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The Convict, by RS McKenzie

Fifteen years to life is a long time to be sentenced to prison, even if I do deserve it. As the Enforcer of my MC, I had to do some things that would give most people nightmares. I’m prepared to do my time, waiting for my lawyer to appeal my sentence. But when an opportunity presents itself to escape, I take it. I’m on my way back to my clubhouse in Tennessee when I get stuck in a small Missouri town. I have to kidnap the small town mechanic to aid in my escape, ignoring the unfamiliar cravings I feel towards him.

After finishing my weekly food run, I’m approached by a hot-as-sin guy in the parking lot with a broken down truck. I help him out and think he’s on his way until he shoves a gun into my back. Turns out that hot guy is an escaped convict and all he wants is my cooperation as a hostage. To live, I’ll have to trust him and do everything I can to save my life… including using my body.

The Convict is an age gap, bi-awakening, motorcycle club, kinky book. It contains dark themes, murder, violence, heat and, most of all, a hard-fought HEA. It is book one in the Devil’s Mayhem MC series.

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More Than a Spark, by Christie Gordon

A pop-punk keyboardist carries an unrequited love for his firefighting best friend. With a newfound self-discovery, will their friendship ignite into something more?

Milo Richardson
I was stupid and fell hard for my straight best friend, but he can’t find out. Our friendship is too important to destroy it with my feelings.

When he took a firefighting job two hours away, it made my life easier and I satisfied myself with gig hookups.

Now he’s transferred home and I’m back to where I was, longing for him.

Even if he’s looking at me differently, do I dare take a chance?

Ryder Scott
I’m transferring to a fire department back home to be close to my family and my best friend.

But the guy I hooked up with a few weeks ago is warning me to come clean with Milo and tell him about my questioning.

Am I queer? I’m not sure yet. But Milo’s presence lights an unfamiliar fire.

When did he start captivating me? When did his scent become a craving? More than my heart is taking notice.

Would it be so bad if we became more than friends?

And will he stick around after he graduates college in a few months?

More Than a Spark is the sixth book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features an artistic graphic arts student surrendering to the love he’s kept secret for his firefighting best friend and contains a bisexual awakening, steamy first times and coming out with a backdrop of choosing love or career. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Savage Titan, by E.V. Olsen

I caught the attention of a savage beast.

My fault–ish after I crashed into Crestwood hockey team’s star defenseman on my way to class.

In typical Eli Holmes fashion, instead of walking away after he threw my books across the hall, I stood up to Alexei Petrov.

Even sat right next to him in class, letting him know exactly what I thought of his brutish behavior.

Someone should’ve reminded me not to go around poking monsters.

But I’m not one to cower.

Until a heated encounter leads to a steamy kiss.

Now, I can’t seem to get away from him–at school or in my thoughts.

And his savagery draws out desires I didn’t know I had.

The worst part–even seeing how dark this hockey player is, I can’t stop myself from falling for him.

One way or another, Alexei Petrov is going to destroy me.
*Savage Titan is the first in a five book standalone MM college hockey romance series featuring a possessive hockey player, and the feisty art student who crashes into his world. This is a bully romance with dark behaviors, bi-awakening and opposites attract.*

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Woke Up To Discover I’m Famous, by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

I was hit by a train and woke up in another world—one where I was famous!

When I couldn’t undo my seatbelt, and with the train rushing at my stalled truck, I thought my life was over. Little did I know that it was only just beginning. Now I’m in a place I never knew existed, with shifters I thought only lived in books. And people walk around with my face on their sweatshirts and fan-boy over meeting me.

And the alphas—oh, the alphas! Not only are they hotter than the sun… statistically impossible, and yet it’s true… but they’re paying attention to me. Me, the guy who never once had an honest-to-goodness date.

