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Kindle Unlimited

Earth and Water, by J.L. Gribble

A life with no room for distractionEarth mage Kane Nalamas may be on his first official contract as a mercenary, but his years of experience and training don’t prepare him for immediate betrayal. Within days, he loses both his client and his freedom.

A prison of his own creation

Water mage Archer Sophin would not wish his half-life as a human magical battery on anyone. Especially not the sweet mercenary who has no idea he’s stumbled upon one of the greatest secrets in the magical world: magic is dying.

An unlikely partnership

Kane will take any help he can get from the intriguing water mage, even if he’s not sure whether Archer’s role is villain or fellow victim. Drawn further together by an unexpected voyage, what begins as a temporary arrangement turns into the potential for so much more.

To live free in a world that craves their power, the elemental mages will have to use earth and water in ways never seen before. And for a chance to build a future together, they’ll have to escape the chains of their past.

Earth and Water is an M/M paranormal romance featuring a broody pansexual water mage, a stubborn gay earth mage, forced proximity, meddling best friends, and magic as an accidental aphrodisiac. It is set in the same universe as the author’s Steel Empires series but can be read as a standalone novel with a happily ever after and no cliffhanger.

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Future Fake Husband, by Kate Hawthorne & E.M. Denning

I’ve dedicated the past seven years of my life to running the family vineyard, but it’s not enough for my grandparents to sign the business into my name. It doesn’t matter that I’ve put in all the work and learned to manage the operation on my own because I haven’t done the one thing that means the most to them—I haven’t gotten married. A wife isn’t in the cards for me and I need a solution fast, but I never expected that solution to be my best friend’s twin brother.

Cole Mallory has known my brother for as long as I can remember. He and I have always been friendly, but we’ve never been friends, so why would anyone believe his ridiculous plan to pretend we’re in a relationship together? For the first time in our lives, we each have something to offer the other, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s nice to look at and also just…nice.

A quick and powerful mutual attraction means we don’t have to work very hard at pretending to be into each other, but being physical is one thing, getting emotionally involved is another. What started as a game of pretend turns very real for us both and as the fake wedding draws near, Cole’s inheritance isn’t the only thing on the line. Both our hearts are too.

When all is said and done, I think I want to marry my pretend husband…for real.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Without Regrets, by Reese Knightley

Fighting his enemy never felt so good…

Brick –

Mistakes were made.
Lines were crossed.
But nobody can mess with Fighter except for him.
Okay, there might have been some issues along the way, but fighting his enemy
never felt so good.

Fighter –
Arrogant prick. Thinking he was easy.
Keep your distance.
Hate…was too nice of a word to describe his feelings for the big bossy billionaire.
Tyler Brick thought he could buy anything.
Well, not him!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Highland Fling, by C F White

Can a Highland fling stir a culinary passion into lasting love?

Dean Fraser traded his football dreams for cooking when injury struck. He’s now got a shot at becoming the new chef at Castle Largleith, despite his lack of experience. Working at the Michelin-starred restaurant in the picturesque Scottish Highlands could change his entire life and help him escape the clutches of his cheating ex-boyfriend.

Hot-headed Executive Chef Ewan Grant is bidding farewell to the career that cost him his lover. To atone for the suffocating guilt eating away at his life’s passion, he’s determined to fulfil his late partner’s bucket list. First, he needs to find the perfect replacement chef.

When Ewan conducts a series of cooking competitions to find the right fit, the underdog ex-footballer takes him by surprise. Dean’s unlikely culinary talent brings a storm of emotions into the kitchen. Sparks fly between them, and an illicit attraction ignites more than the sizzling hotplates. But acting on it could ruin Ewan’s reputation and Dean’s chance at the job of a lifetime.

Struggling to resist the tempting flavours of forbidden love, their whirlwind affair threatens both of their dreams. Can they navigate the treacherous waters of romance without sacrificing what they both need? Or will their passion leave them with a taste too delicious to resist?

Highland Fling is a forbidden lovers, age gap, found family standalone novel in the steamy contemporary Flying into Love MM romance series, featuring a fiery Scottish chef too used to his own way and a determined ex-footballer desperate to prove he’s more than a pretty face.

“A sizzling tale of culinary passion, unexpected connections, and the irresistible allure of Highland heat!”

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

His Pride and His Prejudice, by April Andrews

In this delightful retelling of the classic novel, April Andrews reimagines a world not of lords and ladies but of alphas and omegas, wrapped up in the enduring romance of the prideful Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and the precocious Mr. Elliot Bennet.

Join them in this slow burn omegaverse story, where they must learn to overcome their pride and their prejudices and rediscover once more, one of the most celebrated loves of the ages.

$1.99 SALE, Kindle Unlimited

One Wicked Night, by Colette Rivera

After one unforgettable night they were never supposed to see each other again.

Tristan Taylor Tomás finally has the career opportunity he’s been waiting for but it means moving across the country and leaving everything behind. A year’s worth of flirting with a hot mysterious man over coffee orders has come to nothing.


Powerful Witch, Edwin Bickel follows the rules. Especially the ones he sets for himself. His life is carefully constructed, change unwelcome, until sweet Mortal Tristan tempts the misanthropic Witch into abandoning his moratorium on love.

But Edwin’s past casts a long shadow and he won’t risk getting close to Tristan… so one night is all they have.

When a chance re-encounter has magic of its own, Edwin can’t bring himself to walk away any more than he can allow himself to open up. A casual affair seems like the perfect answer, however Edwin isn’t the only Witchy influence in Tristan’s new life.

