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Like a House on Fire, by A. M. Rose

Right, so…let’s see how he got himself in this mess.
An estranged family member left him a house. Which is great. The house looks like it’s a soft breeze away from crumbling. Less great. The house is cursed and now Morgan is trapped inside it. Anything BUT great.
Cursebreaker, please! And make him hot. Morgan’s been through a lot.

Herbs? Check. Fire? Check. Being the best at his job and knowing it? Double effing check.
Ash had everything he needed to get his client out of a cursed house. So how in the world did he get himself trapped inside with him? Why is the house so against them leaving? And why is his client the hottest thing since wildfire?
Time for a new plan.
One that involves breaking the curse, and breaking the bed. Not necessarily in that order.

Kindle Unlimited

Rings of Lust, by Finn Dixon


My parents had warned me a relationship would be a disaster for my gymnastics career, threatening to pull their financial support. So, I floated from one guy to the next for years.

And now, at the biggest event of my life, I found myself lonely and wanting more. And the one guy I wanted it with was Cam.

He went to the same college. He was on the same team. Just not my team.

Ugh…I had a crush on a straight guy.


”Maybe you just need to get laid?” my teammate had suggested.

Here I was, my first Olympics and all I could think about was sex. My first and only time was terrible to say the least and I was hesitant to try again. Hell, I wasn’t even out of the closet either.

But the Olympic Village was pretty much a buffet of abs and glutes, and it was athletes only. Coach did tell us to loosen up. Maybe it was time to do just that…but like, naked and with another guy.

I can totally do this casual anonymous thing, right?

Rings of Lust is a full-length MM novel, the first in a trilogy, that has a CLIFFHANGER ending and an eventual HEA, just not in this book. Be prepared for third wheel sarcasm, platypus babies, rippling Olympian muscle, and teenage sexual escapades just behind the scenes at the world’s biggest athletic event.

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A Clutch of Guilty Wishes, by JD Sampson

Hollywood: 1935

Dash Hailey, the son of a powerful movie mogul, finds himself entangled in a captivating mystery when his old chum, starlet Bunny Drake, is accused of murdering a spiritualist during a New Year’s Eve séance.

Teaming up with his secret boyfriend and devoted bodyguard, Eli Winters, the couple races against time to solve the murder and clear Bunny’s name before the cameras roll on her upcoming film. In a town where appearances are designed to be deceiving, the duo must find a way to unmask a killer while safeguarding their own secret of the heart.

A Clutch of Guilty Wishes is a MM Cozy Romantic Mystery with a touch of on-screen heat.

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Colin, by Grae Bryan

Colin has spent his whole life waiting for something. He doesn’t know exactly what it is, or how to find it—all he knows is that he wants more. When the existence of vampires gives him hope for exactly that, he’s determined to find one for himself. And when he finds out Tucson holds two vampires without mates of their own, he’s willing to do whatever he can to get close.

Fox has spent his whole life looking out for his brother. So when his twin shows signs of bone-deep boredom and ambivalence, who can blame him for wanting to grab on to anything that could bring him back to himself? And if that something happens to be the pushy, prickly blue-haired human on their doorstep—asking to stay, demanding to be fed on—then so be it.

Dane has spent his whole life feeling different. Even as a vampire, he doesn’t quite fit the mold—too attached to his brother, for one, with a platonic, fated bond that can’t be broken. So when a strange human comes into their lives and seems to accept them exactly as they are, who can blame him for starting to hope, just a little, for something… more?

Colin is a heated, fated-mates MMM paranormal romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger. It contains a grumpy, vampire-addicted human and the twin vampire brothers who are hungry for anything and everything he has to offer. It also contains steamy scenes and the moderate violence (and mentions of blood) one might expect from a vampire romance. While each book focuses on a different couple, the series is best enjoyed in order.

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Stacked, by Linden Bell

When the person you desire is so close, and yet so far.

I’ve been in love with my best friend and roommate since the first day of boarding school over a decade ago. But Preston has always been oblivious, obsessed with his PhD research, and more importantly, straight.

When the new, sexy grad student walks into my gym, I have to wonder… is it time for me to move on?

Some guy is trying to steal my best friend. I won’t let him. Sawyer’s mine.

Maybe I haven’t appreciated Sawyer enough over the years, but that’s going to change now. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him by my side. Even if it means kissing him.

Stacked is a best friends to lovers, bi-awakening, nerd/jock MM romance between possessive, protective, and co-dependent roommates. Expect the most tender caretaking, slipping into each other’s beds in the middle of the night, and adorable clinginess. It is the second book in the Mars Fitness series and can be read as a standalone.