Maybe it’s all a dream and none of this is real. But until someone tells me differently, I plan to enjoy each and every minute of it.
Woke Up to Discover I’m Famous is Book One in the sweet with knotty heat, light, novel-esque MM+ mpreg romance series: Reborn In Another World. It features an omega who wakes up to discover he is in a new-to-him world filled with wolf, bear, dragon, and even unicorn shifters and where everyone knows his name… and what he eats for breakfast… and that time he tripped and fell into a birthday cake at work… pretty much everything he has ever done. No longer is he boring old Kai, and as great as that is, Kai has no idea what to do. This isekai-style story introduces a new mate, one Kai will gladly share. While mpreg is possible in this omegaverse series and ends with a delivery or two, not all books will feature a new baby. If you like your omegas strong, your alphas hawt, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy today.

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Stigmata, by Rain Carrington

A thousand-year-old vampire is posing as a priest in an old mission to keep his stable of human cattle safe and happy. He feeds on them each evening and spends the rest of his time, well, bored.

With his three progeny, they are riding out the apocalypse with their own crop of food, hidden behind the high walls of the mission. When raiders come, the vampires protect the humans, and all that they need to give is their blood, though none know the truth of that except one.

One day, on a scavenge, Clarence finds a man on the beach, and the man is beautiful, strange, and overly eager to serve a mysterious master.

The man he finds is Grey, a genie, and that genie is about to touch all the lives at the mission. Caring, loving, and kind, Grey knows he must serve the vampire, but can he change a vampire’s cold heart?

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The Alien Bodyguard, by Eryn Ivers

Scarred lips resting on polished tusks…horned eyebrows over electric orange eyes… He was breathtaking.

Oliver Turner has been given one last chance to regain his rightful position by his father’s side, running the family corporation, but he can’t keep his eyes off his klah’eel bodyguard. Oliver wants the man with an intensity that both scares and shocks him, and he’s terrified of letting the desire pass him by after being so afraid for so long that he’d never desire a man again. But Oliver has spent his whole life chasing the love and approval of his father, and he can’t let that slip through his fingers when he’s so close.

Captain Mal’ik can’t believe that the yearning, longing scent pouring from the beautiful human man he’s been assigned to protect is for him. Mal’ik has been a soldier for decades and bears the proof of it in his mangled face and metal arm. Surely the prissy, brilliant young man can’t want him of all people. And yet, the way Oliver looks at Mal’ik makes him feel like he could be so much more than just the scarred tool of an empire.

As Oliver and Mal’ik wrestle with their surprising and unfamiliar feelings, the tense political situation surrounding them explodes into chaos. They will both be forced to make choices they never thought they’d make. Is it even possible for them to choose each other?

The Alien Bodyguard is the super steamy first novel in Interspecies Alliances – a series best read in order about a galaxy torn apart by conflict and the men fighting to keep it together. Everyone gets HEAs once the series ends, but first each novel follows its own couple with their own HFN ending on this epic space adventure.

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The Archivist, by Xavi Frey

Malcolm Barclay Bain is an Archivist with the Department of Possible Futures. He spends his day conducting research, managing the Department’s physical collections…and retrieving dangerous objects carelessly misplaced along the waves of time. When he is instructed to retrieve an item that his handlers refer to simply as the tech, he travels back in time to Kansas City, 1927. He hunts through the vibrant city to find his treasure–but he’s not the only one, and soon Mal finds himself clashing with–and drawn toward–a handsome adversary. The Archivist is the first novella in the Department of Possible Futures series, a collection of queer cyberpunk stories following Malcolm and Archie with an eventual HEA.

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Friends Like Them, by Aimee Nicole Walker

Owen Doyle’s rough beginnings taught him not to form attachments, yet he’s drawn to Tyler Booth like a magnet. Their relationship has blossomed from strangers to the best friends, with each twist in the journey weaving their connection tighter. But Owen has a six-year secret that’s become unbearably painful to keep. As the seams of his resistance fray, Owen will lean into a new mentoring opportunity to keep from ruining the best thing in his life.

