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Gargoyle Vigilante, by M.M. Wilde

The world’s holiest relics are at risk, and the dawn of evil looms. Only the Shadow Slayers can keep the darkness at bay…

As a Shadow Slayer gargoyle appointed by the Archangel Michael, Dante has fought for centuries to defend the human realm. The rogue gargoyles he hunts are relentless in their quest to maim and destroy, but Dante is one of Heaven’s top warriors. However, Dante prefers eliminating the dark scourge by his own rules.

Amir is a student of Near Eastern studies who carries a secret. When Amir discovers his antique dealer uncle’s mutilated corpse, he flees in terror with the sacred artifact he swore to protect. Yet somewhere in the shadows, a sinister threat exists—one that seeks to steal his life as well as the treasure he guards.

Thrust into a world Amir never knew existed, he struggles to understand what part he must play. For Dante, he learns that only the touch of his Fated One can crack the stone of his cold, lonely heart. Together, they will risk everything to save the life of their unborn child.

This time, the battle is personal…

Gargoyle Vigilante is the first book in the action-packed, edge-of-your-seat Shadow Slayers series that features gargoyle shifters who will do anything to protect their omegas, and lots of knotty and spicy good times. Grab your copy now!

Kindle Unlimited

Brushed With Love, by Fearne Hill

Clement Constantine Church is a hot mess. With deadlines to meet.
Whereas the striking Viking redecorating his seaside cottage is simply hot.

As a precocious teen, Clem wrote a best seller. Now he writes for other people. Too busy contemplating his bleak career and panicking about pretty much everything, he doesn’t notice that the gorgeous surfer slapping paint across his bedroom walls has a top-notch flirting game. Nor that the body hidden underneath his white overalls should come with its own government health warning.

Anyhow, apparently the Viking is straight.

After one too many unwise hookups, Ragnar Aleksander Sigurdson Eggebraaten needs to lay low and avoid romantic entanglements. Which means there is zero chance he’d ever fall for a lonely writer. Not even if they pretended to be fake boyfriends during a weekend trip to London. Not even if there was only one bed. And especially not if he’s planning on leaving England at the end of summer to fulfil his dream of setting up a surf school.

Can surfer Vikings fall unexpectedly in love? And are failed writers allowed to write their own happily ever afters?

Brushed With Love is a warm and funny romance set in the UK. Trigger warnings include cosmic lizards, feisty octogenarians, and a spoiled shih tzu.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Thin Ice, by Lane Hayes

The hunky dad, the hockey coach, and a new start…

Elmwood isn’t good for my love life. Hey, I’m a positive person and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about small-town living, but I haven’t had a date in years. That’s fine—my son is and always has been my number one focus.

Except now he’s grown and gone. And it’s lonely.

Okay, yes, the new hockey coach is hot and single, but he’s off-limits. Smitty’s trouble with a capital T, and his baggage might outweigh mine. Besides, we said nothing would happen after “that” night. It was a one-time, never to be repeated deal.

At least…that’s what I thought.

Am I sad about retiring from pro hockey? Honestly, no. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t in pain. I need a rest and I could use a distraction from unwelcome memories at home. Stat.


Look, we all know I won’t last a whole season of coaching high school kids, but stepping in till they find a better candidate is a good temporary plan. And Bryson’s here.

There’s something about the hot dad with the sunny smile and bad dad jokes that makes me feel alive again. I’m not in the market for forever—been there, done that. Look, I’ve taken risks for my sport, but I’m not giving my heart away again. I know thin ice when I see it.

Or do I?

