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Clueless, by Willow Thomas

The Cheerleader and His Twin’s Best Friend
I’ve been in love with Ryder Jackson since my twin sister brought him home and declared him her best friend five years ago. He is funny, smart, gorgeous. The perfect man. Except he’s never shown any romantic interest in me. Ryder only does hookups, but my poor demi heart wants the whole package.
I vow to get over him and focus on my upcoming cheer competition, but suddenly, he’s everywhere, making me fall harder.
When he accidentally walks in on my self-love time, everything changes. One night with Ryder isn’t enough.
I know it’ll hurt when it ends, but if friends with benefits is all Ryder can give, I’ll take it.
No boyfriends, no repeats. That’s always been my motto. But when I nearly get my ass handed to me by the disgruntled ex of a former hookup, I realize I need to change things up.
No sex until I learn to avoid the walking red flags.
I can do this.
Except, suddenly, all I can see is Lexi, my best friend’s brother. I’m creating situations to get cuddles from him during nineties movie night and even going to a football game just to watch him cheer.
After one hot night, I want more.
But how do I get Lexi to see me as more than just a hookup?

Clueless is book one in Squad Goals, an MM cheerleader romance. Expect demi rep, witty banter, delicious pining, and cheertastic fun!

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Family of Fire, by Hope Bennett

Two dragon clans. One teacher. One student. Fated mates.

Morgan doesn’t expect to receive any kindness from the warrior clan. When he is sent by his father to train at the Hoskins castle, Morgan knows he can’t talk his way out of it. He’s alone. He’s vulnerable. He just doesn’t expect to find an alarmingly attractive trainer. He can hardly look away. It’s going to be a problem. Especially if his father finds out that he’s been looking at a Hoskins…

Lew is meant to train the noble dragon, not fall in love with him. He never expected to like the stuck-up Morgan. If only the little dragon wasn’t so pretty and delicate, if only he wasn’t surprisingly sweet and timid, if only he didn’t make all Lew’s protective instincts go haywire… There’s more to Morgan than meets the eye and Lew is determined to learn everything.

As the two men begin to bond, they find that not everything they’ve been taught is true. The noble uasal can be fated to mate a common curaidh. But not everyone agrees. If Lew and Morgan want to be together, they’re going to have to fight for their love and claim one another before it’s too late.

A forbidden love romance between a naïve noble dragon and the older warrior dragon who’s been hired to train him.

This book contains explicit language and scenes.

The first book in the Dragon’s Mate series, Family of Fire can be read as a standalone with a satisfying conclusion. It introduces some of the characters who get their own happily ever after later in the series.

This book is perfect for fans of gay shifters, fated mates and found families. Featuring two dragon clans at war, fierce dragon elders, secret magic, a large number of cousins, protective mates and an HEA.

Find out what Lew is prepared to do to claim his mate.

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Luck of the Devil, by Lark Taylor

One demon. One angel. A relationship that’s failed so many times. Could it really be just one human they’ve been missing?


For centuries, Dimitri and I have tried to make it work. Each time we’ve been torn apart by our dominant natures, neither of us willing to back down. A hundred years ago, I thought he’d betrayed me in the worst possible way. In a fit of anger, we made a deal that led to my downfall.

Now Dimitri is back in my life, reshaping our history with the truth. But love still isn’t enough to make it work, not when being together tears us apart.

When he tells me he’s met our human mate, I can’t help but hope that Lucky will be the key to loving Dimitri the way I’ve always wanted.

But with Hell knocking at our door and an uprising threatening us all, can we persuade Lucky to give us a chance before it’s too late?


I haven’t given up on Dagon for one hundred years, and I won’t now.

When Lucky crosses my path, I finally understand why Dagon and I have never quite worked. Fate never intended us to be a couple…we were destined to be a triad. Lucky is the piece we need to complete us.

Winning Lucky over won’t be easy. Someone is hurting him, making him put up walls that are nearly impossible for us to cross.

But chasing Dagon has taught me that I’m a stubborn angel. I won’t give up on either of my mates.


What an ironic nickname. Never in my life has anything lucky ever happened to me.

But everything changes when I meet Dagon and Dimitri. Two super-hot guys who aren’t put off by my inexperience? All my dreams are coming true.

Not for long though. Even with my boss and his family looking out for me, I know it’s only a matter of time before my past catches up to me.

So, for now, I’m going to soak up every drop of happiness Dimitri and Dagon have to offer.