Tyler will never regret going to jail and getting sober because meeting Owen saved his life and taught him how to trust again. Their inseparable bond has earned much teasing over the years, but Tyler doesn’t recognize himself without Owen. When he senses a yawning chasm between them, he’ll turn to mutual friends for help. Their well-meaning advice opens Tyler’s eyes to unexplored possibilities and will snap missing puzzle pieces into place.

Some hopes are too big to stifle, and some truths are too big to ignore. A photo booth, smoking-hot kisses, and honest revelations will take Owen and Tyler’s intimacy to a whole new level. But before they can achieve their happily ever after, they must unload the baggage from their pasts. Will the road to discovery guide them to the necessary healing, or are the guys destined for the highway to heartache?

Friends Like Them is book four in the Redemption Ridge series. Though each story features a different couple, reading the series in order is essential. Friends Like Them contains mature themes and is intended for adults.

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Oracles Always Win, by Lori Ames

Jake believes he is absolutely ordinary… But what if he isn’t?

Jake is absolutely, completely ordinary, even if he has a weird painting affliction. Painting is relaxing, right? It helps. It’s a form of art therapy. Even if his painting is the subconscious kind. The middle-of-the-night, paint-while-you-sleep kind. The kind that makes him puke every single time it happens.

Okay. So, maybe that’s not exactly normal.

But when a sexy but presumably imaginary guy with horns, who Jake’s strange painterly alter-ego has been fixated on for the last year, suddenly shows up in town with horns and all, Jake doesn’t know what to think. Especially when the not-so-imaginary guy claims he’s a demon and that Jake’s an oracle, of all things. That’s when Jake begins to suspect his life is never going to be the same again.

After all, he mentioned the horns, right?

Tags: A demon with a found family, an oracle unknowingly in need of a tether, the talking cat is a glutton, oracles know things, oracles shouldn’t paint in public in only their underwear, the wolves in the hills are still jerks, a formerly human guy keeps asking crazy questions, who knew horns and wings could be sexy, and… just how many supernatural beings will be drawn to this one little town?

PREORDER, Releasing April 16

Timeless, by Romance Declan Rhodes

In 2024, Dylan Mercer is a rising star of professional hockey, adored by fans and unmatched on the ice. Yet beneath the glitz of his burgeoning career lies a truth Dylan fears could derail everything: he’s gay in a world where he fears coming out could mean the end of his career. After a tough game, Dylan’s discovery of a pair of vintage skates in an old locker unexpectedly sends him spiraling back in time to 1980, just before the US Olympic hockey team’s “Miracle on Ice.”

Thrown into an era where the stakes for being himself are even higher, Dylan finds an unexpected ally and more in Nico Santoro, a fellow player with secrets of his own. Dylan and Nico forge a bond that defies time, facing down prejudice and fear with the strength found in each other.

But as Dylan grapples with his return to the present, he’s faced with an impossible choice: his career as a rising hockey star, or a chance to change history by seizing the love that transcends time itself.

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Wishes for August, by  C.S Autumn


My dad left and my mum turned her back on me when I was just a kid. Since then, I’ve been alone. For years I wished things were different, but time and experience taught me that wishing for a better life was foolish. I told myself love wasn’t for me. I’d watched it crush my mum and I wouldn’t let it do the same to me. I’d never take the risk.

Until him.


I had my life planned out – work hard to get the job of my dreams, and find someone to share my life with. Though I’d dated before, I had yet to find someone that I had the kind of connection I hoped for. The kind of love I saw my parents share. Until I walked into my new role and met him. With brown eyes that drew me in and a wicked grin that promised endless amounts of pleasure – I felt that connection I’d always hoped for. But his heart was off the table. And that’s the part I wanted the most.

Wishes for August is a M/M romance featuring a grumpy marketing exec and his sunshine boss. Featuring a friends with benefits arrangement, lots of steam, medium angst and a guaranteed HEA.

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Dead for Teacher, by Pandora Pine

In 1968, three school children were allegedly poisoned to death by their teacher, Marie Fairbanks. A week later, Ms. Fairbanks was murdered, and the cops marked it off as a justifiable homicide. Case closed. No further investigation needed.