Thin Ice is an MM bisexual, age-gap, small-town romance featuring a silver fox dad, the new hockey coach, and a fresh start on solid ground.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Twisted Rivalry, by Devon McCormack

10K if I sleep with this guy’s brother.
His twin brother, Ryan Hawthorne.
I’ve never messed around with a guy, but for that much money, I’ll figure it out.
A descendant of American royalty, Ryan was born into money, status, and privilege. He spent his life in his family’s cushy mansion while my family struggled to get by.
Shortly after we meet, I discover an important detail about why his twin hired me for this gig.
I’m the spitting image of someone from Ryan’s past, someone he loved deeply.
I also discover that, despite my preconceptions, there’s more to Ryan than some snotty rich guy with the world at his fingertips.
He intrigues me, and after the hottest night of my life, I realize something about myself.
Something he’s brought out of me.
Now his brother has a new offer on the table.
But it means participating in a disturbing mind game with one object: screw with Ryan’s head.
I have to do this, but what’s happening between us isn’t a game.
The spark of that first night becomes a raging wildfire, and I allow the lines between real and fake to blur, losing myself in a chaotic mix of blood, lust, secrets, and lies, all tying back to this man from Ryan’s past.
The man I remind him of.
There’s a connection between us, yes. But what hope is there for a future with Ryan when his brother’s twisted rivalry keeps him trapped in the past?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

First Puck, by Zack Wish

The Puck Daddy Academy is open for business – and this time the Ice Bears are going for the kill.

Donovan Pitt is not your average Little. Standing proud at over six feet and built like a wrecking machine, 28-year-old Donovan looks far more like a typical Daddy than a sweet Little. But appearances can be deceptive, and this latest Ice Bears recruit is searching for his first puck with a Daddy Dom.

The former Red Dolphins and Lynxes player is hoping that signing for the Ice Bears will bring him success on the ice and love off it. Donovan dominates during games with his power, pace, and raw athleticism. However outside hockey, Donovan wants nothing more than to be cuddled, cared for, and tucked up in bed by a Daddy – but so far he’s only ever experienced rejection because of his intimidating size and physique.

Taine Crash is a former mixed martial art champion and a natural born fighter with a body forged from steel. Taine, 39, is gruff, demanding, and has collected more skeletons in his closet than even he can remember.

When Taine has one brush with the law too many, longtime friend Danilo Doni arranges for the Doni family lawyers to get Taine off the hook – but it will come at a price. After all, the notorious Ice Bears owners do nothing for free…

When Danilo Doni brings Taine to the recently opened Puck Daddy Academy to hone the fighting skills of the new Ice Bears recruits, there is an immediate friction between Taine and Donovan – put simply, they can’t stand one another!

Neither Taine nor Donovan is used to backing down, and it’s not long before they clash in more ways than one. Taine and Donovan’s love-hate chemistry reaches boiling point and they can’t help but let their true feelings overflow – but when an unexpected threat places them both at risk, Donovan and Taine realize that their first puck might just be their last…

First Puck is a standalone MM Age Gap, high heat hockey & mafia romance featuring found family, spanking, gruff Daddies and sassy Littles with a dangerous side – and when the final buzzer sounds, a pucktastic and ice-melting HEA.

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Dare, by C.J. Dragon

Dare Munro possesses empathic abilities, a mutation that emerged in humans during the past climate crisis. Some people interpret these mutations as Mother Nature’s way of seeking revenge or finding solace for what has been lost.

When his ‘gift’ became evident, his parents abandoned him, but now he’s a counselor of high repute with a Mindset Three rating.

Only Dare knows that he is not what he appears to be.

Dare’s true abilities came to light when he assisted a client dealing with the loss of his family. It was only a matter of time before the Service came for him to lock him away and use his talents for their own gain.

Determined to escape Earth, he secures passage on the colony ship, Gambit. On the ship, he’ll find Jason Stravetta, the ship owner’s son, who is famous for his strong aversion to Mindsets.

Despite the other man’s dislike, Dare is drawn to Stravetta, hoping for a friend rather than an enemy.

Will Stravetta force him to reveal his truth?

Will that truth cost Dare his freedom and his life?

Find out today in the first book of this new sci-fi duet from C.J. Dragon!