Drink it up and pray they forgive me when I do what I always do.

Run…and don’t look back.

Luck of the Devil is an action-filled, fated-mates MMM paranormal romance with an HEA and no cliff-hanger. It is the final instalment in The Reckless Damned series, which is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching plot. Each book focuses on a different couple or triad and has an HEA.

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Teacher of the Year, by M.A. Wardell

Love: Not as easy as ABC.

They were supposed to keep things casual. Who’d expect they’d be schooled in love?

Those who can, teach. Marvin Block is one of the best kindergarten teachers out there. And despite his anxiety, Marvin’s life is sweet. He knows what he wants. And what he wants is the Teacher of the Year Award. Not just for himself – his school needs him to win.

Returning from break, the New Year finds Marvin all set to welcome a new pupil to his class. But when Illona walks in with her cute-as-hell single dad beside her, Marvin’s focus starts to slide.

Sure, his students always come first, but he deserves to have a life outside the classroom, too, right?

As their friendship starts to deepen, Marvin realizes Olan has the potential to teach him things about love he never thought possible. But with the Teacher of the Year award and his school’s future on the line, now’s not the time for anything complicated.

Education has always been Marvin’s world. And he needs to keep a cool head if he wants to win the award and save his school. But will it be worth it if he loses Olan in the process?

With Olan’s past and Marvin’s present colliding, their experiment in love hangs in the balance. Marvin knows what he wants out of life. But now he’s forced to consider what he wants out of love.

Will Marvin chalk the relationship up to experience? Or can they revise their story into a textbook romance?

Teacher of the Year is a steamy open door friends-to-lovers gay romance novel that explores the balance between friends, family, career, and relationships while overcoming trauma and dealing with anxiety.

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Bloody Brats, by Loki Renard

The End.

An imprisoned shifter wolf turning more feral by the day.
An estranged master vampire deeply in love with the boy he cannot have.
Will and Maddox are prisoner and progeny of Gideon, original vampire, and embodiment of all evil.

To reunite, they must escape the inescapable.
Kill the unkillable.
And forgive the unforgivable.

Bloody Brats is the final book in the Vampire Kings series, MC’s HEA guaranteed.

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New Blood, by L.C. Davis

I know this will end the way it began: covered in blood.

Too much? Me being a demigod now and all, I figure I can get away with a pinch of melodrama.

I mean, have you seen Olympus? It’s a damn soap opera up there. One I’d rather be watching on the couch with popcorn than playing a starring role in.

Not that things are much better down here. I’m still in denial over being madly in love with Cameron, the likely father of my twin babies and the far more evil twin of one of my three boyfriends. Because self-destruction is my brand, apparently.

Fortunately, so is being a vampire-taming, totally badass witch, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep my weird little cult-slash-family safe. And convince Cameron he belongs in the circus with the rest of us.

No biggie, right?

(Jk, send help. And nachos. I’ve been craving those lately.)

Author’s Note: New Blood is the fourth book in the Godbearer series, which should be read in order. Vampire mayhem, snark, and hot MMM+ scenes abound.

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The Shade and His Thief, by Adara Wolf & R. Phoenix

Desperate thief Myth needs one big score to get himself out of a serious hole. Why not steal from his royal father, who refuses to acknowledge him? Unfortunately, the ornate amulet he steals is bad news. Now everybody is out for Myth’s blood.

Callan should be just one of the many people after Myth–but Callan isn’t a person at all. He’s a shade, a creature of shadow and magic. Callan is dark, and dangerous, and even worse news than the amulet itself. His dark, shadowy tendrils reach inside Myth and sate a hunger Myth never knew he had.

Myth finds himself falling deeper and deeper into Callan’s grasp. He’ll lose sight of his goals–he’ll lose sight of himself–if he gives in.

But would that be so bad?

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His Dangerous Omega, by Raiven Matthews

Jamie Sinclair

Meeting my fated mate in the middle of a top-secret assignment hadn’t been ideal. Eight years ago, he’d disappeared without a trace, and everyone assumed he was dead. Except me. I foolishly believed we would see each other again. I just didn’t expect him to turn up with a trail of dead bodies in his wake, or a child who could be my double. Despite the years that separated us, the anger, and the deceit, one thing remained – my love for him.