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Pick Up Man, by Jodi Payne & BA Tortuga

Jack Boers and Hudson James had a wild affair one long weekend many years ago. But their lives were too different then to even think about something more. They’ve kept in touch, meeting up every year when the bull riding tour is in Anaheim to pick up where they left off, and spending every moment Jack isn’t in the arena in bed together.

But this year, Hudson has a plan. He’s in love with Jack, and even though he knows the cowboy has a man at every stop along the tour, he’s decided to ask for more.

Jack is an experienced, handsome cowboy, and he’s earned his reputation as a bad boy. He knows he can have any man he wants. But the last couple of years, he’s been looking forward to seeing Hudson more than he can understand. He’s really not the rambling man he used to be, and he wonders sometimes if there’s anything out there for him once he retires.

When Hudson’s plan backfires, he’s not sure how to handle the situation. Jack is just keeping his head down and working, unable to understand what is, or what’s not, happening between them. Can they figure out their communication issues before the weekend is over? Or will they be left with “see you same time next year”?

Pick Up Man is a second chance, opposites attract romance featuring a smoking hot bull riding pick-up man, and a wealthy entrepreneur.

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The Player, by Felice Stevens

Friday night lights hide more than they reveal…

When retired NFL superstar Keller Williams returns to his small town to coach his old high school football team, he’s surprised how much he enjoys being out of the limelight and on the field with the kids. Even more surprising is his immediate attraction to the father of one of his players—single dad Niall Harper.
Problem number one: Niall Harper isn’t gay.
Problem number two: Keller isn’t out to the world.
Problem number three: Niall hates his guts. And Keller has no idea why.

High school librarian Niall Harper has always done the right thing. Except be true to himself. Divorced and raising his teenaged son, Niall is dismayed to discover the new football coach is none other than his long-ago Friday night fantasy and nemesis. Not that it matters—Keller doesn’t remember him. It’s nothing new; Niall has always been easy to forget. Now Keller wants to be friends. And more. Niall can’t deny the annoying man makes him laugh and feel things he’d only dreamed possible. But would a player like Keller be satisfied with a regular guy like him?

Being together is more than complicated, but they are willing to take the risk. Niall reveals he’s dating his son’s coach, and Keller comes out to the team, his fans, the press, and small-town gossips. Neither is prepared for the fallout, but that doesn’t stop them. It’s time to throw the Hail Mary pass of a lifetime and win the game of forever. And they’re ready.

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Rebels of the Rink, by Hayden Hall

Tyler is my best buddy on the planet. We would move mountains for each other. So when I discover that my girl has been cheating on me, it’s my best friend’s job to put me back together.

His own troubles in the love nest are brewing. His girlfriend is jealous of all the time Tyler spends cheering me up.

She doesn’t understand. Nobody gets us. We had always been each other’s rocks. And when Tyler is forced to choose between me and his girl, my whole life is turned upside down.

He chooses me. And he makes me happier than he can understand.

Maybe we are each other’s soulmates.

The only problem is…neither of us is into guys.

It’s a cruel cosmic joke to make me fall in love with my best friend and never be able to do anything about it. But once I see the truth behind the veil of fog and confusion, I can never unsee it.

I want him. Even if it means learning to like a whole new style.

Rebels of the Rink is the fifth novel in the Arctic Titans on Northwood U series. It features two best friends, double-bi-awakening, ice-melting heat, and heart-rendering sweetness. You can expect all the usual Arctic Titans shenanigans, a leap from youth to adulthood, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Rebels of the Rink can be read on its own, but it’s best enjoyed when read in order.

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Daddy’s Little Sunshine, by M.A. Innes

“But I’m a princess boy because being a prince would be very boring. They just wear suits and look bored until they find their princesses. I’d rather be the princess. They have more fun and they wear pretty clothes. Littles should always have sparkly clothes.” – Addison

Addison knows princess littles are the best kind of littles but sometimes people don’t always understand. He’s a tiny bit worried his wonderful delivery man won’t understand but not enough to keep him from asking out the amazing man who brings him cookie dough and pizza.

Anyone who brings treats and smiles so big has to be the perfect Daddy, right?

Tate knows there’s no one in the world like the sunshiny cutie with a sweet tooth and a passion for silly games, but he doesn’t realize just how special Addison is until the charming man asks him out on a date…and about his views on Daddies and princess littles.

Sometimes finding Mr. Right is a struggle, but sometimes fate delivers him along with the best cookies a little ever had.

PREORDER, Releasing April 3

The Marie Sinclair Reader, by Marie Sinclair

The Marie Sinclair Reader: six stories and novellas that are the perfect morsels of romance. From first times and first loves to meet cutes, sensuous seductions, and second chances, these stories are sometimes sweet, sometimes steamy, but always with an HEA.

Might Delete Later: An epically clichéd breakup leads to the cutest of meet-cutes with love at first text, delicious pastries, and the best dog face ever.