PREORDER, Releasing May 21

Paradise Bound, by Deanna Wadsworth

Sailing aboard the Pride of the Caribbean for yet another wedding, still-single tattoo artist Marcus Rodriguez is determined to enjoy himself, his friends, and spend some overdue time sketching and drawing for himself, rather than creating awesome flash for his clients. He certainly isn’t going to spend all his spare time searching for an elusive man named Dane who he can’t seem to get out of his mind.
Dane has had a rough life since the fall of the Royal Fae Court, but at least he’s finally free from the clutches of his evil captors. He’s living with his king and other paras aboard a magical sanctuary ship in the Caribbean. But just when this fairy thinks he could finally be safe and happy, the Goddess drops another bombshell.
The missing piece of his soul and the key to fixing his broken magic is human.
The Pride might be paradise bound, but there won’t be any smooth sailing on this cruise! Between conniving gargoyles, mysterious drawings, missing paras, and evil warlocks, if Marcus and Dane don’t work hard to make their bond one of love, they’ll be bound in a relationship they can’t escape.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Becoming His Perfect Daddy, by Lincoln Mercer

A new trans Daddy. A boy who’s given up on love. When a moment changes everything, will they embrace who they truly are for an imperfectly perfect love?

When Sam reads his favorite author’s latest book, he discovers a truth about himself he can no longer deny: He is a trans man. Longing for connection, he gathers his courage and sends an email that will change his life forever.

Indie author Cameron can’t seem to write anything after his latest release. Maybe because he’s a romance author who’s sworn off love. But after a string of transphobic dates, who could blame him? Men can’t be trusted, after all. Only his dream guy—of whom he’s imagined every detail—would be the perfect man for him. But then a single email has him questioning everything he thought he knew.

As Sam transitions and their virtual relationship heats up, Sam realizes he may be ready for more. When they are thrown together in person—more than once—even Cameron starts to wonder if his perfect plan isn’t as great as he thought. But both are keeping secrets. When all is revealed, will their love be strong enough to hold them together?

Becoming His Perfect Daddy has an indie author ready to give up, a fan who just figured out he’s a Daddy, a transgender awakening, two trans MCs, a lot of fun toys, no age play, and a love that defies all the best-laid plans.

This 18+ standalone book is the first in the interconnected Unlikely Daddies series, MM and MM+ romances about Daddies who may not look like a Daddy at first and the boys who love them. If you love watching men fall in love with other men in explicit detail, you’ll love this book.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Without Him, by Reese Knightley

Separated by lies, bound by desire…

Falling in love was not something Bishop had ever planned on.

Until a sexy billionaire named Syn appeared on his radar.

Syn who is off limits.
Syn who just announced his engagement…

Now the lies and treachery are piling up…

And Bishop will need to make some hard fast decisions.
🔥Billionaire vs Bodyguard
🔥Enemies to lovers
🔥High powered family drama
🔥Unrequited love

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers, Kobo Plus

The Beauty of the Beast, by Gabbi Grey

All my life, I dreamed about making the long trip from Australia to Canada to study forestry amid the old-growth stands of the Pacific Northwest. Now here I am, living the dream. Of course, nothing’s perfect. The only housing I can find is renting a room from a grumpy, reclusive guy who doesn’t seem to want me around. I should keep out of his way and focus on my studies, but there’s something about him that keeps drawing me in. I feel less homesick when I’m with him, and maybe I can make a difference for more than just the trees.

Life as I knew it ended with my horrific accident ten years ago. There’s no point to my existence now, but I can’t seem to stop living, so I hide my battered carcass in my mountain home. There, I can wander from room to room and no one stares, no one laughs, no one even remembers I exist. Until I make the mistake of offering a stranded Aussie a room to rent. It should’ve been a simple favor—two men with our own spaces, ignoring each other. Instead, he’s always close by, and he won’t let me wallow, and what’s worse, I think I’m starting to like that. But there’s no way someone like me can have a future with someone like him. Right?

The Beauty of the Beast is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, set in the wilds of British Columbia, where an Aussie forester a long way from home falls for the untouchable man he shouldn’t want. The novel has moderate angst, a feisty foreigner, and what happens when someone trusts again.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Temperance, by Lark Taylor

A fire mage who believes he’s broken. A vampire who believes he can fix him. A contract that’s going to change everything.

I’ve never been good at doing the right thing.

A series of bad choices have left my life in tatters. Everyone is telling me to move on, but how can I? What I did was unforgivable, even if some believe otherwise. My whole world imploded the night I left a human dying on a classroom floor.

