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London Fog, by E.M. Lindsey

Part owner of the BrewBiz Deaf Café, Wren might not be the most self-aware man, but he does know a few important things he won’t compromise on.

No relationships.
No commitments.
No complications.

Then Percy shows up fresh from the UK and stumbles right into Wren’s path. Literally.

Percy is obscenely good looking, and since Wren never denies himself, he pursues Percy, and that one night rocks his world.

Now Wren doesn’t want to let Percy go, and that feeling threatens to upend the very core of his identity. So, Wren does what he does best.

He panics.
He ruins things.
And leaves Percy in shambles.

But he’s immediately filled with regret. Chasing Percy away is the last thing he wants, so he turns to his found family who show him that he doesn’t have to fit inside a box to be who he is. He can have what he wants and not lose everything he’s come to accept about himself.

If only he didn’t realize that after hurting Percy. His only hope now is a big apology, and praying that it wasn’t too little too late.

London Fog is the second book in the BrewBiz series. It contains a one-night-stand to lovers romance with disasters in babysitting, greyromantic awakening and acceptance, planetarium nights, fireflies, praise, panic kissing, and a steamy, swoony happily ever after.

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Gilded Lies, by Julie Mannino

“Yes, I did help you even though you ignored my request when I was in far greater need.” A muscle twitched in Aurelius’s cheek, and he slowly turned his head to watch Jari as he passed. “You did nothing and acted as if I hadn’t spoken. Did you think I’d forgotten your face in the past six years?”

Jari would prefer to leave certain things in the past even though they haunt him in the present. It wasn’t his fault, and he hadn’t been given a choice, but Aurelius Midas, the Crown Prince of Nova, still holds a grudge six years later.

With no other choice, Jari vows to stay and guard the Crown Prince. Someone has infiltrated the court, killed two people, and poisoned a third. The mad King Eurig does nothing about it, and with another Kingdom threatening them, things grow more dire.

Jari’s not like his Father, and he’ll keep his word. Aurelius is cruel, vicious, and as cold as the dagger that took his eye after birth, but he’s alone in a den full of snakes and cursed by events that happened long before his birth.

Aurelius is also the biggest serpent of them all. As the lies grow deeper, and he reveals his ability, Jari’s choices are whittled down.

Stay and bear his neck to the fangs, or break his word, and save himself.

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Off Season, by Jodi Oliver


Finding out my ex-fiance is the best man at my cousin’s wedding is the cherry on top of my problems.

I can’t turn up alone, so finding a fake boyfriend is the only option.

My relationship with Jacob isn’t supposed to be real, but he gets me in a way nobody ever has and now I’m questioning everything.

After nearly two decades in the NHL, retirement is nearing and I have no idea who I am outside of hockey.

I need to focus on winning one last Cup, not falling in love.


Ethan Parkes became my savior when he offered me a deal that would solve all of my problems. So when he asked me to be his fake boyfriend for a wedding in England, I jumped at the chance.

Besides, so what if I already have a crush on him?

When we give into the chemistry between us, he tells me we only have the off season. But I’m determined to show him that he’s more than just a name on a jersey, even if it could cause my heart a world of hurt.

Off Season is a friends to lovers, grumpy/sunshine hockey romance. With a touch of hurt/comfort, a ten year age gap, interfering teammates and all the found family vibes. It is book two in the Chicago Thunder series and can be read as a standalone.

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The Family Man, by AJ Rose

Special Agent Jon “Ice Man” Anderson is one of the FBI’s best monster hunters, catching predators using their darkness against them. It’s his purpose, and he’s relentless.

Rookie Special Agent Tracey Smith is Jon’s opposite, shining light in the shadows and counteracting the dark with hope. Together, they may be the perfect combination to catch The Family Man, a sniper terrorizing St. Louis, dealing death through the scope of a high-powered rifle.

They can’t afford distractions.
Jon can’t ignore the feelings Tracey has evoked.
Feelings he hasn’t allowed himself in years.

Jon’s not the only one compelled by Tracey….

In a city held hostage, the FBI races to stop the killing.
Before the sniper finds them,
And they lose everything.