Tristan doesn’t know magic exists and something sinister is lurking out of sight.

Can Edwin trust Tristan to help stop the biggest magical crime New York has ever seen? And can a Mortal looking for love ever make it work with a Witch who’s spent his life guarding his heart?

One Wicked Night is a sweet and steamy gay paranormal romance. Tropes include: grumpy/sunshine, one night stand, opposites attract, and Witch/Mortal. HEA guaranteed! 

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

The Straight Game, by Milana Spencer

Daniel and Tate.

Just friends.

100% straight.

And competitive as hell.



When I’m stuck in an unfamiliar city, attending maths lectures for my final high school exams, I resign myself to two days of boredom. That’s when I meet Tate. Something about his toffee-brown eyes and fearless attitude immediately draws me in and I quickly learn we have a lot in common:

1) We’re both from the same rural town.

2) We’re both staying at the same hotel.

3) We’re both extremely competitive.

I can’t say no to a competition, no matter whether it’s a swimming race or an intense match of truth or dare, no matter how much Tate makes my heart flutter. But as we spend the summer holidays together and our games get increasingly sexual, I’m forced to face the terrifying truth: I might like Tate more than a friend.

Somehow our competitions somehow turn R-rated. Honestly, I’m impressed Daniel’s brave enough to keep going, even when it means kissing and touching each other and taking our clothes off. But there are a lot of things about Daniel that are impressive — he’s kind, thoughtful, and absolutely gorgeous.

Not that I have feelings for him. I don’t. We’re just friends, and besides, I’m 100% straight. This thing we’re doing? It’s just a game. A game I intend to win.

The Straight Game is a slow burn M/M New Adult Romance with the strangers-to-friends-to-lovers trope. It can be read as a standalone.

PREORDER, Releasing March 19

The Fear of the Dark, by  Alex Vale

Once the sun sets, Grander comes alive with the undead. Harboring a vampiric turf war between violent Blood Followers, pacifist Moon Children are caught in the crossfire…

Nikola Kingston has walked this planet for over seven centuries. Missing his life of peacefully worshiping his Goddess, the Moon Child has found himself trapped in the violent web of Grander’s power struggle. And when he’s suddenly granted access to Malkolm’s side of the border, who does he encounter other than the scarred and dangerously unstable Master Asher Black? Worse yet, he can’t seem to get the vampire’s lithe body or scorching blood out of his head…

Games were fun, but this was war—Nikola Kingston was the enemy.

Blood Follower Asher Black answers to nobody except his God and Lord Malkolm, ruling as second-in-command with an iron fist. And when Lord Malkolm sets his sights on Converting Nikola Kingston to the Blood God, a feat that requires a Moon Child to kill, Asher finds himself obsessively drawn to the hulking and sulking Nikki.

Asher wanted to hold that rage in his hands, mold it into the warrior buried under silver eyes and misguided morals.

More than one kind of border separates Nikola and Asher. Has fate doomed them to destroy each other? Or will they betray their gods and their covens to answer the attraction burning between them?

Where is this going to end? In blood or in sex?

The Fear of the Dark is a slow burn, dual POV dark romance between two male characters intended for adults. For information regarding triggering content, please visit the author’s website. PLEASE NOTE: The Fear of the Dark ends on a cliff-hanger, but the main couple will have a HEA by the end of the series.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Brodie Winters Volume 1, by Dion Marc

Brodie Winters is the Chosen One, but he doesn’t want to be…

Brodie Winters wants nothing more than to retire and have a little fun for once. Unfortunately for him, demon-slaying is more just than a career.

Moonhaven was supposed to be the safest city in America, the perfect choice for an Elemental Channeller seeking a sense of normalcy away from demonic forces. But Brodie was never destined for the mundane: for the Chosen One, danger lurks in every shadow.

So much for settling down.

As Brodie tries to focus on starting college and exploring the queer scene, a series of disappearances drags him back to battling powerful supernatural forces. As it turns out, Moonhaven is rife with evil.

A natural-born protector, Brodie can’t help but get involved, threatening his dreams of living a normal life. Worse yet, his new friends may not be able to escape the paranormal either, and it’s not going to be pretty.

‘The Chosen One: Brodie Winters’ is a serialised novella series containing three episodes in each volume. The story contains action, humour, gory horror and high heat. Written by bestselling Author Dion Marc, this story promises to be everything a kinky 90s fanboy of the supernatural could ask for.


Hooks In, by Eve Holmes

Hatred often walks in disguise.

Rival MMA fighters Ty Roscoe and Luca Mitchell have been battling for the top spot in the rankings for years. Evenly matched in skill and constantly stripping each other of number one, the rivalry continues to grow and extend outside the cage. Knowing just how to push each other’s buttons, a deep hatred shadows their shared goal of becoming the best fighters they can be. And when an opportunity comes knocking to train at an elite MMA gym, they each think they’ll leave the other behind once and for all.

But when they end up at the same gym, under the same coach, the tension only rises. For the first time ever, they’re not fighting against each other. As they are forced to work as teammates, the battle for dominance is only amplified. They each have something the other needs, and the more time they spend training on the mats and in the boxing ring, they now realize they aren’t fighting each other… they’re fighting something else.

Their dynamic morphs, the tension evolves, and the hate drops its mask. They know everything there is to fight each other. But now, they have so much more to learn.

Submission was never in the cards.
But outside the cage, will the gloves finally drop?

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