I don’t deserve anything good in my life, I know that. But I’m desperate for peace. Just a few moments where I can escape from everything I’ve done.

When Toby offers me a solution that promises just that, I jump at it. I never imagined having a Dom, but with Toby in that role?

Nothing has ever felt so right.

Problem is, this isn’t a relationship, it’s a contract. A temporary one.

Which means I need to guard my heart and stop myself from falling for this enigmatic vampire.

Like I said, I’ve never been good at doing the right thing.

I never learn.

Every time I see a needy sub, I can’t stop myself from offering my help. Every time, I forget that it’s a contract and fall too hard and too fast.

I’m the one who fixes them, never the one they choose to spend eternity with. That’s the way it always goes.

When Blaise bursts into my life, I already know how it’s going to end. I can’t stop myself from wanting to help him, but this man has the capacity to break me in entirely new ways. Maybe if I keep the boundaries strict between us, I can walk away at the end without another scar on my heart.

Like I said, I never learn.

Temperance is the third book in the Damned Connections series. Featuring a needy sub and a Dom who’s trying to avoid heartbreak, this spicy MM PNR romance will pull at your heartstrings. Although this series can be read as a standalone, it’s better enjoyed in order. Each book follows a different couple and has a guaranteed HEA.

$1.99 SALE, Multiple Retailers, Kobo Plus

Moonlight Cherries, by Alexa Piper

“I couldn’t change that I was…attracted to a guy I’d watched getting murdered on the subway.”

Amory lives a quiet life as a waiter. The Moonlight Diner is the home he found after he was kicked out and disowned by his family for no other crime than who he loves.

Amory’s life is shaken to its very foundations after a chance meeting that has Amory witness a murder–except the man who dies in Amory’s arms doesn’t stay dead.

Far from being a ghost, Soyer is very real. He pulls Amory into a world in which magic exists and wreaks havoc on the life of unsuspecting people. But within what remains of the spell that touches both their lives, Amory and Soyer may just find love.

NEW RELEASE, Ebook and Audio

My Darcy, by Lily Morton

Audio narrated by Joel Leslie

Freddie Evans is flamboyant, funny, and a lifelong fan of Jane Austen’s love stories which is how he ended up as a guide on a tour bus. He firmly believes in happily ever afters and would love to find his own with his best friend, Darcy.

Driving a Jane Austen tour bus isn’t the most exciting side job in the world, but to Darcy Griffiths, it represents precious time with his best friend Freddie, who’s the guide. He’s loved him since they were teenagers but has never had the nerve to tell him.

Secrets and feelings become revealed as Freddie and Darcy deal with overly amorous newlyweds and arguments over seat allocations. What will Freddie do when he finally realises his very own Mr Darcy is right under his nose?

This novella originally appeared in the Heart2Heart charity anthology, and no new content has been added.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

In His Corner, by H.L Day

Hayden Quinn’s worked his ass off to turn his restaurant into the thriving business it is today. Too hard to risk it all by letting an ex-con through his door. Yet, there Levi is. Six feet of attitude. Six feet of pure temptation.

No one warned Levi that getting out of prison would only be the start of his problems. He doesn’t need a boss who looks down his nose at him. Except behind that, there’s a heat. A heat that Levi can’t help responding to.

Together they burn hot, forging something that could be more than just lust. When Levi’s past comes knocking though, has he really got someone in his corner, or is he just as alone as ever?

In His Corner is a steamy hurt/comfort MM romance featuring a hot-tempered chef who needs his life shaking up a bit and a wounded character who might have a chip on his shoulder a mile wide, but deep down just wants someone to love him. When their fragile connection is put to the test, will their relationship endure, or will everything they’ve built crumble away to nothing?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Other Half Of Me, by Aiden Wilde

At first, we were just two best friends trying to reconnect…

Chad and I were childhood best friends, but we haven’t spoken for years.

I’ve been struggling, as an artist, as a single dad. But lately, I’ve needed something more.

Then, out of the blue, Chad messages me. Did I want to go away on a camping trip, like the old days? Is he forgetting what happened between us before? I haven’t.