The Mind Hacker: The Family Man is the 107,000-word opening salvo of a gay romance/suspense series following a law enforcement/workplace pairing through a bisexual awakening all the way to their eventual happily-ever-after.

AJ Rose is back and in full effect! If you’ve ever read anything by AJ you’ll be excited to know this book has that draw-you-in-and-hold-you-down effect we’ve all come to love in their stories. If AJ is new to you, strap in. This story takes you for the ride of your life! – Miski Harris, Author of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

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Daruss, by April Kelley

One is his enemy. The other is his fated mate. Daruss has never had so much to fight for.

Dragon shifter Daruss Oyen has everything to lose. After a rival club starts a war over territory, Daruss is there to fight for the family he’s found. But everything changes after he falls in love with a snarky human named Jude, who happens to be the rival club’s spy.

While he’s determined to keep Dragon Skull MC together and somehow get his boy back, he meets his fated mate along the way. Daruss wonders if a sweet and innocent college graduate could ever go for bad boy biker like him.

But when Jude and Raylee are threatened, Daruss and the Dragon Skulls will have to win the fight if they’re going to make it out alive.

Daruss is the first novel in the Dragon Skulls MC Daddies. This steamy Paranormal Romance features a dragon shifter Daddy who’s even more dangerous with his biker family by his side, a sassy human who’s lived a hard life and will do anything to protect a sweet guy like his Daddy’s fated mate, and an innocent college grad who know nothing about bad boys and Daddies. If you like a lot of sexy time between a Daddy and his boys with a happily ever after and danger thrown in, then you’ll love this spicy romance.

Buy Daruss to find out how a Daddy handles two mates at once.

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Encore, by Larkin Lavallee

Five years isn’t close to long enough to forget the love of your life.


After my mom walked in on me enjoying some benefits with my best friend, everything went wrong. She outed him to his parents. They flipped, and he vanished. I waited for months before realizing I’d never see him again. I tried to move on, to live my life, but it never quite took.

Now, after five years, he’s suddenly here and the moment I saw him, all the old feelings came rushing back.

He doesn’t feel the same. I don’t know if he’s mad at me or at the world and I don’t know how to help him.

I just wish he could see how good we’d be together.


Five years ago, I was ripped away from the love of my life. The adults in our lives were supposed to be our support system, but they failed us in the biggest way possible.

So the first thing I do once I’m out from under my parents’ thumb is to find him, and the moment I see him, I know that the only thing I want is to be with him. I’m haunted by my past and I can’t handle my feelings for him. He doesn’t need to know that my heart aches every time I look at him.

I don’t want to keep hurting him, but I can’t stay away.

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Prince of Agony, by Tavia Lark

The price of Kazia’s power is pain.

Prince Kazia Dire isn’t nice. Being nice lets people close. Letting people close risks revealing Kazia’s greatest secret—the power that condemns him to a lifetime of abuse.

Until opportunity appears in the form of a captive enemy mage.

Following a dragon across the border lands Lucien Vaire in chains, and matters only get worse from there. Lucien has hated House Dire since the last war. Now, he’s under the notorious brat prince’s direct control.

Yet beneath Kazia’s vicious mask, Lucien senses desperate vulnerability.

Painful experience has taught Kazia to fear mages. He needs to keep Lucien at a distance even as he uses Lucien’s talents. But that distance narrows with each careful kindness. Each accidental touch. Lucien acts more like a protector than a prisoner, and Kazia is tempted by the dangerous sweetness of trust.

But Lucien is still a mage, and Kazia is still broken. And Kazia’s cruel parents may still destroy them both.

Prince of Agony is a high fantasy gay romance, featuring captivity, hurt/comfort, and enemies hiding in a linen closet together. This is the final book in the Perilous Courts series, which is best enjoyed in order.

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Beyond the Sea, by Keira Andrews

Two hot guys. One desert island.

Troy Tanner walks out on his boy band’s world tour rather than watching his little brother snort his life away. Screw it. He’ll take a private jet home and figure out his life away from the spotlight.

But Troy doesn’t make it home.

The plane crashes on a jungle island in the South Pacific. Forget dodging the paparazzi—now Troy’s desperate for food and water. The turquoise ocean and white sand beach looks like paradise, but danger lurks everywhere. Thank God the pilot survived too. At least Troy’s not alone. He has Brian.