Chef’s Kiss: A sensuous seduction of wine, food, and desire turns a failed romantic dinner into a brand new chance at love.

Man Down: Unrequited love and frustration as volatile as the whitewater rapids that bring a bar owner everything he’s ever wanted with his ex-head bartender if he can only let nature run its course.

Nothing Like a Summer Romance: First loves. First times. It’s everything you could hope for in a summer romance. Maybe.

Same Old Love: A former child actor turned winemaker and a spiraling, out-of-control rock star get a second chance at the love they were never able to have.

Voir Dear: Jury duty a bore? Not when you find yourself sitting next the guy you haven’t been able to stop thinking about since he sent your travel mug flying into traffic.

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Cuban Missile Crisis, by Nando Gray


Kennedy Frost
 has been a hard man for nearly all of his short life. Ruthless, determined, haunted. And currently, the only thing more frigid than this CIA Agent’s recent past is the atomic chill menaced by the ongoing Cold War.

Will Kennedy be able to outrun the clock of nuclear annihilation? Will he be able to save himself (and everyone else, for that matter) from the terror being senselessly loaded onto the intercontinental ballistic missiles making their way to the pristine tropics of Cuba? Will he overcome an onslaught of betrayal and fury targeted squarely at his core, threatening to undo his very understanding of what it means to be a man, to love, to belong?

Launch yourself headfirst into the thrilling pseudo-historical events of 1961: relations between the USA and the USSR are poised to explode into calamity. Things have finally reached a critical tipping point, and the world’s fate hinges on one man’s ability to confront his darkest demons. Join forces with an inexperienced CIA agent as he fights his way through the radioactive core of a vast and terrible conspiracy on an adrenaline-fueled journey of self-discovery.

Find love amidst the frenzy and fear of thermonuclear armageddon. Race through cobbled streets while outpacing gunfire on a motocross bike, battle your way out of a hidden missile silo buried deep in the mountainous jungles of Cuba’s interior, smuggle yourself into the fabled splendor of the Cubanacca Club, find serenity in the comfort and warmth of found family, and enjoy all of it while enveloping yourself in the opulence and culture of 1960’s Havana.

Bienvenido a La HabanaIt’s going to get a little wild here.

Move to Cuba.
Fall in love.
Don’t go boom.

Enjoy this stand-alone, pseudo-historical tale, and remember: always wear your sunscreen.

It’s going to get pretty hot in here.

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Rosemary & Iron, by Dorian Valentine

When a ritual to restore Mana goes wrong and sends him into the distant past, Célestin Edevane seeks the help of a strange man inhabiting an even stranger estate in order to prevent the calamity that destroyed Mana. Faced with a fascinating world unlike his own, filled with vampires, fae, witches and old gods and an unexpected love affair…will he even want to return to his time?

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Off Track, by Leslie McAdam

We’re battling to be on top—in more ways than one.

Cristian Rivera and I have spent years locked in a contest to be the highest-ranked racing driver in the world. When he forced me off a track seconds from victory, it was the last straw: I confronted him in his hotel room, intending to teach him a lesson with my fists.

Instead, he kissed me, and now everything is tumbling out of control.

I thought I was straight. Now I’m questioning. And I can’t seem to stay away from him.

Hooking up with Cristian is a terrible idea for so many reasons.

Our rivalry fuels sales, and if what we’re doing gets out, we and our teams could lose millions in sponsorship money. We could even lose our jobs.

I’m the Ice Man, always calm and controlled, in line to the Swedish throne. Dating a fiery Spanish driver is the last thing the aristocracy would want me to do.

Most importantly, I can’t fall in love. Open-wheel racing puts our lives at risk every time those engines roar. I can’t afford to get attached to another driver. I couldn’t bear it if someone I love got hurt—or worse.

Despite all that, when Cristian crashes, the whole world sees me race to his side.

Will our feelings for each other be stronger than the forces dragging us apart?

Off Track is a contemporary MM sports romance about race-car drivers. It features Cristian Rivera, Spanish racing royalty, and Jasper Nord, literal Swedish royalty. These guys secretly rendezvous in Swiss ski resorts, Singaporean gardens, and yachts off Monaco. Off Track is the first book in the Faster series of stand-alones, which also features books from Victoria Denault and Regina Kyle.

Kindle Unlimited

No Angel, by Daniel May

Enzo is running for his life.

In his desperation, he breaks into a strange old mansion in search of help.

What he finds instead is Hill.

Huge, strong, mysteriously scarred, the man allows Enzo to stay under one condition — that he will obey Hill as a god, and do anything the man desires.

But Enzo’s savior and sanctuary may prove to be more terrible than what he was originally running from.

No Angel is a standalone dark MM romance featuring an age gap and mob ties.

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