I just wanted some fun, the sun on my skin, now my marriage is over.

I’m a guy’s guy, a straight guy, a success. But when we go up to the mountains, things feel different.

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never felt a connection like I have to Matty…

The Other Half Of Me is a sweet, spicy camping trip buddy romance with themes of best friends to lovers, straight to gay, gay for you, and bi awakening. It is Book One in a new series called Straight Friends Fall In Love.

If you love romances (some angst) with great characters, powerful sensuality and beautiful locations, with a happy-ever-after ending (HEA), then you’ll love The Other Half Of Me.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Noticing Nate, by Shae Michaels

My life is a shambles. My long-term relationship just ended, I left the Air Force, I’ve been crashing on my buddy’s couch for the last three months, and now…I’ve lost the one person I loved more than any other. The only sense of direction I’m able to find is a wedding invitation from the cousin I haven’t seen in over sixteen years. I’ve nothing left to uproot, but will traveling to some place I’ve never heard of, to reconnect with the only relative I’ve got left that I give a damn about, be the answer to what’s next in my life? Will Pine Ridge, Wisconsin be the place where I find myself again?

I’ve spent the entirety of my life being overlooked, forgotten…invisible. You’d think a six-and-a-half-foot man wouldn’t go through life so unnoticed, but that seems to be my fate. All I want is for someone to finally see me, to want to get to know me, to not move on to someone more interesting. But I never would’ve anticipated that I’d be on my way to a friend’s wedding when someone finally does see me; so much so, he almost hits me with his car. But will Elias’ attention stay fixed on me or will he, like everyone else does, wind up forgetting I even exist?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Walking In Darkness, by M.A. Church

A dragon god is watching. And plotting.
Finding out about dragons is scary and terrifying but also thrilling. Kit learning he has two dragon mates is the stuff epic fantasies are made of. As a kid, Kit fantasized about the big, bad dragons, not the knight in shining armor.

He didn’t want a hero who’d sacrifice him to save the world. No, Kit wanted someone who’d burn the world for him. That wasn’t too much to ask, now was it? Apparently not, because Fate granted his wish—he has his own dragons. Kit is drawn to both Hudson and Connie, but there are secrets lurking.

And some of the secrets go back hundreds of years.

Darkness creeps closer.
Kit’s welcome to the paranormal world was rough, to say the least, and left him with a new fear unlocked. Blood. Which is going to be a problem if he wants to claim his dragon mates. It’s a necessary element.

Without it, the fragile bond forming between him, Hudson, and Connie cannot be completed. Still, Kit’s firmly entrenched in this new world and he was willing to fight for what he wants against an enemy who is not only stalking his family, but also him.

As Kit walks in the darkness, the threat edges ever closer. Can they establish the bond before disaster strikes?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Sebastian, by Taylor Rylan

Magical balls of energy, brioche bread, and mangoes. Sebastian never thought those three things would lead him to his One. Can he charm his way into Drew’s heart?

Sebastian Ainsworth left his life behind in Spain to join the Paranormal Council enforcers when Master Edison reached out in need of warlocks for their extra abilities. The ideal was to help the council right the wrongs that other paranormals had been inflicting upon their own kind. He was certainly able to help the council with that mission. The adorable and shy little cheetah shifter that made his body tingle was the absolute best reward.

Drew Nelson hasn’t had an easy life. Abandoned as a toddler, he grew up in the human foster care system, not knowing who or what he was. Years of abuse and then being sold into a trafficking ring have made him hesitant to trust most, but he’s working on that. When a gorgeous blond warlock with a sexy smile makes his cheetah yowl, can he trust the man, even if he smells like his?

Sebastian and Drew come from completely different backgrounds, but Sebastian isn’t going to let that keep him from his One. Can the warlock from an original line manage to win his skittish feline shifter’s heart? Will Drew be able to trust Sebastian to give him his heart, even if he doesn’t know what love is supposed to look like?

