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Paid In Full, by Skyler Snow & Brea Alepou

I’m used to my life being insanity. A family of a-holes, being locked up, and a few loose screws? Yeah anyone would go crazy. (Not that I am. I’m different, that’s all). My brothers say I’m the loose canon of the family. The truth is that I’m the life of the party!

The party comes to a screeching halt when I meet Ash. Shy, younger, virgin. He’s everything I’m not attracted to. Give me an experienced partner anyday.

But there’s something about him that makes me want to keep him. Maybe I want to stoke that fire I see in his eyes. Or maybe I’m just lonelier than I thought.

Either way, he’s mine. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will take Ash away from me.


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Lord of Eternal Night, by Ben Alderson

Perfect for fans of From Blood and Ash and A Shade of Vampire – but with added spice!

Jak’s life has only one meaning; break the curse or die trying. Marius’s life has no meaning; not since he was cursed into the twisted, blood thirsty creature of night.

For years the witches have waited for their salvation, a way to return the magic that was sacrificed when the curse was first cast. Jak, a boy born with power that the witches have not seen in a century, is their prophesied saviour. The one who is to kill the creature, break the curse and restore magic to his coven.

Sent to the creature’s castle as the final Claim, Jak must get close enough to land the final blow. It is what he has trained all his life to accomplish.

Not all is as it seems when Jak uncovers secrets and half-truths. The creature is not the haunting beast he had been brought up to hate. Emotions war as new feelings are uncovered. For what is more dangerous than hate? Lust.

Lord of Eternal Night is a complete, M/M *stand-alone novel*, inspired by Beauty and the Beast… with added bite.

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Guys Like Him, by Aimee Nicole Walker

Kieran Sullivan is broken when he arrives at Redemption Ridge. A wrongful conviction and twenty months in lockup will do that to a man. The ranch is a place for second chances and fresh starts, but for him, it’s an opportunity to discover who set him up. Get in, get answers, and get out. The plan sounds easy enough until Kieran meets an equine specialist whose sunny smile could warm the coldest heart.

Finley Ashe is a sucker for bruised spirits and sad eyes. The horse whisperer and broken-boy magnet is six months into a hiatus from love when Kieran, the king of emotionally unavailable men, gets assigned to work under his supervision. Mutual attraction is gasoline on proximity’s flame, testing Finley’s resistance in new ways.

Priorities shift, shields come down, and truths get exposed. Will the inevitable combustion redeem Kieran and Finley or consume them?

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Slow Motion, by BJ Cox

Leaving everything behind and starting over as a masseur at the Mountain Lake Resort might have been drastic, but Dale is happy where he is. So what if he can’t remember the last time he took real time to himself? He’s good at working over willing people—with either deep tissue or a flogger—and when he meets an attractive younger man at his favorite club, there’s even the promise of romance in his quiet, settled life.

A hard-working lawyer searching for what’s been missing in his life, Troy wants more than just a few kinky dates. He sees the upcoming Pet Play by the Lake as the perfect opportunity for Dale to explore the submissive side of his switch personality, and for Troy to learn what it means to be a trainer to an eager, if older, boy.

Dale’s not sure he’ll even make it through their week of play together, though. As a sloth surrounded by puppies and ponies, Dale is devastated when it’s clear others don’t see him as a real pet. He already sticks out like a sore thumb, and it seems like one angry pup in particular wants nothing more than to make Dale doubt himself at every turn.

Troy’s determined to show Dale that he doesn’t have to be a boy in order to be a pet worthy of love and acceptance. But when the strain of trying too hard and doubting himself means that not even their favorite punishments are enough to keep Dale with him, can the two of them dig deeper to find the kind of connection they’ve both been craving all along?

Cuddle up with this sloth-out-of-rainforest romance full of unusual pets, awesome hugs, and two workaholics about to discover that love doesn’t have to be an endangered species if they’re willing to slow down and take the time.

Note: Slow Motion is part of the Pet Play by the Lake multi-author, shared world series. You can expect plenty of snuggling, romping and playtime from a variety of adorable pets and their commanding Daddies and Masters. Grab your copy now!

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Ghost of Honor, by Pandora Pine

When an invitation to a murder mystery weekend at the Wilder Mansion is delivered, Detective Jude Byrne is all in for a few days of rest and relaxation, even though the house is rumored to be haunted by Aramis Wilder, who was viciously murdered nearly forty years ago. Jude figures with his detective training he’ll be able to solve the fictional crimes in no time.