Now, Detective Ronan O’Mara’s daughter has encountered the spirits of those dead children and Everly’s determined to help them rest in peace. Even if it means getting involved in a fifty-year-old cold case.

Psychic Tennyson Grimm can’t see or sense the child spirits like Everly can, which puts him in an awkward position. This case and its gruesome details aren’t something he wants his daughter involved in, but he’s not so sure Ronan and Everly would agree.

But the mystery of the poisoned children still lingers, and Marie’s killer is out there, ready to strike again to keep their identity hidden. Ten and Ronan need to solve this case while keeping Everly safe, otherwise they could very well end up dead for teacher.

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Earthquake Ethan, by R.L. Merrill

The Earth shook the morning actor Ethan Bradley arrived in Los Angeles looking for a second chance. He hoped his former producers Reese Matheson and Toby Griffiths meant it when they said to look them up if he were ever in LA because he had no other options. The pictures the paparazzi took at the wrap party for their London show made sure of that. What he wasn’t counting on was the reception he got from their manager, Arthur Frye. He was absolutely the kind of together guy Ethan wished would notice him, and for more than his pretty face and talent. Too bad Arthur only sees Ethan as a complication.

Arthur Frye has his hands full with his best clients—and best friends. The last thing he needs is another diva to care for, especially one who has a reputation for causing trouble. He has a strict rule against getting involved with the talent, no matter how pretty they are. Only Ethan Bradley shines for real, and when Arthur realizes his nice-guy innocence is genuine, he’s ready to do anything to help Ethan get his career back on track and get him out of LA. He’s too much of a temptation, and Arthur can’t afford to lose focus…not even for a chance at happiness for himself. Especially not when his star clients are about to risk their professional and personal happiness with their newest creation; a musical about two boys falling in love in the 1960s featuring music written by Reese’s grandfather, whose health is in decline.

Ethan Bradley shakes things up wherever he goes, and Arthur Frye is afraid he’ll be left in the wreckage if he gets too close. Can these two opposites find love on solid ground?

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Dating Unlocked, Season 2

In Dating Unlocked, hopeful romantics from the LGBTQ2S+ community move beyond curated social media and dating profiles to find love in real life, and potentially share the key to their hearts. From the traditional to more radical, there are daters from all walks of life who share the same goal – to find a hook-up, a date or their one and only.

In each episode, our lead dater selects someone they’d like to continue the romance with – by choosing between three prospective dates. To assist these love seekers in creating a connection with the lead dater, each episode involves games, activities and intimate moments tailored to showcase their personalities and interests. After weighing their options, the lead dater extends a secret invite for a second date. Will the chosen person unlock those fuzzy, flirty feelings and show up or leave them alone behind the door?

There is only one way to find out!

Kindle Unlimited

By the Pint, by Jemma Croft

Dima Black might be the richest, most successful vampire in all of Borderlands, but all he wants to do is sew his quilts.

Dima enjoys a quiet life in his inner-city Remy apartment with his flatmates, a fridge full of B+, and his fluffy bunny slippers. At least, as quiet as things can be for a mind-reading vampire. He definitely doesn’t need some gorgeous telepathic human ex-athlete showing up and upside-downing his undeath. But when Dima is summoned to present the keynotes speech at the Bloodsucker’s in Business conference, that’s exactly what happens.

Disgraced former wingball star Casey ‘The Temper’ Freckleman wants only one thing, immortality. Luckily for Casey, his master has promised to turn him into a vampire if he can telepathically extract business secrets from the famous Dima Black. Should be easy, right? Casey’s never struggled with this sort of thing before. Unfortunately for Casey he can’t seem to break into Dima’s mind, and the vampire himself turns out to be the most distractingly distracting man alive … or undead.

By the Pint is the third book in the Fantasy Flatmates series but can be read as a standalone.
The book features spicy content, grumpy sunshine, a vampire/human pairing, and a HEA

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