Brian’s smart and brave and strong. He doesn’t care that Troy’s famous. Brian’s real. As days turn into weeks with no sign of rescue, Troy and Brian rely on each other. They make each other laugh despite being stranded. They go from strangers to friends.

What happens when they want more?

Although he and Brian both identify as straight, their growing desire burns hotter than the tropical sun. If they explore their sexuality a thousand miles from anything or anyone, can their newfound love survive in the real world when they’re finally rescued?

Beyond the Sea by Keira Andrews is a slow-burn LGBT romance featuring bisexual awakening, scorching first times, an age gap, and of course a happy ending.

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Without Regrets, by Reese Knightley

Fighting his enemy never felt so good…

Brick –

Mistakes were made.
Lines were crossed.
But nobody can mess with Fighter except for him.
Okay, there might have been some issues along the way, but fighting his enemy
never felt so good.

Fighter –
Arrogant prick. Thinking he was easy.
Keep your distance.
Hate…was too nice of a word to describe his feelings for the big bossy billionaire.
Tyler Brick thought he could buy anything.
Well, not him!

Enemies to lovers | Rich man/poor man | Powerful Billionaire | Bodyguards

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Love Furever, by Gabbi Grey

Being rejected by family hurt like hell, but I kept my head high, left my toxic relatives behind, and moved across the country to Gaynor Beach, CA. Luckily, I have great furry company. My French bulldog puppy, Widget, was dumped on me for not meeting my parents’ ridiculously high standards either, so we’re comforting each other. With a nice rental house and a new job, Widget and I were ready for a fresh start—until I got a devastating diagnosis. I can’t take care of Widget properly while trying to save my own life, and I expect a long, hard road. I’ll have to break both our hearts and put her up for adoption, for her sake. Right?

I’ve wanted a pet forever, but my family circumstances didn’t allow it. Now I’m away from my masses of relatives and on my own, and I’m ready to take on a furry companion. My friend, a guy who never says no to an animal in need, introduces me to Colin and his beautiful puppy Widget. I’m horrified Colin feels he needs to give her up just because he’s sick, but I’m happy to take Widget as a temporary foster. I’m also happy to offer support to the new guy in town who is so very alone during a time of crisis. Helping someone in need comes naturally to me. But what if that temporary help turns into me wanting a forever relationship?

This is a gay romance slow-burn novel about new beginnings, found family, unconditional love, and a puppy named Widget. This middle-angst story has a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Deader than Dead, by H.L Day

Even death can’t stop fate.

Professional thief, Bellamy, might have bitten off more than he can chew this time. Jobs have gone wrong before, but never this wrong. His moral code might be grayer than most, but it exists, and he finds himself facing an impossible choice that could cost him everything.

Necromancer, John Averill’s day just got ten times worse. One more job, his boss says. Well, that job sucks, because not only does he find himself with a gun pointed at his head, but the man he’s been hired to raise temporarily from the dead is none other than his fated mate… the man he’s been searching for all his life.

Their love story is over before it ever began. Or is it? Fate still has a few tricks up its sleeve, and the impossible might just become possible.

Deader than Dead is a 57k Fated Mates MM paranormal novel featuring villains who will stop at nothing to get what they want, a stolen artifact, kidnapping, betrayal, lies, and two men determined to overcome death itself to be together.

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The Straight Game, by Milana Spencer

Daniel and Tate.

Just friends.

100% straight.

And competitive as hell.



When I’m stuck in an unfamiliar city, attending maths lectures for my final high school exams, I resign myself to two days of boredom. That’s when I meet Tate. Something about his toffee-brown eyes and fearless attitude immediately draws me in and I quickly learn we have a lot in common:

1) We’re both from the same rural town.

2) We’re both staying at the same hotel.

3) We’re both extremely competitive.

I can’t say no to a competition, no matter whether it’s a swimming race or an intense match of truth or dare, no matter how much Tate makes my heart flutter. But as we spend the summer holidays together and our games get increasingly sexual, I’m forced to face the terrifying truth: I might like Tate more than a friend.

