is genuine, he’s ready to do anything to help Ethan get his career back on track and get him out of LA. He’s too much of a temptation, and Arthur can’t afford to lose focus…not even for a chance at happiness for himself. Especially not when his star clients are about to risk their professional and personal happiness with their newest creation; a musical about two boys falling in love in the 1960s featuring music written by Reese’s grandfather, whose health is in decline.

Ethan Bradley shakes things up wherever he goes, and Arthur Frye is afraid he’ll be left in the wreckage if he gets too close. Can these two opposites find love on solid ground?

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Nerds vs Jocks, by Tara Lain & Eli Easton

When rival frat houses are forced to work together — opposites ignite!

Welcome to the world of Nerds vs Jocks! When two rival frat houses at UW Madison pull one prank too many, the dean issues an ultimatum. Two jocks must be added to the Sigma Mu Tau’s (the nerd’s) precious Quiz Bowl team, and two nerds must play on the Alpha Lamba Alpha’s (the jock’s) flag-football team. Both teams are die-hard and up for national championships. These enemies must learn to work together — or lose it all!

Working together causes sparks to fly. Can love unite these sworn enemies?

From bestselling MM authors Eli Easton and Tara Lain — their first collaboration!

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Oracles Always Win, by Lori Ames

Jake believes he is absolutely ordinary… But what if he isn’t?

Jake is absolutely, completely ordinary, even if he has a weird painting affliction. Painting is relaxing, right? It helps. It’s a form of art therapy. Even if his painting is the subconscious kind. The middle-of-the-night, paint-while-you-sleep kind. The kind that makes him puke every single time it happens.

Okay. So, maybe that’s not exactly normal.

But when a sexy but presumably imaginary guy with horns, who Jake’s strange painterly alter-ego has been fixated on for the last year, suddenly shows up in town with horns and all, Jake doesn’t know what to think. Especially when the not-so-imaginary guy claims he’s a demon and that Jake’s an oracle, of all things. That’s when Jake begins to suspect his life is never going to be the same again.

After all, he mentioned the horns, right?

Tags: A demon with a found family, an oracle unknowingly in need of a tether, the talking cat is a glutton, oracles know things, oracles shouldn’t paint in public in only their underwear, the wolves in the hills are still jerks, a formerly human guy keeps asking crazy questions, who knew horns and wings could be sexy, and… just how many supernatural beings will be drawn to this one little town?

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Rebels of the Rink, by Hayden Hall

Tyler is my best buddy on the planet. We would move mountains for each other. So when I discover that my girl has been cheating on me, it’s my best friend’s job to put me back together.

His own troubles in the love nest are brewing. His girlfriend is jealous of all the time Tyler spends cheering me up.

She doesn’t understand. Nobody gets us. We had always been each other’s rocks. And when Tyler is forced to choose between me and his girl, my whole life is turned upside down.

He chooses me. And he makes me happier than he can understand.

Maybe we are each other’s soulmates.

The only problem is…neither of us is into guys.

It’s a cruel cosmic joke to make me fall in love with my best friend and never be able to do anything about it. But once I see the truth behind the veil of fog and confusion, I can never unsee it.

I want him. Even if it means learning to like a whole new style.

Rebels of the Rink is the fifth novel in the Arctic Titans on Northwood U series. It features two best friends, double-bi-awakening, ice-melting heat, and heart-rendering sweetness. You can expect all the usual Arctic Titans shenanigans, a leap from youth to adulthood, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Rebels of the Rink can be read on its own, but it’s best enjoyed when read in order.

99c NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Come Back, by Terri Ronald

Two exes, an accidental run in, and one night in a tattoo shop.

It’s been almost seven years since Nalo and Cori have last seen each other. Their untimely breakup sent them on their separate ways, and fear has kept them apart.

Now, with both women being in the same room with each other after so long, and after a loved one being lost, they must rehash the past and discuss what caused the rift in their relationship. But what both women have realized through it all, one thing remained the same: the love they shared.

Can their relationship make a comeback after one grief-stricken night together, or are they better off leaving things in the past?

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

The Anonymous Hookup, by Jax Calder

I’ve never been a strings-free sex type of guy, but when my best friend encourages me to have my first ever anonymous hookup, I figure, why not? One night of steamy sex with a stranger and then I’ll focus back on recovering from my toxic break-up.

Only I’m not prepared for how incredibly hot the sex is.

Nor am I prepared to run into him again.

Because it turns out my anonymous hookup might not be so anonymous after all…

This low-angst 29,000-word MM romantic novella is full of fun banter, steamy times, sweet times and contains a few surprises along the way.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Wounded Mate, by Lee Colgin

I’ve never seen a being so captivating. What a unique creature he is. His tongue darts out and wets his lips, and when his voice comes, it zings an arrow straight to my heart. “Mate.”

What does it mean when an incubus can feel the pain of a feral werewolf?

Valius doubles over, grabbing his side as sharp claws slash through his flesh. Except his skin remains unblemished, oiled to perfection, and still scented with the roses and lavender of his bathwater.

Bela lies bleeding where a hostile pack of wolves left him to die. Much like the rest of his tragic life, even in his final moments, he’s all alone.

When Valius lays eyes on his wounded mate for the first time, a connection sparks between them, and Bela finally has something worth living for. But a witch’s ill will stands in their way.

Fate brought them together, but a curse threatens to tear them apart forever.


Wounded Mate is a novella set in the same lush world as Lee Colgin’s Outcast Mates Series. It’s a standalone MM paranormal romance that can be read either before or after the main novels. Dip your toes into the cool waters of the Danube, stroll through Pest at midnight, and find your way into the hottest supernatural brothel in town, The Twig and Berries, where an incubus finds true love with an injured feral werewolf. Hurt/ComfortFound Family Feels, & Fated Mates.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Mint to Be, by F.A. Ray

I’ve given up on love by the time tall, dark and handsome sweeps me off my feet — literally.


Everyone around me is sickeningly in love. And I’m happy for my friends. I really am. But when is my turn coming? Why am I still a disposable hookup?

I’m ready to give up on love entirely by the time a bunch of drunk jocks decide to jump me on my way home from the Boyfriend Café. But before a single punch can fall he sweeps in, my dashing hero, my literal tall, dark and handsome, the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.

Please tell me this isn’t a dream.


The second I hear a scream I run toward it without thinking. My own teammates are threatening someone, and I rush in to stop them. But the man I save is … beautiful. And funny. And smart. And he brazenly gives me his phone number right then and there.

He has no idea that he just gave his number to the most hunted man at this university.

I’m Omari Carter, a football player everyone assumes is destined for the pros. Scouts are hounding me. Coach is pushing me to decide on my future. My whole family is depending on me. But Mal doesn’t know or care about any of that.

With all the expectations weighing me down, I don’t have time for love. So why can’t I walk away from this?

Mint to Be is an opposites attract MM romance with a major size difference, a grumpy/sunshine dynamic, an athlete meeting a lovable fashion nerd and spicy open door scenes.

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Hooch and Howls, by Karenna Colcroft

In the decade since being changed into a werewolf in 1920, Malachi has become used to being alone. But the appearance of bootleggers Jonathan and Roger on the beach below Malachi’s cottage shows Malachi what he’s been missing. He wants these men in his life, but he can’t ask them to stay.

The following day, Roger returns seeking Malachi’s help in rescuing Jonathan from the rum-runners who are holding him hostage. Can Malachi help the men while protecting his own heart?

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