Sebastian Hollingsworth

My entire relationship with my fated mate was built on secrets. Eight years ago, I’d needed to disappear for my own safety. When my life was once again threatened, I’d run to the one man I knew would protect my son with his life. What I hadn’t expected was the burning anger I saw in his eyes when he looked at me. Or to realize that despite the secrets and our short time together, I had somehow fallen in love with him and had never stopped.

Was there a chance for us to build something real when everything between us had been lies?

“His Dangerous Omega” is the fourth book in the Sweet Alps Mates series. While it is not necessary to have read the previous books, some readers find it more enjoyable since a few favorite characters make appearances. This book contains fated mates, shifters, heats, knotting, mpreg, a whole lot of secrets and lies, a snarky kid and an HEA. Please note that no king cobras were harmed in the making of this book, I promise.

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Omega Trapped, by Beau Brown

I’m a pregnant and vulnerable omega and now I’ve caught the eye of a ruthless mafia boss who won’t take no for an answer.

Omega Nico is carrying the child of an alpha who attempted to end his life, and is now trapped in an impossible predicament. Unwilling to bring the child into the world, but too destitute to change his circumstances, Nico struggles to find hope amidst his crumbling life.

Enter Valentino Syracuse, the heir to the infamous Black Knives mafia. As his father’s health wanes, the responsibility to lead falls upon young Valentino’s shoulders. His ascension to power, however, comes with a condition: he must take an omega as his mate to prove his unwavering commitment to the syndicate.

When he sees Nico, Valentino is immediately drawn to the sexy, feisty, omega. Unfortunately, Nico has no desire to be Valentino’s omega. Nico has an aversion to anything mafia related. He politely refuses Valentino’s proposition, however, Valentino isn’t an alpha who likes being told no.

Driven into a corner by threats and intimidation, Nico is left with no choice but to accept Valentino’s offer or face certain death. As the two forge a fragile alliance amidst the chaos, unexpected feelings begin to bloom. But when the malevolent alpha responsible for Nico’s pregnancy re-emerges, a torrent of secrets from the past threatens to shatter any hope of happiness they might have found together.

This is a dark romance and contains violence and graphic smexy times. If you’re sensitive to either of those things this story may not be for you.

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The Billionaire’s Valet, by Lucy Lennox

It is utter madness for a valet to fall in love with one’s boss.

But when that boss is Ignatius Corbridge–my handsome, secretly-lonely, utterly-wonderful Iggy–one really can’t help it.

For decades, I’ve stood by his side, fulfilling my role as his right-hand man, his mentor, his friend. I’ve pressed his suits, arranged his travel, and witnessed a thousand walks of shame as he scratched itch after itch with elite playboys around the globe.

Each day, it killed me just a little bit more.

So I did what needed to be done for both of us: I quit.

More than that, I took myself on a sightseeing adventure halfway around the globe to put some distance between us.

But when I board the sleeper car on the luxury African safari train, the first sight that greets me is the man I left behind.

Iggy wants me back…

And from the heated look in his eyes, it’s apparent he no longer sees me as his valet… and hasn’t for quite some time.

The Billionaire’s Valet first appeared in the Dissent Anthology.

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Will of Dragons, by AC Andrews (narrated by Isaac Grisham)

Evil hides beneath armor of gleaming white.

The new civil war has cracked the empire apart as Turi and Rio race to gather allies against Clan Ishima’s brutality. The enemy is ten steps ahead, and Turi is pushed to his limit to stop the evil a corrupted paladin order has unleashed.

Demari, finally fulfilling a lifelong dream at sea with his brother, finds himself recruited into the designs of a goddess and soul-bound to a man he barely knows. In the fight for supremacy in the empire’s waters, Demari’s newfound power and connection will alter the course of the war and change his life forever.

Meanwhile, back on Trosika the new empress, Sarina Marias, faces betrayal, ancient magic, and intrigue as Ishima agents make their next move to control the island. When fate brings her face to face with the God of War, can she match her will to his?

Will of Dragons is the second book in the Bel’s War series, an exciting LGBTQ+ epic fantasy with gay, trans, and non-binary protagonists!


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This Will Hurt I, by Cara Dee

Standalone Part I of II Angst Awakening Friends to Lovers Single Dad Slow Burn
Maybe the heart needs to break before one can put together the pieces correctly. This is Jake and Roe’s story.

I used to think leaving the Marines and moving to LA was the defining moment that changed my life. I was gonna become a documentary filmmaker and see the world through my camera. Then I met Roe Finlay.