Somehow our competitions somehow turn R-rated. Honestly, I’m impressed Daniel’s brave enough to keep going, even when it means kissing and touching each other and taking our clothes off. But there are a lot of things about Daniel that are impressive — he’s kind, thoughtful, and absolutely gorgeous.

Not that I have feelings for him. I don’t. We’re just friends, and besides, I’m 100% straight. This thing we’re doing? It’s just a game. A game I intend to win.

The Straight Game is a slow burn M/M New Adult Romance with the strangers-to-friends-to-lovers trope. It can be read as a standalone.

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The Billionaire’s Nemesis, by Silvia Violet

I have a billion-dollar inheritance waiting for me, but instead of working for my family, I joined the navy, became a SEAL, and devoted myself to my career.

Then I met Matteo.

From the moment he joined my platoon, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Once I let him touch me, I was lost. He tormented me—in bed and out—and all I did was ask for more.

Our illicit fling endangered everything I’d worked for, but I couldn’t stop, not until he joined our enemies and betrayed me.

A year later, he’s my prisoner. I want to hate him. I want to destroy him like he did me. I also want to feel his body pressed to mine again. But Matteo has secrets, ones that involve my family, ones that make me question everything I thought I knew.

Nothing is as it seems. The only thing I know for sure is that he wants my body, my forgiveness, and my heart…and I might be insane enough to consider giving him everything.

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Go Deep, by Brooklyn Cate

Never kiss your client…especially the NFL superstar you’ve been secretly obsessing about.


Being gay is a secret I’ve kept for as long as I can remember and since my dad’s running for President on a campaign platform to ban gay marriage, it’s not a secret I can’t afford to let out.

Until NFL superstar Gabe Kelly strolls into my corner office. With a body made for sin and throwing perfect spirals, he is my biggest temptation. I’m supposed to be managing his finances, not obsessing about him naked…or that stupid, reckless, fire hot kiss we shared.

But when you live in the limelight, someone is always waiting to expose your skeletons. So when a video of us together shows up online, I have to make a choice.

Live my life according to everyone else’s rules…
Or give up everything for the man I want.


Vince Castro is tall, dark, and forbidden desire wrapped in BOSS Black. He also happens to be my new financial advisor and the guy I’ve fantasized about since the day I walked into his office. But with my private life being dragged through the mud since coming out last season, the last thing I need is a hot little fling to distract me.

Still, everything about him tempts me to break all of my rules.
The one problem? He’s straight.

I keep telling myself that his penetrating stares and semi-innocent touches mean nothing until I invite him up to my apartment…and find out his truth.

Go Deep is book one of the Red Zone Series. It’s a contemporary slow burn, angsty MM sports romance that has high heat, forbidden love, and a stalker to keep things really interesting.


Alaskan Thunder, by Nando Gray


Calvin hated Zayne the moment he saw him. In fact, the two couldn’t have been more different if they’d planned it. But the pilot needed money, badly, and the young, scrawny, raven-haired influencer who had just flown up here from California as part of some ridiculous come-to-nature find-yourself nonsense was apparently loaded with the stuff.

Calvin had never seen so many designer suitcases in one place in his life. The guy had brought at least three times the amount of cargo he’d been warned to limit himself to, insisting unapologetically that it was all “really super important,” the spoiled kid apparently used to getting whatever he wanted. Calvin had given up instantly on expecting much from the vapid tourist, deciding then and there to charge the chump double for his chartered flight.

The baggage did weigh down his seaplane dangerously now, though, and he eyed the coming stormclouds with nervous apprehension, their coal black mass roiling in ominously over the volcanic peaks that ringed the quaint harbor town of Skagway, Alaska, menacing the pair’s upcoming flight to Fort Yukon with the distant and crackling boom of Alaskan Thunder…

Fly to Alaska and embark on the journey of a lifetime. Find yourself stranded, alone, far from the comfort and familiarity of home, forced to overcome the terror of a horrible accident, challenged to learn to live off of the land while finding shelter and warmth in the inhospitable hinterlands of the great Alaskan tundra. Dare to overcome your past to ensure that you might have a future. And find yourself falling in love against all odds, lit by the neon lights of the aurora borealis. Learn for yourself that it’s never too late to discover love in unexpected places.

Oh, and make sure to watch out for the bears.
It’s wild out there.

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