Sebastian is Book Twelve in the Paranormal Council Enforcers series. Each book in this series will focus on a different couple, but these books are not standalones and should be read in order as there is an ongoing backstory that won’t be resolved quickly. This is a fated mate story in an MPreg world, and there will be at least one baby in this story. You should expect all the normal shenanigans, heats, biting, and remember that sometimes even fated mates need a little help.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Little Boy Toy, by Wendy Rathbone

A little who is rumored to be ace and a man who says he isn’t a daddy are drawn together by powers greater than the roles of the kink club where they meet. How in all the worlds can they make it work?

Kendry: I’m tired of the daddies who leer, who only want hookups, who don’t see the real me. I still want the social life of the kink club, but I decide to stop dating for a while. I enjoy dressing as a little and going to the club’s book corner to read. I can still have my juice and snacks and see other littles.

Then he walks in. I’ve never seen him before in the daddy/little playroom. He’s too big, too much leather, too much muscle. He comes straight to my corner and wiggles himself into a short, kid-sized chair right next to me. Staring straight ahead, hands folded over his chest, he looks so lonely. I start to read to him.

Zale: In all my years coming to the club, I’ve never bothered with the littles room. First of all, I’m not a daddy. Second, the bottles, the diapers, the pacifiers—all fine and good, just not for me. But I’m tired and need a break. My usual kinks aren’t doing anything for me. I don’t want hookups these days. I’m ready to settle down. I want someone just for me.

Now, looking into the littles playroom, it seems like a nice place to take a break. To relax. Here, there will be no expectations. No come-ons, no stupid pickup lines. I can just sit and watch the pretty boys play.

There’s a sweet little sitting in a corner quietly reading a book. Perfect. I’ll sit over there with him while I reassess my priorities and what I want from my life.

MM romance. (not)Daddy daddy. Definite little. Daddy/little dynamics. Opposites attract. A little teaching daddy-things. Bedtime stories. Sweet bath time. Building a bond. Age gap (10 years). Low angst. High steam. HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Too Hostile, by Nicole Dykes

I’m a total nerd, but I look like a jock. I had a perfect GPA in high school, and my GPA in college is perfect too. I smile when I’m supposed to smile. I have two loving parents and a brother and sister who are always by my side. I’m the perfect all-American guy.
But the only thing that actually defines me is the before. The things I keep hidden deep inside because I’m too afraid of losing what I have now.
The past lives deep inside me as I force the plastic smile on my face. And no one sees through it because I’m just that good.
No one except . . . him.

Every day is like a dream. A dream I live, not knowing when I’ll wake and find I’m still living in a nightmare.
I never made it out, and these past few years have all been fake.
Then he walks into my classroom . . . with that cocky smile in place. Not a care in the world. I doubt he’s ever had to worry about a thing in his entire life.
He’s exactly like all of the entitled, spoiled brats I teach every day in my part of the college campus, but something about Fletcher Moore really rubs me the wrong way.
I shouldn’t let him get to me, but something about him makes me too angry. Too annoyed.
Just too damn . . . hostile.

Kindle Unlimited

Alpha Dragon’s Ferret, by Hawke Oakley

Will a new twist in the Dragonfate Games spark love—or ruin two brothers’ chances forever?

Aurum has a problem. A huge, dragon-sized one—his identical twin brother, Saffron. Before the Dragonfate Games, they were thick as thieves. Now their arguments over fated mates are intensifying. While Saffron swoons over romance, Aurum’s sick of it. He’s losing his brother, and he’ll do anything to stop it… even if it means sabotaging their shared season of the Dragonfate Games.

Mylo has a problem. Well, maybe a few. One: he’s painfully shy. Two: he’s chubby. Three: his parents forcibly entered him into a popular TV dating show. Four: he’s the only omega who can tell Aurum and Saffron apart. Five: that really pisses off Aurum, and he’s cute when he’s mad…

When Aurum confronts the plump little weasel about his meddling, he loses his cool… and his mind. Because Mylo does weird, magical things to him—and Aurum’s not sure how long he can resist.

Alpha Dragon’s Ferret is a fun, sweet mpreg novel featuring a headstrong alpha dragon, a timid omega ferret, and twin shenanigans. Reading the series in order is recommended. No cheating, and fluffy HEA guaranteed!


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