Never in a million years could I have imagined…well, everything we went through. I sucked at expressing how I felt—which was emotionally stunted most of the time—but Roe seemed to get me. I became…dependent. Attached. Not in a sexual way or anything—I wasn’t gay. Far from it. Or bisexual like Roe, for that matter. No, this was different. I just wanted to be close to him. He made me laugh like no other. We were a fantastic team. We lived together. Worked together. He was my best friend.

He was everything. He was my defining moment.

Until he decided to commit to his f—to his girlfriend.

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Zack & Todd Versus The Wet Hot Summer, by Nando Gray

Welcome to ?????. It was already WILD here, but now there’s more.
So much more.

And if you’re truly wild, truly daring–you’ll start right here if you want to get to the really world-bending stuff. But if you want to know where this all started check out books I and II— now available as a box set here on Amazon.

Join again with two unlikely heroes as they find themselves dumped into a whole new world filled with some very familiar and some very new dangers. Will they be able to outrun the shadows? Will their strange past finally run them down and sunder their love once and for all? Will the magic they see in this strange, weird place empower or destroy them? And that’s not all–there’s danger here, too–under the dark, velvety shade of the pines. And you should be scared. Because things were already wild, but they just got weird. There is magic in all that stolen light, pillaged from our world only to be scattered here–to the cruel and underserving. And our heroes are going to have to fight to save their lives, now–and if they can maybe just maybe they’ll make some new and unlikely allies along the way.

The cultish group the boys have been running from is in absolute power now. And they are feasting on the light they’ve stolen from our world with abandon. Join Zack and Todd as they battle their way through the WILDS, as they overcome one insurmountable obstacle after another–everything from being dumped out of forever into the now to a charming wayside tavern filled with new friends and terrifying foes. Get chased amongst the pines by a shadowy, airborne foe. Be carried across a vast sea of doubt only to reach the other side on fire to discover your most forbidden passions. Journey along with new love as it run ragged in never-ending and dogged pursuit that will constantly threaten to blow the entire world into a tornado of madness. And there’s plenty of steam here, too.

Our heroes are now on an odyssey of self-discovery, of love and all the trials and tribulations that go along with it. Journey with them as they make their way toward the Matriarch of Many. See what secrets this new world has to offer an unlikely duo as they are flung from one experience to the next. Fall in love. Run for your life. It’s WILD here.

And this is just the beginning. Stay with us as loveterror, and fantasy evolve in equal measure over the coming year with monthly releases scheduled.

Prepare for anything.
Prepare for everything.

Pack light.
And buckle up.

It’s WILD here.
…and it’s magical, too.

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The Dragon and Dolphin’s Bear Omega, by Lorelei M Hart and Wendy Rathbone

Air, sea, and land… oh, my

Alpha dolphin shifter Treyton longs to return to his hometown of San Diego. After years on the east coast working, he’s ready for a change. When a new position at the shore is advertised that fits his expertise, he sees it as a sign that it’s finally time.

Alpha dragon shifter Enzo grew up not wanting to be part of the family business. He was going to go to law school and make it all on his own without any help. He likes his job, but deep down he misses his family and when his cousin calls and asks him to come to the San Diego office, he can’t help but say yes.

Omega bear shifter Ryder’s cleaning business is starting to take off. What started as a one man show cleaning a couple of local banks at night has exploded into a ten man operation in just over two years. When the hottest club in town calls him about being on his roster, he nearly declines, unsure if he can balance one more client. But this is Animals. Who can turn down an opportunity like that?

The Dolphin, the Dragon, and Their Bear Omega is a standalone sweet with knotty heat M/M/M shifter mpreg romance set in the world of Omegas of Animals SD. It features a dolphin happy to be home, a dragon finding his way, a bear who built his career from the ground up, true love, fated mates, adorable babies, friends from Animals and Animals SD, and a guaranteed HEA. If you love your alphas hawt and your mpreg with heart, download your copy today.


Womb Envy

Womb Envy is a comedy TV series about Mpreg, imaginary drag queens, and best friends on the rocks. 

When a gay burn-out party boy’s estranged straight small-town best friend shows up expecting him to play daddy to her pregnant belly, even a beautiful blind lover and fairy drag queen can’t stop the womb envy – an Mpreg romantic comedy.

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Harder Times, by Kristian Parker

Goldie has lived on a barge in central London for years. But now his community is under threat from developers.

But Goldie isn’t without means so when he employs legal eagle, Aled, sparks fly in ways he never expected.

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