Psychic Copeland Forbes knows better than to take things at face value. The party is being hosted by Minerva Wilder, older sister of the murdered Aramis, who does not believe the man convicted in her sister’s death is guilty. Cope thinks the invitation is a thinly disguised ruse to get a detective and medium to help solve the decades-old murder once and for all.

When one of the invitees is none other than Aramis’s convicted killer, newly released from prison, Jude wonders if he’s back to take revenge on the people who sent him to jail or to prove he was innocent all along. After a prominent guest is brutally murdered, Jude and Cope realize there is a killer with unfinished business among them.

Only one person has all the answers, the ghost of honor, Aramis Wilder. Will she reveal the name of her killer, or will Jude and Cope be next?

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Little Pleasures, by HJ Welch

One jaded Daddy. One brand new boy. A fake relationship that becomes all too real.

It’s bad enough I have to move back to Paddle Creek with my awful stepmom, but now my half-brother’s best friend has decided he has to look after me—even pretending to be my new boyfriend for a family wedding to keep my stepmother off my back. What Ruben doesn’t know is that I’ve been in love with him for as long as I can remember and spending so much time with him is torture. Until it isn’t. I can’t believe that he’s interested in me and even wants to be my Daddy, unlocking something in me I never knew was there. But when my stepmom goes too far, can I rely on Ruben to be there for me seeing as no one else in my life ever has?

When my life-long best friend asks me to keep an eye on his half-brother, of course I agree. Except he’s a young man now, not a kid, and he’s tugging at every single one of my Daddy heartstrings. Xander has just moved back into town and between finishing his degree, part-time work, and hellish stepmother, he’s stressing himself into knots. It’s a long time since a boy interested me, but I just want to protect Xander from the whole world. No matter the cost.

Little Pleasures is a steamy, standalone MM romance. It’s the third book in the Paddle Creek College series, where it’s always the quiet ones who get up to the best kind of trouble. This book features a Daddy introducing a boy to his inner little, the most loyal doggy best friend, a lot of dinosaurs, a heart-stopping rescue, and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger.

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Come Closer to Me, by Christie Gordon

A man crushing on his brother’s best friend. Another man who’s afraid to love. When all is laid bare, can love triumph over fear?

Axel Sandstrom

I’m the lead guitar player in a punk-pop band and I get hit on a lot. But I’ve got a big problem—a crush on my older brother’s best friend, Remy. Of course, he’s straight. So instead of having him, I’ve become the king of hookups. I’m used to hiding my feelings behind teasing and innuendo. But that only drives him further away from me.

When Remy decides to go back to school, my brother asks me to tutor him. After spending time alone with him, it’s pretty obvious he’s not as straight as he says he is.

Remy Hall

Axel makes me feel things. Tingly things. But he’s also obnoxious and my best friend’s younger brother. I should stay away, except that I need him to tutor me. During our tutoring sessions it’s impossible for me to deny my attraction to him.

But the bigger issue, is my all-consuming fear of being close to people. After the deaths of my younger brother and my dad, I don’t want to get close to anyone. But Axel makes me want to try. He might have the conviction to yank me back to him, kicking and screaming, as I’m about to fall off the edge.

Come Closer to Me is the second book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features bisexual awakening, hurt/comfort, and a rocker in love with his brother’s best friend. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a bad boy who goes after what he wants, and a man who’s hiding his attraction to men and shies away from love. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Article of Lies, by Lisa Oliver

Prince Remy of Bentley was happy enough in his life. He had a loving family, and could keep himself busy every day, especially caring for his lizard, Daisy. But his calm and uneventful days came to an abrupt halt when his father announced someone had started negotiations for a marriage contract and he was the intended groom. The problem was the man behind the negotiations was the one Crown Prince in the world who hated him – Xavier.

Crown Prince Xavier of Balenborn had waited ten years to marry Prince Remy and he wasn’t going to be thwarted by the knowledge that his intended might not like him very much. Many marriages were conducted between royal and society families, where the couple didn’t know each other very well, and as far as he was concerned, he and Remy could learn about each other over time. The marriage contract was the only way Xavier could let Remy know how serious he was about him.

Initially things went well, but unlike Remy, Xavier had led a public life. One suspicious word in the wrong place, and his reputation was suddenly in tatters. Will Remy stand by his man, or will the social class expectations relating to royal families pull them apart?


Title by Author

John is looking to unwind after finals have ended, so he heads for the theatre to watch a horror movie. He’s excited to see that he has the theatre all to himself. But then another guy—a pretty boy of the first order—sneaks in and decides to sit right next to him. The chemistry between them is undeniable—as is the attraction—but John’s still in the closet. Will the beautiful twink next to him so rattle him that he can finally just get over himself and ask for what he wants?

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